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&3)4/ /& 4,"-*/"
Mr. Dimitrius M. Hutcherson
P|||sbdr¸h, P/
2nd Vice-Chair
Mr. Gordon S. Woodward, Esq.
Schnader, Harr|son, Se¸a| &
Lew|s, LLP
\ash|n¸|on, DC
Ms. Cindra K. Taylor
Pres|den| FCD¦/||an|a
/||an|a, C/
1st Vice-Chair
Mrs. Wanda Montgomery
D|rec|or o¦ Conndn||y
Ch||drens Hosp||a| o¦ \|scons|n
M||wadkee, \¦
Ms. Felicia McDade
D|s|r|c| Sa|es Leader
Honeywe|| Fd||d|n¸ So|d||ons
Dd|d|h, C/
Ms. Nicole Clifton
Vice President
UPS Pdb||c /¦a|rs
\ash|n¸|on, DC
Mr. Robert Pyles
McPy|es McDona|ds
M||wadkee, \¦
Ms. Trisch L. Smith
Executive Vice President
\ash|n¸|on, DC
Mr. T. Anthony Waller
Senior Director
Corpora|e /¦a|rs, Cons|||den|
\a|Mar| S|ores, ¦nc
Fen|onv|||e, /R
Mr. Michael G. |ohnson
\|ce Pres|den|, Ch|e¦ Hdnan
Resodrce C¦cer
Un||ed Parce| Serv|ce ,UPS)
/||an|a, C/
Dr. Corinna Lathan, Ph.D.
Board Chair and CEO
/n|hroTron|x, ¦nc
S||ver Spr|n¸, MD
Mr. Koñ Smith
Executive Director
/||an|a /|r||nes Tern|na|
/||an|a, C/
Mr. Kevin Sweeney
Director, Detroit Market
Urban Par|nersh|p Fank
De|ro||, M¦
3*%-4 *+ 4/-,)"*-5
Dear Fr|ends,
/ w|se wonan once sa|d, '\e can| becone wha| we need |o
be by rena|n|n¸ wha| we are¨ Th|s |s as |rde o¦ |nd|v|dda|s as
|| |s o¦ or¸an|.a||ons and conndn|||es ¦ndeed, || |s on|y ¦|||n¸
|ha| |he Na||ona| F|ack Ch||d Deve|opnen| ¦ns|||d|e ce|ebra|es
|h|s year o¦ chan¸e |n De|ro||, a s|ron¸ c||y ¦¸h||n¸ |o ensdre
|ha| |he years ahead are as ¸|or|ods as |he ones beh|nd
'Fr|¸h| Pas|, Fe||er Fd|dre¨ /s |he ¦n|er|n Pres|den| o¦ NFCD¦
and |he 'keeper o¦ |he ¦ane,¨ ¦ know |h|s |o be |rde ¦or odr
or¸an|.a||on and ¦or |he ch||dren, ¦an|||es and conndn|||es we serve \e a|| have ndch |o
honor and cher|sh |n odr h|s|ory, and ndch |o |ook ¦orward |o |n |he exc|||n¸ ||nes ahead
Cdr con¦erence |s |he per¦ec| oppor|dn||y |o exp|ore odr roo|s and odr w|n¸s, |earn|n¸
¦ron each o|her and prepar|n¸ |o ¸o back |o odr own conndn|||es |nv|¸ora|ed and
re¦dvena|ed, arned w||h new |deas and e¦ec||ve resodrces Th|s year, |n De|ro||, || |s a|so
|he per¦ec| oppor|dn||y |o ¦d|¦|| odr nora| ob||¸a||ons and co||ec||ve pron|ses |o care
abod| and |nves| |n |he ch||dren and ¦an|||es who are |he nos| vd|nerab|e anon¸ ds
\e hope yod w||| ¦o|n ds a| |h|s spec|a| con¦erence |n |h|s ex|raord|nary c||y, as we
renenber and |o¸e|her¨R|se Up¨
/|| |he bes|,
C|ndra Tay|or
¦n|er|n Pres|den| and CFC
%3*'" &3)4/
For more than 40 years,
the National Black Child
Development ínstitute
(NBCDí) has been at the
forefront of engaging leaders,
policymakers, professionals,
and parents around critical
and timely issues that directly
impact Black children and
their families. We are a
trusted partner in delivering
culturally relevant resources
that respond to the unique
strengths and needs of
Black children around issues
including early childhood
education, health, child
welfare, literacy, and family
engagement. With the support
of our Amliate network in
communities across the
country, we are committed
to our mission "to improve
and advance the quality of life
for Black children and their
families through education
and advocacy."
NBCDí's Annual Conference is
a conference like no other. ít is
a family reunion, a meeting of
the minds, and a celebration.
ít is a chance to connect
with people who share your
mission and dedication, both
in your own feld and across
disciplines. ít is where you
fnd the right mix of resources
and tools, innovation and
inspiration. ít is meaningful,
and it is fun. Add your voice to
the growing chorus and |oin us
in Detroit!
Tweet with us before, during, and after the conference! @NBCDI #NBCDI2014
5)#,4'(, %"8%82(%&),
Saturday, October 11
7¯CanoCCpn Registration
8¯Can!2¯Cpn Pre-Conference Seminars
· Paren| Fnpowernen| Pro¦ec| ,PFP)
Fac||||a|or Tra|n|n¸
· Prono||n¸ Hea||hy Prac||ces |n Far|y
Ch||dhood Cood ¦or Me' Fac||||a|or
· Teachab|e Race Monen|s |n |he C|assroon
8¯Can¯¯Cpn Pre-Conference Seminar (Two-Day
Program: Part I)
· S|ren¸|hs Fased Coach|n¸ ¦or Leaders
!¯Cpn=¯Cpn Evelyn K. Moore Early Childhood
Leadership Institute (ECLI): State of the
Black Child
2CCpn5CCpn Exhibit Hall Experience
Sunday, October 12
o¯Can7¯Can Morning Re|uvenation
7¯Can5¯Cpn Registration
7¯Can2¯Cpn Pre-Conference Seminar (Two-Day
Program: Part II)
· S|ren¸|hsFased Coach|n¸
ºCCan!C¯Can Featured Session
· Fnv|s|on|n¸ Chan¸e \ha| \orks/\ha|s
Needed ¦or F|ack Leaders
ºCCano=5pn Exhibit Hall Experience (Morning Cofee Break)
!C=5an!2!5pn Concurrent Workshop Sessions
!2=5pn!=5pn Brown Bag Sessions
· Fecone an /¦||a|e Fvery|h|n¸ `od Need
|o ¦now and Do
· \ash|n¸|on, DC Here \e Cone' P|ann|n¸
¦or |he =5|h /nnda| Con¦erence
· S|and /nd Fe Codn|ed ,Par| ¦¦) / Sess|on
Fy and For |he Men o¦ NFCD¦
2CCpn¯¯Cpn Concurrent Workshop Sessions
¯=5pn5¯Cpn Opening General Session
F|ack Ma|e /ch|evenen| / D|a|o¸de
Modera|or Ro|and Mar||n
