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Northstar Fastners Institute

Dated: 21 September, 2010

Created by: Mr. Rajvir Singh
PLC Exercises
1) Devise a circuit that can be used to start a motor and then after a delay of 10 sec start a pump. When
the motor is switched off there should be delay of 10 sec before the pump is off.
2) Device a circuit in which
When X1 is pressed Y0 gets ON, Y1,Y2 get off,
When X1 is pressed again Y1 gets ON and Y0, Y2 get OFF
When X1 is pressed again Y2 gets ON and Y0, Y1 get OFF
(Interlocking mechanism)

Study and use the following commands:

3) Switch on a Lamp after 5 sec, now using mov command change the timer to 10 second and change
back to 5 sec. You have 1 maintained button and 2 push buttons only. Maintained button to switch
on/off the lamp. Other two push button for changing the time from 5 to 10 sec and vice-versa
4) Device a circuit in which Y0 is on only when X1 is pressed in 10 sec. just after start of the
machine(X0). Otherwise if X1 is pressed after 10 sec. Nothing should happen.
5) Device a circuit in which if X1 does not get pressed just after 5 second after output Y0 is on by
pressing X0, alarm (Y1) is ON and blinking with frequency of 2Hz.
6) Device a circuit, in which if X0 is pressed once Y0 should ON and when X0 is pressed again Y0 should
turn off.
7) Device a circuit, in which
When X1+X2+X3 > Y0 ON FOR 5 SEC THEN OFF
Cycle should repeat

8) Use one push button (X1) turn ON Y0 in following sequence:
Y0 on for 2 sec. then off for 2 sec. then on for 3 sec. then off for 3 sec then on for 4 sec. then
continuously off.
9) When you press X0 Y0 and Y1 should blink after a delay of 2 sec continuously and when you press
X1 Y0 and Y1 should blink after a delay of 3 sec.
10) Start a bulb as soon as PLC run and stop the bulb as soon as PLC stops.

11) You have 5 outputs Y0, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4

When M0 is pressed All five should ON
When M1 is pressed Y1, Y2, Y3 should OFF
When M2 is pressed Y4 should off and Y1 should ON
When M3 is pressed Y2, Y3 gets ON and Y0 goes OFF and Y4 goes ON again
(take M0~M3 as maintained button and dont use set-reset commands)

12) I have a constant K10 in D0
Multiply it with 100
Add 56 to it
Subtract 14 from it
Finally store it in D10

13) Design electrical circuit to start 220 V motor with 24 PLC output.
14) Automatic Cold Drink making machine:
Use X0 Main selector switch to ON/OFF the machine
Use X1 & X2 as push buttons for selecting small/large cup
Make a small beep (Y3)of 2 sec when cup is filled
Blink an LED when cup is filling
Make an arrangement to change (increment or decrement) the timing of timers for both small
and large cups
(Assume small cup gets filled in 5 sec and big cups filled in 10 sec.)