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I offer my sincerest thanks and express my deep gratitude to Mrs.Riya Sharma, my project
guide for her immense help and guidance.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. N.K. Kakkar and all the other staff of
institute for their continuous help in providing detailed information & guidance whenever

needed, in project.
Last but not least; I would like to thank all my friends for their continuous help whenever I

was needed in project.

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I am presenting this report on customer satisfaction and brand perception,
starts with the rational behind preparing the report, objective, a brief
history of the brand and covers a wide variety of topics, such as making of
the brand, product offerings, brand portfolio, customer perceptions, hr

policy, advertisement strategy,etc.

All this research is then followed by a survey which reveals some facts
about the brands image in the minds of the consumer and satisfaction

derived by the consumers after purchasing the brand.

At last I have concluded the report with my interpretation of the whole thing
and the information collected is presented with the help of charts and



The American marketing association defines a brand as a name, term, sign,
symbol or design or a combination of them intended to identify the goods or
services of any one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from

those of competitors.
Brand is the added value endowed to a product and services. This value
may be reflected as in how consumers thinks, feel or act with respect to a
brand as well as the prices, market share an profitability that the brand

commands from the firm.

You can not understand consumers emotions, feeling, his aspirations and
expectations for a brand by reading books or theoretical knowledge; for that
purpose you have to interact and communicate with the consumer up close
and personal and ask him directly or indirectly about his perception of the

In the same manner you have to approach the customers/consumers
directly to understand his experience of buying and using a product; and
weather he/she is satisfied with the whole process or not. This is very
important for a marketer because then he can design his marketing mix;

according to the needs of the consumer.

The purpose of making this report is to understand the dynamics behind

building a brand image in the market and to understand the consumers

perception about a particular brand.

If a consumer has a positive

perception for a brand he/she will definitely go and buy it and after buying
it he/she matches his/her perceived level of satisfaction with the actual
satisfaction derived. That is how brand images are build. This report also

tries to analyze customer satisfaction for a particular brand.

Raymonds over the years have become synonymous for trust, quality and
style. It is the market leader in suiting and shirtings, worsted fabric,
tailored & readymade garments with more than 60% market share. Since
its beginning in 1925 till today Raymonds have understood the changing

needs of consumers and catered to it.

The objective of this report is to understand the reason behind Raymonds

success and consumers perception about the brand. When we talk about
Raymonds it is important to mention other brands also which the
Raymonds group owns like manzoni, parx, zapp, be: park avenue etc. This
report considers consumer perceptions and knowledge about all these
brands and based on the information colleted, it tries to draw a conclusion
regarding the whole research. Also I have tried to give my interpretation and

understanding of the whole report and research

TYPE OF RESEARCH: - Descriptive Research
Blend of Descriptive method has been used in this research for the collection of
data. As the research is related to the study of consumer satisfaction, which can
more effectively be studied through direct questions, personal interview and informal
talks- experimental research will not much effective. Also, considering the time
constraints, descriptive research leading to conclusive result is the most suitable
design for this research as it is related to why anything happening. It checks the

behavior features of a customer.


The data has been collected through questionnaire method. The questionnaire was
designed in such a way to cover as many aspects of consumer behavior as
possible. Many questions have been asked in it for feedback from customers. In it
both opened ended questions and close ended questions have been asked for


Secondary Data:8

Under this data is taken from the internet. All the data related to its profile, mission
and capital structure is taken. Even data related to this study is also its

management, mission and many other things.

SAMPLE DESIGN: - Random Sampling

SAMPLE UNIT: - Individual


Years ago, when the Singhania family was building, consolidating and
expanding its various businesses in Kanpur, one Mr. Wadia was in a
similar manner setting up a small woollen mill in the area around Thane
creek, 40 kms away from Bombay. The Sassoons, a well-known
industrialist family of Bombay, soon acquired this mill and renamed it as
The Raymond Woollen Mills.
Around the same time, the Singhanias aimed to broaden their business
horizons. The family's sharp business foresight led to the acquisition of The
Raymond Wollen Mills.
When the grandson of Lala Juggilal, Lala Kailashpat Singhania took over
Raymond in 1944, the mill primarily made cheap and coarse woollen
blankets, and modest quantities of low priced woollen Fabrics
The vision and foresight of Mr. Kailashpat Singhania greatly helped in
establishing the J.K. Group's presence in the western region. Under his
able stewardship, Raymond embarked upon a gradual phase of


