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1. Creation of LPP Source/SPOT ?

2. Creation of SPOT using mksysb ?
3. what will /etc/niminfo will have
4. What are the daemons related to nim server?
5. what is the nim client information files stored in nim server ?
6. what /etc/tftoboot directory will have ?
7. what is /etc/bootptab file for
8. What could be the problem - if ping is fine, but packet not recd from nim client, when we boot from
ethernet of an lpar ?
9. Procedure for configuring nim client ?
10. what are the directories gets exported automatically when configuring nim client for booting ?
11. How to reset a resource of an nim client ?
12. what is push /pull mechanism ?
13. what is the filename shown in nim client booting from n/w card after during packets transfer ?

1. Nim Server OS should be the highest to push equal or lower versions of nim

1. vios version worked on ?
2. how many vios in the frame - 2 or 4 vios servers ?
3. have configured etherchannel in vios ?
4. what is control channel ?
5. how do you assigned ip address for vioserver ( mean dedicated ethernet adapter or
virtual or over SEA ? )
6. give me the full syntax for creating SEA & adding a PV to a vhost ?
7. how do you find, which is the vhost for an vio client lpar ?
8. how do you find, which is the hmc on an lpar ?
9. what is VLAN ?
10. have you done the failover of SEA manually or tested it ?
11. what is the driver used for multipath, also what storage is used ?
12. what is trunk priority while creating virtual adapter ?
13. have you added additional VLAN ids ? how to do it
14. how to set the path priority of disks from client ?
15. what is the hmc version used ?
16. what is the difference between 1.5/2.1 vios servers versions ?
17. what is the major problem seen with vios failure ?
18. do you knew what is NPIV/LHEA ? ( FYI, THIS IS ONLY FOR YOUR GK )