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25 Ways to Entertain Your Baby

by Kim Neyer | More from this Blogger

"I can't keep this kid entertained!" exclaimed my exasperated husband. Truth be
told, entertaining a baby is easy for some and difficult for others. Some of us just have
an easier time getting into the "baby mindset" to figure out what will be entertaining for
someone whose life is still measured in months. For the rest of us, I present this list! Just
be prepared to look silly...
1. Lean over your infant and slowly move your face closer until you touch noses for a
brief second, then pop back up and act surprised.
2. Play peek-a-boo by holding a burp cloth in front of baby's face, then lifting it away
3. Alternate between talking in a really high pitched voice and a really deep voice.
4. Look at a baby magazine - babies love to look at the faces of other babies.
5. Put your baby's feet together and blow between them - it's just like blowing grass and
it makes a similar sound!
6. Pretend to eat your baby's hands. Exclaim how tasty they are.
7. Pretend to eat your baby's feet. Say "nom nom nom nom!!"
8. Lay on your back and sit your baby on your stomach. Pop up your head and say "hi!"
and lay it back down. Repeat.
9. Act like you can't find baby, then suddenly make eye contact and exclaim "there you
10. Tickle baby's face with your hair.
11. Lay your baby on her back and do "bicycles" with her legs.
12. Lay your baby on her back and wiggle her arms around like she's directing a
13. Play patty cake!
14. Whisper in your baby's ear.
15. Blow "raspberries" on your baby's cheeks.
16. Blow "raspberries" on your baby's belly.
17. Pretend to fall over and pop back up.
18. Make a face, move a card in front of your face, change expressions and pull the card
back down to reveal your new face. Repeat over and over with multiple expressions.
19. Repeat silly sounding words in a silly sounding voice. "Tickle the Pickle!" in a high
pitched voice always makes my son laugh.
20. Lift baby high above your head and plop back down on your lap. Repeat over and
over. Say "Weeeeee!!"
21. Lift baby above your head and circle her around while making airplane noises.
22. Tickle your baby's feet.
23. Tickle your baby's neck.
24. Tickle your baby's belly.
25. Let your baby grab your nose and mouth. Squeal and say things like "oh you got
Check back later this week for even more ideas for keeping your baby entertained!

25 More Ways to Entertain Your Baby
by Kim Neyer | More from this Blogger
Yesterday I listed 25 ways to entertain your baby. I probably use all of these suggestions
in a single day and I've been wanting to write them down to share with other moms and
dads who sometimes run out of ideas for keeping a smile on their baby's adorable face.
One of the greatest rewards of being a parent is hearing your child laugh. It is one of the
greatest sounds in the world.
Here are 25 more ways to
hear that precious giggle.
26. Bring your baby into the
kitchen and host a "cooking
show." Make lots of loud
noises and narrate everything
in a silly voice.
27. Give your baby "Eskimo
28. Pull up a slide show of
your baby's pictures on your
computer and watch it
29. Go for a walk outside and
point out the various plants.
I.e. "Grass, tree, flower...."
30. Roll your baby back and
forth from her right side to
her left.
31. Read a book together.
Young babies tend to like books that rhyme.
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32. Dance in front of your baby.
33. Sing a silly song and change the lyrics to include your baby's name.
34. Make different expressions and wait for your baby to mimic you.
35. Put a toy on your head and act surprised when it falls off.
36. Make your baby's stuffed animals move around and talk to each other.
37. Drive a toy car up and down your baby's legs and belly.
38. Lay on your back, pull your knees to your chest and lay your baby on your shins,
supporting her under her arms. Move her back and forth and reach up to kiss her nose.
39. Hold your baby in front of a mirror and make faces at the reflection.
40. Tickle your baby's lips with a clean burp cloth - she'll likely grab it and try to chew on
41. Carry your baby around the house and identify everything you see.
42. Play with flash cards. Use the ones that have a picture on one side and the word on
the other. Pick five or six and keep rotating through them.
43. Wiggle your hands in front of your baby, letting her catch a finger every once in a
while. If she catches your hand, tickle her belly.
44. Put on some music and dance with your baby around the room.
45. Move a stuffed animal slowly in front of your baby, side to side then front to back.
Once in a while swoosh in and tickle her with the stuffed animal.
46. Play "horsey." Bounce your baby on your knee while making horse sounds.
47. Sniff your baby's feet and exclaim "stinky feet!"
48. Help your baby "walk" around the room and explore.
49. Watch your baby with a blank, yet calm expression. Whenever she makes a noise or
a face, mimic her.
50. Fill your cheeks with air and use your baby's hands or feet to "pop" your cheeks.

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