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Purificacion Anjanette N.

Eng109 T/F 10:00-11:30

1: What was your favorite subject in school?
Physical Education Art Reading Math Speech and Debate Psychology
Zoology Music

2: During your free time, you like to:
Spend time alone Draw and paint Read Go to parties Solve math equations
Participate in sports Listen to music Camp, hike or garden
3: Which type of television programs do you usually watch?
Science programs Adaptations of classic books Design and style programs
Sports broadcasts Documentaries Talk shows Nature programs Musicals
5: When you are trying to come up with ideas for a new project, you are most likely to find
inspiration by:
Making a mind map exploring your different options Creating a chart listing different
alternatives and assigning each a score based on various factors Reading articles that are
related to your topic Discussing your options with other people Going for a jog through
the neighborhood Working in your garden Reflecting on the project quietly by yourself
Listening to your favorite songs
6: At a party, you're most likely to:
Spend the evening calculating how much the party cost Challenge someone to a game
of darts Chat with as many people as possible Takes a stroll through the host's garden
Get into a discussion about your favorite author Keep to yourself and observe other
people Browse through the host's CD collection Notice the architecture of the host's

7: You're sitting in the dentist's office waiting for your appointment. How do you choose to pass
the time?
Listing to your MP3 player Playing Sudoku Reading a book Doodling a picture
on a scrap of paper Texting your friends Reading an article in Psychology Today
Going for a walk around the block Looking through an issue of National Geographic
8: You've been asked to participate in a community play. What role do you perform?
Dancing Building the set Writing the script Planning the budget Playing an
instrument Managing props, costumers and other resources Watching as an audience
member Directing
9: You're trying to choose a board game to play with friends. Which of the following activities
would you excel at most?
Drawing clues to help team members guess the answer Identifying who said a famous
quotation Math questions Solving riddles Leading a group Identifying plants
and animals Physical tasks such as tossing a ball into a basket Remember song lyrics
10: You have a big test tomorrow and need to review the material. What study method do you
Read over your notes and assigned readings Focus on understanding the reasoning and
logic behind the material Create diagrams and charts summarizing the material Try to
gain hands-on experience Make up songs to help memorize different concepts Lock
yourself in your room to study quietly with no distractions Get together with classmates for a
study group session Sorting concepts into different categories to make them easier to

Intrapersonal intelligence is centered on being aware of one's own thoughts, feelings and
motivations. People who are strong in this type of intelligence are very good at self-reflection
and personal insight. They tend to know themselves very well and enjoy activites that lead to
further self-awareness.
Common characteristics of intrapersonal intelligence:
Solid understanding of one's own temperament and personality
Enjoys day-dreaming and introspection
Strong sense of self-identity and purpose
Good at evaluation theories and concepts