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8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 1/24
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8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 2/24
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Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough
###### ## ####
##### ####### #### ## #### ## ########
## ## ## # # ## ## ## ##
# ### ## ## # # ## ## ## #
## ### ## #### ## ## ## #### ####### ## #### #### ## ############
## ## ##### #### #### ### #### ##### ### #### ### ### ## # ## # ###
########## #### # ## #### ## ### ### # ### #### ## ## ###
##### ### ## ## # #### #### ### ### # ## ### ###
## #### #### ## ## ### #### ### #### ############ ##
## ### ### ### # ######### ######## ####### ##
# #
# #
############## #### ##### #####
## #### ## #### ####
## ### ## ## # ## #
## ### # # #### #### ## ##### ### ####### ## ##
# ### ##### ### ### #### ### ## ### ## #### ### ## ##
### ####### ### ## ### #### #### ## ## ### ## ##
###### ##### # ### # ##### ## ######## ### ###
## #### ### #### ### ###### ## ### ###
## ######## ### ########### #### ### ######## ### ###
## # ## # #
If you can't see the ASCII above, try highlighting it and/or viewing from a distance.
ASCII art copyright Eizaz Azhar, 2003.
WARNING: As with my other FAQs, this FAQ is best viewed in 1024 by 768 pixels. It may cause some
inconvenience, but in return, you get a detailed (if not the only) FAQ on this game.
- Second version of FAQ (1.1) -
# Work on FAQ started on Friday, 22nd August, 2003.
Allright everybodyyy!!! I'm back from my exams now, and this is the first update in a while.
Yes, ys I know... It's the damn Level 6: Ruins Of The city. I've recieved a hell lot of
mail regarding this, and I'm glad to say that I've got it under control. Read on to
find out more...
- First version of FAQ (1.0) -
# Work on FAQ started around 11.43 PM, Monday, 12th May, 2003.
# FAQ completed at 1.28 PM, Thursday, May 29th.
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 3/24
Guess who's back... That's right! It's yer old buddy, Eizaz. If you recall, I wrote a
FAQ on the game Prince Of Persia, and this time I'm writing a FAQ/Walkthrough on the game
Prince Of Persia 2. If I start on one, I will most certainly try to finish the other half
of the series. Unlike Prince Of Persia, which I have been playing since 1990, I only started
playing this game in 1994. Okay, 9 years of experience then. In this FAQ, I'll refer to the
character as "Prince", as there was no formal name given. Note that this FAQ may spoil some
stuff. I assume you want to win the game and I'm telling you how, regardless of the storyline,
but still, I'll try my best to keep the story alive for you. (Don't worry; I won't give away
everything.) It's fine with me if you want to post this FAQ on your page, as long as you give
credit where it's due, and you ask my permission.
Do e-mail me about any new tricks/hints/glitches, but chances are it's already covered in my FAQ.
If you have any comments, anything about this game, this FAQ or even myself (yikes!)
feel free to contact me at the following address:
In the year 1984, a little-known game named Karateka stunned the gaming world with
its fluid-like graphics and amazing animation - Not to mention its brain-cracking puzzles
which left most gamers (myself included) tearing out their hair in frustration. It was a
great improvement over most of the games of that time, as virtually nobody had seen such
smooth graphics before. Invented by Jordan Mechner, the game was the pioneer of 2D side-
scrolling games back then. Its music was also very-well expressed; It had a lot of "emotions"
that suited each particular scene.
And just when people thought things couldn't get any better, Mechner came up with a new game;
Prince Of Persia. Like Karateka, this game was also a side-scrolling 2D game, but with vast
improvements over the former. The game boasted even smoother graphics than those of Karateka,
and was also one of the first ever games to capitalise on motion-capture techniques, which
were still experimental at the time. This resulted in very realistic-looking movements, and
the game was an instant hit. There were two versions available, for both Macintosh and IBM machines.
There was a sequel to the original game, named Prince Of Persia II: The Shadow And The Flame.
Improved graphics, background music, a narrator for the story (yes, it speaks!), puzzles...
You name it, it had it. And yes, the mind-boggling puzzles are back, this time much more
complex, and so was the storyline. Instead of someone staring out of an hourglass, the
scenes are shown in a more cinematic syle via a slideshow. The levels are bigger, there
are more secrets, more traps, more enemies, and more allies. The game doesn't share the
same commands as Prince 1, unfortunately - hence a bit of a disappointment there. Nevertheless,
Prince Of Persia 2 is still a classic, and a worthy successor to the Prince Of Persia series.
So, if you thought Prince Of Persia was tough...
You ain't seen nothin' yet!!!
As with all FAQs, this section must be included to avoid any legal complications.
This FAQ is written by Eizaz and is copyright Eizaz Azhar, 2003.
No form of reproduction of this FAQ is allowed and it may not be
distributed in any way without the author's content (me).
For the time being, only has my
authorization to post this FAQ on its page.
Violating this rule can and will induce serious legal action,
so you might not want to do anything rash. You may print/download
as copy of this document for your personal use, but you cannot
sell it, or use it to gain profit.
There. Sorry, but it had to be said.
BTW, does anyone actually read this crap?
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 4/24
When you stowed away on a ship bound for Persia, little did you dream
that would fall in love with the Sultan's beautiful young daughter.
Still less could you have imagined that you, an unknown adventurer with
neither wealth nor title, would win her hand and be hailed by an
adoring population as the new Prince of Persia.
In fact, the Sultan has counted on marrying his daughter, if not to a
king, then at least to a prince whose wealth and stature would
favorably complement his own. The thought of giving her up to someone
such as yourself upset the Sultan so much that he nearly ordered your
head cut off on the spot.
Only the Princess's quick intervention saved your life. And only by
means of the most eloquent pleading (backed by copious tears) was she
able to persuade her father to grant your request. So it was that
Persia gained a new Prince.
This, at least, is how you remember it.
Until, one morning, you enter the throne room and find your place at
the Princess's side already taken by someone who bears a disturbing
ressemblance to you. Worse, even the Princess doesn't recognize you.
At a word from the "Prince", the Sultan's guards lay hold of you. This
is no time to argue. You break free and leap through the stained glass
window on the rooftop of the palace. With every guard in Persia after
you, you barely escape with your life by jumping onto a merchant ship.
As the wind carries you away from Persia, ever further away from the
Princess and the happiness that was all too briefly yours, you vow that
from this moment on you will live only to find your way back. You
don't know who your enemy is, nor how you will defeat him...but between
you and the solution to his mystery lies your greatest adventure yet.
These are covered in the manual, and are for the keyboard, but I'll just place
them here for reference. The keys are different from the original Prince Of Persia,
as you will see. Also note that Prince Of Persia II has a lot of alternate keys for
the directional buttons. Unless there happens to be a two-player function, or even a
3-player function, I don't find this to be of much use.
-= Up/E/I button
Prince takes a small hop upwards with arms raised. If there are some loose slabs above you,
hop to touch them and they will fall. Also used to scale ledges and to jump. Note that each
hop will move you slightly forward. In the En Guarde stance (swordfighting), the up button
is used to block an attack.
-= Down/D/K button
Prince ducks on the ground. The crouch will last as long as the button is held.
Used to scale down ledges, and moves you slightly forward with every crouch. In
the En Guarde stance, this will put your sword back in its scabbard. Err...
Did he have a scabbard in the first place? Strange...
-= Left/S/J button
Prince turns to the left. Prince will run forward for a short distance if tapped;
Will run continuously if held.
-= Right/F/L button
Prince faces the right of the screen. As above, Prince runs forward for a short distance if
button is tapped; Runs continuously if button is held.
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 5/24
-= Page Up/O/R button
When pressed, Prince jumps to the RIGHT. Use this if you're unsure whether pressing
UP + Directional Button will work.
-= Insert/I/Q button
When pressed, Prince jumps to the LEFT.
-= Shift button
Utility button. Used to hang on to ledges, walk slowly, and pick up stuff.
-= Control button
Used to draw your sword, and to fight. Unlike in Prince Of Persia, you can draw your sword
anytime you want in this game, without a guard around. The command button has since been
replaced by the ALT key. Can also be used as the utility button, but will conflict with
the sword-drawing animation.
-= Spacebar
Shows you the amount of time you have left. This only applies for the later part of the game,
where you have 75 minutes to save the Princess. Awww, man! Not again!?
-= ALT+G
Saves game. Now, the save game function has been completely revamped. You can save anywhere you
want, anytime, and you can save up to 10 games at a time. You even get to rename each and every
one of your saved files! Note that you can only load from a checkpoint, or from the beginning
of a level.
-= ALT+L
Loads a saved game. Press this anytime to load a game, unlike Prince Of Persia where you have
to press it during the intro screen.
-= ALT+R
Restarts game; Back to the intro screen
-= ALT+A
Restarts level. This will only reset the current level you are on in case you get stuck.
Note that time will still flow here.
-= ALT+K
Sets the controls to Keyboard Mode. Use this if your keyboard doesn't function properly.
Apart from "How to quit the game", I also get the question "I can't move at all" frequently.
This happens frequently in POP1, but in POP2, they seem to have replaced the default controller
with the keyboard. Change the configuration using the "Setup" program in the game directory.
-= ALT+J
Sets the controls to Joystick Mode. Use this to refresh your gamepad/joystick.
