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Lillian De Waters




end world conflict; promote peace among
nations; eradicate diseases; and bring serenity
and tranquillity to hearts and home everywhere;
is widespread. Such longing is heartfelt; yet;
paradoxically; it is the resultant of the grossly
fallacious belief and teaching that we are human
beings, with mind, thought and will of our own;
and that we all live together in a world which is
temporal; material and destructible.

The doctrines of religion, as well as teaching in
general, unite today in the common, deplorable
misconception that God is Spirit, and we are
humanity; and that we must make an exodus
from a material world and human existence into
the spiritual World and spiritual Existence.

Unprejudiced; fearless and deliberately; let us
examine the general status of religious beliefs
and teachings of today, as more and more they
come into universal focus, and will continue to
do so, until the Truth that one God; one Selfhood
and one World reigns alone; becomes more
widely seen, known and accepted.


Though all the while we are of the World of
immaculate love, peace and security wherein
and whereof GOD is the Self; Being; Life; Mind
and Will of everyone the teaching of sin;
separation; material world and human existence
is world-wide. While living in the midst of peace
and happiness, security and abundance, one
labours to acquire them; to develop or
demonstrate them but still feels that he is
separated from them.

He studies books and listens to teachers or guides
that they may show him the way. Alas, he
discovers that nearly everyone is searching and
struggling for the same thing something
which will bring him the fulfilment of his
heartfelt desires.

The entire framework for the preposterous
conjecture, assumption and teaching that we
must be translated from a human state into the
spiritual, and go from one world to another, is
taken wholly from certain traditions or
mythology, in which is not a single grain of
truth. Identified by various, diversified names
and titles, and leading over devious paths, all
religious creeds, doctrines and tenets are rooted
in one basic fallacy precisely that we are
mortals; mankind; humanity.


Webster defines religion as systems of faith
practices of religious beliefs. Religion claims
two existences; one for God spiritual
existence; and another existence for us a
human or material existence. It further identifies
us with a past state of human birth; a present
state of regeneration; and a future state of
perfection, after we have earned, won or
demonstrated it. Without the religious beliefs in
sin and separation there would be no ground,
basis or foundation for creed or doctrine; no
hypothesis for struggle, strife or warfare; no need
for system or method of salvation.

The word religion is derived from re and ligio,
meaning to bind back. Classifying God as Spirit,
and us as humanity, religion then strives to bind
back these parts which it believes have been
separated. To this end, each religion selects its
own particular method, system and practice,
whereby to re-deem, re-generate or re-instate us
into that eternal Oneness which never has been

Reader; were you present; were you there; when
original sin took place? Did you see how, when
and why separation entered into spiritual Being
and spiritual World, that one should now believe
himself to be a human being, living in a material
world? Has not your heart often wondered, over
and over again, how we could have become
separated from Spirit; God; that we should now
be called mankind or humanity? And have you
not longed to believe that God must always be
the All-in-All? Trust your heart and its intuitive
feelings! We were never separated from God!


In the Biblical narrative of Adam and sin,
tribulation, woe and death, there is neither
veracity, truth nor symbology. No teaching
should be built upon it. The Infinite, sinless God
knows no human being or material world; no sin,
nor warfare; no translation or demonstration; no
fear, nor fear of fear; no struggle, strife, nor
death. In the one Infinite God, all is Spirit, and
there can be no mortals; no human beings.
Emergence from matter into Spirit, or journey
from one world to another, is utterly impossible.
None can bridge a distance between us and God
no distance exists. None can make a journey
to God God is within us. No future time or
place can ever be God is timeless; spaceless;

The very belief in and use of the terms human;
material; physical; mortal and mental; assuming
as they do our separation from Spirit; God;
automatically subjects one to sickness; sorrow;
tribulation; war and death.


Every method, plan or practice offered today as a
way back or forward to our perfect Self and
World, is based upon the demoralizing belief and
teaching that we are not the one perfect Self and
Being now; and that we are not living in the
perfect World now. Who is teaching these
doctrines and beliefs? The general religious
teaching of today. It preaches that we are now
mortals; that we have a material body and mind
which are temporal; and that we are to become
perfect through progressive human footsteps.
Were religion not accepting that we are now
separated from God or other than the one perfect
Selfhood, would it be identifying God as Spirit,
and us as mankind or humanity? No it would

While one may declare that there is no self apart
from God, he straightway contradicts it, if he
teaches or believes that we are either to put off or
to improve a human mind; or build a new
consciousness. In fact, everything he does to
become what the one Self already is, points
directly to his own belief in separation and


True knowledge of God and us cannot exist apart
from inner Revelation. From life lived by inner
Light, we learn that we are not separate from
God or other than Spirit. GOD CANNOT BE
ONE, AND WE ANOTHER. That we must
work and labour to become the One we actually
are; and strive to demonstrate the things which
are ours already, is a blindness which true vision
only can dispel. From inner Light, we learn the
great and absolute Truth separation from God
never took place. The way to know the
unadulterated Truth is the way of the deeply
devoted heart to its own Light. Here we learn
the Truth from God direct.


This is Truth: One God; One Self; One Spirit;
One Mind; One Existence; reigning alone
Eternally. Truth is everpresent complete;
absolute; total; all. Truth is without interval or
interruption; remaining identical within Itself.
To be or not to be the One which reigns alone, is
the issue which is paramount today. To know
the Truth that one Self exists alone; or to claim
existence of two God and humanity reveals
ones present Knowledge or belief.

Truth stands alone. Truth has no opposite. Truth
has no supposititious antipode. Truth has no
second. The teaching that we must develop from
one state to another; emerge from matter into
Spirit; and be translated from a material
existence into the spiritual World; is a denial of
the sacred, everlasting Truth that GOD is within
us; CHRIST is within us; THE KINGDOM OF
GOD is within us right where we are Here
and Now.

Whatever is true and perfect remains true and
perfect always. Never can there be a becoming
state of Reality. Our true and perfect Self is here
NOW. Time and place are unknown to God.
How far away from us is our Self? It is always
right where we are. It knows no one is present;
no one is here, but Me. In Me, there is no fear;
no darkness nor veil; nor myth of Adam and sin;
nor warfare; tribulation and death. I AM the One
World; The ONE I AM THAT I AM. I yield My
glory to none other.

We have no self or mind that is human or body
that is material; no human self, mind or body can
ALONE. All contrary beliefs must be
surrendered. Truth comes as Revelation to him
who, surrendering all belief of himself as another
beside the One, and with his whole heart loving
the Infinite unseparated ONE above all else,
rejoicingly identifies himself as the one Self; the
one Being; Mind and World SPIRIT.

The one universal Selfhood was never severed.
Not anything was ever lost; nor is there
something to be gained. The real Self is our only
Self. This Self is God. Other than the Self,
There is no God.


Reader, if you would be whole, happy and free,
then identify yourself as the true and real Self
only. Whatever is not true should not be
considered or tolerated. Freedom consists in
knowing what Truth is, and in being Truth. To
know what Truth is, and to be Truth, provides
our perfect answer to every question, rendering
certain and sure our complete safety; security
and happiness; here and now.

Thoughts may change; doctrines and laws
undergo revisions; but the Truth that the perfect
Self is our only Self, reigns alone Eternally.




then that which is in part shall be done away.

It is inspiring and enlightening to note Moffatts
translation of this verse, as follows: As for
knowledge, it will be superseded ... at present, I
am learning bit by bit, but then I shall
understand. Weymouth states it thus: For our
knowledge is partial ... but when that which is
perfect is come, all that is partial will come to an
end. Farrar Fenton says: For we know
imperfectly, and we teach with imperfection; but
when the perfect arrives, the imperfect will
become useless ... I shall know perfectly, even as
I am perfectly known.

In the days directly at hand, and before us, these
propitious words will be a living reality in our
midst, opening to the whole world a grand and
glorious new vista. Whatever knowledge is
perfect, it will remain; but whatever knowledge
is imperfect or partial, it will become useless,
and shall come to an end. Perfect Knowledge is
revealed to those prepared to love it above all
else; and be willing to let it supplant for them all
other faulty and unsound beliefs and teachings.


When that which is perfect is come. What is
the Perfect? The Perfect is the Absolute Truth,
perfect Knowledge already present. How can
Truth become known to us? By Revelation.
How can Revelation be received by us?
Revelation and Illumination belong naturally to
the heart; for the heart is willing and ready to let
go that knowledge which is imperfect and partial
for that which is perfect knowledge or absolute
Truth. This Knowledge reveals the real Self, the
real Mind, and the real Existence, at hand; and
that there can be no other.

That we are the one Being, here and now, and
that we have never been another, is perfect
Knowledge. The idea of at-onement came as
knowledge bit by bit. Already, this idea has
been supplanted by the perfect Knowledge
ONENESS. There are not two beings to be
brought together as one; nor one to be joined
with another. WE ARE NOW THE ONE.
Never have there been two. Not union, but unity,
exists. It is Oneness as Allness; It is Allness as
Oneness. The One does not see us as another,
but sees us as the One.

In the Infinite, indivisible All, there is no place
for at-onement. Thus, perfect Knowledge is now
here before us I AM THE ONE.


All ways of salvation will be supplanted and
superseded by one and only way I AM. This
is the Light of the Cosmic Christ. The Identity
I denotes one Life, one Mind, one Being, one
Selfhood for us all; and the verb AM is spoken
in the present tense the only tense Mind
knows. The perfect Way is the ever-revealing
Christ Light I Am the Truth the true and
only One. Loving and cherishing this Light
above all other lesser lights and ways, we rejoice
with exceeding joy to take leave of imperfect

I AM! The I is the Infinite, perfect, single
Self, Mind, and Being universal and eternal.
The word AM means everpresence;
uninterrupted stillness, serenity, calmness; it is
done, it is finished, it is always here and now.
Automatically, it cancels systems of mental
travel, struggle, labour and work. Through
Revelation, we know and we declare the
selfsame Mind to be in us that was in Christ
Jesus, revealing the identical Knowledge.

Perfect Knowledge is knowing and expounding
the Truth, which never has been more or other
than the one Spirit, one Self, one Mind, one Will
and one Existence. This explodes the
demoralizing teaching and belief that we are
mortals, with human minds, sojourning in a
material state. The Absolute Message knows and
reiterates there is one Being only; and it does not
compromise this statement.


It is the truth that God is our only Self and
Being; it is the truth that God is our only Mind
and Existence; the teaching, therefore, that we
must develop into our own Self, and journey to
our own Being, is useless unavailing.
Knowledge that the Real Self reigns alone, is
even now superseding and exploding the present
day thinking and teaching that we are mortals,
having to reach the spiritual and perfect through
progressive human footsteps.

WE ARE WHAT GOD IS and nothing else.
The one Selfhood knows it allness and
completeness always. It never wanders from
Itself, nor lapses into sleep and dream. What can
we say then of mortals, human beings, matter,
material sense and a human concept? Spirit is all
that exists; and since Spirit cannot become
material, mortal or corporeal in thing, thought,
law, being or form, then no such thing as
mortality exists, nor matter, nor human concept.
SPIRIT is all that does or can exist! Everyone
that is of the Truth heareth My voice.

That we have human minds and human thoughts
which change from one stage to a higher one,
finally to rise above the material, are beliefs and
practices which are set at naught, when we learn
through direct Revelation that GOD has always
been our only Mind and Being. When God is
revealed to us as within us, then we have the
evidence in ourselves that we are not mortals.
Could God be within a mortal or Spirit within
mortality? It is impossible. Can Infinite,
spiritual Mind be within a finite, human mind or
I AM within that which is not? It is
inconceivable. God cannot be one Infinite Self
and Being, and we another.

In the radiance of Illumination, no sense of
separation between us and God remains. We are
conscious of one Being only our Real Self.
We are seeing feeling and knowing as this
Infinite Selfhood. The Voice we hear, the Truth
we see and feel, is that of our own everpresent
Self and Being, I AM or God.

Where the Spirit of God is, there is flawless
Vision, and faultless Knowledge. For one to
know what is true and real, as all along he has
himself been known, he must of necessity allow
his imperfect beliefs and knowledge to be
superseded by the perfect Knowledge that now
we are the unseparated, sinless Self and Being.
Then he will neither believe in nor preach
separateness and duality. He will know, and he
will experience, the glorious meaning of the
illumined words I AM SPIRIT.

The place of freedom, wholeness, security and
happiness free from sorrow and sickness,
want, war and woe can be found only within
the perfect Knowledge that we are what God is,
and where God is; otherwise, there would be no
truth or foundation to the sayings that God is
everpresent, God is within us, and in God we
live, move and have our Being. Not anything is
true but Truth Itself. No one can become Truth;
nor is Reality yet to be. Again, come those
glorious, supreme words I AM. Whatever
exists must be changeless, eternal Existence. To
be at all, we must be the One who is Real.


Freedom, Peace and Security consist in knowing
our Self as we are, and in living and being this
One. To know what Truth is, and to be this One,
provides the perfect way of rendering sure and
certain our present completeness, wholeness,
safety and happiness. The perfect Self is our
only Self no human self exists. The perfect
world is our only World; we exist in it now, and
it is ever within us.

Everywhere, hearts are yearning for a joy
without sorrow, for peace, harmony and
happiness without distress, discord and
destruction. The earnest, faithful heart deeply
loves harmony and perfection, and devotes itself
to peace and glory with enduring love, therefore
will never rest satisfied with less than perfect

Never has the heart been able to reconcile a
perfect God with a world of sinful human beings;
nor harmonize Infinite divine Mind with other
finite human minds. Today, the innermost
feelings of many are questioning, with doubt and
uncertainty, the doctrinal, scholastic and
metaphysical teachings, predicated as they are
upon the hypothesis of two identities, two
worlds, two states of existence God and
humanity, the spiritual and human. Up and
down, in and out, backward and forward, these
teachings describe first one, then the other.


Wonderful and glorious, that within our own
Being, we can know the true and perfect answer
to the fabricated narrative of Adam and sin. In
no other way than by Revelation can the true and
enfranchising answer be known. Through direct
Revelation, we know for a certainty without
doubt or fear that what no eye has ever seen,
what no ear has ever heard, what never entered
the mind of man, God has prepared all that for
those who love Him. And God has revealed it to
us by the Spirit, for the Spirit fathoms
everything, even the depths of God,

Hearts will leap with joy to hear the word of
perfect Knowledge, that everything in and of
God is timeless, spaceless, changeless,
inseparable and absolute. Loving Truth and
Light more than mystery and darkness, they will
forthwith throw overbroad every downward
vision and teaching which describes or refers to
us as a self and being which is not God. Ready
to accept the Perfect when they hear it, loving,
earnest hearts will proclaim their acceptance of
the Absolute Message that we are Spirit, we are
spiritual Mind, we are whatever God is; and we
live now in spiritual Existence. They will have
the witness in themselves, that one God and one
Mind reigns alone; that Spirit is ALL; and there
can be none else no other being or thing.


The subtle, deeply shrouded-in-mystery question
being brought out now into the limelight, boldly
faced, and boldly answered, once for all, is this:
was there or was there not a separation of Spirit
and the spiritual World called by religion the fall
of man? Upon his answer yes or no
depends ones entire knowledge of God and
oneself, whether as perfect Knowledge which
shall endure; or imperfect knowledge which shall
be done away.

The Absolute Message is perfect Knowledge; it
is the Voice of Truth, the Word of Truth, the
Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory of Truth.
Unqualified, uncompromised, unequivocal, Its
answer: No! We never were separated from God
and the spiritual World.

The coming of the end of the world means the
coming to an end of the diabolical belief that we
are a human race. Every doctrine, belief or
teaching, identifying or classifying us as mortals,
humanity, mankind or humanhood, with human
minds to be elevated or put off; with bodies
which are human, temporal and material; will be
perceived and known as imperfect knowledge;
and shall be rolled together as a scroll, and shall
perish from the earth.




knowledge sincerely believed by many to be
supreme in the field of spiritual Light, and to
contain knowledge which cannot be superseded
namely the Bible. Here is a book which
Christian nations believe to be inspired Truth
not to be questioned. Why should this be, when
in all other realms of knowledge, and all other
departments of life, the new ideas, new
inventions and new discoveries, which are going
on continually, are accepted with delight, and
utilized generally? Should not the searcher for
that which is perfect knowledge joyfully accept
new Revelation of Truth as known today, rather
than depend upon doctrines and creeds of past

It is a marvellous, glorious fact, which remains
inviolate, that it is the nature of truth to reveal
Itself continually to pure in heart, in ever
expanding brightness of Light, vision and
experience. Reality and Truth ever abide within
us even right in the present here and now. In
spite of all religious books, preaching, and
teaching, no heart has ever been able to reconcile
a perfect Creator with sin, sorrow, want, war,
punishment, destruction and death. Regardless
of all beliefs and doctrines, everyone is still
longing for a joy without sorrow, for peace,
harmony and happiness without discord, hostility
or destruction. Hungry hearts continue to ask for
the answer pertaining to the origin of evil in a
world of everpresent God.

Daring questions, if allowed free and
spontaneous utterance from the heart with its
persistence and insistence, its native pristine
Purity and Oneness are bound to receive
amazing and astonishing answers, and right from
the heart itself. Let us dare to give utterance to
the hearts burning questions. For instance, the
following: How could sinless God see even one
sin to punish or forgive not to mention a
whole world of sin and sinners? Could divine
Love rebuke error, when it knows no presence
but Its own? Could there be God and sin, God
and pain, God and punishment, God and war or
destruction? Can there be one Infinitude of
Being, and also a world of sick, sinful and
suffering humanity?

True, every Christian religion of today accepts
two existences, two powers, two minds, two
beings, namely, one: that of God; and two: that
of man. Every religion identifies us as man, a
human being, living in a human existence,
wherein we must work out our own salvation
through struggle, regeneration and overcoming.
Christian books, written since the Bible,
professing to be founded upon the Bible, to be a
spiritual interpretation of, or a key to the Bible,
contain the same platform of dualism. All
Christian teachings and practices of today
whether called orthodox or metaphysical
identify us as man, with human mind and will, in
need of regeneration and salvation.


Were we a race of human beings or humanity
who must pray, strive and struggle continually to
overcome imperfections, discords, sorrow and
limitation day after day, year after year
never could we know the truth that the one
Selfhood is our only Self; for none can know the
Truth except as the sinless Selfhood.

What gives one the real Truth? What lifts his
vision to the living God? What brings him
glorious Light, peace, and security? Something
within himself. Something within his own heart.
Truth is made known to us through inner Light
only the still, small Voice. Here is where they
shall be all taught of God. Spiritual Insight or
Vision is a beholding which is wholly spiritual
incorporeal. To see Truth as it is in its
simplicity, purity and glory we must be
willing to look away from book, doctrine and
person to God direct. To hear spiritually, we
must be deaf to every one and every thing which
treats of another mind, another power, another
existence and world beside the One God.


What do we see, what do we feel, and what do
we know spiritually of God direct? What is it
that is revealed to us regarding sin, sinner, sinful
world? It is this: the forever I AM is the
changeless, immaculate, indivisible ALL-in-
ALL. God knows only Truth, even as the sun
knows only its own light. God never
miscalculated, misconceived, miscreated. God
did not sin. God did not permit or allow sin.
God never told us of the presence of sin, sinner,
sickness, devil or death. God knows only God.
Truth knows only Truth. Truth never devised a
way to pay sins wages. Truth never predicted
war, bloodshed or tribulation. God is the only
Selfhood of all; God is the only Power. God is
the only Existence.

The forever I AM is our only Self. In the Light
of the eternal One, we see as this One, we feel
and we know as this One. God does not tell us
that we are fallen beings; nor that we are separate
from the Light of Truth. Through our hearts
deepest devotion and loyalty to God as our only
Being, we can experience the eternal Mind as our
all and everything. We are certain that we have
never been separated from Spirit we are
Spirit! We know there was no fall from divine
Mind we are divine Mind. We experience the
perfect World dwelling within us.


Reader, should it be worthy of our belief, that a
God who is the Perfection of Being could decree
and predict sin, sorrow, strife, warfare and death?
They who have Light within themselves
revealing the Infinite God of Love, Peace,
Harmony and Perfection, everpresent can no
longer believe in a world of finite, sinful human
beings. To them their God must be One
changeless, absolute, ALL.

The hour is at hand when we can read the Book
of Life, known by the One whose eye is single.
It is unique indeed pristine and pure. It is not
a compilation of writings, nor is it an
interpretation of them. THE BOOK OF LIFE IS
understood by the heart alone. Without regard to
person, time, place or thing, the Book of Life, or
Revelation of the heart, reveals our Real Nature
and Being to be our only Nature and Being. It
reveals the truth of our Identify as it is now, and
as it was, and as it ever will be the one
Spiritual Selfhood Itself.

Yes perfect Knowledge is come, revealing
God as one unseparated, Infinite Self, Being,
Mind and Existence, thus cancelling belief in the
legendary records of a fall, a curse, sin, misery,
tribulation; human beings, human minds, human
thinking; a future place, time, world and
existence. Revelation never ceases, nor can it
have an ultimate finality. Nothing can stop the
renewing Light of the heart, which is ever
sending forth its effulgence to those ready to
receive it.


New Light is now come. Not only does it
reiterate the Revelation of God as the one Infinite
Mind, but it further reveals that we are this Mind,
here and now; and that we are not mortals with
human minds. New Light reveals spiritual
existence to be the only existence we have now,
or ever can have. When this new Light, that we
are Spirit, the one Mind, supersedes for him the
imperfect teaching even that which appears in
his most cherished textbook or the Bible itself
one will realize that out of the mouth of the one
Mind and Being there cannot proceed the
teaching of both Oneness and duality, both
spiritual Mind and human minds, spiritual
Beings and mortals, Truth and error.

He who has the Light which reveals the one
spiritual Mind and the one spiritual Existence to
be the only Mind and the only Existence there
ever was or can be, knows further that there
absolutely cannot be an Infinite God of Love,
Peace, Harmony and Perfection, and also a world
of finite, sinful, human beings. WHATEVER IS


In all Scriptures, including the Christian Bible,
we find not only absolute Truth or perfect
Knowledge, but also mythology and duality,
recorded side by side. The heart which is
devoted to the Light of Truth above all else, is
pure enough to admit new Revelation. He who
has the discernment bestowed upon him by Self-
Revelation, will cease to accept any longer the
dualistic doctrine of another being, mind, power
and existence beside GOD, the One. He will not
accept any longer the teaching based upon
himself as a human being, man or mind, which in
turn is based upon the Scriptural doctrine called
the fall of man.

The fact and reality is revealed God is
Infinite, spiritual Self and Mind, and there is
none else. Out of this ONENESS, it follows we
have no human mind or consciousness. God-
Self, God-Mind and God-Consciousness exists
alone. No other consciousness has ever existed.
This is the perfect Knowledge superseding the
teaching that we are a human man or a mortal, to
reach perfection through evolution, progress or
translation. The widespread teaching that a
human mind can be imbued with understanding,
or that mortals can improve their beliefs through
progressive human footsteps, though it has
brought blessings as a temporary compensation,
yet such results were part and parcel of imperfect
knowledge, which shall be discarded.
Recognized as based upon the belief that we are
mortals or human beings, such teaching will
become useless, and be brought to an end.


Understanding a myth to be something in
imagination only containing neither truth nor
reality one should dismiss it. There was never
the birth of a single mortal, never a fallen being.
The Infinite Whole exists without beginning,
separation or end. Through the revelation of
timeless, absolute we come face to face with
our Self which reigns alone. It is without cause,
effect, history or purpose.

With wholehearted love and absolute devotion to
truth and Light Itself, one will let go his former
beliefs, the same as he discontinued the use of
candles and the horse and buggy. If yesterday,
he believed certain things and ideas to be true
when they were not he can be ready today, to
accept new and renewing spiritual ideas and
insight, just as he accepts new inventions as they
become known and available.

No fear is attached to the turning to and
acceptance of this enlightened standpoint. Every
interpretation, doctrine or practice, which would
connect, identify or associate us with degenerate
beings humanity, humanhood or mortals
will be swallowed up and lost sight of in the
luminous Light and perfect Knowledge that THE




GOD IS SPIRIT; and they that worship Him
must worship him in Spirit and in Truth who is
comprehending the innermost meaning of this
momentous, authoritative statement? They who
hear this admonition that Spirit must be our
first and supreme concern are they who love
Truth and Reality more than person, book or
traditional system of belief.

Quickly, fearless, we cast away as futile and
fallacious, every teaching which would identify
us as a human man, a human mind and being.
We know, and we do not hesitate to declare, that
since God is Spirit, we are Spirit; and that to
worship in Spirit we must BE Spirit.

Our name is Spirit, our nature is Spirit the
Real Self. We are neither a personal self nor a
corporeal form, nor do we live in a material
existence. No such thing as personal being
exists, neither mortality, material senses, human
concept, an opposite of Spirit, or a supposititious
antipode to Spirit. God, Spirit, is ALL.
Whatever Spirit is, exists unchanged,
unseparated, everlasting. Nothing can be put to
it, nor anything taken from it ... That which hath
been is now; and that which is to be hath already


There are not two minds and two beings of us; a
human or mortal one, here and now; and a
spiritual, immortal one to be gained later in some
other existence; nor is there a meritorious need
that we work, labour and struggle now, as a
being at war with oneself. Right here and now
we can and we must behold as He who is not
separated from God. Then we know ourself AS
Spirit, with whom is no shadow of turning.

Infinite, spiritual Mind never became finite
mentality; Infinite, spiritual Being never became
sinful humanity. No part of God fell away from
God! There never existed a fallen state of being,
darkness, a void, a sinful Adam, or Adam
dreamers. We are not man, image, idea,
reflection or expression, we are what God is. I,
We, Us, is Spirit Itself, Mind Itself, the perfect
Self Itself pure and perfect always.

The one Selfhood does not say, I must battle with
false beliefs, I must reap what I sow, I must
vanquish sin and overcome the dream of a
material existence. Let no one believe that he is
another self. As soon as we see, perfectly, that
there is one Self only, then we renounce the
imperfect teaching that we are another. We
cease accepting the idea that we must travel from
darkness to light, from sense to soul. We know
I Am the Real Self alone.


