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The Luminaries: Sun and Moon

The state of the solar system at the time of your birth points to self-similar (fractal) qualities within you. But of all the planets, the "lights" - the Sun and oon - are
thought to indicate the main polarity of your being. !n psychology, this has been articulated in the concept of complementarity between the conscious and unconscious
contents of the mind. The Sun and oon act as positi"e and negati"e poles - an intentional, directing element (Sun), and a suggestible, recepti"e one (oon). !n a
beneficial relationship, the emotional conditioning of the oon is gi"en a purposi"e and positi"e e#pression by the astrological Sun. This has been called $intentional
li"ing$. %here"er we allow our consciousness (attention) to rest, that we "itali&e.

The Astrological Sun
There is only one center to our solar system, and there is only one center to your psyche. The Sun is the great central powerhouse which illuminates us and shows us
where we can get the most from life by radiating all that our sun represents. The Sun is our central identity and $true self$, in that it is toward this more than anything
that we should be mo"ing and de"eloping. Thus, it represents that which we wish to become and those we loo' up to. !t is also our essence, our bliss, and that which
we do for the sheer fun of it. The Sun is creati"ity, original flair, celebration and glory - the quality of output we tend to e#pect from heros and celebrities. But we are
each capable of gi"ing out more than we do - and ! don$t mean money. The Sun is about ha"ing a purpose large enough to animate the whole of your life and going
about it with a tone of appreciation and (oie de "i"re. )our Sun shows how and where you can shine.

Sun in Capricorn
*apricorn is, abo"e all, determined. +ersistence is your creed and you are happiest when in control or managing something practical. The Sun placed here must create
a personal distinction by fulfilling the obligations and conditions necessary for a solid and significant achie"ement. !t has to be enduring. ,isciplined and ambitious, you
ta'e life seriously. )ou are far-sighted and purposeful, and don$t mind denying yourself a few comforts while you wor' toward the goal of Success. -a"ing a sense of
structure is "ery important, for you recognise that only through careful planning can we manifest our aims. *apricorn is the business head of the &odiac, and the "ery
opposite of emotional *ancer. .i"en to clear ambition, practical insight and "ision, *apricorn always ta'es a distanced perspecti"e and a cool appraisal. ,eliberate and
painsta'ing, sometimes to the point of austerity, *apricorn lo"es wor' and the hard-earned results. Status and material reward are "ery important.

Sun Semisquare Venus
.entle charm and personal magnetism. There is a natural sense of discrimination and beauty which e#cels in music, drama, dance or any artistic profession. There is a
lo"e of ma'ing connections which is welcomed in social scenes of all 'inds and gi"es easy popularity. /osters aesthetic leanings with an appreciation of cultural matters.
Sensual and refined with a tendency to be easy-going and accommodating.
Sun Sextile Jupiter
.enerosity of spirit. 0utloo' is mainly philosophical, optimistic and content. !ndicati"e of ease of effort, but may also be too complacent. 1 "isionary nature with high
ideals. 2#cels in publishing and consciousness-raising wor' of all 'inds. 3nows abo"e all that we are here to learn. +erson functions from a sense of abundance and
therefore satisfies hopes easily. .ood intuition and humor.

The Astrological Moon
The astrological oon symbolises memory, memes and conditioning - the habitual, instincti"e, unconscious side of our nature, and therefore the most predictable. 0ur
interface with the en"ironment - how we react to it - is best indicated by the oon$s position and the planets it aspects. Because it represents our upbringing and
emotional bac'ground, the oon denotes our sense of belonging and well-being (or not) and what we need in order to feel comfortable and content. But all too often
the tendency is for the oon to reflect bac' the frayed impressions of old hurts and "endettas, thereby wasting precious energy on painful and unproducti"e
distractions of the past. *learly what is needed is a more aspiring attitude4 one in which we are continually banging our cup and demanding that our needs be satisfied5
%hat is your special hunger6 %hat 'ind of stimulation do you need in order to feel good about yourself6 True gratification can be had only by feeding your oon. The
/east of the +resent is spread out around you5

Moon in Gemini
)ou are at home where there is lots of communication, in"estigation and e#ploration. /ascinated by social interchange (and gossip too) you tend not to be too
emotional. )ou are more detached and cerebral in your personal contacts, which, at its worst, emerges as emotional superficiality. )ou are "ersatile and lo"e change
immensely - "ariety is the spice of life for you. Thin'ing, writing, questioning and curiosity are your strong points, and you are happiest when you are spreading your
attention, gathering data, and lin'ing obser"ations and ideas to create a meaningful scenario.

