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Matt Muirhead Campaign

Muirhead commits to no more than two terms if
elected on October 27
Press release

Kanata, Ontario, August 7, 2014 — Kanata North City Council candidate, Matt Muirhead,
today released the following statement:

“If elected to City Council on October 27, I will not serve more than 2 terms in office at which
point I will return to teaching.

I don't believe in politics as a career -- I have a career as a teacher but I believe in doing a
tour of duty to help improve the community in which we live. As I tell my students, if you see
something that is broken, then stand up and offer yourselves up to help fix it. That’s what I
intend to do if elected as City Councillor for Kanata North.

Kanata North needs fresh ideas with a best before date. I pledge to the residents of Kanata
North that I will work hard as their councillor, if elected on October 27, to give them the
representation they deserve, but I will not serve more than 2 terms, and unlike some others
in this race, I stand by my word.

Public service must always be open to a new generation with new ideas -- and as city
councillor I'll work to ensure that the young women and men of Kanata North get the head
start and mentorship they need to make our community a better place in which to live, work
and play”.

Muirhead, a former President of the Briarbrook-Morgan’s Grant Community Association, has
previously released some of his key platform planks, which include:

 Advocating for Kanata’s inclusion in the City’s Light Rail plan;


 Pushing to restore weekly garbage pick-up in the warmer months, unless and until
the green bin program is fixed and improved (Muirhead proposes the use of plastic
bags as a way to achieve better “buy-in” to the program - which Orgaworld has said
they would accept and can process);
 Pledging to oppose unfair tax increases, such as the 10-year, $2.5 million tax,
brought in on the residents of Kanata North by Marianne Wilkinson, to bury 12 hydro
poles along Kanata Avenue.
A parent, educator, and community activist, Muirhead lives in Kanata Lakes where he is
raising his three children, two daughters aged 11 and 8 and a five-year-old son. The 40-
year-old Kanata North candidate has been president of the Kanata Lakes Community
Association since moving there in 2011.

For more information on Matt Muirhead’s campaign for city councillor, visit his website at or and follow him on Twitter


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