-= ALT+Q
Quits to DOS. People love to ask me about "How to quit the game." Control+Q also works here too,
-= ALT+S
Turns sound ON/OFF, along with the music.
-= ALT+V
Shows the version of the game. This command isn't included in the manual.
-= ALT+M
Turns the background music ON/OFF. Compatible with Sound Blaster only.
-= ALT+O
Goes to the "Options" menu.
-= ALT+H
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 6/24
Goes to "Hall Of Fame".
-= Escape button
Pauses the game. They cancelled the single-frame movement function here, unfortunately,
so it's used strictly for pausing. Press anything else to resume.
Remember Prince Of Persia 1? Where when you load a game, or advance a level, where
you had to open the manual (or my walkthrough) to get past the security system? Well,
it's back. A bit less confusing, but it's back. This time, instead of coming to a room
with potions (which I happened to like) you come to a menu, and a bunch of weird symbols,
where it states "Select the symbol that appears on page X of the manual". You have 3 tries.
If you fail on all 3 occasions, the game will automatically quit and say "Copy protection
error" in DOS. Much more stringent than Prince Of Persia 1, I see. Of course, there's a
backdoor to everything, and I'll exploit it here. The location of the symbols are fixed,
which means that I can give you each and every symbol without looking at the picture using
its location!
Here they are in order, 10 altogether, arranged in a 2x5 pattern.
And here are the pages for them:
Pages 1 & 19.......... 8-Sided Cross
Pages 2 & 12.......... 8-Sided Star
Page 3................ Square
Pages 4 & 16.......... Strange Wavy Pattern
Pages 5 & 7........... Sunflower
Pages 6 & 15.......... Round Diamond
Pages 8 & 17.......... Mosque Dome
Pages 9 & 13.......... Thin Diamond
Pages 10 & 18......... Woven Pattern
There you go. A complete list of codes, for Prince Of Persia 2. Contact me if
you run into any problems.
Now that you know the basic controls, let's put them to good use. To run, hold
the left or right button. To jump, you have to press both UP and the direction you
want to jump to simultaneously. To do an extended jump, begin with a running start.
Your character will jump at the last moment, so when you are about 1 slab away from
the ledge, while still holding the run button, press up. This will come in very handy
to clear long distances.
If you hold SHIFT while trying to run, nothing happens. SHIFT is used for walking, and each
step equals to one tap of the LEFT or RIGHT. You can use this to clear unsure areas (broken
slabs, spikes, pits) where Prince will take a step, then suddenly put his leg in, as if he's
unsure whether to step on it or not (i.e. Try stepping of a ledge.) This only happens once,
as a warning. Do it again and Prince goes "Okay, if you say so." and walks, regardless. To
climb, you have to be near a ledge that has another ledge on top of it. You can also join
SHIFT after a jump/running jump to hang on to a nearby ledge. Note that during a running jump,
in POP2, the timing is much more stringent than POP1, where you run, you jump, and Prince will
automatically align himself to the edge before he jumps off. Not here. Your timing (pressing UP)
counts a lot here, and you might find yourself with a mouthful of spikes if you make a mistake.
When you are near a ledge, hold the UP button. Tapping it will make Prince touch the edge
of the ledge (no puns intended) while holding it will make Prince climb it. You don't have
to align yourself perfectly to the ledge to climb it, Prince isn't that stupid. All you have
to do is to go close to it, and Prince will align himself when you press UP. You can hang on
to a ledge by holding SHIFT. The amount of time you hang on to the ledge is entirely up to you,
as it depends on how long the SHIFT button is held, provided you are motionless. But, if you are
hanging and swinging, then Prince can only hang on for a certain period of time before he falls
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 7/24
(to his doom or otherwise). Speaking of doom, you can only survive a 2-storey drop, which will
eat a single bullet of your life bar. A 3-storey drop will kill you instantly, no matter how much
life you have. In certain areas, Prince has to crawl. Do this by holding DOWN + any directional
button. Note that you can't crawl anywhere you like; This is strictly for certain areas.
(i.e. Horizontal cutters)
Note that you need at least 2 steps to run and jump - or else you'll just run off the ledge.
Also, unlike POP1, Prince cannot run and jump off the edge that is a loose slab. I've tried,
and failed repeatedly. There are some exceptions to this, and you'll see it later in the game.
What is En Guarde mode? In French, it means "On Guard", meaning to be on standby for a duel.
In POP2, the guys at Broderbund changed the controls to what they are now. You automatically
own a sword, without having to look for one. If you press the Control button or confront a
guard, Prince draws his sword and goes in a one-on-one fight with the guard (or nobody, if
you draw your sword for no reason). I guess the explanation for the controls would be that
the Shift button is frequently used... Walking, hanging... So if you could draw your sword,
that would probably conflict with the Shift button, and they changed it to the Control button.
During this mode, Neutral moves are no longer present. The moves are now:
-= UP/I/W button
Prince guards against an attack. Anticipate when your opponent will strike. When he does,
block, and follow up with a strike of your own. Every block will push you back by a bit.
-= DOWN/K/S button
Prince puts his sword back in his scabbard, and while doing so, reverts back to Neutral mode.
If a guard strikes you in Neutral mode, it's curtains, unless you are facing his way when
that happens. Use this to run away from fights, but only if you are at a safe distance.
-= LEFT/A/J button
Prince moves one step to the left.
-= RIGHT/D/L button
Prince moves one step to the right.
-= Control button
Prince draws his sword. You can do this anytime, anywhere unlike POP1. Makes sense, right?
I mean, why the bloomin' heck can't I draw my own sword? Must there be a guard around for
that to happen? (POP1) Anyway, use this to attack a guard. Sometimes a guard may block your
attack, and will follow up with a strike. If you don't block immediately, you may get injured.
If you block, the attack will end there. You can also follow it up with a strike of your own.
However, sometimes, guards will block your attack again and follow up with a strike. Now, this
can go on forever, with you blocking and attacking and him doing so too. In this case, just
mash the UP and Control buttons together repeatedly to engage in a long swordfight, and hope
that you get a strike or two in. Note that this is particularly difficult to execute in POP2,
so you'll have to bear with it.
You can switch places with a guard during a swordfight by moving to the left or right.
When you move past a guard,Prince will turn to the opposite side to face the guard. Use
this if you want to kill the guard quicky (i.e. there's a pit behind him) or just to see
him come to a gory end (there's a cutter behind him).
After you finish off a guard, a song comes out, meaning that you've just killed someone.
NOTE: En Guarde mode isn't so strict about a guard striking you in Neutral mode any more,
where you die instantly. They loosened it up a bit, so if you are facing an enemy in Neutral
mode and he strikes you, you won't die but lose one bottle of life. Of course, if you're
facing backwards in Neutral mode and a guard strikes you, it's curtains. And also note that
there CAN and WILL be more than one guard in a screen. They will wait for one to die before
attacking, but if they're at 2 positions (one front, and one back) they will attack without
waiting, and you're toast.
Now, during gameplay, you can see on the bottom-left corner of the screen are 3
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 8/24
bullets, like the original game - Except that the bullet shapes have been replaced by...
Well, bottles. Each full bottle represents a bullet of life. For every injury you sustain,
some life will be lost. A lost life will be replaced by an empty bottle. You can extend
your life to more than this, but only if you find special potions (LEPs). Here are a list
of some light (and severe injuries).
Light Injuries include: (One bullet of life)
A broken slab falls on you
A two-story fall
A guard strikes you during En Guarde mode
Drinking potions unapproved by the FDA
Getting hit by a dart gun
and numerous others.
Along the game, you will see a bunch of stuff that you can pick up by pressing
SHIFT while close. Here's a list of them:
-= Short Sword
A small sword used to replace your own, as you will lose it in Level 5. A bit small
perhaps, but it gets the job done.
First appearance: Level 6
Found in: Level 6
Classification: Better than nothing
-= Magical Sword
Somewhat like your original sword, this sword once belonged to Prince's father.
Bigger, better and does more damage to them floating heads. Seems to have
magical powers...
First appearance: Level 8
Found in: Level
Classification: Smash them 'eads with this
-= Healing Potion
Heals your life by one bottle. Looks like a goblet, instead of a gourd.
First appearance: Level 3
Found in: Throughout the entire game
Classification: Friendly
-= Evil Potion
Eats one life bar if drank. To differentiate between a Healing Potion and a Evil Potion,
look at the bubbles. Healing Potions have RED bubbles, while Evil Potions have BLUE.
For all of you who still play this game on black-and-white monitors, you're going to have
to guess. There is a slight difference in bubbles, but I'm not sure which one is which.
First appearance: Level 3
Found in: Level 3, Level 8
Classification: Evil stuff
-= Life Extension Potion
Extends your life by one bottle, while healing any other injuries. Comes in a vase
instead of a goblet.
First appearance: Level 3
Found in: Throughout the game
Classification: Friendly
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 9/24
-= Reversal Potion
Turns the whole screen upside down. Controls remain the same, it's only the point of view
that changes. Also comes in a vase like a Life Extension Potion. To differentiate between
these, again, look at the bubbles. LEPs have RED bubbles, and other potions in vases have
GREEN. To set the screen back, you have to find and drink another Reversal Potion. Unlike
in POP1, the UP and DOWN controls are completely reversed during this state, but the LEFT
and RIGHT remain the same.
