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Telekinesis Training

Telekinesis Training ................................................................................................ 1
1. A beginners Guide to Learn Telekinesis ...................................................... 4
2. Basic Understanding Energy Lesson ........................................................... 6
2.1 Become one with the energy ................................................................... 7
2.2 Before you start .......................................................................................... 7
2.3 More Advanced Work................................................................................ 8
2.4 Taking in and releasing energy ............................................................... 9
3. What is Telekinesis ........................................................................................ 10
4. Mind Abilities Do Not Solve Your Problems .............................................. 12
5. Are You Telekinetic? Learn How to Do Telekinesis ................................. 13
6. How to telekinesis .......................................................................................... 13
7. Does Telekinetic Training work.................................................................... 14
8. So how do you learn telekinesis? ................................................................ 14
9. Common Misspellings ................................................................................... 14
10. Developing Telekinesis Powers - What to expect ................................. 15
10.1 Developing Telekinesis takes practice ................................................. 15
10.2 When to practice developing telekinesis .............................................. 15
10.3 Take charge of your Telekinesis Powers ............................................. 16
10.4 Telekinesis Fun Fact ............................................................................... 16
11. Training ......................................................................................................... 16
11.1 Concentration ........................................................................................... 16
11.1.1 Concentration Exercises #1 ............................................................. 17
11.1.2 Concentration Exercises #2 ............................................................. 19
11.1.3 Concentration Exercises #3 ............................................................. 21
11.1.4 Concentration Exercises #4 ............................................................. 25
11.2 Pyschokinesis Training ........................................................................... 26
11.2.1 Swing the Pendulum de Fern Owl ............................................... 26
11.3 Telekinesis Training ................................................................................ 28
11.3.1 Energy Versus Thought Waves ...................................................... 28
11.3.2 Telekinesis Training Exercise 1 - Pen Roll ................................... 29
11.3.3 Telekinesis Training Exercise #2 - Paper Push ........................... 30
11.3.4 Telekinesis Training Exercise #3 - Floating Toothpick................ 31
11.3.5 Telekinesis Training Exercise #4 - Feather in a Jar .................... 32
11.3.6 Telekinesis Training Exercise #5 - Candle Flame Bending ....... 32
11.3.7 Telekinesis Training Exercise #6 - PSI Wheel ............................. 33
11.3.8 Telekinesis Training Exercise #7 Dice Roll ............................... 35
11.3.9 Telekinesis Training Exercise #8 PSI Ball ................................. 35
12. Spoon Bending Party ................................................................................. 41
12.1 Have fun with it! ........................................................................................ 42
12.2 Let's bend some spoons! ........................................................................ 43
12.3 Serious concentration method: .............................................................. 43
12.4 Light Hearted method: ............................................................................ 43
12.5 Reported Results: .................................................................................... 43

1. A beginners Guide to Learn Telekinesis

Many people wish they had telekinesis abilities, but most people have been told all
of their lives that telekinesis does not exist. The truth of the matter is anyone can learn
telekinesis. In fact, you already have telekinetic abilities, but they are laying dormant
in the vast majority of people and they can be brought to the surface which is what this
article is about.

First however, let's look at what telekinesis is all about. Unlike the movies and the
comic books, you will not find anyone capable of tossing cars around like toys or
lifting a couple of building before breakfast just to keep in practice. But telekinesis is a
very real ability that is slowly but surely starting to awaken in people around the

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the power of your mind. You do not
have to use your physical strength, you are using mental strength instead. This means
persons with physical disabilities can learn telekinesis just as easily as the worlds
greatest athlete. In fact, physical handicaps could actually give you an advantage in
learning telekinesis because many people with physical handicaps tend to have better

Concentration is of the utmost importance for anyone trying to learn telekinesis and
the deeper you can concentrate, the faster you can develop your telekinetic abilities. So
spend time developing your ability to concentrate before you start trying to do

Always start your concentration exercises by finding a quiet, relaxing place to work.
You want some place comfortable, but most people do better if they do not lay down,
especially if you have a tendency to fall asleep easily. Take a few deep breathes and let
all thoughts and tensions release from your body. When you are ready, find a sport on
a wall or a small item on a shelf.

Keep your eyes focused on the spot, but do not strain your eyes to look at it. Just keep
your eyes on the object and don't allow your mind to wander. If it does start to wander,
just gently bring your mind back to focus on the chosen object.

This may sound easy, but most people can not concentrate on an object for a full
minute when they get first start training. Your goal should be to be able to keep your
mind focused on the object without your mind wandering for a full 5 minutes or more.

Take the time to get your concentration skills developed before you start trying to learn
telekinesis. You'll get much better results if you can keep your mind from wandering
for a minute of 5 minutes and 10 to 15 minutes would be even better.

The part of your brain that controls telekinesis is currently inactive in the vast majority
of people. Luckily, the brain is a muscle and like any muscle, it gets stronger with
exercise. So the key to developing your telekinesis abilities is to work that muscle!

Once your concentration abilities are developed, you will need an object to practice
telekinesis on. A PSI Wheel is one of the easiest things for people to start with, but if
you do not have access to one, you can make one yourself. You'll find free instructions

Another easy item for beginners is a round pencil or pen. You just need to make sure it
is perfectly round, without any cap or clip that could prevent it from rolling.

Set the object you choose on a table in front of you. Make sure the object is completely
still before you start. You want to be in a comfortable position and relaxed before you

Science has proven that everything is made of energy. As we all know, energy can be
measured and seen with the right tools. The combination of our eyes and our brains
gives us the tools we need to be able to see and feel the energy of an item.

When everything is ready, look at your object. You want to try to see and feel the
energy of the object. It may be hard to find to begin with, but it is there. Some people
do better looking at the object with their eyes open while others do better looking at
the object with their minds eye.

Once you find the energy field of the item, take a few moments to explore that energy
field. How does it feel? If you can see it, what does it look like? Is it strong or weak?
Does it feel warm or cool? Does it feel soft or hard?

Once you have a good idea of what the items energy feels like, switch your focus to
your own body and feel the energy field around your body. Go through all the same
tests you went through with your item.

Last but not least, when you you have a good idea of what both the energy fields feel
like, use your mind to stretch your energy field out toward your item. See with either
your actual eyes or minds eye and watch the item move. Spin the wheel if you are
using a PSI wheel or roll the pencil across the table if you are using one. Get a firm
picture in your mind of the object in it's new position.

Did your item move? If your item has not moved, don't get discouraged. Very few
people manage to move an object their first try when they start to learn telekinesis. Just
remember that you need to build your psychic muscle and that might not happen
overnight. Just continue to practice and it will come.

Keep in mind, you are overcoming a lifetime worth of being told you can not do it and
that doesn't happen overnight. Think about it this way. How long would it take you to
go from your current body to having the body of a body builder? For most people, it
won't happen overnight and could easily take a year or more of training every single
day before your muscles become that finely tuned.

Keep practicing to learn telekinesis and before you know it, you will be able to amaze
your friends by moving objects around the room or you may be able to let the cat out
without having to get up to open the door.

2. Basic Understanding Energy Lesson

Questions dealing with understanding how to work with or feel energy are probably
the most asked questions we get on our Learn Telekinesis Forum. This lesson is
designed to help those that have never dealt with any type of energy work to get a
basic understanding of what is happening and what to expect.
The World of Energy

Before you can understand how to work with energy, it is necessary to get a basic
idea of how energy exists in our world. Everything in the world and in the entire
Universe is composed of energy. In fact, if you look at anything that we perceive to be
solid, such as the floor your stand on or a table you sit at, and look at it under an
electron microscope, you will find that in reality, the objects are not solid. They will
look like a soup of moving molecules under the microscope.