technological upgradation and modernization; producing woollen Fabrics of

a far superior quality.
Under Mr. Gopalakrishna Singhania, the mill became a world-class factory
and the Raymond brand became synonymous with fine quality woollen
When Dr. Vijaypat Singhania took over the reins of the company in 1980,
he injected fresh vigour into Raymond, transforming it into a modern,
industrial conglomerate. His son Mr. Gautam Hari Singhania, the present
chairman and managing director has been instrumental in restructuring
the group. With the divestment of its non-core businesses, the group has
emerged stronger, with a more focused approach.
Today, with a 28 million-meter capacity in wool & wool-blended fabrics,
Raymond commands an over 60% market share in worsted suiting in India
and ranks amongst the first three fully integrated manufacturers of worsted
suiting in the world. They are perhaps the only company in the world to
have a diverse product range of nearly 20,000 design and colours of suiting
fabric to suit every age, occasion and style. We export these to over 50
countries, including USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and the Middle East.
A 100% subsidiary of Raymond Ltd., Raymond Apparel Ltd. (RAL) ranks
amongst India's largest and most respected apparel companies. They bring
to their customers the best of fabric and style through some of the country's
most prestigious brands- Manzoni, Park Avenue, Color Plus, Parx, Be: and
Zapp. Even as the brand keeps evolving through its cuts, styles, apparels


and collections, one thing has remained unchanged over time is the
unrelenting pursuit of excellence!
The company's Design Studio in Thane is well equipped with state-of-theart facilities, which stimulate and nurture the creative energies of the
Design Team. Their efforts are complimented by a research team, which

keeps a close watch on international fashion forecasts and design trends.

A Design Studio has also been set up in Italy recently, which has further
enhanced our reputation in providing cutting edge design solutions of an

international standard.
All their brands are available at exclusive brand stores, The Raymond
Shop retail outlets and multi-brand outlets across India and the Middle
East. Craftsmanship, teamwork and professionalism have come together at
Raymond to weave tales of the finest Fabrics for over 80 years. Today, it has
gained its market leadership position primarily on the strength of its vast
talent pool.
The company has always emphasized on the continuous and consistent
upgradation of manpower in order to fully embrace the rapid changes in the
textile industry. It has always fostered a growth-oriented environment
enabling all its employees to fully realize their potential.


Internal Resourcing
The company first scouts for talent within the organization to provide
growth opportunities to its employees. Notifying vacancies internally does
this. This practice helps in managerial cross-functional exposure for career
development and learning.

Talent from Campus

Raymond recruits young textile engineering graduates, textile technologists,
chartered accountants, fashion technologists and MBA's only from some of
India's leading Institutes. They are then rigorously trained for a period of
one year, during which they are placed across different departments, before
being finally placed in their area of specialization. The objective of the
programme is to gauge the recruit's area of expertise and then train them to
independently shoulder their responsibilities. A Mentoring programme for
new inductees in the organization enables them to adapt themselves to the

Lateral Recruitment
'Market-skilled' employees from other companies are periodically inducted
into the organization from time to time. A combined force of existing talent
and induction of fresh blood helps the company to be competitive in the
face of increasing business complexities.

Continuous learning and development

Organizational excellence is achieved only through continuous investments
in growth and renewal of human resources.
A detailed training and development plan is drafted and implemented each
year, which comprises level-wise planned interventions as well as specific
need-based interventions through Training Need Analysis. This equips the
team to excel in their current roles while also preparing them for future
There is great emphasis on behavioral and attitudinal training apart from
technical and on-the-job training.


Employee Involvement
Raymond believes that employee involvement is the key to continuous
improvement, sound decision-making and developing an open and
transparent organization. Open forums provide opportunities to employees
to share their views regarding people policies. This ensures a foundation of
people centric policies. An online HR Manual brings transparency in HR
processes. Latent creativity among organizational members is tapped
through initiatives like Kaizen, Quality Circles and Suggestion Schemes in
The Raymond Interchange, a think-tank of the Co's top management group,
is an on-going initiative that harnesses the collective views on business
strategy and is one of the drivers of employee involvement. Usage of the
internal branding concept throughout the Group also plays an important
role in driving employee involvement. We are proud of the fact that we are
one of the most empowered organizations in terms of decision making down
the line.

Compensation and benefits

Wherever Raymond has created industry and employment, it has also
provided educational, housing, recreational and spiritual support systems
for its people. Employees' children have the facility to enroll themselves in
the schools run by the J.K. Trust, at 50% of the fees. In many cases,

children's education is absolutely free. From subsidized transport facilities

or availability of Raymond products at concessional rates to its employees;

the company always strives to make employees feel a part of the large
Raymond family.

