Date: 28.01.

08 HTS Project (Progress Report – 3)

1. Project Title:
Development of High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Transformer

2. Objective & Mission:
Transformer is one of the components of the system which can contribute to reduce T&D losses. It is therefore essential to develop an energy efficient transformer with super conducting material. The aim of this project is to verify the predicted performance of HTS conductors, to identify & study various technical problems associated with the windings & to develop a simplified design procedure

3. Project Progress:
a. Planned Activities
i) ii) iii) iv) Literature Study – Ongoing activity Finalization of Contracts for Consultancy Identification & demarcation of space on shop floor for HTS Transformer project Experimentation with sample of Superconducting wire (viz. both YBCO-1G & BSCCO-2G) to observe the behaviour of superconductor in LN2 with its characterization 1. Procurement of superconducting wire sample from vendors 2. To obtain Know-how for soldering of superconducting wire with normal copper wire 3. Selection of normal copper wire & solder material for soldering 4. Identification of suitable vendors for supply of Cryo-can (20L) and Cryocontainer (200L) 5. Procurement of Cryo-can (20L) and Cryo- container (200L)

b. Status
i) Consultant for the making design of HTS finalized and final contract copy from consultant received. The final contract copy forwarded to EMCO legal counsel for review. ii) Original Contract copy (i.e. NDA & Technology Research & Development Agreement) from IITB obtained and amended by EMCO legal counsel with respect to MoU executed between EMCO & CPRI. The same copies are forwarded to IITB legal counsel for their comments. 1. Tele-conferencing session between IITB & EMCO legal counsel held on 10.01.08 to understand and satisfy requirements of both parties. iii) The Dr. R C Budhani (IIT, Kanpur) having expertise in superconducting area invited and meeting held on 23.01.08 for their valuable guidance on experimentation. Dr. R C Budhani is briefed on “Development HTS Transformer Project”. The professors of IITB are also involved in the discussions. iv) EMCO Ltd desire to have suggestions and guidance from Dr. R C Budhani in superconducting area as EMCO Ltd has already executed MoU with IIT, Kanpur. v) Space for the HTS project on shop floor at EMCO Ltd identified and demarcated. vi) Mr. Khadatkar having specialization in cryogenics is interviewed on 11.01.08 at EMCO, Thane and selected. Mr. Khadatkar will join EMCO Ltd after completion of his notice period of 3 months.
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Date: 28.01.08 HTS Project (Progress Report – 3) vii) Experimentation on superconducting wire 1. Superconducting samples both YBCO-1G & BSCCO-2G are received. 2. Soldering information received form consultant 3. Identification of vendors for supply of solder material as per specification furnished by consultant to joint superconducting wire with normal copper are in progress. 4. Identified normal copper wire for soldering with superconductor preliminarily and procurement of same is in progress. 5. The suitable vendors for supply of Cryo-can (20L) and Cryo-container (200L) are identified in consultation with IITB. - Quotation from the suppliers are obtained - Commercial negotiations with parties done - Purchase order to be released after approval

c. Further Work
i) Finalization of contract with consultants ii) Experimentation with superconducting wire for behaviour and characterization 1. Procurement of normal copper wire & solder material for jointing 2. Soldering of superconductor with normal copper conductor 3. Procurement of Cryo-can (20L) and Cryo-container (200L)

4. Technical & Financial Problem:
a. Technical Problems:
i) EMCO Ltd desire to have guidance on following 1. Information on soldering wire and feasibility of same at CPRI 2. Characteristics to be measured during experimentation 3. Valuable guidance & suggestions for experimentation

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