First appearance: Level 10
Found in: Level 10
Classification: Joke
-= Anti-Reversal Potion
Drink this during inverted mode to return the screen and controls back to the original
First Appearance: Level 6
Found in: Level 6
Classification: Joke
-= Landing Buffer Potion
Will buffer your landing when taken. A strange song will linger about, and when you jump,
you will float down to the ground, in which case you can jump down from a ridiculous
height and survive. The song lasts as long as the effect, so if the song disappears,
the buffering does too, and you'll plummet to the ground like a rock. Doesn't seem to
exist in Prince Of Persia 2.
First appearance: N/A
Found in: N/A
Classification: Friendly
Well, those are all the things I know about. Any others?
Throughout the dungeon, there are a lot of trap doors, switches, and instant-kill
machines. I'm listing all of them down here.
-= Gate-opening switch
Used to open a gate barring an area. The gate will remain open for a certain period of
time before closing. Once the time finishes, the gate will start to close, bit by bit.
The gate will remain open as long as the switch is continuously held.(i.e. you make a
slab drop on it, kill a guard on it)
[First appearance: Level 3 & above
[Found in: Throughout the entire game
[Classification: Switch/Trap in Level 3, just plain switch elsewhere
-= Gate-closing switch
A trap used to shut a gate down before its time expires. The gate shuts down instantly
with a THWACK! You may get trapped, but this device mainly wastes time, as the gate
you have opened suddenly closes, and you have to press the gate-opening switch again.
This device cannot work if it is held down. If the trap is held down, by something,
and when you open the gate, nothing happens, so the gate can no longer close instantly.
[First appearance: Level 3
[Found in: Throughout the entire game
[Classification: Trap/Switch in Level 3, just trap anywhere else
-= Level switch
The switch which opens the door to the next level. Often put in awkward and hard-to-reach
places, you normally have to get past some obstacles to hit the switch. Once activated, the
door will remain open, waiting for you to step in.
[First appearance: Level 3
[Found in: Every level has one of these. Well, not really, but most do!
[Classification: Switch
-= Loose slabs
These slabs can be anywhere. They could be below you or above you. The only way to tell the
difference between a loose slab and a firm one is by hopping (UP button). Hop and all loose slabs
will shake, giving them away. You can run across loose slabs, but remain idle for too long and
you go down with it. There are 2 types of loose slabs:
a) Delayed reaction
b) Instantaneous
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 10/24
As the names above, delayed slabs are your typical loose slabs. Jump and they'll shake, giving
them away. As for the instantaneous slabs, the slightest movement sends them tumbling to the
ground. Beware of these...
[First appearance: Level 3
[Found in: Throughout the entire game
[Classification: Cheap materials.
-= Flip-Flop slabs
These slabs are traps. The slightest movement activates them, but unlike instantaneous loose
slabs, these things over vertically, sending any unfortunate being to the ground below,
more often than not ending up in:
a) A pit
b) A crusher
c) A set of spikes
d) Most certainly doom and disaster.
You won't see them until you jump or step on them. Really have to be alert, this one.
[First Appearance: Level 10
[Found in: Level 10
[Classification: Trap
-= Pits
Ah, the classic fall of doom. Who hasn't seen one of these? These pits are incredibly deep,
and falling into them forces you to restart the level.
[First appearance: Level 1
[Found in: Throughout the entire game
[Classification: Sends you to China
-= Lava Pits
A puddle filled with volcanic lava. Step into one of these and you're toast. No, really.
If you fall inside, the game helpfully makes a sound sound like something's being fried
to a crisp, apparently trying to stress on the point that you actually got fried alive.
Pshhhh... Ouchie!
[First appearance: Level 3
[Found in: Level 3 to Level 5
[Classification: Nature's way of telling you not to play in puddles
-= Dart Guns
Little guns that shoot pellets at you. Activated by a switch, they only fire if you step on 'em.
Not much of a threat, but you will lose a bottle of life if you get hit by their pellets.
[First appearance: Level 3
[Found in: Level 3 to Level 5
[Classification: Annoying little things, really.
-= Spikes
These spikes have sensors that seem pretty advanced for ancient Persia. They react instantly to any
life form within its sensor range. If you fall on one of these, you can join Barnum & Bailey's Circus
as "The Amazing Human Pincushion". You'll normally find these at the bottom of ledges or pits,
waiting for any foolish being to fall, but are sometimes placed along the floor. To get across these,
take step by step, or if you think you can, run and jump over them. If you try to run straight,
Prince will trip and PSSIOK! - Ouch. You can do short runs across ground-level spikes,
but you can never run directly across them. Does not appear to exist in Prince Of Persia 2.
[First appearance: N/A
[Found in: N/A
[Classification: Evil stuff
-= Horizontal Spikes
Man, I hate these things! These are placed on walls, so if you run/jump into them, or even try
to scale down the wall, these spikes come out with a PSSIOK! And you can see another death
animation for Prince, not to mention joining Barnum & Bailey's. You can walk up to them,
but don't even think of running. Amazing how ancient Persians can think of these, huh?
[First appearance: Level 3
[Found in: Throughout the entire game
[Classification: Evil stuff
-= Cutters
Interesting. A pair of evil-looking blades that snap shut and open again at intervals.
If you have bad timing, step in one of these and... Well, let's just say all the king's
horses and all the king's men (not to mention surgeons) couldn't put Prince together again.
The intervals are slower when there is a guard around and become slightly faster when the
guard dies. Doesn't seem to exist in Prince Of Persia 2.
[First appearance: N/A
[Found in: N/A
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 11/24
[Classification: Evil stuff
-= Horizontal Cutters
You thought cutters were bad enough? Well, look at these. Perhaps a replacement for the
original things, these are even more discreet. Basically a curved blade placed in a slit
on the wall, most people barely notice it until it springs out. Once Prince's in range, this
evil blade springs out and severs you in half. To get past these, you have to crawl underneath
them - or lose your lower body. You can run and jump across them, but it very rarely works.
[First appearance: Level 6
[Found in: Level 6 and above
[Classification: Evil stuff
-= Crushers
Look closely. What do you see? "A wall." Look again. "Yo man, I can't see anything but a wall."
Look REALLY closely. "Well, it seems to be closing in on me. Getting closer... And closer..."
And SPLAT! Whaddaya know, I'm crushed to death. Placed at the side of a wall, normally in a pit,
this giant slab of concrete crushes you against the side of the wall, reducing you to a bloody pulp.
Virtually impossible to identify, you only know they exist when it's too late.
[First appearance: Level 10
[Found in: Level 10 to Level 13
[Classification: Evil stuff
# Did I mention how to activate the switches? Just step on 'em and they'll work. As for the level door, to enter,
press hop while in front of it - provided the door is open, of course.
# In the Skull Caves, switches double as traps.
LEP: Life Extension Potion
LBP: Landing Buffer Potion
Potion: Healing Potion, unless stated otherwise
NOTE: Most levels have multiple paths that you can take to complete the level.
All paths will be added in the later version of this walkthrough.
Also, there are many more LEPs along the way - will be added in later version of FAQ.
STORY: In ancient Persia... There lived a Sultan who had an only daughter...
...whose beauty was like the moonrise in a clear heaven.
Now it happened that the Sultan left his kingdom, to fight in a foreign land.
In his absence, the Princess fell in love with a young traveller who climbed the
palace walls to see her. This did not please the Sultan's Grand Vizier who meant
to marry the Princess himself. Seizing power, Jaffar had his rival thrown into the
dungeons, but the young man escaped and struck down the evil magician.
(Prince Of Persia 1 theme song appears during this scene)
When he learned of the Vizier's treachery, The Sultan offered riches...
...but the stranger requested one reward.
And so the young lovers were wed and they lived happily...
...Well, for eleven days.
One the Prince stands between the doors of the throne room...
A coldness like a shadow passes over him. As he approaches the throne...
He feels the eyes of the court upon him. The Princess and Sultan stare at him.
Prince: "Princess, why do you look at me so strangely?"
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 12/24
Princess stares at Prince for a while. Suddenly, another Prince emerges from the shadows behind her.
"Prince": "How dare you speak to the Princess! Guards! Seize him! Seize him!"
Princess: "Don't hurt him! He's just a poor mad beggar."
Guards: "After him! Don't him let him get away!"
"Prince": "Don't worry, my dear." He won't get far.
(Jaffar's face appears, replacing that of Prince's.)
Crash! Boom! Bang! That's the sound you hear when you smash out of the window, like
in the movies. As I said, every guard in Persia is after your butt! Time to pull a
Houdini act. Face the guard to your left. Kill him! To your right is a pit, a.k.a doom.
Now move to your left. Get rid of any guard you meet along the way. Run and jump across
the pit on the left, and climb up the ledge you see there. There are a number of guards
behind you, and one about to jump from the ledge, so climb it quick! Jump past the pit,
walk to the end and climb down.
At the second area, you should be standing on the roof of a shop or something. To your
right is a dead end. When I say dead end, I mean DEAD END, i.e. walk there and you get
killed for no reason. It's not important, so run and jump to the left. Keep doing so
until you come to the end of the dock. You see a ship sailing away. Quick! Run, jump,
and hang on to the ship as it sails away! Allright! You've made it! (If you didn't, don't
worry. You'll continue from the roof of the shop instead of the entire level.)
Hence starts the adventure of a lifetime... Or was that in Prince Of Persia 1?
