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Winston-Salem Police Department

Special Operations Division/SWAT

Barry D. Rountree, Chief of Police
W.S. Weaver II, Asst. Chief of Police

Special Enforcement Team

Inception in 1983
as the Special
Enforcement Team
Concept of former
Chief of Police
George Sweat
(Captain of SOD
in 1983

Special Enforcement Team

198 - 1994
Originall! Staffe"
with 1 Sergeant
an" # Officers
(onl! $
%&ll Time 'nit
1993(199)* a""e"
e+perience" Part
Time SET
Personnel an"
Crisis ,egotiators

SWAT !name c"an#e 2011$

-igoro&s Selection
E+tensi.e Training
G&i"e" /!0
'n&s&al Occ&rrence
General Or"er
Critical Inci"ent
Stan"ar" Operating
%ollow 2ccre"itation
Stan"ar"s of C23E2
%ollow 4est Practices
an" 1em/ers of0
,ational Tactical
Officers 2ssociation
,orth Carolina
Tactical Officers

SWAT/%risis &e#otiation Team

S52T $ Traine" to
6 7ostage Inci"ents
6 4arrica"e" Person
6 Person firing
6 -esc&e &n"er fire
C,T $ Traine" to
comm&nicate with0
6 Criminals hol"ing
6 2rme" person
e+hi/iting signs of
mental illness
6 2rme" person
contemplating s&ici"e

%risis 'ntervention Trainin#

2ll C,T(S52T personnel* as well as a
significant n&m/er of Patrol Police Officers
are traine" in Crisis Inter.ention
6 E"&cates Officers in assisting people with
mental illness
6 Officers attempt to "e8escalate inci"ents
6 -e"&ces ph!sical confrontations an" arrests
6 Pro.i"es for ps!chological treatment

WSPD (tili)ation of SWAT Traine* Personnel

6 4arrica"e" S&/9ect(7ostage(Sniper Inci"ents
6 Dignitar! Protection(Special E.ent Sec&rit!
6 Search 5arrant for :iolent or Chronic Offen"ers
6 Search an" -esc&e Operations
6 Searches for 1issing(2/"&cte" Chil"ren or 2"&lts
6 S&spicio&s Pac;ages(5eapons of 1ass Destr&ction
6 72<12T Emergencies
6 Pan"emic 4iological E.ents
6 Disor"er -e=&iring 1ass 2rrests
6 Smith8-e!nol"s 2irport Emergencies
6 1ass %atalit! E.ents
6 Terrorist 2ttac;s

WA+E ,O-EST (&'.E-S'T/-O%TO0E- 101 2000

P-ES'DE&T'A2 DE0ATE-0(S3 .S4 5O-E

3anes 6all 3omelan* Sec7rit8 E9ercise

Octo:er 211 200;

(PDATED< 6an s7rren*ers to

police after 29-"o7r stan*off

%ontroversial West:oro 0aptist %"7rc"

plans to protest at An#elo7=s f7neral
4! >ohn 7inton
5inston8Salem >o&rnal
5est/oro 4aptist Ch&rch
of Tope;a* ?an@* is
planning to protest the
f&neral of 1a!a 2ngelo&*
the awar"8winning a&thor
an" international cele/rit!
who "ie" 5e"nes"a! at
her 5inston8Salem
home@ 2ngelo& was 8#@

Special Event Sec7rit8

Dixie Classic Fair
October !"#, #$"%
&ational Blac' (heatre
Festival ! Au)ust !*, #$"+

.iolent Offen*er Appre"ension


Searc"es for 6issin#

Winston!Sale, ,an ,issin)
for ,onth, -olice officers to
.oin search ! Curtis Porter
Se-te,ber/October #$"#
Winston!Sale, -olice issue
Silver Alert for ,issin) ,an
0 1arry Brian 2aynes
3une/3uly/Au)ust #$"%

A**itional 6e*ical -esponse

6 Engage" with the %ors!th Co&nt! Department of
P&/lic 7ealth an" Office of Emergenc!
1anagement to assist in the e.ent of Pan"emic
%l& or other "isease o&t/rea;
6 2t the "irection of P&/lic 7ealth* 5SPD is
prepare" to sec&re mass .accination sites for
%ors!th Co&nt! resi"ents

3a)ar*o7s Devices (nit

-esponse to* 1itigation of*
an"! from0
6 Chemical 2gent De.ices
6 4iological 2gent De.ices
6 -a"iological De.ices
6 ,&clear De.ices
6 E+plosi.e De.ices
6 Incen"iar! De.ices

%arver 3i#" Sc"ool

A7#7st 01 201
6 S-O =&ic; shooter
6 A&ic; e+terior(interior
sec&ring of the
Camp&s /! 5SPD
6 Imme"iate %ire(E1S
access to the .ictim
for me"ical treatment

%arver 3i#" Sc"ool

A7#7st 01 201
6 Traffic patterns
esta/lishe" =&ic;l!
6 Carl -&ssell -ecreation
Center &tiliBe" to re&nite
st&"ents with famil!
6 5S(%C School S!stem
transportation &tiliBe" to
ret&rn st&"ents home
6 Thoro&gh In.estigation
complete" /! CID

P7:lic E*7cation
Winston-Salem %entennial

P7:lic E*7cation
Winston-Salem %entennial

P7:lic E*7cation
%&%&& %onference

P7:lic E*7cation
/o7t" %iti)en Police Aca*em8
>7l8 2014

P7:lic E*7cation
/o7t" %iti)en Police Aca*em8
>7l8 2014

P7:lic E*7cation
Sprin# E##splosion
3a)ar*o7s Devices (nit

3a)ar*o7s Devices (nit

%risis &e#otiators

WSPD SWAT - 2014