The only reason that we perceive the floor or a table as being solid, is the energy of
those items is vibrating at a different wave length than items we peerceive as being a
gas, or a liquid. This is an important item to understand. Energy travels or moves in
waves. I'm sure you have heard of sound waves. Well sound is nothing but yet another
form of energy and all energy moves in waves. It is the different lengths of the waves
that determine how we perceive the energy.
You can feel the waves (energy)

Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with energy from hundreds of different
sources. Everything around us is composed of energy (waves). Now here is where it
can get a little mind boggling so take this one slow.

Every single thing in the universe has its own energy signature or wave. If you
could think of 10,000 different items in the universe, you would not have come close
to naming everything there is to name. So you can see it would be virtually impossible
for the human body to be able to tell the difference between the energy signature of
every single item in the universe.

Thankfully, we don't need to even come close to learning how to feel every single
item's energy. Compared to the total number of items in the entire universe, we only
need to learn to recognize a very minute number, and you can pick and choose to some
degree which energies you want to learn to pick up.

From there, it is simply a matter of training your body to recognize the particular
energies you need to recognize.

2.1 Become one with the energy

Many people get lost when they read that statement so I wanted to explain it a little
better. To become one with something means to learn to feel that somethings energy.
Sadly, there is no magic words I can say to you that will immediately make you
capable of feeling the energy. It really is simply paying close attention to minute
changes in your body in response to the energy.

Perhaps the easiest way to learn to feel energy is to start with two object that are
similar but different in some way. An apple and an orange would work, both are fruits
(similar) but different colors, smells and tastes different. Another good thing to try it
two item that are the same but different colors. Two different colors of fabric, paint
swatches or even two different colors of socks as long as the feel of the fabric is the
same and only the color is different.

You want to use two different items because each will have its own energy
signature, and you are training your mind to pick up on the subtle differences in the
energy of these items.

It is VERY important that if you are using items that have a different texture, such
as an apple and an orange, don't allow you hands to physically touch the items because
the difference in the texture will make it harder to recognize the energy signatures. Sit
the items on a table in front of you and hold your hands an inch or two away from the
item while trying to recongize its energy.

2.2 Before you start

Once you have gathered the items you are going to work with, at the very least,
take a few moments to calm yourself. It would be better if you took a few moments to
meditate before you start. This helps you get rid of any stresses in your body which
makes it easier to pick the energies.
Listen to your body

Everyone feels energy differently and different energies tend to show up with a
feeling on different parts of your body. In other words, you might feel one energy as a
tingling in your hand, but a different energy might show up as a numbness in your
stomach. At the same time, someone else might feel the first energy and a coldness on
their tongue and the 2nd energy as a prickling of the skin on their feet. Every one and
every energy is different.

Don't let that scare you off however because as you get use to feeling energy it will
become almost 2nd nature to you and you feeling will become more of a knowing than
a feeling. You'll understand that statement better as you become more familar with
working with energy.

So your job is to listen to your body and see what tiny changes take place as you
get close to your object. When you think you know how your first object is affecting
your body, move that item away and take a moment to move around as get rid of the
feeling that item gave you before you start feeling of the 2nd item.

Move back and forth between the two items until you can tell the difference in how
they make your body feel. Then if you have someone that can help you with an
experiment, you can close your eyes and have the friend choose one of the times and
move it close to your skin, but not touching you. Your job is to see if you can
determine which item they are holding close to you.

Once you have reached the point of being able to feel the energy of your original
two objects, get a couple of others and do the same thing again until you get use to
dealing with energy.

Once you have learned the basics of feeling energy, it becomes much easier to learn
to manipulate the energies. Most of the problems people have when learning to feel
energy is actually a mental block of some sort. Often this is due to some deep seated
fear of some sort.

Don't get upset with yourself if this happens to you. These are very real feelings
that have developed from experiences you have had in your life and should not be
belittled. Just take a moment to examine the feelings, try to think back to see where
you think they may come from (the point in your life where they came into your life)
and examine them with a logical mind, giving yourself permission to work with the

2.3 More Advanced Work

Learning how to feel the energies makes it much easier to learn to manipulate the
energies. Now that you can feel the energy, most people can now feel the energy they
are compressing into a psi ball. if you are having problems feeling a psi ball at this
point, chances are it is a mental block that is preventing it from happening.

There is no magic words anyone can tell you to get you pass this type of a block. It
is something you have to work out within yourself. Find what your block is and a new
world will open up before you.

2.4 Taking in and releasing energy

You can pull energy into your body from almost any source, though it is usually
best to stick to the sources that your mind perceives as being limitedless, such as the
universe. Taking energy from other people has connotations that can cause a mental
block and slow down your progress.

Whether you are taking energy into your body or releasing it our of your body, it is
basically a matter of visualizing the energy flowing in or out of your body. There is a
saying you should memorize that says "Where thoughts go, energy flows". This means
simply that you control energy with your thoughts and thoughts that are guided with
visualization are much better controled.

But don't just visualize the energy, feel it also. Feel it as it comes into your body.
Feel it start to build up within your body. When you are ready to release the energy,
visualize it and feel it moving down your arm and flowing out of your body. Let your
thought take the energy where you want it to go and before you know it, you will be a
wiz at energy manipulation.

3. What is Telekinesis
Lets start our search into what is telekinesis with a definition. From there is will look
at the hows and why's telekinesis works, then follow up with information on things
you can personally do to increase your telekinetic ability. gives several definitions as to what is telekinesis. All are similar, yet
there are some distinct differences in what the exact meaning is.
World English Dictionary:
1. the movement of a body caused by thought or will power without the
application of a physical force
2. the ability to cause such movement

Medical Dictionary:
the apparent production of motion in objects (as by a spiritualistic medium)
without contact or other physical means
in parapsychology, the action of mind on matter, in which objects are caused to
move or change as a result of mental concentration upon them.
Basically what they are telling us is no one has a verifiable explanation as to what is
telekinesis. There has been too much evidence to say it does not exist, however, there
is no 100% scientifically verifiable proof that is exists. Don't let that stop you however
because it was not but a little over 100 years ago in which scientists of the time
absolutely knew it was impossible for man to build a machine that could fly. They
were wrong about airplanes and anyone that says telekinesis does not exist is wrong
Now that we have a working definition of what is telekinesis, let's see if we can find
out exactly what is telekinesis? After all, it is one thing to move an object with your
mind, but it is another to understand the how and why anyone might be capable of
moving objects with their mind.
If you have not read my article titled, Understanding Energy, I urge you to stop now
and read that article. It explains much of what we are speaking about here. Telekinesis
is about using your personal energies and causing them to interact with the energies of
the object you are attempting to cause changes in.
The biggest problem that the vast majority of people seeking to gain an understanding
of what is telekinesis, is that no one knows exactly how to cause their personal
energies to interact with the energies of the object they are attempting to manipulate. It
is only through trial and error that those of use who have shown some success, have
been able to accomplish the things we have done.
The main reason so few people can show their telekinetic abilities on a moments notice
is that the area of our brains that is capable of converting energies is not developed just
like the area that can sense psychic energies is not fully developed. Yet each year
science gets a little closer to devising a way to measure the energies, our minds and
body can already sense. The confusion comes in because people tend to think if
science can not measure something it does not exist and on the flip side, if science can
measure something than we have full knowledge and the ability to use it. Both
concepts are wrong.
There are energies science knows it can not yet measure, but yet we know those
energies are there. You have to remember that on the grand scale of universal
knowledge, we humans are actually just babies. We have made tremendous leaps and
bounds in our knowledge in the past 50 years, but there are still tremendous leaps to be
gained. I expect at some future point in time, virtually everyone will be able to self
teleport and no one will be able to lie about anything because we will all be main
We are not there yet however and it will be those of us who are putting forth the effort
to advance these abilities in mankind, who will be the fore fathers of these abilities.
We are the ones who, through our practice and meditations are causing the changes
within our brains that will develop into the telepathic abilities of the future.
Do not allow you lack of ability to immediately move an object to cause you to give
up. The day will come when you will see some results. It may not be earth shaking the
first time it happens, but it will be enough so that you know in your heart, it was your
mind that caused the movement.
Do not fool yourself however into allowing your testing to be sloppy. So many of the
young people involved in learn for themselves what is telekinesis these days expect
instant overnight success and they hurriedly make a psi wheel out of any objects they
have on hand and proceed to use it without bothering to block outside forces from
causing the movement.
If you choose to make a psi wheel, take the time to make sure it is balanced and will sit
level on the upright. To do otherwise sets up a situation where the movement of the
earth itself can cause movement in your psi wheel.
Also, make sure you cover your psi wheel with a clear glass or plastic container so no
stray winds can cause movement. Many people do not realize it but our hands are
usually much warmer than the air around us and as heat transfers, it actually creates its
own form of mild wind. (heat rises) This is why many people see results when they
place their bare hands around their psi wheel.
If you don't take precautions to prevent these things from happening, you are only
fooling yourself and you will end up being let down in the end. Take the time to do
things right and when you do get that first movement, you will know it came from you
and not some outside force, and you will then understand with your mind, body and
soul, what is telekinesis.