5¯Cpno=5pn Welcome Reception
Fven|n¸ Casino Excursion
Monday, October 13
o=5an7¯Can Morning Re|uvenation
7¯CanoCCpn Registration
8CCan5CCpn Exhibit Hall Experience (Morning Cofee Break)
ºCCan!C¯Can Legacy Voices Seminar
!C=5an!CCpn Mobile Workshop
· /r|s & Scraps
Fddca||on Re|na¸|ned
!C=5an!2!5pn Issue Forums
· \e Can Do Fe||er Re¦orn|n¸ Schoo|
D|sc|p||ne and D|snan|||n¸ |he Schoo||o
Pr|son P|pe||ne
· The Fes|, The Fr|¸h|es| and |he Ldcky
¦deo|o¸|es Codn|er |o Sdccess ¦or /||
/¦r|can /ner|can Ch||dren ,¦S//C)
· Fan||ySpeak
2CCpn¯CCpn Concurrent Workshop Sessions
¯!5pn=!5pn Concurrent Workshop Sessions
=¯Cpn5¯Cpn Concurrent Workshop Sessions
7CCpn!C¯Cpn Monday Night Event: Motown Meets Funk
Tuesday, October 14
o=5an7¯Can Morning Re|uvenation
7¯Can!!¯Can Registration
8¯Can!CCCan Concurrent Workshop Sessions
!C!5an!!=5an Concurrent Workshop Sessions
!2!5pn2CCpn Closing General Session (Luncheon)
¦eyno|e D|ck Cre¸ory
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Sunday, October 12, 3:45-5:30pm
Black Male Achievement: A Dialogue
\e have deve|oped a phenonena| open|n¸
¸enera| sess|on arodnd 'F|ack Ma|e
/ch|evenen|¨ The pro¸ran w||| be a ||v|n¸ roon
s|y|e d|scdss|on, nodera|ed by Roland Martin
Mar||n |s an /d|hor, Synd|ca|ed Co|dnn|s|, and
hos| and nana¸|n¸ ed||or o¦ T\ Cnes NewsCne
Now, |he ¦rs| da||y norn|n¸ news pro¸ran |n
h|s|ory |o ¦ocds on news and ana|ys|s o¦ po||||cs,
en|er|a|nnen|, spor|s, and cd||dre ¦ron an
exp||c|||y /¦r|can /ner|can perspec||ve
!"#$%&'(#"#')# +#,-'."/
Saturday, October 11 • 8:30am-2:30 pm
Parent Empowerment Project (PEP) Facilitator
8:30am-12:30pm · ($150, Limit 30)
Take advan|a¸e o¦ |h|s exce||en| oppor|dn||y |o becone a Paren|
Fnpowernen| Pro¦ec| ,PFP) ¦ac||||a|or |hrod¸h an |n|ens|ve,
|n|erac||ve |ra|n|n¸ sen|nar Upda|ed w||h |he new |n¦orna||on and
resodrces, PFP ,SecondFd|||on) |s a researchbased cdrr|cd|dn
|nbded w||h a cd||dra||y re|evan| perspec||ve |ha| he|ps paren|s
express and denons|ra|e know|ed¸e o¦ ch||d deve|opnen| and
paren||n¸ sk|||s, s||nd|a|e |he|r ch||ds ¸row|h and deve|opnen|,
|ncrease |he|r know|ed¸e o¦ conndn||y resodrces and |he|r
ab||||y |o access |hose resodrces, and deve|op con¦dence and
se|¦es|een Par||c|pan|s |n |h|s |ra|n|he|ra|ner node| w||| be
prepared |o |np|enen| |he PFP cdrr|cd|dn a| hone |o prov|de |he
paren|s yod serve w||h a dn|qde and power¦d| approach |o paren|
eddca||on and enpowernen|
7|c||c|. Deitra Nealy-Shane, NFCD¦
Promoting Healthy Practices in Early Childhood:
Good for Me! Facilitator Training
8:30am-12:30pm · ($150, Limit 30)
Have ¦dn |earn|n¸ how |o |np|enen| |h|s e¦ec||ve, |n|erac||ve, easy
|odse, and cd||dra||y re|evan| cdrr|cd|dn |ha| |nproves hea||h and
eddca||on od|cones ¦or yodn¸ ch||dren o¦ co|or |hrod¸h nd|r|||on,
novenen|, and p|ay
7|c||c|. Michelle Marbury, NFCD¦
Teachable Race Moments in the Classroom
8:30am-12:30pm · ($150, Limit 30)
Forder Crossers |nv||es yod |o par||c|pa|e |n an ex|||n¸ day o¦
pro¦ess|ona| deve|opnen| ¦or |eachers seek|n¸ |oo|s and |an¸da¸e
|o |a|k abod| race and eqd||y w||h s|dden|s Th|s |s no| a |ec|dre
or a presen|a||on we dse |n|erac||ve |hea|er and add|| |earn|n¸
|echn|qdes |o co||ec||ve|y d|scdss |he ro|e o¦ race |n odr ||ves, share
persona| exper|ences o¦ cr|||ca| nonen|s w||h s|dden|s, deve|op
s|ra|e¸|es ¦or con¦den||y and e¦ec||ve|y en|er|n¸ |n|o conversa||ons
abod| race |n |he c|assroon and prac||ce wha| |o say when |od¸h
s||da||ons ar|se
7|c||c|. |'nelle Chelune, Pro¸ran D|rec|or, |aime-|in Lewis,
Fxecd||ve D|rec|or, Forder Crossers, New `ork, New `ork
Strengths Based Coaching
(Part 1)
8:30am-3:30pm · ($275, Limit 30)
|o|c. |c|| || o¡ ||| ||c||||¸ .||| |c|c ¡|ccc o| ':|dc,. ´c|o|c| 12.
S|ren¸|hsFased Coach|n¸
|s a prac||ca| approach ¦or work|n¸ w||h
add||s |ha| w||| ¦dndanen|a||y chan¸e |he way |nd|v|dda|s sdppor|
o|hers |o ach|eve and sds|a|n qda|||y |nprovenen|s |n care and
eddca||on ¦| |s des|¸ned |o bd||d on |he s|ren¸|hs, know|ed¸e and
sk|||s o¦ |echn|ca| ass|s|ance pro¦ess|ona|s and |eaders who work
w||h ear|y ch||dhood, schoo|a¸ed, and yod|h pro¸rans
7|c||c|. Terrell Mann, Tra|ner, Franc|s ¦ns|||d|e ¦or Ch||d and `od|h
Deve|opnen|, ¦ansas C||y, M|ssodr|
!"#$ &'()*'+
01#23' 45 6&&"# 0."23 %7-287&&8 9#.8#"/7-:
;'/<-<=<# >0%9;?@ +<.<# &( <7# A2.)B %7-28
Saturday, October 11, 1:30pm-4:30pm
,-". (/(01 ". 2'(( 304 *5(0 1* 1-( 5678"#9
Theres a|ways sone|h|n¸ ¸rea| happen|n¸ a| |he FCL¦, and |h|s
year w||| be no excep||on Las| year, we re|eased odr repor|,
'Fe|n¸ F|ack ¦s No| a R|sk Fac|or / S|ren¸|hFased Look a|
|he S|a|e o¦ |he F|ack Ch||d¨ Th|s year, odr ¦ocds w||| be on
|he s|a|es, and we have new da|a, nore resodrces, |ncred|b|e
|eaders and p|en|y o¦ oppor|dn|||es ¦or yod |o |n|erac||ve|y
en¸a¸e |n |h|s exc|||n¸ and |npor|an| |n|||a||ve
Tuesday, October 14, 12:15-2:00 pm
The Movement Is You!