Moon Trine Mercury
.ood mental de#terity and emotions color the thought processes. !deas and images connect easily with popular trends and concensus feelings. .ood memory,
intellectual percepti"ity and fle#ibility. 7nderstands and performs well with younger people, 'nows what it ta'es to create a supporti"e en"ironment and to
communicate effecti"ely, so ma'es a natural teacher.
Moon Square Jupiter
2motional buoyancy and growth. There is great optimism and an ability to bounce bac' easily from negati"e e#periences. .ains fa"ours and the trust of others "ery
easily, as it is seen as genuinely gi"ing. 2n(oys helping others sol"e their problems and gi"ing them a new perspecti"e. 1bility to counsel others is e#cellent and is often
sought out for ad"ice. There is a strong desire for both closeness and freedom, and a pronounced affinity for getting into the philosophical grounds of things. +refers
mo"ing forward to maintaining the status quo.
Moon Trine Saturn
2motional maturity. The sense of responsibility is well de"eloped and usually ends up managing situations. ,isciplined and hard-wor'ing4 good at getting others to
wor'. Serious and frugal but en(oys getting along on less. 2ssentials are what count. Tends to a"oid too much sociali&ing but ta'es familial duties quite seriously.
Moon Opposite Venus
,iscriminating, sensual and 'ind. There is great concern with beauty and comfort, especially in and around the home. 1n optimistic and charming nature4 this is a "ery
fa"ourable feminine combination. 8i"es for lo"ing relationships and pleasant memories. 2#cels in the aesthetic talents. 9oluptuousness and eroticism are implied.

The lanets: Agents o! the Cosmos
The planets of astrology are not (ust giant balls of roc' and gas, but fractal reflections of the different facets of reality - whole self-consistent categories of meaning.
They re"eal tendencies which are in a continual state of $becoming$. But each indi"idual is responsible for de"eloping his or her attributes and acti"ely integrating the
planets$ detailed messages. -a"ing had the broad qualities pointed out, you are free to wor' with or against the cosmic current. But you will only benefit from the
uni"ersal self-organising process by intentionally and planfully impro"ing on those features as depicted in your birth chart. %e only get where we$re going by mo"ing in
the right direction. ,estiny is a matter of ,estination.

The Astrological Mercury
ercury is the articulate messenger - -ermes - master of the networ's, change and comple#ity. -e represents mentality: words, thoughts, ideas, communications. But
more generally, this is the planet of connections - e"erything that lin's and con"eys - synchronicity - the magical crossroads at which the obser"er stands to see the
$similarity of meaning$ in the con"erging strands of "arious causes and effects. This is the meeting place of mind and matter, where logic, wit and reason are brought
into play. The power of thought. The power of words. The ancestor of e"ery action is a thought, and how we say something is often more important than what we say.
%ords trigger attitudes and set up resonances of their own, continuing to do their wor' e"en when the attention is elsewhere. .uided by your ercury, you begin to
construct a bridge between yourself and the world, bringing together all the unique circumstances needed to trigger results that none of them could ha"e produced on
their own. ercury shows how you can $hi(ac'$ people, places and situations to your best ad"antage - the way you can go about getting your way.

Mercury in Aquarius
0riginal and cle"er, you thri"e mentally on the abstract and dialectical. )ou are an impartial thin'er, democratic to the point of being impersonal, and fascinated by the
latest technology. ercury is "ery much at home in this sign and it often produces the most inno"ati"e thin'ers and in"entors. 1lways thin'ing of the world as a unity,
you are idealistic and belie"e in putting into practice what is preached. .roup-conscious and future-oriented, often witty, quic' and chatty, you find it easy to see
through large concepts and schemes. %hen it comes to $mindgames$, others would find it you to be a most worthy opponent.

Mercury Con"unct Saturn
)ou are "ery deliberate when it comes to words, to what you say and thin'. %hen you concentrate, you always come up with what is essential to the matter at hand,
ignoring all else. )ou$re anything but "flip," and your more serious approach to ideas, while welcome when there is mental wor' to do, may not always be appreciated
when others are in more social moods.The sciences are natural for you.
Mercury Sextile Venus
)ou li'e to wor' with words and ideas and ha"e a natural appreciation for anything that is literary or artistic. )our sense of discernment when it comes to matters of
literary and intellectual taste is "ery refined. )ou could write poetry or prose, and you put a "ery high "alue on the written word. )ou en(oy nothing more than a good
con"ersation and may be "ery adept at spea'ing and communicating.

The Astrological Venus
9enus is harmony. She symboli&es our relationship with all that we meet in the world. %hen we appraise or appreciate something, whether that be another person or a
possession, this is 9enus - the sense of lo"e or appreciation we feel. 9enus is reciprocity, interaction with others, compromise, reconciliation and balance. She is also
our need for appro"al, and how we see' it - $we$ consciousness and union. This ability to get-it-together is also tested by our talent (or lac' of) for de"eloping a sense
of wealth and affluence. 9enus is what we lo"e, feel comfortable with and what appeals to us. 1nd she has much to do with desires, lu#uries and their en(oyment. She
is also about ma'ing oneself en(oyable. Thus her energy is what has been called the $courtier spirit$, which means being agreeable and smoothing the path. !n many
ways she shows us how we can get the most, both relationship-wise and financially, out of life. 1s the planet of balance and resources, 9enus spea's to us about the
ways one influences the other4 for as any successful businessperson will tell you, you must be willing to spend money in order to ma'e it. This is the lifeblood of
commerce - there must be an out-going as well as an in-coming flow of energy. .ood relationships require gi"e-and-ta'e, as do all successful enterprises.