4. Mind Abilities Do Not Solve Your Problems
Many people come to this site seeking a way to solve their problems. Life would not
be a journey without the problems we face as we travel through the up and down path
we have chosen for our life and it is important we maintain our focus on what these
abilities can and can not do for us.
If you came to this site because you seek power to overcome those that oppose you,
you have come for the wrong reason and will eventually leave feeling as if you have
been let down.
Telekinetic abilites are in many ways dependent upon your level of spirituality. This
does not mean it is dependent on your belief in any god, for the two are not exclusive.
But your abilities can grow or recede depending on where your heart is at.
Those seeking power, riches and glory, are usually left wanting. Those that seek to
better the human position of all people, get much better results.
The old saying, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, is true in
dealing with the mental abilities we teach on this site and thankfully, the controller of
all that is has placed checks and balances upon these abilities.
Could you imagine a world where Stalin had full control of all of the mental abilities?
Even in todays more enlightened times, a president of any of the larger countries in the
world could wreck havoc upon anyone that disagreed with his/her policies.
This is one of the reasons we are seeing such tiny improvement in peoples abilites, for
as a whole, humanity has not reached the point of being ready to accept these abilities.
I urge you, if you find yourself not advancing in your abilities, to begin to look deeper
within yourself. What are your motives, what would you do if presented with adversity
after developing your mental abilites?
Can you put your own wants and desires on the side line if the good of the whole is in
We must raise the level of our humanity if we are going to bring the level of the mental
abilities to the next level and like everything else, it starts one person at a time, taking
one step at a time to be more than what you are at this moment in time.
Blessings be upon you and yours!
Fern Owl
5. Are You Telekinetic? Learn How to Do Telekinesis
One of the most asked questions I receive is how to do telekinesis and I'm afraid it is
also one of the hardest questions to answer because there is no one way that works for
everyone. So many people are looking for a magic pill to suddenly give them super
telekinetic powers and I wish I had one for them, but it just is not that easy.
In some ways, it is easy to learn telekinesis, but it does take some effort. Every person
is different and the amount of effort you personally will have to put into your training
depends on how well your mind, body and soul accepts the training. For many people
it takes a lot of effort and for that reason alone most people will not learn how to do
telekinesis. It takes a dedication and desire much stronger than the average person is
willing to put in to develop telekinetic abilities.
6. How to telekinesis
I wish I had a magic pill I could give you that would suddenly leave you with complete
and 100% accurate telekinetic abilities. I wish I could say "do these exercises 3 times
and you will have 100% use of your telekinetic abilities" but it just doesn't work that
So far, no one has been able to put into words the exact steps necessary to get your
brain to manipulate the energies in just the right way so that you immediately have full
telekinetic powers.
It takes trial and effort on the students part to find that perfect combination of mind,
body, energy, belief and thoughts to bring out telekinetic powers in you.
Add on to that the fact that just because you hit upon the right combination today, it
doesn't mean you will be able to hit that exact same combination tomorrow and it is
easy to understand why it is so hard to learn how to do telekinesis.
If you seriously want to learn how to do telekinesis, it takes trial and effort on your
part and it is something no one can do for you. The big thing is to not get discouraged
if it doesn't work for you in the first few tries. Rarely does it work for anyone in the
first 100 attempts and it is not unusual for it to take several thousand attempts before a
person sees the first results.
Even when you get the first results, rarely is a person able to immediately repeat those
results. Second results usual come faster than the first results, but it can still take
weeks of effort.
7. Does Telekinetic Training work
Most people agree that once you figure out that perfect combination of energy
manipulations that works for you, you should be able to do telekinesis on a regular
basis and they can't understand why it would be so hard to do it a second time.
There are a couple of schools of thought on this subject. On the one hand, many people
believe humans have always had psychic abilities and because we have denied the
existence of telekinesis and all of the other psychic abilities for so long we have almost
lost the ability to use them and it is only through effort and will power that we can
slowly bring these psychic abilities to the fore front.
Another school of thought is that humans are only now reaching the point in our
evolution that these abilities are coming out. Those from this school of thought believe
that as we continue to advance in our evolution, our innate telekinetic and other
psychic abilities will become stronger and stronger till one day they will become as
common place as speech is to us now.
For me personally, I don't think there is enough evidence to say either school of
thought is 100% correct and since both see the future as having more and more people
with developed abilities, we may never know which was correct. Thankfully it really
doesn't matter if either was correct or not. What matters is that slowly but surely
people are developing these abilities and we can look forward to a day when psychic
abilities are as common as driving a car.
8. So how do you learn telekinesis?
Ever heard the old saying, "Practice makes perfect"? That is what it boils down to,
practice. This site will give you little hints and tips on things that have helped others
learn how to telekinesis, and you can try them. Plus it is in your best interest to
experiment on your own. We hope that you will share your experiments with us also.
It is by sharing that will help the most people to develop telekinesis abilities. There is
no one way that works with everyone in every instance, but we will help as many
people as possible as time goes on.
9. Common Misspellings
As you search for additional information on the internet, keep in mind that many
people make typographical error when spelling the word telekinesis. Some of the more
common typos include: telekenisis, telekenesis, telekenisis and telekinisis. Yet we all
know exactly what they are talking about so just go with the flow and learn everything
you can.

10. Developing Telekinesis Powers - What to expect

Developing Telekinesis powers can be a wonderful experience that can take your
emotions on a roller coaster ride. Most of the time the experience is thrilling and will
leave you feeling elated, but at times, it can leave you having doubts about yourself
and your abilities, if you allow it to.

10.1 Developing Telekinesis takes practice
One of the biggest areas where you have some control over developing telekinesis
abilities is in how you practice. This includes how often you practice, how hard you
practice and even what types of exercises you do.
Those that have the best results take the basic exercises and expand upon them.
Adding little twists to the exercises helps to make the exercises truly your own. It
brings them into your body and soul and allows them to blossom forth into increases
Your goal should be to practice a little amount each day if at all possible. Most people
will get better results by practicing 10 or 15 minutes a day than they will get by
practicing 2 or 3 hours once a week. But of course if your schedule will only allow you
to practice one day a week, then by all means it would be better to practice longer than
10 or 15 minutes.
10.2 When to practice developing telekinesis
Your body and mind has it own rhythm of life. Your heart beats with its own special
tune that vibrates throughout the universe in a way that makes your vibrations
noticeable from among the billions of other vibrations out there. This also means that
you have your own special rhythm within the world around us.
You know how some people call themselves morning people because they wake up
ready and raring to go, but others can't get awake till 3 pm in the afternoon. Your
telekinesis powers work the same way. Some get better results in the morning. Others
in the afternoon and still others at night.
It is up to you to find out which is best for your personally. There is not magick pill or
any one perfect exercise that will guarantee you to get instant results. Think about it in
much the same way as food is. Different people like different foods and something that
you love could literally make someone else sick. So you have to find what you
personally can deal with and what just won't work for you. No one else can tell you
these things.
10.3 Take charge of your Telekinesis Powers
This short article can not begin to cover all the various possibilities of how your
personal efforts will affect your developing telekinesis. It was intended to give you a
small sampling of some of the way these things works for you personally.
It is important that you take charge of your abilities. Don't be satisfied with waiting
until someone hands you the information you want or need. The Internet is a HUGE
place and you can find virtually anything you want to learn out there.
Plus quiet often, the perfect exercise for you is one you designed for yourself, so don't
be afraid to experiment.
10.4 Telekinesis Fun Fact
Did you know that about 250,000 people per month search Google for the term
telekinesis, but about 8% of those people end up somewhere else because of the 2 most
common misspellings of the word, telekenisis and telekenesis.
In both cases, they forgot to use the simple rule by remembering it is KIN as in related
to you versus KEN, Barbies boyfriend. After that, it really is just one simple little letter
that separates telekenisis and telekenesis and strangely enough it is again the E and the
So if you remember SIS is always going to be your pet name for your sister and she is
one of your kin and not Barbies boyfriend, then it is a simple matter of remembering it
is you or in actualty "I" and not some strange electronic signal that goes in the middle
and it will prevent you from turning telekinesis into telekenisis or telekenesis.

