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Affidavit of Support Sample

Instead of your letter, there exists a printable affidavit involving assistance form available about the
embassy website. Malcolm Smith
Affidavit regarding support for Visitor's Visa
Another edition associated with affidavit of assistance is actually usually the particular one that
actually needs to become submitted by simply foreign nationals for the embassy regarding finding a
visitor's visa. These kind of documents need to be duly certified by the sponsor's bank.
The college web site could provide the printable affidavit involving support form. That can be known
as best dui attorney in Inglewood Form i-134. Citizenship and Immigration services (USCIS) website
pertaining to further details within this regard. Virtually Any association along with actual people, is
actually purely coincidental.
. Malcolm Smith
1514, Davis Drive,
Faith Avenue,
Atlanta, Georgia
Contact no: 0077-4568-231
Email id:
Date: June 10th 2012
To Whomsoever This Could Concern
I, Dr. This form is called Form i-864 and also can be easily downloaded from your embassy website.
My passport/voter card/driving license amount is ABC1234 issued with Atlanta in September 14th
That I am employed as/in enterprise Healthcare Professional since December 1995 and my annual
income is $200000 as per earnings tax return.
That I am sponsoring my son/daughter/(if every other relation, please specify)______, Mr./Ms
Michelle Smith, resident associated with 1514, Davis Drive, Faith Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, who is
undertaking undergraduate studies in Your United Kingdom from Sussex College in History of
English Literature. The Particular duration associated with this course will be 3 years beginning via
dui defense Santa Monica September 2012 for you to July 2015.
That I undertake to supply complete monetary support in your course of his/her stop at Sussex
University, The Particular United Kingdom including his/her tuition service fees associated with
50000 for each annum as well as living expenses regarding as significantly as 10000 for each
Enclosed: (Make a set of annexures/supportive economic documents)
Dr. the US Citizenship and also Immigration services expect visa applicants in order to submit an
affidavit associated with assistance duly filled with a sponsor that can always be a citizen in the US.
Malcolm Smith, wife of/son of Jules Smith, resident involving 1514, Davis Drive, Faith Avenue,
Atlanta, Georgia, do hereby solemnly swear and declare as under:
That my citizenship/nationality will be American. Hence, it is important to attach illegal copies
associated with investment documents and also bank records alongside with the affidavit. Please
note the i-134 form do certainly not need to to be notarized.
Affidavit associated with Assistance regarding Intending Immigrants
People that wish for you to immigrate for the US permanently, have to submit an affidavit involving
assistance form duly filled by means of a dui lawyer irvine sponsor which can end up being a US
citizen. Please remember:
The sponsor needs to become able to be in a position as well as prepared to assist the actual student
and may state the same in a notarized affidavit regarding support.
The sponsor could be a father or mother or even gaurdian who's residing within the student's home
nation or even a relative which can become a naturalized US citizen.
The sponsor must furnish documents such as his passport copies, recent bank statement as well as
other financial details, along with all the completed affidavit. Please note that, the particular i-864
form need not become notarized.
Hopefully, the crucial points mentioned previously concerning the particular affidavit involving
support will demonstrate useful to my readers. in the US, a notary public can be authorized to
become able to administer oaths and also affirmations, and also authenticate your execution of
affidavit associated with support. Sponsors are expected in order to furnish his or her private
details, financial details, along with express their capability and willingness to imagine complete
responsibility for the guests throughout the entire duration of their visit. Since part of the particular
affidavit, the actual sponsors are required to supply a proof involving sufficient monetary funds to
assure that the students and visitors usually are generally not within danger involving being a public
charge. you may also get within touch with USCIS on 1-800-375-5283, web hosting guidance within
this matter.
Disclaimer: The Particular identities employed within the sample letter are fictitious. In case not,
then utilize the sample letter provided under pertaining to making an affidavit on your own own
Sample Letter
(strike out whichever not necessarily applicable)
Dr. In the actual event that you're nonetheless within doubt, it might be prudent in order to consult
relevant authorities or even visit the U.S. Just About All foreign nationals may get their particular
affidavits certified from the US Consulate or the embassy office.
Affidavit associated with support for International Students
International students need to obtain an economic affidavit involving support from his or her