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Proposal for headhunting

Srma Consulting, Kneza Miloa 58, Beograd,

011 361 1972, 063 558 888,
Srma Consulting is a local agency which has been providing
companies with headhunting services, as well as staff training and
coaching services since 2000.
For the time being we have cooperated with 534 companies in
Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and

Who are we?
Proven international experience in providing
headhunting and training services.
Maximum adaptability to your needs.
Deep knowledge of the market.
As a special guaranty you pay only if you employ our
candidate, and the fee will be divided into 12
monthly instalments.

Our advantages are:
Headhunting process
Srma Consulting, Kneza Miloa 58, Beograd,
011 361 1972, 063 558 888,
with them
and make a
list of short-
Send their
CVs to you
Make an
between you
and the best
We directly
who fit in a
and check
their CVs
You provide
us with a job
You confirm
that you will
employ our
candidate and
we will send
our 1st invoice.
Vladimir Majstorovi
A professional trainer of sales
representatives and CEO of Srma
Consulting. Over the last 14 years he has
made a successful cooperation with 535
companies from the region. The applied
methodology is Relationship Selling.
After gaining knowledge of Sales and
Customer Service, working in Green
Peace Canada, he managed Customers
Relationship Management Division (250
employees) at Mobtel (Telenor) for 5
years. He is continuously improving
himself by working with the best worlds
consultants, and transferring their
methods to specifications of our market.
He is a member of EMCC (European
Mentoring and Coaching Council-a) and
ICF (International Coach Federation).
From 2012 to 2014 he lectured sales at
General Motors Academy. In 2012 he
wrote a book From a Sales Trainer to a
Business Coach.
Our staff
Srma Consulting, Kneza Miloa 58, Beograd,
011 361 1972, 063 558 888,
Dragana Petkovski Majstorovi
An English Professor, specialized in
teaching Business English, cross-
cultural management issues and
communication skills to employees
within the companies. For the time
being she has cooperated with many
high-profile Belgrade-based
companies such as Nestle,
Veropoulos, Salford, Henkel, Delta
sport, Delta Holding, Pepsico, JTI ,
Alkatel-Lucent, Microsoft and Srma
Since 2013 she has started to
introduce the latest NLP, coaching and
psychodrama technics at training

Value of our service is 15% of his/her annual net salary. This can be transferred on a monthly basis depending
on your preferences. To our prices we have to add VAT.
We offer 365 days of unconditional guarantee. If the candidate leaves due to any reason in the period of 365
days from the employment, we will stop sending you the bills and Srma Consulting is obliged to find a new
candidate without charging extra.

Best regards,

Vladimir Majstorovi, director

Srma Consulting, Kneza Miloa 58, Beograd,
011 361 1972, 063 558 888,