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Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!

[They] search for water, but there is none; their tongues are parched with thirst. But I the LORD wi answer the!; I, the
"od of Israe, wi not forsa#e the!. I wi !a#e ri$ers fow on barren heights, and springs within the $aeys. I wi turn the
desert into poos of water, and the parched ground into springs %Isa. &'(')*'+, ,I-..
Despite its spiritual language, the disciplined lifestyle it encourages, and its powerful influence, Islam presents a capricious
God and offers its followers no assurance of salvation. Many have a profound sense of emptiness. Let's pray that, by God's
grace, they may come to know is love, for which they were created.!
Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries
WEST AFRICA: "orkers ask us to pray for outreach teams that are being established in two Muslim#ma$ority
countries. %lease pray&
for team leaders $ust arriving in one country, for a smooth transition and for their preparations to receive team
members in 'anuary ()*+.
that the Lord will provide two more couples to help train team members in the other country.
for those God calls to be part of the teams, for their preparation materially and spiritually. %ray they will be
united in spirit as they learn to work together, that they may be a powerful witness.
TOGO: , student asks for prayer for an evangelistic effort in a strongly Muslim city in -eptember. , team is coming
from overseas. pray for their safe travels. May the Lord prepare hearts to receive is message of love.
In the News
/he 0bola outbreak is spreading in "est ,frica, with suspected cases in 0urope and the 1.-. %lease continue to pray
for 2hristian health workers on the front lines. 1phold our brothers and sisters as they minister to those suffering loss
and fear. Many affected are Muslims. %ray that in their suffering they will come to find hope and healing in 'esus.
World Watch List: Pray for the Persecuted**
/he United Arab Emirates, an Islamic nation on the southeastern part of the ,rabian %eninsula, holds 3+
place in
the list of countries where 2hristians face the most persecution. 04patriate workers make up 5)6 of the population of
7 million and account for nearly all the 2hristians in the country. 2iti8ens are considered Muslims, and witnessing to
them is illegal. /hose who want to follow 2hrist may face death or deportation. %lease pray that e4pat believers will
find opportunities to wisely share their faith. %ray for those who seek to serve 'esus. 9or more information and prayer
re:uests, see http&;;;:8mku<8.
For Muslim Women***
%lease pray that Muslim infighting in Ira: would cause women there to seek =the >ne who sees ?them@A BGen. *C&*3D
and that they will find im as e responds to their cries for help.
Prayer Resources
/0raying for 1usi!s( 2 "uide for 3ffecti$e Intercession offers many insights concerning Islam and a different prayer sub$ect
each 9riday. /his week we pray for Muslims who, despite promises, feel emptiness in their religion& http&;;;lp<gE(v.
!!>pen Doors publishes an annual list ranking the +) nations where persecution against 2hristians is most severe. -ee the full
()*< "orld "atch List at http&;;;*mcm(fu. 2lick on a country on the map or list to read its profile and prayer re:uests.
!!!Muslim women need your prayersF Gou can $oin a prayer network and receive regular re:uests at http&;;;.
9or a list of resources for prayer groups, see http&;;;waast$umaa.
9ind information and prayer re:uests concerning Muslims around the world at http&;;www.3);.
ow should we pray for those imprisoned for their faithH Iead http&;;;articles;ow#to#pray#for#those#in#prison;.
9or news updates concerning persecuted 2hristians, visit http&;;; and http&;;;.
9or prayer re:uests, visit http&;;;pray; and http&;;;public;pray.asp4.
/o help you answer Muslims' :uestions about 'esus and the Jible, e4plore http&;;;.

Jumaa Prayer
for the Muslims of Africa and beyond
West Africa Advanced School of Theology 8 August 2014