Customers today the world over, are looking at one-stop shops that can
fulfill all their needs.

Raymond, offer fully finished products that span

various garment categories that has been made possible by a seamless

horizontal and vertical integration across divisions. Their textile solutions

encompass everything - from worsted suiting to denim and shirting.

Its not just range but volume and quality that make them the textile major
that they are today. Their plants have a capacity of 28 million meters (soon
to be 31 million meters) in producing the finest worsted fabrics and wool
blends. The blends comprise of exotic fibers like cashmere, Mohair or
Angora or blends of wool with casein and bamboo or the ultimate in fine

pure wool Super 230s.


The denim division has a capacity of 80 million meters of specialty denims;

not to mention our capabilities in producing shirting and carded woolen
fabrics. Their joint ventures with global leaders ensure that consumers
have access to world-class products.
Six states- of- the- art textile plants and four garmenting factories in India
and Europe support their design Studios in India and Italy.
Being integrated suppliers of fabrics as well as garments, Raymond offer
total textile solutions to customers


Manufacturer of

Manufacturer of


specialty ring

fine cotton and



denim, fashion

linen shirting

fabric, Carded

rer of

and color denim.


woolen shawls

Capacity of 10.5

and Blankets.



Manufacturer of

Capacity of

Capacity of 80

million meters.
yJV with

million meters.
yJV with



Capacity of 2.5
million meters.

28 million

Europes largest



producer of

Italian high


denim fabric.

fashion cotton

Fedora, Italy's

Manufacturing in

textile group.

leading woolen




yJV with


3 continents -


plants in

US, Europe and





Manufacturer of

fine tailored
formal suits,

Manufacturer of high

fashion jeans wear.


Capacity of 3 million

jackets and

pairs of jeans per



Manufacturer of
formal shirts.

Capacity of 3000
shirts per day.


Capacity of

collaboration with

4,50,000 suits,

Flex, Japan.

jackets and 2.4



Raymond is the worlds largest producer of worsted suiting

fabrics, commanding an over 60% market share in India. With a capacity of
28 million meters (soon to be 31 million meters), they are among the few
companies in the world, fully integrated to manufacture worsted fabrics,
wool & wool blended fabrics. They also convert these fabrics into suits,
trousers and apparels that are exported to over 55 countries in the world;
including European Union, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia amongst


A trendsetter and an innovator in the Indian textile market, Raymonds

expertise has been brought to bear by our in-house research & development
team. Their innovations have become milestones in the worsted suiting
They mastered the craft of producing the finest suiting in the world using
super fine wool count (from 80s to 230s) and blending the same with
superfine polyester and other specialty fibers, like Cashmere, Angora,
Alpaca, Pure wool and Linen.
Raymond is amongst the few companies in the world with the expertise to
manufacture even finer worsted suiting fabric- the Super 230s.
Today they are recognized as a pioneer in manufacturing worsted suiting in
India, producing nearly 20,000 designs and colours of suiting fabrics,
which are retailed through 30,000 stores in over 400 towns across India.
From fabric to fine tailored clothing, Silver Spark Apparel Ltd. Marks the
Group's foray into the global apparel market.


Raymond UCO Denim has state of the art manufacturing facilities in Ghent
(Belgium), Giurgiu (Romania), Rockingham and Snyder (US) and Yavatmal
(India). All their facilities produce differentiated ringspun denim, specialty
denim and other niche products for the global fashion market.

Raymonds offer buyers of denim fabric, a state of the art

jean wear facility to convert fabric into high fashion garments at our jeans
wear facility 'Ever Blue' near Bangalore. The unit converts fabric to jeans
wear supplying to customers the world over.
Raymond and Cotonificio Honegger SPA, part of Gruppo Zambaiti have
joined hands in the form of a 50:50 JV to manufacture and market high
value cotton and linen shirting. Through this partnership, the textile majors
have set up a Greenfield facility in India for manufacture of high-value
cotton shirting fabric.
The joint venture company, Raymond Zambaiti Ltd, will combine
Raymonds expertise in textile business, low cost production, technology
and distribution with Italian strengths of creativity, style, production knowhow, quality finishing and lead times.
The product range will include a wide range of fabrics and finishing
including cotton apparel fabrics and high-end cotton suiting fabric

produced at our newly set up state-of-the-art vertically integrated plant in

Kolhapur, India.
This facility caters to the international markets at the middle to the upper

end brands and offers custom designed shirting products to our discerning
international customers, which includes leading brands and retailers. The
group is among the top three Italian high fashion cotton textile majors in
the world, supplying fabrics to premium brands across the globe.

