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Seven interesting stories of Lord Ganesha

(Indian mythology)
Lord Ganesha
He is the son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, has the blessing that his worship
should be performed before all gods. Following are some of the unknown and
interesting facts about Lord Ganesha.
Broken tusk
When Sage Vyasa set out to write Mahabharata, he wanted someone to help him with
the writing.. He approached Lord Ganesha for help. Ganesha accepted the job on a
condition that you will have to recite the tale without a pause and without a break. If
you stop even once, I will stop writing.
Vyasa accepted this condition from Lord Ganesha. But, he too set a condition that
Ganesha should understand every thing before writing. Ganesha agreed. Both sat
down to create an epic.Vyas started narrating his epic at a great speed and Ganesha
took down the dictation fast and furious. However, soon Ganeshas pen broke. It
could not keep pace with Maharishis recital.
Ganesha understood that he had been a little too proud and underestimated the
Maharshris intellectual powers. Quietly he broke off one of his tusks, dipped it in ink
and used it as a pen. As for Vyasa, whenever he would get tired he would compose a
particular difficult stanza. Ganesha would spend few seconds trying to figure out the
lines and Maharishi would get a break. Ganesha and Vyasa spend 3 years writing the
epic. Although several stanzas of mahabharata are said to be lost, even today the poem
stands 100,000 stanzas long.

Vyasa and Ganesha writing Mahabharata
Wedding party
Swarg Lok, was buzzing with excitement. Lord Vishnu was sending out invitation for
his wedding to goddess Lakshmi. The wedding was to take place at Kundanpur,
Lakshmis home town.
The Gods were busy taking out there finest jewels for the wedding. They planned to
impress Lakshmi and her town people with a grand marriage procession. Guests
started assembling at Vishnus house. Suddenly,the gods saw Ganesha entering
Vishnus house. They were very upset to see him.
They did not want Ganesha to come along with with them to Kundanpur. They said he
eat too much and look weird. Not only does he have an elephant head, he is very fat
too. and his feet look like jugs and tummy sticks out a mile.we are all such handsome
fellows, we would feel embarrassed walking along with such strange looking person.
They informed Vishnu about their decision, Vishnu didnt want to leave Ganesha
behind, but under pressure from gods, he had to accede.
They asked Vishnu to tell Ganesha to stay back to look after swarglok.Vishnu did as
he was told. Ganesha felt bad about missing out on the wedding,he accepted the task.
Narad,a real mischief-maker told every thing to Ganesha, and gave him a brilliant
plan how to get back at other gods.
Narad said Ganesha, the mouse you ride is the chief of the mice, ask him to take army
of mice and dig under the road the marriage procession plans to take. The hollowed
out road will not be able to bear the weight of chariots,elephants, carriages and horses
in the procession.As soon as any one steps on it,the road will get crumble and all will
get stuck.
Ganesha was delighted with the plan. He sent his mouse scurrying to the task. Things
just happened as Narad had planned. As soon as Vishnus chariot rolled on to the
hollowed-out section, the road crumbled. The horses tumbled down and the chariot
wheel sank deep into the earth. The entire parade came to halt. The gods were unable
to pull out the wheels. a farmer who saw gods struggling offered to help. Although
gods didnt believe the farmer could do much , yet they decided to give him a chance.
Shouting Jai Ganesha in one jerk the wheel came up. One god asked him why he
shouted Jai Ganesha before pulling out the carriage. The farmer replied that Ganesha
is remover of all obstacles. He is the God of beginning. So, he always pray to him
before starting any work. Gods were very ashamed The farmer simple words
reminded that looks do not matter.Its persons greatness and goodness that really
counts. They went back to Ganesha, apologise and begged him to join the procession.
Punishment to Moon
Ganesha, the pot bellied elephant god, loved food and could spend entire day, eating.
Once on a moonlit night after stuffing himself with his favourite sweet, ladoo, he went
for a ride on his vahana, a tiny rat. The rat could not bear his weight and tripped.
Ganesha fell on the ground with a thud. The moon laughed,seeing this funny sight.
Seeing the moon mocking him, Ganesha got angry. He cursed the moon saying that
any man who looked at the moon on Ganesha Chaturthi, would be wrongly blamed.

Moon and Ganesha Chaturthi festival
The moon, realised its mistake, and begged Ganesha to remove his curse. But
Ganesha was adamant, finally after a long time, Ganesha gave in and reduced the
punishment. He could not take back his curse, but said that falsely accused person
would have to look at the Moon on the second day of the fortnight to win back his
good name.
The elephant god
One day Parvati wanted to take bath, but there was no one to guard her. So she created
a young boy with the sandal wood paste. She named the little boy Ganesha. Parvati
asked him not to allow anyone to enter while she bathed. Soon Lord Shiva returned
and was surprised to see Ganesha. Ganesha refused to allow Lord Shiva to enter the
Lord Shiva was furious and sent his bull, Nandi, to fight the little boy but Ganesha
defeated Nandi. After a fierce fight between Lord Shiva and Gaesha, Shiva cut off
Ganeshas head. When Parvati came out and saw her son dead, she was furious. Shiva
tried to console her but she couldnt stop crying.
She ordered Shiva to bring him back to life. Shiva asked Nandi to bring the head of
the first creature he found. Nandi returned with the head of an elephant. Lord Shiva
placed the elephant head on the Ganeshas body and bring him back to life. Shiva
gave him the title of Ganpati, and all other Gods declared him the God of beginnings.
All would have to pray him before starting anything new.

