Juan Bottia

February 19, 2014
Peripherals Purchase

Orchard Place Elementary just got Google accounts for teachers and students in grades 1st
through 5th. As a result, making modifications to the budget will be necessary in order to use
this new tool at its full capacity. The budget has been cut from $100,000 to $30,000. However,
having Google accounts will allow us to buy Chromebooks rather than laptops. Due to the price
difference between both the same amounts of electronic devices will be kept in this purchase.
The mission of Orchard place Elementary School is to equip students with the skills necessary
for their success as responsible citizens, productive workers, and lifelong learners. To achieve
this a partnership with parents and the community is vital in order to provide the best
educational climate, curriculum, and staff.
Technology plays and increasingly important role in the school’s mission. Technology is
fundamental to student achievement and the ability of staff to deliver up to date educational
opportunities. Title 1 funds have granted Orchard Place Elementary a variety of technological
tools that are now readily available for students and staff. All certified staff at Orchard Place
Elementary has been given a personal MacBook Pro computer. Also, classrooms in each grade
level are equipped with 6 MacBook Pros, 10 iPad Minis, 1 Epson projector, and 1 document
camera. Each grade level shares 1 Smart Board. In addition, the school has 2 TILE rooms
equipped with 35 Mac Books each. Resource classrooms only have 1 iPad available, but they have
unlimited access to the TILE rooms.
Needs Assessment
A survey was sent to Orchard Place classroom teachers to find information about specific
software and hardware used in the classrooms. The survey indicated the following:
 Microsoft Word – 95%
 Microsoft Excel – 26%
 Keynote/Microsoft PowerPoint – 48%
 Smart Board – 40%
 LCD Projector – 56%
 iPads – 73%
 Document Camera – 100%
Students have access to these programs
through their Google Drive. As a result, we
won’t need Microsoft or Keynote anymore.
The same survey was given to the SPED and ESL staff that pulls out students into resource
classroom. The survey indicated the following:
 Microsoft Word – 23%
 Microsoft Excel – 0%
 Keynote/Microsoft PowerPoint – 33%
 Smart Board – 0%
 LCD Projector – 0%
 iPads – 12%
 Document Camera – 0%
The information in both surveys shows that there is a need to buy more Smart Boards to fully
equip all grade level classrooms at Orchard Place. A Smart Board should also be bought for each
TILE room and the library. Also, one Smart Board is needed in the TILE room and also in the
library. This will allow the ELL and SPED resource staff to use them at their convenience. More
professional development should be used to train teachers that haven’t gotten a chance to
teach using a Smart Board.
Classrooms that have Smart Boards do not need LCD projectors. Therefore, the leftover LCD
projectors should be placed in resource classrooms. These classrooms already have a pull down
screen, which will make the usage of the projector possible. In addition, each resource
classroom should be equipped with a document camera that can be used in unison with the LCD
projector. (There is no need to buy document cameras since iPads can be used to do the same
To increase the usage of iPads it is important to equip each grade level classroom with at least
10 iPads. This also applies to resource classrooms that only have 1 iPad available. Professional
development in this arena will also be necessary to allow certified staff and support personnel
to use them proactively.
Classrooms at Orchard Place Elementary already have 10 iPads each. As a result, no more iPads
will be bought for the classrooms. Instead, each classroom will be equipped with 10
Chromebooks. However, 5 iPads will be bought for the ESL and ELL resource classrooms. If
resource teachers want their students to use word, excel, or a presentation program they can
use the TILE room, which is already equipped with more than 70 laptops.
Market Survey
I decided to purchase 20 iPad minis for resource classrooms due to their cheaper price. iPad
minis have the same tools as a regular iPad but they are available for a third of the price. In

All staff needs to receive professional
development on how to use Google Drive.
Most likely, students will be taking their
Chromebooks to SPED and ESL classrooms.
addition, iPad minis can be easily stored in the classroom and they supports the apps teachers
are currently using at Orchard Place classrooms (iMovie, Ask 3, Screen Chomp, etc…). In
addition, a set of 30 iPads2 and a printer will be purchased to keep in an iPad cart in the TILE
room. This cart will be available for all certified staff to check out at their convenience. A set
of 30 iPads won’t be purchased for the TILE room. Nevertheless, more Chromebooks will be
bought for each classroom. This will allow students to use all the features available in the their
Google Drive, which are also available in laptops that cost three times as much as Chromebooks.
The Smart Boards will be purchase from Smart Technologies, so there is not much flexibility in
this purchase. However, there are a plethora of document cameras available in the web to pick
from. I decided to buy Aver because this is the brand that is commonly used in Orchard Place
classrooms. We won’t need document cameras since resource teachers can use their iPads to
project through their LCD projector. Dongles for the iPads are already available in the LMC.
Budget Breakdown and Cuts
Item Cost of One Item # of Items Total Amount
Apple iPad Minis 16GB $275 20 $5,500
Apple iPad 2 $399.00 30 $11,970.00
iPad Cart: Bredford
Power Sync Cart
$2,599.95 1 $2,599.95
Cannon PIXMA MG3520
$54.00 1 $54.00
Samsung Chromebook
$248 40 $9,920
Smart Board SBM 680 $2,199 5 $10,995
AVer™ Vision U15
Document Camera; 8x

3 $924.95
Estimated Shipping
Cost *
5% of total cost $1,444.75*
*Some items come with free shipping. However, 5% will be added to the total cost just in
case payment for shipping is necessary.

Total Equipment Purchase Price plus shipping: $27, 859.75

Professional Development

There are certified staff members at Orchard Place Elementary that are proficient users of
Chromebooks. iPads, and Smart Boards. Therefore, it will be proposed to those teachers to
create a workshop to teach others how to use the Smart Board, Chromebooks, and iPads. Smart
Technologies also offers free professional development with the purchase of their products.

Item Hours Cost per Hour Total
iPad and Google Drive
10 $34 $340
Smart Board Training* 20 $34 $680

Development TBD
10 $100 per hour $1,000
*A total of 10 hours were added as planning time for teachers.

Total Staff Training Purchase Price: $2, 020

Total Proposed Budget: $29, 879.75

Surplus: $120.25

Results and Conclusions
82% of students that attend Orchard Place Elementary come from low-income households. 58%
are English Language Learners and 18% are part of the Special Education program. My purchase
recommendation targets resource classrooms because SPED and ELL personnel rarely get the
opportunity to teach using iPads and Smart Boards. In my opinion this population, which is at
risk at Orchard Place, should be exposed to state of the art technology. This plan will equip
each classroom with a Smart Board and at least 10 Chromebooks. Resource staff will have the
opportunity to use the Smart Boards in the TILE room and the library. They will also have LCD
projectors, document cameras, and at least 5 ipads to use in their classrooms.