Formal shirts
To style the corporate world, we have set up another facility manufacturing
formal shirts -'Celebrations Apparel Ltd.', in technical collaboration with a
Japanese manufacturing company- Flex Japan Company Ltd. Powered by
advanced machinery and cutting-edge infrastructure, the facility
manufactures up to 6000 shirts a day.

Dress Shirts


Raymond Zambaiti Pvt. Ltd.

Celebrations Apparel Ltd


Raymond manufacture suits, jackets and formal trousers

through Silver Spark Apparel Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Raymond
To meet the growing needs of our domestic and international clients, their
plant has the capacity to produce 450,000 suits and jackets and 2.4 million
trousers annually, a significant addition to their existing capacities at
Thane near Mumbai.
They not only produce engineered (fused) jackets but also have the
capability to produce high -end half canvas jackets. This make-up offers the
complete 'tailored' with 18-20 rows of blind stitch on the lapels,
guaranteeing a roll on the lapel, which is unmatched. The jackets are hand
sewn to complete the tailored look.



State-of-the-art jeans wear facility 'Everblue

Apparel Ltd.' has been set up in Dodaballapur, near Bangalore.
The plant has the capacity to turn out 3 million garments per annum with
integrated garment design, sewing and washing operations. An in-house
design studio and sampling unit compliments manufacturing capabilities.
Dedicated sample washing machines ensure quick turnaround of samples.
Today, Raymond is the developing and manufacturing partner of leading
global brands. This has been made possible by the optimal use of modern

The use of a high degree of automation right from computerized

Gerber spreader and cutter to laser patterning and finishing.

The stitching facility incorporates several automatic sewing

workstations for consistency of work execution, over locking and
zipper attachments.

The finishing unit consists of scraping spray booths, sand blasting

and laser patterning to create special effects on the denim.

An in-house CPC controlled laundry, regarded as the best such facility

in India for washing and dyeing obtained from Europe. This ensures,


that we can provide a wide variety of finishes to meet the diverse

tastes of our global customers.



Raymonds formal shirts have earned the

reputation of being at par with the world's best. This has been made
possible through Celebrations Apparel Ltd, their new facility in Bangalore,
which has a technical collaboration with Flex Japan, one of the largest
dress shirt manufacturers in Japan.
The plant has the capacity to manufacture over 1 million shirts per year.

At Raymonds they pay special attention to operations like

armhole seam with single needle machines. They possess the capability of
manufacturing complete shirts using single needle machines. Oil free
sewing machines and a dust free environment ensure spotless whites and
light colour shirts. Threads, interlinings, buttons and other embellishments
are sourced from the best suppliers across the globe to offer our customers
the highest quality products.
The layout of the manufacturing line has sufficient flexibility to adapt to
smaller runs and style changes. This flexibility permits the manufacture of
both fused and non-fised collars and cuffs as per our customer

Specialized machinery imported from renowned manufacturers from USA,

Germany and Japan comprise of automated spreading and cutting with an
inbuilt system for matching checks and stripes. Pocket creasing and pocket
attach operations aided by SRP sewing machines make our unit one of the
best shirt making facilities in South Asia.


To let customers soak in the brand experience Raymonds have set-up
exclusive brand stores. Each store makes available to customers the entire
product range of garments and accessories. These provide customers a
unique and leisurely shopping experience while also presenting them a new
look to suit every new occasion be it formal, casual, outdoor, travel or
occasion wear.

The Raymond Shop is

The Manzoni Luxury

a premium retail store

Boutique in New Delhi

offering complete

and Mumbai provides a

wardrobe solutions for

luxurious ambience to

men, which includes

make a style

top-of-the-line brands -


Raymond, Manzoni,
Park Avenue,
ColourPlus and Parx.


The Park Avenue store

Exclusive stores where

offers the perfect

one can shop for smart

premium lifestyle

casual shirts, trousers

experience and

and elegant

addresses the


customers need for

Business, Evening,
Leisure, Travel and
Heritage Wear.

Get a cool trendy

A chain of 15 stores,

makeover for that

presenting customers

chilled out out of

the best of

office look!

international fashion
from well-known
Indian designers,
rights under one roof.