STORY: The Prince leaves Persia as he arrived, a stowaway on a merchant ship...
Known to none, scorned by all. "Come to me!" says a voice. As Prince is
awakened by the voice, Jaffar blows up a violent storm, and a bolt of
lightning strikes the ship! The breaks in half, and you find yourself
marooned on a desert island...
As the story above said, you should find yourself just waking up on a beach. To the
right is the wreck of your ship. There's no way you can fix it by yourself, and besides,
it leads to a dead end. If you keep going, you should hit a switch. I have no idea what
this is for. Some help, anyone? Anyway, go to the left, and you should see a huge rock,
blocking the entrance to a cave. Don't walk on the quicksand. Yes, that's quicksand! Try
and you'll be buried six feet under (maybe more, if you're unlucky). Wait and 6 slabs will
pop up. On one of them is a symbol that matches the one on the huge rock. Avoid that at all
costs. Step on all the blank slabs, and they will dissolve into the sand. Then, the door
will open. If you stepped on the slab with the symbol, game over. The door won't open, and
you have to press ALT+A.
Okay, time to open the manual, and look for "The symbol that appears on page X of
the manual". Once you get it right, you'll find yourself in the skull caverns.
Lots o' traps here, so beware!
You come out of the level door. To the left is a dead end. Go to the right, and
climb down two storeys. When you reach the bottom, you see a door, a skeleton,
and a dart gun on the left. Ignore it and proceed to the right, where you will
see two more dart guns. Once past them, you should see two switches, a gate, and
a pit. Okay, so maybe it's not a gate. A stone door, to be accurate. Note that
this door can crush you if you stay underneath it when it closes, so be careful!
Anyway, both switches open the stone door ahead. If you step on any of them when
the door is open(ing), press any switch to shut it down. In the Skull Caves, all
switches work two ways, as a trap and as a switch. Knowing when to step on them
may lead to your survival.
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 13/24
Go through the door, ingore the switch you see, and climb down. On the platform
is a loose slab. To your left is a door, a switch, and some horizontal spikes.
Behind that door is an LEP. Grab it, but don't fall on the horizontal spikes. Near
the LEP is a lava pit, and a switch. This is a trap. Evil! Don't even think about
touching that switch. Wait! *Sigh* I told you so. Press ALT+A. There is no way of
getting back up. Anyway, after getting the LEP, go right and you see a skeleton and
a lava pit. Carefully jump over it, and draw your sword. Why? Because the skeleton
will come alive, like in POP1! This time, the skeleton has a life bar, so you can kill
him, but it's only a matter of time before he comes alive again. Okay, proceed to the
right to find a door, a switch on a platform, and a pit. Hit the switch, jump to the
door, and go to the right.
Ignore the switch, and climb down. There will be a dart gun beneath you, and a loose
slab on top of it where you are standing. Drop the switch on the dart gun to smash it,
so it won't shoot annoying pellets at you. Head to the right again, and you should see
the level door. Drop the loose slab on the switch, to open the door on the right. Get
past it, scale up the platforms there, hit the switch, and enter the level door. Don't
fall in the lava pit!
NOTE: The stone doors in the Skull Caves can crush you to death if you remain
underneath them for too long.
STORY: Meanwhile... The Sultan's enemies are marching against Persia.
No sooner has the Sultan left for battle, than the new "Prince" seizes power.
Princess writes a letter to her father, saying:
"Dear father, my heart is broken. The Prince has betrayed your trust.
You must return with your army and take back your throne.
Suddenly "Prince" barges in, and spots the contents of the letter!
Princess: Oh no!
(Once again, Jaffar's face replaces that of the fake Prince's. I'll refer to him as "Jaffar".)
News of the Princess's sudden ilness stuns the kingdom.
Amid growing unrest, the "Prince" declares martial law,
and a reign of terror is loosed upon the land.
In this scene, you see Princess in a coma, with her pet mouse from POP1 beside her.
From now onwards, you have 75 minutes to save the Princess. Here we go again...
Now, start of Level Four. You start at a junction. You have two choices; Left or right.
The path on the right leads to a door, separated by a pit. Inside the door, is a dead
end. Climb down at the expense of a life bottle. You should land on a switch, and the
door should open. Climb up the platform, head to the right, and jump past the horizontal
spikes you see there. Take the potion, and climb down. Go to the right, past another set
of horizontal spikes. You see an LEP, with two stone doors blocking it. Step on the switch
and drink the LEP as soon as you can, and get out of there. All you have to do is to get
past the second door. The switch in the middle activates the first door, so you can get
out. If you failed, you can climb down via a pit on your left, which leads to an Evil
potion, a skeleton, and ultimately, a dead end. Alt+A, please.
Once you acquire the LEP, head left and climb down the pit. You will be standing on
a platform, and there is a dart gun on your left. That's your destination. Now, read
carefully. Carefully walk to the extreme RIGHT edge of the platform. From there, jump
over to your left. You should be able to make it. This requires you to align yourself
to the ledge; One wrong calculation and you end up in the lava pit below. Once you're
across, carefullywalk to the left. You see a huge pit. Climb down, and climb down again
(2 floors total).
You should now be standing next to the level door. Now to open it... Head right.
Hit the switch to open the door. Run in. Go to the end to activate the level switch.
Hmm... There's an awful lot of skeletons here... This can't be good. After activating
the level switch, run! Run like there's no tommorow, as the skeletons will come alive
and run after you! You may be able to take out one or two skeletons, but a whole army
of them? I'd recommend running away. While running back to the level door, remember to
hit the switch that opens the door that you came through in the first place! Run! Okay,
you're out. Hit the switch again! Close the door! Pheew. Now that things are a bit relaxed,
you can enter the level door with ease.
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 14/24
Start of Level Five. You can't open the door on the left, so go right. Climb up
the platform, jump past the spikes, and prepare to draw your sword to block an attack.
Kill the skeleton or push him into the lava pit. Frying someone alive is always fun,
no? Ha-ha! Head right again. You see two doors, a set of spikes, a dart gun and a switch
below a platform. You'll have to sacrifice one bottle of life for this. Hit the dart gun
switch, which will open both doors. Go to the next screen, where you will see 2 dart guns.
They pose no threat, as the switches to activate them are below loose slabs. Just run across
to the next screen.
In the next room, you see a carpet lying around in the middle. What would a carpet
be doing here? Of course! It's a flying carpet! This will be your ticket out of the
Skull Caves, in case you're wondering. Just go to the middle of the carpet, and press
DOWN to activate it. Note that there is a gate above you. You can try to board the carpet
now, and...
So you see, if you try to ride the carpet with the gate closed, the carpet will turn
you into spaghetti by squashing you between itself and the gate above. The switch for
the gate is located on the top-right corner of the screen, on the platform. Well, we
solved the location... Now to actually get there. Okay, here goes. Head to your right.
You should be in the middle of two platforms. Go to the bottom platform, carefully walk
to the edge, and jump down. You should end up on another platform. Now, you have to zig-
zag from platform to platform. Jump to the one on your left, then the one on your right,
all in all 2 screens. At the bottom, climb down the ledge on the left. You should end up
on another ledge. Now jump to the right. Head right, until you see a door, a potion and
a dart gun. Hit the switch to open the door, and go in.
Head right. Note that the dart gun's switch is located just on the ledge, so if you
take the potion, you'll still get hit by its pellet. Anyway, after heading right, you
see a lava pit and a platform above it. Ignore the entire setup and proceed to the right.
You will come to a series of ledges, and another lava pit. Continue by scaling up the
ledges on your left. When you reach the next screen, again, climb the ledges to your
left. You should come to a platform with a dart gun, a set of spikes, and a switch to
open the door to the left. Ignore all of these, and scale up the ledges on your right.
You then come to yet another set of ledges, really high up, and a platform on your left.
Climb up all of them, but watch for the loose slab!
When you reach the platform, head to your left. You should get a glimpse of a switch,
and you will be on a hanging bridge, guarded by a skeleton. The skeleton's physics are
the same as the skeleton in POP1 (old bag-of-bones), where he has no life gauge, i.e he
can't be killed. The switch you just stepped on before entering the bridge opens the door
on the next screen, to the left, which in turn leads to the gate switch. Switch sides with
the skeleton, and run towards that door! Home free!
But wait! When are about 1-2 metres from the door, the door shuts, forcing you to hit
the switch again. Huh? Never mind, perhaps you didn't make in time. So you hit the switch,
fight the skeleton, and try to make past that door, guarded by a dart gun. Aw, heck! It
shut down again! What's the big idea? Okay, okay. By now, you may have realised that if
you fight the skeleton for too long on the bridge, the bridge collapses (too much movement,
perhaps) and you fall to your doom. What does this have to do with everything? Here's what:
Absolutely nothing!
I have no idea why, but the door remains open once the bridge collapses. Now, now, it's
no time to argue about the logical probabilities of the game, but if the gate opens, it
opens. The trick is to make the bridge collapse without you going down with it too. Here's
1) Switch sides with the skeleton. You will now be on the left, and 'skel should be
on the right.
2) Go to the left side of the bridge. 'Skel won't walk on the safe part, where the
bridge won't collapse, giving you a general idea where the border is.
3) Go to the edge of the border, and start hitting 'skel. Poke him like crazy!
4) Eventually, the bridge collapses, with some accompanying music, perhaps as a warning.