11. Training
11.1 Concentration

Before you can start learning telekinesis, it is imperative that you build your ability
to concentrate. Without concentration, you will never be able to manipulate the energy
to cause movement in an object, bend the flame of a candle or any other telekinetic or
psychokinetic ability.

This is the area I can not stress enough. The vast majority of people will tell you
they have no problem with concentration. In actuallity however, virtually everyone
that does not practice concentration exercises of some sort on a regular basis has
problems with being able to concentrate.

Please understand that a lack of concentration is nothing to be ashamed of. The
world has become so complicated it is hard to find time to let go of the hustle and
bustle of life and let you mind just BE for a change. Everywhere we go and everything
we do we are constantly bombarded by advertising, noise, commercials, ringing
phones, motors on everything from the fridge to the dishwasher, cars, trucks, horns
blowing, people talking, airplanes overhead not to mention the less noticable sounds
like the hum of electricity as it moves through the wires and all of the unseen ad
unheard waves of light and sound that moves through the air around us.

Regularly practicing concentration and reaching the point wherre you can hold a
single thought for an absolute minimum of 5 minutes will make your telekinesis
training advance much faster. This is also the same for persons learning magic or any
of the various divination methods such as tarot, rune or scrying.

11.1.1 Concentration Exercises #1

As mentioned earlier, the ability to concentrate is imperative for anyone that wants
to learn to manipulate energy to move objects, bend them or any other telekinetic or
psychokinetic ability.
This exercise serves a few purposes. It requires concerted effort on your part to
prevent your eyes from being drawn away from the center dot toward one of the other
of the colored dots. It also gives you verifiable proof of when you are doing the
exercise correctly which is lacking in most of the exercises I have seen.
Find a time when you'll have at least 15 to 20 minutes undisturbed. The only supplies
you will need for this exercise is paper and pen and a watch or clock to note time.
Before starting, spend a few moments relaxing your mind and body. It helps to do
some deep breathing exercises. If you meditate this would be a good time to spend a
few moments in a meditative state.
When you are ready, Click Here to view the image. Your goal is to keep your mind
and vision focused on the small black dot in the center of the image for as long as
possible. If your mind starts to wander, stop the exercise, calm yourself and try again.
Start by making note of the time, then concentrate on the small black dot as long as
possible. When your concentration gets broken for any reason, note the time to see
how long you were able to concentrate and then start over.
Don't be surprised if you start to see movement or an aura around the colored circles.
This is very normal and in fact can be used as an exercise to help you learn to see
auras. Just don't allow it to take your concentration away from the small dot. Do not
allow thoughts to come into your mind and break your concentration. Just push the
thought away and bring your concentration back to the dot.
With practice you should start to find that by the time your concentration is broken,
when you check the time you are amazed to see 10, 15 even 30 minutes have passed
but it feels like only a few moments. This is when you will know you are concentrating
With continued practice these concentration exercises can be maintain at least 5
minutes and 15 would be much better, before moving on to the next exercise.


11.1.2 Concentration Exercises #2

After you have practiced Concentration Exercises #1 for a while, it will probably get a
little boring. After all, who really wants to sit and stare at a tiny black dot for a long
period of time. But the exercise really does serve a purpose and everyone should be
able to maintain their concentration for at least 5 minutes before moving on to this
I promise you this one has a twist to it that you will like!
Once again, you will be concentrating on a photo, but this time, instead of just trying
to keep your concentration on the image, you want to to sort of merge with the image.
As you concentrate on the image, start to realize what the petals feel like. Are they
smooth or rough, cold or warm, wet or dry. Slowly let the feeling you are getting from
the petals cover your whole body, until it feels almost as if you have merged with the
As you continue to concentrate on both the sight and the feel of the petals, slowly
allow your vision to switch from looking at the petal to looking out from the petal. See
what the remainder of the flower looks like from the vantage point of being one with
the petal. Allow your concentration to move around the entire flower, top, bottom and
Know what it feels like to be the flower. Continue to examine the flower from the
viewpoint of being a part of the flower until you are satistifed you have seen the entire
flower, then pull your concentration out of the flower and return to your normal point
of view.
Most people that do this exercise find that when they return to their normal
perspective, anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour has passed but it seems to them as if
only a few minutes have gone by. One final thing that will determine if you are doing
this exercise correctly or not is when you are back to your normal perspective, you
should feel relax but with plenty of energy. In fact this is actually a great exercise to do
mid day when your energy level drops to re-energize yourself.
Do this exercise as often as needed to reach the point where you are staying in the
view point of the flower for at least 20 minutes or longer. I then suggest you do it at
least a couple of times per month to stay in practice.
So take a few moments to relax, breath deeply and when you are ready, Click Here to
view the image and get started.


11.1.3 Concentration Exercises #3
If you have been practicing the first two concentration exercises till you can
accomplish the minutes set in each exercise, you should be able to handle the
following exercise with no problem.
I've included 3 levels of this exercise because some people find this exceptionally easy
while others struggle with it. The only difference between the 3 versions is the distance
between the two objects you will be concentrating with.
For all 3 versions, sit at a comfortable distance from the computer screen in a relaxed
manner. Then hold your finger approximately half way between the screen and your
eyes. Using your field of vision as your guideline, align the tip of your finger just
below and between the two images.
Your concentration should be on the tip of your finger. Allow the focus of your eyes to
blur slightly and you will begin to see the two images move closer to each other in
your field of vision. Your goal is to align the two images on top of each other so that
you see an equal armed cross in the center and maintain that alignment for at least 1
minute, 5 minutes would be much better.
Once you have managed the minimum time on a regular basis, move on to the 2nd
version of the exercise where the images are a little further apart and there fore a little
harder. When you accomplish the 2nd version, move on to the 3rd. By the time you
accomplish the 3rd version on a regular basis, you will be a pro at controling your
concentration, if you have been honest with yourself and have practices the exercises
instead of just thinking your 15 seconds is enough.
For version number 1, the easiest Click Here
For version number 2 Click Here
For version number 3, the hardest Click Here




11.1.4 Concentration Exercises #4

This concentration exercise also involves the eyes and the brain but most people find it a little easier
because it does not require you to unfocus your eyes the way the exercises with two photos do.
For these concentration exercises, all you need is a small piece of colored paper that is a different
color than the walls of the room you will be working in. A post it note works fine for this.
The shape of the paper does not matter, you can make it round or square or any shape you like. If you
are not using a post it note, you will also need a small piece of tape.
Determine where you are going to sit and stick the paper to the wall across the room from you at
about eye level. You don't want it too high or too low or your neck could get stiff.
Focus your concentration on the paper. Allow all other thoughts to simply float away from your
mind. You want to concentrate WITHOUT words. Don't think about the fact it is a piece of paper,
don't think about it's color, just keep your concentration on it without any thoughts or words coming
into your mind.
Set a goal of about 3 minutes to start. Only when you get to the point where you can spend a full 3
minutes without your concentration drifting off onto anything else, then you can stretch the minutes
to 4, 5 or more.

