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!"#$% !! !! 2014 7:30 AM
CC: [L-malls redacLed]
Sub[ecL: Lrroneous sample balloL ln Cu1 and Cu6

To: All CD1 and CD6 Officers and BPOU Officers
CC: State Executive Committee

An absentee sample ballot appropriate for a district without any local
contested primaries was sent in error to 7,700 voters in CD6 and 2,118 in

The other three targeted pre-primary mailers properly featured the
congressional candidates, as did all of our other absentee mail pieces,
phone calls, door knocks, and all of our many social media pieces.

I personally, and all at the State Party, are obviously 110% behind Aaron
Miller, Tom Emmer and ALL our endorsed candidates, and I am confident
they will do well next Tuesday.

My apologies to the party officers, campaign teams and volunteers working
so hard on behalf of Aaron and Tom! While in the grand scheme of things
this was a very small slice of the hundreds of thousands of voter contacts
we have made as a party, it was still an error and one that people noticed.


PS - 5 more days, keep up the hard word work!

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