Spiritually perceiving and knowing everything in
its right light, and calling things by their true
names, the sense of time, space and structure is
not present. The Real and the True is all that we
know and all that we experience. Therefore, we
keep our attention on what God is, and what
God, the Self, knows; not on what God is not,
and does not know. It is revealed to us that we
live now in the spiritual World; and there is no
other world. For the One to be ALL, the One
must be without a second. THE ONE ALL IS
uninterrupted, invariable, everlasting.

Servitude to doctrines based upon the teaching
that we are mankind, humanity, mortals or
humanhood having minds to choose and to think
as we will, results in confusion of vision and
tongue turmoil and frustration. Whereas,
basing our clear perception on spiritual Being as
our only Being, Spiritual Mind as our only Mind,
and spiritual Existence as our only Existence,
rejecting all other contrary teachings
regardless of their source, origin or conception
we enjoy the faultless law of freedom, peace
and blessedness; we are a Light unto ourselves.

Knowing the Allness of our own Self as perfect ,
pure, and complete, we know no process of
salvation. We see no enemy to be overcome, no
power to silence, nothing to defeat or destroy.
Our Selfhood exists in Itself only, in Its own
Entirety and Omnipresence. It has knowledge
and awareness of Itself alone. It is Purity Itself;
It is Perfection Itself; It is Oneness, Allness,
Totality, Unity. Self contained, Self complete,
Self supreme, our Selfhood knows nothing to be
punished, overcome, healed or destroyed.

Right now, it should be clear and certain that
there is not Reality and Perfection for God, and
unreality and imperfection for us; nor spiritual
Existence for God, and human existence for us.
Gods Reality is our Reality. Gods Existence is
our Existence; and we can have no reality, no
existence of our own. Otherwise, there would be
no Principle of Being. Not any other mind,
power, thought or thing was antecedent to the
one Infinite Being; nor can any other mind,
power, thought or thing exist beside. Therefore,
to whomsoever the question arises, Who Am
I? the resounding answer of the One can be read
as follows: He that is not with Me is against
Me; and he that gathereth not with Me scattereth

Spiritually seeing and understanding the
axiomatic Principle that there is none beside Me,
we know there is no dual being God and man;
nor dual mind divine Mind and human minds;
nor dual activity spiritual awareness and
human thinking.

Belief in a personal mind and its thinking keeps
one from listening to the Voice of his own heart,
which always knows, and could ever have told
him, that there was no fall from God and the
perfect World, that there is nothing mortal,
human or material. Think not to change, heal,
purify, spiritualize or translate anyone or
anything. Nothing but THE ONE is present.


Every moment spent in thinking, reading about
or listening to the teaching of another self,
another mind, being and existence beside the
One, keeps ones attention from the Truth, the
Real, the present All-in-All. With avid zeal, and
in pure delight, one should hasten to drop
everything pertaining to duality, devoting
himself entirely to the pure and perfect ONE AS
ALL. Devotion to perfect Knowledge instantly
puts to naught our association with any doctrine,
method or practice based upon a mind and
thinking which is not of God, Identified as the
one Self, and loving the One beyond all else, we
are gloriously aware of Harmony, Peace, Joy and
Wholeness as our own Life, Mind and
Consciousness, here and now.

Only when we know with the heart, can we have
perfect Knowledge. If all do not hear the Voice,
and receive Illumination and Revelation, it is
only because they are misidentifying themselves
as a human man or woman, with human mind
and thinking.

The only Truth that can be said of a mortal being
or a human mind is that no such one or thing
exists. The reader should note, that every
method and practice set forth today pertains to us
as some other being beside the One. Certainly,
that could not apply to the One spiritual Being!

Such ideas as sickness, sorrow, war between
nations, warfare with ourselves, tribulation and
death, were never thought nor spoken by pure
and perfect Mind. Listen to your own heart,
which believes neither in sin nor in punishment;
in a mortal mind nor in its destruction. There is
none beside ME! Glorify ME!

Who is to regard error as universal false belief?
No one. Who is to believe in the self-destructive
nature of evil? No one. Who is to build higher
states of human consciousness or see through
illusion? No one.

Superstitions, time-worn dogmas and obsolete
doctrines should no longer be sanctioned. Let
them be taboo! Be single-visioned, single-
minded, single-tongued. That God and the
perfect World is within us, is the glorious,
everlasting Truth at hand, to be seen, known and
accepted by everyone who will receive it.

By thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy
words thou shalt be condemned. from now on,
the teaching and beliefs of everyone will lie
exposed to view whether they speak the
language of the One Mind or use the double-talk;
whether they accept the One Mind alone or
believe that we are another. Teachings and
doctrines can now be seen for just what they are
whether they teach the flawless Truth that we
are Spirit, we are the one Mind, living now in the
spiritual World, unseparated from God; or if they
talk about us as man, humanity, mind and
thinking, in a human existence. Do they teach
the Truth boldly and authoritatively, that we are
the Real Self alone? Or do they still continue to
promulgate the unprincipled belief that we are
humans or mortals?


The arrival of perfect Knowledge heralds the
abolition of the welter of worthless, useless
words, relating us to a mind, being, self, body
and world which have no existence. The use of
certain telltale words instantly reveals ones state
of Knowledge or belief. Prefixes greatly
determine the fundamental meaning of words.
Take for example, the prefix trans, meaning
across, over, beyond. Definitely, the use of the
words trans-late, trans-form, trans-cend, indicate
the thinker, speaker or writer to be accepting two
selves, two minds, and two worlds; and as a
human being, he contemplates passing or going
from one state to another. A spurious notion, an
utterly impossible achievement!

There is no mortal. There is no human mind.
There is no material existence. Spirit is the only
Being, the only Mind, and the only Existence.

The words overcome, overthrow, conquer,
demonstrate, strive, struggle, are also indicative
of the fact that one is accepting himself as
separated from God and the spiritual World.
Such thinking denotes that his need is for
spiritual Light and Revelation.

Just where is Omnipresent God if not right here
and now where we are? Why look forward to
some other place, time or plane to find rest,
peace and happiness than now, at hand? Why
think of the next plane? Only because of belief
and teaching that we are humanity, living now in
a temporal, human body.


God does not see us as other beings, other minds.
Though we have been taught to believe that we
have personal or human minds, and live now in a
human or material existence, this teaching and
belief has an end. Enlightenment has revealed
that there has never been more or other than one
Self, one Consciousness, one World and one

There must be no further acceptance of dual
belief. For example: To say there is one Mind
only, is Truth. If one would rest his
understanding here, he would have Knowledge.
If, however, he then proceeds to state that the
human mind is opposed to God, that the human
mind is all that produces pain, that the human
mind must rise above the sense of materiality
into spiritual understanding, he has directly
contradicted his statement of Truth that there is
one Mind only. He is double minded. His
labour is spent in vain.

Imperfect or partial knowledge is belief only,
while Knowledge is itself the perfect perception
of Truth, verily, Truth Itself.


To state that there is one Infinite, spiritual
Selfhood, and in the next breath, to allude to us
as mortals, humanity or mankind, who must be
spiritualized and translated, evidences that the
thinker or speaker has not himself received the
Revelation that Truth is one, without a second.
When he has Knowledge that he is himself the
one Mind and one Being, he will stop identifying
himself or anyone else as a mortal with human
mind. Never again will he believe in any
existence but spiritual Existence, nor any self or
being but the Infinite, indivisible One. He will
know, and he will state, that the one Self reigns
alone, eternally; and that we are ever this Self.

Truth does not exist in the teaching that we are
not the Real Self now, nor the Real Mind. Truth
does not exist in the teaching or religious
doctrine that we are man, and as man we must be
translated forward or back into Spirit.
Knowledge does not dwell in dualistic teaching.
Knowledge or absolute Understanding knows
and states that there has never been more than
one Self, one Consciousness, one Will and one
World that of Itself.

For every expanse in spiritual Light, we are glad
and happy; but let no one think there is a place
where Revelation has stopped. Revelation is as
boundless as God immeasurable, eternal.
Since our divine Mind is Infinite, Total, All, then
every teaching or doctrine relating to us as a
human mind, human thought, human concept,
human will, must be abandoned and done away


It is the Truth that our only Being is God; it is the
Truth that our only World is within us; it is the
Truth that our own Consciousness is Christ
Illumination. The belief, therefore that we must
develop into our own Self, journey to the perfect
World, or accept Revelation as belonging to
certain ones in past history, has no truth in it.

We are here and now God-Self, God-Being,
God-Consciousness, and our Illumination is ever
at hand and within us. This true and right
Knowledge will bring to an end the wrong
teaching that we are a man, a human or mortal,
living in a temporal existence, to reach perfection
through progressive, human footsteps.

If I had not come and spoken unto them, they
had not had sin; but now they have no cloak for
their sin. Until perfect Knowledge was revealed
that we are inseparable from Spirit we had
no way of knowing the ambiguity of the teaching
that God is Spirit, but we are mortals. There
remains now no excuse for double-mindedness,
double-vision and double talk. When one
perceives that he is teaching or accepting the
teaching that we are humanity, human minds and
human bodies, it must be now clear to him that
he is believing in separation from God; thus,
automatically, he is identifying himself with
sickness, limitation, trial and tribulation.

Fear not to give up wrong beliefs. They must go.
Truth and Reality is all that exists, all that can
ever exist. Through spiritual Revelation only can
we see things in their true Light. Then we know
there has been no separation between God and
us; and that no translation can be made in
everpresent, perfect Being.

True and certain, these words: Every kingdom
divided against itself ... shall not stand. In
proclaiming God as our Life and Being, yet
believing in and discussing human minds, human
beings, human conditions, error, mortal mind,
devil, mesmerism, hypnotism, animal
magnetism, counterfeit, unreality, illusion or
appearance, one is a Kingdom divided against

Perfect Knowledge does not exist in the teaching
of a human mind, a mortal body, a material
world or a mental power.

The Truth in religion or metaphysics will endure
forever; but its fallacious teaching that we are
mankind, humanity or mortals, to be raised or
translated into the Real and True, is already
becoming useless.

Accepting one Mind only to be our Mind,
Consciousness and World, in possession of
Infinite Knowledge, we have Infinite
Enlightenment with us brilliant and sublime.
Identified as this one Being, Mind and Selfhood,
here and now, we are accepting Oneness, which
has never been severed.

The Absolute Message declares only one Spirit,
Being, Existence and World is to be considered.
Metaphysical teaching may lead the way to the
Absolute, but cannot enter it, since metaphysics
cannot go beyond its boundaries.


The hour is here now, indeed the hour is ever
present, when one should identify himself with
pure Knowledge and right teaching only, for
nothing else will ever satisfy. Let him believe in
one Consciousness, one World. Let him discuss
no other. Let old things pass away. Behold the
New Day. We should serve in newness of
Spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter.




GOD IS INFALLIBLE, immortal Light, Love
and Perfection; and there is no other being, there
is no other power, there is no other existence.
Why give reality to legend, mythology or untrue
teaching? We can find out the Truth from Truth
Itself, the very God within us.

God never told of the existence of sin. God
never told of the existence of sinner or sinful
world. God never told of the existence of
discord, disease, destruction or death. God never
predicted war, tribulation, woe or doom. God
never inspired religious sacrifice, mercy, pity,
punishment or forgiveness.

What is the truth about sin and sinful world?
What is the truth about redemption, atonement,

I Am the Infinite and Eternal ONE who is
Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence.
I Am pure Consciousness existing alone. There
is not anything unlike Me. There is not anything
against Me. There is not any one beside Me.
Before Me, God, no god was formed, neither
shall there be after Me.

The Infinite did not sin, allow or permit sin. The
Infinite did not declare that sin is the author of
itself, and must therefore destroy itself, or be


Infinite, pure Consciousness comprises Its own
Universe of immutable Love, Peace, Harmony
and Glory. This spiritual Universe is now and
ever has been our only Universe. Perfect
Consciousness is ever perfect Universe, and
perfect Universe is ever perfect Consciousness
one and the same.

The Infinite God reigning alone knows no
sinner and no sin.

Since sin did not originate in pure Consciousness
and Being, and since there is no other source of
being or of existence, there is no sin. Hence, sin
never caused sorrow, tribulation or death.

What can be added to or taken from that which
God has established? Not anything now exists
but that which has existence in God THE

Infinite Mind or Consciousness being all, It
knows all there is to know.

Does the one Mind need purification and
salvation? Does the one Being need atonement
or forgiveness? Does the one Consciousness see
another existence beside Its Own? Impossible.

There is God, and Him alone. There is pure
Consciousness, and nothing else.

One Mind only exists. One Mind only is our
Mind. Our Mind does not resist anything, defy,
deny or defeat anything. Our Mind needs no
awakening. It exercise no dominion. Our Mind
makes no attempt to negate, unsee or reduce to
nothingness that which already has no existence.

Could God know of human, personal minds or
how to improve, purify and heal them, when
there is only His pure, sinless Being? Could the
Infinite, Indivisible One demand recognition and
obedience, sacrifice and atonement from other
separate minds? Impossible.

Infinite perfect Mind is the only Mind there is to
know, to feel or be conscious. Not a solitary
human mind or mortal being has existence within
the Infinitude of God; nor is there any other
universe or place of existence. Reader never
identify yourself or another as a mortal or
human being.

One only is our Self, Mind and Being, that is

We must listen to and hear the Truth that in
Spirit there is no creation of humanity, mortality,
time, sickness, sorrow, war or death. In Spirit,
all is Harmony, Peace and Happiness.

The Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth
keep silence before him. (Hab. 2:20). For the
earth shall be filled with knowledge of the glory
of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. (Hab.
2:14). Moffatts translation is this: The Eternal
is within His sacred temple; hush, all men, He is
here! Tis the knowledge of the Eternals glory
that shall fill the earth, as waters cover the bed of
the sea.


No need to ascend into a high mountain, descend
into a valley, nor strive with thought and tears.
Free , unhampered, unfettered and unconstrained
by person, book, superstition, law, doctrine or
rule, we can know the Truth of our Self, and of
all things, by divine Revelation the Light of
God within us abolishing traditional,
crumbling doctrines.

To know the truth of all things, and have the
perfect answer to every question, it is imperative
that perfect Knowledge be revealed to us by Self-
Revelation the very Book of Life Itself, within
us. Here only can our Being, World and
Existence be known and experienced.
Knowledge of the Perfect One as All, shall
remain infallible Knowledge. In any book,
whatever knowledge or teaching is dualistic will
become futile and useless, even as it is being
witnessed everywhere today. Teachings which
are based upon God as Spirit, the Totality of our
Self, Being and World, shall remain; but
teachings which are based upon the belief of our
separation from God must be exposed and

If certain general beliefs and understanding be
accepted as right when they are wrong
clearer Light and understanding must inevitably
come, which will disclose of books and teachings
what is Truth and what is not Truth.

Antiquated pagan legends about human beings,
their warfare with themselves and others, as well
as their battle with sin, sickness, adversary or
devil, have not an iota of truth in them. They
were never thought nor taught by God, the one

Why then do the general Christian teachings of
today continue to relate us to human minds and
thinking, declaring they must be renovated,
purified, advanced or regenerated? The answer
is, because those promulgating or accepting these
beliefs are still basing their assumption or
reasoning upon the Biblical record of a fall from
perfection. Not until one has received or
accepted the enlightenment that God is
Inseparable Being will his belief in dualism
built upon the story of Adam and sin be
exploded. And verily, the exposure of
everything which is built upon this fabrication
shall be even more revolutionary than that of
atomic power.

Whosoever will, can immediately begin to
perceive and accept the Knowledge that now are
we the Mind of God, and now are we the Self,
Being and Existence of Spirit; and that we have
never been another. He will then know of Spirit,
and he will acknowledge and make known, that
all teachings and beliefs based upon dualism
must and shall be exploded, even as the Bible
reveals. There is nothing covered, that shall not
be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.
(Matt. 10:26). Moffatt translated it: Nothing is
veiled that shall not be revealed, or hidden that
shall not be known. He also states that Any
realm divided against itself comes to ruin, any
city or house divided against itself will never
stand. (Matt. 12:25).


Here and Now, we can identify our Self as God-
Self, God I-Am, against which there is no law.
As we know the Eternal to be our full and
complete Perfection this very instant timeless,
causeless, changeless, without end we cease
to think, read or talk about humanity,
humanhood, mortals or mankind. We know
Spirit to be one and only Identity there is of all.
The one Self is fulfilment in Itself. The one Self
is all the Reality that exists.

Irrespective of time, book or belief, the glory of
the perfect Light is being revealed, necessarily
rendering obsolete the imperfect teaching of
yesterday. One should be even more prepared to
accept and appropriate revolutionary new Light
pertaining to his own harmony, peace and
happiness, than he is to accept and utilize
revolutionary new discoveries pertaining to
everyday living.

As we are illumined, we become aware of our
perfect Self as the All and Whole of us; we are
sublimely serene. In the Knowledge of The One
as our Mind, World and Existence, we are aware
that there is no mortal! We were never mortals,
we were never humans, we never lived a human
existence. We never had a human body. We
ARE Spirit, we Are The One; there has been no

We must see to it, therefore, that we are devoted
to Spirit as the only Identity and Consciousness
of all, and that we love the Truth and the Truth
alone. Spirit is our Consciousness, Spirit is our
Knowledge and Light.


He who has received of Light within himself the
Revelation that God and I are the very
identical One, can now perceive this Light as the
high light of the Bible. It declares that all things
to be known rightfully must be seen and known
spiritually by the Spirit within. In this new
and glorious Light of The One without
separation, we turn completely away from
dualistic teachings, all of which would tend to
keep us identified with sickness, depression,
confusion, war and tribulation. Out of the Light
of new Revelation, we know and we proclaim,
again and again, that God never told of a sinful
Adam or a fallen state of Being; nor of darkness
and void. God never told of the presence of sin,
sinner, or human existence.

Divine wisdom was once told in the form of
spiritual drama and allegory, picturizing the
deep, scared Truth of divinity to abide within the
hearts of all. Dramatic figures were known to be
non-human and non-historical. Today, the
luminous Light of the Self not only reassures us
of the divinity within us, but infinitely more it
reveals that we are, here and now, this infinite,
perfect Life, Mind and Being Itself, and that we
have never been otherwise.


Until one knows what is Truth in the Bible, and
what is fiction, any attempt to interpret legendary
records only tends to prolong and actuate the
general belief in duality sin and separation.
Any interpretation of the Bible based upon ones
belief that everything in it is perfect Knowledge
but confirms ones belief in two existences, two
powers, two worlds. Knowing through inner,
spiritual Light, that one Identity only is our
Selfhood, Mind and Being, we know there is no
duality, no deception, confusion or
bewilderment, nor anything that maketh a lie, in
the Infinitude of Reality.

Not a solitary heart wants to believe in war or in
warfare, whether within himself or within nation;
in fact, everything in oneself rebels against it. In
no conceivable way can anyone reconcile war,
woe, tribulation or death with Infinite Love,
Purity, Perfection and Completeness. Yet, even
now, through the Bible, the prophecy of wars
between nations, woe suffering and tribulation is
being sent forth to nations all over the world. Do
we want them to believe there must be another
war? May they listen now to their own hearts,
and with their hearts may they know that the one
perfect Selfhood and spiritual Existence alone is


Is it not pointless to pray to God to end wars,
bless humanity, and remove evil from the world
when He knows Himself as Omnipresence? It is
necessary only that we cancel out of belief
everything pertaining to us as a race of human
people or sinful souls. WE ARE SPIRIT; not
man, people or humanity. WE ARE THE ONE
ETERNAL MIND; and not personal or human
minds. We live now in the one and only World,
the spiritual World; and not in a human

Authors Note

Fulfilling the requests to include in this Book the
publication of my Course of Private Lessons
written and sent out in manuscript form between
the period 1943-1949 this Course now starts
with the next Chapter. Those who possess copies
of the original edition will be delighted to find
that valuable changes and amplifications have
been made. A few Lessons have been shortened
or omitted, due to repetitious ideas. Every
Chapter of this Book is the Message of the




LESSON No. 1 - November 14, 1943


When one has the true and actual Knowledge of
himself, that is, when he knows his Life and
Being to be God, the one and only Selfhood, and
this Self to be one and indivisible impossible
of separation into multiple personalities then
he is ready to learn how to live in the midst what
may seem to be trials and tribulations, and walk
undismayed, free and immune.

Of his personal efforts no one can think himself
into the Kingdom of Heaven, redeem himself
from what seems the necessity to make
demonstrations, or rise above the belief that he is
imperfect, insecure and incomplete. Not until
one discards everything that has to do with
personal efforts, personal getting or
demonstration, in fact, everything that has to do
with a becoming, will he be able to understand
the illuminating I AM. Many still need to see
that there is no such thing as personality, nor
ever can be. Nor can one be God individualized.


Let one turn absolute and completely away from
all belief that he is other than the one perfect
Life now; that he is other than the one
immaculate body now or the one All-knowing,
All existing, All supplying Mind now. If one
finds himself unable to fulfil this divine
requirement, then of necessity he needs to be
born again. Just how can this be accomplished?
Only through the immaculate conception. For
instance, do you still make note of a certain day
and place where you were born of human
parents? Do you believe that two human beings
gave you life, and that you are a product of
humanity? These beliefs must be laid aside.
Unless this is done, you are bound to consider
yourself a human being, under the law of human
birth, age and death.

Each must eventually conceived himself
spiritually, immaculately that is conceive
himself to be Spirit, never having been born
never having had existence apart from Spirit.
You must be born of the Spirit before you can
actually see and claim yourself to be Spirit!
Without this rebirth, or letting go of human
concept to accept the Real and the True, you will
unwittingly be attempting to place the
immaculate conception over the human and
material belief. Such an attempt to gain the light
of Truth will prove inconsistent and futile.


See and think only from the standpoint that Spirit
is our only Substance and Identity. The one
immaculate Body is ours here and now. The
perfect Universe of Spirit is within us and about
us. Verily what has been called a material world
shall be known to be the City of God. Our Body,
which may seem to be physical or material, shall
be found to be immaculate free from spot or

There is nothing but Spirit! Our whole Mind,
Being, World are Spirit. Supply, income and
abundance are Spirit. Happiness,
companionship, joy and peace are Spirit.
Through the immaculate conception we see the
whole Body to be Spirit, its actions and
functions, Spirit, which is ever perfect in insight,
awareness, power and glory.

I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil (Mat.
5:17). Could Jesus attempt to destroy anything
existing in the World of God? No. Could he
attempt to destroy anything existing outside the
world of God? No. The Truth cannot change, or
be changed; and this Truth means that your
Mind, your Body, and your World are perfect,
immaculate, free and flawless, even at this
identical moment.


Never can you be redeemed or spiritualized by
trying in any way to redeem or spiritualize
yourself. What is your redemption? To release
yourself from all belief and teaching that you are
human or material, and identify yourself with
God, the One-Mind, One-Life, One-Body, One-
World alone. From this true and real position,
you will be able to see and understand (1) that
which is, and (2) that which is not. Never accept
the belief that the Infinite has done all the
thinking; instead, know that you are the Infinite,
and that you are to accept only that teaching
which is based upon divine Knowledge, Insight
and Understanding.

It is the will of God, the grace and love of God,
that we see and know how to be free, happy and
successful in this very world, and at this very
time. Truth stands revealed in our experience.
Verily, each must be this understanding unto
himself, not as an personality, but as the perfect
Mind Itself.

Never accept the notion that as you believe
yourself to be well, prosperous or happy, you
will become so. There is no such thing as a
becoming! As a personality you do not control
yourself for good or bad. You are the Self, and
no other; and in you lie full and complete
knowledge and experience of Reality and Truth.
None will attempt to make demonstrations after
he discovers his changeless and eternal Being,
his immaculate Self, Body and World.



Today it is apparent that healing through
metaphysical means is limited. The reason is
that we are entering a new Era where there shall
no sigh be given (Mat. 12:39). All of us have
no doubt experienced signs and wonders in our
body, world and affairs, but something of far
greater importance is now being required of us.
Surely you can see that if healing became easier,
more and more certain, then we would be
absolutely satisfied with healing; and so would
never know or experience the great and eternal
Fact that we are perfect now, without need of

Many are saying that years ago healings were
sure and certain, but that now, though they read
and study faithfully, healing does not result. The
reason for this is a need for new Enlightenment
and new Revelation. Light brings deliverance
instantaneously, as a flash.


You will recall that in my recent publication, The
Great Answer, I related my experience with the
Japanese beetles. When these insects first
attacked my linden tree, I believed that they
should not harm the tree, any more than the bees
or the birds; that all forms of Life were the same
Life. I therefore at once began knowing that Life
could not prey upon Life. Nevertheless, in spite
of my clear and certain knowing, the beetles
continued to destroy the leaves. After a day or
so, a question arose within me, a new idea
dawned upon me which I had never seen before.
It was this: could it be possible that these beetles
had no life in them at all? That they were not of
God? The more I considered this Revelation the
more certain it became to me that it was true. It
was certainly startling and arresting. I had
always believed all life to be of God. I now
recalled various accounts of pestilences in the
Bible, and how they were destroyed; also that
Paul threw the viper into the fire.

I saw with clear vision and understanding that
God-Life could not be a pestilence; that any form
of pestilence was not of God. I therefore knew
as follows: if these beetles are of God, they
cannot harm the tree; and if they are not of God
they cannot harm the tree, for they have no life in
them. The following morning, the whole great
drove of them lay upon the ground under the
tree. I knew then they were not of God, and that
they never had any life in them. Furthermore,
and of greater importance, I saw that no evil had
been present. My perception of the non-
existence of any life but God-Life was their


When one knows for a certainty that discord or
inharmony does not come from God then let him
decide whether or not there is any other source of
life and being beside God. Through this manner
of self-inquire, he is bound to come face to face
with the genuine fact and truth that discord
cannot come from God; nor from anything other
than God; that it has no source, origin, substance,
presence or existence. Our perception and
understanding of this reality forces the
conclusion of the non-existence of whatever is
not of God. This should assure us of our ever-
present deliverance from beliefs of suffering or

Suffering or discord never comes from the one
Mind; or can it come from any other mind called
mortal, human or sub-conscious. Inquiry as to
the nature of existence of discord or limitation
leads to the fuller Light and Understanding that
one must know what is real, and what is non-
existent; otherwise, he will attempt to treat
conditions. In the Light of spiritual Insight he
can say, I Am the Truth, the True and the Real
the Perfect and the Eternal.