A fun place for kids to

hang out and shop for
colorful clothes and

Trust. Excellence. Quality. These are some of the

abiding values that have been associated with Raymond over the years.
Today they have the distinction of being the world's largest integrated
producers of worsted suiting fabrics.
As an integrated player, they provide end-to-end fabric solutions right from
manufacturing worsted, woolen and linen fabrics to creating suits, trousers
and apparel.

Their consistent focus on cutting-edge research and

technology has resulted in pioneering new products, which have set new
benchmarks in the worsted suiting industry in India.
For example, they have the distinction of producing the finest suiting in the

world using super fine wool from 80s to 230s count and blending the same

with superfine polyester and other specialty fibres, like Cashmere, Angora,
Alpaca, Pure Silk, Linen etc.

They produce nearly 20,000 design and colors of suiting

fabric, that have found their way in over 55 countries including the
European Union, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia among others. Even
as Raymond products evolve with the times, the brand still caters to the
different faces of 'The Complete Man'- a man who is caring, sensitive and
places a huge premium on relationships.

Manzoni offers discerning customers

the finest in contemporary international style and luxury. The product
range comprises of super premium formalwear and sportswear including
suits, shirts, trousers and high quality accessories such as handcrafted silk
ties, pure leather shoes crafted in Europe and leather belts.
A Manzoni garment weaves in nothing short of the best - pure superfine
wool, the finest cotton, 100% pure Irish and Italian Linen, buttons made
from natural corozzo nut and mother of pearl. The best-in-the-world linings,
interlinings and threads lend these garments a premium look.

The designs are created in limited editions to maintain exclusivity. An

elegant and relaxed ambience greets each customer visiting any of the
Manzoni boutiques, in Mumbai and New Delhi.


Its classic colours and contemporary designs characterize the Manzoni
formal wear range.
Manzoni formal shirts are available in regular 2 fold 100s, 2 fold 120s up
to 2 fold 200s with fine structures such as dobby, herring-bone, diamond
structures, stripes and checks, and solids such as white, purple, pink,
blue, etc. Collars range from regular, semi cutaway and spread collars to
two button collar bands. The buttons on Manzoni shirts are made of the
finest natural mother of pearl.
Manzoni formal suits are made of super fine wool ranging from super 120s
to super 150s. These suits have an Italian silhouette with superb
construction and excellent drape. Jackets are offered in contemporary
styles of single-breasted 2-button and single breasted 3-button with high
notch lapels. All the suits and jackets are made on the state-of-the-art
machines with exclusive handcrafted features such as hand stitch detailing
on lapels and pockets, contrast hand stitch detail inside the jackets on
sculpted (shaped) lining.
Manzoni formal trousers have a clean look and are well constructed with a
lining that provides total comfort to the waistband. Superior pocketing of
the finest cotton and knee length lining for woolen trousers make for

comfortable wearing. Intricate features include French fly, blind stitched

loops, rounded belt extensions & D bar tags at the back pockets for
additional strength to the garment. Only the finest premium horn and
Corozzo Nut buttons are used in Manzoni trousers.
Manzoni sport wear The highlight of the Manzoni Sportswear Line is the
wide and varied range of 100% linen and washed shirts in vibrant colors
available in half sleeves. Colorful checks, vibrant stripes and bright solids
in fashion colors like fuchsia, orange, aqua, blue, green and peach complete
the casual Italian look. The casual shirts have a smart relaxed one piece
collar for comfort. Manzoni boasts of the widest linen range in the country!
Trousers are available in 100% cotton and linen in regular flat front styles,
washed for a soft hand feel. Apart from the basic black, navy blue to offwhites, these trousers are also available in fashion colors like Orange,
Magenta and Red. Adding to the premium casual look are 5-pocket jeansstyle trousers in 100% linen and drawstring trouser in 100% linen.
Unlined jackets made from 100% linen offer cool comfort as do leisure
suits in 100% linen available in shades of ivory, sand and natural coffee.
Manzonis Bona Sera evening line consists of washed 100% silk jacquard
shirts in colors like orange, red, blue, purple apart from the classic neutral
shades. Subtle embroidery on shirts dresses you up in rich elegance.


Launched in 1986, Park Avenue provides

stylish and innovative wardrobe solutions to well-dressed gentlemen. As
Indias premium lifestyle brand, its designs embody the latest in
international fabric, styling, color and fashion trends. They cater to
customer needs with formal clothing for varied occasions; be it for a day at
office, high-powered corporate meetings, family get-togethers or festive
occasions. The shirts, trousers, suits and jackets need little care and
therefore convenient to carry, while traveling.

