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S"#$itte #%
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Environmental ethics makes us aware of the indiscriminate and
nefarious human activities. We inculcate moral values towards
nature and learn to respect various life forms through
environmental ethics.
Environmental ethics is concerned with the issue of responsible
personal conduct with respect to natural landscapes, resources,
species, and nonhuman organisms. !onduct with respect to
persons is, of course, the direct concern of moral philosophy as
such. "http#$$$&
'n the (olytechnic )niversity of the (hilippines, the problem of
garbage is very challenging issue. *espite the campaigns being
organi+ed by the ,dministration, the voluminous garbage
which is collected daily in connection with its proper disposal
remains an immediate concern. ,s one of the country-s highly
competent educational institution, ()( is expected to adhere to
a high standard of education and create an atmosphere
conducive to the holistic development of its students
academically and socially. The )niversity has established its
reputation of producing socially and politically active students
and leaders ",rcelo, .//0&. 1ut, we should also aspire as the
university with the cleanest and greenest campus or better yet,
a university with the most environmentconscious students and
,s a staterun university, the (olytechnic )niversity of the
(hilippines has an obligation to abide to the laws of the land. 'n
the year .///, 2epublic ,ct 3//0 otherwise known as the
Ecological 4olid Waste 5anagement ,ct of ./// was passed
into law. This law calls for the institution of a national program
that will manage the transfer, transport, processing, and
disposal of solid waste in the country. Therefore, the
)niversity with its mission and vision, and sworn duties and
responsibilities, should undertake massive information
campaign drive to support the various initiatives of the
di6erent government institutions, nongovernmental
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age + of ,+
institutions "789s& and private institutions in implementing this
4olid waste management is another term for garbage
management. ,s long as the )niversity is comprised of humans
who are members of the academic community generating
wastes, garbage will always be an issue, with more solid wastes
to be accumulated in the academe. Thus, solid waste
management is a system for handling all of this garbage thru
waste collection, sorting management, recycling programs, and
dumps. 'n the past, the early practice of solid waste
management was through the digging of pits and throwing
garbage into them. 4olid waste management became a serious
issue when the )niversity did not even have a place to bury its
garbage and therefore garbage bins became an alternative
area of disposal. 't created an unpleasant environment
situation because of the improper disposal. Thus in response,
the ()( campuses must start to set up a proper and systematic
garbage collection and segregation procedures. 't can also
practice to recycle or designate waste collection teams which
would dispose :unusable garbage;.
Waste management is considered an important initiative done
by governments and citi+ens alike to rehabilitate the safety and
wellbeing of the environment. 't is also imposed in the
academic community level in as much as to provide a vibrant
and healthy learning environment that is conducive to the
exercise of the pursuit of education.
,s the largest state university in the country in terms of
population, housing more than </,/// students from di6erent
parts of the (hilippines, the state of waste segregation and
disposal in ()( is re=ective of the state of such in the whole
higher education sector. 'f the (olytechnic )niversity provides a
healthy intellectual hub for learners and teachers, the practice
will serve as a blueprint for all higher education institutions in
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age - of ,+
the country. The (olytechnic )niversity of the (hilippines, being
one of the biggest state universities in the land, is important
and serves as a vital component of the country;s present
educational system. 't provides opportunities for prospective
students who want to pursue learning beyond the boundaries
of a traditional campus. 't is therefore imperative that it has the
obligation to provide its students with relevant and accessible
education. )n%uestionably, included in this relevant education
that needed to be propagated and taught is societal value such
as proper waste management.
5ain 9b>ectives#
? ,ggressive implementation of proper waste collection,
reduction, and$or recycling and organics recovery in all ()(
campuses for public health and environmental cleanliness and
? 2eduction and discouragement in the voluminous use of
inorganic materials like plastic and styrofor in food services and
encouragement of the use of organic materials, proper waste
disposal, and dumping,
? 'mpose accountability and e6ective tools among all
stakeholders responsible for solid waste management in their
respective areas@ and
? (rovision for incentives to the most clean and environment
friendly areas in the )niversity.
A! De./0r0tion o1 PUP EnvironEt2i.s Po/i.%
't is hereby declared the policy of the (olytechnic
)niversity of the (hilippines "()(& to adopt a
systematic, comprehensive and ecological solid waste
management program which shall#
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age 3 of ,+
Ensure the protection of public health and environment
in all )niversity campuses.