Mortal mind or human mind does not exist
anywhere, either in truth or in falsity, in reality
or in unreality. Were this not the fact, there
could not be one God, one Being and one Mind
only. Spend no time reading or thinking about
delusion, illusion, fear or wrong thinking; but
rather ask yourself how many gods are there,
how many minds? Never has there been a source
or creator of evil. Good has always filled the
entire Universe, since GOD is the Infinite One.


Could the sun send forth darkness as well as
light; or could there be another sun producing
darkness in opposition to it? We see the
impossibility of such a thing. Even so, all belief
in a mortal or a human mind must be exploded.
Discordant thinking or manifestation has no
place in God; therefore, why give it place in you?

Free yourself through Understanding casting
all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.(1
Peter 5:7). You need have no responsibility to
remove falsity, nor responsibility to obtain right
thinking or right results. Possessing the Mind of
God which is eternal Perfection and
Completeness in every way and thing you can
rest in the knowledge that Spirit is the whole of
you. Then you will realize your present
happiness, strength, harmony and success. Your
effort to deal with thoughts is now ended. You
are in the Light. You see and think with the
divine Mind.

A great moment it is for anyone when for the
first time he sees that God is his only Mind; and
that this God-Mind is sufficient for the whole
world. As soon as on sees this fact, he will
willingly renounce claim to any individual mind
or thinking. It is imperative that the surrender of
a personal self or mind be made. This exactment
must be fulfilled. Only then will his thinking
satisfy him, bless and enrich him.


It is the one Consciousness which is maintaining
our wholeness this very instant, keeping it
faultless, immutable and eternal; and preserving
the whole world pure as crystal, without spot or
blemish. Dear Friend, give up all responsibility
to create anything by your thinking. With your
awareness of the one Mind as the one and only
Mind of all, you will find your thinking to be
happy and satisfying, supplying you with
guidance in all ways. The one Mind or Self is
never at a loss for Illumination or Understanding,
but ever Absolute, Immeasurable and Complete.

The notion that there are other minds to be
cultivated or purified is utterly without Truth.
Separate minds do not exist. The One Mind
cannot be deluded nor at a loss to understand.
The One Mind is Absolute invariable, serene,
complete. It is the whole of Life and Being,
knowing Itself present here and now.

That there is one Mind, in which there is no
individual consciousness, can be revealed in
illumination only. In Illumination we are the
divine Mind; thus we are effortlessly absolved
from the belief in human mind and human
selfhood. Each is the One Mind Itself. You
must face the Light which is God, the one Mind.
Then you will accomplish the surrender, for
the sense of a personal human mind will be
blotted out by the Light. Infinite Mind can be
naught but Itself Its own Power, Glory and



What work, do you suppose, could be greater
than the healing disease and suffering? It would
be to understand how to live without need of
healing, to be ever conscious of Wholeness,
Completeness, Happiness and Abundance.

Our mountain Vision must therefore rest upon
the changelessly, perfect Self, Body and
Universe Self-existent and Self-contained ,
here and now present. The One Self knows no
being, power or existence but Its own. Separated
from God, the Self, there are no independent
lives, minds or beings. Since God, the one Mind,
is the only Mind there is, no other mind exists,
either to think truth or error. Evil, therefore,
does not exist in Mind, Thought or Body; nor can
it exist as matter, cause, effect or false belief.
Utterly without truth, substance, power or
presence, it is non-existent.

The need is for one to be aware that he IS the
Self or perfect Being, and that there is nothing in
or of him that can be anything else. Never seek
out methods or practices whereby to heal disease,
grief or limitation. Seek only for full Light or
Enlightenment. Then discords shall be as
nothing, and as a thing of naught.


Perfection of Mind, thought and Body is always
present. Now is timeless Reality. Here is
placeless Everpresence. We are the eternal One.
The spiritual or Self-Body is without birth,
growth, change, age; and without corporeality.
The one Self is the one World, without war, sin,
sickness or death; for the Truth is all there is.
Nothing exists to oppose the truth of the
Omnipresent One; nor can there be a becoming.
PERFECTION is the only state of Being.

In the indivisible One-All, not anything can be
separated. My Life is God, my Being is God.
God is the whole of me; and in this Vision there
is no personal me, there is only ME. Truth
is not an abstraction; Truth is our Being, Body
and World right where we stand. Be still in this
Being. The Light will dawn and be revealed to
you, the Way will open and Understanding will
take place neither too little or too late. Ever I
Am the One Selfhood and Being Self-
contained, Self-revealing, always at hand.

That there is one Mind, in which there is no
individual consciousness, can be revealed in
Illumination only. In Illumination we are the
divine Mind; thus we are effortlessly absolved
from the belief in human mind and human
selfhood. Each is the One Mind Itself being all
unto Itself.




Lesson No. 2 - December 30, 1943


TODAY, MANY ARE BUSY with the changing
of thoughts. The practice of thought-changing
will never truly satisfy anyone. For a while this
idea flourished, but inevitable the time comes
when no amount of personal thinking will bring
health, harmony or success. It will prove

The need is for a new Light which reveals to one
that no mind stands back of discordant pictures,
that the One Mind is without a second.

One keeps no record of the time he spends in the
glory of this new Enlightenment that there is
no second mind but when he comes to view
himself again, his whole vision and outlook will
have cleared. He is free. He has penetrated into
Reality and has discovered that all belief and
teaching in a human or personal mind is wrong;
and that there is no Truth in it.

Through Revelation he knows for a certainty that
God is One and His Mind is One; and that there
can be no other mind sending out wrong thoughts
and pictures.


A mind called the human mind, said to be
responsible for all wrong thinking, as well as for
discordant pictures in the world, does not exist,
either in Truth or in falsity, in Reality or
unreality. Discovering through Insight and
Illumination that there is no mind from which
delusions and illusions can come, since God-
Mind is the only Mind there is, one is in the
place of absolute peace and harmony. Wrong
thoughts and pictures are unknown. To repeat:

Spend no time in discussing illusion, fear or
wrong thinking. Could the sun send forth
darkness as well as light or could there be
another sun which produces darkness?
Obviously, No. Even so, there can be no mind or
minds in opposition or contradistinction to the
one infinite Mind of God. Belief in a universal
mortal mind as well as belief in multitudinous
single human minds must be exploded.

No responsibility rests upon you to remove
falsity or to attain right thinking and right results.
You possess now and always the Mind of God,
which knows eternal Perfection and
Completeness to be in everyone that has
existence. Abide in this effulgent glory, and rest
in the sweet and precious understanding that
your efforts to deal with thoughts are now over.

Be concerned only that you are seeing and
accepting Truth as Absolute. Here you are in the
Light. You see and think with the divine Mind,
you know Consciousness and Body to be one,
and to be perfect and spiritual always.



One may have declared many times that there is
one Mind only, while at the same believing in the
teaching of other human minds. Since one Mind
alone exists, then this Mind is the only
Consciousness. Why then should one attempt to
make corrections in his thinking? Is there any
need for correction in the one Consciousness?
Certainly not.

The practice, therefore, to watch or correct ones
thinking instils and perpetuates the belief that he
has a mind of his own.

That which stands between one and his full
acceptance of the One Mind as his only Mind is
the basic erring religious belief in the
multiplicity of personalities, each with mind,
thought and will of his own. Not until one
understands through Spirit the present fact and
absoluteness of the one divine Mind as the Mind
of all, will he be able to accept the Absolute
Truth which abolishes the belief in personal
minds, beings and bodies.

If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not
true. (John 5:31). As a personal thinker one
can accomplish nothing. The One Being is
present now as each of us. The One is ever
operating as an indivisible Whole. What mind is
it that believes in incompleteness, discord and
suffering? No mind at all. To see this as the
inflexible fact of Being is to be and see as the
divine Mind Itself.


It is imperative that we surrender the belief in
humanity or humanhood, and accept God to be
the only Selfhood. Then we know humanhood to
have no existence at all; that there is neither
personality nor matter in the All-Spirit.

If the surrender of a personal sense of self must
be accomplished, who is to do so? Who is it that
is required to give up the false belief in
personality or individual mind, and just how is it
to be done? This may seem a hard question to
answer, for of course the divine Mind does not
make any surrender; nor is there another mind to
do so. Though surrender is necessary, of himself
one cannot accomplish it; in fact, the more effort
one makes in this direction, regardless how
sincere, the more he will need to carry on the
effort, for it will have no end.

Suppose that you are required to remove
darkness from a room; you cannot do so by
giving darkness your attention; your need is
light. As you bring a light into the room your
desire to remove darkness has been fulfilled. In
the same way, the necessity to be released from a
sense of a separate self cannot take place while
you are labouring with the darkened belief that a
human self exists, but only as you turn your
attention wholly to God as your Life and Being,
identifying yourself as this One.

Accepting the divine Self and Mind as your very
own Self and Mind, understanding that you have
never been identified with any other, the sense of
a personal human self will be blotted out;
swallowed up in true Identification.


Understanding and Identification go hand in
hand. The Self is Absolute, Real and Present.
Nothing else is present. As we identify ourselves
with this One Selfhood, and no other, abiding in
pure Being, the sense of personality is
obliterated. That which alone is, remains

Steadfast abidance in the Self will surely deliver
to us that Understanding which we crave. There
was never a time when perfect Being was
unknown, unrealized or unillumined. Never
identify yourself with an individual mind, wrong
thinking or a physical body. Labour not with
your thoughts. Love your Real Self, and identify
yourself with this Self only.


The sense of duality, that is, the belief that Life is
spiritual but body is material, is swallowed up in
the perception of the factuality that Spirit
includes both Life and Body as One.

Body is not under the control of person, mind or
thing. The belief that a single body is controlled
by a single mind, as well as the teaching that
body can be affected by other minds, must be
utterly renounced and cancelled.

God, the one and only Being, Awareness and
Manifestation, is all there is in heaven above, in
the earth beneath, and in the water under the
earth. Freedom, harmony, peace and blessedness
are Omnipresent, Universal active,
permanent, undefiled and undefilable.


From first to last the Body of Mind is wholly
Mind or Consciousness; not matter or
corporeality. A human or personal mind and its
thinking are wholly without truth or reality;
likewise a human, material or personal body.
Body is in Mind as the true concept of Itself as
IS-ness and ALL-ness. Body is One and

Spend no time in trying to heal a physical body
spiritually. Body is not physical. Body is
spiritual Consciousness. The perfect idea of
Body is omnipresent in Mind. In the spiritual
Body there is no element of discord or
imperfection. It is the Self Itself.

Understanding, Light, Harmony, and Perfection
are not in Mary or John as separate minds or
persons; but ever in God as all there is of Mary
and John. God is our Perfection eternally.

You must be perfect as your heavenly Father is
perfect. (Mat. 5:48 Moffatt).

The One Selfhood or Consciousness is
maintaining our Wholeness and Perfection this
very instant, keeping it faultless, calm and
unchanging; supplying Revelation always. Give
up all responsibility to think anything as a
personal thinker. Know that divine Mind knows
Itself to be the only Mind: and that there can be
no other.




Lesson No. 3 - February 5, 1944


It may be believed that Truth is a mental remedy
or method of thinking to be used to control or
govern human experience; and that it can be
applied to the thoughts of individuals to heal
diseases and remove discords. To nearly all, life
is full of problems to be solved in one way or

It may seem perfectly satisfying to some just to
be able to demonstrate health and harmony, and
bring abundance into an experience which they
consider human, temporal and transitory.
Others, however, desire more than this. They
have discovered that Life is not a problem to be
solved through any form of demonstration, but a
Reality to be known and experienced spiritually.
Moreover, they know that there is but one World,
the spiritual World of Truth and Reality.

It is sometimes said that the harder one tries to
think Truth, and the more diligent and earnest his
efforts to demonstrate over conditions, the worse
they seem to be. The reason for this is that as
soon as one attempts to apply Truth to his mind
or thoughts, to his conditions or affairs, he
departs from the factuality that Truth cannot be
applied; for to what could Truth be applied when
Truth is ALL?


Suppose it is said that, I have a cold ... I have
a headache ... I have had a chronic physical
condition for years. Reader, do such things
exist anywhere? Has anything of the kind ever
been in existence? Did any one ever have such a
thing or could he have it? Direct questioning is
arresting. It stops the clamour for healing. Ask
yourself questions, and answer them. Do not
say, Of course, I know such things do not exist
in Reality. Is there more than Reality? Would
you say that 4 and 4 are 9 cannot exist in reality
but can exist in unreality? Surely, you can see
the utter impossibility.

We do not reach Illumination or Revelation by
greater and greater effort. Instead of continuing
with mental argument or struggling further with
thought, one should completely stop every
mental practice and turn himself wholly to the
One which is above, underneath and within.
How instantly then he loses contact with time,
condition, people thought and thing!

A new world stands before him. He is entranced.
Drinking thirstily of its Love, beauty and
wonder, labourlessly, rapturously, he accepts its
changeless Peace, Joy and Perfection to be his
own Eternally.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, the Realm of
the Real, for here naught but Perfection abides.
This is the labourless way by which one may
leave undesirable conditions. This way is that of
spiritual Consciousness wherein discordant
conditions cannot exist. Disregard any teaching
pertaining to individual consciousness, as it
should now be clear that spiritual Consciousness
is the only Consciousness there is.

Healing is never accomplished through any form
of healing, though it may seem otherwise to
those who consider body as objective. Reality is
not divided into inner and outer, but is one
complete infinitude of Being. Reality is
Wholeness without any need of healing. Reality
is present right here and now as Harmony, Peace,
Love I AM. No words can adequately
describe Reality. It is indescribable and
immeasurable. Reality is the All of Being; and
there is nothing else to live for.

As the truth of mathematics encompasses all
there is of mathematics, so is it with Life that
is the Truth of Life is all there is of Life.
Wholeness and Harmony are its realities. Do not
try to prove Truth, but just accept that it is
always present. Any thing which seems to be,
yet is not aligned with wholeness and harmony,
is without substance or presence. Knowing our
Being to be the One I, our Enlightenment is

That which is true is Truth, and Truth is all that
exists, all that there is of anything. The things
which are in and of Truth are all that have
existence. Then we may well pause to question
ourselves and to answer our own questions with

Can any mental work change the Changeless or
destroy that which has no existence either in
Truth or in falsity? Realization should be a
simple Revelation, unmixed with toil, struggle,
effort or argument. The true world of Being, and
of things, is already established. Life is a present
Reality to be experienced here and now.

Forever, O lord, thy word is settled in Heaven.
(Psalms 119:89). It takes spiritual vision, faith
and inspiration to be able to turn from a sense of
an external world to the inner Light that the
World of Reality is the only World.

The cry of today is for something that will bring
results into human experience end wars, put
money into purses, health into bodies, and
happiness into personal affairs. Such longings as
these, however, proceed from the fallacious
belief and teaching that each is a separate being,
and that all live together in a world which is
external. Accepting this wrong premise, one
excludes oneself from seeing and experiencing
the true World in which Wholeness and
Happiness for ever abide.

The dogma that there is an external, objective
world is a gross mistake. Release yourself
altogether from it. Intuition and Revelation only
can open to us the Realm of true Understanding
and what it includes. This is the Consciousness
called the within. It has been termed the
Kingdom within; God within; the Father within;
the Holy Ghost within; Christ within: I in you.

Reality can be known and experienced by the
absolute turning to this Consciousness. Here we
have the only World there is the World of
Life, Truth and Love, in which all things are seen
as they truly are.


For want of a better word the term within is
used in all the sacred writings. It serves to
detach one abruptly and definitely from
contemplating or giving attention to a world as
external. Let us consider an example which will
illustrate this fact, and serve to give a clear idea
of just what is meant by the term within.

Think of simple, familiar things generally known
and used everywhere in the world in an infinite
variety of ways specifically the letters of
the alphabet. The question is, where do we go to
obtain these letters? We do not go anywhere; we
make no gesture toward an external place or
world. We turn within, we turn to our own
Consciousness. Not only here we find the
alphabet, but here also is where our health and
wholeness abides, our happiness and prosperity.
Even of greater importance, here is where we
exist our Mind, Body and World. Verily, it is
this Consciousness that has been called the


Be not conformed to a material sense of things
and thoughts: but be enlightened by finding and
experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven within the
heart. Reality cannot be created; nor can it be
determined by thoughts, feeling or actions.
Where then shall our hope rest or where shall we
find that which is dependable and eternally
certain? In that which is timeless, immeasurable
and unconditioned Heaven, our pure


To place health and wholeness in bodies,
happiness in individuals, success in things, and
understanding in thought and reason keeps one in
perpetual search, struggle, effort and argument.
When we turn to the World of Incorporeities as
the only World there is, we experience Intuition
and Illumination. We know the Truth without
effort or strain. This is The Eternal Way.

That mind influences body or that body
influences mind seems apparent only to those
who look outside the Realm of the Real.
Looking within, we find it so close that even our
looking towards it brings the glorious experience
of it. Our willingness to give up mental warfare
with ourselves, and with a supposititious
opposite, establishes the immediate recognition
of the ALL-Presence of the One.

It has been said that the intellect is but a
skeleton, but that to many the rattling of its bones
is as sweet a language as the voice of Intuition.
It does seem that many cannot discriminate
between personal thoughts and thoughts of the
divine Mind. On the other hand, it is certain that
others are expanding rapidly in spiritual
awareness, leaving mental-physics behind them;
and reaching eagerly toward the Absolute Truth
which alone satisfies and fulfils.


The World of Reality cannot be known in any
way other than by spiritual Light and experience.
It is well to remember this. For instance, just
recently I sat down with pencil and paper to
formulate some important ideas on a certain
subject. There was a sense of hesitancy, as
though I felt the subject required some particular
thought. Scarcely had I started to write the first
word when suddenly, a burst of words poured
over me. Rapidly I wrote them down. When I
had finished, it was as if the whole of Truth had
revealed to me in a few sentences.

I had not sought this particular Illumination. It
came to me entirely of Itself, and so was all the
more marvellous and entrancing. And the
theme? It was this: PERFECTION IS OUR
Always in illumination one loses sense of
himself as an individuality, and experiences
Reality as the One Being Itself.

One may have exerted great effort in his attempts
to overcome some peculiar or undesirable trait,
emotion or habit, and still be unsuccessful; yet
when he gives his deepest and purest love to the
Infinite One, suddenly, effortlessly, he is set free
from his burden, whether it represents to him the
physical, the mental or the emotional.

We must learn to depend upon our own Being
for everything. It is the one Reality which
includes ALL. Our thought, vision and activity
are spontaneous and labourless as we function in
Inspiration. When one imagines himself to be a
man with mind, will and choice of his own,
naturally he is limited in all directions.


In belief of duality one can never know Freedom,
Wholeness or Completeness. Great is the
mystery of Life as long as one regards himself to
be dependent upon his own personal thinking.
Inequality, injustice, incompleteness seem
everywhere. Human existence is a paradox to
those who believe in a human existence.

When we see things as they really are, we find
that never have we been a creature called man, a
mentality called mind or a body called matter.
Experiencing Reality, we come to know things as
they are; and we find the actuality of our Self to
be the Way, Truth and Life.

In the Light of Reality, our whole World, radiant
with Love and Beauty, has an entire new
meaning and glory.



To experience perfect Mind, Body and World,
we do not withdraw from one world to another.
We no longer think of this world and that world.
Our daily experience shall consist in our
knowing that one World alone exists, and it is
where we now are, for I and World are
identical. There is none but ME. The perfect
World is present now as our own spiritual

A human consciousness does not exist.
Therefore it cannot be developed nor can it exist
in states and stages. Having no existence, a
human mind or consciousness cannot be
illumined or unillumined; nor have a true sense
or a false sense. All beliefs pertaining to another
mind, consciousness or world beside the spiritual
One must be forsaken, since Truth and Truth
alone reigns.

It is often said, I know the Truth; if only I could
manifest it. Truth IS Manifestation. Truth is
not one thing, and manifestation another. There
is no cause or effect in Truth. Truth is an Entire,
an all-inclusive ALL-ness and I AM-ness. One
cannot get rid of the belief and teaching of
another mind, body and world as human and
material until he is ready and willing to see and
accept GOD as One without an opposite.


Spirit, Truth, can be known by the heart which
sees that the belief in duality has no truth in it,
and that the idea of duality is based wholly upon
the belief in separation from God. Since we have
not been separated from Spirit, we are not fallen
beings or humanity. The Eternal Day, therefore,
is this day, this Now and Here.

Through our deep, spiritual Love for the One as
the Alone, Life ceases to be a mystery to us; we
no longer consider it a problem to be solved, but
a Reality to be experienced. We are joyous with
new Joy, new Light and new Freedom.




Lesson No. 4 - March 10, 1944


THE Word Christ Means Cosmic Consciousness
Self Light, Self-Illumination. It is an
experience in which the belief in a human
existence is completely exploded.

Christ-Consciousness is ever with us for it is ever
within us as our real and perfect Consciousness.
It is our salvation and our glory. Without Me
(inner Light or spiritual Consciousness) ye can
do nothing. (John 15:5). To those who are
ready to be released from the belief in a human
self, mind, thought, body and world, Revelation
comes with its sweetness, its love and
understanding, its peace, rest and happiness.

How far away from us is this Kingdom of Light
and Glory? Closer than all else within us as
our very Self.


To experience direct Illumination or Revelation
let one put an end to his belief that he is mortal
or a human being, and identify himself as Spirit.
He must be ready to receive the calling and hear
the Voice, by opening the door of his heart to
God as his only Being. Why continue to declare
that God is our Life, God is our Being, while
simultaneously declaring oneself to be a mortal?
One must learn to see things for himself,
independent of general beliefs and teachings. As
soon as he places his vision, thought and feeling
upon God as Spirit, and Spirit as the whole of
him, he is bound to lose faith and belief in a
human life, a mortal self and a material body.

Receptive to inner spiritual Light, one depends
more and more upon It. Naturally there must be
a readiness of the heart to believe, in order to
receive or experience the Light. Perceiving and
accepting the Allness of Spirit one
simultaneously perceives the non-existence of
duality the belief in becoming, and the belief
in another.

The belief that the earth was flat did not lead to
the perception of the earth as round; nor will the
belief in humanhood lead to the perception that
we are Spirit. Cosmic Consciousness is a
present awareness of spiritual Selfhood, Body
and Existence. No sense of another or an
opposite is present.

Knowledge of our Self as Spirit never having
been otherwise is perfect Knowledge. It is
ever new and glorifying. It constitutes our entire
Understanding, our whole Universe, our only


Spirituality has to do with things of Truth and
Reality things of Spirit. As the light of the
sun swallows up lesser lights, similarly the Light
of our spiritual Awareness and Perception
obliterates our sense of separateness from God,
Spirit. No man can come unto Me, except it
were given unto him of my Father (except by the
Spirit of God within himself). (John 6:65).

By Spirit only can we see Spirit. Christ or inner
Light is not a Light cast upon some object or
thing, but a Light wherein we see things as they
are pure and perfect. Spirit does not see
things external to Itself; It is Itself the things It
sees. Spirit possesses all things; and everything
of Spirit remains unchanged in its Identity. No
idea of imperfection, change or development
mingles with It.

Believing Spirit to be there and humanity to be
here, one lives in a sense of futurity which has
no reality, and is not present. Looking toward a
future World, a future Existence, and a future
Self, one fails to understand the Here and Now of

Christ, God, Self, are identical Spirit, I AM.
Without Spirit there is no existence. Spirit is free
of argument and discussion. Knowledge of
Spirit is alone true Knowledge.

There is only one Truth, it remains eternally
unchanging and immutable, without beginning,
development or consummation the same
yesterday, and today, and for ever. In the World
of our own pure Consciousness, we see and
experience things as they are.



We take up the subject of healing from the
standpoint of Spirit. To understand how to help
ourselves and others through Spirit, we first
refute and explode the belief and teaching that
we are not Spirit now, but mortals trying to reach
or put on Spirit.

When one reaches the place where he is
dissatisfied with mental argument, and the belief
in healing, overcoming or destroying something,
then he can learn that one Existence alone exists
it is Spirit. Spirit has no becoming, It is IS-
ness. Spirit has no opposite, It is the Alone.

Spiritual awareness is the Knowledge that Spirit
is one unseparated Presence. Spiritual
understanding, therefore, has nothing to do with
the teaching of human mind, human thought and
human body.

When one reaches the position where mental
practice has failed to help him, and he is now
willing to turn to God as Spirit, verily, his own
spiritual Consciousness, he will soon discern
Spirit to constitute his entire World; and that in
this Allness there can be no other.


Identified as a human or personal being one
cannot learn nor comprehend the meaning of
direct Revelation or Cosmic Consciousness. He
must first open his heart, receive the calling, and
hear the Voice. As he discontinues his belief in
human and mental ways; mastership or
leadership; humanhood; he becomes receptive to
the Truth that spiritual Light alone satisfies.
Spirit, knowing Itself to be the Entire of All, has
no consciousness of anything physical or

It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh (belief
in duality) profiteth nothing. (John 6:63). In
metaphysics, flesh is generally thought of as
matter, or a physical body, which is to be
translated into Spirit. In the Absolute, discerning
the belief in two existences (matter and Spirit) to
be fallacious, we explode the teaching that matter
can be translated into Spirit. We know that
neither can matter be translated, nor can a mortal
being emerge into Spirit; that the non-existent
must remain non-existent.

The belief that the body is a human concept, or
that it is matter, portrays a position in which the
Light of Truth is not present. There is no human
plane, physical plane or mental plane. Truth is
Spirit, and Spirit or Truth is the only Existence.

An experience of spiritual Light may be brief or
prolonged. Of course, no sense of time is
present. In experiencing the Real and True we
lose completely all sense of anything personal,
knowing only the Peace, Love and Bliss of the
Eternal. The desire for healing is consumed in
the experience of the vibrant Wholeness and
Harmony of Spirit.

We all will need to keep entering this Realm of
the Perfect more and more, until finally we are
able to make it our permanent abode. Leaving
the sense of otherness, we are saved by grace
sin and separation are unknown. After each
experience, Life takes on a glowing new
meaning. Unforgettable, indeed, the sweetness
and wonder of these moments. If tears come, let
them. Often tears accomplish what nothing else
has been able to do toward ones preparation for
or appreciation of Perfect Existence.