5) Hit Shift to hang on to the left side, and pull yourself up.
Now, the door should be open. Unless you are really low on life, ignore the dart gun.
Jump to the platform on the left, and climb up. Head left. There should be anothe dart gun,
an activation switch, and a skeleton. The gate switch is on your left, separated by a pit.
You better do this quick, before the skeleton wakes up. If he does, you're history. Did I
mention that you lost your sword when the bridge collapsed? If you were quick, you might
have seen a sword falling down on the left side of the bridge.
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 15/24
Well, all you have to do is to run and jump over the pit, hang on, pull yourself up,
and hit the gate switch on the left. Hah! That'll teach you to keep Prince in some stinkin'
cave! The gate then opens, and you can board the carpet. Prince sits down on it ala Aladdin
(pun intended, as I think Disney stole the idea from the game.) and Up, Up And Away! ends
here. No squash this time, hopefully (you can close the gate back via the switch.)
STORY: You see Prince sitting on the carpet, over the blue sea, over the clouds...
He must really be high up, but he doesn't seem to suffer from decompression
or any sort of oxygen loss. The carpet drops you off at the ruins of an ancient city...
You're on your own now.
[Remember this part below? Yes, that's a glitch, and I have recieved countless e-mails
regarding this. I suspected something was amiss - Jordan Mechner would have never made
the game so easy! The real, true, complete guide to get past this area is below this
subtopic, titled "THE REAL STUFF".]
Ouch! Rough landing? Well, that's the least of your problems for now. You should be
standing at the edge of a high cliff. Take a look at the scenery around you. You seem
to be at the entrance of an abandoned city. The path to the right leads to a 100-metre
drop (maybe more), so go left. You find yourself inside an ancient... Well, dungeon of
some sort. This is the easiest level of 'em all. Perhaps there was a glitch. Perhaps I
accidentally hacked the game. Or, perhaps this is the easiest level of all. Anyway, the
minute you step into the dungeon, you find yourself standing directly beside an open
level door. Just run up and end the level. By the way, if you notice, there is a snake-
like symbol (think the letter S with a loop at its end) on the walls. You'll meet this
symbol again much later in the game. This doesn't make any sense... Oh, I forgot. Never
question the logical probabilities of this game...
Allrighty people, you've been pestering me like hell for the past few months, and here's what
you asked for - the real way through this paricular level. Certain versions are hacked; i.e.
the door is open, you can skip the security confirmation screen, etc. For those of you who don't,
please, PLEASE read this guide below. :)
Now, the door's not open, and there's no way out - so here's what. Go to the left. You should see
a loose slab, and a pit. Don't go here! (I'll explain later on what this does.) Head to the right.
There are exactly 4 loose slabs at the corner. Run to the extreme right of the loose slabs, and
you should fall down on a platform. Failure doing so will result in death, ya hear me! DEATH!!!
Okay, now climb down and slice the snake in half. Head left. There's a cutter discreetly placed
here - crawl underneath it, and continue going left. You should see a dead end. Okay, it isn't
dead at all; rather, there's a tunnel just ahead. Climb up, and crawl under the suspicious-looking
"crack". Okay! You're now in a tunnel, which will lead to a short sword. Pick it up, and drop the
loose slab on your left. Climb up to encounter a head. Jump to the right, and kill it.
How to kill heads: You're gonna have to get a first strike in if you want to win.
Normal strikes won't usually work here; All they do is miss, and
leave you vulnerable to attack. What you should do is a defensive
strike, by holding UP and striking. If done correctly, Prince raises
his sword, as if to deflect an attack and combo it with a strike.
This strike will (usually) hit, and with proper timing, you'll be
able to win. Look carefully at the head's life. Each life bottle equals
to 2 lifes, not 1. In other words, if a head has 3 lives, it will take
you 6 strikes to kill it. Stupid floating freaks! These are by far the
toughest and most annoying enemies yet. If you can't win, practice! You'll
get it in time, I'm sure.
NOTE: This head-killing guide is repeated in Level 7.
Now, go back to the platform on the left, and drop the 3 loose slabs above it. Don't attempt to
climb them; they'll only fall down, and you lose a life. Climb to the second screen of the left
ledges, and jump to the right. Surprisingly, those slabs are solid! Okay, once done, head left.
This will lead to a pit, and an LEP should be in sight. Walk to the very end of the cliff (SHIFT
+ walk) and take 2 steps back. This is to make sure that you don't fall short of the chasm. Now,
run and jump as soon as you can. 2 steps is enough for a takeoff, and hold SHIFT! Climb up and
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 16/24
grab the LEP.
What about climbing down? Remember the loose slab in the first section that I was talking about?
That's right - that will help dampen your fall, and you'll only lose a single life. Without it,
say hello to the Grim Reaper. Okay, go back via the tunnel, and where you fought the head. Climb
up the ledges on the left, and reach the top. Now, go left and climb down again. Don't rush; I
don't need to explain what happens if you fall. Once you reach the 2nd screen, don't go down;
there's a evil potion, guarded by 2 heads (why anyone would take that is beyond me.) Jump over
to the platform on the left, and continue. Crawl past the cutter, and go left again. You come
to a pit. Jump over to the left platform, and climb down.
Once there, head right. Before that, do you see that "crack" on the wall? Yeah, you guessed
right. It's a tunnel. Go in and meet a snake. Quick! Crawl back out! You can't slice things
while crawling throught a tunnel, so go back out and wait for the snake to appear. Kill it,
then make your way in to find, of all the things, an inverter potion and an anti-inverter
potion. All in all, waste of time, so don't bother doing this and make your way to the right.
There are 2 level doors here, and a head to guard them. Kill the head, and open any one of them.
The switch on the left opens the door on the right, and the switch on the right opens the door
on the left. Head right again to find those two blasted heads - bad idea. Which door to take,
you may ask? They both lead to the same place, only different areas. You can decide by throwing
a dice, flipping a coin or using a timer with miliseconds; start and stop it. If the milisecond
value is an even number, take the left door. If it's an odd number, take the right - although
the door on the right is faster, and easier to manouevre through.
On with the levels!
Start of Level Seven. You mysteriously have a sword here. Don't ask why, beats me. Anyway,
you find yourself in a cell. Get out via the loose slab at the left. Climb down. You should
see a snake slithering around. All snakes are poisonous, and they will kill you with one bite.
That must be some potent venom! To kill it, just draw your sword and strike it. Prince will
automatically aim low, and will slice the snake in half. Of course, you could just wait until
it goes back in its hole, and run away. That done, climb down the ledge on the left. You should
be on a platform, and a floating head should be in sight. If the head spots you, it will come
after you, and keep ramming itself against you (now that's what I call using your head). It
can ram you from once to 4 times in a row, leaving you no chance to attack it. Believe me,
you do not want to get hit by this guy 4 times in a row.
NOTE: If you used the Glitch Way, this will be your first time fighting heads/snakes.
If otherwise, prepare for more...
You're gonna have to get a first strike in if you want to win. Normal strikes won't
usually work here; All they do is miss, and leave you vulnerable to attack. What you
should do is a defensive strike, by holding UP and striking. If done correctly, Prince
raises his sword, as if to deflect an attack and combo it with a strike. This strike will
(usually) hit, and with proper timing, you'll be able to win. Look carefully at the head's
life. Each life bottle equals to 2 lifes, not 1. In other words, if a head has 3 lives,
it will take you 6 strikes to kill it. Stupid floating freaks! These are by far the toughest
and most annoying enemies yet. If you can't win, practice! You'll get it in time, I'm sure.
That done, climb up the ledge on your right and drink the potion. Go right again. Oh, no!
Not another head! Follow the steps above to kill it. Head right, hit the switch and climb up
the ledge there. WAIT! Before that, head right. You will soon come to a level door.
This is where you will start from if you pick the door on the right. If you started from here,
head left and climb up the ledge on the right, and go straight. Crawl through the cutter, and
head right to find a head. Kill it, and go right again. You should see a closed gate (no way
to open it) and a path leading above, on the left. Climb up. [FROM LAST SECTION] Grab the
potion that you see. Now, climb up via the top-right ledge, near the gate. The switch that
you just activated opens the gate on the right, where you have to run and jump over a huge
pit. Hold SHIFT! Got it! Barely made it, but still hanging on. Eh? What's this? Another head?!
Climb up! Quick! Now, go to the right. (If you followed the door on the right, and killed the
head, this won't be there.) Grab the potion, and drop the loose slabs above you. Head right
again. There will be 2 snakes, and a horizontal cutter. Kill both snakes, cos' you can't have
them sinking their fangs into your butt (ouch) while trying to crawl underneath the cutter.
Get past the cutter and the snakes, and climb up the ledge on your left. Ignore the snakes
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 17/24
This part is probably the toughest in the stage. Once you've climbed up the ledge on your
left, immediately jump to the right. A head will lunge at you, and if you try to fight it
on that small platform just now, chances are that you'll fall and crack your skull. The head
has 4 lives, meaning 8 strikes. Bloomin' heck! This one is really hard to kill. Don't give up,
though! If you die, you'll restart from the horizontal cutter on the floor below. At least it's
Once you've finished off the head (Hargghh... At last!!!) continue to climb up tbe ledges
on your left. Don't forget to take the potion before you go. Once at the top, proceed left.
