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Creati ons of mi nd can vary i n i ts formfrom a bri l l i ant thought to a gi zmo gadget to a popul ar
fi cti onal l come under the l egal term cal l ed Intellectual Property. In the worl d of upheaval
technol ogy, where i nformati on on anythi ng and everythi ng i s freel y avai l abl e and accessi bl e,
guardi ng these i ntel l ectual properti es l egal l y becomes a prerequi si te.
Thi s book comprehensi vel y di scusses how to manage and secure the i ntel l ectual property and the
l egal norms associ ated wi th i t. The book begi ns wi th i ntroduci ng the concepts rel ated to
Intel l ectual Property and the WTO Agreement. The fol l owi ng chapters expl ai n vari ous types of
Intel l ectual Property Ri ghts such as Patents, Copyri ghts, Trade Marks, Industri al Desi gns,
Integrated Ci rcui ts, and Geographi cal Indi cati ons. These chapters al so provi de i n-depth and
detai l ed i nsi ght on regul ati ons and procedures for protecti on of Intel l ectual Property Ri ghts.
The book further expl i cates the creati on of Intel l ectual Property and spel l s out the conceptual
framework for creati vi ty and i nnovati on. Management of Intel l ectual Property i s as i mportant as
i ts creati on, and therefore the concl udi ng chapters descri be the acti vi ti es for management and
commerci al i zati on of Intel l ectual Property Ri ghts, and the emergi ng i ssues surroundi ng them. Two
separate cases have been added at the end of the book, to provi de an anal yti cal i nsi ght of the
subject to the students.
The book i s meant for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of management and
technology. Besi des, the book can be useful for the undergraduate students of law as a ready

1. Introduction to Intellectual Property and World Trade Organization
2. Fundamentals of Patent
3. Transfer and Infringement of Patent Rights
4. Copyright
5. Trade Marks
6. Industrial Designs and IC Layout Design
7. Geographical Indications
8. Creating Intellectual Property
9. Intellectual Property Management
10. Emerging Issues in IPR
Case Study 1?Research and Development in India
Case Study 2?Apple versus Samsung Patent Dispute

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