The One Way is Christ spiritual Awareness of
Spirit as the only Existence right here and

Spirit in its fullness is at every point the same.
We are ever in contact with Life, Truth and
Harmony as an indivisible Whole
everpresent. The entire Presence of the Infinite
exists everywhere equally. Thus, in our
experience of Spirit, we are no longer ourselves
as personalities, we are that Consciousness
which is Spirit. We have distinctness without
sense of separateness.


The Kingdom of God is the experience of
Cosmic Consciousness. No sense of sin is
present, nor warfare, nor limitation. We are
Reality, and we experience the things of Reality.
Our Consciousness supplies our Light without
need of sun or moon; and the word time has no


In Cosmic Consciousness there is no longing,
waiting or watching. We do not persist as
personal beings nor do we merge into the Whole.
A Unit is not union. Multitudes of separate
beings cannot combine to make up the whole. In
the experience of Reality we are That which is an
inseparable Whole.

Consider the simple tree. It operates as a unit.
Not a single leaf, twig or branch can live or act
independent of the tree as a whole; and the life
and substance of the tree is its fullness and
wholeness throughout. There is nothing that a
leaf can be of itself; to be at all it must be the
tree. The tree as a whole is in every leaf.

Existence is thought a problem only when one
sees or considers his life as separate from the
Whole, with mind, thought and will of his own,
living in a human state. From this viewpoint
problems can never be solved. The heart can
only know spiritual things. The heart asks its
questions of God, and receives its answer from
God direct. When one is willing to give his heart
in full abandonment to Spirit as his only Life,
Being and World, he is then the Way unto

How painful and often heartbreaking the constant
and prolonged search for Truth. The heart can
hear the Voice if only it will listen. When one
ceases to add to or subtract from himself as a
man, and in the stillness of his heart turns to the
Eternal One as the whole of him, he will know
the meaning of the words, I am found of them
that sought Me not (intellectually). (Isaiah


Ways of being healed, regenerated, or
evangelized will continue to be practiced until
one reaches the Revelation that Life contains
neither a human beginning nor development: and
that our Perfection is always in us as the One
who is an indivisible Whole.




Lesson No. 5 - April 14, 1944


of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (Phil.
3:14). When we cease dealing with Bible
characters as personalities, we are much better
prepared to find and accept the Truth that God is
All. We then reject what does not measure up to
this Fact, Principle and Reality.

Not all Bible verses can be spiritually
interpreted. The heart can understand and
interpret only that which pertains to God as one
unseparated infinite Life, Mind, Being and
Existence. The heart is devoted to God as
Oneness, Allness, Perfection, beside which there
is none else; and thus cannot accept nor interpret
anything contrary or opposed to divine Truth,
Factuality and Principle.


The Bible states that the Spirit and the flesh are
contrary the one to the other ... but if ye be led of
the Spirit, ye are not under the law. (Gal.
5:17,18). When it is revealed to us that Spirit is
our only Being, then we discard the belief that
we are flesh. If one believes he is a mortal, he
has not yet spiritually perceived that there is
none else. All teachings, therefore, in a mind,
being, power or identity besides the One must be
fallacious. Knowing that Reality is Spirit, the
All-in-All without change, development or
evolution we know what to believe, and what
not to believe.

The way we contact the sun is through its rays of
light, and likewise the way we know and feel
God is through Light and Revelation of God. To
the sun there is no darkness; and to the One God
there is no other all is Himself. The One
Mind of everyone knows Itself to be Pure,
Perfect, Invariable and Immutable.

It is given unto you (who are pure in heart) to
know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven
(to see and understand spiritual things
spiritually. (Matt. 13:11). In this Light ones
beliefs in illusion, veils, myths and counterfeit
creation are a thing of naught not to be


There are no beings separated from the One.
There is no individual consciousness. There is
no mentality. Seeing as the one Mind we
comprehend that Spirit and Truth are always the
only Presence: that one Mind and one
Consciousness alone exist; that Perfection and
Completeness are our very Being; that Happiness
is within us, as well as the abundance of spiritual
things. All these things we know when we see
that never have we been separated from Spirit;
and thus that now are we Spirit.

In Christ Jesus means in spiritual Light, in
divine Illumination, in the glorious Revelation
that the One has no opposite. In Christ Jesus
means to know I Am the Truth, I Am the Light
of the World, I Am He. The things of reality
which one may seek to obtain by mental effort
are always present and intact, to be revealed to
him of the Spirit.

The One to remain All must ever remain One.
Seers of Truth are they who have had Truth
revealed to them. Their Revelations are
unanimous, that the One is Existence Absolute;
Existence Pure; Existence Perfect; Existence

The Holy Ghost is ones own Illumination.
We Live by this. We cannot accept anything
truly until we know and feel it from within.
Teachings of duality were never revealed to
anyone by the Spirit, for there is no reality in
them. We do not label Truth by the name of a
personality. Truth is God I AM. Purity is in
the One in whom there is no humanhood; All is
the One Selfhood Spirit.


It is our devotion to Spirit as the Infinite
Selfhood which reveals Reality to us. Purity of
heart means singleness of Vision the
Immaculate Conception. The Western Scripture
states, Ask, and it shall be given you; knock,
and it shall be opened unto you. (Mat. 7:7).
Paralleling this Illumination, the Sacred Writings
of the East state, He alone shall find this Self
who is powerfully attracted to him in complete
devotion; to him the Self reveals Himself as he
really is.

Vivekananda, representative of the ancient
religion of India, wrote the following: Love of
God increases every moment and is ever new, to
be known only by feeling it. Love is the easiest
of all; it waits for no logic; it is natural. We need
no demonstration, no proof So long as you
hold yourself separated by a hairs breadth from
this Eternal One, fear cannot go He who
follows the God of Truth with devotion, to him
the God of Truth reveals Himself It is
impossible for us to find God outside of


It is enlightening for one to understand why it is
that though there is one Mind and one
Consciousness only, and thus no individual or
personal mind or consciousness, still each must
know the Truth for himself. Consider the dream
as an analogy. In our night dream nothing is
present, and no activity is taking place, yet only
when we waken do we know this fact. In
spiritual Illumination only we know that we have
never been separate or different from our perfect
Self; that as there is nothing to a dream, likewise
there is nothing to the belief of humanhood and
human existence. Awake, we are not asleep;
aware of the fact that we are the divine Mind, we
do not believe in other minds.

The admonition, Be ye not conformed to this
world, (Rom. 12:2) does not refer to the world
we see before us as a world in opposition to the
Real World, as is the general belief. This
quotation is meant to convey that we must not
believe in two worlds; that is, one real and
spiritual, and the other unreal and material;
for in this acceptation one fails to discern the
absolute fact that one World alone exists, and it
is here and now within us, before us, and at hand.


The book Cosmic Consciousness by Richard
Maurice Bucke gives much information and
throws important light on this all-absorbing
subject. He explains that the true understanding
of oneself, world and things can only be
perceived by one having Cosmic Consciousness.
In his chapter Jesus the Christ, he says: No
man could ever enter into Cosmic Consciousness
because he had kept the commandments no
matter how strictly. Unless a mans spiritual life
pass the orthodoxies and conventions he shall on
no case enter into Cosmic Consciousness.

In this same chapter is found the following: The
Cosmic Sense does not come to the careless but
to the earnest, who diligently use all means of
spiritual advancement ... The oncoming of the
Cosmic Sense is a new birth into a new life.

Of Paul he says: Christ is Pauls name for
Cosmic Consciousness All who have Cosmic
Consciousness are on the same spiritual level.
Verily our Happiness, Joy, and all things are in
our-Self as we live in our own true
Consciousness. To do so it is imperative that we
turn from and adhere not to the teaching that we
are man, a mortal or human being.


Many wonderful letters are arriving in the mails,
telling of new Peace, Light and Glory, as in the
following quotations: I find no words to
describe how I feel no walls or materiality, as if I
walked on air, without movement These
lessons have the Understanding: and the Baptism
of the Holy Ghost also the language and the
instruction of the coming New Age Your
latest writings have revealed more of Light and
Truth to me than has come to me in the last thirty
years I let go, and everything was revealed
to me of my own true Self; I dont have to master
anything, for the Light in me is the Master of

To help oneself or another, we must think from
the fact of the One Consciousness, and thus see
the true Sense to be the only Sense present, and
the Mind of all. It is only in this Cosmic Sense
that we are Whole, we are Perfect, we are Free,
we are Changeless and Complete Being. In this
Light we know that there is no bond or free; no
young or old; no race or colour.

In Cosmic Consciousness we experience the
meaning of the words I AM.




Lesson No. 6 - May 11, 1944


THERE IS BUT ONE WAY to have all things,
and this way is to enter the Kingdom of the
Heart, for here all things are ours already.

That which is called the mind, intellect or flesh,
typifies that which profiteth nothing. The word
heart, as used in all Scriptures, refers to the Real
and True divine Life and Consciousness.
Labour and strife of thought are not here.
Associated with the heart are spiritual receptive,
simplicity, love.

I will demand of thee, and answer thou Me.
(Job 38:3). Everyone should pause to see
whether he is identifying himself with human
mind and human thinking or with divine Mind
and Its awareness.

By taking thought one cannot know the divine
Mind, hear the still small Voice, or receive
divine Revelation. Only the heart can see, know
and accept that there is one Mind and one Mind


No relationship exists between what one calls his
mind and the divine Mind. Cultivation or
spiritualization of ones thinking will never
translate a personal mind into the flawless,
eternal divine Mind. Any practice to purify his
mind by ruling out its wrong thoughts by his
right thinking brings him into bondage and
slavery. His need is to know that he has no mind
of his own. He that loseth his life (the sense of
a personal mind) shall find it (shall find the true
Mind to be his one and only Mind). (Matt.

The true Mind is ever the Kingdom of the heart.
Every thought of this Mind exists as
Omnipresence, instantly available. What is
complete is perfect, and whatever is perfect is
perfect is the Truth, established as the eternal
verity. Not the spiritualization of a personal
mind and its thinking is the necessity, but to the
contrary, this practice must be discarded and
abolished. The reason for failure and frustration
is that attention is being given to a mind which,
having no existence in God or Reality, has none
at all.

Turning completely to divine Mind for our Light
and Understanding, we find that it takes care of
everything. Here we have no will of our own but
have the Mind and the Will of God. It was St.
Augustine who, turning away completely from a
human sense, and facing the Presence within,
cried, I ask nothing of Thee, not even Thy love
I want only divine Illumination. With the
heart it is always easy for us to feel the One,
Love the One, adore and delight in the One
easy for us to have faith, trust and confidence
that God, the One, is All.

You have no mind of your own to instruct or to
be instructed. A good tree (divine Mind) cannot
bring forth evil fruit (wrong thinking), neither
can a corrupt tree (belief in personal mind) bring
forth good fruit (pure thinking). (Matt. 7:18).
Turn to the heart, and here partake of the
Priceless Glory of divine Light. The heart can
see and experience the spiritual Light of Being.
The Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man
looketh on the outward appearance (mind), but
the Lord looketh on the heart. (1 Sam. 16:7).

No man can serve two masters. (Matt. 6:24).
To believe in two minds is to be unaware that
there is but ONE. To believe in still a third mind
a universal mortal mind is to believe in an
entity and power which divine Mind knows not.

For God, who commanded light to shine out of
darkness, hath shined in our hearts. (2 Cor. 4:6).
That Christ may dwell in your hearts. (Eph.
3:17). Commune with your own heart.
(Psalms 4:4). Keep thy heart with all diligence;
for out of it are the issues of Life. (Prov. 4:23).
I will give them a heart to know Me, that I Am
the Lord for they shall return unto Me with
their whole heart. (Jer. 24:7). Let not your
heart be troubled. (John 14:1).


The Perfect, the Divine, the Spiritual, are all
connected with the heart; so also are Vision,
Exaltation, Illumination, Revelation and Cosmic
Consciousness. The Secret place of the Most
High this, too, is the Kingdom of the heart.
Of course, the word heart has no physical
meaning here, but the purely spiritual. Blessed
are the pure in heart; for they shall see God.
(Matt. 5:8). Here is where the Cosmic Glory


Thou shalt have no mind or consciousness but
ME. Let all the earth keep silence before Him.
(Hab. 2:20). The general religious belief of
today is that through evolution regeneration,
evangelization, translation a human mind or
consciousness will be transformed into the
Divine. Nothing could be further from the Truth.
There is no existence but the Totality of the One.
Thus, the Way is I AM THE ONE.

The subtle and pernicious teaching that one
should put right thoughts into a human mind of
his own will not be acceptable to those who are
awake to the spiritual admonition, that thou shalt
have no mind or consciousness but Me!
Obviously, the Me is the One Divine Mind and
Consciousness which is God; which needs no
cultivation or change; but is ever Perfect and


It is believed that by the improvement of ones
personal mind he will finally gain possession of
the One divine Mind. Patching old garments
(minds) or filling old bottles (consciousness)
with new wine (right thinking) is not the Way.
(Matt. 9:16,17). Only by laying aside these
beliefs, and accepting the divine Mind as ones
only Mind, can he know what Truth is, and
experience it.

The belief that we are the divine Mind by
reflection is not true. The divine Mind is ours in
one way only by virtue of Identity. One
Being, one I only exists; and there can be no
other being or I to reflect it.

Trust in the Lord (the one and only Mind) with
all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own
(personal) understanding. (Prov. 3:5). My
heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will
sing and give praise. (Psalms 57:7). As one
considers the heart the way to spiritual Light and
Revelation having turned absolutely away
from beliefs and teachings which identify us with
a personal or human mind he soon
experiences a rest and peace which is all-
satisfying. He notices the absence of the desire
to seek and strive further, as well as the aim to
apply or demonstrate the Truth.


One notes with joy that troublesome thoughts are
now a thing of the past: for within his heart is a
lovely quiet rest and peace, untroubled,
unlaboured, as the bestowal upon him of some
great unexpected luxury or wonderful gift. In the
heart is a joyous activity like the rhythmical hum
of bees or warbling birds or sound of childrens
laughter. One may feel a sudden rush of joy and
gladness, knowing that since the Whole is a Unit,
the Whole is Itself the indivisible part.

As a man, one cannot be a law of perfection and
immunity unto himself, because his law would
necessarily be according to his belief that his
mind is human, and his thinking imperfect. Only
as the one Mind Itself can one walk in freedom
and immunity. Being, Awareness and
Manifestation are one the One Itself.




Lesson No. 7 - June 23, 1944


related in the Bible? God describes Himself as
I AM THAT I AM and as I AM. (Exodus
3:14). Further on, we read, Is there a God
beside Me? Yea, there is no God; I know not
any. (Isaiah 44:8). How few these words, yet
how all-inclusive, all-satisfying and absolute.
Nor could they be more dynamic or more
descriptive of Omnipotence, Omnipresence,

Dear Friend, if at any time you think Truth to
be too wordy, too complicated or too vague and
uncertain, then think of these words, for they
contain the full and complete meaning of Life
and Existence. They describe The Living God.

With what words did Jesus relate himself to the
Christ? In a few simple words as follows: I that
speak unto thee am He. (John 4:26). No other
answer could be more explicit, more certain or
absolute. How did he relate himself to the
Father? In the words, I and the Father are one
(John 10:30). Just small words, yet few in all
ages have comprehended them.


It is being asked today, How can I make Truth
practical? How can I heal with it? How can I
put it into use? How can I make it work for
me? Earnest, anxious, honest questions,
nevertheless, any answer which sets forth or
provides a human way would be imperfect and
insecure; and, finally, useless and futile. Truth
cannot be practiced upon untruth. Reality cannot
be applied to unreality. That which Is cannot be
mixed with the non-existent.

Seeing and accepting I AM THAT I AM, and
beside ME there is none else, one is unable to
point out anything in this Reality which needs
healing, or see a place where Truth needs to be
applied. The statement is so final, so all-
inclusive, so absolute, as to preclude all thought
of healing person or thing.

Verily, Truth cannot be practiced from the
standpoint of applying it is as a means to an end,
for the end is the same as the beginning, the
object the same as the subject I AM.
Learning the meaning of I AM THE WAY he
will have true Knowledge. Could the fact that
the earth is round be practiced upon a flat earth?
Think it over, and find out why not.

Be released from the notion to demonstrate the
Truth, for how can you demonstrate the presence
of that which is everpresent or overcome the
thing which is not here? To know the Truth is
Freedom and immunity.


Jesus did not teach metaphysics, nor was he a
master metaphysician. He taught no method of
healing disease or limitation; he gave no
direction concerning thinking, excepting this:
Take ye no thought. (Luke 12:11). Plainly he
stated, For this cause came I into the world, that
I should bear witness unto the Truth (show forth
Reality as present here and now). (John 18:37).
Everyone who is of God can hear the Voice of

Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in
Heaven is perfect. (Matt. 5:48). Can a human
ever be perfect? Can a human be brought into
the perfect state of existence? Here is the
answer: Flesh and blood cannot inherit the
Kingdom of God. (1 Cor. 15:50). Dear friend,
do not fail to remember that the Bible is for our
instruction in Spirit, and only when we know
our-Self to be Spirit without beginning or end,
changeless and eternal can we comprehend
that we must not give personality to Bible
characters, nor ever believe that we must pass
through the experiences they portray. The
Message of Truth is what we look for, and when
we have it in ourselves, then we know It in
whatever book it is written.


As the hart (deer) panteth after the water
brooks, so panteth my soul after Thee, O God.
My soul thirsteth for God, for The Living God.
(Psalms 42:1,2). They shall be all taught of
God. (John 6:45). What is the meaning of
Revelation or perfect Knowledge? The
immediate consciousness of the Real.


The perfect Truth is simple Truth; the perfect
Truth is the fact that Spirit is all, Spirit is the
only Existence. Let this Mind be in you, which
was also in Christ Jesus. (Phil. 2:5). What
Mind is this? It is the Mind which is I AM; it is
the I which fills heaven and earth. (Jer. 23:24).
Why call one thing Mind, and something else the
manifestation of Mind? The light of the sun is
sun; a leaf of the tree is tree; and the activity and
manifestation of Mind is Mind.

Revelation is our perfect Saviour and Deliverer
the Light of our World. In its glorious Light,
our righteousness is revealed, our Perfection,
Power and glory, even as it is written, as follows:
If iniquity be in thine hand, put it far away ...
For then thou shalt lift up thy face without spot!
Yea, thou shalt be steadfast, and shalt not fear:
because thou shalt forget thy misery, and
remember it as waters that pass away. And thine
age shall be clearer than the noonday; thou shalt
shine forth, thou shalt be as the morning.
Moffatt states: Your life will rise more radiant
than the noon you can feel secure you can
look around you and lie down in safety. (Job

Revelation silences every doubt and fear, raising
us from glory to glory, delivering the perfect
Answer without our effort, labour or thought.
No joy can equal it, nor pen describe it. It is
verily the indescribable.


You are not in the flesh, you are in the Spirit,
since the Spirit of God dwells within you.
(Rom. 8:9 Moffatt). Believe not that you are
flesh; a mortal; a human being. Since Spirit,
God, is All, then everything that has existence is
Spirit, and nothing else. Spirit is a Substance
which is wholly pure, immutable, immaculate,
unchanging and eternal. Until one identifies
himself as Spirit spiritual Mind, spiritual
Being, spiritual Body and Existence he must
continue in the belief that he is a mortal, living in
a human existence.

Insofar as we are able, we should depart from
every belief and teaching which would identify
us with de-flection, de-parture and de-generation,
for they but lead to death. Spirit is Life, Spirit is
Truth, Spirit is Reality Here, Now, Always.
Our all-absorbing devotion to Spirit as the all and
whole of our Life, brings us the experience of
Light and Revelation.


The story of the fishing trip, as related in the
Bible, is very illuminating when spiritually
understood. We find Jesus telling his disciples to
launch out into the deep: (Luke 5:4) meaning
that we are to identify our-Self with the Infinite.
It is significant to know their first words, as
follows: We have toiled all the night, and have
taken nothing. Many of us have had such a
trying and bewildering experience, toiling with
words and thoughts, with books and teachings,
yet getting nothing, nor knowing why.


In John 21, the sixth verse, Jesus said, Cast the
net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find
... And now they were not able to draw it for the
multitude of fishes. Reader can you tell just
what would be the right side of the ship, that you
may cast here also?

When they followed the instruction, lo,
everything was there that they sought, and in
overwhelming abundance. Taken literally this
account has no value, for the right side surely
could not have been just the other side of the
ship. It has but one meaning the right side is
the right Way. Looking into the infinite we shall
see our-Self as we are: and claiming this
Selfhood as our very own, here and now, we
experience the abundance of spiritual realities.
Identified with the Infinite, we are identified with
the Self-existent, the Self-sustained and Self-
complete. Each of us is complete in the One,
each entitled to All. Since we are in and of the
Infinite, we have all that the Infinite includes.

Only as Spirit, the one Selfhood, can we claim
the right to all things, and be secure our body
safe from danger. Think, if it were possible to
add materiality to the alphabet, how fatal would
be the result. Every letter would then be subject
to accident, loss and extinction. Think, how fatal
it would be if Spirit could be materialized!
Immediately, it would be subject to dissolution
and annihilation. Truly, matter cannot be added
to Spirit, nor weight and size. We are Spirit


Fire or water cannot reach the letters of the
alphabet, nor sword or pain. In exactly the same
way we can think of our Body; as Spirit, it is
immune, it is pure, it is undimensional.
Therefore, instead of spending time in attempting
to heal thought, body or disease, give your whole
attention to the Light and Understanding that I
AM SPIRIT; Spirit is my Being, Spirit is my
complete Consciousness.

We need not affirm Truth when once we know
that Truth is the only Existence, Truth is Spirit;
we need not deny what we know has no
existence in Truth, hence no existence at all.
Why continue to struggle and strive with
arguments, inconsistencies and confusions when
the joy and glory of knowing that we are Spirit
awaits us all? There is no place where Spirit is
not present, for Spirit is the Everpresence and the

Spirit is our own Consciousness. It has no
opposite and no becoming. Ever free, flawless
and absolute, Spirit is the right and only Way.
Here alone shall we find that which satisfies us,
enriches and glorifies us everlastingly.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
(2 Cor. 3:17). Moffatts translation is this: the
Lord means the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit
of the Lord is, there is open freedom. Spiritual
readiness and a fasting from intellectualism,
personalities and wrong teaching, brings us the
Light which is Illumination. Launch out into
the deep! Cast the net on the right side!
Through love of Spirit, the Perfect, we know and
experience spiritual Reality, spiritual Peace and

Dear Friend, we are destined to know the Truth
of our own Being, and to know it in the right
Way. Not for an instant have we ever been other
than Spirit, for God is ever the Unchangeable
All. Our own Reality is ours to experience in the
Here and Now, since we are the Infinite One




Lesson No. 8 - October 20, 1945


things, Spirit is Life Itself. It is Spirit which is
divine Mind and thinking, Spirit which is divine
Love and loving, Spirit which composes,
comprises and includes all real Life and

When Life is found to be Spirit, and thus seen to
be incorruptible and everlasting, Life becomes
this to us. When Love is found to be Spirit, and
thus known to be ever pure and unchangeable,
Love becomes this to us. When Mind and
thinking are found to be Spirit, they become our
only Mind and thinking, and we are kept in
uninterrupted happiness, harmony and peace.

The word human pertains to a kind of being or
existence which is other than God; it designates
the impure, imperfect and incomplete. Not
human betterment, human development and
human advancement are required that we
experience perfection, but quite the reverse; the
great necessity is an awaking to Spirit, that we
may cease struggling with the misconception of
an existence separated from the One, and learn
that all there is is the Self-existent I AM.


The notion to bring the pure into the impure, the
spiritual into the material, may first appear to one
as a ladder leading him to better conditions and
things; but should he remain in this
misconception it will prove a veritable ditch
instead, a place where he will labour and toil
without end.

Our Life, Mind, Body and Existence are
eternally established in Spirit perfect,
complete, present. The only need is an
awakening to this sublime actuality, that one may
identify himself with Spirit, the divine alone.
When he does this, he shall come into possession
of the fullness of every good and perfect thing.

Since our Nature is Spirit, not matter, then it is
impossible for anyone to be free of imperfection
and limitation until this supreme and paramount
fact be revealed to him. Nor can this divine
Revelation be received by him unless he is
willing to leave the imperfect for the Perfect, the
intellect for the Heart, and the ways and means
of the personal for identification with that I
which is the all-inclusive and perfect Self.

The Revelation that we are Spirit fulfils all our
desires. It comes to those who are spiritually
prepared to receive it, whose thoughts are
simple, and whose hearts are receptive to fuller
knowledge of the Real. Revelation is immediate
understanding and freedom.


It is imperative that we turn from palliative
remedies to perceive that which is the supreme,
not because it is higher even the highest
but because it is the All and the Only of Life and
Existence. When sufficient Truth has been
revealed to one, he will then cease the attempt to
purify his mind or thinking; he will understand
that no amount of mental work can ever deliver
the Knowledge that the one Mind has no

Personal regeneration shall cease to be practiced
when one accepts Spirit to be his perfect Self
now. The seventh day is present when we
cease thinking that we are mankind or human
beings, supposed to overcome evil and
demonstrate good in a human existence. He
that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet
shall he live. (John 11:25). Who is Me? Not
an outside God, nor an outside divine Mind.
According to the record, it was Jesus who spoke
these words; yet he was not speaking as a man, a
human being, teacher or healer, but as the One
I Itself.


one from sin as well as sickness. A material
being or body has no more existence than had a
flat earth; thus, every thought or effort based
upon the supposition that mental labour, work or
treatment can overcome evil or heal disease in
mind or body shall finally be seen as


If you are at all, you are Spirit immutable and
perfect; and your Body and World are Spirit also.
When Spirit, which is our only Mind, Life and
Being, is revealed to us, then we know that we
are Spirit, and that we have never been another.

One Spirit or Nature must hold and comprise all:
and all must be mutually present within a Unity.
There is no transmission, translation or
reflection, but Spirit is an inseparable Identity in
Itself. In this Infinitude of Being and Existence,
no principle or idea of sin or disease,
imperfection or fulfilment is present. Of this
perfect Life, Plotinus says, (Ennead vi, 5,12).

