Final Writing Project – Response to Media Portrayal of Issue and Modes English 102 – Fall 2009 – Dr.

Cheryl Duffus Purpose: In this assignment, you will be building upon the research you have done into your topic and into the styles and purposes of the various media you have explored. You will not be required to do any new research for this project, but if you do new research, just remember to follow good research protocol and keep accurate records. For the assignment, I would like for you to create your own “take” on the issue you have been researching – you can do this in one of the modes we have been researching – newspaper, website, blog (video is too time-intensive). You will present an argument about some aspect of the issue you have been researching. You will be in charge of deciding the following: what, if any, bias you will have; how you will demonstrate that bias (word choices, language, fair representation of the opposition, use of logical fallacies – all the things you have been using to analyze and to critique), who your ideal audience is and how you will appeal to them. You will use your research to help support your argument or you can “attack” the research as part of your argument. You decide. You may be creative with the assignment – you may create a fictional persona including a fictional name and identity. I only ask that any “bad” argumentation techniques be obvious and that you discuss how you create this argument and identity in your reflective piece for the portfolio on the web site. You cannot change issues. That would be entirely too time-consuming at this point in the semester. If you have used two issues, pick one. Just to refresh your memory, here are the questions you have used to evaluate sources. You may use these to create a balanced, fair argument or to play off of in a biased, unfair argument: 1. How does each source portray the issue / problem / question? Positively? Negatively? Fairly? Accurately? 2. What discrepancies exist between their portrayals? What is the difference in tone and word choice? What information is left in / left out? 3. Which of these discrepancies distorts anything about the issue / problem / question in either a negative or positive way? Are any logical fallacies used? Is the opposition addressed? Are qualifiers used? 4. Do these discrepancies suggest that the author / news organization has a particular agenda beyond fair and accurate reporting? 5. Have you noticed from your previous research that the web sites or blogs are leaving out or distorting any information? Do the web sites or blogs bring a perspective or use information left out by traditional media sources?

6. What is the audience for each source? How can you tell? How does the audience affect the writer’s attitude, tone, and representation of the issue / problem / question? 7. What assumptions / warrants are made about the reader? 8. Consideration of the mode – newspaper, website, blog. 9. What generalizations can be made about the source based on your analysis? 10. For which source would you now consider yourself the audience? Why or why not? \ The Format: Your essay should be double-spaced. You should use MLA formatting for in-text citations and the works cited page. Although newspapers, websites, and blogs do not use MLA formatting, you should use it for this essay. Due Dates Mon., Nov. 9 Wed., Nov. 11 Fri., Nov. 13 Mon., Nov. 16 Wed., Nov. 18 Fri., Nov. 20 Mon., Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Break Mon., Nov. 30 Wed., Dec. 2 Fri., Dec. 4 Computer Lab Withrow 116 – Finalizing writing portfolio Computer Lab Withrow 116 – Finalizing writing portfolio Computer Lab Withrow 116 – Finalizing writing portfolio – final version of web site portfolio due at this time.

Computer Lab Withrow 116 – Final Writing Assignment Given RR#6 Due Computer Lab Withrow 116 – Continue Work on Writing Assignments Computer Lab Withrow 116 – Continue Work on Writing Assignments RR #7 Due Computer Lab Withrow 116 – Continue Work on Writing Assignments Second Draft of Web Sites and Blogs Analysis Due Computer Lab Withrow 116 – Peer Review Final Writing Assignment Computer Lab Withrow 116 – Continue Work on Writing Assignments Nanney 101 – Discussion, Parts II and III, Never Let Me Go, RR#8 Due Second Draft of Final Writing Assignment Due

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