11.2 Pyschokinesis Training
11.2.1 Swing the Pendulum de Fern Owl

For this psychokinesis exercise you will need a pendulum. If you don't have a
pendulum already you can make one yourself with the folowing directions. Psychokinesis Training - psychokinesis training tool
Think of the pendulum as being a psychokinesis training tool. To make a
pendulum, you need to find something to to hang from a cord. The item should be
reasonably heavy in comparison to the weight of the string, cord or chain you will be
hanging it from. At the same time however, don't let the pendulum be too heavy. Most
people that are just learning psychokinesis do better with lighter weight objects in the

For some people there can be a psychological holding back on a heavier item because
as someone just learning psychokinesis, you subconsciously believe you do not have
enough power or training yet to be able to move a heavier item. Rest assured that when
you build your brain power, you can move a heavier item with about the same energy
expended as with moving a lighter item. Learn Psychokinesis - choosing your pendulums weight
You also want your pendulum to be as evenly weighted across it's surface as
possible. Some people use a ring, but it will work best with ring that does not have a
stone in it and is perfectly round. If your rings are like mine and are slightly warped
they will not be balanced good enough to use.

Once you have a pendulum, you want to hang it somewhere so you can sit in front of it
in a comfortable position. Make sure you hang the pendulum somewhere so it will not
be moved by a fan or from vibrations, then allow the pendulum to come to a complete
stop before starting this exercise. psychokinesis exercise - down to the meat of it
Allow your mind to become one with the pendulum. Use the visualization abilities
of your mind to connect your personal energy with the cells of the pendulum and cause
the pendulum to move. Some people find this exercise very easy because the pendulum
will move with just to slightest touch. Even a breath will make it move.

Your job is to figure out what works best for you to help you move the pendulum.
Some people find that things work best for them when they think of it in terms of
energy. Others do it best by using visualization. Still others find sheer force of will is
what works for them.

Choose one way to try it and work at that for a while. If that does not work after
several days of trying, switch to another way. You do not want to switch back and
forth too much because it usually takes many attempts no matter which way you
choose and most people can eventually do it no matter which way they try after they
have exercised their brain power enough.

11.3 Telekinesis Training
11.3.1 Energy Versus Thought Waves
The discussion of how energy and/or how thoughts work is a very detailed and
complicated subject that is will beyond the scope of this web site. Yet to understand
where our research into how thought waves fit into the telekinetic equation, you need
some basic knowledge of how we view thought waves. For the purpose of this article,
you must assume a few things. First, thought is a form of energy, in fact, everything in
the Universe is composed of energy so this is not hard to accept.
Second, energy never dies, it can and does change form, (known as transmuting) but it
does not die.
Last but not least, energy can move other energy. Of course based on the logical
assumptions of the above, that would then mean that thought waves which are a form
of energy can also move other types of energy.
If you look at the various definitions of telekinesis you can find on the internet, most will say
something along the lines of "using mind power to move objects". While that is an extremely
simplistic definition, is it not 100% correct. Saying "using thought energy to move objects" would be
closer to being correct but even that definition is not 100% correct because we do not have a term in
human language to accurately describe it.
For the purpose of this article and this web site, we will be assuming "using thought energy to move
objects" is the better of the two definitions of what telekinesis is and since energy moves in waves,
the best definition would be "using thought waves to move objects", althought thought energy is still
perfectly acceptable.
So how exactly can you get your thought waves to move an object? That is the million dollar
question and if we could get it put into words that everyone can understand completely, we would
have 100% success in teachng telekinesis.
Some people describe it as "becoming one" with the object. Allowing your thoughts to leave your
body and literally enter the object they are trying to move. Others see it more as breaking your
thought energy down to the cellular level and breaking down the object they are trying to move to the
cellular level. Then allowing those cells to mesh to the point where they can push cell against cell to
get the object to move.
Still others see their thought energy as waves of energy that can literally push objects. I'm sure other
people can come up with other ways of looking at it and we can not prove any one of these ideas as
being right or wrong.
The only way that is right for you is the one that works for you and if anyone tries to tell you the way
you do it is wrong, I strongly urge you to stay away from the person because they are more
concerned with controling you than helping you.
Each person must find their own combination of techinques to get it to work for them. Many people
find they try one technique over and over again until they are sure that technique will not work for
them, then months or years later, they will try that same technique again and suddenly, it works!
Many people think this happens because they did not do the technique correctly during the first trials,
but in reality, our minds are a muscle that strenghtens through exercise. It often takes months of
effort to strenghten that unused part of the brain that controls telekinesis and all the other psychic
It is through practicing and trying to use the brain muscle that it becomes stronger and stronger. So
do not think you are doing it wrong, or you don't have the ability. It is only a matter of strengthening
your brain, or actually the part of your brain that is responsible for telekinesis, that will allow you to
begin to use the ability.
So don't get too caught up in terminology. Just make sure you understand the basic idea behind what
someone is saying them formulate it into words you are comfortable with and go for it. You never
know exactly what is going to be the correct combination of factors that works for you.

11.3.2 Telekinesis Training Exercise 1 - Pen Roll
Level Beginner
A flat surface to work on
A comfortable chair to sit in
An ink pen without a cap.
Notes on the best pen to use:
For this exercise, you are looking for a pen that is as close to possible to being
completely round. If you can put the pen on a table in front of you and then blow hard
across the pen and it rolls, it is probably a good pen to use for this exercise.
Your goal is to get a pen that has the least resistance as possible. Once you have
mastered this pen, you can switch to one with flat sides to add extra drag and make the
exercises harder.
Sit in a comfortable position with the table in front of you at a comfortable height.
Make sure the table surface is flat and make sure you do not bump the table so there is
no chance of accidently making the pen roll.
Take a few moments to relax and calm your breathing and your mind. Use the energy
of your mind to make the pen roll across the table.
Try all of the ways of "becoming one" with the object that were mentioned in our
article Energy versus Thought Waves. Basically, think of the energy of your mind
flowing like waves from your brain to the pen and see (visualize) the pen rolling across
the table.
In the early stages, you will probably need to put a lot of effort behind the energy.
Remember you are building a muscle that has never been used before and it takes
effort to build a muscle. The old saying, no pain, no gain applies to your brain muscle
just as much as any other muscle.
The first sign that it is working for most people is you will see the pen start to shake a
little. Perhaps it will move a quarter of an inch and then immediately roll back to
where it began at leaving you unsure if it actually moved or not. Don't let these small
victories make you doubt your ability to do it.
You should view them as victories and not failures because they are victories. It proves
you are doing the right things to build your brain power. It lets you know you are on
the right path and that you are already tapping into your abilities.
Those that choose to look at minor successes as failures, will have to work much
harder and longer to develop their abilities because doubt only serves to build a wall
between you and yours abilities. So keep at it an before you know it, you will be
rolling that pen across the table at break neck speed!

11.3.3 Telekinesis Training Exercise #2 - Paper Push
Level - Beginner

Supplies needed:
A 2 inch square piece of paper. A flat table to work on

This is a simple exercise that only takes a moment to prepare for it which makes it easy to do almost
anywhere when you find yourself with a little extra time, such as while waiting for your car to be
repaired, or waiting for your turn at the doctors office.
The measurements do not have to be exact for this. I suggest a 2 inch square simply because it is
small and weighs almost nothing. Plus if need be you can always tear a small corner off a napkin to
use in a pinch.
Take your small piece of paper and fold all 4 corners in to the center. Crease the paper but allow the
corners to pop back up so you have a flat paper on the table and 4 little tabs sticking up that you can
use to mentally push against.
Place the paper on the table in front of you and use telekinesis to make the paper move by mentally
pushing on the corners. Remember what we talked about in earlier articles about becoming one with
the paper. In your minds eye look at the paper from the aspect of the cellular level. See your energy
connecting with the cells of the paper and pushing it across the table.
Practice make perfect!