Conceive it as a power of an ever-fresh Infinity,
a Principle unfailing, inexhaustible, at no point
giving out, brimming over with its own vitality.
If you look to some definite spot and seek to
fasten on some definite thing, you will not find
it. The contrary is your only way; you cannot
pass on to where it is not; you will never halt at a
dwindling point where it fails at last and can no
longer give; you will always be able to move
with it better to be in its entirety and
seek no further; denying it, you have strayed
away to something of another order and you fall;
looking elsewhere you do not see what stands
there before you.



The belief that one can control, heal or improve
the body should be superseded by the spiritual
Knowledge that Body is Spirit, even as Life,
Mind and Being is Spirit. Life could not be one
Nature, and Body another. When we are aware
that Spirit is One Infinitude, One Existence, then
our belief in human selves, human beings and
bodies ceases.

Spirit cannot be in states or in degrees of being,
Spirit is always Spirit Allinclusive. The
understanding that we are Spirit puts an end to
contrary viewpoints. In Spirit Cosmic
Consciousness shall all be made alive; that is,
all shall see and understand from the basis of the
one Principle and Nature. Spirit is neither cause
nor effect. Until one is able to break away from
the belief in the triad of mind, matter and
personality, he cannot comprehend The Kingdom
of Spirit. Not a temporal healing, but
beginningless Wholeness and Perfection abide
unbroken in spiritual Consciousness.

Actually we know little or nothing of Truth or
Reality until it is revealed to us not by might,
nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.
(Zech. 4:6). A form of Life is not less or other
than Life Itself. There is no mortal life.
Speaking as a man, one speaks of a material
sense, and a material life: but knowing of God
that All is Spirit, and that spiritual Life and Form
is one, we know there can be no form of a
material life.


Spirit is supreme, seeing nothing to heal or
perfect, knowing Itself to be Infinite. Perfect
Being cannot feel grief or unforgiveness, sorrow
or want. Spirit cannot be contaminated or
defiled. The heart which glorifies the one
Selfhood, knowing there is no other, is
independent of dogma or creed. It is a
wellspring of Light within itself.

If the question is asked, Is this material body I
walk around with the spiritual body? the one
questioned needs to consider the viewpoint of the
questioner. Turning again to the analogy of a flat
earth, what would be ones answer to the
question Is the flat earth I see all around me the
round earth? A rational answer is impossible, for
the reason that one earth only exists; and by the
same token, one body only exists and is present.

If one believes the round earth to be flat, all his
questions and answers will be unintelligible.
Truth only understands Truth. To answer truly,
one must know as the divine Mind. Identifying
oneself with the non-existent, he is double-
minded, and the Spirit of the Truth is not in him.

There are no situations, minds, bodies or
thoughts to handle or treat. There is no
personality to address in treatment. Divine Mind
sees Divine Mind perfect and complete, lacking
nothing, ever aware of Itself to be Spirit the
one and only I.


Where need one go to see and know Reality and
Truth? It is generally accepted that one must die,
or leave this world, in order that he may enter
another world where Truth is more fully known.
In a sense this is true, but not in the way inferred.
We are to give up the belief that we are mortal,
matter, mind and personality; and awake to the
Truth that we are Spirit, right here and now; and
that no other world exists. This Consciousness is
verily The Kingdom of Spirit.




Lesson No. 9 - September 18, 1944


In The Field Of Mental Practice Today many are
discovering to their dismay that beliefs about
Truth, which they have been depending upon
utterly and absolutely, no longer support them as
formerly. Healing works are not taking place as
in times past. The reason is this: the old order is
now going out, while simultaneously an influx of
New Light is taking place.

Healing practices are limited, because it must
become known that human mind and human
existence can never become spiritualized. My
Kingdom is not of this world (a world
misconceived as material). (John 18;36). The
world (misconception) passeth away. (1 John
2:17). Imperfect beliefs and teachings must now
give way to the Perfect and Real. The hour is
here when those ready to give up the old, and
accept the New, will find the Kingdom of God to
be within us always; and learning what this
means, we shall go forward into great Light and


When the day arrived in history that the use of
kerosene oil was to give place to lighting through
electricity, many prolonged their acceptance of
it, even as before their time some of the slaves,
already set free, preferred to remain longer in
slavery. Whenever a new order comes into view
the old must pass away; and the time is now
come when healing is to be based upon an
entirely new platform. We are to find our
Wholeness, Harmony and Perfection already
complete and inviolate in Spirit within us.

The belief that we are a man or creature, a body
or an image, is not the Truth. The belief that
each is an individual consciousness and that he is
to create his good by thinking it; and that he has
a mind, will and body of his own to be redeemed
or purified, is not the Truth. The increased
struggle to apply the Truth to mind, thought or
condition comes to an end; and the reason is that
Truth is what we ARE, and not what one intends
to make himself.

Permanent release from ills or discords is present
as one turns to the Kingdom of Spirit to see
things as they actually are, and have ever
remained. Instead of a need for greater effort to
change thought or consciousness, this belief must
be banished entirely. It shall become known that
One Mind and One Consciousness reigns alone.
Realities of Being cannot become known while
one concerns himself with the practice of mind
over matter, Truth over error, right thoughts over
wrong ones; and while he continues the belief
that he must defend himself from other minds; or
from an entity called evil and its various allies.


Spirit is Mind which is never in states or stages
of Consciousness. Spirit IS pure Consciousness.
Spirit is Life eternal without sickness, sin or
death. Perfection exists for all who will leave all
other ways for this one Way of Identification.
Only in Illumination can we see things as they
are, since it takes Spirit to see Spirit.

Every living one and thing is this one Substance
Spirit never any other. There is not one
mind, temporal, and another Mind, eternal.
There is not a present time of preparation and a
future time of peace and bliss. Time shall be no
longer when we perceive the One to be without
an opposite or adversary. The eternal Now is
here, and if we will, we may believe it and accept
it, for it is the Truth.

There will never be any time to us but Now, nor
any place but Here. Disregard the teaching of a
future time and place for Reality to be known
and experienced. Whatever IS must be always
present. God knows no future, no states and
stages of Being; and God is our only Being.

Where is our perfect World, our perfect
Experience, our Perfect Existence, our Harmony
and Peace? Reality is our Consciousness
none else. How shall we enjoy this wondrous
experience? We must believe in the One God as
Spirit; and have no belief in another existence.
We must expand beyond the limits of religious
beliefs and teachings.


Truth is not known through any system of ideas
which have to do with cause and effect, changing
and applying, regenerating and overcoming.
Spirit is Truth Itself immaculate, immutable,
unchangeable. In the Light of Truth we see and
know everything as it is. Spiritual things have
no materiality. Identified as Spirit, we are no
longer the self we seemed to be, but That which
is the only One. We are That to which we
prayed. We are That which has been the only
One forever.

Whenever a new Light comes into view, old
things must pass away. Healing is now to give
way to a whole new concept that is we are
to find our Self, Mind Consciousness, Body and
World to be Spirit; and we shall know that in
Spirit there can be no sickness, war or discord.

The Understanding is spreading rapidly that
Spirit is All, and All is Spirit; that there is but
One I or Identity, which is inseparable Life,
Mind and Being. Our harmony, happiness and
abundance are therefore predicated upon the
eternal Principle of our Perfection as present
right now and here; not upon a practice of
healing something or some one as a palliation
until one passes on to some future time and other

Not better healing and quicker healing results are
to be desired or expected, but the very thought of
healing is to be superseded by the pure
Knowledge of One Selfhood, One Consciousness
and One Existence to exist without a becoming.


The Kingdom of Perfection is within us NOW.
It has never been apart from us nor we from It.
One cannot know the realities of being so long as
he believes that we are the perfect Being now but
that first a translation must take place.

Except a man be born of the Spirit, he cannot
enter into the Kingdom of God. (John 3:5).
Drop everything pertaining to duality another
being, mind and consciousness to be changed,
corrected or purified. Never can there be more
than the One. None can escape this spiritual
prerequisite. Truth is Reality NOW.

When one feels the futility of all effort to apply
the Truth to some one or some thing, then shall
the awareness come from the within, that
Perfection is the established fact; and that all that
is required of him is that he believe in it, love it,
trust it, and hold to it with intense spiritual
devotion. Foolishly it has been thought that
diseases should be healed more quickly, and that
demonstrations should be more certain; but this
is not the necessity. One must experience that
Consciousness which is Spirit, and understand
Mind Itself to be all things perfect and eternal.
The belief of a healed mind, thought, body or
condition shall pass away; and the perfect
Knowledge that our Mind, Consciousness and
Body are Spirit now never having been
otherwise shall become known and accepted.


Divine Revelation owes nothing to human beliefs
and doctrines. Thoughts, feelings, beliefs or
actions do not condition Reality. Being is the
unconditioned! Just as you are, you can
experience your Perfection if you will turn from
beliefs which are conditional, and face your
perfect Self as your Completeness and Allness
here and now.



The time for thinkers came and has passed; the
time is now here when the real worshippers will
worship the Father in Spirit and in Reality.
(John 4:23 Moffatt). Through various ways of
worship, finally we come to that experience
known as the within; here all things are

None can place those things seen as external onto
That which is within. We must be detached from
church, textbook, teacher, friend or relative as
personal things or people. We come to God
alone. The price is high, but Oh, the glory we
have with us having lost nothing, but gained
all. To know how to live in spiritual
Consciousness, and be free from fear, worry,
doubt and unhappiness is Existence absolute.
We find Reality to have been with us and in us
always even our very Being.

Our Life is Spirit, our Being is Spirit, we are
Spirit. Our hunger and thirst for Knowledge has
ceased. Until one has tasted of Reality his
understanding of Life is necessarily intellectual.
The spiritually minded can know Spirit.

If one would experience Revelation then he must
part with whatever keeps him from it. The
greater our Love for and devotion to our perfect
Self as already our very own, the more frequent
will be the times lived in Illumination. One can
make as many changes in his consciousness as he
will, but none of them will bring him direct
divine Light, because Truth is known by Truth,
and not by change of mind.


Christ or spiritual Light and Revelation is its own
church, its own royal power and glory; its own
understanding, serenity and bliss. In profuse and
dramatic parables, Jesus pointed out that Heaven,
Reality, exists Now, as the Eternal, established
fact. He asserted that there was no way to it only
to leave all else for it: then, without labour or
effort, we would find it within us, and we within
it. He emphasized that the Way of Spirit is
simple and easy, without struggle or labour.

Our perfect spiritual Body will not be manifested
through any change of bodies. If it does not exist
now, it is certain that it never will. A single
Illumination of Spirit convinces us that a
material body does not exist. Accept your body
as it is in Spirit Now, and you will not need to
think of healing it: you will be aware that the
perfect Body you have in Reality is the only one
there is or ever can be.


In the Bible there are hundreds of references to
Spirit and to the spiritual. The meaning of
Spirit can really be known only by experiencing
it. All the descriptions of it will never explain it.
Some may find it difficult to walk away from the
intellectual or mental viewpoint with one great
stride; yet no way exists to experience God
except by Spirit.


In the book of Revelation, we read of the
everlasting gospel which is to be preached
everywhere. (Rev. 14:6). The key-note of this
gospel is Spirit. Heaven, Spirit, and the
spiritual World are identical. The Self is the
Being of Spirit, the Body is the Body of Spirit,
World or Universe is the Universe of Spirit.

When it is said that we must come to God alone,
it does not mean that we cannot receive help
from another who has himself found the Way of
Spirit, for most certainly we can. Yet, the same
as we do our own breathing, eating and drinking,
we come to our Self alone.

Our moments spent with Spirit are the most
wonderful we can ever know. Here we are
taught the deep things of God. The reader of this
lesson may recall that at one time I mentioned
the experience of having a painful finger because
a rose thorn had lodged in it deeply. That night,
when pain was felt, I began questioning myself
like this: do I believe that I have material finger
into which a thorn has entered, and that I must
have it removed or do I see that I have a
finger which is spiritual and perfect, in which no
thorn is present, and no removal of it is required?

Immediately, I saw Reality as it is, and the pain
stopped that instant. Soon, no discoloration or
swelling could be seen and no thorn was felt
or present.


The very Nature of our Being is Illumination and
Knowledge, even as the sun is its own light and
heat. Our Self and our Light are not distant from
us; we and our Self are the same One. To know
our real Nature as our only Nature, and to love it
supremely, assures us of instant Knowledge
satisfying and sufficient.




Lesson No. 10 - October 28, 1944


It Is Significant that the last book of the Bible is
called Revelation, designating Revelation to be
the Way which shall bring an end to the belief in
a human existence.

Revelation reveals Spirit and Manifestation to be
the same One. Knowing Reality to be Spirit, we
no longer believe in things physical or things
mental. We know God to be the whole of us,
and the Whole of us to be God. We know the
one I to be the only Identity of All.

When we are willing to leave all other ways, we
come naturally into spiritual Illumination where
we experience Truth and Reality to be our very
own present always. We know what it means
to be still, and know that I am God. (Psalms

What does it profit one, though year after year he
takes human footsteps as a means to bring
spiritual Perfection into a human existence, if in
the end, he discovers that the whole set-up of
human existence is rooted in a fallacy the
fallacy that we are some one beside God, living
in some place beside the perfect World.


Deliverance is not by way of healing problem
after problem or taking step after step in a human
existence; but by a awakening to the glorious,
precious Truth and Reality that there is no human
state of being, mind or existence; that God is
Spirit: and that there can be no other. We are not
delivered from a human existence but from the
belief that there is a human existence.

When in Consciousness we experience our true
and only state of Being Spirit we know
that our spiritual Consciousness is the
Consciousness of God. Our experience of Being
and Manifestation to be One is certain and
ineffaceable. The sooner one gives up the wrong
belief and teaching that he must work his way
out of matter and mortality into Spirit and
accepts the Truth that perfect Being and perfect
Manifestation are present here and now, the
sooner he will know and feel the imperishable
Peace and Serenity of Spirit.

The Illumined state plainly, that unless we ask
with our heart, unless we can scarcely eat or
drink until we know, unless life is no longer
worth living without the experience of the
absolute Truth, we shall not gain it; that we are
to desire Reality and Truth more than life itself,
if we to be worthy of its experience.


Direct Revelation has naught to do with a
process of thinking. It is neither reason nor
thought; thus, to have Revelation one must give
up the ways of reason and taking thought.
Spiritual Manifestation is ever present as Reality
Itself; it is not something to be brought out or
made visible. For instance, when we see the
form called a rose, we see all there is of a rose;
there is not an idea of a rose, and the form of a
rose beside. Likewise, there is not Spirit, and
forms or bodies of Spirit beside. The One
remains One.

To turn away from belief in oneself as a mortal,
and see and accept ones Self as Spirit, is not to
get out of one being into another; it is to see that
never have we been a mortal; and we need not
emerge from it. The One Being is the Being we
are now; and there has been no other being.

When we give our whole attention to that which
is Real and True as our only Existence, in a
divine simplicity of heart and devotion, we feed
upon the bread of Life, we drink at the fountain
of living waters. In this pure Consciousness, we
drop the belief that suffering or tribulation is a
way to God. It is not true. The perfect
Knowledge which we have gained from any
religion will abide with us forever; but we shall
need to turn from all that is imperfect and untrue.



Identifying ourself with our true and real Self as
present now, we experience an inner stillness,
peace and happiness, impossible while practicing
other ways. Abiding in this Light loving it
above all else our answer to every question is

I recall a time when, soon after I had begun
studying Truth, I had invited a relative from a
distance to visit me. He was a Methodist
minister, and I wanted greatly to present this
wonderful Truth to him. Imagine my chagrin
and consternation, that when the day set for his
arrival came, I woke to find myself faced with
the belief of a very distressing cold. Eyes, nose,
throat and voice told the story; and I was
distressed beyond measure to meet him this way,
for how could this evidence coincide with my
Message? My whole being was consumed with
one question, What shall I tell him, and how can
I explain it to him?

He was to arrive very early that morning, and as
I was busily getting ready for him, I was
constantly questioning myself for some
explanation to give him, but none came. I saw
him coming up the front walk; his hand was now
pressing the electric button; and still I had found
no suitable answer to the question surging from
my heart the question What shall I Tell


With my hand on the door knob, I paused. In
desperation and total abandonment of self, I
turned to God, crying, God, what shall I tell him
about this cold? Back came the Answer like a
flash: How can you tell him anything when you
havent it? O the glory of that instant; I opened
the door with the feeling that I knew everything.
I was radiant, whole, without trace of a single
symptom. Our visit was a most happy one.

How foolish and stupid, the way of taking
thought. How thrilling and glorious, the Way of
turning to God as our very own Life and Being.
Never can we account for sickness or trouble, for
to God, our only Being, discord is not present.

The above incident may serve to illustrate what
is meant by direct Light or Illumination. In that
fraction of a second I had experienced Being the
divine Mind, knowing Truth as my own
Consciousness, and living in spiritual Existence.

Reality is the thing Itself Manifestation.
Heaven is the World of our own spiritual
Consciousness, a World of spiritual things
visible. A world could mean nothing to us
without forms, things, manifestation. Our
experiences in Illumination convince us that not
only is our Body present, but other forms as well;
and that all of them are forms which are pure and
perfect, having no materiality.


There is but one thing needful, one thing of
supreme importance and magnitude; it is to know
our Consciousness of God to be our Allness and
Completeness here and now. Our Consciousness
that God is our whole Self, our whole Existence,
our whole World, is our Peace and Harmony, our
Safety and Immunity unbroken and absolute.

Think not of God as someone other than your
very own Selfhood. The more one realizes
himself as he really is, instead of as he hopes to
become after he has improved or regenerated
himself, the sooner shall he know Revelation
through an actual experience of it. How do we
receive Illumination? From the Light within us.
If the Light of Truth is here, we shall know it,
and we shall experience it. It should be apparent,
that the lack of this Knowledge and of this
Experience is felt only because one persists in
accepting imperfect beliefs and teachings; rather
than dropping them at once, and entirely, and
taking immediate possession, Wholeheartedly, of
Absolute Truth!

And now, the burning question Who is the
dreamer or false believer? Who is the one to be
born again? Who sees evil, and feels the need of
healing? What is the origin of evil? These
questions are all the same question. They are all
rooted in the belief and teaching that a separation
from God began, which separation religion
accepts, and calls the fall of man. No answers
to our questions can ever be found from this
position. Nor can they be answered from the
state of Truth and Reality, for here they have no


Questions relative to evil, darkness, war and
limitation will be cancelled and swallowed up as
we are willing to turn from the general beliefs
and religious teachings; and face God in the
secret place of our heart. Here, in the Realm of
divine Light, all is Perfection unconditioned.
We find God to be our only Self, our only

We do not lose our Identity. Our experience is
no longer that of a separate individual looking
and yearning for Truth and Reality. The One
Life and Being is the fullness and All-ness of
each. I AM THAT I AM.




Lesson No. 11 - Dec 1, 1944


It is Apparent that a definite advance has begun
toward the purely Spiritual. Today, there are
those who are ready to give up labour and
struggle to demonstrate health, wealth and
happiness, for acceptance of the absolute Truth
that we are not flesh (matter) but Spirit (Rom.

These lessons can reveal Understanding to those
who have not studied Metaphysics, as well as to
those who are now ready to expand beyond it.
Those who call themselves human beings cannot
find a solution to their human problems.

No remedy for the limitations of a flat earth
could be found by those who lived as part of it.
When they discovered the earth to be round, not
flat, an altogether new viewpoint opened to
them. Then the limitations of a flat earth were
automatically lost sight of. Exactly so with the
limitations called sickness, sin, sorrow want and
war. They, too, shall be done away with,
effortlessly, for him who knows himself to be


If fear and trouble could be healed each time a
need arose, we would never know our Self and
our World to be completely perfect here and
now. The promises of safety, security, peace and
immunity are found to be sure and certain by
those who receive or accept the Light, that one
Being alone is present the Infinite I. He
(I) shall deliver thee in six troubles; yea, in
seven there shall no evil touch thee. (Job 5:19).

Why continue to believe in mortals, when I am
All of All? Why persist in accepting two
powers, two worlds, when there is none but
ME? Why carry on with misconception, when
I am only Mind there is? Why struggle and
labour to put on or emerge into Perfection, when
Perfection alone is present?

The Vedas declare that Reality comes not by
mental gymnastics, but by pure love and
devotion to the One. They teach that the Bliss of
Self is always with us, and we find it if we will
seek it earnestly. We are ever the Self, the
Absolute. The essential purpose of the Vedas is
to teach the Nature of the One Selfhood, and to
declare with authority that this is our Self; that
we shall realize perfect Peace, Serenity and Bliss
by constant devotion to the Self which has no


It is true, that if we continue to accept but the one
Self, the one I, this spiritual awareness will
bring us infinite calm, peace and happiness; we
see and we know, we love and we exist as this
Self Itself. Continuing in the Knowledge that
one Self and one World is now present, this
Reality becomes natural to us clear and
certain. Our Realization of God as our Being,
Mind and World is God-Consciousness.

In the one Infinite, there is no evolution of other
beings, other minds, other consciousnesses.
Equality cannot be found elsewhere than in our
awareness that we are the Infinite One.

Detach yourself from the doctrine or belief that
this world is not Gods World; that we do not
possess now the Mind of God; and that we must
evolve into Perfection and Reality. Perfection of
the One never changed. It is here always.

Rely with all your heart on the Eternal, and
never lean on your own insight: have mind of
Him wherever you may go, and He will clear the
road for you ... the Eternal will be your
protection, and preserve you from all danger.
(Proverbs 3:5,6,26 Moffatt).




Lesson No. 13 - Feb. 17, 1945


We Should Be Devoted to the one Selfhood as
our only Self, and never think for a single
moment that we are another. Our Self is our all-
seeing Eye, our all-hearing Ear, our all-knowing
Mind; our almighty Saviour, our infallible

When one adopts the idea that he must bring
Truth into expression, he overlooks the fact that
the Self is Mind and Manifestation as One. Place
not the Spiritual and Real on one side as God and
Truth, and on the other side, see a body to be
healed or thoughts to be overcome. This plainly
represents the city or house which divided
against itself shall not stand. (Matt. 12:25).

The very word demonstration is thought of as the
practice of Truth over error; the use of Truth to
heal disease, sorrow or sin. Often one sets out to
demonstrate Truth in his affairs. He should
know spiritually that Harmony and Wholeness
already exist as the one Selfhood unchanging.


Healing should not be thought of as a removal of
something discordant, but as the joyous
acceptance of that which we know to have ever
been our perfect Selfhood. Through Illumination
we know that Perfection is what one is, not what
he may attempts to demonstrate. Truth IS the
Manifest without beginning or end.

To those of inner Illumination and
Understanding the Absolute is the unconditioned.
Until this knowledge comes to one, that all is the
One Being and the one Existence now, he will
need to continue his effort to overcome
difficulties. To the perfect Self there is no such
thing as matter or a material life. One would
need to designate something as matter, before
practicing a denial of matter. Denial of a thing
admits belief in it.

One of the old sayings of the East is that Satan
is the science of demonstration. It is plain, that
should one say, I will now demonstrate my
good, he must first assume that this good is not
already present, in his Mind and World. The
knowing of the Truth, that he is the one
Selfhood, is quite sufficient for his freedom from


As a human being, one seeks and prays for the
things which are already his as spiritual Being.
He can be delivered from a dream by waking
from sleep, and by the same token, he can be
delivered from the belief in mortality by
accepting the glorious Light that he is present
here and now as the True and the Real.
Wholeness is not reached through healing, nor
Perfection gained by regeneration. Attainment is
the opening of ones eyes to see what has always
been present; like standing still in his own
Identity, beholding himself as he is.

Blessed are the meek. (Matt. 5:5). One is not
meek who strives or struggles to do something
with the Truth, whether to heal someone,
overcome something or bring the Perfect into
manifestation. Meekness is knowledge that
already we possess all, for already the One
Being is the whole of us. The meek are they who
know they possess everything in their own
Being; and that they are without personality of
their own. They know that the Absolute One is
not only the Mind of all, the Life and Being of
all, but that the Absolute is their whole Existence
their only World.




Lesson No. 22 - August 20, 1947


Absolute Truth can be known and understood in
one way alone for what it is. The word
Absolute means this: perfect, total, all; the
whole Truth and nothing but the Truth; the Voice
of Truth, the Word of Truth verily, Truth

The absolute speaks as follows: God is Spirit;
and they that worship Him must worship Him in
Spirit and in Truth. (John 4:24). Note
unforgettably the imperative must in the above
sentence. It is the Eternals must. To know the
Truth we must think as spiritual Mind, we must
be pure in heart, we must love the One as the
Alone, and be willing to abandon belief in and
use of the following words, as follows: mind and
thinking; five corporeal senses, matter, material
sense, human consciousness, human concepts;
cause, effect, result, appearance, illusion,
unreality, nothingness; translate, transmute,
develop, apply, control, cultivate, individualize,
psychoanalyze, evangelize, impersonalize; error,
mortal mind, mental power, mental treatment,
evolution, warfare, destruction.


The above words and their facsimiles pertain to a
being, a mind and an existence which do not
exist. Words portray just what one believes
whether it be one Existence or two.
Worshipping spiritually, we must not believe in
nor discuss any other mind or any other existence
than the perfect and present One. The Absolute
Message pertains to the one Existence only. It
knows no other.

What is Spirit, that we must worship God in
Spirit? Spirit is our own spiritual Consciousness,
aware of Spirit as our complete Existence, it
knows there is nothing existing but Truth,
nothing manifest but Reality. Knowing Spirit to
be all, we no longer think or talk of a human or a
mortal; illusion, shadow or dream.

There is one God; and there is none other but
He. (Mark 12:32). There is one Mind; and there
is none other but this infinite divine Mind and its
infinite divine Formation. In this Mind there is
not anything to be changed, transmuted,
translated, handled or healed. Beside this Mind
there is no personality, human mind, error or
mental state; there is no universal illusion,
mesmerism, hypnotism or mortal mind.