Yes, you will meet another bloomin' head. Terminate it and head left again, to find a dead
end, blocked by a gate. Okay, you're stuck. What next? Press Alt+A...
Just kidding. The slab to the right of the gate is a loose one. It drops without warning,
so all you have to do is to hop and it'll fall. Climb down, at the expense of one life, and
you see the level door. Hurrah! The switch is located to the left, so go there. There seem to
be two ways to hit the switch. Climb underneath the cutter, or run along the platform above
to save time. Okay, so you took the easier way, via the top platform. When suddenly...
A thought strikes you. The platform above was made entirely out of loose slabs! When you
fall, you'll get sliced in half by the cutter! C'mon...! You should have seen it coming!
It's Prince Of Persia 2, where the easiest way always leads to your doom. If you die here,
you'll have to start back from the last checkpoint. Well, now that you've opened the switch,
you can climb up the level door to the next level.
NOTE: This should clear up the glitch area once and for all. Any problems? Mail me.
When you come out of the level door, there is a snake to your right. Ignore it (or
if you really want to see blood, then kill it) and go left. Once you reach the next
screen, stop! Climb down all the ledges there. When you get to the 3rd ledge, you
may notice a loose slab. Drop the slab and climb down. There is a gate to your left,
and the switch is located on your right. You'll have to get past the cutter to get
there. Once you hit the switch, get past the cutter again and walk to the edge of
the ledge. Jump! Don't hit the trap! As always, there is a reason for this. The slab
you just dropped was to stop a trap, which will close the gate, and you'll have to jump
over it. There is another loose slab near the gate. When you jump over the trap, you'll
fall into a pit. Doom!
Now that you're past the gate, beware! There's a head to your left! An easy way to kill
it is to strike it as near as possible to the wall on your left. When the head hits the
wall, it will explode. Easy! Of course, if you make a slight mistake in timing, you're dead.
Now, climb up and head to your left. Go through the gate and note the loose slabs! Okay,
you've made the checkpoint. Kill both snakes, and go left again. You see a cutter and a head.
To attract the head's attention, climb up the platform above. Kill it, and go left again.
It may seem tough, but trust me, there's worse to come.
Once you finish off the head, go to the next screen on the left. You see another head!
Oh-oh. It won't notice you at first, but hold your ground and it'll come. This head has
3 lives = 6 strikes. Aw, man! Keep at it... Got it? Wicked! Now climb up the platform and
drop the loose slab. Climb up. You find yourself in an ancient palace of some sort. There
are gates to both your right and left, but the gate on your left is the only path. You can
try going there, but it's gonna take something bigger that that knife of yours to take out
9 HEADS! You hear me? 9!!! Which reminds me... If you haven't noticed, there is a sword on
your right. Hmm... A trap? Pick it up, and Prince will fall into a coma...
Game Over. Well, that's what I thought, until the music never stopped playing. So if
you want to see the movie, don't press anything. Just wait, and wait... Until something
happens. The palace is mysteriously restored, from rubble to a magnificent palace, complete
with pillows and gold-plated background. A figure of a woman appears. You look familiar...
Hey! Aren't you the lady that appeared in my dream?
Mysterious Lady: "Once this was a great city, ruled by a son of kings.
He was slain and his palace lay waste by the armies of darkness.
I died at his side. You alone were spared, my son.
I gave up hope that you might live. This was your father's sword.
Avenge us."
"Avenge us..."
This should give an idea of what's going on here. What? You're still stuck there?
Press SPACEBAR to wake up. Anyway, the woman was apparently Prince's mother. Both
her and Prince's father were killed. Stupid heads! Now, it's payback time...
I shall avenge you!
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 18/24
Cool! You've got a new sword! Don't lose it this time! Read this first, or you won't
stand a chance against the heads! Killing heads is easier with dad's sword this time,
as each strike takes away 1 full life of a head. You're gonna have to fight differently
here, as the sword has more reach than your previous knife. Here's how:
1) Start with a strike-block (Hold up, and hit Ctrl.)
2) When the head takes damage, the head falls back. The head will recover for a moment,
around 1/2 a second, giving you a chance for another strike. Don't do a strike-block;
just strike normally.
3) As above, the head takes damage and recovers. Hit it again, and repeat until the head goes bust.
NOTE: If you try to strike-block the head while it's still recovering, chances are that
it'll miss and you'll get hit instead. Also, this may take some time to get used to,
but you'll get it soon! It took me nearly a day, just for the record. Sometimes,
the head may be pushed back too far away to strike, in which case you'll have to
move a step forward to stike it again.
Okay, now here comes the tough part. If you're low on life, press Ctrl+A. You'll restart
from where the sword was. Go left, to terminate the heads once and for all. In the first
room, there are 3 easy heads. Sometimes, when you hit a head, the head will start to get
"sick" and fly away to the end of the room. When this happens, the next head will attack,
so be careful! The other heads will wait till the first one's dead before attacking you.
When you destroy all 3 heads, on to the next room. There are another 3 heads, medium difficulty.
Kill all of them, and take the potion lying on the floor. Remember to hit the level switch
as you run by. Now to the next room. Yet another 3 heads, difficulty set to HARD. Each of
these heads have no less than 3 life bottles, and you have to strive to get past these guys!
Once you're done, run up the level door and end the level.
NOTE: This part is among the most frustrating of the game. It took me bloomin' ages
to get past this one! I tried everything. From running across the heads (You
can, but it's only a matter of time before they catch up and kill you simultaneously)
to luring them away, and none of them worked. There's only one way - Kill them or be killed!
Hmm... Strange title. Oh well. When the level begins, go to your left, and beware of
the loose slabs. In the next screen, stop! There's a floating head lingering about,
and is sure to kill you if you jump the pit. Kill it, and run and jump over to the other
side. In the next screen, you should see a snake. Kill it, and follow the path below to
the left. There is a head. Kill it, and proceed to the left. I'll explain the reason for
this later, so don't worry! There should be another head. Kill it again, and go to the
next screen. Crawl underneath the cutter you see, and go left again. There should be 2
floating heads. Kill them all! You can explore to your left again, where you'll see a white
marble horse, and if you go even further, you should be in a desert. This, my friend is the
way out! Keep running, and running, and... Whoa, Whoa! There's a HUGE cliff separating you
from the other side. What next? Think... Think... Oh, yeah! Use the horse! (Of course, assuming
that it can actually come alive in the first place, but considering what you've been through,
it's crazy enough to work.)
Now, make your way back to the room with the snake. Climb up. There are loose slabs here!
You only have one chance at this, or it's Alt+A for you. Do or die! Run, and when you get
to the end, jump. You should make the next platform. Now, carefully step to the edge. Don't
run and jump! If you do, Prince will just run off the ledge, as the 3rd and final step is
made of a loose slab. So just step up to the edge of the 2nd slab, and jump from there. You
should end up on a single platform in the next screen. Jump over to the next platform on the
left, the long one. From here, run and jump, but time your jump so that it only reaches the
slab before the loose slab, at the end. This is quite tough, it may take some time. You should
barely make the next platform, with the cutter below. Run over to the end of the current platform,
and jump over to the single platform. From there, walk up to the edge, and jump over to the next
single platform. Now, jump to the last platform, (this is tricky) again, time your jump so that
you hit the slab before the last slab, which is a loose one. So you see, if you didn't kill all
of the heads before attempting this, they'll kill you while trying to jump. (I tried this out of
frustration, and it didn't work.) And, if you make a single mistake along the way, it's Alt+A for
you, mister! You cannot try again, as the loose slabs have dropped by now.
If done correctly, Prince will jump onto the marble horse, cowboy-style and the horse
miraculously comes alive.(His crotch will hurt for weeks! Try jumping onto a stone horse...
Ouch.) Now sit back and relax as you watch a movie of the horse crossing the cliff, and
ventures into an unknown destination...
Pheew! That was tough, especially the part where you have to time your jumps. It's
frustrating to see all your hard work go up in smoke just because of one mistake.
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 19/24
STORY: The horse comes to a halt outside a fortress of some sort and turns to stone again, leaving
you stranded there. You're running out of time...
Start of Level Ten. You find yourself in a brick-red building. To your left is a Flip-Flop;
if you want to know about its physics, you can go there and see how it works, how sensitive
it is, if can you hang on to it and so on. If you just want to complete the level, go to your
right. Kill the first guard, and wait for another guard to appear. Kill him too, and an
irritating song should appear. You'll soon get sick of this, trust me. Go right again and
climb up the ledge you see. Head right again, and you come to a pit. Don't climb down; instead,
jump over to the other side. Drop the loose slab, and climb down. The loose slab should hit the
birdman directly below on the skull, killing him instantly. Jump over the spikes to the right.
Keep going until you see the level door on another platform, and hit the level switch. Go back
to the spikes, and carefully climb up. Hit the switch and head left. Climb down, at the expense
of a life bullet. Kill the birdm(en) that appear, and go right.
In the next screen, crawl underneath the cutter, activate the switch and climb up the ledge.
Jump over the pit and spikes you see, and head right again. Keep going right, crawl underneath
the next cutter, and eventually you'll meet another birdman. Kill him, and climb up the ledges
on your left. Go to the top, and you'll see a potion on a ledge that I can't reach. Ignore it
and go left. You will encounter 3 birdmen. They come out at intervals, so wait for 'em! Jump
over to the left ledge, and jump over to another ledge on your left. Run left, hit the switch
to open the gate, and you should see the level door there for the taking. I hope you followed
my advice and acivated the level switch earlier...
