The Star Crossed Lovers

by Eleni Vamvakari
And now I'll tell a story,
of love quite strane and rare!
The man was stron and handsome,
the lady "ure and fair!
#ut alass he war the red,
for a $ommunist he was!
And she was "roud to love our saviours,
and su""ort their sa$red $ause!
Their love was true and heartfelt,
but both knew it was forbidden!
So like an an$ient treasure,
they tried to kee" it hidden!
She ho"ed she $ould $onvert him,
%et it "roved to be too slow!
And so one day they "arted,
now many years ao!
And neither $ould they find true love,
thouh both of them they tried!
And still they loved ea$h other,
in darkness they would $ry!
The man at last he saw the truth,
but thouht it was too late!
&ntil they met by a$$ident,
thouh ea$h later swore by fate!
So on the street they walked and talked,
of the days lon in their "ast!
And finally he said to her,
that it was better in the $ast!
And now a smile full of ho"e,
it $ame u"on her li"s!
As his hands rea$hed out to her,
and tou$hed her finerti"s!
The moon it shone the stars were briht,
as these two walked toether!
So on that niht they "leded their love,
and vowed to stay toether!
And so at lenth they married,
on A"ril the '(st!
At last these two were ha""y,
and the darkness was dis"ursed!
These $hara$ters have been in my mind for awhile! I want to write a "lay about them, usin
musi$ from the time! It would start with them meetin in a $afe when they were older, and flash
ba$k to The )evolution! *i+ed in with their story, would be the history of The )evolution and of
the doins of our saviours! She would mistakenly believe that he had one to the ,olyte$hni$
and so would break u" with him! The years would "ass, until this fateful meetin, many de$ades
later! And as ha""ened here, they would be toether! #ut ea$h would sadly wonder, as they
looked at a modern news"a"er, where the nation was headed! #oth would aree that, as with
their love, she was on a lon road, ho"efully, to re$overy!
If you've enjoyed this work, and would like to read my other stories and
poems, they can be found here and at the below Facebook link. As
always, please feel free to comment on and share any of them.
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