Divine Mind does not see other minds, other
beings, other formations in need of treatment. It
sees no illusion or appearance to be dispelled; no
good or evil to be impersonalized; no thoughts or
pictures to be changed. Divine Mind does not
know of a mortal mind to make any claim, or an
error to argue its point. It does not see anything
to be lessened or intensified, to fade out or to be
brought to light; to appear to view or to
disappear from it.

To spiritual Mind, all is Spirit. To spiritual
Mind, all is Truth. To spiritual Mind, all is
spiritual Formation and spiritual Existence. This
Mind sees its infinite spiritual Selfhood to be the
One, the Alone, and the All.

If we would know God, and worship Him in
Spirit and in Truth, we must accept God to be
totality. We must not accept any mind, power,
formation or existence but Infinite One. The
Mind which is God knows what is, and it knows
none else. Mind knows, sees, feels and has
cognition of all there is of its infinite perfect
Selfhood. It knows no time when Truth is not
present, manifest and expressed.

In the Allness of God, there is not anything
physical, not anything material, not anything
mortal or mental. God is not the source of
anything. God Is everything. As this Mind we
know there is no humanhood, no mental
influence, no material mindedness, no traditional
beliefs, no Adam-race, no personalities or human
beings; no error that has existed down the
centuries or centuries to elapse before Truth will
be universally expressed.

Spiritual Existence is all there is. In the
Universality of this Existence there can be no
material existence, human existence or mortal


Material sense does not exist, nor material body,
or mortal mind. Functioning as spiritual Mind,
our vision is single, our thoughts are pure
thoughts natural, spontaneous, harmonious
and altogether satisfying. Our thoughts need no
watching, controlling or reversing. To Infinite
Spirit and Truth, Itself is all it knows, all it sees,
all it feels; and all it makes known. We are this
Spirit and Truth.

God does not manifest as personal minds or
personal beings. God does not build better
bodies according to better mental pictures, God
does not see through a lie, nor reverse a lie. God
does not need to develop, attain, translate,
overcome or destroy anything in His infinite,
illimitable Kingdom. God does not see the need
of anyone to be healed or redeemed.

What a confusion of vision, to claim on the one
hand the Allness of perfect spiritual Mind and Its
perfect spiritual Manifestation, and on the other
hand, to discuss how to deal with falsities,
human concepts, mental pictures and mortal
mind. It is an absolute impossibility for anyone
to see, to handle or to heal something which
Mind knows nothing about. The One and only
Mind is of purer eyes than to behold evil, and
canst not look on iniquity. (Hab. 1:13). This
Mind is continually proclaiming that without
Me there was no God formed, neither shall
there be after Me. Is there a God beside
Me? Yea, there is no God; I know not any. To
the one Mind which is all the Mind there is
now or ever can be there is not a thing true
but Truth; there is not a thing real but Reality;
there is not a thing existing but Spirit.


Since there is but one God and one Mind
which is ever seeing and knowing Its own
Infinitude to be all there is then what mind is
seeing and thinking that there is a necessity to
heal , to attain or to overcome something? What
mind is discussing appearance, falsity or
discord? Since God is the One infinite perfect
Mind including all Formation or
Manifestation then where is a place for
appearance or dream picture? Since the divine
Mind does not see or know of a false sense, pain
and distress, where is the mind which reports

The answer is as follows: There is no existence
of matter or mortality. There is no existence of a
human being or a mortal mind. There is no
existence of false thought or thing; unreality,
error, illusion or lie. Nothing beside Truth can
have existence.

Our existence as Infinite Mind is Eternal for
this Mind includes all that exists. There has
never been any other existence. As God-Mind
we do not discuss what we know does not exist.
We know that any discussion based on another
mind, and another existence, is not Truth; hence,
there is no Truth in it.

There is one state of Being only the state of
Perfection and Immortality without cause,
without beginning or end. This One absolute
state of Being is the Fathers House of many
mansions Infinite Mind and Its infinite
Revelation Self-luminous, Self-revealing,
ever proclaiming Itself to be All.


The Way to Spirit and Truth is not by
purification of mind and thinking, but by purity
of heart. Any purification of mind and thinking
is an absolute impossibility, since in Truth there
is no such mind. Purity requires love of the heart
for God great enough to be ready and willing
to give up all belief that one has a mind of his
own, spontaneously, he thinks as divine Mind.

When one does not come to God by purity of
heart, but persists in believing that he has a mind
of his own and so must watch his own
thinking he deceiveth himself, even as it is
written: For if a man think himself to be
something (a mind and thinking of his own),
when he is nothing (when he has no such mind),
he deceiveth himself (he is not aware of the one
Mind as All.) (Gal. 6:3). Those of us who have
set our hearts upon the God-Mind as our only
Mind we are the true Worshippers. We know
the Absolute Truth.

Light must be seen by light; in no other way can
light be seen. Likewise, Truth must be known by
Truth; in no other way can Truth be without a
second, the way of Truth without error, the way
of Reality without unreality the Way of the
one God alone. Then, as this One, we can
declare, I Am the Truth, I Am the one Mind, I
know no mind or existence but that of Spirit and
Truth. I discuss no other. I love and adore the
One only.


They who believe they have a mind of their own,
and must stand guard over this mind believing
its thinking to be the source of their health,
harmony and success Jesus likened to a
foolish man, which built his house upon the sand.
This house fell. Finally, a personal mind and
personal thinking will prove of no avail. It is not
of God; and therefore has no Truth in it. We
who understand that we are to think by divine
Mind setting our love upon this Mind, and
rejecting belief in any other Jesus likened to a
wise man, which built his house (understanding)
upon a rock. Reader, if you can see that no other
mind but the divine Mind can possibly know the
Truth, then you are seeing and you are thinking
as this very Mind, right here and Now. Our
understanding is the house which is founded
upon the rock which cannot fail or fall. (Matt.

As the perfect Mind, we know no other mind
believing in itself. As the perfect Mind, we
know no other mind exists. None can see and
know as this Mind until he is pure enough in
heart to believe in this Mind only. This is indeed
the laying down of that which is vanity, to accept
and to be that which is Truth.


When we are thinking as the divine Mind we
know no disease, sin or discord; demonstration,
translation or destruction. Thinking as this
Mind, we have no sense of a human need, nor of
a mortal existence. The reason why there may
seem to be another mind and its thinking
when there is not any is because one has not
yet seen spiritually that there can be no mind but
the Universal Spiritual Mind. When one actually
perceives this spiritual fact, and accepts it fully
and completely, in spite of contrary beliefs and
teachings, he will begin to think as the one Mind;
then his days of strife, struggle and warfare are

The Kingdom of Heaven, at hand denotes the
fact that the Real, the True and the Perfect is
always present, always here and now. It is our
very own Consciousness experiencing the fact
that we are spiritual Being, enjoying spiritual
Existence. Thoughts of having been people,
humanity or mankind are unknown. (Rev.

Think no more of human needs. Whatever need
may seem to be, could not be a need for anything
human, since Spirit is All. Whatever need may
seem to be, we can understand that already it is
fulfilled by Spirit, for to Spirit nothing is lacking
or absent. Knowing this Truth, we shall find the
thing needful to be at hand, right within our own
Consciousness or World. Our divine
Consciousness remains aware of Its
completeness always.


While one persists in thinking, in reading or
talking about human needs, human betterment;
lifting a human consciousness or correcting
human minds; the Allness of his own
Consciousness and World is not perceived or
believed. All the books, teachings and
demonstration of the whole world can never
bring the realities of Spirit into a human
existence. It is impossible.

The paramount question of concern today should
be this: How shall I be able to think as divine
Mind, and to see things spiritually, that I may
enjoy and experience the Life and Being of
Spirit? The answer is that one should open his
heart wide to God, with an all-absorbing love,
sufficient to blot out all sense of and belief in
another mind, thinking and existence beside the
One. He will then enjoy spiritual Light and
Illumination, which constitutes his spiritual


As divine Mind, we love everything that belongs
to Truth. We love the Inspirations and
Revelations of our perfect Selfhood. We love to
feel Its presence with us, Its endless peace and
harmony. Our perfect Mind includes all the
wonderful things we love to possess. Our Mind
does not see something else beside Itself and
then attempt to heal or to destroy it. Since the
words demonstrate, utilize and apply point to
something else beside God, then as the true
worshippers we must no longer use these words.


That we may have an illustration which will
throw new light on the subject of demonstration
and healing, let us consider the round earth and a
flat earth. Here we can gain a clear insight into
what constitutes Reality and Truth, and why we
should not make use of the words error, false
belief, lie or appearance.

Limitations of a flat earth could never be
overcome, surmounted or destroyed because
there was no flat earth. The round earth only
existed. A flat earth did not have an appearance.
A flat earth did not exist as a false belief or an
illusion. A flat earth had no existence at all. It
was never seen or experienced by anyone; no one
ever lived upon it. It could not be corrected,
healed or destroyed. Having no existence there
was no cause for it; nor was there any cure for it.
Having no existence, nothing could be done
about it. Now and always there is but one earth
the round one.


Human existence is comparable to a flat earth.
There has never been a human existence,
anymore than there was a flat earth. Human
existence is not a false belief or an illusion; nor is
there stage or state of human existence. A
human existence has never been seen or
experienced by anyone; no one has lived in it;
there is no cause for it, nor is there any cure for
it. Having no existence, a human existence has
no limitations to be overcome, surmounted or
destroyed; nor can its problems be handled or
healed. Now and always there is but one
Existence the spiritual One. It is the only
World, Being Body and Consciousness there is.
It can be seen and experienced now by those who
believe in It, and who identify themselves with

The truth about anything is all there is of that
thing. There is not something else existing as a
falsity, an illusion or lie. Note this carefully:
since falsity has no existence in Truth, falsity has
no existence at all, either actually or
suppositiously. Never attempt to impersonalize
error or falsity. Such effort is void of Light. It is
as worthless as would be the attempt to
impersonalize a flat earth. There is not the Real,
and beside this an unreal existence. There is not
the Truth and something else present which is
untrue. Truth is the only Existence there is or
ever can be. If a thing is not true, it has no
existence anywhere or at all.


Once this is perceived and admitted, you will
understand how utterly foolish and useless to
attempt to treat or handle what you know does
not exist and is not present. God is not human.
God is not mortal. God is not mental. Since our
Existence is Spirit, then nothing can be done
with a human state, a human mind or a human
condition. Columbus did not instruct his people
how to bring forth a better flat earth or how to
become more comfortable and prosperous while
living on a flat earth. He taught them the truth
that this earth they lived in was not flat, but
round, and that accepting this new discovery,
they could now think of this world, and of their
happiness, in a entirely new way.

The instruction which teaches spiritual Existence
to be somewhere else other than here at hand is
not true Instruction. The Absolute altogether
rejects this belief, declaring and expounding
spiritual Existence to be our Existence Now.
While God remains God, and Spirit remains
spiritual Existence, there can not be a human
existence, a human mind or human body.
Spiritual Existence remains the alone, inclusive
of Manifestation.

Think not of a human existence as false,
temporal or unreal. Perceive spiritually that
there is no human existence at all. It has no
beginning, and it will have no ending, anymore
than had a flat earth. A human existence cannot
be traced to Adam; a sleep; or a mortal mind.
Know the Truth of One Existence and One
World, and live in It your own Consciousness.
This is the clarion call to all who have ears to
hear, eyes to see, and a heart that is pure enough
to love and feel spiritual things spiritually.

The reasoning that there is nothing either good or
bad but thinking makes it so is utterly void of
Truth. Thinking did not make the earth round;
thinking did not make the earth flat. Thinking
does not make Existence spiritual; thinking does
not make a human existence. Regardless of any
kind of thinking, Spirit is all that exists here and

There is but one way to spiritual Existence,
spiritual Mind and spiritual Body. It is to accept
Spirit as present not at a distance or
somewhere else. Spirit is our Being now, Spirit
is our Mind now, Spirit is our whole Existence
now. Accepting this Truth as the Way you
will give up all belief in two identities God
and man; two minds the spiritual and human;
two worlds the one we see before us and
another one which is not seen.


It was while I was deeply considering the
example of the one round earth that suddenly I
questioned, What about those thousands of
years when the earth was supposed to be flat?
The Answer was given to me immediately.
There were no such years. At once I knew that
to divine mind there are no calendar years.
Without hesitation, I questioned further, But
what about all those people who believed the
earth to be flat? Again the Answer was instant:
There were no such people. I saw for a
certainty that if one had not the divine Mind, he
had nothing.


The Truth is this: I Am the Way. All who
accept one I, Self or Being as the one identity
of all, know that there has never been more than
one World and one Existence; and that it is here
and now before us. Turn again to the simile of
the one earth. There was but one way to it to
see it as this very earth. Columbus declared this
earth we live in to be round, not flat. No path led
from one earth to another. Every thought
relating to a flat earth was spurious and
worthless. Only those thoughts relating to the
round earth were of value.

It has been taught that like streams of water
tributary to the same ocean, multifarious paths
mapped out by creed and doctrine ultimately
reach the same goal heaven. They who are on
these hypothetical paths, en route from one
world to another, but testify to their belief in
many beings, many minds. they are constantly at
work to change the things they see and do not
want to have, and to create the things they do not
see and wish to bring to pass. Though many
have spent a lifetime attempting to emerge from
matter into Spirit or leave a human existence for
the spiritual, it is significant that we have never
heard of anyone advancing these theories to have
arrived at the goal.


Having pointed out the paths taken by many as
representative of broad way leading to
destruction, and also having pointed out the One
Way taken by the few as representative of the
narrow Way leading unto Life (Matt. 7:13,14),
there still remains the crucial point to be
considered, namely: how can one leave the broad
way for the narrow Way? How can he know
divine Mind, and experience harmony and
happiness right here and now?

The answer to this question begins with the
words, Ye must be born again. (John 3:7).
Until this Word is spiritually heard and
spiritually understood further enlightenment
cannot be experienced. Identified as a man or a
personal mind one is blind to the Truth, that
since God is the only Being there can be no man-
being or man-mind. Ye cannot serve God (the
One) and mammon (a second). (Matt. 6:24).

Every spiritual admonition required spiritual love
and perception to realize and fulfil it. The first
perception toward the new birth is for one to turn
himself away from the belief that he is a human
man or being and reach into his heart for Light.
The heart is the centre of Light and will reveal
the one divine Mind to be his only Mind and
Consciousness. No purification of thought is to
be considered; for when one perceives that never
has he had a self or mind of his own, he will
simultaneously cease having wrong thoughts. As
the One Mind, his thoughts will require no
correction but will be naturally satisfying and
pure calm and unchanging.


Concern yourself with Truth alone; not with
people, nor with thoughts, nor with discussions.
Let your love for Go, for Reality and Truth, be
pure and holy. You will then be at peace with
ourself; and in your humility and purity your
thinking will be spontaneous, natural and perfect,
like your breathing. Fulfilling Gods
requirements of you, and knowing as the One
Mind, you will be like a watered garden, and
like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.
(Isaiah 58:11).

Truth is often breathtaking in its absoluteness.
The Word of Truth is Yea, yea; Nay, nay. It
decrees I AM; it also decrees there is none else.
As this earth is a round earth, even so, this
Existence is a spiritual Existence. Those
believing they are going from this place to that
are going no where. There are no such paths, nor
minds having these beliefs; no such people, nor
times. All ways and methods pertaining to
another mind, world and existence beside the
One are naught. The One Mind has never ceased
to be Omnipotence, Omnipresence and


The Absolute Message presents the true and only
Way the Way which has naught to do with
thought-taking processes, personalities,
demonstration or attainment. It is the Way Jesus
called the Narrow Way. (Matt. 7:14). It is
single-visioned, single-minded, single-tongued.
We understand Spirit by Spirit, divine Mind by
divine Mind. We discover that we have never
been asleep to be awakened; we have never been
in a human existence to be translated into the
spiritual. Divine Mind is All; and there can be
no universal mortal mind or a supposititious false

Power belongeth unto God. (Ps. 62:11).
Spiritual Power or Light is the Illumination of
the one Mind, which outlines neither method or
system, nor places a distance between the Real
and an unreal. Spirit, God, is an Entirety without
an opposite; and there can be no human mind or
human will; no sub-conscious mind, personal
consciousness or aggressive mental suggestion.
Since God is the ONLY Mind, there is no
personal mind which needs to defend itself from
another mind.

Again and again, let one know and say that One
Mind exists only, and is present now. Let him
not contradict this Reality. When we actually
believe in the Absolute Message we will not
believe we are human being, a mortal, or a
human mind. The Mind which was in Christ
Jesus is now in us. This is indeed the meaning of
the new birth that we accept the One pure and
perfect self as our only Self, here and now,
surrendering all contrary beliefs and teachings.




Lesson No. 23 - April 2, 1948


Beyond any other longing, and more than all else
in life, do you want to experience spiritual
Illumination, here and now? If so, then deeply
and profoundly consider the infinitely
momentous fact, as follows: since spiritual Mind
is the single Identity that is conscious, and since
spiritual Mind is all that is aware of spiritual
Verities, then an elucidation of Infinite spiritual
Mind as The Fullness Of All can bring Light and
Understanding exceeding anything you may yet
see or know.

It is often asked, Is it possible for us to be the
spiritual self now? We are always this Self.
GOD-SELF is the only Self there is, God-Self is
God-Mind; thus we are God-Mind never have
we been otherwise. One Infinite Spirit, Mind is
omnipresent Perfection and Completeness as
Unity, wherein we function from the basis of the
one single Whole.


For instance, the fact that the earth is round was
inspirationally revealed. Then it was known that
there is no flat earth no one ever saw it or
lived in it earth has always been round. In
exactly the same way, the truth that Existence is
spiritual is inspirationally revealed. Then we
know that there is no human existence no one
ever saw it or lived in it Existence has always
been Spiritual. Any effort or labour to apply the
unlimited resources of the round earth to
limitations of a flat earth would be utterly
fantastic and impossible. Exactly so must we
regard any teaching which authorizes the
application of spiritual Mind, thought and
Existence to human mind, thought and existence.
One single Infinite Mind is one single Infinite

Dear Reader, we are not learning about Truth in
a material existence, we are receiving Revelation
of Truth in spiritual Existence. We are not
advancing from sense to Soul, from evil to good,
from sleep to awakening, from imperfection to
perfection, from darkness to light, from mortality
to Immortality! We are Truth and Reality right
here and now.

Let him who would experience spiritual
Illumination in the here and now cast away a
divided viewpoint. Let him accept ONE MIND,
ONE Consciousness, ONE Manifestation and
ONE World only. Then he will know the
meaning of seven wonderful words, as follows:
know that God-Mind is our Nature and Being,
Reality and entire Existence, is both Knowledge
and Realization.

Not for a instant is our spiritual Mind conscious
of anything but Its perfect Selfhood. Minds
perfect Awareness and Manifestation is THE
FULLNESS OF ALL. It is not possible for Mind
as us or we as Mind to be other than the one Life.
There is no beginning of Life. There is no
evolution of Life. There is no reincarnation of
Life. There is no progression, growth, separation
or end of Life. Life is spiritual, never in part, nor
is It seeing in part. Its awareness of Itself as the
spiritual Whole of Being incomparable and
unequalled constitutes Its World of Formation
or Manifestation. That is, spiritual Formation or
Manifestation is the concrete evidence or
identification of Minds awareness of Itself as
Totality and Universality.

Whom say ye that I AM? (Matt. 16:15).
Identification is the illumined Way. What does
Identification mean? It means this: whom are
you calling yourself? For instance, let each
answer these questions for himself: Do I believe
my being to be God or a man? What mind do I
say I am the Mind of God or of the mind of a
man? Am I believing in the existence of two
minds, two worlds or am I accepting one
single Mind to be the only Mind there is the
whole of Life, Being and Existence verily, the
All of me, and the All of ALL?


If one discovers that he is believing in a mind of
his own, even watching his thoughts, then let him
see that it is impossible for him to have a mind, a
being or a world of his own utterly and
absolutely impossible! He must not believe in
minds many, he must not think or speak of minds
many or minds human. He must believe in God-
Mind only. This belief will then expand into
love for the Real and True, and this love will
expand into spiritual Illumination, which alone
can convince him that perfect God-Mind is his
only Mind the one and only Mind there is.

Why talk about the Allness of God, or declare
God to be Infinite Spirit or Mind, if one is
believed and assuming that he and everyone else
has a mind of his own? Since God-Mind alone
knows what Truth is, then how does one hope to
know Truth, and enjoy the spiritual World,
unless he is accepting God-Mind to be his only
Mind, and God-World, his only World? Intense,
all-absorbing Love and unquenchable longing for
the Absolute Truth of Life, of God and of
himself, will inevitably bring the sublime
Revelation that not only is his Mind God-Mind,
but his Awareness, his Body and his whole world
is Consciousness Itself.

Since spiritual Mind cannot be divided into
portions, and since we can be spiritually
conscious and aware, we are spiritual Mind. We
are not ideas of Mind, nor are we ideas in Mind
we are God-Mind. This Mind is a solitary
Whole, indivisible and without a second. It is
Consciousness, It is Manifestation, operating as a
Unit, always here, always now, always I AM
throughout Its boundless, spaceless, timeless Self
and Being.

Everyone and everything is the Indivisible,
Inseparable Whole. Mind is awareness,
Awareness is Mind. Mind is Manifestation, and
Manifestation is Mind. One is All, All is One.
The Self as us and we as the Self is One Mind ,
One Activity, One Manifestation THE

As the Self or the one Mind, we do not refer to
another self or another mind. We do not refer to
another world of sin and separateness. Freedom
therefore is where we experience the spiritual
World of Peace, Harmony and Happiness.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall
be; and that which is done is that which shall be
done; and there is no new thing under the sun ...
whatever God doeth, it shall be forever; nothing
can be put to it, nor anything taken from it ... that
which hath been is now; and that which is to be
hath already been. (Eccl. 1:9; 3:14,15). The
One-Self is us; we are the One-Self. Its spiritual
Forms or Identifications are the very basis of our
Existence, absolutely and eternally established
irrevocable, unalterable, infallible,

There are no results to be brought forth. Our
consciousness of Spirit constitutes our spiritual
World. As long as one talks about a perfect
Mind and World existing somewhere else
besides in the here and now, and considers that
he has a mind and thought of his own, and that
he lives now in a material existence, he must
continue his labour and struggle to attain the


When one is willing to abandon double-
mindedness, and accept one Mind and one World
to be the alone, he will see that never has there
been a personal or second mind; never has there
been a dual existence. The Perfect Universal
Self and World has always been the solitary One.

From of old I Am God, and from henceforth the
same; none can snatch out of My hand, and what
I do none can reverse ... I am the First and I am
the Last Tis I the Eternal who call you by
name. I am the Eternal, there is no one else
God is among you only, beside Him there is no
God at all This is the Message of the Eternal,
the true God, I AM the Eternal, there is none
beside Me. (Isaiah, chapters 43-45 Moffatt).

Only as the one Mind can we find and know the
Truth of Being. That is, in no way other than as
the Mind of God can we realize and enjoy
Perfection and Completeness. How can we
expect to see Harmony and Peace in our world
unless we are looking with lighted
Consciousness? As Mind we are exalted, and in
our Illumination we see and know spiritual
Existence as It is.

There is no mind within a body; nor is there a
world underlying another world. There is not a
real Existence and also an unreal one: nor is
there a supposititious opposite of the One.
Reader, have just one Mind, one Manifestation,
one World, for there is just One.


If you find any difficulty in knowing this Reality,
then turn your attention back to yourself. If you
are not satisfied in yourself that perfect Mind and
perfect Body is what you are knowing and
seeing, whether for yourself or for another, then
surrender yourself more utterly to God. Truth
will surely be revealed to you in a more vivid
and absolute way. Loving God with full
devotion above and beyond any other love,
and any other affection you will find it easy to
see that spiritual Existence is ever perfect and
complete, and It constitutes the Self and Body of

When one has put aside the sense of dualism
the belief that God is one Mind and himself
another and accepts Oneness, Allness, Isness,
I AM he can truthfully say, God is all there
is of me. He knows the single One to be all
there is of everyone and everything. He knows
the Real Self to be the only Self, the Real Self to
be the only I.

Think not of life as containing various
progressive realms, modes, cycles and planes.
Life is Spirit, Mind, changeless, invariable,
unconditioned. For instance, if you will recall an
Illumination or Revelation which you have
experienced, you will remember that you were
conscious or aware only of what you were
thinking, hearing and feeling as the one Self
Itself. You may have heard a Voice, either
silently or audibly speaking to you, in certain
unforgettable words or sentences, yet even while
these words were being directed to you, and
heard by you, you knew even then that the
Voice, the words, the whole experience was One
you were this One.


The significance of the word Spirit is so vast and
momentous as to be unequalled. Spirit is
Completeness without limit, Perfection without
variableness, Purity without sin, Oneness without
personality, Wholeness without suffering, and
Allness without a mythical second.

Spirit is a Substance which is everlasting Life,
omniscient Mind, immutable Form. Webster
defines spirit as an independent type of
existence. Yes Spirit is Self-Existence
Infinite Self hood known and understood as I
AM THAT I AM. It includes Infinite perfect
Mind and Infinite perfect World, wherein peace,
harmony and glory perpetually reign.

Spirit is Infinite Substance which is
undimensional. It is Boundless, Omnipotency,
Perfection and Completeness in Itself. It is the
Immeasurable. Timeless it is Eternity.
Spaceless it is the Illimitable. Spirit is total
Existence in Itself. We can see the sun by its
own light only; likewise, we can know Spirit by
no other knowledge than Its own. This
knowledge is a spiritual, inner Light called
Quickening, Inspiration, Revelation. In Thy
Light shall we see Light. (Ps. 36:9).


When one has a faith and a love for the real and
the true, born of Inspiration, and feels an all-
transcendent desire to accept spiritual Light only,
he turns from systems and methods which would
identify him with a mind, body and existence
other than that of The One. Reaching out to That
which is independent of all systems, that which
is unrelated, unconditioned, spontaneously he
comes face to face with Spirit as an Infinite sea
of Being Allencompassing, All-
comprehending, All-fulfilling. Bathed in
ineffable Love, Peace and Glory, he knows
perfect Mind and perfect Manifestation to be the
Infinite, indivisible I Am incorruptible,
unassailable, undimensional.

