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End of term Exams

1. Of the different types groups, the two most important ones are:
A. Secondary group and the social group
B. The peer group and the youth group
C. The family and the peer group
D. The family and the social group

2. The first group that a person usually belongs to:-
A. The peer group C. The Social Group
B. The Family D. The Secondary Group

3. Which of the following is a function of a family?
A. Not properly socializing the members
B. Refusing to provide monetary support
C. Not participating in procreation
D. Providing love, support and basic needs to the members

4. Which family type has children, parents and grand-parents living together?
A. Nuclear B. Extended C. Blended D. Foster

5. Children who do not have relatives to take care of them are carefully placed by
the states with special families to look after them.
A. Nuclear families C. Foster families
B. Single-parent families D. Sibling The Secondary Group

6. A group of people around the same age, or who have the same social status and
share similar interests.
A. Family B. Class C. Peer group D. Social group

7. The process by which an individual is trained to accept social norms and values
begins with the:-
A. School B. Family C. Church D. Community

8. __________ __________ said Show me the race or nation without a flag and I
will show you a race of people without any pride
A. Bob Marley B. Marcus Gravey C. Nelson Mandela D. Buju Banton

A. The accepted code of behaviour in a particular situation.
B. The law according to the Bible.
C. The behaviour that you display among your peer.
D. Seeking permission from social groups.

10. One of the many cuisines that we have inherited from our Asians ancestor is the:
A. Pepperpot B. Curried Chicken C. Pudding D. Sugarcane

11. Which government ministry ensures that people who in restaurants, hotels, food
shops and roadside vendors are healthy?
A. Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture.
B. Ministry of Transportation
C. Ministry of Tourism
D. Ministry of Health

Treatments and remedies which deal with preventing ailments/diseases. Are called

In Rastafarianism religion, Rastafarians meet daliy in a

C. Refusing to provide monetary support
A. The Family D. The Secondary Group