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Rugi Vicente C.

Prof Education Student

Curriculum Development

5 Questions on Curriculum Planning

1. It Generally defined as an organized set of activities directed toward a common purpose or goal,
undertaken or proposed by an agency in order to carry out its responsibilities.
a. Program b. Outcomes
c. Strategies d. process
2. Which of the following does not belong to the four basic elements of the curriculum according to
Albert Oliver
a. The program of services b. The hidden curriculum
c. The natural curriculum d. The program of experiences
3. Generally before planning activities and experiences for his class, what would the teacher do first?
a. give a diagnostic test b. identify the resources of the community
c. consult the principal about his class d. review past lesson
4.What do you call a framework for designing curriculum units, performance assessments and
instruction that result in the students understanding better what they are being taught.
a. student centered approaches b. approaches to curriculum
c. outcomes based structure d. understanding by design
5. When planning and preparing a curriculum, educators should employ the curriculum process that best
incorporates the components of effective teaching except
a. select suitable instructional goals b. give students the freedom to their program
c. demonstrate knowledge of content d. design coherent instruction

5 Questions on Curriculum Implementation

1. According to Ornstein and Hunkins, 1998, it is an interaction between those who have created the
programme and those who are charged to deliver it.
a. adaptation b. standardization
c. implementation d. connection
2. implementation involves _______ in the knowledge, actions and attitudes of people.
a. changes b. consideration
c. collaboration d. construction
3. The major contributor for effective implementation is
a. student b. community
c. teacher d. industry
4. He considered to be the father of social psychology suggested a model explaining change that
according to him, all persons are faced with two competing forces.
a. Burt Lockman b. Jean Piangent
c. Antione Levine d. Kurt Lewin
5. It is a complex and difficult process and requires careful planning, adequate time, funding, support
and opportunities for teacher involvement.
a. curriculum consistency b. curriculum change
c. curriuclum outcomes d. curriculum evaluation

5 Questions on Curriculum Designs