Rain I sat and watched the rain fall, The sky was muddy dark and grey Much

like my heart, The sound of water lashing against the window Was almost hypnotic to my ears, And my heartbeat kept the same rhythm Like scars on my soul Collected over the years. I sighed and curled up tighter in my chair, Water dripped through the open window And fell on my face, Like a single tear falling down my cheek I was lost in my memories of the past awful week. And still the rain came down Oblivious to the pain, my pain, My body ached to feel you here My soul sang out so you might hear, My body groaned under the loss of feeling you Loving me, holding me, kissing me, And yet I could not cry? I could not shed a tear, For you, For me, But the rain, The rain fell like tears. My tears. Tearing me apart Drip by drip Drowning me slowly But surely In my heart.

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