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Kvganga ME351 Jan-May 2014

ME 351 Machine Dynamics and Vibration Detailed syllabus Jan-May 2013

Balancing of machines, Free vibration, Damped free vibration of SDOF, Forced vibration, two degree of
freedom systems, multi degree of freedom systems., whirling of shaft, Vibration measurement and
1) Robert L Norton ,Design of Machinery (621.815 N887) 2nd Edition, McGrawHill
2) Hamilton H Mabie and Charles F Reinholtz , Mechanisms & Dynamics of Machinery (621.81
M1121), 4th Edition, John Wiley & Sons
3) John J Uicker, Jr et. al Theory of Machines and Mechanisms(621.81 U ) ,3rd Edition, Oxford
4) Willam T Thomson et. al, Theory of Vibration with Applications, Fifth Edition, Pearson Education.
5) Sringiresu. S Rao, Mechanical Vibration , Fourth Edition, Pearson Education
6) G K Groover, Mechanical Vibration, New Chand & Bros Roorkee, 7
Edition (Revised by S P Nigam)
7) William W Seto, Mechnaical Vibration Schoums outline series, McGraw-Hill Int

Detailed syllabus
Topic Reference: Remarks
RL Nortan Mabie Uicker
Machine Dynamics
1 Dynamics Fundamentals (Review) 10.1-10.13 * RA
2 Dynamic Force analysis (review) 11.1-11.13 9.1-9.22 RA
3 Balancing Reason, effect, need for balancing,
quality of balance, Type of balancing, Static,
dynamic, single plane, multi-plane, Graphical,
12.1-12.8 10.1-10.10 19.1-19.13
4 Engine Dynamics (Review) 13.1-13.11 18.1-18.10 RA
5 Balancing of reciprocating mass, balancing of
multi-cylinder engine, compressor etc
6 Cam dynamics
7 Gyroscope

Mechanical Vibration W T
S S Rao G K
1 Oscillatory motion, Vibration Terminology,
Fourier Series and harmonics
1.1-1.3 1.1-1.11 1.1-1.8 RA
2 Free vibration of SDOF with out damping,
differential equation of motion, natural frequency,
equivalent springs
2.1-2.5 2.1-2.5 2.1-2.6
3 Free vibration of SDOF with damping,
logarithmic decrement,
2.6-2.8 2.6-2.8 3.1-3.8
4 Forced vibration of SDOF, Harmonic excitation
and different types of excitations forcing
3.1-3.10 3.1-3.10 4.1-4.10
5 Vibration measuring instrument and application 3.11 10.1-10.6 4.11
6 Two degree of freedom systems, Normal modes,
vibration absorbers, vibration isolation
5.1-5.8 5.1-5.7 5.1-5.8
7 Multi degree freedom systems 5.1-5.8 6.1-6.9 6.1-6.6
(* RA Reading assignment )