The honeycomb is sweet to thy taste: so shall
the knowledge of wisdom be unto thy soul.
(Prov. 24:13,14). We know the sweetness of
honey only by tasting honey, even so, we know
the nature of Spirit only by directly experiencing
Spirit, an experience which is altogether
glorious, actual, vivid ineffaceable. How
sweet are thy words unto my taste! - yea sweeter
than honey to my mouth. (Ps. 119:103).


Let one ask himself this question: Do I desire
spiritual Light more than all else, and am I
willing to meet its requirements now or
not? In the presence of the Eternal One, let him
give his answer. Comparatively few reach for
Spirit and Its sublime Revelations. All who do,
gloriously experience its Omniscience and
Omnipotence. Sudden, unexpected, It comes;
then it is gone. What it has revealed to us
remains permanent and eternal. It matters not
whether we are quiet and alone, busily engaged
in some activity, or moving in the midst of a
crowd. We may hear It as an audible Voice or as
a silent one. Its manner of visitation is as Infinite
in expression as the waves of the sea.

On such occasions we are Joy and Ecstasy
beyond description. Without taking thought of
loving, we are Love Itself. Without effort to
know, we are the All-Knowing. Insensible to
ears and eyes, we hear and see unspeakable
things. We are Self-complete. We are Self-
contained. We are Spirit, experiencing ourselves
to be all there is of us and of our World. Those
reading these lines who have themselves
experienced the Allness of Spirit, understand
what is written. They who have not yet tasted
and felt the Life Divine, need only to release
themselves more fully from belief in a personal
sense. Then they, too, will know.


What a fabulous wealth lies in the Wisdom and
Knowledge of God! Hunger not, nor thirst, for
the healing of a body or the regeneration of a
mind which has no more existence than had a flat
earth. Hunger and thirst for spiritual Light and
Revelation. Herein are both perfect Mind and
Perfect Body Spiritual and Eternal. If he
accepts the mistaken belief that mind and body
are personal and human, and that the world is
material, one is depriving himself of the
profound Knowledge and Revelation that Mind,
Body, World, have always been Spirit.

Why believe in that which is not Truth? Set the
heart on That which is eternally existent in Itself.
Whatever is established in Being is likewise
established in Manifestation, as declared in the
following words: Known unto God are all his
works. (Acts 15:18). Thy works were finished
from the foundation of the world. (Heb. 4:3).
Believe in spiritual Reality to include Mind,
Activity and Manifestation, existing right in the
here and now. The immediate loss of the sense
of duality, of separateness and personality, as
well as the loss of the sense of sin, sickness,
sorrow and limitation, are characteristics of
spiritual Illumination, sometimes called Cosmic


In Spirit there is no bondage, struggle or warfare;
no sin or separation; nothing human, material or
mental. Spirit reveals there are not two of us;
one: God, who is Perfection; and two: another
self which lacks everything. Spirit reveals Itself
to be the only Self there is my Self, your Self,
our Self the Totality of Being and
Manifestation. To be born of the Spirit means to
have had the luminous and imperishable
Revelation that Spirit is the Totality of Love,
Peace and Happiness.

Ones understanding of the earth would not be
intelligible if he said that there was no reality to a
flat earth, that a flat earth was a false belief or
illusion. His understanding is only sound when
he says that the earth is round, never has there
been a flat earth. Similarly with ones
understanding of Existence. His understanding
is not pure if he says that material mind and body
are temporal, that evil has no reality. His
understanding is Spiritual only when he can say,
Spirit is All; there can be none else.



What has infinite divine Mind to do with human
logic and its conglomeration of thinking?
Nothing. What relation exists between infinite
divine Mind and a personal thinker? None.
Divine Mind knows neither logic, scientific
thinking or a personal thinker. Divine Mind
contains no project, plan, programme, doctrine,
procedure, rule, system or method wherewith to
bring changes into human minds, thoughts,
bodies, conditions or affairs.

If one accepted human thought to be the power
or activity of Truth, and if one could manipulate
or change thought control, direct, reverse or
revolutionize it this would definitely
characterize thought as mutable, unstable,
unreliable. Such a system, principle or practice
as this altogether dualistic and wrong.

This profound insight introduces a momentous
and arresting question as follows: what is the
activity of Mind? The activity of divine Mind is
spiritual Knowing or Awareness ever intact
and present. When this eternal Fact is spiritually
discerned, then systems of healing based upon a
change in human thinking will no longer have
adherents or followers.


Reader, from this day forth be certain of this:
spiritual activity belongs to God! When you
accept divine Mind to be your Mind,
simultaneously you accept Divine thinking to be
your thinking. Attempt not to watch, guard,
master or redeem your thinking. Thoughts of
divine Mind are naturally pure. Never could
they be manipulated or changed. Thoughts of
divine Mind cannot be used or practiced.

Practicing a scientific manner of thinking (as
though thought could be used to heal or to
destroy something) has no part in the immaculate
Understanding that divine Mind and Thinking is
One. Reality of perfect Thought is ever in
operation. (Isaiah 55:8,9; Luke 12:22-24). The
thinking of divine Mind is Mind Itself, ever
aware of Its Perfection, Love, Peace and
Harmony to be eternally present not subject to
loss or change. Infinite Mind and Its Infinite
Knowing constitutes the only Mind and Knowing
there is.

Never can there be a Principle and practice.
Since Manifestation is already Perfect and
Everpresent, to what could Principle be applied?
upon what could it be practiced? Principle or
Truth does not attempt to prove anything or to
heal anyone. Truth is divine Mind knowing Its
action to be the only action there is. Thinking,
Awareness, Consciousness, are synonymous
terms, expressing the Activity of the one spiritual
Mind. Such terms as Formation, Manifestation,
Body, express the visible Identification of Mind.


Dear Reader, we find The Kingdom of God in a
way that is altogether labourless without
system, doctrine or method. The Way is our
spiritual LOVE. Our inspired Love for that
which is finished and perfect in Itself, for that
which our heart tells us must be Unrelated and
Unconditioned Self-existent and Self-
perpetuated draws us to It, and It to us. And
they shall be all taught of God. (John 6:45).

In order to experience the spiritual Self, dismiss
the feeling that there is work to be done or
something to be accomplished mentally.
Believing in spiritual Mind and Manifestation as
changelessly established, and changelessly
present, one will inevitable become aware that
there it is here and now his very Self and Being.
He will know that there is no physical time, place
or condition; nor is there anything mental. He
will be able to identify himself as the spiritual
Self Itself, and so will experience the Peace, Joy
and Happiness of Real Being.

We worship the Self which is our Eternal Being.
We acknowledge this spiritual Self as all there is
of us and of our world. We declare what we
have experience as the Self. We say, I have felt
my own Being, I have heard, I have known, I
have experienced it. I know my Self, my Being,
my Body to be utterly and wholly Spirit
tangible and real. Nothing but Truth has
Existence, nothing but Truth is present. Wait not
for thoughts to be corrected, dreams to pass, laws
to be annulled or perfection to be brought to
pass. Reality never changes. See and believe in
Reality as it is.


Half-truths have brought their measure of help in
sickness, sorrow and limitation; but none of them
can establish a personal mind free from fear or a
body immune to sickness. None of them is the
Perfect Way. None of them can say, Without
change of place or time, without healing, without
birth or death, I am the perfect spiritual Self and

Knowledge gained through spiritual Revelation
proves conclusively that Life, Mind, Being,
Body, is Spirit not a man. Be absolute in your
love for Reality. It is true devotion that brings us
the Revelation of Truth and Reality. They whose
life is God have Eternal Existence.

Spiritual Realization is our awareness of Spirit as
our Perfect Self, Mind and Formation, beside
which there is none else. Rely with all your
heart on the Eternal have Mind of Him
wherever you go. (Prov. 3:5,6 Moffatt).
Acknowledge Spirit-Mind to be your only Mind
and Consciousness. Acknowledge there is no
other! Acknowledge spiritual Forms to be Mind-
forms, the concrete Verities of Being.
Acknowledge there are no other forms. In Truth
there is no bondage; therefore be not in bondage
to that which is not Truth.

Would you consider healing the limitation of a
flat earth? Certainly not. Then why consider
healing the limitation of a mortal existence?
Why speculate about the healing of thoughts, the
changing of minds, the overcoming of
conditions? Why reason about healing or
destroying anything? God remains All there is.


Accept not the statement that right where the flat
earth appeared to be, there was the round earth.
No! A flat earth never appeared. Reader, come
to God as the only Mind there is. This Mind can
and will reveal to you that THERE IS NO
TRUTH. Truth is Eternal without evolution.
Reality is present without demonstration. Never
has there been other or more than the spiritual
single Whole of Being and of Existence.

Questions may be asked such as the following:
How can I stop thinking about myself about
my fear, pain and worry? What shall now take
the place of daily mental work? How is one to
realize the Truth that there is no mind beside the
perfect infinite Mind? Begin by loving God
with all your heart, knowing God is with you as
all there is of you. It is simple to see that of
yourself as a personal thinker you can never do
anything for God has already done all.
Believe, then, that the only Mind, Self or Being,
is Perfection Itself.

Ask and answer your own questions, such as: Is
divine Mind conscious of pain, fear and worry?
If from your state of purity you can answer,
No, then sink deeper into your own Being, and
ask the further crucial question, Is there any
other mind? If you can still give the same
answer, with equal depth of fervour, and with
spiritual certainty, the quickening Spirit will be
felt. You will be at peace with yourself and with
your world.


Divine Mind is always conscious of the Real and
the Eternal as present, since it is ever the All-in-
All. In knowing the truth of divine Mind and Its
all-inclusiveness, you are this Mind Itself.

You should understand at the outset that you are
not attempting to heal anyone or anything. You
are simply to discover in a wonderful way that
PERFECTION is all there is of anyone. You
know that divine Mind is not in pain; It has no
disease: It is not afraid or worried. You know
that your Body is this very Mind, your Body is
Spirit; and that there is no other mind and no
other body. The one Mind and Body is always
Wholeness and Harmony. Moreover, you know
this Being to be the whole of you or him or

It can now be clear as crystal to you that there is
no other mind to think or to feel anything. As
you perceive this to be the spiritual fact and
actuality, you are bound to feel spiritual
exaltation and peace. Stronger will be your faith,
and purer your love. You will know for a
certainty that there is no one and no thing to be
healed; that there is no mind seeing or believing
there is: there is not anything besides Reality and
Truth. You will know that there is no power but
God, and that God knows each and all to be


When we accept the one Mind to be our only
Mind, we leave all ways to heal, to translate or to
destroy anything. The true Way is not one of
healing. The true Way is the Way of spiritual
Light, wherein we know spiritual perfect Mind,
Consciousness and Form to be our only Mind,
Consciousness and Form present here and
now. It is indeed our entire Peace, Safety and

Do not state that there is one Mind, and then
think and talk as though you believed in other
minds as well. Do not listen to those who teach
that there are human minds to be put off or to be
spiritualized. Never believe in an adversary,
devil or mortal mind. Is there any such entity?
No, there is not! Know therefore this day, and
consider it in thine heart, that the Lord he is God
in the heaven above, and upon the earth beneath;
there is none else. (Deut. 4:39). That all the
people of the earth may know that the Lord is
God, and that there is none else. (1 Kings 8:60).

Our world of spiritual Consciousness constitutes
our world of Peace, Harmony and Safety; for our
spiritual Consciousness is spiritual Mind and
spiritual Form or Body as the ALL of the
Infinite. This Mind and this Body is present as
our completeness right in the here and now.
Nothing short of our actual experience of our
spiritual Mind and our spiritual Body can ever
satisfy us.


Can we reconcile the God of Perfection, Love
and Purity with war, tribulation, suffering and
death? We cannot. Can we reconcile Reality
and Truth with fall of man, original sin,
punishment and destruction? We cannot.
Today, many are finding it impossible to
reconcile some of the Bible and The Absolute
Message. What has duality, mortality, humanity
and double-mindedness to do with One spiritual,
perfect Mind, Life and Manifestation? Nothing.
Infinite perfect Mind could never predict or
prophesy war, fear or tribulation. Infinite perfect
Mind knows Itself to be the alone.

Why cannot war get rid of war, healing get rid of
sickness and repentance wipe out sin? That
which has no existence in God cannot be healed,
handled, defeated or wiped out. Already, it is

Some of the first chapter of Genesis and a few
verses of the second present one Mind, one
Power, and one Manifestation. Then we read of
a human being, a human mind and thinking;
temptation, sin, curse, warfare, murder,
mortality, death. Never could the Mind of God
inspire this record. If the story of Adam and Eve
is accepted as a myth having no authenticity
in history then what about the rest of the
characters whose genealogies are all traced
directly to Adam by the Bible itself? Fables and
genealogies are unprofitable and vain. (I
Timothy 1:4; Titus 3:9).


How much longer will Christian nations continue
to depend upon the records of those who lived
thousands of years ago, instead of learning what
is Truth from God direct today? Is not God Real
and Present right here and now today? Can He
not reveal perfect Knowledge to us today? He
can! He does! Eternal Mind ever exists in our
own hearts, independent of books.

Today, as always, the Voice of the Eternal
speaks, declaring Existence to be wholly spiritual
naught else. No one need attempt to save
humanity or save the world. Illumined by Spirit,
we know that we are Spirit. We know that never
have we existed as personal human being. We
know there is no departure from or translation
into Spirit. We know there are not two worlds,
there are not two sets of senses, nor do we have
two bodies.

The story of the prodigal son portrays just this:
there never was a prodigal son. We never left
the perfect World. We are not in a material
world now. To experience this fact as the eternal
reality, we must love It above all else. Our
experience as spiritual Mind and spiritual Body
is our new haven and new earth of eternal Peace,
Safety and Security.

Our ability to realize our Mind and our Body as
Spirit is with us, as our spiritual Light and Glory,
when we relinquish our belief that our mind and
body are material or human. As divine Mind, we
can know of nothing but divine Mind.


What is our relation of God, the Self? We are
Spirit, the one and only Selfhood. Do not
separate yourself from God, calling God by one
name and yourself by another. Give up belief in
human being, human progress. Believe in the
expansion of spiritual Light and Revelation. Let
go belief in personality; be unattached. Brood
not over the past. All that is, is eternally Present.
No one was ever bound; none was ever set free.
There is one Being only Spirit, the Selfhood
of all. There is no being to be appeased.

Self, God, Spirit, Consciousness, are
synonymous terms. That which is infinite must
be only One. It must be pure, It must be Perfect,
It must be Indivisible. To know this Truth, we
must be this Truth; and to be this Truth, we must
know this Truth. God never revealed all the
Truth to anyone that everyone must obtain the
Truth from him or her. Everyone can and must
realize the Truth for himself or herself. We can
not know of God and Reality until we do so.

Wholeness has never left us never changed
nor been changed. Supply of all that is pure and
perfect is right within our own Being always.
Eternal and Everlasting, it ever abides exactly
where we are. It must be sought and found by
the hearts purest love and deepest devotion. Not
only is Spirit the substance of our Mind, and of
our Awareness, but Spirit is also the substance of
our Body, and of our World. Therefore we must
see Mind, Body and World as the same pure and
perfect substance Spirit.


A far greater glory is ours when we give up
attaching personalities to Bible characters, and
see spiritual things spiritually. Finally it is
revealed to us that Lord, Messiah, Immanuel,
Christ, have one meaning Cosmic
Consciousness. When one has tasted the bliss of
Cosmic Consciousness, he is ready to give up all
for it. Jesus called such experience the Holy
Ghost; Paul called it Christ. All of Jesus
parables referring to the Kingdom of Heaven
signify it as Consciousness, which is Mind, Body
and World. Here we are a new Creature and
we live in the city of God.

Cosmic Consciousness begins with ones
acceptance of divine mind as his Mind, and his
relinquishment of belief that there is any mind
beside this One. His knowing and realizing will
then be that of his Mind. Then there comes to
him the sublime Vision and Awareness that his
Body, too, is Spirit. Instead of giving further
attention to non-essentials, he now reaches out
for Life which is Everlasting and Present, and for
Existence which is spiritual NOW.


Cosmic Consciousness is prolonged Illumination
an experience of Infinity. We experience
Light and Joy unspeakable, a wordless Glory
ineffaceable. At such times we may experience
our Body as weightless, undimensional. What
prompts such an experience or what makes it
possible? The answer is this: our surrender of
the belief and teaching that we are human, and
that our body is human or material. Light
springs spontaneously form the heart which
makes this surrender for this heart is set upon
God as ones complete Perfection here and now.
Until one tastes of Spirit through inner Light, he
knows it not.

The Unity of all cannot be brought about through
union of minds or races, but only through
awareness of one Mind and Spirit as All. In
Spirit the Whole is present everywhere, the
Whole is everyone. We contain all things in our
Self. Purity of heart and vision leads the way.

In Cosmic Consciousness all are free and equal.
This is our Glory without end. The sun shall no
more be our light by day, nor shall the moon
shed light on us. Our unending Light shall be
our Eternal Peace, Safety and Security.




Lesson No. 24 - May 9, 1949


irrevocable Truth that God is not a creator, we
are not a creation, and on no occasion was life or
being created, caused, generated, produced or
begun. Atomic Light is the Living Flame of New
Revelation, revealing God to be One All-
inclusive Life, Being, Mind, World and Existence
uncreated, indivisible, infinite. Everyone who
has real Existence lives, inevitably, as this
beginningless, Self-existence Life. In no other
way could we be eternal, since everything which
has a beginning must necessarily have an ending.

Reader, accept no longer the orthodoxy of
creation. God never told of a creation of beings,
minds or mortals. Discredit the doctrine
altogether, as well as any spiritual interpretation
of it. There can be no interpretation of the non-
existence. The Truth is, that Infinite Life and
Being is the One unseparated Whole and All,
and that our Life and Being is this One now, and
no other.


As long as one remains identified with the
generally accepted belief that we were born as
humans, and that Eternity lies before us, he has
no way of knowing that we were never other
than Spirit, and that to be, one must be without
birth or beginning indestructible, and without

The heart which loves the living God more than
myth or mystery, person or creed, is not a human
heart. The pure in heart are equipped with
spiritual Vision to perceive that there cannot be
both one infinite pure Being and other finite
impure mortals. We know the teaching of re-
generation to be based upon the pagan myth of
de-generation or the fall from perfection. We
repudiate this doctrine, and further, illumined by
our all-absorbing devotion to Truth and Reality,
we refuse to accept the religious teaching of evil
power or entity which it called by such names as
devil, satan, enemy, adversary, error, mortal
mind or animal magnetism.

Inevitably, one must arrive at the perception and
conclusion that THERE IS ONE POWER, ONE
The teaching and acceptance of another power,
another mind and another world must come to
an end. Each must face and answer the crucial
question as follows: Was there or was there not a
separation from God and the spiritual World?


Wonderful and glorious, that we can know the
great answer from God direct. In no other way
would it be the true answer. Through spiritual
Revelation it is known for a certainty, and it is
declared, that our Spirit and the Spirit of God is
identical; that the Spirit of God dwells in us; and
that not any part of us is here as a mortal, in a
temporal human state, while another part exists
at a distance, in a state of purity and perfection.
No we are not in two parts, one there called
the unfallen spiritual man, and another here
called a degenerate mortal. Such belief is
lacking in Vision and Truth.

Some may say, We do assert that there is one
Mind, and that there can be no Selfhood apart
from God. Yes, on one side of the mouth they
may say this, while on the other side they
continue to teach or believe that one must watch
his human thinking, spiritualize his human self,
and waken his human consciousness. All such
contradictions originate in ones acceptance of a
fall from Perfection. Would one believe in
mental cause and effect, the Adam-belief, the
dream of a material life or the concepts of mortal
mind, were he not accepting two states of being
and existence? He would not.

It shall be perceived and accepted that since there
was no creation of mortals or mortality there can
be no humanhood to be improved or human
being to be reinstated. The Infinite One is the
Indivisible Whole.


The forever I AM is the forever One as All,
knowing neither physical birth, spiritual growth
or human development. The Flaming Light of
New Revelation shall explode the fallacious
doctrine of fallen man, sin, sinful world,
salvation and atonement.

What need one do that he may see and say the
Truth, and nothing but the single Truth? He need
only turn to God direct. Here, he cannot see two;
the One will absorb his complete attention.
Here, he shall know and say, I am Spirit, I am the
one Being now, and my Consciousness of this
Truth is my spiritual World or Universe. Reader,
this is what is urged upon you to accept, the
Truth of the One as our present Reality, rather
than place our Reality in a distant future.

Until one knows the innate Power and Glory
abiding within every heart which seeks Truth
from God direct, he may believe that Revelation
has come to an end. Through his willingness to
discard teachings which do not measure up to the
Absolute Truth of one Being and one Universe,
and identify himself now as this one Mind and
Being without a second, he is bound to see and
feel the Glory of the Light, and experience it as
his own present spiritual Consciousness.



WONDERING HOW THE Absolute takes care
of healing and demonstration. The Absolute
Way is the infallible Way. What but divine
Mind can know perfect Being and perfect
Manifestation to be one and the same? No way
exists for us to know our spiritual wholeness,
harmony and abundance of all good except as
this Mind. Right here is where many hold back
and argue. Still believing the second chapter of
Genesis to contain a symbolic account of the
beginning of duality, they think and speak of
themselves as humanity working their way out of
human sense into Spirit; from darkness into light
and sickness into health.

Accepting matter and mortality as a temporal
human state, one is bound to feel the need for
healing or demonstration; for he is denying
himself the very glory he is seeking, namely, the
glory be beholding and experience the eternal


Sometimes, it is taught that Spirit is our potential
nature. It should be seen that Spirit is our actual
Nature only. No need to accept anything as true
merely because it is generally taught or believed.
It is from Spirit we learn that there is no dual
world. Dual nature, dual mind, dual thought,
dual will or existence. Accept not the theory that
a human mind is false, that there is strife of Truth
with error, that we must break down duality, and
that we are ignorant until we are spiritualized and
mortal until we are translated. Know and say
authoritatively, that a human mind does not exist,
that Truth is the only Presence, that the Infinite
Mind knows no error, duality, change,
development or evolution. I AM THAT I AM;

Attempt not to master material beliefs, handle
false claims or pay for ones sins. What, then,
becomes of mortals, personal sense, counterfeit
creation, tempter and temptation, a cause to
support or a purpose to serve? Nothing; for how
can anything be done about that which never
existed? Spirit is not realized by any process of
thinking or an ascending scale of greater
demonstration as proof of healing or
overcoming. Rather than such practice, one
should stand still where he is, aware that Spirit,
Body and World have never deflected from
Perfection. Taking the eternal Truth as our
Platform, it is simple to conclude that salvation
rests in our own spiritual Consciousness that
we know the Truth of the One without another!


When one puts aside his belief in two Spirit
and matter, Truth and error, divine Mind and
human mind, spiritual World and material
World, God and man he is ready to
understand Reality as One, and see its forms of
beauty and loveliness everywhere about him. A
letter just received in todays mail bears witness
to this new Enlightenment, as follows:

In the study of your books, I have no longer to
struggle to get rid matter. For many years I was
confused, as I had told that matter did not exist,
therefore I felt guilty if I enjoyed the beautiful
trees, fields and flowers, as it seemed that I must
eliminate them from my vision in order to see
Spirit. I had no idea how to conjecture a world
of Spirit, and felt that I was hanging in mid air.
Now, I know that the flowers, trees, bird and
various forms of Life I see before me are not
matter, illusion or material life at all, but Spirit;
and I enjoy them to the fullest. I know now that
Spirit is all.


Many are asking, How can I receive inner Light
and guidance? the answer must be the same
always. Inner Light or divine Knowledge
belongs to the one Mind alone. If you love God,
Spirit, the One divine Mind more than all else,
with supreme devotion, you will now willingly
and gladly sever your belief in another self, mind
and thinking, and identify yourself with and as
the One divine Mind. Since none but this Mind
can know Itself, then in no way except as this
Mind can you be Self-illumined. Laying aside
teachings and beliefs which would identify you
with a human mind and corporeal body, and
accepting Spirit as the all and whole of you, here
and now, you will certainly receive that Light
which is guidance, peace, safety and immunity.

The Absolute Message alone teaches the Way of
Self-Light and Self-Illumination, for it alone
identifies us as Spirit now, and not humanity;
and as the One now, and none else. The
Absolute knows that as the divine Mind we can
and will be Self-illumined, and thus experience
the spiritual Self and Universe as a present

Reader, for a certainty you can enjoy the
actuality of the great axiom that Spirit is all; and
there can be none else. The last clause of this
sentence is as positive and certain as the first. If
you feel that your present experience is not
altogether satisfying to you, then study this
second clause especially. Your clear perception
that there is no other self, power, mind or
thought beside the perfect, complete and All-
inclusive One, will disclose to you in luminous
clarity that there can be no discord or lack in

I recall a vivid Illumination which came to me
one time when a mother had asked help for her
young son who she said was getting teeth. I
knew the One Consciousness to be perfect
Activity and Manifestation, yet at the end of the
next day the report was the same as originally. I
asked my Self what it was that I should know
further. The answer was immediate and definite,
as follows: Timmy is not getting teeth. Then I
recognized that I had not included in my
knowing the Reality that there is none else
that not anything can be formed or made, for
everything is present here and now, without
beginning. This perception took care of the
situation at once. I could relate hundreds of
experiences when Illumination was instantaneous
and specific, as words audibly spoken or
inspirationally heard.

Mind does not have Consciousness, Mind IS
Consciousness. Consciousness does not have a
body, Consciousness IS Body, Manifestation and
World. Mind is not one thing taking cognizance
of something else. Mind is the thing it sees, and
the thing it sees is Mind. Mind is not a cause, to
be followed by an effect. There is no such thing
as cause or effect, since everything of Spirit is
the spiritual World Itself, verily our own
spiritual Consciousness. Nothing of Reality is
caused or created; everything of Reality is
eternally omnipresent. In no other way than as
spiritual Consciousness can we experience
spiritual Being, Body and World.