The Park Avenue Heritage Wear collection, which includes a range of

kurtas & pajamas, made of pure silk and handcrafted embroidery, has
gained the appreciation of discerning customers. Their creations can be
found at exclusive Park Avenue stores and The Raymond Shop chain of
The brand has received several awards. Recently, it had the honor of being
the Most Admired Brand at the Lycra Images Fashion Awards 2006, for
the second consecutive year.


Set up in 1993, ColorPlus is one of India's leading casual wear brands.

Their shirts, trousers, knits, survival gear and accessories have always met
international quality standards.


Parx reflects the persona of

the energetic 22-30 year old who is aggressive, outgoing, and dynamic and
lives his life to the fullest. They mirror the pulse of this new generation, who
look at clothing as a statement of their attitude and vibrancy.
Parx was launched in 1999 to cater to the smart and fashionable clothing
segment. It has garnered a significant market share in this category given
our vertical integration and a strong retail presence.
The brand affords a wide range of shirts, trousers, denims, polos and
outerwear. The range is categorized namely Urban, Sports, Excursion and
The Parx range is available at exclusive Parx brand outlets and The
Raymond Shop chain of stores across the country.


Be: offers fashion that captures the latest trends from across the globe. Be:
offers a wide range of apparel and accessories for both men and women
from Be: and well known Indian designers like Anshu Arora Sen, Akbar
Shahpurwalla, Krishna Mehta, Manish Arora, Preeti Jhawar, Priyadarshini
Rao, Rohit Bal, Savio Jon, Shantanu & Nikhil, Varun Bhal, Vidhi Singhania
and Wendell Rodricks, across categories namely - Womens Western wear,
Womens Ethnic wear, Lounge Wear and Club wear for both men & women.
Be: brings a large collection of designer products to a large audience that is
increasingly becoming aware of designer wear and dreams of possessing
one. Affordability, Accessibility and Acceptability are the three attributes
that characterise Be:
Be:, from Raymond Ltd., today is a 15 store chain. Be: has a pan India
presence with a store each in Ahmedabad, Ludhiana, Hyderabad, Chennai,
two in Bangalore and Kolkata, three in Delhi, four in Bombay. The Be:
chain will continue to expand in prominent cities in India.


Zapp! Presents an exciting range of garments

and accessories targeted at fashion conscious young adults between the age
group of 4-12 years.
From party wear to casual wear, kids can now choose a different style for
each different occasion. Designed in-house, the Zapp! Clothing line consists
of 'Basics', 'Denim' and 'Street wear' amongst other collections. To go with
their clothes, kids can also shop for accessories such as footwear, bags, bed
and bath linen.
Zapp! Has also tied up with Warner Brothers to treat kids to 'Superman'
merchandise right in their city.
The collection will be marketed through exclusive brand stores across the
country, the first of which was launched in Ahmedabad and the next one in
With their exciting clothes and accessories line complete with a unique and
fun experience; they look forward to redefining the kidswear market in the



The Raymond Shop is a premium retail store

offering complete wardrobe solutions for men, which includes top-of-theline brands - Raymond, Manzoni, Park Avenue, ColourPlus and Parx.
The Raymond Shop has been a pioneer in organized retailing in the country
starting around five decades ago. Their wide reach and range of products,
makes it the largest one stop retail network in the country Over the years,
The Raymond Shop chain of stores has become a yardstick by which other
retail stores are judged and constantly sets new standards and creates
environments that make shopping a pleasure.
The Raymond Shop network started with a small corner shop in Ballard
Estate, Mumbai, around five decades ago. It has grown tremendously with a
dedicated team making it the largest retail store in the country having more
than 300 stores in prime locations, in 150 cities in India.
Their overseas network spans 27 stores in 15 cities across the Middle East,
Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal. The Raymond Shop retail chain occupies
a space of 1 million square feet built-up area.

Their wide reach all over the country across big cities and smaller towns
allows us to reach a wide spectrum of consumers. They have now extended
our reach with a presence in some of the leading Malls with new retail






In response to the first question most of the consumers responded

to Raymond, Siyaram and Vimal as major suiting and shirting
brands out of 50 consumers
y 15 gave their first response as Raymond,
y 16 as Siyaram
y 9 as Vimal,
y 5 as Degjam
y 5 as Reid & Taylor.