NOTE: From this stage onwards, you can turn into your Shadow, by turning left, then right,
and left, and so on. When you are turning, your body will start to flash black. Once
the transfomation is complete, your shadow should leave your body in a heap. During
Shadow mode, you are completely invincible. No attacks can harm you - i.e. you can drop
from a 1000-storey height and survive, you can walk through cutters, etc. You can also
walk through gates without having to open them. Cool, eh! Yeah, but this, like everything
else, has its pros and cons. For example, you cannot enter the level door without your body.
Drinking potions have no effect, be it an LEP, an Evil Potion, a potion, or even an LBP.
And most important of all... You need at least 9 lives to switch to Shadow mode. Any lower,
and Prince will DIE. Also, when you convert to Shadow mode, the process will take away 7
PERMANENT LIFE BOTTLES. Yes, 7. How do you go back in your body, you may ask? Well, go to
your body, and press DOWN. You should be back in your original body.
Start of Level 11. Head left, and climb up the ledges. Go past the gate and you
should come to a room with a set of spikes. Walk slowly up to the spikes, and climb
up the ledge on the right. Turn left, and hop. Keep hoppin' until a loose slab falls
down. Climb up the newly-formed opening, and hit the switch on the left. Jump back,
and go past the gate there. This is tricky. Remember the part where I said Prince
can't run and jump if the last step is a loose slab? Here's an exception. The last
slab is obviously loose, and you'll need to time your jump directly on the slab.
Run, and just before touching the slab, hit SHIFT, and you should be able to jump
on the loose slab. Don't ask me why this works here, but not when you try to jump
on the horse. Anyway, you should make the cut, and hold SHIFT!
You will hang on to a ledge on the next platform. Pull yourself up, and whe you reach
the top, go right. You should come to a room that looks suspiciously like a trap, with
an LEP. Guess what; it is. That one was easy, eh? Anyway, jump beneath switch to drop
the loose slab on it. Climb up the gate, and climb down. You should be standing on the
trap that closed the gate behind you. There is a switch at the end, and another switch
beside it. Avoid this at all costs! This switch activates a crusher which will kill you.
Jump over the crusher switch, grab the LEP, and climb back up the ledge. The gate should
open. Jump over the crusher switch and climb out of the gate. That wasn't so tough, was it?
Now that you've got the LEP, climb over the ledge on your left. You should see a cutter
and a switch. Take careful steps to the left first. Careful! I'll show what's in store
for ya. You should see a gate, separated by a pit. The switch guarded by the cutter opens
the gate, and you'll have to be quick to make it in time! Note that the slab at the end
is a loose one. Now, here goes: Jump over to the other side. Don't take careful steps
to activate the switch; just crouch until you reach it. Remember? Every crouch moves you
forward by a little. If you step, you're taking the risk of getting cut in half, and
restarting the level again. Once you hit it, turn to your left, jump, and run. Just before
touching the last slab, hit SHIFT and jump! Hang on to the gate entrance, and pull yourself
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 20/24
up! This might take a while. Got it? Excellent! On to the next sector!
There will be a set of spikes to your left, so carefully jump there and climb up the
ledges on your right. Climb all the way to the top. You arrive at what looks like a dead
end. It isn't, don't worry. Go right, and hit the gate switch. Climb down! Once you land
on a platform, jump over to the left. Take one run (tap LEFT once), jump to the other side,
and run past the gate! You'll have to rush for this one, and may not make it on your first
try, but the checkpoint is at the spikes, so you'll start from there if you die.
After making the gate, you will encounter a birdman. After you kill him, there will be
more birdmen jumping via the ledge on the left (4 birdmen altogether). Kill them all!
When you're done, climb up the ledge on your right. When you reach the top, take the
potion and go right. You will come to a room that looks like a trap. Once you hit the trap,
the gate closes, leaving you no choice but to Alt+A... Not on my watch! Climb up the ledge,
and hop to make the slab fall. Climb up the hole, and you should be at the level door. The
switch to activate the level door is located inside the gate, and the switch to activate the
gate is located to your right. Head right, hit the switch, and climb in the gate. There should
be a birdman, and something that looks suspiciously like a loose slab. Kill the birdman, but
don't even go near the "loose slab"! It's a flip-flop, and it will send you tumbling to your
death if you step on it. The switch beside the flip-flop activates the gate, and the switch
on the ledge does nothing. Stand on the ledge and hop upwards to drop the loose slabs above you.
Climb up the left side, and... Whoa! Spikes! No harm there... Yeah, jump over to the right.
Crawl under the cutter, and make your way to the next screen. You should come to a set of ledges.
Climb up any side, drop the loose slabs on top, and climb up.
From there, go right until you come to a platform. Climb up the platform on the right,
and climb down the "pit". You should end up on a crusher switch. Oh, no! Busted! But wait!
What's this? there's a loose slab at the corner. If you're quick, you should be able to drop
the slab and climb down. Quick! Hurry! Almost got it... Done! Great! Now that you're at the
bottom floor, hit the level switch and crawl underneath the cutter. Now, make your way left,
and you come to a pit. You have to cross this to return! Run... JUMP! Hang on! That done, you
can now go past the gate, and... Wait a minute. The gate's closed! What the heck... I hope you
dropped the slab earlier, as that slab will drop directly on the switch that opens the gate
(I think someone planned this whole thing very carefully.), and you're home free. You'll
have to wait a while... See how long the slab took to reach the bottom? You don't want to
be in the slab's shoes, I assure you. Higher Ground? You bet.
Now you're back at the pillars/ledges where you had to climb up, so you can run back and
enter the level door. Remember the cutter? Crawl underneath it. Remember the spikes? You're
gonna have to measure your jump to avoid the spikes. Why can't you climb down... Remember
the flip-flop? They all come back like a boomerang. I've measured your jump: Two steps left
from the edge of the platform (excluding the loose slab.) Okay, now that you're done, jump
over the flip-flop, head back to the level door, and end the level. Wait! Don't forget the trap!
If you step on that, all your hard work will go up in smoke, as you'll get trapped inside the room!
*Pant*Wheeze*... That was long, and tough. There's plenty more to come, so don't get too cocky...
Start of Level Twelve. Start by going to the right, and activating the switch that
opens the gate on your left. If you keep going right, you should see a sword, situated
on a ledge. Hmmm... Can I pick that up? We'll see... Run to your left and climb up the
ledge you see. Hop 3 times to the right, and a slab will drop. Climb up, and go right
to drop the loose slab on a switch. Hold SHIFT! That done, climb down and head left
again, and jump over to the platform with the guard. This is essential!!! Switch places
with the guard, and push him down, activating the switch. You need to keep that switch
open; if not, go ahead and press Alt+A. You're as good as dead. Once you do that, climb
up the ledge on the left. Drop the loose slab(s) in the corner to keep another switch open.
Jump to the other side of the platform and drop the loose slab on the switch. It starts to
make sense now... All the slabs (and a birdman) activate a gate, and keep it open. Climb
up to the top of the right ledges, and drop the loose slab on the last switch, and all 4 gates
should be open. Run and jump, and you should make it in one go. Don't jump! If you do, the
spikes will be waiting for you... You may notice that you can make your way to the right,
only to find the path blocked by a gate. You're on your way to opening it.
Once you're past that, head left. This is another tricky part. You'll have to run and
jump to the potion at the extreme left, and drop the loose slab to activate the switch,
that will open the gate that you couldn't get past earlier. This is another checkpoint,
so if you die or Alt+A, you'll start back from here. When you get there, don't drop the
loose slab yet! Jump over to get the potion, and run and jump over to the right, dropping
the loose slab along the way, and you'll end up at a lone platform. Tricky indeed. That
done, climb down and head right. Go back to where you killed the guard on the switch,
climb up, and at the platform opposite the 4 gates in a row, head right. The gate should
have opened now. Beware of the Flip-Flop! It leads to a switch, which will activate a crusher,
where you will turn to mashed potatoes.
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 21/24
Get past the gate, hit the switch, and head right. In the next screen, you should see
a switch, and an open gate. How on Earth did it activate? Easy. In the start of the level,
you had to climb up, and drop a loose slab on a switch, right? Yeah, that's the switch.
Anyway, this is obvious. Run and jump over to the platform on the right. Activate the switch
beside you, then run and jump! Made it? Good! Go right again, and here's another checkpoint.
What? You didn't make it before the gate closed? Ah, nuts. Climb up, and drop the loose slab.
Climb up again, jump to your left, and drop past the flip-flop. Hold SHIFT, and you should be
right where you started, and you can try again. One of the few uses for a flip-flop...
In the next checkpoint, you come to a dead end. Climb down, and you get poked to death
by the spikes. What now? Go back to the gate, and run and jump from there. You should be
able to clear the spikes, and land just beside the sword. Cool! Pick it up? What? You can't?
Oh-oh. The sword comes alive and attacks you! It's flaming, and it's invincible. Well, not
really, but you can't attack it. You can, but I'm not gonna go into that, okay? Perhaps in
the next version of the FAQ... Anyway, just put your sword down, and run to the right. You
should see a switch, which activates the gate below you. You can't climb down because of the
spikes and a normal jump doesn't have enough distance to get you there, so you'll have to
measure your running jump. I've measured it for you: 2 steps from the loose slabs. Once
you're inside the gate, head left and climb down, and you'll activate the level switch.