¦¦ yod be||eve |ad¸h|er |s |he bes| ned|c|ne,
and |ha| hdnor serves as a br|d¸e across odr
shared hdnan||y, |hen yod need |o ¦o|n ds a|
NFCD¦s C|os|n¸ Ldncheon so |ha| Dick Gregory
coned|an, soc|a| ac||v|s| and wr||er ex|raord|na|re
can send ds on hone Cdr C|os|n¸ Ldncheon
|s a ||ne ¦or renenber|n¸ |ook|n¸ back, on |he
con¦erence and on |he year /nd || |s a ||ne ¦or r|s|n¸ dp |ook|n¸
¦orward and ¸a|her|n¸ ¦de| |o con||nde ¦¸h||n¸ |he ¸ood ¦¸h| /s
Mr Cre¸ory once wro|e, 'Cnce |he novenen| |s |n yod, ||s |here ¦|
never |eaves¨ Cone nake sdre |he novenen| |s a par| o¦ yod and
|ha| yod are a par| o¦ ||
C!0D;DE E0D0FG9 +0++;CD
%9C+;DE E0D0FG9 +0++;CD
Ceorge Carrow
CFC, Concerned
F|ack Men
David |ohns
|ef |ohnson
Pro¦ess|ona| Cra|or
& /d|hor, MSNFC
Con|r|bd|or and
Ch|e¦ \h||e Hodse
Corresponden| ¦or
Ameena Matthews
/c||v|s|, Ch|ca¸o
Pro¦ec| ¦or \|o|ence
Roland Martin
/d|hor, Synd|ca|ed
Co|dnn|s|, Hos| o¦ T\
Cnes NewsCne Now

6&"'-'H F#I=1#'.<-&' +#"-#/
Sunday, October 12-
Tuesday, October 14
R|se and sh|ne S|ar| yodr day w||h LaTasha
Lew|s, a na||ve o¦ De|ro||, and an exper| |n hea||h
and we||ness Fe prepared ¦or a ¯day ¦|ness
pro¸ran |ha| w||| s||nd|a|e yodr n|nd, body,
and sp|r|| LaTasha w||| a|so cha||en¸e ds |o |ake
'¦|ness breaks¨ |hrod¸hod| |he pro¸ran
A"&J' A.H
Sunday, October 12 • 12:45pm-1:45pm
Become an Afliate: Everything You Need to Know
and Do
/re yod |n|eres|ed |n s|ar||n¸ a FCD¦ /¦||a|e |n yodr conndn||y or
a| yodr co||e¸e` ¦o|n ds ¦or an |n|roddc|ory conversa||on on ¸e|||n¸
s|ar|ed and nov|n¸ ¦orward
Washington, DC… HERE WE COME! Planning for
the 45th Annual Conference
S|eeped |n h|s|ory and h|s|ory |n |he nak|n¸ ¦o|n NFCD¦ |n odr
Na||ons Cap||a| as we ce|ebra|e odr =5|h `ear' Th|s Frown Fa¸
Sess|on |s yodr oppor|dn||y |o exp|ore |he c||ys ndsedns and
nenor|a|s, and d|scover |he h|s|ory o¦ a na||on |n a w|deran¸|n¸
conversa||on ¦o||owed by C&/ Cone share yodr |deas, and hear
abod| odrs as we work |o nake nex| years Con¦erence |he bes| |ha|
|| can be'
Stand And Be Counted: A Session By and For the
Men of NBCDI (Part I)
Fd||d|n¸ on |he exc|||n¸ d|scdss|ons |ha| be¸an |as| year, NFCD¦
once a¸a|n |nv||es a|| |he nen a| con¦erence |o cone |o¸e|her
as |eaders, shar|n¸ s|ra|e¸|es ¦or en¸a¸enen| and par|nersh|p
K#.<="#8 +#//-&'
Sunday, October 12 • 9:00am-10:30am
Envisioning Change – What Works and What’s
Needed for Black Leaders
Focds|n¸ on so|d||ons |o |he eddca||ona| cha||en¸es yodn¸ F|ack
ch||dren encodn|er ¦ron |he ear||es| years, |h|s pane| o¦ na||ona|
exper|s w||| d|scdss pro¸rans, prac||ces and po||c|es |ha| he|p F|ack
ch||dren sdcceed |n schoo|, wh||e sd¸¸es||n¸ s|ra|e¸|es |o he|p
crea|e sys|en|c chan¸e |ha| assdres exce||ence and ach|evenen| |n
|he ear|y years and beyond
|odc|c|o|. Aisha Ray, Ph.D., Sen|or \|ce Pres|den| ¦or /caden|c
/¦a|rs and Dean o¦ Facd||y, Fr|kson ¦ns|||d|e, Ch|ca¸o, ¦|||no|s
AMAZE– Ofers practical tools
and training that help teachers
promote healthy identities and
positive relationships that students
need for school success. Everyday
strategies for lasting impact, because
Center for Urban Family
Practitioners Leadership Institute–
A community based organization
helping urban families achieve stability
and economic success. Providing
practitioners throughout the country
with learning and networking
opportunities that will improve their
capacity to serve.
Dexter Educational Toys,
Inc.– Manufacturer of materials
for Dramatic Play, Dress Ups,
Multicultural Hand Puppets,
Multicultural Dolls, and educational
character books.
DLW Publishing Co.–Publishing
Company that writes, illustrates, and
publishes children’s books.
ECE Prep School–Inspires educators
by providing professional training and
technical assistance support that will
ensure an equitable early education
for all children – Inspiring People to
Inspire Children!
EduPower, Inc.– Helps students to
reach their full academic potential
by providing standard-based,
engaging, hands-on resources for
students, parents, and educators.
Goldest Karat Publishing– Publisher
of educational and entertaining
African-American children’s books.
HighScope Educational Research
Foundation– An independent
nonprofit organization that focuses
on curriculum development,
child and program assessment,
professional development,
publishing, and research for early
childhood education
Kaplan Early Learning Company– A
leader in the field of early care and
education that brings classroom
materials and professional services
for the education of infants, toddlers,
preschoolers, and elementary-age
students around the world.
Red Chair Press– Publishes books
that support a child’s character
development, social-emotional
development, and academic
development with award-winning
illustrated fiction and character-
building nonfiction.
Saint Rest Publications– Publishes
media that promotes awareness and
development of an authentic self.
Soft Blue, LLC.– An education
technology supplier of the app-tab.
Customized preloaded pc tablets
taking education mobility to a new
level in early learning.
Teach for America– Works in
partnership with communities
like Detroit to expand educational
opportunity for children facing the
challenges of poverty. We recruit
and develop a diverse corps of
outstanding college graduates and
professionals to make an initial
two-year commitment to teach in
high-need schools and become
lifelong leaders in the movement to
end educational inequity.
For information on
becoming an Exhibitor
at this year’s conference,
contact Christine Palmer
at 202-833-2220 or
,97:;:6 #<==
Join us inside the Exhibit Hall
in Detroit! Sample products
and services, and enjoy lunch
and book-signings, cooking
demonstrations, food product
demonstrations, and artist
,97:;:6 #<==
Saturday: 2:00pm–5:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am–6:00pm
Monday: 8:00am–5:00pm
Tweet with us before, during, and after the conference! @NBCDI #NBCDI2014
,97:;:6C@ #:F7=:F76E
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Legacy Voices 6&'8.3L C)<&M#" NO P Q@RR.,$NR@OR.,
We are dedicated to preserving the legacy of our voices...the voices from our Council of Elders. How best to preserve and honor,
to perpetuate the living history, and ensure the wisdom of those that we hold as sacred7 This can best be done with an inductee
ceremony to enlarge our circle. You can witness our values as we honor the voices we hold in high esteem. |oin us in welcoming
new members to the Council of Elders during the Legacy voices seminar.