)tili+e environmentallysound methods for the beneAts
of the )niversity
4et guidelines and targets for solid waste avoidance
and volume reduction by implementing the 79
(B,4T'!$4TC29 (9B'!C
Ensure proper segregation, collection, transport,
storage and disposal of solid waste
Encourage greater ()( sectoral participation in the
solid waste management "academic, administrative,
studentry, faculty, employee etc.&
(! De4nition o1 Ter$s
2, 3//0 has deAned the following terms in the implementation of
the policy on solid waste management#
Co//e.tion refers to act of removing solid wastes from
the source or from communal storage
Contro//e "$5 disposal site at which solid waste is
deposited in accordance with the minimum
prescribed standards of site operation and
Dis5os0/ D the discharge, deposit, dumping or
placing of any solid waste into a pit or any
place assigned
Gener0tion D act or process of producing solid waste
re.over% 10.i/it%
D solid waste transfer station or sorting
Re.e5t0./e D individual containers used for the source
generation and the collection of garbage
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age 6 of ,+
Se7re70tion 0t
D solid waste management practice of
separating at the point of origin di6erent
materials found in solid waste to reduce
volume of wastes D separating
biodegradable "organic& from non
biodegradable "nonorganic&
So/i 80ste D discarded household$institutional and
commercial wastes that are nonha+ardous
and nontoxic
So/i 80ste
D control of generation, storage, collection,
transfer and disposal in accord with
principles of public health and
environmental considerations responsive to
public attitude
So/i 80ste
D decreasing the volume of solid waste
generated before it enters the solid waste
dump like materials substitution and
packaging restrictions

C! Instit"tion0/ Fr0$e8or9
,ll ()( campuses must create the Solid Waste Management
Task Force& comprised of members$representatives to implement
the policies herein stated on solid waste management.
The Task Eorce shall comprise the following#
!hair# !ampus *evelopment and 5aintenance 9Fce *irector
!ochair# 4afety and 4ecurity 9Fce *irector
5embers # 74T( *irector
,ll !olleges 74T( !oordinators
5edical 4ervices
4tudent !ouncil
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age : of ,+
Eood !oncessionaires 2epresentatives
Ganitorial 4ervices
!hair# !ommunication 5anagement 9Fce *irector
!ochairs # !ommunity 2elations and Extension *evelopment
9Fce *irector
Human 2esources 5anagement *epartment

The Head of the Task Eorce may coordinate with the concerned
sector of the )niversity as it may deem necessary.
The members of the Task Eorce on the other hand shall formulate
action plans for their respective oFces to complement the 4olid
Waste 5anagement (olicy of the )niversity.
The functions of the Task Eorce are as follows#
I& 'mplements the local solid waste management policy
.& 2ecommends the approval of the )niversity solid waste
management plan to the president
0& 5onitors and implements the solid waste management plan
J& *evelops and adopts incentive programs towards an eco
friendly environment
K& Eormulates the necessary information, education and
communication campaign in support to the implementation of
the solid waste management plan
L& *evelops a mechanism for the imposition of sanctions for the
violation of solid waste management policy of the )niversity
The ()( 1ranches and !ampuses should create their local task force
and its composition will be determined by the *irector.
T2e Po/i.% Fo."s
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age ; of ,+
This policy is focused on the collection, transfer, source reduction,
and material recovery and Anal disposal of solid waste towards a
sound environmental practice in all campuses of ()(.
I& !ollection and Transfer D To take into account the coverage of
the solid waste management through proper collection in all
()( campuses in their designated area$pit ensuring I//M
collection eFciency on a daily basis is achieved with the
following actions#
,vailability and provision of properly designed
containers$receptacles in selected collection points for the
temporary storage until such time collection and transfer to
processing sites or Anal disposal sites usually done by
regular dump trucks
4egregation of di6erent types of solid waste
Hauling of solid waste from source to disposal sites
(rovision of properly trained oFcers and workers to handle
solid waste disposal
.& 4olid waste reduction D implementation of strategies to reduce
the volume of solid wastes that will be collected, particularly
(B,4T'! and 4TC29. 'n reality, these solid wastes are
tremendously accumulated from the food services operating in
the )niversity. ,nnual 0/ M target waste reduction will be set.
There are some incentives which will be given to those who will
reduce the use of nonrecyclable packaging materials. ,side
from this, improved eFciency will be ensured if the use of
paper, cardboard, glass, metal and other materials among food
concessionaires is practised inside the )niversity.
