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Ba Ria - Vung Tau, located in the Southern key economic zone of Vietnam, has, in recent years, developed

rapidly into a front sea port and an international transit port connecting the South China Sea and the inter-
Asian route.
In view of further international economic integration, Vietnams !rime "inister approved sweeping plans for
# large ports to $e moved and e%panded $y &'(', of which the top priority project would be in Vung Tau,
which includes the Cai "ep Container !ort and )hi Vai general port. )his is part of Vietnam's master plan
for reforming the maritime industry after which the Cai Mep-Thi Vai area will become Vietnam's main
maritime gateway.
As such, Vietnam and ingapore ha!e agreed to set up a pri!ate-public partnership to de!elop the
nation's first deep sea multi-purpose international port at the Cai Mep-Thi Vai facility in Vung Tau.
)his location was chosen in line with Vietnams national plan to make the site the main port and
international gateway for Vietnam and a more cost effective alternative to the ports in *o Chi "inh City.
)his pro+ect is part of the $roader ,ramework Agreement on Vietnam-Singapore Connectivity, an effort to
lin" companies in the two economies and allow them to jointly offer foreign in!estors a
comprehensi!e range of business opportunities.
Along with these developments, Vung Tau will $e an attracti!e place for local and foreign investors in
many fields- de!elopment of port system# marine ser!ices# $CT# tourism# oil and gas# power# steel and
chemical industries# ship building and ship repair# garment industry etc. Vung Tau's de!eloped oil
and gas industry# which currently ma"es up the largest contribution to pro!incial industry and
growth# has acted as a catalyst for many other industries# especially power# fertili%er and gas
&o Chi Minh City is considered the economic, cultural, scientific, . technological hu$ of Vietnam.
Accounting for './0 of Vietnams total land area . /./0 of the total population, *C"C is the countrys most
economically dynamic city, constantly leading in terms of economic growth. *C"C has also contri$uted the
lions share a$out 1'0 to national $udgets revenue annually.
This business mission aims to pro!ide all delegates with'
A $etter understanding of doing business in Vietnam2
3seful business and official contacts through meetings and networking with government officials and
!ossi$le in!estment and trading opportunities, especially in Vung )au2
Comprehensive information a$out Vung Tau's socio-economic master plan and de!eloping
directions from &''/ to &'('2 and
(referential in!estment policies and priority projects calling for foreign investments in various areas
including Industrial 4ones, sea ports and transportation system.