Motown Meets Funk
on African-Am
0C;:=? GC@HE7C>
&3)4/I5 )%5/&* ,J)'-5/*&
Sunday, October 12 • Evening
/re yod ¦ee||n¸ |dcky` Take a r|de w||h NFCD¦ |o |he MGM Grand Detroit MCM serves dp |he pren|er ¸an|n¸
exper|ence w||h nodern |dxdr|es, |dxe decor and p|dsh p|aces |o re|ax and p|ay \||h near|y =,CCC s|o|s and v|deo
poker nach|nes, º8 |ab|e ¸anes and De|ro||s pren|er poker roon, |he MCM Crand De|ro|| |s |he p|ace |o be
We Can Do Better: Reforming School Discipline
and Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline
/cross |he codn|ry, schoo|s are ds|n¸ .ero|o|erance and o|her
harsh d|sc|p||nary po||c|es and prac||ces |ha| are |ead|n¸ |o
ne¸a||ve eddca||ona| od|cones ¦or ch||dren, espec|a||y ch||dren
o¦ co|or There are ways |o crea|e sa¦e, ndr|dr|n¸ |earn|n¸
env|ronnen|s ¦or ch||dren w||hod| resor||n¸ |o od|o¦schoo|
sdspens|ons, expd|s|ons, and schoo|based arres|s Th|s sess|on
w||| exp|ore d|sc|p||ne po||c|es, prac||ces, and a||erna||ves |ha|
are e¦ec||ve, and prov|de a||endees w||h |he necessary |oo|s |o
|np|enen| sdccess¦d| s|ra|e¸|es w||h|n |he|r conndn|||es
||cc||c|. Dwanna Nicole, Po||cy /dvoca|e, The /dvancenen|
Pro¦ec|, \ash|n¸|on, DC
The Best, The Brightest, and the
Lucky: Ideologies Counter to Success
for All African American Children
The so|d||on |o crea||n¸ eddca||ona| exce||ence ¦or /¦r|can
/ner|can ch||dren |s ¦odnd |n |he c|assroon, |n |he ac||v||y
be|ween |eacher and ch||d The key |o e¦ec||ve|y |each|n¸
ch||dren ||es |n |he |ns|rdc||ona| |eadersh|p prov|ded by
pr|nc|pa|s Mee||n¸ |he needs o¦ d|verse |earners |n drban and
rdra| c|assroons |nvo|ves |he schoo| becon|n¸ |he coord|na|or
o¦ sdppor| serv|ces sdch as |d|or|n¸ and nen|or|n¸ prov|ded
by concerned c|||.ens, serv|ce c|dbs, chdrches, ¦ra|erna|
or¸an|.a||ons S|ra|e¸|es w||| be od|||ned ¦or rede¦n|n¸ |he schoo|
as |he Fan||y and |he broader conndn||y as |he \|||a¸e, |n wh|ch
each ch||d |s |oo prec|ods |o be |e¦| beh|nd
|odc|c|o|. |ames C. Young, Ed.D, Pro¦essor and Depar|nen|
Cha|r o¦ Far|y Ch||dhood Fddca||on, C|ark /||an|a Un|vers||y,
/||an|a, Ceor¸|a
||cc||c|. |anice E. Hale, Ph.D., Pro¦essor o¦ Far|y Ch||dhood
Fddca||on and Fodnd|n¸ D|rec|or o¦ ¦S//C, \ayne S|a|e
Un|vers||y, De|ro||, M|ch|¸an
Two-Generation Programming
M|ch|¸ans Ch||dren, |n par|nersh|p w||h FCD¦De|ro|| w|||
be hos||n¸ a Fan||ySpeak
sess|on where po||cynakers and
cand|da|es ¦or pdb||c o¦ce can hear d|rec||y ¦ron ¦an|||es and
yodn¸ peop|e on |he |ssdes |ha| na||er |o |hen Th|s sess|on w|||
¦ocds on |wo¸enera||on s|ra|e¸|es |ha| he|p ch||dren |hr|ve wh||e
paren|s nove ahead Hear ¦ron ¦an|||es who have bene¦|ed
¦ron |wo¸enera||on pro¸rann|n¸ |ha| codp|es h|¸h qda|||y
ear|y ch||dhood eddca||on w||h oppor|dn|||es ¦or paren|s |o
bd||d |||eracy sk|||s, conp|e|e h|¸h schoo| and/or nove |n|o pos|
secondary and ¦an||ysdppor||n¸ enp|oynen|, and |earn how
pdb||c po||c|es can nake |hese pro¸rans |ncreas|n¸|y access|b|e
|o M|ch|¸ans nos| cha||en¸ed ¦an|||es
´|¸c||c|. Michigan's Children
;//=# K&"=,/ Monday, October 13 • 10:45am-12:15pm
Monday, October 13 • 7:00pm-10:30pm
Tickets: $60
Can't decide between Motown and Funk7 Neither could we! Wear
your best 70's gear and |oin NBCDí for the Monday Night Event.
where Motown Meets Funk! Larry Lee and the Back ín the Day
Band takes the stage with a nostalgic Motown medley. The band
features former members of the Temptations, Four Tops, Spinners,
Dramatics, Contours, and The Funk Brothers. Then comes the
funk with the hottest D| from Radio One in Detroit, also featuring
celebrity impersonator Sylvia Taymore.