Ganesha and Lord Shiva
Long long ago, there lived a terribly wicked asura, Gajamukh. He wanted to become
richest and strongest king ever. He was already king of asura but wanted to become
king of peoples and Gods world too. He decided to impress Lord Shiva and ask ed
God to grant him with magical powers. He left his palace, started living in jungle and
worshipping Shiva.
Without eating or drinking, and standing on just one foot, he prayed to Shiva every
day. Several years passed and finally Lord Shiva was impressed and granted him all
the magical powers he wanted. The most special of these was that no weapon could
harm him. Gajamukh then started misusing his powers first, he conquered the world
and then he started attacking Gods.
Only Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma and Ganesha remained unconquered by him. Gajamukh
ordered everyone to worship him and only him. Then Lord Shiva, asked his son
Ganesha to punish him. A terrible fight between Ganesha and Gajamukh started.
Swords, spear, arrors all bounced off the asura because of the boon he was granted.
Finally Ganesha, broke his tusk an threw it on Gajamukh wounding him badly. Still
Gajamukh was not ready to give up. He turned himself into a mouse and rushed at
Ganesha. Ganesha jumped and sat down on his back. Crushed under Ganeshas
weight, Gajamukh had to accept his defeat. Ganesha decided to punish him by
keeping him as a mouse and keeping him as a vehicle. Gajamukh was also happy
with the arrangement and became Ganeshas friend now.


A fistful of rice
There was a little village, named Ganeshpur. People of Ganeshpur loved Lord
Ganesha.Peoples were busy in a big Ganpati festival. Villagers were busy in cleaning
and decorating the village and women were busy in cooking sweets. Meanwhile a
little boy entered the village with little rice in one hand and and a spoonful of rice on
other hand His clothes were torn and face was dirty.
He walked through the village shouting Here I come with a spoonful of milk and a
fistful of rice. cook me kheer and Ganesha will give you prize. But the people were
too busy to pay him any attention. Then the boy reached the hut of a poor,old women.
she lived alone, and was sick but still decided to help the little boy. She said I can
make kheer but I have nothing to cook. The little boy said dont worry amma borrow
a big pot from your neighbour.
The old lady thought the little boy was being silly but did what he wanted.She put the
fistful of rice and a spoonful of milk into the pot, added some sugar and put it on fire.
The little boy said amma, the kheer will take some time to cook. I will go and have a
bath. when I will come back we can eat together. The boy ran away and the old
women fell asleep.
Suddenly she woke up by delicious smell. She got up and look inside. she was
shocked to see that the pot was brimming over with creamy white kheer. This site
made her mouth water and irresistible to wait for the little boy. Finally, she decided to
eat, first she too a little bit and offered to Ganesha and then took large portion for
herself. In one gulp she finished, then she took another then another yet the pot
remained full. when the little boy came, he asked for the kheer.
Quietly the old women put the bowl in front of him. The boy asked and where is your
bowl amma. Red faced, the old women confessed, that I ate without waiting for you.
The little boy said, dont worry amma I have eaten the kheer too. But when you have
just came. The boy said, dont you remember amma before eating you have offered
some to Ganesha. Well I am the same Ganesha said the boy changing into true form.
The old women fell crying at Ganesha feet. Ganesha picked her and said you are very
kind to me now make a wish. The old women was very intelligent. She asked Ganesha
to give me health,give me wealth, surrounded me with lots of daughters and sons. Let
me live long enough to see my great great grand sons. Ganesha granted her the wish.
The old women was very happy and she thanked Ganesha for making her wish come
Mr and Mrs frog
Mr and Mrs. frog lived in the well behind the kings palace. What a perfect life they
led! they spend the whole day lolling around the sun. If they felt hot, they would pop
into the pool for a quick swim. And if in case they felt bored, they would simply nip
into the palace and watch the people there.
They thought mens are very very funny creatures because they were tall and walk on
two legs, have clear skin and are always in hurry and scurry. They both hop back to
the well and examine there brilliant green skin full of warts and feel happier then ever
and feel how lucky they are to be born as frog.
But there was one problem in frogs life. It was Ganesha. Mrs frog was great follower
of Ganesha, She chant Ganeshas name throughout the day to thank him for giving
them such a nice life. Mr frog was terribly jealous of this. He hate to hear his wife
taking name of Ganesha and would quarrel with her. He said I am your husband and I
will give you all happiness in this world so, you should stop taking Ganeshas name
instead you should take my name.
One day a maid came to draw water from the well . The frogs got drawn along with
the water. Maid didnt noticed them and set the pot on fire. to warm the water. Poor
frogs tried to jump out but the pot was so deep that they couldnt. Mr frog croaked ,
Dear wife , why dont you pray to your lord Ganesha ? He might help us. Mrs frog
said ,dear husband , you have often told me that a good wife only chants her husbands
name. Mr frog croaked you misunderstood me no one becomes a bad wife by chanting
Ganeshas name. But husband chant irritates you.
Wife, hot water irritates me more. So, please pray to God to rescue us. Mrs frog took a
promise that he would never stop her from taking his name. Mrs frog pleaded for
mercy within minutes the pot overturned and fell from fire. All water spelled out and
both frog hopped back to well. Now they both sit in the sun singing Ganeshas