When asked to rate different suiting and shirting brands on the

scale of 1-10 Following responses were obtained on an average


y Siyarams 9/10,
y Raymond 8/10,
y Reid & Taylor 7/10,
y Mayur 7/10,
y Vimal 7/10,
y Digjam 6/10,
y Dinesh

When asked about the major determinant behind buying a

Raymond product. The consumer responded in following manner
y Quality 13,
y Trust 11,
y Affordability 11,
y Style 6,
y Promotion 3,
y Variety of Merchandize 6,

y Customer Service 0,

$ %(#
$ %(
$ ' ()

%& %

Following are the consumer response after buying a Raymond

y Excellent 13,
y Good 18,
y Average 15,
y Poor/Bad 4.



678 7

9 @

678 7

9 @

678 7

9 @

People buy Raymond Merchandize from

y Local shop owners 25,
y Raymond Shops 21,
y Exclusive Brand outlets 4.

Local shop


Raymond shop



When asked about the source of information about Raymond

products, These were the responses of consumers.
y Friends 10,
y Family 10,
y Television Ad. 16,
y Print Media 12,
y Local Shop owner Ad. 2.










Prient media

Local shop

The complete brand
Raymond, a hoary brand, has had the wisdom to ensure its quality and
advertising move with the times even as they remain stylish and consistent.
Raymond's has been the best in its category for ages.

From babies and puppies to teachers and recently, dolphins, Raymond's

advertising has used many images to create its image of a complete man.
I was married in 1982. And then I became history. No, this is not a column
about matrimony or the attendant challenges. It is about a brand that most
middle- and upper class Indians not only consider but also end up buying
when they get married. You don't have to be an expert on sartorial elegance
either to figure out that the brand that is top of mind is Raymond.
Raymond the brand has been in existence for over eight decades now from
1923. To be precise, Raymond is unquestionably Indian's foremost textile

brand and a dominant market leader. The cornerstone of the brand has
been the consistently superior product quality and numerous innovations

that have ensured that the competition has been left behind.

Very often, people in companies underestimate the value of advertising.

After all, product managers believe that their mousetraps are far superior!

And yet, I, for one, believe in the power of advertising - as a professional

and as a consumer. More so in a category like apparel. What's the
difference between a shirt by Van Heusen and another by Zodiac? Whilst
both brands would have diehard loyalists, the truth is that both these
brands are buying the fabric from the same producer. The difference comes

through in the designs, the advertising and the consequent imagery.

And speaking of Raymond, one of the key factors behind its success is the
advertising, quality, style, and innovation. To my mind, Raymond's
advertising has been the best in its category for ages. A. G. Krishnamurthy,
the driving force behind Vimal's advertising for several years, will disagree
but that can be a different story. And this has happened through different
advertising agencies, which have handled the Raymond brand over the

Whether it was the legendary Frank Simoes who for a short while handled

Vimal and Raymond, Enterprise-Nexus with the likes of Mohammed Khan

or R. K. Swamy BBDO, which has been handling it successfully for the last
few years. In fact, while Vimal might have had a powerful tagline in "the
looks of a winner," it was Raymond, which has been walking away with the

advertising sweepstakes, in my book at least.


A flashback in fashion

The hallmarks of Raymond's over the years have been its sophistication and
consistency. I know that it is easier for people to remember the words of a
song or dialogues from films than it is to remember advertising slogans or
taglines. And yet, one of the tests for an advertisement is not only its recall

but also its relevance to the target audience at that point in time.
One of the brand's most visible and recalled slogans was "the guide to the
well-dressed male. And then the advertising moved ahead to "the complete
man." The complete man was a shift in the sense that it was focused on the

consumer. He, not fabric, was the hero.

I can still recall, almost frame by frame, a commercial, which was shot in
black-and-white that ends on the beach with a guy in a wheelchair. The
contemporary tone of voice and sophistication continue to be enduring

features of the brand's advertising.


Feels like heaven

Agencies love change, more so when the original campaign idea is inherited
from a different agency. And yet there can be another possible dimension to

the complete man and that is warmth. If you had to find one word that
describes some of the Raymond TV commercials over the last few years,

that word would be "warm."

I am sure all of us have enjoyed the

commercials of the baby, the bunch of cute puppies, the teacher coming for
his former pupil's wedding reception with flashbacks of the past or even the

recent one featuring dolphins.