Arts and Scraps:
Education Reimagined
NFCD¦ can| be |n De|ro|| w||hod| be|n¸
|| De|ro||' ¦o|n ds ¦or an exc|||n¸ hands
on ac||v||y as we |ake odr con¦erence on
|he road |o /r|s & Scraps Th|s nonpro¦|
or¸an|.a||on prov|des qda|||y eddca||ona| and crea||ve
exper|ences |o dnderserved ch||dren |n Me|ropo|||an De|ro||
serv|c|n¸ ¯,¯CC or¸an|.a||ons and c|assroons annda||y, |npac||n¸
275,CCC ch||dren `od are |nv||ed |o cone |earn abod| and
par||c|pa|e |n |h|s or¸an|.a||ons ana.|n¸ work as |hey dse |he
ar|s and env|ronnen|a||y ¦r|end|y resodrces and concep|s |o
¦os|er |nnova||ve and crea||ve |earn|n¸ ¦or ch||dren Th|s nob||e
workshop |s ¦ree, bd| space |s ||n||ed Fna|| adoyne¸nbcd|or¸ |o
reserve yodr spo|
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Sunday, October 12
A Real Pathway to Success: The Two-
Generation Model
||cc||c|. Steven White, Schoo| D|rec|or, The
She||er|n¸ /rns/Fddcare, /||an|a, Ceor¸|a
Children Matter: Moving From Discussion
to Action
||cc||c|. Debbie Hillman, Ch||d Deve|opnen|
Consd||an|, Deve|op|n¸ Hdnan Resodrces
Consd||an|s, L||hon|a, Ceor¸|a
Closing the Racial Gap in Infant Mortality
||cc||c|. |oyce Dickerson-West, Pro¦ec|
Spec|a||s|, Paren|s /s Teachers Na||ona|
Cen|er, Mary|and He|¸h|s, M|ssodr|
Don't Burn Your Bridges: How to Build a
Multigenerational Team
||cc||c|. Tyresa Nelson-Foster, /ner|Corps
Pro¸ran D|rec|or, FCD¦Creensboro,
Creensboro, Nor|h Caro||na, Niah White,
Fan||y Fn¸a¸enen| and /ssessnen|
Coord|na|or, FCD¦Creensboro, Creensboro,
Nor|h Caro||na
Improving Leadership Through
Personality Type Preference
||cc||c|. Michael Camey, Pro¸ran
Pro¦essor, Nova Sod|heas|ern Un|vers||y, For|
Ladderda|e, F|or|da
Leveraging NAEYC's Accreditation
System as a Vehicle to Promote
Culturally Competent Practices in Early
Childhood Education
||cc||c|. Marica Cox-Mitchell, D|rec|or,
H|¸her Fddca||on /ccred||a||on and Pro¸ran
Sdppor|, Na||ona| /ssoc|a||on ¦or |he
Fddca||on o¦ `odn¸ Ch||dren, \ash|n¸|on, DC
Missing Links: Empowering Teachers to
Work With African American Students
||cc||c|. Cail L. Thompson, \e||s Far¸o
Fndowed Pro¦essor o¦ Fddca||on, Faye||ev|||e
S|a|e Un|vers||y, Faye||ev|||e, Nor|h Caro||na
Mother Tongue Literacy in Ghana: Parent
Perceptions and School Practices
||cc||c|. |amilah R. |or'dan, /ssoc|a|e
Pro¦essor, Ch|ca¸o S|a|e Un|vers||y, Ch|ca¸o,
Motivating Black Males to Achieve in
School and In Life
||cc||c|. Baruti Kafele, Na||ona| Fddca||on
Consd||an|, Pr|nc|pa| ¦a¦e|e Consd|||n¸, LLC,
¦ersey C||y, New ¦ersey
Power of Books: Using Stories to
Encourage and Support Children
||cc||c|. Diane Civens, Paren|s as Teachers
Na||ona| Cen|er, S| Lod|s, M|ssodr|
Revive, Restore, and Recommit to the
||cc||c|. Nedra Washington, Coord|na|or,
Ch||d and Fan||y S|dd|es Pro¸ran, Un|vers||y
o¦ Nor|h Texas, Da||as, Texas, Sheila Lumar,
/ss|s|an| Pro¦essor, S|even F /ds||n S|a|e
Un|vers||y, Naco¸doches, Texas
Teasing, Bullying, Exclusion and Bias: Age-
Appropriate Intervention and Prevention
||cc||c|. Nancy Michael, Fxecd||ve D|rec|or,
/M/ZF, S| Pad|, M|nneso|a
Realities & Myths of "HighScope is NOT
For Our Kids"
||cc||c|. Karen Kay Rush, Far|y Ch||dhood
Spec|a||s|, H|¸hScope Fddca||ona| Research
Fodnda||on, `ps||an||, M|ch|¸an
Sunday, October 12
Stand And Be Counted: A Session By and
For The Men of NBCDI (Part II)
||cc||c|. Wendell Campbell, Pres|den|,
FCD¦Me|ro, \ash|n¸|on, DC, 6.="-)#
!&:#, \|ce Pres|den|, FCD¦De|ro||, De|ro||,
Developmental EHects on Fatherless
Children Ages 1-8
||cc||c|. Odis Bellinger, D|rec|or, Ma|e
Respons|b||||y ¦ns|||d|e, Ne|¸hborhood Le¸a|
Serv|ces M¦, Ch||drens ¦ds||ce D|v|s|on, De|ro||,
Appropriate Learning Environments for
Children of African Descent
||cc||c|. Debra Sullivan, Pres|den|, FCD¦
Sea|||e, Sea|||e, \ash|n¸|on
Better Classrooms for African-American
Children. Better Futures
||cc||c|. Sharon Ritchie, Pr|nc|pa|
¦nves||¸a|or, F|rs|Schoo|, Frank Porter
Craham Ch||d Deve|opnen| ¦ns|||d|e, The
Un|vers||y o¦ Nor|h Caro||na, Chape| H|||,
Nor|h Caro||na
Closing the School to Prison Pipeline
||cc||c|. Thomas Stallworth, |r., S|a|e
Represen|a||ve, M|ch|¸an Le¸|s|a||ve F|ack
Cadcds, Lans|n¸, M|ch|¸an
Coloring In the Diversity Gap
||cc||c|. Crystal Swain-Bates, /d|hor,
Co|des| ¦ara| Pdb||sh|n¸, /||an|a, Ceor¸|a
Cradle to College: Transforming
Schools to High Performing Learning
||cc||c| |uaquana Stewart, Ch|e¦ /caden|c
C¦cer, New Fe¸|nn|n¸s Schoo|s Fodnda||on,
New Cr|eans, Lod|s|ana, Desmond Moore,
Fxecd||ve D|rec|or o¦ /caden|cs, New
Fe¸|nn|n¸s Schoo|s Fodnda||on, New Cr|eans,
Lod|s|ana, Darren Lewis, Pr|nc|pa|, Lake /rea
New Techno|o¸y Co||e¸e H|¸h Schoo|, New
Fe¸|nn|n¸s Schoo| Fodnda||on, New Cr|eans,
Don't Make Tonight Your Baby's Last Night
||cc||c|. Bonita Agee, Fddca||on
Coord|na|or, S|ron¸ Fe¸|nn|n¸s, Crand
Rap|ds, M|ch|¸an
Dynamic Culturally Responsive Instruction
||cc||c|. William "Flip" Clay, Na||ona| Consd||an|,
Rhyn|n¸ |o Respec|, LLC, Lar¸o, Mary|and
Eliminating the Achievement Gap in
||cc||c|. Theresa Saunders, /ss|s|an|
Pro¦essor, M|ch|¸an Depar|nen| o¦ Fddca||on,
`ps||an||, M|ch|¸an
Interactions and Relationships: Making
Connections That Change Lives
||cc||c|. Keith Pentz, Na||ona| Far|y
Ch||dhood Spec|a||s|, ¦ap|an Far|y Learn|n¸
Conpany, Saraso|a, F|or|da
Lesson Planning: Are You Entertaining or
||cc||c|. Stormy Stringer, Fddca||ona|
Serv|ce Mon||or, C¦ce o¦ |he S|a|e
Sdper|n|enden| o¦ Fddca||on, \ash|n¸|on, DC
Play Date With Daddy: Learning and
Bonding Through Play
||cc||c|. Daphne Chambers-Harris, Ch||d and
Fan||y Spec|a||s|, DDaphne LLC, P|ano, Texas
Supporting Educators and Parents to
Build Culturally and Developmentally
Responsive Environments for Young
African American Boys
||cc||c|. Lisa Cordon, FCD Tra|ner, Michelle
Brown, FCD Tra|ner, Na||ona| Cen|er on
Cd||dra| and L|n¸d|s||c Respons|veness, New
`ork, New `ork
BTC: Remember History, Participate Now,
and Shape Future!
