In the Arms of Victory

by Eleni Vamvakari
Dedicated to Colonel Nikolaos Makarezos. While I have solved part of the mystery that
srronds yo! let me never take a moment of yor "isdom for #ranted.
$he best thin#s are "orth "aitin# for!
the "ise ones al"ays say.
%t I never believed a "ord of that!
ntil it came tre today.
&or for years I have labored!
and it seemed I coldn't "in.
(ntil I "atched a video!
and fond a treasre deep "ithin.
&or then I heard an old man's voice!
and "ondered at the sond.
%t no! I firmly told myself!
sch )oy cannot be fond.
And then it "as confirmed to me!
at last I reached my #oal.
$he voice I heard! *ir! it "as yors!
"ith deli#ht it filled my sol.
No" lookin# back on all the years!
and tears of frstration shed!
I finally believe those famos "ords!
the old ones often said.
&or somethin# #ained "ith nothin# earned!
isn't al"ays bad.
%t a #ift "hen yo are losin# hope!
"ill al"ays make yo #lad.
And so I close this poem to yo!
and thank yo for this lesson.
Wherever yor sol may no" reside!
I #ive to yo my blessin#s.
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