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Lala-E-Sehraee, the classical Urdu poetical work earns due recognition!

August 6, 2014 at 9:32pm
It was Aug the 17th-2013, when Dr. Hanif Tarins authored classic book Lala-e-Sehraee was
launched in a grand ceremony witnessed by many notable Indo-Pakistani literary figures. The
renowned Poet and Writer Professor Mashkoor Hussain Yaad had released this book, praising
Dr. Tarins poetical work and urging the people to read it. The book that contains 240 pages,
very well designed and consists of 88 Ghazals has been published by Shahid Publications of
Darya Gunj, Delhi, India.
The cover photo of Lala-e-Sehraee.
Even at its launching-ceremony, it was envisaged by almost everyone that this book would
draw the attention of Urdu Academies and could probably be nominated for an award when Dr.
Hanif Saheb, speaking of this book stated that his collection of Urdu-Poetry (i.e. Lala-e-
Sehraee) was his tribute to his parents and his inspirational legendary poets as well, like Prof.
Mashkoor Yaad.

During the launching-ceremony of the book on 17th Aug 2013 by Prof. Mashkoor Hussain Yaad the famous Urdu poet and writer who
stands second right, with author Dr. Hanif Tarin, third right, and Mr. Nadeem Tarin the famous businessman, special guest, extreme
right, pose together in Riyadh.


In addition to this, Dr. Tarin has authored many other books as well including ' The truth of
terrorism', which being the masterpiece of them and was even appreciated for its literary values
by none other than the former Indian president H.E. Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam himself. The truth
of terrorism, in its poetical epics of the Palestinians sheds highlights on their plight against
Israeli occupation and its brutality on them, being a truly philanthropical literary tribute from
Dr. Tarin as he is very sympathetic to them in particular and to the mankind in general.
Following picture was taken at the time of this books presentation to the president.

In the above file photo H.E. the president is seen inspecting Tasbeeh, being presented by Dr. Tarin with his books.
Eventually, Dr. Tarins dream came true by Lala-e-Sehraees being honoured with the Best
Book award for the year 2013 by Uttar Pradesh Urdu academy at Lucknow. It was really a long
literary journey of Dr. Sahebs hard work and he truly deserves for what he is being conferred
upon. Viva Dr. Saheb! A nice person with a kind heart to the mankind! We congratulate him on
this auspicious occasion of being felicitated for his applaudable work! Once again our heartiest


Lala-e-Sehraee gets its due recognition! at award-ceremony, Lucknow, U.P., India, on
Monday-Aug the 4
, 2014 by Uttar Pradesh Urdu academy.

Award-giving ceremony-Dr. Yasin Tarin is receiving award from U.P. Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav and Mr. Nawaz Deobandi
Dr. Yasir S. Khan Tarin the son of Dr. Hanif Tarin Saheb, at the behest and on behalf of the
latter (Dr. Hanif Saheb); is seen here receiving the 'Best Book' (Lala-e-Sehraee) award for the
year 2013 from the incumbent Chief Minister of U.P. Mr. Akhilesh Yadav. Assisting Mr.


Yadav in the award-giving ceremony is the famous poet Mr. 'Nawaz' Deobandi, (standing on
the right of him) who is also a present Chairman of U.P. Urdu academy.

By- Naseer Arif Muzaffarnagari, President,
Riyadh-Ch. Aug 6th , 2014

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