||cc||c|. Ashelin Currie, /d¦dnc| Pro¦essor,
Cak|and Un|vers||y, Crand F|anc, M|ch|¸an
Monday, October 13
"More Peas, Please!" Assessing Eating
Behaviors In Black Children
||cc||c|. Meeshay Williams-Wheeler,
/ssoc|a|e Pro¦essorCh||d Deve|opnen|
& Fan||y S|dd|es, Sharon Warren Cook,
¦n|er|n Cha|rDepar|nen| o¦ Soc|o|o¸y
and Soc|a| \ork, Nor|h Caro||na /&T S|a|e
Un|vers||y, Creensboro, Nor|h Caro||na
)*&)'--,&" 5,55/*&5
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)*&)'--,&" 5,55/*&5
Closing the Leadership Gap: Building
Leaders for A Better Future
||cc||c|. Shawnik Rice, Sen|or Fan||y
Serv|ces D|rec|or, Ph||ade|ph|a Freedon \a||ey
`MC/, Ph||ade|ph|a, Pennsy|van|a
Cultural Competency: Me! Ten Poetic
Amrmations for Children and Youth
||cc||c|. |ulius Anthony, Sen|or Fxecd||ve,
The FCF Prep Schoo|, S| Lod|s, M|ssodr|
Engaging Fathers As Stakeholders in Their
Children's Academic Achievement
||cc||c|. Dwayne Meeks, Fxecd||ve
D|rec|or, Urban Co|ors /r|s and Men|or|n¸,
Denver, Co|orado
Fund Raising 101: Establishing Your
Development Omce
||cc||c|. |im Clark, Pres|den| and Ch|e¦
Fxecd||ve C¦cer, Dan|e| Menor|a| ¦nc,
¦acksonv|||e, F|or|da
Leveraging Parenting Strengths: Making
Black Boys Resilient to Racism
||cc||c|. William |ackson, Research and
¦np|enen|a||on Consd||an|, Fron|||ne
So|d||ons, Ddrhan, Nor|h Caro||na
Listen To Me Learn
||cc||c|. Cheria Lane-Mackey, Pro¸ran
Leader and Consd||an|, Sod|hern Un|vers||y
and /&M Co||e¸e, Fa|on Rod¸e, Lod|s|ana
Mobilizing and Empowering Communities
to Promote School Readiness
||cc||c|. Cherie Craft, Fodnd|n¸ Fxecd||ve
D|rec|or, Snar| Fron |he S|ar|, Fos|on,
Policy and Leadership for Increasing
Equity in Early Childhood Systems
||cc||c|. Sherri Killins, Consd||an|, The
FU¦LD ¦n|||a||ve, New Haven, Connec||cd|,
Marissa Zamudio, Pers|s|en| D|spar|||es/
D|vers||y Spec|a||s|, Far|y Ch||dhood
¦nves|nen| Corpora||on, Lans|n¸,
M|ch|¸an, Debi Mathias, D|rec|or CR¦S
Na||ona| Learn|n¸ Ne|work, The FU¦LD
¦n|||a||ve, Fos|on, Massachdse||s, Marie
Enochty, Men|or N/F`C /ccred||a||on
Sdppor|, Fos|on Pdb||c Schoo|s, Fos|on,
Relationships Among Multiple Contextual
Factors of the Accelerated Reader
||cc||c|. Debra |ohnson, Doc|ora| S|dden|,
Cak|and Un|vers||y, Roches|er, M|ch|¸an
Supporting Educators and Parents to
Build Culturally and Developmentally
Responsive Environments for Young
African American Boys (Part II)
||cc||c|. Faith Lamb-Parker, D|rec|or/
Sen|or Research Sc|en||s|, Lisa Cordon,
FCD Tra|ner, Michelle Brown, FCD Tra|ner,
Na||ona| Cen|er on Cd||dra| and L|n¸d|s||c
Respons|veness, New `ork, New `ork
Working On Challenges Big and Small.
The Sesame Way
||cc||c|. Rocio Calarza, Sen|or D|rec|or,
Conndn||y and Fan||y Fn¸a¸enen|, Sesane
\orkshop, New `ork, New `ork
Closing the Achievement Gap: Need for
Cultural Prism (Part I)
||cc||c|. |anice E. Hale, Pro¦essor o¦ Far|y
Ch||dhood Fddca||on/Fodnd|n¸ D|rec|or o¦ |he
¦ns|||d|e ¦or |he S|ddy o¦ |he /¦r|can /ner|can
Ch||d, \ayne S|a|e Un|vers||y, De|ro||, M|ch|¸an,
|ames C. Young, Pro¦essor and Depar|nen|
Cha|r o¦ Far|y Ch||dhood Fddca||on, C|ark /||an|a
Un|vers||y, /||an|a, Ceor¸|a
Monday, October 13
3 C's Of Math
||cc||c|. Staci Collins, D|rec|or, Fr|¸h|
Hor|.ons Fan||y So|d||ons Mar|n Day Schoo|s,
San Franc|sco, Ca||¦orn|a
Five Steps to Protecting Our Children
From Child Sexual Abuse
||cc||c|. virginia Baker, D|rec|or o¦ Fan||y
Serv|ces, She||er|n¸ /rns Far|y Fddca||on and
Fan||y Cen|ers, /||an|a, Ceor¸|a
Become A Child's Champion Through
Literacy: Each One, Reach One!
