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My name is Harry Chang and I am currently studying economics and accounting at the University

of Southern California. I am reaching out to inquire about a possible opportunity with Alvare and Marsal
that I became aware of after spea!ing with our mutual contact" #onathan Cheng.
Until quite recently" I was unfamiliar with the name" Alvare and Marsal. I had been too preoccupied
with finding a finance role that would put me on a $pre%set$ path to where I wanted to see myself in &'
years that I had completely neglected the basics of building a foundation that would allow me to wor!
towards my long term goals." I learned that the firm primarily specialies in multiple services( )urnaround
Management" Corporate Advisory and *erformance Improvement+a star! contrast to several firms I,ve
met with in the past who typically specialied in corporate finance" trading securities" or auditing services.
)o me" having the opportunity to wor! with a company such as Alvare and Marsal means that I am
uninhibited in adding value to my growing s!ill set. -ventually I believe this leads bac! to setting a sound
foundation that will naturally transition me to my long term goals" which I would li!e to tell you about if
given the opportunity.
I believe I am the type of individual your firm is loo!ing for" because I,ve always structured my wor!
ethic around opportunity. )hat being said" I,ve found most" if not all of my past .ob opportunities through
relationships that have come along my four year tenure at USC. /ecause they have been such rarities"
I,ve never had a .ob that I considered myself better than" nor have I ta!en them for granted. I,ve always
tried to learn as much as I could from the professionals that were there to help me" and I strongly believe
that ambition has been the sole reason that I have been successful to this point in my career. As such" I
believe opportunity is synonymous with passion" and hard wor!. I,ve seen every internship I,ve had as an
opportunity to wor! diligently to meet the mutual goals of myself and the firm0 and now I believe I,m ready
to ta!e my focus through new and foreign territory.
Unfortunately" my interest and understanding of corporate finance" ban!ing and strategic consulting
didn,t really materialie until more recently. My understanding was that in order to succeed in high finance"
internships were !ey" so I began emailing and cold calling everyone I !new and try to networ! my way into
a boutique. I eventually found myself at 1e2/an! Capital through an alumni that too! my call and flew me
into 3allas for an interview.
My time at 1e2/an! Capital was spent with small businesses loo!ing to grow either through I*4s"
Capital 5aises" or M6A transactions. My wor! included detailing mar!eting materials" helping to draft
investor CIMS and to assist with financial models for active engagements. I !new that I didn,t !now as
much as the other interns due to my later start. I do believe that because of this" I definitely have that chip
on my shoulder and am aware that I have a lot to prove" which I openly welcome. I !now opportunities
such as wor!ing with your firm don,t come often and believe through my unique approach of learning the
logistics and nuances of what is e2pected of an analyst" I can become a value added .unior within your
I strongly believe that my e2periences have better prepared me for more challenging opportunities to
chase my further termed ambitions. At your convenience" I would appreciate the opportunity to spea! with
you further about the position and give you more details on my bac!ground. *lease don,t hesitate to
contact me.

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