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Nexpose + HP ArcSight Solution Brief

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Leverage Rapid7 Vulnerability Intelligence to add deep security
context to ArcSight's Enterprise Security Manager
Solution Overview

For todays IT and Security Operations teams the need for a centralized logging
and correlation tool has become a major cornerstone for most organizations. By
leveraging Rapid7s rich vulnerability and exploit data, an organization can
leverage this information in conjunction with other log data sources to provide
greater context and insight into the events happening within environment.
ArcSight provides real-time actionable intelligence, meanwhile delivering an
efficient and effective incident management workflow. Furthermore, vulnerability
and asset data within ArcSight streamlines the process of conducting post incident
forensic analysis.

How it works

A Nexpose scan is conducted to assess the risk posture of the systems within an
organization. The vulnerability data is then taken and used to calculate the
RealRisk score associated with each system detected. An XML report is then
generated to export the results. From there, Arcsights SmartConnector can be
used either in Interactive Mode or Automatic mode to process the report. Once the
report has been processed and the data fields have been normalized within ESM,
the Nexpose vulnerability data is now readily available to be used to create
correlation rules, forensic analysis, and aiding with investigations.

Overview of Integration Process
Step 1: Nexpose performs security assessment
Step 2: XML report generated with vulnerability findings
Step 3: Task is created in ArcSight ESM to process report
Step 4: Vulnerabilities get stored and normalized
Step 5: Custom Views can be created to highlight vulnerabilities

Integration Benefits
Security Context Awareness into the
vulnerability state of assets
Single Pane View into your security
events, reporting, forensics, and incident
Better Correlation Rules with more
security centric data to leverage in rule
creation for more accurate alerting
In Depth Investigations with additional
security information about each asset
(ports, services, applications, etc.)
Automated Vulnerability data import on
a scheduled basis to correspond with
latest scans

Solution Components
What you need:
Rapid7 Nexpose 5.x
ArcSight ESM 5.2+
ArcSight ESM Smart Connector for
Nexpose XML file

Nexpose + HP ArcSight Solution Brief

Rapid7 Corporate Headquarters 800 Boylston Street, Prudential Tower, 29th Floor, Boston, MA 02199-8095 617.247.1717

Figure1: HP ArcSight Console Dashboard

About HP ArcSight
HP ArcSight ESM is the premiere security event manager that analyzes and correlates every event in order to help your IT SOC team with security events
monitoring, from compliance and risk management to security intelligence and operations. ESM sifts through millions of log records, and correlates them to
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About Rapid7
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