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Jinia Dutta et al in [1] developed a condition based reporting technique of a multimachine system using

GSM . In this approach they developed a dedicated microcontroller based hardware unit for continuous
measurement of motor parameters, each motor in multimachine system is connected to hardware unit
and also to GSM .The preliminary level of fault in operation of each machine is diagnosed by respective
hardware unit and details are reported to operator through sms, extreme provision of machine shunt
down by return sms is provided. The system thus protects the machine from damage.
K..P Varade et al in [4] describes online offsite condition monitoring of three phase induction motor
using GSM .The developed system consist of four main blocks controller based hardware unit, GSM
modem, pc with MATLAB, mobile unit.Induction motor is associated with dedicated hardware and also
to GSM.The fault condition is detected by hardware unitand details are reported to operator through
sms service, hardware unit also passed same signal to computer through RS232, where fault is analyzed
R Sujitha et al in[1] developed a networked wireless industrial load management along with process
monitoring and controlling system in an induction motor based on wireless sensor network .An
embedded system is employed for acquiring electrical signals from the motor by using WSN technology
like zigbee and these parameters can be controlled by using labview software.
Prashant Kumar Choudhry et al in [2] applies fuzzy logic to induction motor fault detection and
diagnosis, in that motor condition is described using linguistic variables and is diagnosed using a
compositional rule of fuzzy inference. The system has high diagnosis accuracy
J Sarathi et al in [2] developed an embedded system integrated into a zigbee based wireless sensor
network for online torque and speed monitoring in induction motor.In this system an embedded system
is used for acquiring electrical signals from the motor in noninvasive manner. The calculations for
estimating the targeted values are done locally and transmitted to monitoring base through zigbee
based wireless sensor network.
P Joshi et al in[6] designed a single simulink model consisting of 2 systems. The 1
model provides more
reliable and sensitive protection system using fuzzy rules against faults such as over voltage,
overcurrent, voltage unbalance, current unbalance, , low voltage and winding temperature. If any of the
mentioned fault occurs in the system a delay time is calculated according to fault strength using fuzzy
logic , if fault persists longer than computed delay time than a trip command is send to stop the motor.
For proper operation of the system delay time must be adjusted dynamically and optimally, whereas in
classical system delay time is fixed irrespective of fault strength. The 2
system represents fuzzy logic
based fault classification system. The overall system provides a flexible and optimal control of delay

K Vinoth Kumar et al in [2] designed an on line condition monitoring system for induction motor
Has been developed in both simulation model as well real time(Labview) with fuzzy logic controller. The
whole work is divided into two phases .One phase concerned modeling of three phase induction motor
in three phase reference frame using MATLAB/SIMULINK and designing an intelligent system for
conditioning monitoring of the motors. Phase two concerned with implementation of online condition
monitoring system through Labview.

Geethi P& Sarvanan introduces a new technique in which embedded system is integrated into wireless
network embedded system is integrated into wireless network .During this technique different sensors
are connected with the motor and the values are extracted using PIC microcontroller, signals are then
transmitted to the base station and at base station a GUI is given which user interface with the system.
Wireless protocol used is zigbee.