Lincoln County School District No. 2 Board Minutes December 6, 2007 6:30 p.m. District Office 1.

Board Chair Reynold Johnson called the meeting to order at 6:53 p.m. Board members present included Reynold Johnson, Barry Fullmer, Robert McKim, Donna Ivie, and Randy Thompson. Karyn Hoopes and Leonard Wilford were absent. Attendance log attached as a separate file. Robert McKim made the motion at 6:33 p.m. “moves that the Lincoln County School District Board of Trustees go into executive session for the purpose of considering personnel matters, and matters concerning litigation to which the school district is a party or to which the school district may be a party”. Motion carried. The Board met in executive session for the purpose of considering personnel matters, and matters concerning litigation to which the school district is a party or to which the school district may be a party, and property issues. No action was taken. Barry Fullmer motioned to return to open session at 7:36 p.m. Motion carried. As open session resumed, Randy Thompson moved to adopt the agenda. Motion carried. RECOGNITION 6. The following individuals were recognized: • Jordan Abrams, Zach Booth, Tim Hokanson- All-State and All-Conference Football • Logan Fitzgerald, Remick Rappleye- All-Conference Football • SVHS Marching Band- Superior Rating- State • Ericka Elder- Young Women in Science Field Research- Teton Science School • Dustin Opitz, Sharolyn Griffith- National Board Certified Teachers FACILITIES UPDATE 7. Superintendent Jon Abrams reported on: • Afton Elementary- Due to the change of directors at the School Facilities Commission, the new Director has stated to “build a school that is best for kids”. With this directive we will redesign the Afton Elementary. The design will start with a blank piece of paper where the staff sits down and collectively designs a school that will best facilitate learning for Afton Elementary. Tentative move in date will be 2010.



4. 5.

The Thayne and Etna projects are continuing to move forward in a slow manner. The building projects are now in the penalty phase, and will be assessed as such.

DELEGATIONS/REPORTS 8. Report on Afton Elementary – Principal Allan Allred presented Afton Elementary staff. Afton Elementary has 38 certified personnel including administrator, teachers, several special education positions, Title 1, music, PE, media, Spanish and art. Classified staff consists of 45 aides for ESL, kindergarten, Title 1, special ed., math games, and playground supervision. The staff uses Positive Behavioral Support Systems (PBIS). Students are taught the rules for each area of the school campus. When students obey the rules, they are given a success ticket. Success tickets can be accumulated and spent on various school activities. Writing is the focus this year and they have been involved in the Lucy Calkins writing program. Memorizing math facts have been incorporated into the regular day curriculum. Games and music are used to help students memorize their math facts. The students’ love playing the games and singing the songs. Mr. Hoopes, Spanish teacher, has the students speaking all kinds of words and is creating a Spanish Curriculum in his Masters program. Report on RAD Club – Star Valley High School Smoke-Free Resolution presented by Brad Kovach, president of the Anti-Drug Club for Star Valley High School. The city of Afton is trying to pass a resolution that would ban smoking in all public places. The RAD club is asking Lincoln County School District #2 to support the effort of this resolution. BOARD INFORMATIONAL ITEMS 10. The following informational items were discussed: • Enrollment – we are up 64 students’ district wide from the previous year • Evaluation of Superintendent – This process will be left up to the Board Chairman to coordinate with all board members. The board is scheduled to meet before the January meeting. • Math Facts – A representative group of teachers (k-12) are going to determine what really matters and what the experts really believe we need to be teaching. The group will come up with a plan of how it will happen. The goal is to reshape the basic math facts in all grades. • Board Training with Von Dahl – January 31, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. CONSENT AGENDA 11. Section 1 The board discussed the following consent agenda items: • Approval of minutes of the November 8, 2007 meeting • Payment of bills • Purchase of scoreboard for Star Valley Middle School • Trailer for Maintenance Department


• • • • • •

Sale of Metcalf Elementary- Tabled Sale of Holdaway Elementary – back playground – Tabled Track at Star Valley High School – Pulled for separate vote Review student meals for travel- no action taken- leave current policy in place Review National Teacher Certification stipend- District will remove their policy and state will provide the $4,000.00 stipend Review of Yearly Audit

Randy Thompson motioned to approve the above listed consent agenda section 1. Motion carried. The track at Star Valley High School was pulled for a separate vote. The motion passed by the following called vote: Randy Thompson voted nay, all others present voted yea. Motion passed by a 4 to 1 vote. 12. Section 2 The board discussed the following consent agenda items • Approval of Personnel Action New Hire New Hire New Hire Dismissal Resignation Add’l Assign Add’l Assign Add’l Assign Transfer Name Bobbi Coates Nicole Radford Kristine Young Lindsay Kallgren Jayne Barnes Joe Hale Kade Wilkes Bodie Keetch Becky Hunsaker Position Title 1 Bus Aide Bus Aide Sp. Ed. Aide Sp. Ed. Aide Assistant Wrestling Coach Assistant Girls BB Coach Assist. Jr. High Wrestling From Title 1 to Sp. Ed. Aide School OES AES MES SVMS SVMS CHS AES

Robert McKim motioned to approve listed consent agenda section 2. Motion carried. ACTION ITEM RE-CAP 13. 14. The district will not issue Western Surety Company official bond and oath until after January board elections. The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. _______________________________ Karyn Hoopes, Clerk

_____________________________ Reynold Johnson, Chairman