Metaphysics, that same day I began to study the
Bible. As time goes, I was then in my early
teens. It was from the Bible that I learned to turn
from all else to God direct. I was not concerned
with Bible personalities or with their problems.
What stood out to me above all else was the fact
presented, that when they turned to God they
received Light and Revelation; they walked and
talked with God; and they found peace and

As I took this Way, I, too, found Light and glory,
peace and freedom. I kept on studying both
Metaphysics and the Bible diligently. One day, I
was startled when someone alluded to me as a
mortal. I also found that I was closing my ears
every time I was told of the workings of evil,
mortal mind or mesmeric suggestion. None of
this rang true to me; none of it agreed with what
I was learning from God direct. My heart
continued soaring high above rule, system and
favoured person. I scarcely heard when they
were mentioned to me. I lived in my own Being,
I walked in my own Light. With my whole heart
I loved God, and accepted God as my changeless
perfection in all ways, right here and now; and it
was so. I experienced constant inspiration, joy
and happiness.


I recall an early experience when I did not know
my way out of a certain dilemma. I seemed to be
in sudden great pain. Sitting alone, I wondered
what to do about it. I began to ponder how I
could feel pain if God is all, how I could even
have a false belief; how pain could seem to be or
I could in any way be connected with it. I could
not deny that I was feeling pain, or could I
reconcile pain with God; or did thought of
another power beside God occur to me. In utter
desperation and abandonment, I threw out my
arms, calling to God aloud, Which is true, God
or pain?

I remember how instant the answer it seemed
to come as I was still speaking. Louder than any
thunder, came the vibrant, ringing words, There
is nothing true but Truth. As certain as the
Voice Itself, I knew, I understood, I was free
filled with an exquisite glory. The more I turned
to God for my answers, the further I turned away
from doctrines and practices which taught
nothing of Self-Light and Self-Revelation, which
to me was the most important thing of my whole
life. Finally, I left organization, and soon
afterwards 1924 I wrote my book, The
Finished Kingdom, which contains many of my
Revelations and experiences. Today, those who
read it still receive of its Light and Glory.


We need only turn to our own perfect Self, to
know that we are this Self now and always. Here
we live the intuitional Life we live joyously.
We know there is no need to labour or struggle
mentally; we know there is no fear in divine
Mind, and that there is no other mind. We know
the One I is the only Presence, the All and
Whole of everyone who has existence. By virtue
of these facts, we have no fear of anothers
thinking, knowing as we do that not a solitary
human mind or thought exists in the Infinite
Being. To fear the thoughts of others is not to
know that one Mind alone exists the Mind of
God, the Mind that is our only Mind.

Is there more to be said of enemy, adversary,
error or mortal mind? We must not defame the
Power and Glory of the Infinite I AM by
discussing another power or entity beside It.
Identified as a human being and a human mind,
one speaks of God as on one side of him, and
mortal mind on the other; he is ever between
what he believes as two existences. Glorious it
is, and beyond measures, to live and love the
Life of Spirit, the One, wherein and whereof we
know one Mind reigns alone.

Expanding beyond the effort to remove
limitation from a flat earth, it was revealed that
the earth is round, and that there was no flat
earth. The same fact is true of our own
existence. Expanding beyond the effort to infuse
a human mind with Truth or heal mankind
spiritually, it is revealed that Being, Identity and
Existence is Spirit ONE I AM.




Lesson No. 25 - December 1, 1949

authoritative statement of the Upanishadic Lore
reads as follows: The eye with which we are
seeing God must be the same eye with which
God is seeing us. Reader, have you ever
considered how God is seeing us? You may
have given much thought to the way you are
seeing God, but have you paused to contemplate
how God is seeing you? Study the quotation
carefully, and you will discern it to mean that we
are seeing truly only when we are seeing through
the Eye of God; and that not until we see ourself
as God is seeing us are we seeing and knowing
ourself aright. Surely, nothing could be truer
than this.

Are you willing to discover now, for yourself,
how God is seeing you, that you will know for a
certainty how you also should see yourself? To
do so, you need only answer a few question set
before you. Face these questions, one by one,
and let the answers come straight from the heart.
Here are the questions: Is Spirit, God, seeing us
as human, mortal or material life and being?
Does God-Mind see us as another mind? Does
the divine Eye see us living in a temporal
material world, in need of demonstration,
healing, translation or reinstatement?


The pure in heart know, and will declare, that the
One can see the One alone; that for us to see and
understand as God sees and understands we must
see by divine Mind; and that this is the perfect
Way. To see as God sees may come as a new
and startling idea, yet in no other way can we
know the Truth of ourself, body and world.

Does the spiritual Eye see or tell of a world of
illusion; a fallen state of being; war, doom,
destruction, death? The answer is No. The
teaching or belief, therefore, which would
identify us as mortals, with human minds, living
here and now in a human state of existence, is
not the sight of that Eye. The only reason that
one believes we are mortals and that we must
improve our material beliefs and emerge from
matter into Spirit, is that he or she has not yet
seen by the Eye of God, that One Being, One
Mind, One Universe exist alone; that this One
was never separated; that no other beings or lives
were formed, made or created; and that no
adversary, enemy, devil or power can be. Seeing
as the divine Eye, we know I AM THE
OTHER. (Isaiah 42:8 Moffatt).

Teachings and beliefs, therefore, predicted upon
the doctrine of a mortal, human state of being
existing here and now, will become useless and
will pass away; but of the Absolute Knowledge
that One alone exists, the pure, perfect,
unchangeable Reality, which has no becoming,
and no second, there shall be no end.


Quoting again from the Upanishads: The whole
world is Spirit; there is nothing else in Reality.
Betake thyself to this view of things, and rest in
peace. ... Thou canst not see Me with thy two
outer eyes; I have given thee an Eye divine.
Two outer eyes apply to the viewpoint which,
looking away from the One as the Alone and All,
see and call things which are not, as though they
were; thus, the constant use of double talk. The
Truth is self-evident, that if thine eye be single
(perceive the One alone) thy whole body (and
world) shall be full of Light. (Matt. 6:22).

The Universe of spiritual Realization is indeed
our perfect World. We are not old, we are not
young, we are not middle-aged. We are pure
Spirit without birth, beginning or end. Since
the spiritual World is our own pure
Consciousness, we must therefore see the perfect
World from within. I know I Am. I Am all time
eternity. I Am all place omnipresence. I
Am Purity. I Am Perfection. I Am neither a
spiritual man, a human man, a perfect or an
imperfect man. I Am not image, idea or
reflection. I Am not within Being nor is Being
within Me, as one within another. I, the Infinite
One, Am the whole of each and all. I Am I

Vanity, rebellion, unforgiveness, deceit or
stubbornness are as naught when ones whole
desire is to love and please God. He will be
rewarded by the sweet whisperings of Spirit and
the soft shining of Light upon his way. He will
pass from Vision to Vision, and from Light to
Light more effulgent.


The cross should not be interpreted to mean
suffering, for Spirit is Harmony; and there can be
no suffering. The cross symbolizes the pivotal
prerequisite the losing of ones belief that he
is human or material to find his life as Spirit.
(Luke 17:33). Resurrection is our abolition of
the belief and teaching that we are mankind,
mortals or humanity; and our acceptance of the
Revelation that the One perfect Self has always
been the One perfect Self unconditional and

The Holy Ghost and Its Baptism is the Spirit of
divine Inspiration, continually revealing spiritual
things to us spiritually giving us
Understanding and great Joy. To receive this
greatest of all gifts Illumination or Revelation
one must first be ready and willing to abolish
the teaching of duality, and accept the One I,
Mind and Being as the Alone. He must
accept and identify the One as the Whole of him,
and cease believing in himself as a mortal being
with a human mind. Since the divine Mind is the
one and only Mind, then not until he accepts this
Mind to be his Mind can he receive Light and


How small the price exacted that the Mind of
heavenly Light be revealed unto us! We know
now that there is no devil, error or mortal mind
in the Infinitude of Gods Universe; no hell, no
deceiver or adversary. Our divine love and
devotion to God will not permit us to accept
doctrines and teachings which would associate us
with duality, thus turning us away from God, the
One. Whatever conflict there is, it is not
between God and a devil or between Truth and
error; it is in ourselves if we accept duality
instead of Oneness.

Questions are asked, How can I overcome fear?
How can I realize Truth? How can I find a home
or experience harmony and abundance?
Identified as a human being, one cannot know
the Way. Accepting the general teaching that
you are man or a human being, an idea or
reflection, you can do nothing. Only as the
divine Mind can you see that in this
Consciousness everything is perfect and
complete; and not anything human, mortal or
material can be present. You need not attempt to
prove anything, rather it is that God is proving
you. Never try to master any thought or thing.
There is but One not two. Even though one
believes in falsity, he can never make falsity
exist. Truth is the One Existence; Truth never
stops existing.


Divine Mind cannot feel pain, sickness or lack.
There is no other mind to be conscious of
anything. This is the Truth to be known. In this
Knowledge is our Freedom, even as it is written:
Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall
make you free. (John 8:32). This does not mean
that sickness, discord or limitation shall be
healed, for how could that which does not exist
be healed? It means that accepting the one Mind
as your Mind now, your experience will be that
of this Mind the Voice of Revelation.

The Message of the Absolute that we are Spirit is
not a doctrine, religion or creed. It is Absolute
Truth Itself. The perfect Word has always been
the same Spirit is All; Spirit is unseparated
Being; we are Spirit.

Amazing and stupendous facts have been
commonly known to many through their own
experience in Cosmic Light. Among these facts
are the following: knowledge of our exemption
from sin; our exemption from time, place,
corporeality and dimension. In Its inimitable
way, Revelation breaks away from the general
teaching of a separation from God, and a creation
of humanity.


The way to know, self-evidently, that we are the
One unseparated Being now, is by the experience
called Revelation or Cosmic Consciousness,
which can truly be enjoyed if one is willing and
ready to turn from teachings of duality to God
alone. Everyone who has known direct
Revelation has been keenly aware of being
Spirit. Indeed, this is the crux of Revelation, the
never dimming glory of every flash of Light. To
hear the Voice, to be the One Self, even for a
second, is to know that we have never been a
human being.

These moments are our eternal delight. Our
Knowledge is inherent and spontaneous. We are
in the secret place of the Most High. (Psalms
91:1). Tis I the Eternal who call you by
name. (Isaiah 45:3 Moffatt).

It is being asked, In the Absolute Teaching,
what is my relation to God? Can there be one
God and many of us? What and where is
individuality, that each of us is distinct from the
other? As an illustration which will prove of
help, let us consider a tree and its manifold
leaves. Of course, we must accept this tree as a
spiritual tree real and indivisible. What is the
relation of a leaf of this tree to the tree itself?
Ones first answer may be that it is one with the
tree or that it is a part of the tree. These answers
will not do; for a spiritual tree is not divisible
into parts, nor is any of it one with the rest of it,
as though there were two. It should be seen that
the tree is a Whole throughout, that all of it is
tree, thus no relationship is possible. The
identity of each leaf is the tree itself. Whatever
is true of the tree is true of the leaves, for the tree
includes the leaves.

Spirit, God, is not divisible into many beings,
even as a tree is not divisible into many leaves.
Spirit includes its Forms which are Spirit
undimensional. The idea of our relationship to
the One Selfhood is preposterous, and should no
longer be tolerated. When perfect Vision arrives,
imperfect teachings must go. It should be known
universally, that whatever is included in Spirit IS
Spirit. The teaching that God is not in man.
That the greater cannot be put into the lesser,
misses the mark of perfect Knowledge, which
declares there are not two beings God and
man; there is one Being only GOD. To be at
all, we must be the One who is the indivisible
Whole and All.

The fullness and allness of the Infinite One is the
Identity and form called Mary or John.
Therefore each must know herself or himself as
unseparated Being, since this Being is the whole
of everyone. It was seen that the tree and leaf are
the same one, the tree; it should now be clear
also that Spirit, Mary and John are one and
identical; this One is Spirit. When someone
states that he cannot understand how he can be
Spirit, God, it is only because he has the
mistaken sense that he is a human being. He will
need to discard this belief before he can see and
think as the one Mind, and know the Truth. It is
certain that as the one Mind only can anyone
understand Reality, and know that God is the
whole of him.


Were it true that we are a man, mortal or human
being, who must be changed, healed of sin and
sickness, and overcome evil, we should need to
continue with this practice forever, since that
which is true is eternal. Whatever exists is
everlasting existence, eternally manifest,
eternally perfect, eternally present. The
Principle of the Absolute is that the One
Selfhood is unseparated Being and
Consciousness; and that we are this One.

No two leaves of a tree are exactly alike, nor are
two of anything identically the same. Infinite
distinctiveness and variety abound throughout
the indivisible, illimitable Whole. While each
one has distinct perception and awareness, and
there is infinite individuality, this individuality is
not in us as separate beings but in God as the
infinite, unseparated Whole. Each is Being as a
Whole. There is no individual consciousness.
There is Individual Consciousness only. As the
One Consciousness, each knows the Truth.

If pain or sickness seems present, you can surely
help yourself, and take care of everything, by
seeing what is Real and True. You can do this
through Self-inquiry and Self-perception. Ask
and answer your own questions for instance.
What body is it that is sick or in pain? Is it the
spiritual Body? Is it a mortal body? Knowing
the Truth in yourself, that the spiritual Body only
exists, and that there is no mortal body, you will
feel satisfied that the trouble has naught to do
with body; and that a body which could feel pain
does not exist.


Then question yourself further: what mind is
feeling pain or discord? Is it divine Mind? You
must give the true answer, knowing in your
heart, as you should, that the one divine Mind
alone exists, and that there is no other mind.
You will now see clearly, that no consciousness
exists to be conscious of pain or discord; that the
One Infinite is present now; and that there is no
other power or presence. Inevitably, you will
feel the confidence, peace and freedom of Spirit.
You will not only know the Truth, you will be
the Truth.

Things which have formerly been difficult to
comprehend, through the Eye of Spirit will be
seen as clear as crystal. This Vision abolishes
the teaching of a past history and a future
eternity; cause and effect; materiality and
mortality. Atomic Light, exploding myth and
dogma, reveals the everlasting Truth that now are
we Spirit, perfect Body and World. This
Message is indeed the Voice of Revelation.




The Belief and Teaching of human creation is
sustained by religious myths. For the new Day
we need a new Bible, which will reveal spiritual
Existence to be all that has ever existed. Those
who want absolute Truth alone, without an
experience of warfare and suffering, should
straightway give up their belief in creators and
creations. The only effective Light shall be
Knowledge which will explode the belief that we
are created being, living in an objective world.

They who fear not to renounce the old myths
the creation of mortals, separation, sin, warfare
and death for the acceptance of the Truth of
Life and Being as the uncreated Absolute
pure, changeless and without end will
understand the smashing of the atom to be the
extinguishing of the belief in a world of matter, a
world of birth, sin, warfare, punishment and

What has been called the great mystery shall pass
away in atomic Light the Revelation that
Truth and Reality remain inviolate without
beginning, change or end; everpresent, pure,
perfect and absolute. We shall be aware that the
World of Reality is our own Spiritual


Perfect Knowledge shall continue to reveal
everything as it is. Perfect forms shall be
completely visible to us. It will be perceived by
the single visioned, single-hearted, that there has
been no created being, thing or world; that
nothing ever existed but the Kingdom of
beginningless Spiritual Consciousness.

It may be generally believed that the Bible
relates the history of two creations; one, that of
spiritual creation, wherein God created all forms
of Reality; and a second, the creation of matter,
sin and evil.

Fuller search, however, will reveal that the Bible
chronicles five creations, each distinct and
different, as follows:

1 the creation of man; male and female. God
created man in his own image, in the image of
God created he him; male and female created he
them. (Gen. 1:27).
2 the forming of man (Adam). And the Lord
God formed man of the dust of the ground, and
breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and
man became a living soul. (Gen. 2:7).
3 the making of a woman (Eve). And the
Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam,
and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and
closed up the flesh instead thereof. And the rib,
which the Lord God had taken from man, made
he a woman, and brought her unto the man.
(Gen. 2:21-22).
4 the conception of Cain. And Adam knew
Eve his wife; and she conceived and bare Cain,
and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.
(Gen. 4:1).

5 the conception of Jesus. The angel of the
Lord appeared unto him in a dream, saying,
Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto
thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived
in her is of the Holy Ghost. (Matt. 1:20).

Creation, sin, suffering, personal saviours, and
atonement for sin are the theme of all religions.
Reader, forgive yourself now, and forgive
everyone now, by hearing and accepting the
Voice of Revelation, saying, there is none above,
none below, none against and none beside the
beginningless infinite uncreated One. Continue
not in the belief or teaching of God as uncreated
Being and yourself as created being. There is
none but ME. I AM THE ALL perfect,
glorious, absolute Being. I AM not other than
Purity. I AM THE I AM, HERE and NOW.

The second stage of Greek philosophy began
with Xenophanes, who was born in Asia Minor
in 560 B.C. The foremost subject of his inquiry
was God Himself, the Supreme Intelligence.
He concluded that all things that exist are eternal
and immutable, therefore without beginning. He
declared God, who is perfect and the essence of
all things, to be eternally one immovable, all-
powerful and all-pervading, but in no sense
personal. He taught that God and the universe
are synonymous; that the world could not exist
without God, nor could God be separated from
the world.


Parmenides, a pupil of Xenophanes, sought to
realize Absolute Being, uncreate and
unchangeable. He was the first Greek
philosopher who made a clear distinction
between relative knowledge and the higher
Knowledge. He said that the Self is never born
nor does it die. He declared: What is, is
uncreated and indestructible, alone, complete,
immovable and without end. I shall not let thee
say or think that it came from what is not; for it
can neither be thought nor uttered that what is
not, is. Greek philosophers and Vedic sages
believed in one Self, and that we are this Self.

Followers of Metaphysics are sincere when they
state that they do not accept what they call the
second creation, but believe in the first creation
only. Then why do they believe they are mortals
to be regenerated, with human minds to be
improved; that the nature of evil is to be
understood, and strict mental discipline

Every teaching which sanctions these beliefs and
theories is rooted, undeniably, in the belief of
mortal creation. The Absolute Message alone
discredits all creations, revealing One Infinite
Uncreated Selfhood As The Only Presence.

When one knows the narrative of creations to be
utterly without truth, he will cease to accept
whatever doctrines stem from them. It can be
said that religion is ever learning, and never
able to come to the knowledge of the Truth. (2
Tim. 3:7). Not until religions perceive creations
to be utterly without truth and sanity will they
accept Spirit as Totality of Existence. Religion
and Truth will then be one Truth in every heart.

Our Christ and Saviour is our everpresent
spiritual Light and Revelation, revealing our
perfect Self as our only Self, present always
our unending Light, unending Glory. What book
shall reveal the stainless Highway? The Book of
the Heart. Knowledge, which ever abides within,
reveals the One I AM to be the whole and All of
All. How obvious and certain the fact that not a
single religion of today could ever become
universal, since each and every one incorporates
duality. The prophecy of Professor Burke
concerning religion may well be considered.

In contact with the flux of Cosmic
Consciousness all religions known and named
today will be melted down ... Religion will not
depend on tradition. It will not be believed and
disbelieved. It will not be a part of life,
belonging to certain hours, times, and occasions.
It will not be in sacred books nor in the mouths
of priests. It will not dwell in churches and
meetings and forms and days. Its life will not be
in prayers, hymns nor discourses. It will not
depend on special revelations, on the words of
gods who came down to teach, nor on any bible
or bibles. It will have no mission to save men
from their sins or to secure them entrance to
heaven. It will not teach a future immortality nor
future glories, for immortality and all glory will
exist in the here and now. The evidence of
immortality will live in every heart as sight in
every eye.


Doubt of God and of eternal life will be as
impossible as is now doubt of existence; the
evidence of each will be the same. Religion will
govern every minute of every day of all life.
Churches, priest, forms, creeds, prayer, all
agents, all intermediaries between the individual
man and God will be permanently replace by
direct unmistakable intercourse. Sin will no
longer exist nor will salvation be desired. Men
will not worry about death or a future, about the
kingdom of heaven ... Each soul will feel and
know itself to be immortal, will feel and know
that the entire universe with all its good and with
all its beauty is for it and belongs to it forever.

Where is the deliverer, the Saviour? Who or
what? The Saviour of man is Cosmic
Consciousness ... This consciousness shows the
cosmos to consist not of dead matter governed by
unconscious, rigid, and unintending law; it shows
it on the contrary as entirely immaterial, entirely
spiritual and entirely alive; it shows that death is
an absurdity, that everyone and everything has
eternal life; it shows that the universe is God and
that God is the universe, and that no evil ever did
or ever will enter into it. (Cosmic
Consciousness, pages 5, 6, 17).


Over a half-century ago a new Light called
Metaphysics shone brightly over the world.
Many witnessed its power over sickness, sin and
disease. Metaphysics brought also a truer
understanding of God than taught by other
religions. It called God divine Mind and divine


As the years passed, no further Light came out of
Metaphysics than at first discovered. It was
thought that Truth had been revealed, and now
needed only to be practiced. Those of keener
vision, however, began to see and question the
contradictions and inconsistencies of the
teaching. It became apparent that the instruction
that we are mortals or humanity, each having to
watch his own thoughts, be a law unto himself,
overcome sickness, sin, and mortal mind, and be
the arbiter of his own fate, could not possibly be
reconciled with the Principle of one Mind and
one Being as set forth in the teaching. It was
evident that the continual consideration and
discussion of two beings, two minds, two worlds
and two sets of senses brought frustration and
confusion of vision and tongues. Double-talk
was inevitable.

Revelation identifies itself with no one
exclusively. Revelation is as universal and
omnipresent as God. Now, in the presence of a
new Light, it is revealed that there is only on
Mind and only one Being, that they are identical,
and that there is no other. Sweeping aside
teaching, system, rule and practice based upon
the premise that God is Spirit and we are mortals,
the Voice of Revelation proclaims we are what
God is, right here and now; we are Spirit, the
One Mind and Being!


Though the metaphysical idea of the elevation of
a human mind, the raising of a human
consciousness, and the translation of mortals into
Spirit was a refreshing new idea when it was
introduced, a greater Light now comes which
will supplant it. To know, authoritatively, the
true status of our Being, we must turn to the
Book of Life itself the Spirit of Truth within.
Here it is revealed that One only exists, and not
another; that the Truth of the one infinite must be
the Truth of All. Our acceptance of Spirit as our
Identity here and now is our only freedom from
sorrow, tribulation, and death.

God is none other than the Self. It is impossible
to find God outside ourself. The Spirit of
Revelation is within, and not elsewhere. Turning
away from that which is part Truth and part
untruth we are alone with God as our only Mind
and Being. Since we have never been able to
reconcile God and sinful beings, God and
warfare, God and devil, we make the great
decision to accept God alone. We are gloriously


Chapter 23


Spiritual Consciousness is what we see, know
and feel within us as Truth and Reality. Here,
Spirit holds all things in their true Nature,
without need of method, practice or process.
Here, Spirit possesses everything. It is the thing
it sees and the thing it knows. Spirit and Its
Forms are identical permanent, pure and
perfect. Spirit is continual Activity, continual

The important thing to become universally
known is the Truth that we are not created
beings, that not anything of Spirit had a
beginning. There is not subject and object,
creator and creation, the incorporeal idea and a
corporeal thing. Consciousness, Form and
World are the same one Spirit.

Since God is all Being as the infinite indivisible
Whole, and since God is Spirit, one cannot be of
God and be a human or mortal being.


Spirit knows Itself to be Spirit throughout Its
illimitable total Being and Selfhood. The
Infinitude of Being is one Universal Identity, one
I or Me. Whatever the infinite universal
Identity is, must also be what each Identity is, for
the One Identity as a Whole is each particular
Identity. Each Identity is therefore infinite in
itself as well as in the infinite Whole; and the
Whole exists in each Identity as in Itself. Each
individual Identity possesses infinite power,
infinite Knowledge, infinite spiritual

Spirit is everywhere Spirit. No separation of
Individual from the Universal or individual from
Individual exists, but differentiation and
distinction everywhere abound. Unique in
himself, each is both individual Identity and
universal Spirit changeless, perfect, eternal.

It is asked today, how shall I look upon world
conditions? How shall I pray? How can I help
to bring an end to the war? Each one must
answer these questions from his own state of
vision and understanding. Does he know his
own Consciousness to be his own Universe or
does he look outside himself and see an
external or objective world? His answer will
depend upon where he looks, what he is seeing,
and what world he is accepting.

No objective, external or subjective world exists.
By spiritual Consciousness only is this seen and
known. Each one should ask himself, Is there a
world wherein all is Love and Peace and also
another world wherein there is warfare, strife and
destruction? How many worlds, minds and
bodies are there?

The Single Vision is true prayer. It sees as God
sees. How can the perfect World be seen? In
Consciousness only. The perfect World can be
seen by believing and accepting infinite spiritual
Mind to be our complete and whole Existence,
the All of All; and by identifying our self as this
Mind and Self. Here, things are made known to
us intuitively: naturally and the things which we
see and know spiritually, constitute our World.

To explain how one lives in his own
Consciousness, how he sees and knows Reality
or the spiritual World, cannot adequately be
described. It is intuitional; it is a beholding of
things as they are, without corporeality.
Spiritual Forms, existing as they do in
Consciousness, are distinct, though
undimensional. Forsaking entirely an external
view of things, and turning wholly and
completely within oneself to contemplate what
he knows to be the Truth of the World, the
Vision will be clear to him. He will see things
truly, spiritually; he will know as the one
Selfhood. Each must cling to his own Vision of
Truth and Reality.


If one would see Being, Body and World
spiritually, he must be willing to comprehend
that there is one World only the World of
Spirit, God. One will find it simple and easy to
look into the World called Heaven or the
spiritual World. It is not necessary to close the
eyes, though at first one may wish to do so. In
his Mind he will be able to see peace, order and
harmony, beauty, love and perfection in spiritual
World. At once, he will know that no suffering
is here, nor war, nor grief, nor separation. All
this he will see and feel within himself, for his
own Consciousness is his real and true World or
Heaven. Seeing spiritually the World as it is in
Reality, then, so far as he is able, he must think,
live and act from this Consciousness, knowing
nothing else is real, nothing else is true, nothing
else is present.

Knowing my Self, I see as my Self, I hear as my
Self, I live as my Self. As perfect Mind, I accept
only the Truth of my Self. My Mind can see and
hear and know all things spiritually and
perfectly. This spiritual seeing and knowing is
true prayer, spiritual realization, spiritual
Consciousness Spirit Itself.