11.3.4 Telekinesis Training Exercise #3 - Floating Toothpick
Level - Beginner
The following is the third in our series of telekinesis exercises to help you develop
your telekinetic abilities.
Supplies Needed:

1 Small Bowl with water in it
1 toothpick
A table to work from
A comfortable chair to sit in

Your goal with these telekinesis exercises is to use your brain power to cause the tooth pick to move
across the surface of the bowl of water. You want to make sure it is only your brain power causing
the tooth pick to move by making sure you do not touch the bowl or table in any way and that you
breath can not cause any movement.
Set the bowl of water on the table in front of you and float the toothpick on the surface of the water.
Allow the water time to settle and make sure you don't bump the table or you'll have to wait for it to
settle again. The surface of the water and the toothpick should should be completely still before you
When the toothpick is still upon the surface of the water, use your thought energy to push the
toothpick across the waters surface. Different people experience different ways of causing this to
happen. Some report it feeling like they have actually connected with the toothpick or the toothpick
became a part of their body.
Others felt like energy came out of their head and pushed the toothpick. You need to play around
with various ways of getting to to move and see which works best for you personally.
For most people, it is best to practice using only one method in an one day. Make multiple attempts
perhaps with very slight changes in your technique, but don't change to a completely different way of
doing it until you have tried repeatedly for at least a few hundred attempts.
Keep in mind that one of the many theories as to why telekinesis exercises are starting to show
results in people is that the part of our brains that allow these abilities is only just starting to awaken.
The brain is a muscle and tiny amounts of exercise on any one part of a muscle rarely produces
results. It is the repeated exercise of the muscle that produces the best results.
Make sure you are sitting far enough away from the bowl of water that your breath does not push the
toothpick. For many people this is the easiest exercise to master because the waters surface gives
almost no drag on the toothpick.
Just remember to become one with the toothpick!

11.3.5 Telekinesis Training Exercise #4 - Feather in a Jar
Level - Beginner
For this one you will need a clean, dry jar with a lid and a feather. Place the feather in the jar and put
the lid on it so you know there is no way a stray wind can get into the jar.

Set the jar on the table in front of you and use telekinesis to make the feather move or float.
Remeber what we have spoke about in the previous lessons and exercises. Allow your thoughts to
move down to the cellular level and become one with the feather. Feel the individual strings within
the feather. In your minds eye, allow the energy of your mind to lift just one of the little strings of the
feather at a time until eventually the entire feather is lifted and it begins to float.
If this does not work for you, try visualizing your minds energy as a wind. Let yourself feel the wind
as it leaves your body through your thrid eye. All the wind to blow through the jar and lift the feather
into the air. Once you get the feather air born, work on using your mind to control the feather,
making it go up, down or side to side at will rather than just floating around anywhere it wants to go.

11.3.6 Telekinesis Training Exercise #5 - Candle Flame Bending
Level - Beginner
For this telekinesis exercise you will need a candle, something to light it with and a holder to make
sure it is safe and steady on the table in front of you.
Light a candle and set it in front of you. Preferably with the flame slightly above your line of vision
and far enough away from you that your breath will not cause the flame to flicker.
You also want to make sure that there are no drafts in the room. Turn off any fans you have on in the
room and close any windows that might be open. Allow the candle to sit and burn for a few moments
to see if there are any stray drafts.
Your goal is to make the flame bend. Work on bending it to one side only with each attempt. You
want to see a solid bend in the flame, not just a flickering to one side like a wind was blowing across
Remember to use your mind power and see that energy interact with the flame of the candle on a
cellular level. When the two energies have meshed, let the energy of your mind bend the flame.

11.3.7 Telekinesis Training Exercise #6 - PSI Wheel

Level - Beginner

You can buy a PSI Wheel (sometimes written as psiwheel or psi-wheel) at most any
metaphysical store for less than $10. But you probably have everything you need to be
able to make a one laying around your house right now.
All it takes is a small square of aluminum foil or a piece of paper, a regular sewing
needle and something to hold the needle in an upright position. A small lump of clay
works great for this. I prefer to also have a clear glass or a jar to put over the psi wheel
when I use it.
Simply cut your foil into a square. One about 2 inches square is a good size, but a little
smaller or larger will still work most of the time. From my personal experience, a large
wheel is not any harder to turn than a smaller wheel. The main thing you want to
consider is will the finished wheel fit under your glass or jar with enough room for the
wheel to turn.
Fold the square of foil in half to form a rectangle. Open the rectangle back up but do
not uncrease it. Simply fold the opposite corner over to form another rectangle. Your
goal here is to crease the foil in both directions from corner to corner.
Open the foil back up but do NOT fold it out flat. Leave it with a point in the middle
sticking up and the 4 corners even around the lower edge.
Stick your needle, point side up in the clay (or whatever you are using), then balance
the center point of the foil on the needle like a hat for the needle.
Place your psi wheel in a place where you can see it while sitting at a comfortable
distance from the it. Place your clear glass or jar over the it so no stray wind can cause
it to move and you are ready to start working with it!
Use your mind power to turn the foil (wheel) around on the pin. In the early stages, it
really doesn't matter which way it turns. Try to turn it one way for a while and if that
doesn't work for you then try to turn it the other way. As with all of the exercises, try
to become one with the item. Visualize your minds energy down to the cellular level
and see it mesh with the cells of the foil wheel and make it turn.
Additional Thoughts and ideas about PSI Wheels
1. Many people will tell you to place your hand(s) near the PSI wheel. If, and only
if you have a glass over the wheel is this acceptable because the heat of your
hand warms air around them and can cause the wheel to turn. The only way to
be 100% sure you are turning it with your mind, is to have it under glass.

All the YouTube videos you see where people are putting their hands next to the
psi wheel must be discounted because they did not take the necessary
precautions to prevent heat rising from their hands causing the wheel to turn.
2. Everyone talks about not being able to turn the psi wheel when they put in under
glass. What they fail to understand is the purpose of the psi wheel is to practice
telekinesis, not prove that hot air rises. It is most assuredly harder to move it
when it is under glass, but once you accomplish it, you can say in no uncertain
terms that you have telekinetic abilities. Those that do not use a glass over their
psi wheel can not say the same.
3. It is 100% up to you whether you choose to use foil or paper to make your
wheel. Some people believe foil helps them while others believe paper helps
them. Try one and if you don't like the results, try the other. Use the one that
feels right for you personally.
4. One of the most asked questions is how do you get the energy in your mind to
move the wheel. Sadly, I do not know of anyone that can do this on a regular
basis, which makes it almost impossible to say exactly how to do it. I have done
it on several occasions and they were under glass when I did it. I have always
made sure the wheel was situated on a table that was strong and steady, so no
stray movements could have caused the movement. But I can not do it on
demand (any time I want to)

Every time I have been able to move the it, I was using a combination of
allowing energy to flow from my body and into the wheel and at the same time,
visualizing energy flowing from my body. This works sometimes and
sometimes it does not work.
5. I have spoke with others that say they only get results when they allow the
energy to flow down their arms. You need to play around with it and find what
works for you.
6. A major word of advice. You will see people (mostly kids) posting all over the
internet about the fantastic results they get. Don't believe 99.9% of it. At the
same time, don't cut them down for it. Belief is a big part of this, but don't fool
yourself into thinking this is going to be easy. Like anything else in this world,
you have to work for it.

You will get better results by practicing for 5 to 15 minutes a day, almost every
day than you will practicing for hours at a time. It could literally take weeks to
see results but keep at it. If you give up you will never accomplish it.
7. If you find you have been practicing for weeks and not getting any results, you
might want to examine your motives for wanting to learn how to do telekinesis.
Many people, myself included believe that there is a system in place that
prevents people from abusing these abilities. If you are wanting to learn so you
can steal from someone or cause harm to another person, you are wasting your
time even trying to learn.

