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15 Situation in SRT which may confuse you

1. He & his girlfriend has gone to see a movie,house is full.Tickets are available in
black. His gf insists on watching the movie. He
2. You have to go to a city with cash for work but the way is dangerous as dacoits......
how will u manage to go?
3. He was travelling by a train & suddenly a person snatches purse from lady & jumps
out of train. .
4. There is a person who sells smuggled goods. You too, like many others, have
purchased a wristwatch from him. But it doesn't work. You........
5. Your mom is seriously ill and your boss doesn't grant u leave. You
6. During a trekking trip, he was left alone in the jungle. He..................
7. He was travelling to his SSB and just before reaching the station, he found that his
suitcase is lost. He.....
8. He was walking on a dark street with his girl friend then suddenly 10 armed people
came & started harassing his girl friend the next police station was 10 km away
9. He see a snake moving near to the bed where his younger brother is sleeping, when he
enters his room.He...
10. You received an urgent order from your commander. But you feel that order passed
on to you is wrong. You..
11. What if you and your friend fall in love with the same girl
12. You are in second year of comp. engineering. But now you find it hard to complete
your degree. You.
13. You opposed strike in college and you are beaten up by strikers (your colleagues).
14. While hunting you and your brother lost way in dark (night) in jungle and you have
no light. You..
15. You fall seriously ill just before final exam. You


1. will take her to another theatre, where tickets are available.
2.will take the money after reaching the city from a nearby atm.
3.look out to notice the direction where he ran to, stop train, inform rpf as to where he ran
to and follow the dacoit.
4.will learn a lesson from that not to repeat the same.
5.will ask my brother to attend to mom, will persuade boss.
6. will find his way, with undettering belief in himself.
7. will inform the police, rpf about his suitcase, inform centre, attend in absentee batch.
8.will ask them what they want, will give them some money and jewels, will get girlfriend
out safe from area, will send her home, inform police of the situation as to where they are
and trash them out.
9.diverts the snake and rushes his brother by making noises, will inform forest officials, and
will keep the snake inside.
10.follow the order.
11.will ask girl to decide.
12.will go to tuitions and study hard to receive the degree at any cost, since I have initiated
13.will justify to my colleagues as to why I opposed, will ask them to re think if strike is
absolutely necessary.
14.and my brother will climb a tree and get to the top and spend rest of the night.
15.will study as much as I can and attend the exam, as it is the final one.

1.will convince her girl for another show and would take her to a nice dinner.
2.i will transfer the money into the account and would rather take a creditcard and would hide it in
such a place that no one is able to see it.
3.will pull the chain and call the cops and would ask the lady to shut down her accounts (if her credit
card was in the bag).
4.will try to solve the matter by telling the shopkeeper to replace the watch.
5. will tell my brother to stop every work and immediately go back to home and will send him some
money to take care of my mom.
6. never loosed his motivation and would fight for his survival.
7.would search around here and there if still not found then he will inform the station master.
8.definately to save his girl he will fight we would engage the armed men into fight and would ask
her girl friend to run away to the near by village and ask for help.
9. he will take out his hockey/bat or any stick and will hit the snake with full force.
10. will first tell him that what I feel about the order if he does not agrees I would inform the higher
11.then I would leave upon that girl to decide and meanwhile will tell my friend and if he is my friend
then definately he will step back for me.
12. will leave that coarse afcoarse because I wont spoil my whole life by doing something which I do
not like I would better choose for a better feild.
13. if my reason is correct then first I will try to explain my reason if they still show aggression then I
will respond with full fledge aggresion.
14. we will look out for a quite place will try to burn a fire so to stay safe from the wild animals.
15. I will give the exam by anyhow.

1.will convince her to watch another show and gives her a treat in restaurent.
2.will carry atm cards and draw money from atm.
3.will inform to a policemen travelling in that train.
4.will complaint to p.s and appeals for his mistake of buying from smuggler.
5.wil make my boss realise the condition of my mom.
6.will make use of resources available in that area and travels down the river so that he can find any
7.will ask his father to send money and buy the needs at ssb center.
8.will call to police and assists them to find his g.f.
9.will try to deviate the snake towards him and runs towards the crowdy area.
10.first obey his order and later when he is cool he suggests his opinion.
11.will give opinion to girl to decide.
12.will do some part time job and complete the degree.
13.will make them realise the loss occurs by strike and asks them to clear their demands by talking
with officers.
14.will take rest in dry area above the tree and the next day morning I will try to find the way.
15.will prepare and attends the exam.

1. He will book the next show or go to another movie hall.
2. will be cautious.
3. run after the thief, bring back lady's purse and handover the thief to the Railway Police.
4. will go back to him and him to change or give a new one.
5. will convince him that I'll do the work from home and e-mail it to him.
6.will find his way back to his group.
7. will search in the compartment, inform the Railway police and ssb authorities, call up
home to fax the documents, attend ssb.
8. will ensure his gf's safety and inform the matter to the police authorities.
9. will immediately throw a shirt or a cloth on the snake, wake his brother and call a snake
10. will tell him what I feel and follow his order.
11. win her heart.
12. will take coaching and tuitions to complete my engineering.
13. will inform the college authorities and seek an action against them for their wrongdoing.
14. will light fire with the help of two stones, the ancient technique to light fire and find our
way out of the jungle.
15. will take proper medication and study whatever I have learnt so far and give the exam
and clear my exams.

1. convince her of watching another show and will book another movie ticket.
2. will carry a demand draft or cash cheque.
3. pull the chain and go after the thief, inform the Railway Police of the theft.
4. will ask him for the bill or pursuade him that u don't like it, give my money back.
5. ask him to work at home till mother goes well.
6. will guide the map and find his way back to the group.
7. Inform the police and DSO of the ssb interview and ask them for the another date.
8. call the police staion for help, and indulge them in conversation till the help comes.
9. will kill the Snake.
10. follow the orders.
11. ask the girl.
12. will not loose heart, take some tuition and give my best efforts.
13. will gather more man power to oppose the strike.
14. will climb the tree and wait for the night to pass, find the way home in morning.
15. take a medicine and resume the preparation.

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