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2053989, Issue 3

J Series
Rectifier Modules
The Eltek Difference
Eltek rectifiers are optimized for the demanding
power and power conversion needs of wireless
communications, enterprise and broad-band access
Small size, big power
At only 1RU in height and 10 in depth, Eltek J-series
rectifiers can provide up to 1,500 Watts of power. The
small size frees up space to reduce system size or
incorporate additional electronics.
Industry-leading efficiency
Industry-leading efficiency reduces the thermal load,
thus improving overall system reliability and
J-series rectifiers are designed to operate in Elteks J
Front Wire and J Rear Wire DC Power Systems. They
are versatile modules that can operate either as
standalone units or with a system controller.

Reliable, efficient, cost-effective rectifier modules
Eltek J-series rectifier modules provide unprecedented power
density and power levels in a true plug-and-play format. With
a wide range of available voltages, power ratings, and system
form factors, Elteks power modules allow optimal system
design and cost-effective deployment from initial install to
future upgrades.
Cabinet power systems
Eltek rectifiers are ideal for wireless, broadband, and
fiber-based outdoor and indoor telecommunications
Enterprise networking equipment
J-series rectifiers provide an efficient solution to the
power needs of routers, servers, storage networks,
modem pools, and other low-power networking gear.
Embedded power systems
Give your product a competitive edge. The
combination of a space-saving package and high
efficiency leaves more room in your equipment for
additional features and functions.
Carrier networks
Is space cramped for powering more
telecommunications equipment? Free up space with
J-series rectifiers to avoid costly facilities expansions.

Doc. No. 2053989, Issue 3
Published 12-Mar-12

J Series Rectifiers
Technical Specifications
Output Specifications
DC Voltage 48 Vdc (42-59 Vdc)
o J0600A1: 12A
o J1000A1: 20A
o J1500A1 lowline: 25A
o J1500A1 highline: 30A
Noise 40mV RMS, 10 kHz -20 MHz bandwidth
Regulation +/- 1% over line, load, and temperature
o 89% for J0600A1
o 91% for J1000A1 and J1500A1

Input Specifications
AC Voltage
o J0600A1, J1000A1: 90 to 264 Vac
o J1500A1 lowline: 90 to 170 Vac
o J1500A1 highline: 180 to 264 Vac
o Power Factor: >.99
o THD: Line Harmonics meet EN61000-3-2

Auxiliary Bias
12V/200mA independent bias output for system control loads

o 1RU height
o Horizontal airflow
o Wide range of input voltage options
Temperature Range
Storage -40C to +85C
Operating -40C to +50C

Standard Alarm and Control Interfaces
Opto-isolated alarms: AC fail, DC fail, and thermal alarm
Opto-isolated output disable command
C addressable serial interface

Physical Specifications
o Height: 42.7 mm (1.68")
o Width: 101.7 mm (4.00")
o Depth: 254.0 mm (10.0")
Weight o 2.23 kg (4.92 lbs)

Agency Certifications
NEBS Level 3
UL 60950-1
EN 60950-1
CE mark
GR-3108 Class 2
Specifications are subject to change without notice
Rectifier Modules
J Series Rectifiers
Nominal DC
Output Voltage
Rated DC
Output Current
AC Input
Voltage Range

J0600A1 48V 12A Universal Front-to-back -40 to +50C
J1000A1 48V 20A Universal Front-to-back -40 to +50C
J1500A1 48V 25A/30A* Universal* Front-to-back -40 to +50C
*J1500A1 outputs 25A at lowline AC input (90-170 Vac) and 30A at highline (180-264 Vac)
Redundancy Internal OR-ing protection
ESD EN61000-4-2, level 4
AC surge EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5