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8/9/2014 Extending your D-2 Visa | Student Exchange @ HUFS 1/6
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Extending your D-2 Visa
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Did you have a great time studying with us at HUFS? Want to stay longer? Heres how you can do that!
First, please consult with your exchange program coordinator or your Department Head, who is in charge of the
exchange program at your home university.
Ask whether they will allow you to stay longer or not.
Second, if they give you approval to stay, ask them to contact us directly by email.
Once we discuss it with them, well let you/them know our decision.
Please keep in mind that all requests should be approved by both parties (HUFS and your home university) and
depend upon many things (ex. official MOU exchange agreement, balance of the
number of students, etc.)
If you are approved to stay, then come to the Office of International Student Services (OISS) to fill out the
application for extension of stay by May 8 (for ISS and/or Fall Semester) and
November 8 (for Spring Semester).
The dormitory office will need to know in advance if you are planning to live in Globee Dorm again.
After you make an application with us for the extension of your stay, you will also need to fill out an Immigration
form for your actual visa extension.
***Please note that your current visa expires on the date listed on the back of your Korean Alien
Registration ID card.
**** If you apply after the expiration date listed, you will pay a VERY high penalty
(1 day 1 week late = KRW 100,000) to the Korean Immigration Office, so please apply in advance!!!
8/9/2014 Extending your D-2 Visa | Student Exchange @ HUFS 2/6

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You may apply for a visa extension 1 1/2 2 months before that expiration date, but not before.
You will need to prepare the following documents and submit them to OISS:
- Application for extension of stay (form avaialble in OISS)
Alien registration card
Fee : KRW 30,000
Certificate of current enrollment ()- available in OISS
Official Transcript ()- available in OISS
Receipt of tuition payment ()- if applicable
Certificate of bank balance in your Korean bank account with at least KRW 3,000,000
()- bring your bank book showing this balance and we will make a copy of it
In the event that regular academic study time is exceeded, the material that proves such fact (ex.
recommendation letter by advisor)

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8/9/2014 Extending your D-2 Visa | Student Exchange @ HUFS 3/6
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8/9/2014 Extending your D-2 Visa | Student Exchange @ HUFS 5/6
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8/9/2014 Extending your D-2 Visa | Student Exchange @ HUFS 6/6
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