As you search for additional information to help in your studies, keep in mind that
many people misspell words, so be sure to also look for variations such as psiwheel
and psi-wheel

11.3.8 Telekinesis Training Exercise #7 Dice Roll

Level - Beginner

For this exercise, you will need a single die. Before you begin the exercise, it is important to check to
see if the die is properly weighted. To do this, simple roll it 100 times, making a note of which
number is rolled each time.
If the die is properly weighted, each number will come up approximately 15 to 17 times in 100 rolls.
If any number is greatly out of bounds, the die is probably not weighted properly and you have two
choices, get another die and test it, or choose a number that did fall within the average bounds and
use it for your exercises.
When you have a die you are happy with and a number you feel comfortable using, you are ready to
It is important to remember, it is only through a large number of trials that your results have merit. A
small number of rolls could easily show your number coming up the majority of the time but because
the number of trials is small, it is not statistically significant.
You want to aim to do at least 100 rolls of the die at each sitting, making note of the number of time
your number comes up. You will use your telekinesis (psychokinesis) abilities to try to force the die
to roll your chosen number each time.
Each time you do 100 rolls, you can use a different number to force the results, but make sure you do
not use any number that showed up far out of bounds on your test run.
As you continue to practice this one, your chosen number should come up more and more often.

11.3.9 Telekinesis Training Exercise #8 PSI Ball

Level - Beginner How to make a PSI Ball
PSI is a form of energy and making PSI balls is nothing more than making a ball of
energy. You are in reality molding psi energy with your mind and hands to form the
psi balls into a round shape. The vast majority of the time people call them psi balls,
however, you can construct them into the shape of a psi square or a psi brick or any
other shape you may choose.
To start to make a PSI ball, you want to first get your hands attuned to feeling energy.
This is easily accomplished by holding your hands in front of you, almost like you are
praying. Then lightly rub your palms together to create a small amount of heat. Feel the PSI Balls Energy in your hands
Feel the sensation of that heat in your palms. Now move your hands apart slightly. Just
a half inch or so will do. You will notice there is a slight difference in the feeling of the
heat in your palms. If it so happens that you have lost the feeling of the heat
completely, just take a moment to rub your palms together again.
Once you know what that heat energy feels like with your hands a half inch apart,
move your hands about 2 inches apart. The feel of the energy should change but you
should still be able to feel the energy.
Now slowly move your hands closer together and feel how the energy changes. It may
take a few tries of moving your hands closer and further apart in a sort of bouncing
motion. Moving them just an inch or two at a time but not to the point of actually
touching. Eventually, you will realize that the energy between your hands is starting to
compress. Compress the PSI Ball Energy
Continue to bounce your hands as written above. After a while, the energy will begin
to feel like a ball between your hands and you may have to pull them a little further
apart to allow the energy to build. Basically what you are doing is as you are pulling
your hand apart, energy flows between your hands. As you push your hands together,
you are compressing the energy.
All the while you are compressing the energy between your hands, keep your
concentration on your hands and the energy between them. Giving it extra PSI Ball Energy
The real energy jolt behind all of this, comes from when you use your mind to pull
energy from the universe and compress it into your psi ball.
It is important to not use your own personal energy to build your psi balls with. It will
leave you drained and has been known to make people cranky and hard to get along
with. The universe has a never ending supply of energy so why take your own?
Visualization is the key here. Visualize a stream of pure white light coming from the
center of the universe and streaming down into the top of your head. You can allow
this white light to fill you entire body, energising you first. When your body is full,
then see the energy flowing down you arms, through your hands and into your psi ball.
Continue to compress the psi balls as more and more energy flows down your arms.
As the psi ball gets bigger, just move your hands slightly further apart until you make
it as large as you want it to be. PSI Ball Decisions
How big to make it? That is up to you. You can make it larger by slowly moving your
hands further and further apart as you compress the energy. You can keep it smaller by
limiting how far apart you move your hands.
What should you do with it after you make it? Again that is up to you, but it is best to
do something with it. Too many stray psi balls of energy laying around can cause a
build up of energy within your environment and cause undue stress on emotions.
Some of the possibilities are: 1) program the energy to do a specific function for you.
2) pick a designated place to put it so you can come back to it later to make it bigger,
stronger or program it. 3) return the energy to the earth to be reprocessed.
When you program the energy of psi balls to do a specific function for you, it can also
be called a "thought form". I've heard it called many other names with one of the most
memorial being a "golem". Programming a PSI ball
To program a psi ball, involves giving it a specific instruction. It is best to keep the
instruction as short as possible and you will get better results giving it only one
instruction rather than a set of instructions. How you give it the instruction varies with
your personal taste. I've known people that spend hours concentrating on the
instruction they are giving their psi ball. Others talk to the psi balls almost as if it is a
pet or a friend. Still others will send the thought down their arms and into the psi
energy ball. You must decide what works for you personally.
Where should you put your psi ball to store it? I suggest in a drawer or closet but any
place where it is not apt to be walked on or through should be just fine.
How do you return the psi ball energy to the earth? The easiest way for me is to place
the energy ball on the ground (or floor if you are inside) and allow the energy to
basically melt or dissolve into the earth. See this happen in your minds eye (visualize).
Where your thoughts go, energy flows.
How do you know for sure you made a PSI ball? Most people can not see PSI but they
can feel it. When you were making your PSI Ball, did you feel the energy building up
between your hands? When you compressed the energy between your hands, did you
feel the energy pushing back on your palms? Some people, (not everyone) will feel the
PSI as a tingling sensation between their palms. For others it is simply the feeling of
something compressing between their hands, almost like you have a nerf ball between
your hands. It is heavy enough to put a little pressure on your hands, but not heavy
enough to feel solid. If you experienced any of these feeling, you made a PSI ball.
Another test you can try is to see if someone else can feel the energy. If you have a
friend over, slowly bring the PSI ball toward them and see if they feel the energy. If
you have someone that is learning along with you, hand the psi balls to them and see if
they feel the energy. With a little thinking, you can come up with a whole list of
experiments you can try with a friend to see what your PSI balls are like. Friends and Psi Balls
When you have a few friends over, try handing them a PSI ball. If they have never
worked with PSI balls before, explain to them what to expect, anything from a slight
tingling in the hands to a warm sensation and tell them to pay attention to how their
hands feel, then hand them the PSI ball and see what they feel.
After they get a little experience under their belt, you can make your PSI balls into
different shapes or colors, hand it to your friend and see if you friend can pick up on
the shape or color you made your PSI ball.
I hope this short tutorial has helped you. This lesson may be reprinted without notice at
any time as long as this writers resource box and links is kept intact. Psi Ball Energy Shield
A psi ball also known as an energy ball, can be built to accomplish multiple goals. In
this article we will cover how to make a psi ball to be used as an energy shield.
In your day to day life, you are constantly being bombarded with energies of various
types. As you know, everything in the universe is composed of energy and energy
never dies, it only transmutes (transforms) from one form to another.
When we talk about any form of kinesis, we are talking about manipulating energies to
accomplish a specific goal. Telekinesis is manipulating energies to move an object
without physically touching it. Electrokinesis is manipulating energy to control
electricity which is yet another form of energy.
Of course all of this is happening on a structure level versus the level we experience in
our waking every day world. But it is important to understand how everything works
beneath what we see as our waking world around us.
When you understand the above, it is easy to understand how we are constantly being
bombarded with energies. Energy by itself is neither good or bad, it is the intent behind
the energy that determines whether it is considered positive or negative energy.
So what does all of this have to do with psi balls and energy shields? The energies that
are surrounding us come from many sources. Some are part of the life energy every
living thing on earth gives off, some come from the sun, the stars, the planets and the
universe itself, and a large number of these energies come from the people around us
and all through out the world.
While I and most everyone else would like to think that the vast majority of people in
the world are constantly thinking nice, pleasant thoughts, in reality there is a lot of
negative thinking going on inside the minds of a huge percentage of the population at
any one time. This creates an environment where the energies that are swimming
around us are a mixture of both positive and negative.
Think about how many people don't like the way you drive and send negative thoughts
you way. If you job requires you deal with customers, you get an even bigger dose of
the negative energies coming from the people that don't think you took care of the
quickly enough and if you happen to be someone that is a little obnoxious, you get an
even dose of it.
Of course, all of the energies out there are not directly aimed at you, but they can build
up in your environment and have an affect on you. This can range from giving you a
strange feeling, to making you antsy, all the way to actually making you ill.
An energy shield made from a psi ball can be used to protect you from the negative
energies that surround us on a regular basis. Make a Psi Ball
First a little knowledge. Building a psi ball is simply a matter of pulling energy and
compressing it into a ball shape. Actually, a psi ball does not have to be in the shape of
a ball. It can be oval, square, a pyramid or any other shape your mind can hold an
image of.
The energy you compress into your psi ball SHOULD NOT COME FROM YOU. You
should always pull energy from the universal supply, not from yourself. If you start
feeling drained, then you are pulling energy from yourself. Two Energy Sources
1) Visualize a stream of pure white light coming from the universe and entering into
the top of your head. Allow the light to completely fill your body and then see it move
down your arms and through your hands, into the psi ball you are compressing within
your hands.
2) Visualize roots growing from the base of your spine and going deep within the
earth. Allow the earth's energy to move up with roots and into your body, filling every
inch of your body. Once your body is full, see the energy move down your arms,
through your hands and into the psi ball you are compressing within your hand Don't stop with just a psi ball!
Using the energy source of your choice, compress the energy between your hands
much like making a meat ball. Simply compress the energy just like you would
compress the meat. All of this is talking place within your minds eye and between your
Keep building the psi ball by compressing more and more energy into it until your can
actually feel the energy. It may feel like a warmth, tingling, or even a coldness.
After you feel the energy of your psi ball, don't stop there. Just keep building it by
compressing more and more energy into it. You can simply move your hands further
and further apart to allow additional room for the psi ball to grow.
Once your psi ball is a good size, at least a basketball size or larger and you feel like it
is suficently strong enough, you can stop building it and literally stretch it out to make
it large enough for you to step into it, allowing it to cover your entire body.
This is your energy shield or psi shield as some will call it. While within this shield, all
the negative energies of the world will bounce off of you instead of being absorbed
and processed by your body.
You can keep your energy shield charged through out the day by simple remembering
to send a little extra energy into it a few times. For most people however, the psi shield
will fade over night with they sleep and need to be rebuilt the next day.
We hope you find this use of a psi ball to be helpful. Please check back for additional
article on the in and outs of psi balls in the future. Pass The Psi Ball
The title of this article is slightly misleading. The purpose of this article is to teach you
a game of sorts that allows you to practice with other, the ability to create and form
into a specific shape, psi balls, psi cones, psi whatever shape you want it to be but that
would make for an execeptional long title.
This psi game, is great for playing in chat rooms and can be played by 2 players from
anywhere in the world. The only requirement being they must be in the chat room at
the same time as the other player playing pass the psi ball.
One person will be "it" and build a psi ball in the normal way. But then change it from
a ball shape to either a square, oval, pyramid or diamond. These basic psi ball shapes
have proven to be different enough to make it easy for the receiver to know which
shape they are receiving.
To change the shape, simply see within your minds eye, the ball starts to transform
into your chosen shape and at the same time, mold the psi ball with your hands into the
shape, sort of like you are molding clay from a ball into a square (or any other shape).
When "it" has their psi ball the way they want it, send (via visualization) to the other
person they are working with.
The receiver will then post to the chat room what the shape they received was and the
sender (it) can verfy they are correct or not.
It is possible, to play pass the psi ball with more than two people. All that is required is
for the sender (it) to send the specially shaped psi balls to multiple people, rather than
just one person.

