KNOWLEDGE CANNOT GUARANTEE GUIDANCE: It implies that guidance does not depend on knowledge but it is in the power Allah

Almighty. These Quranic verses condemn those scholars who have gone astray. There are many other verses and sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him) on this theme. The subject is so grave that according to one Hadith the angels of hell will catch these insolent scholars before even the idolators. These so-called scholars will protest why they were being dealt with before the worshippers of the idols, The divine answer will be: "Those who know and those who don't are not equal". Brothers! We respect the scholar because we look upon him as a heir to the Prophet. The lawful heir to the Prophet is a person who is on the right path. An insolent person, who is on the wrong path, is a heir to Satan rather than the Prophet. ~o respect a true scholar is to respect the Prophet, and to respect an insolent scholar is to respect the Satan.A man who is not himself on the right path cannot bring the other people to the right path. The scholars of unbelievers and infidels cannot be regarded as the leaders of Muslims. A scholar who uses in8&JIting language for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) is like an unbeliever or a disbeliever. He does not deserve to get any respect from the Muslim community. 0 my brothers! Know- ledge is useful, if it strengthens faith, otherwise the scholars of Hinduism and Christianity are also in their own communities regarded as distinguished scholars.Iblis was a distinguished scholar and yet not even a single Muslim respects him. He was known as the teacher of the angels, which implies that he used to impart knowledge to the angels. He became cursed and rejected when he refused to bow to the light of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which was shining in the forehead of Adam (peace be upon him) From that moment the former pupils of Iblis changed their behaviour with him. They curse him, Every year in the month of Ramadan they bind him in chains. They will push him into Hell on the Day of 'Judgement. From this we can understand how knowledge and status fail to help a person who shows disrespect to the fair name of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Brothers! it is a matter of serious regret that the Muslims should show more respect to their teach6r than Allah Almighty and His Prophet. The rule is that a Muslim should not love his brother or his friend or anything else in this world more than Allah and His Prophet. May Allah guide us and help us to become true Muslims by the grace of His infinite mercy and by the honour of His beloved Prophet! Amen

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