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Truce in the Forest

Fritz Vincken
III Characters:
German Soldiers
American Soldiers
IV Settings :
When- End of World War II
Where- Europe at the Forest
V !lot
A mother and a son lived in a small cottage at the
forest. This were during the war between American and
German soldiers. It was Christmas Eve in !"" when
suddenl# the# heard a knock on the door. $hen the %rst
knock came& the mother 'uickl# blew out the candles and
went to answer the door& and the# saw that it was American
soldiers the E(E)IE*.

"ising Action:
+ne of the soldiers is wounded& so the
mother let them in& and ,ut the wounded soldier in the bed.
The soldiers lost their batallion and had wondered the forest
for three da#s looking for Americans and hiding from
The# hadn-t shaved& but still& without their heav# coats& the#
looked like big bo#s. The )other ordered the son to take
their rooster and bring si. ,otatoes. The rooster should be
their food for Christmas if his father would come home& but
the mother changes her mind when the father could not
make it& so decided to cook it for (ew /ear-s but now she
changed er mind again0 the rooster will be serve for the
soldiers. *oon the tem,ting smell of roast chicken
,remented in the room& the son was setting the table when
once again there came a knock at the door. There stood four
soldiers& the# were GE1)A(*.
The mother told them to come in& when the
American and German soldiers were inside the room& mother
told them to sto, their %ght even 2ust for Christmas and told
them to ,lace their wea,ons at the ,ile of %rewood 2ust
inside the door to ,revent them from killing each other.
Falling Action
The# at the food with ,eace& the# ,ra#ed and 2ust
before midnight the mother went to the doorste,& asked
ever#one to 2oin her at the star of betlehem. Ever#one&
during that moment of silence& looked at the brightest stars
in the heaven not thinking about the war and for a while
forget that the# were enemies.
$hen morning came mother made sure that each one
of them eat breakfast before going back to their cam,s.
)ot#her gave them all vback their wea,ons before the#
,ated wa#s. The German and American soldiers shook hands
and disa,,ear in o,,osite directions. $hen the son returned
inside mother was holding the old faml# 3ible. 4er %nger
was tracing the last line from )atthew 505 677the#
de,arted& into their countr# another wa#.8