12. Spoon Bending Party

A great way to get a feel for what telekinesis can do and prove to yourself and
others that the mind is a wonderful tool, is to have a spoon bending party. Contrary to
the name, it is not only about bending spoons; spoons, forks and butter knives will also
work well, just be sure you do not use a sharp knife so no one gets cut.

Your first step is to find enough silverware for everyone to work with. One of the best
places to get a good supply of cheap silverware is at yard sales. Often people will
purchase a new pattern and be more than willing to sell you all their older spoons as a
box full of assorted stuff for just a few dollars.

Another source would be at discount stores such as Family Dollar Store. They often
have silverware in small package usually containing 4 pieces for about $1. Of course
you could also ask each person to bring 3 or 4 old pieces of silverware to the party,
then just have a few extras for those that forget to bring their own.

It is wise to have several pieces available for each person that will be at the party. The
reason for this is two fold. Many people will want to "do it again" after their first
success. Plus, one of the things many people consider important is how you choose
which piece of silverware you will be working on.

Some people are more than happy just to be handed a piece of silverware to work with.
Others however, prefer to allow the individual piece of silverware to "speak" to them.
This involves using a psychic sense to know which piece of silverware wants to bend
for you. In fact, many people will pick up a piece of silverware and while holding it in
their hands, ask the silverware if it wants to bend for them. They then wait till they
pick up a signal from the utensil and the yea or nay they receive determines which
piece they work with. The main things to remember here is however you choose to
determine which piece of silverware you work with is fine. There is no right or wrong
way. If it feels right, go for it!

12.1 Have fun with it!

Many people agree that the atmosphere at your party makes all the difference in how
much success your guests will have. If your party is dull and lifeless, the result level
tends to go down. Allow the energy of the room to build, get everyone to laughing and
having a good time and the success level goes up.

If the energy level of your party is a little dull, you might want to spend a little while
getting everyone excited. Keeping with the theme of the party, why not spend a few
moments letting everyone tell what they would do with telekinesis if they had full
100% control of it. A good rousing story about catching shoplifters and criminals and
hang them (by the seat of their pants) from light poles, is sure to start building
excitement. There is no right or wrong thing to try here. If need be, there is nothing
wrong with having everyone stand up and do a little wiggle to get the mood headed in
the right direction.

12.2 Let's bend some spoons!

There are two ways to approach this part of the party. Some people prefer to be serious
about all of this nad put tons and concentration into making the spoon bend. Others
approach it in a much more light hearted manor. The choice is yours and like most
everything else in life, you will find what works best for you personally through trial
and error.

12.3 Serious concentration method:

With this method, each person would hold their spoon in front of them and use the
power of their mind to forcibly make the utensil bend. Some people prefer to lightly
rub the utensil at the point where you are concentrating your efforts while others perfer
to concentrate their vision upon the spot. You simply maintain concentrated effort on
the spoon till you get results.

12.4 Light Hearted method:

Start with each person holding their spoon in front of them and as a group, forcibly tell
your spood to bend. The group as a whole can yell in unision 5 or 6 times, ordering the
spood to bend, with or without gently rubbing the spot where you want it to bend. If
any spoons have not bent by this time, have everyone switch to light hearted
conversation, all the while holding or rubbing their spoon. The idea is to NOT put
concentrated intention on the item. Keep part of your intention on it via the touching or
rubbing, but let your mind move on to other business.

Conversation topics could include chit chat about family, friends, the weather or even
dreams and fanatasies. It is best however to stay away from controversial topics that
might get some people riled up, like politics and religion.

12.5 Reported Results:

Most of the people I have spoke with have had better results with the light hearted
method. I have heard claims of spoons not being used by a party goer to be found bent
almost in a circle. Children often get very good results even when their attention rarely
stays on what is happening at the party.

Each party is different of course but I have heard claims that every person at a party
was able to bend a spoon and I don't think I have every heard from a party where at
least one person did not bend a spoon.

Just have fun and make sure your guest do to and your party will be a BIG success!