||cc||c|. Charlotte Metoyer, Schoo| Sdppor|
Coord|na|or, FCD¦Ch|ca¸o, Ch|ca¸o, ¦|||no|s
Books Build Better Brains: Using Reach
Out And Read (ROR) to Address Education
||cc||c|. Elise Croenewegen, Coord|na|or
Far|y Ch||dhood Deve|opnen|, /ner|can
/cadeny o¦ Ped|a|r|cs ,¦|||no|s Chap|er),
Ch|ca¸o, ¦|||no|s
Can You Teach My Child? Preparing
Teachers for Black Students
||cc||c|. Deborah Harmon, Pro¦essor
Cdrr|cd|dn and ¦ns|rdc||on, Fas|ern M|ch|¸an
Un|vers||y, /nn /rbor, M|ch|¸an
How to Promote Positive Family
Engagement Activities In School-Aged
||cc||c|. Andrea Fox, Teacher, Fa|||nore C||y
Pdb||c Schoo| Sys|en, Fa|||nore, Mary|and
Information Technology for Education
||cc||c|. Cary Beulah, Fddca||ona| Serv|ce
Prov|der, So¦|F|de ¦T, Dock|ands, \|c|or|a,
Putting Stress Management in Family
||cc||c|. Lisa DT Page, Men|orCoach/Tra|ner,
DT Pa¸e Consd|||n¸, LLC, /||an|a, Ceor¸|a
Safe, Supported, and Ready to Learn
||cc||c|. Ton|e Molyneux, Sen|or Pro¸ran
Deve|oper, Conn|||ee ¦or Ch||dren, Sea|||e,
Small Wonder: Response to Intervention
(RTI) Goes to Preschool
||cc||c|. Tanya Wallace, Pro¦ec| Mana¸er,
Tra|n|n¸ and Techn|ca| /ss|s|ance ,Fddca||on
Conndn||y), Un||ed \ay o¦ Crea|er /||an|a,
/||an|a, Ceor¸|a
Supervising for Change: EHective Strategies
for Guiding Change in Your Program
||cc||c|. |anis |ones, CFC/Sen|or Fddca||on
Consd||an|, Fxce| Far|y Ch||dhood Consd||an|
Serv|ces, Ma||eson, ¦|||no|s
Supporting Children's Self-Identity
Through Exploration of Family and
Gender Roles
||cc||c|. Nan Mastie, C||en| Re|a||onsh|p
Spec|a||s|, H|¸hScope Fddca||ona| Research
Fodnda||on, `ps||an||, M|ch|¸an
Visual Literacy: Inspiring Learning
Through Art
||cc||c|. Desire'e Simpson, /r||s|/Des|¸ner/
Fddca|or, Fe||y Shaba.. /cadeny, Ch|ca¸o,
Monday, October 13
Developing Conñdence and Character
in African American Children Through
Economic Empowerment
||cc||c|. |aKathryn Ross, Fxecd||ve D|rec|or,
`od|h Fn|reprenedrs
Ceor¸|a, /||an|a,
Africentric Early Care and Education
||cc||c|. Bernida Thompson, Pr|nc|pa|,
Rasheki Kuykendall-Walker, \|ce Pr|nc|pa|,
Roo|s Pdb||c Char|er Schoo|, \ash|n¸|on, DC
An Examination of Asa G. Hillard's Black
Student Excellence Gap
||cc||c|. Amy Yeboah, Lec|drer o¦ /¦r|cana
S|dd|es, Depar|nen| o¦ /¦ro/ner|can
S|dd|es, Howard Un|vers||y, \ash|n¸|on, DC
Boost Them In Literacy: Stop
Intergenerational Poverty
||cc||c|. LaDonna Wicklund, Fodnder,
¦ C/N RF/D NonPro¦|, Cora|v|||e, ¦owa
Tweet with us before, during, and after the conference! @NBCDI #NBCDI2014
Bridging The Gap Between Home and
||cc||c|. Latasha Milton, F/CF Techn|ca|
/ss|s|an|, Paren|s /s Teachers Na||ona|
Cen|er, Mary|and He|¸h|s, M|ssodr|
Engaging Men: The Importance of Males
in Early Education Programs
||cc||c|. Cemorial |ohnson, Fan||y Sdppor|
Coord|na|or, She||er|n¸ /rns Far|y Fddca||on
and Fan||y Cen|ers, /||an|a, Ceor¸|a
Exploring the Reggio Emilia Epproach
||cc||c|. Nkechy Ekere Ezeh, /ssoc|a|e
Pro¦essor, /qd|nas Co||e¸e, Crand Rap|ds,
From the Past A Legend Has Risen
||cc||c|. |ean Simpson, Fddca|or, Co|den
Ca|e Day Care Cen|er, Ch|ca¸o, ¦|||no|s
Getting Pre-Kindergartners Ready for
Success in the Classroom and Beyond
||cc||c| Cheryl Swift, Ch|e¦ /caden|c C¦cer,
FddPower, ¦nc, Sco|ch P|a|ns, New ¦ersey
Supporting Motivation Through A Positive
School Racial Climate
||cc||c|. Christy Byrd, /ss|s|an| Pro¦essor,
Un|vers||y o¦ Ca||¦orn|a, San|a Crd., Ca||¦orn|a
Tuesday, October 14
Creating and Developing A Professional
||cc||c|. Shifaun Alston, Far|y Ch||dhood
Fddca||on D|rec|or, Nor|hwes| Se|||enen|
Hodse Ch||d Deve|opnen| Cen|er,
\ash|n¸|on, DC
DAP and Rigor in PreK-3rd: What's the
Debate Really About?
||cc||c|. Christine Maxwell, D|rec|or, New
Schoo|s Pro¦ec|, Fr|kson ¦ns|||d|e, Ch|ca¸o, ¦|||no|s
Enhancing Socio-Emotional Development
Via Gentle Teaching and Positive Verbal
||cc||c|. Charles W. Woodard, CFC, Seed
Consd||a||on Serv|ces, LLC, Foyn|on Feach,
Moving Past Praise: Supporting Children
By Using Encouragement
||cc||c|. Karen Kay Rush, Far|y Ch||dhood
Spec|a||s|, H|¸hScope Fddca||ona| Research
Fodnda||on, `ps||an||, M|ch|¸an
Performance Management: Building A
Positive Work Environment
||cc||c|. Kenneth Shackelford, |r., D|rec|or,
Fr|¸h| Hor|.ons Fan||y So|d||ons, Ra|e|¸h,
Nor|h Caro||na
Seven Steps to Engaging African American
Students With Text
||cc||c|. |elani |abari, D|rec|or o¦ Ph||osophy,
Peda¸o¸|ca| So|d||ons, LLC, De|ro||, M|ch|¸an
Supporting Communication, Language,
and Literacy Learning With Infants and
||cc||c|. Sue Cainsley, Sen|or Far|y
Ch||dhood Spec|a||s|, H|¸hScope Fddca||ona|
Research Fodnda||on, `ps||an||, M|ch|¸an
Tuesday, October 14
"Dear Mama:" Strategies for Supporting
Elementary Children With Incarcerated
||cc||c|. Nicole Austin, Cradda|e Research
/ss|s|an|/\|r¸|n|a Far|y Ch||dhood Po||cy
Cen|er, C|d Don|n|on Un|vers||y, Nor¦o|k,
Updating Your Game: Modern Techniques
for Engaging ALL Stakeholders
||cc||c|. Bisa Batten Lewis, Fodnder and
Mana¸|n¸ Par|ner, ¦dea| Far|y Learn|n¸, LLC,
Tyrone, Ceor¸|a
Closing the Academic Achievement Gap:
Need For A Cultural Prism (Part II)
||cc||c|. |anice E. Hale, Pro¦essor o¦ Far|y
Ch||dhood Fddca||on and Fodnd|n¸ D|rec|or
o¦ ¦S//C, \ayne S|a|e Un|vers||y, Farn|n¸|on
H|||s, M|ch|¸an
Closing the Cultural Gap for African
American Children Of Poverty
||cc||c|. Sharifa Townsend, Far|y Ch||dhood
Consd||an|, FCD¦Ch|ca¸o, Ch|ca¸o, ¦|||no|s
Community Scholarships: Pathways to
Accessing High-Quality
||cc||c|. Karen Roback, \|ce Pres|den|,
Far|y Ch||dhood Po||cy and Pro¸rans, S|ar¦sh
Fan||y Serv|ces, ¦nks|er, M|ch|¸an, Marissa
Zamudio, Pers|s|en| D|spar|||es/D|vers||y
Spec|a||s|, Far|y Ch||dhood ¦nves|nen|
Corpora||on, Lans|n¸, M|ch|¸an
Restorative Practices
||cc||c|. Marcella Craves, FDU ¦nnova|ors,
Ch|ca¸o, ¦|||no|s
Stop Learning, Start Leading!
||cc||c|. Tameka Williamson, Fxecd||ve
and Co||e¸e Coach/Tra|ner/Speaker, Ce|es||a|
Fn|erpr|ses, /||an|a, Ceor¸|a
Valuing Culture and Standing Up to
Pre|udice with Persona Dolls
||cc||c|. Heather Howard, Tra|ner, /M/ZF,
S| Pad|, M|nneso|a
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n|¸h|s depos|| |o ¸daran|ee a
reserva||on \hen nak|n¸ a
reserva||on, be sdre |o ob|a|n
a con¦rna||on ndnber The
ho|e| w||| a|so send yod a
wr|||en con¦rna||on Ca|| |he
ho|e| d|rec||y |o nake chan¸es
or |o cance| yodr reserva||on
The ||s|ed ra|es be|ow do no|
|nc|dde roon |ax Check|n |s
a| ¯CC pn, checkod| |s a|
!!CC an
De|ro|| Marr|o|| a| Rena|ssance
De|ro||, M¦ =82o5CCC!