Venus in Sagittarius
;ot prudish, you insist on freedom of e#pression in all things. )ou lo"e great ideas and tra"el. This ma'es you well-suited to international business and anything ha"ing
to do with acquiring a broader understanding - higher education and the li'e. 1n idealist of the first degree, you are honest and fran', preferring the truth to any brand
of flattery. <is'y "entures will appeal.
Venus Square Mars
)ou en(oy life yourself and "alue gusto and enthusiasm in those around you. /eelings are something you e#press with ease, and you appreciate others doing the same.
2motional drama is "alued rather than a"oided. )our appetite for action is probably well 'nown, and well noted. Sports, outdoor acti"ities, and e"erything physical are
high on your list of fa"orites. Se# is, no doubt, also important.

The Astrological Mars
ars is the planet of moti"ation and dri"e. !t is the self-starting impetus, initiati"e and energy we need to get mo"ing. %hen we search for the meaning of something,
life or whate"er, it is ars that urges us on and 'eeps us searching. ars also dri"es us against things too, as when it sends us into war and combat. ars loo's for the
challenge, ta'es charge and pushes forward with a pioneering spirit. ars is purposeful, direct and courageous4 where our passion is, there we find the planet ars.
Thus it also has to do with ardor and impulses, and often signifies the se#-dri"e, especially in a man$s chart. artian energy en(oys becoming in"ol"ed in the thrust of
life - acting promptly on an urge and, within that con"iction, creating more trust in its own actions. This is a circular process: The more we trust and act, the more we
recei"e impulses that can be trusted.

Mars in Leo
)ou are always center-stage and entertaining others. )ou ha"e an almost fierce sense of pride and are "ery dramatic and e#pressi"e, sometimes forceful. )ou are a
natural at sports, games, anything that "gets it out." 9ery emotional, you ha"e strong li'es and disli'es. )ou are good with 'ids, animals -- a teacher or coach. )ou act
it out.

The Astrological Jupiter
%hen it comes to an astrology of success and empowerment, some planets are more important than others simply because of their nature. 1s the planet of outreach
and e#ploration, =upiter plays a "ery important role here. The -indu word for =upiter is $.uru$ (Teacher), and =upiter is about ha"ing an outloo' or belief system -
something we can identify with or loo' forward to. !t shows how we search for meaning in our li"es, and therefore has much to tell us about our $ideal$ "ocation. =upiter
is the guiding philosophy which pro"ides us with our sense of direction and shows us how to approach life$s problems. =upiter is $conscience$, ethics, as well as our
opinions and how we form them. !t represents our speculations about the world and can tell us much about the process of self-disco"ery. 1s the $lord of opportunity$,
prosperity, affluence, and all the benefits we earn through our outgoing-ness and out-gi"ing to others, =upiter$s position in your chart is instrumental in determining
your capacity for optimism and attracting luc'. To enhance =upiter$s benefit in your life, follow the indications of his placement in your chart. !n general, by adopting a
spread of effort rather than a concentration - by accepting 8ife$s in"itations and ma#imi&ing what they ha"e to offer - by saying $yes$ to the e#otic and unfamiliar - we
deliberately e#tend our range of contacts and interests whereby luc' can reach us. There is an organic connection between this attitude and the arri"al of the good
things in life. 1 note of warning though, you can ha"e too much of a good thing.

Jupiter in isces
)ou ha"e a real empathy for people and a genuine ability to sacrifice yourself to help others. )ou ha"e a lo"e of what$s beyond appearances - psychology, mysticism and
occult sub(ects. !ntuiti"e, sensiti"e to emotions and sympathetic, you are always gi"ing of yourself and would ma'e an e#cellent counselor. )ou attract luc' into your life
through $free-ranging$ and 'eeping your options open.

The Astrological Saturn
Saturn is the prince of the material world - the planet of materiali&ation and incarnation, self-containment and personal distinction. Saturn rules the limitations of the
world we li"e in and so indicates where we are bound to learn self-discipline and duty - whether we li'e it or not5 !t is the boundaries around us that ma'e identity
possible. 1s time passes, you slowly but surely crystalli&e a personal identity, distinct and unique from the others around you, by e#cluding whate"er does not seem
compatible with your purpose. 2ach new day adds to this e"olutionary sense of $!$, with the ob(ect being an increased sense of responsibility. Saturn is said to be the
hard tas'master, the planet that 'eeps us from getting carried away in one direction or another. 1nd although it seems to limit and undermine, it also defines and
clarifies. /or it is the process of sedimentation - building layer upon layer with structure and control - whereby we see our ambitions reali&ed. ;othing worthwhile can
be accomplished without determination, concentration, persistence, commitment and patience.

Saturn in Aquarius
)ou ha"e an innate distrust of groups or large organi&ations and could tend to a"oid what is new or future-oriented. )ou are, perhaps, too conser"ati"e and need to
de"elop a sense of community and sharing with others. 8earn to be independent. +ractice impartiality and altruism. Stri"e to become more inno"ati"e.