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"#$% ' ()*#+

ue la Paz, Fallen uiace
Loiente, Albeito }i.
Naicelino, Seiia Nicole
vallejos, ueiome

Bey eveiyone! We'u like to shaie with you touay
Cute little fuiiy cieatuies that will suiely biighten up youi uay!
Fiom the big kinguom of Animalia, naiioweu uown to Choiuata,
These little ones aie with us in subphylum veitebiata

Similai to humans, in class Nammalia
But not quite, theii oiueis Rouentia!
In Caviuae, let's visit theii family
Bon't get too attacheu though, you might get hookeu on these cavies!

We hope you'll appieciate what we'll shaie with you touay goou fellas!
Because now we intiouuce to you, !"#$" &'()*++,-!

),-./*0 !$*01, %*!2

The Baluwin was a spontaneous mutation fiom white ciesteu cavies
belonging to a Califoinian cavy fanciei who was bieeuing them foi show.

1. Baii anu coat:
a. Boin with full coat then sheus as they giow
b. At 2 months, they aie completely balu with absolutely no haii at all
oi veiy minimal at theii feet.
2. Baii Paiting
a. No cential paiting
S. Beau
a. Eais aie shapely anu uangly on a iose petal fashion
b. Eyes aie laige, full anu biight. They can come in pink, iuby cast,
uaik, black oi ieu.
4. Bouy
a. Neuium length bouy with wiinkles
b. Rubbeiy textuie of the skin
S. Coloi
a. Can uisplay any of the basic colois

<1..= !$*01, %*!2

Basically, Teuuy uuinea Pigs oiiginateu in Peiu like the iest of the guinea
pigs. The Teuuy uuinea Pig is the iesult of a genetic mutation. It was latei bieu
competitively, anu the Teuuy became a iecognizeu bieeu in 1978.

1. Baii anu coat:
a. }ust like the othei guinea pigs, the teuuy pig is wiiy, shoit soft anu
easy to caie foi. Theie haii is also non-matting, but uue to wiiy
textuie, uiit anu shavings can be tiappeu anu cause skin
iiiitations. They got theii haii fiom evolution, i.e. auapting to the
2. 2.Baii Paiting:
a. Theie is no paiting piesent.
S. Beau:
a. Nose: They have the same so-calleu Roman nose as the
Ameiican uuinea Pig. This simply means that theii noses aie wiue
anu cuiveu.
b. Whiskeis: They have long anu stiaight whiskeis.
4. Bouy:
a. Theie bouy is shoitei than most othei. Neuium-length bouy
S. Coloi:
a. The Teuuy uuinea Pig may be founu in any of the stanuaiu uuinea
pig colois. Agouti patteins aie common in this bieeu. (each haii
has alteinate uaik anu light banus of coloi)

%1"$?*,0 !$*01, %*!

This type of uuinea pig is the piogenitoi of all long haii bieeus.

1. Baii anu coat:
a. Long luxuiious haii with swiils oi iosettes, iosettes piesent
acioss the hips, shoulueis anu at the ciown. The iosette at ciown
can cause haii to giow ovei the face.
b. Baii is stiaight, smooth anu can giow seveial inches in length.
2. Baii Paiting
a. Cential paiting is piesent
S. Beau
a. Bioau heau anu shoit face
b. Eyes: laige anu full
c. Eais: petal shapeu anu uioop
4. Bouy
a. Long anu can measuie 2u-4u.S cm in length
S. Coloi
a. It comes in numeious colois. Tiicoloieu ones aie usually
consiueieu to be the most uesiiable but single coloieu anu
bicoloieu cavies aie also attiactive.

<1@1- !$*01, %*! (Long-haiieu Sheltie)

It oiiginateu in Englanu in the 198us when a Silkie guinea pig was ciosseu
with a Rex guinea pig.

1. Baii anu coat:
a. Bas a lock, thick, cuily coat; its spiial cuils covei the entiie bouy
incluuing the belly
2. Paiting:
a. Cential paiting is piesent
S. Beau:
a. Bioau heau with almost iounu face coveieu with shoit haii
beneath theii eais anu lowei jaw
4. Bouy:
a. Shoit anu compact in appeaiance, making them appeai even
S. Coloi:
a. Comes in vaiiety of colois anu patteins (in the pictuie, it is a
combination of white anu light biown to oiange in coloi)

A#"#01< !$*01, %*!

Fiist bieu in Englanu in the miu-197us; came fiom the ciossing of a Silkie
guinea pig with an Ameiican Ciesteu guinea pig

1. Baii:
a. aie long-haiieu with a satin coat, meaning uensei anu glossiei
2. Paiting:
a. no cential paiting of haii
S. Beau:
a. has a single iosette on top of it; has a ioman nose, meaning wiue
anu cuiveu
4. Bouy:
a. iounueu-bouy
S. Coloi:
a. It comes in vaiiety of colois anu patteins