Te| ¯!¯5o88CCC
¹!=º ,S|n¸|e/Dodb|e)
Airline Discounts
/ner|can /|r||nes |s o¦er|n¸ a
spec|a| nee||n¸ d|scodn|
The d|scodn| can be booked
on||ne a| wwwaacon ¦or
/ner|can /|r||nes//ner|can
Fa¸|e /|r||nes ¦|¸h|s on|y Fn|er
|he Prono code =5H=F\ |n |he
Prono||on Code box `od nay
a|so ca|| ,8CC) =¯¯7¯CC ¦ron
anywhere |n |he Un||ed S|a|es
or Canada |o book yodr |rave|
The d|scodn| |s va||d ¦or |rave|
Cc|ober 8!o, 2C!=
· 5% d|scodn| on |he |owes|
pdb||shed ¦are
· No n|n|ndn s|ay |en¸|h or
Sa|drday n|¸h| reqd|renen|
Airport Ground
Cneway |ax| cab ¦are |s
approx|na|e|y ¹52 ¦ron
|he a|rpor| ,DT\) |o |he
Rena|ssance Cen|er Ldxdry
sedan and |ax| serv|ces
are ava||ab|e 2=/7 ¦ron
each |ern|na|s Crodnd
Transpor|a||on Cen|er, and
no advanced reserva||ons are
reqd|red /|| are d|spa|ched
¦ron |he dpper |eve| o¦ |he
Crodnd Transpor|a||on Cen|er
Upon arr|va| |n De|ro||, and
once a|| checked |d¸¸a¸e has
been c|a|ned, ¦o||ow s|¸ns |o
Crodnd Transpor|a||on on Leve|
= There nay be an add|||ona|
char¸e ¦or ex|ra ba¸¸a¸e
· Me|ro Car ,8CC=5o!7C!)
· Me|ro Cab ,7¯=ºº7o5CC)
Renting a Car?
AvíS has once a¸a|n par|nered
w||h NFCD¦ |o prov|de d|scodn|
ren|a| car pr|c|n¸ over |he
Con¦erence da|es \|s|| www
av|scon or c||ck here and
en|er Promotion Code
H800989 ¦or de|a||s Cr ¦ee|
¦ree |o con|ac| a reserva||on
a¸en| ¦or ass|s|ance, 8CC525
75¯7 ex| ¯!¯C¯
SKOOT Airport Shuttle |s |he
o¦c|a| shd|||e serv|ce prov|der
¦or De|ro|| Me|ropo|||an \ayne
Codn|y /|rpor| S¦CCT o¦ers
|ranspor|a||on |o and ¦ron
down|own De|ro|| ,serv|c|n¸
over 2= ho|e|s) ¦or as |ow as
¹2C each way The shd|||e
rdns ¦ron =an |o ºpn da||y
Reserva||ons are s|ron¸|y
reconnended P|ease con|ac|
one o¦ |he shd|||e cds|oner
serv|ce represen|a||ves |o book
yodr |ranspor|a||on
· For reserva||ons, p|ease
ca|| 855\FS¦CCT or v|s||
We /<"&'H23 encourage you to register online at JJJ5'M)8-5&"H
You can also complete and send this registration form. Be sure
to provide your e-mail address so we can send you an e-mail
You can register online at JJJ5'M)8-5&"H, fax your registration
form with credit card payment information, or mail the
completed form with a company check, money order, or credit
card. :;<!= 4*(. 0*1 3##(51 5('.*038 #-(#$.9 Registrations will
not be processed unless accompanied by full payment.
6G;9 SC@ NBCDí Conference Registration
1313 L Street, NW, Suite 110
Washington, DC 20005-4110
KGU SC@ 202.833.2220
íf you have any special needs (e.g., health, dietary), please submit
your request in a separate document along with your registration
form. Please make a copy of both documents for your records.
Call NBCDí at 800.566.2234 or 202.833.2220 if you have any
further questions or need assistance with the registration
All refund requests must be made in writing and received
no later than K"-8.3L +#:<#,M#" VL WRNX at 11:59pm (EST).
Requests must be e-mailed to )&'(#"#')#Y'M)8-5&"H or faxed
to 202.522.6097. Requests received by K"-8.3L +#:<#,M#" VL
WRNX will be fully refunded minus a $50 processing fee.
No refunds will be processed for requests received after
K"-8.3L +#:<#,M#" VL WRNXZDC 0U%0!S;CD+. However, you
may transfer your registration to another member of your
organization. Requests for registration transfers must be made
in writing and submitted to the e-mail address or fax number
listed above.
*Please note that canceling your conference registration does
not cancel your hotel reservation. Contact the hotel to cancel
your reservation separately.
F#H-/<".<-&' ;'/<"=)<-&'/
Last Name _______________________________________ First Name ______________________________________
(Only one registration form per person)
Title _____________________________________ Organization ____________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip ______________________________________________________________________________________
Omce Phone ____________________________________ Cell Phone _______________________________________
Fax ______________________________________ E-mail ___________________________________________________
____ Option 1 Early (8/29/14) Advance (9/26/14) Onsite
NBCDI Member $250 $325 $375
Non-Member $325 $400 $450
Multiple (5 or more) Registration Discount, Subtract 3% here
Student (attach copy of student ID) $175 $250 $300
OPTION 1 TOTAL $ _________
____ Option 2 Early (8/29/14) Advance (9/26/14) Onsite
Workshops Only Registration $200 $275 $325
(does not include lunch)
OPTION 2 TOTAL $ _________
____ Option 3
Single Day (Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday; does not include lunch) $110 OPTION 3 TOTAL $ _________
Parent Empowerment Project (PEP) Facilitiator Training $150 (limit 30) $ _________
Saturday, October 11, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Promoting Healthy Practices in Early Childhood:
Good For Me! Facilitator Training $150 (limit 30) $ _________
Saturday, October 11, 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Teachable Race Moments in the Classroom
Saturday, October 11, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. $150 (limit 30) $ _________

Strength-Based Coaching for Leaders (2-Day Training)
Saturday, October 11, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. $275 (limit 30) $ _________
Sunday, October 12, 7:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
MEAL FUNCTION (One luncheon ticket is included in Option 1 package)
Monday Night Special Event # of tickets _____________ x $60 $ _________

Tuesday Closing General Session Luncheon # of tickets _____________ x $75 $ _________
Individual Student $25 (student ID required) Regular $40 $ _________
Organization Sponsoring $250 Corporation $500 $ _________
GRAND TOTAL $ _______________
_____ Company Check (payable to NBCDI)
*NBCDI does not accept personal checks.
_____ Credit Card:
Card #
Print Name (as it appears on card)
Exp. Date CV Code
DA%T; G''=.2 %&'(#"#')#
1313 L Street, NW, Suite 110
Washington, DC 20005-4110
Phone: 202.833.2220
Fax: 202.552.6098

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