From there, climb down via the exit on your right, and make your way left. Beware of the
cutter in the next screen!
Crawl beneath the cutter and make your way left. You may encounter a birdman along the way.
Kill him and go left. Keep going - ignore the gates you see along the way, just keep going
until you come to a birdman, and 2 cutters. Crawl underneath the first cutter, and stand up
as soon as posible. Kill the birdman, get past the second cutter, and you should come to an
open gate, with some ledges on the left. To climb the ledges you need to step on the trap;
There's no turning back. Climb up all the ledges, and drop the loose slab above. You should
know where this is... Head right, climb the ledges, and keep going until you get to the beginning
of the stage. The level door on theextreme right should be open. You know, the one in the same
screen as the flaming sword.
Well, what are you waiting for? Climb up and end the level! This level is so complex,
and if you forget one step you'll have to start all over again. On to Level Thirteen!
I hope you're familiar fighting with birdmen, as you'll meet a lot of them here! At
the start of the level, go to the left and drop the loose slab. Run over it, jump on it,
anything you like, as long as it falls. The slab activates the gate on the right. Go to
the right. You see a cutter and a platform above it. Climb to the platform, run and jump,
and run and jump at the end. You should end up at the next screen, and birdmen should be
coming out from the platform you jumped from. Ignore them, and run to the left. Kill ALL
the birdmen (4 in total, they will run and jump from the left) and jump to the other side.
Read this carefully! This switch activates a gate which will require you to rush for
it. The gate won't stay open long enough for you to reach it, and you won't make it.
So, you can either kill a birdman on the switch (quite tough) or let the birdmen open
the switch for you! Here's how. In the next screen, a birdman will run after you. When
he is running, he'll activate the switch. You should have just enough time to climb the
ledge, run and jump, and climb up the gate. This will take practice, so don't give up.
IMPORTANT! Wait till the gate completely closes before waiting for the birdman to open
the switch. The time taken for the gate to open should buy you another few seconds.
Then checkpoint! Nothing much here, except that you have to run to your left for a long
way. You see multiple level doors along the way. Kill all the birdmen obstructing you, and
jump across the pit. Eh? What's this?
"He Who Should Steal The Flame Must Die."
Ah... Just some silly advice by the birdmen. Ignore it and make your way left. You
should come to a huge torch, glowing alight with a blue flame, and a birdman. You
can try to touch the flame, but it'll turn you to ashes. I've tried everything, from
drawing my sword in front of the flame (burnt me to death) to hopping till I reach
the flame (again, burnt me to a crisp). Took me some time to figure this out! Until
one day, the birdman guarding the flame killed me. I got so bored I decided to listen
to the song, rather than Alt+A. Suddenly, Prince's shadow came out. He jumped there,
absorbed the flame, and now he's a flaming blue shadow! Suddenly, all the birdmen kneel
down before me. What is this? Perhaps whoever owns the flame is the leader of the birdmen.
Anyway, my point is to get past this part, purposely kill yourself at the birdman guarding
the flame. Don't press anything! Everything should go fine now, and you see the movie.
Oh... Now I get it! The transcription on the walls mean "If You Want To Steal The Flame,
You Must Die." Perhaps it wasn't silly advice after all...
All the level doors ahould be open by now. Run up any one of them... They all
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 22/24
lead to the same place anyway. Woo-Hoo! Goodbye, birdmen! Hello, Jaffar!
STORY: Prince gets to the top of the birdmen headquarets, and rides his horse out of the
window. As ridiculous as this my be, the horse starts flying, and lands on top of
the Sultan's palace. It's time we had a little talk with Jaffar...
Walk to the right end of the tower, and climb down. Run in via the window, and you
meet your buddy, Jaffar. A movie starts here...
STORY: When you walk in, Jaffar suddenly curses you, and you get transported to
a chess board in another dimension. Let's see... Pawn, Rook, Queen, King,
Bishop, Knight... Spiders?! (note to self; spiders and chess pieces don't mix.)
Okay, welcome to the final and most mind-boggling level of all. You find yourself in
a chessboard of some sort. Head left, and keep going, until you come to a room of crystals,
and 4 holograms of Jaffar. Kill them all, and climb up to the top floor, to come to a dead
end. Huh? All this way for nothing? NOOOOOO!!!
Hey, hey, relax. I was just joking. If you kill Jaffar's holograms as usual,
nothing happens, and you won't be able to finish the level. To win, you need to
kill Jaffar's hologram with the flaming shadow. Huh? You've only got 6 bottles
of life? Not again! Don't tell me I've got to finish the game, and get all the
LEPs in order! Okay, I'll spill the beans. In the starting of the stage, climb
down the left side. Keep going, and you should arrive at a giant spider with black
palace guards. Everytime you kill one of 'em, they turn into either an LEP or a
Potion. Kill all of them until you have 11 lives, then turn into the flaming shadow.
Any less and you turn into the black shadow, which is useless here.
Okay, where's that <@&%$!? Jaffar? Go back to the crystal room, and kill all the
holograms in Shadow mode. Now, you can climb to the top via the platform on the left,
and you see Jaffar running away like a chicken. Give chase! Catch him! It may take a
few rounds to get accustomed to the perspective of the level, but once you catch up
with him, press CTRL to summon a blue fireball, that will turn Jaffar into ashes.
Ha-ha! Fried you at last! Hours (perhaps days, or even months... Years? God forbid!)
of work, and now it's all worth it!
STORY: With the sorceror's death, the spell was shattered. The Princess looked upon Prince...
And saw once again the man she loved. This time the Prince took no chances. He ordered
Jaffar's ashes scatterd to the windows. The people rejoiced... So the Prince and Princess
dwelt together in joy and serenity - And lived happily ever after.
Suddenly the music turns to terror, and an old witch gazes upon them via a crystal ball.
On her forehead is a symbol of a snake, resembling the letter S with a loop.
Could she be the one who killed Prince's parents? Could it be...
Hey hey! You've actually completed Prince Of Persia 2! That's something to be proud of!
And to reward you, here's a cheat code that you can use to cheat the crap out of the game.
No more bloomin' heads! Yee-Haw!
Start your MS-DOS Prompt, go to your Prince Of Persia directory, and start the program with the title
Here are a list of commands you can do in MAKINIT mode.
Shift+T.................. Adds an LEP to your life
Shift+I.................. Inverts screen
Shift+B.................. Shows only animated objects; the rest turn black
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 23/24
Shift+K.................. Takes away one life bottle
Shift+I.................. Inverts screen; press again to revert to normal
Shift+W.................. Puts you in LBP mode
Shift+R.................. Tells your location; i.e. ROOM 12
Alt+N.................... Skip level. Cannot skip security confirmation level this time
K button................. Kills all enemies on screen
R button................. Reanimate Prince. Press when dead to live again!
Well, that's about it. Not many cheats, unlike Prince Of Persia 1...
But still, enough for you to bully the game, mwahaha!
Q: Why is it that you can sometimes run and jump over a platform, with the last
slab is a loose one?
A: This works sometimes, but mostly you'll screw up. It's consistently inconsistent,
if you get what I mean.
Q: Why isn't there any "Runthrough" section, like in your POP1 FAQ?
A: There's no point in being fast here - the Hall Of Fame only counts
the minutes taken to complete the game, not the seconds.
Q: What the hell was that glitch in Level 6 about?
A: Beats me. It was there, so I took the easiest way possible.
Q: How did you find out about turning into a shadow?
A: There is no more frame-cancel mode (in POP1, press Escape twice), and I wanted
to see the animation frames. I kept turning left, then right, then left...
When suddenly, I lost all my lifes and died. I later found out that you needed 7
lifes to turn into the shadow.
Q: What are the major differences between this and Prince Of Persia 1, gameplay-wise?
A: Perhaps the most major difference of all is that Prince doesn't handle the same.
In POP1, you had superb control over him; in this game, it's even tough just to
run and jump over a ledge, a relatively simple task in POP1.
Q: Why are all the cheat codes so strange? Makinit, Megahit...
A: Perhaps Mechner wanted POP1 to be a mega hit (which it was), and POP2 to simply
"make it". In other words, I think it means success for the game.
- Dad! For helping me out, spending countless hours with me on this game, teaching
me how to play the game, and teaching me how to use DOS. Thanks dad!
- CJayC... Yo, thanks for posting all my FAQs! I hope this one is good too!
- Myself! Hey, I wrote this, didn't I? I've verified, tested and painstakingly looked
at every detail to write a good FAQ & walkthrough.
- My computer, for putting up with all the crap I've done, not hanging so much (note the "so much")
and certainly for not restarting for no reason.
- Jordan Mechner! You made one heck of a game! You rule, man!
I hate to bring this to an end, but... Well, we've come to the end of another
wicked FAQ by Eizaz Azhar. Do read my FAQs on the original game - Prince Of Persia 1,
the arcade hit Virtual On, and the latest installment of the series, MARZ.
Thanks... and adios, amigos!
8/7/2014 Prince of Persia 2 - Walkthrough 24/24
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Eizaz Azhar, 2003. This document may NOT be reproduced
in any way without my consent. Usage of this guide
elsewhere other than or without my authorisation
is a violation of copyright, and is strictly prohibited.
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