..I 2eduction of )se of 7on1iodegradable
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age < of ,+
..I.I )se of 2ecyclable, 2eusable and 1iodegradable 1ags
and !ontainers. ,ll stores and stalls located inside ()( should
only allow$sell the following as checkout bags or containers to
2ecycled or recyclable paper bags@
1iodegradable plastic bags
2eusable bags, such as cloth bags$eco bags
Tupperware and the like or
!orrugated boxes or cartons.
1iodegradable plastic bags must be properly disposed like any other
solid waste materials and should not be thrown in canals, water
bodies, vacant lots and other public places.
..I.. !ostumers$4hoppers (articipation!
4hoppers or customers in all stores$stalls inside ()( are encouraged
to provide for themselves reusable and recyclable shopping bags
such as those enumerated in 4ection I, when shopping or buying
from stores$stalls.
..I.0 1an of 7on1io (lastic 1ags and (olystyrene Eoam as
Eood !ontainers
..I.J 1an of 7on1iodegradable (lastic 1ags and (olystyrene
Eoam as Eood !ontainers.
9nly recyclable, biodegradable or reusable containers are allowed to
be used as a food and beverage containers.
The use of nonbiodegradable plastic bags and polystyrene foam as
food and beverage containers shall be completely banned in ()(
starting Gune 4chool Cear ./I0./IJ.
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age = of ,+
0& 4olid waste facility capacity and Anal disposal D to include but
not limited to a pro>ection of the amount of disposal capacity
needed to accommodate the solid waste generated in a
strategic and safe site as temporary storage, but to be
transferred and Anally disposed on a daily basis. This shall
identify existing and proposed disposal sites and waste
collection facility inside the )niversity that is properly
maintained for public health and sound environmental upkeep.
4trategies shall be included to maintain and improve said
existing sites to reduce adverse impact on health and
environment. 9pen dumps shall not be allowed as storage
The )niversity shall provide the funds from its resources on building
maintenance and ensure the establishment of the needed structures
for the implementation of the solid waste management policy. The
)niversity, through the 'ncome 8eneration (ro>ect 9Fce "'8(9& will
implement incomegenerating pro>ects regarding solid waste
management. 't can also engage or establish tieups with
government and private institutions for further funding and Anancial
and material support. ,n environmental fee may also be charged
from proponents that will host various events inside the )niversity.
4olid Waste 5anagement (ro>ect Timeline
Task 2esponsible )nit 'nclusive *ate
*rafting of the )niversity 4olid
Waste 5anagement (olicy
*ecember IK,
(resentation of (olicy draft to
N( for ,dministration and 9N(,
Ganuary .3,
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age ,> of ,+
Waste ,udit 9rientation with
selected 74T( students, !*59
sta6, 5edical sta6,
concessionaires, 4afety and
4ecurity services and >anitorial
9Fce and 74T(
in coordination
with Ecowaste
Ganuary 0/,
()( Waste ,udit
5edical, Ganitorial
and !HO
Ganuary 0I,
Waste ,udit 2eport Ecowaste
Eebruary I,
(resentation and approval of
the proposed (olicy to EPE!95
N( for
Eebruary I,
!reation of the )niversity 4olid
Waste Task Eorce "re%uest for
4pecial 9rder&
9Fce of the
Eebruary J,
*rafting of the 4olid Waste
5anagement (lan
Task Eorce 0
week of
,pproval of the proposed
environmental fee
192 5arch I, ./I0
4oft launching of the Waste
5anagement (ro>ects$activities
74T( and
4tudent !ouncil
per !ollege
4ummer ./I0
8rand Baunching T,4O E92!E 4chool
9pening "Gune
Proposed Printed Materials for the Compliance of PUP-OUS Students
on Proper Waste Disposal: A pre Communication Campaign Plan -
Thesis Asedillo
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age ,, of ,+
Poltechnic Uni!ersit of the Philippines Solid Waste Management
Proposed "mplementing #uidelines on the $an of %on &
$iodegrada'le Plastics and Polstrene (oam Plastic of PUP Solid
Waste Management Polic in Consonance )ith *cological Solid
Waste Act +,A of -../0.
*n!iron*thics: A Declaration of "nterdependence1 2ames Per3aus
, (roposal for ()( EnvironEthcs
(age ,+ of ,+