Crucial to the memorability of these commercials is the slick execution. It is
bad enough working with celebrities and stars but I guess working with
animals (however cute) must pose its own set of challenges. Consciously
one realises that the brand is targeting the younger user. After all, we are a
young nation that is becoming increasingly more affluent and global even
as we speak. This is perhaps more in evidence in the commercial featuring
a sceptical father and an intelligent albeit ill-kempt son looking for a job.
The callow youth is transformed in a Raymond suit and stuns his father. To

my mind, a stunning commercial.

Yes, the brand has broadbased its appeal from weddings to interviews to
international travel. And it is not only bankers who wear suits now. People
wear suits and classy clothes more often and the brand that will come to
mind and into their wardrobe will be Raymond despite the presence of the
Digjams, the Grasims, the Reid & Taylors, the Dineshs and Vimals of the
world. Raymond today is a brand with global aspirations, excellent reach


and the financial clout and business acumen to take over brands like Color

Aspiration is the key

Aspiration is one of the key drivers of successful brands. I remember a
Mercedes Benz commercial of a child in a womb that keeps repeating "When
I grow up, I will drive a Mercedes." One of the greatest challenges of a longlasting brand like Raymond is to remain attractive and aspirational to a
new generation of users who are coming in every year. Will they continue to
patronise the same brand of suiting that their father wore? The answer to
that might well determine Raymond's future success. My gut feel tells me
that Raymond is well on its way to do that. And if that isn't complete
success, I wonder what is.


The Rs 1,500 crore Raymond Group is moving ahead in the 21st century in
top gear as it sets an aggressive expansionist eye on not only the domestic

market, but also the global scene.

I don't think there are many companies in the world which are so integrated
that they actually manufacture worsted fabrics, woollen, linen and go to the

extent of converting them into readymade garments, suits and trousers,"

From making coarse woollen blankets and small quantities of low priced
woollen fabrics in 1944, Raymond now makes the Super 220S the world's
finest fabric retailing at Rs 1.05 lakh per suit length. Added to its fabric
base is the very impressive stable of men's RTW labels Park Avenue, Parx,


Based on the responses collected after the survey following conclusion can
be derived.
Raymond has established its name and fame in the minds and harts of
most of the consumers. Its supreme quality and trust has been a major
factor behind its success and its advertising strategy has be rock solid and
consistent over the years and that why most of the consumers responded to
Raymond immediately when asked about Suiting and Shirting. One of the
strong bastions of Raymond has been its advertising strategy Raymond
advertisements have made their place in our memories and heart from
decades. They always touch our hearts and explore our feelings and try to

relate with us in one way or the other.



From 1925 till today Raymond have developed a strong patronage among
customers and after buying any of the Raymond Merchandize customer

came back again and again.

All though Raymond's have faced strong competition from Siyarams, Vimal
& Mayur but it need not to worry a lot about these because its name itself
is sufficient to compete with any body.



In this report we have analyzed the brand image, brand equity and brand
awareness of Raymond's. We have also tried to find out the customer
satisfaction for its products.
But its advertising itself is such a complicated and complex phenomenon in
itself that there is a huge scope for researching its advertising and
promotion strategy to understand that despite heavy advertising by all

other competitors why Raymond have maintained its market share.

Also we could try to analyze the reasons behind the Raymond's approach of
promoting its brands like Manzoni Be; Zapp and Colour Plus differently and
not under the Raymond's tag because most of

that these brands belong to Raymond's


people are stile not aware

Q1 When I say suiting and shirtings, which brand comes to your mind?
y Raymonds
y Siyaram
y Digjam
y Vimal
y Dinesh
y Reid & taylor
y Mayur
Q2 How many brand under Raymonds are you aware of?
y Parx
y Park avenue
y Be:
y Color plus
y Zapp
y Manzonni
Q3 Rate these brand in terms of quality variety and affordability on the
scale of
y Raymonds

y Siyaram
y Digjam
y Vimal
y Dinesh
y Reid & taylor
y Mayur
Q4 What makes you buy a Raymond product?

y Quality
y Trust
y Experience
y Style
y Affordability
y Variety of merchandise offered
y Promotions
y Customer service/ambience
Q5 How was your experience of buying a Raymond brand?

y Excellent
y Good
y Average
y Bad/poor
Q6 From where do you buy Raymonds merchandise?

y Local shop owners

y The Raymonds shop
y Exclusive brand outlets
Q7 How do you get to know about Raymonds?

y Friends
y Family
y Television ad.
y Print media
y Local shop owners ad.