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Kaname groaned and began kicking at his blanket, pushing it off of him and onto the floor.

wrong with me?" The pureblood's body was so hot it felt like he was on fire. He'd had to strip hs clothes
because he just couldn't seem to get his body temperature under control. Am I sick, he thought. No,
vampires didn't get sick. Maybe it was from him not having drank blood for so long. No, he'd controlled
that for years now. So what the hell was wrong with him? He became restless as the heat got worse.
There was a knock at the door and Kaname tried to make his voice even "Come in."
As if things couldn't get any worse, Zero walked in to see Kaname in his naked, disoriented state. He
walked over to the pureblood "I came here to talk Kuran." That's all the hunter wanted, but he sensed
something was wrong. "Are you okay?" Kaname was acting in his normal arrogant, regal way and it was
starting to unsettle Zero.
Kaname couldn't stay still to save his life at the moment. There was nothing he could do as the fever ate
away at him. Then when Zero spoke something in his body sparked and really set him on fire. It burned
inside of him but also gave him some type of relief. He suddenly wanted to hear Zero's voice, to feel his
touch and to have Zero take him. Kaname jerked Zero down by his collar "I need you." The words didn't
come out smooth but more like a lustful moan mixed with genuine begging.
Sweat beaded from his flush skin. Kaname was something straight from Zero's deams, all spread out for
him like an erotic buffet. Something was wrong, though. That pleasure-pain look he had always wanted
to see play on Kaname's features held a little too much pain. The pureblood was actually hurting and
needed his help. The hunter side of him said to let the brunette suffer, but the vampire side of him knew
he was supposed to be loyal to a pureblood. Besides, his feelings had grown for Kuran in the past couple
months and he would've felt guilty just leaving him there.
Zero reached for the lube on the nightstand, quickly coated his fingers, and settled himself between
Kaname's thighs. He lifted one of the brunette's legs, spreading him open to reveal his clenching
entrance. He didn't tease or play, but slicked the opening and pushed in harrd with two fingers.
Kaname screamed, his hips came up off the bed and he exploded over his chest and abs. he looked up at
Zero with pleading eyes "More," he begged. The fire inside him was still burning strong.
A slight smile played on the hunter's lips before he kissed Kaname deeply "I'll save you." He pulled back
and removed his clothes quickly, before moving back in between Kaname's legs that hooked around him
and jerked him forward. Zero slid an arm under the pureblood's lower back and rolled tthem so Kaname
was on top. He applied the lube before discarding it completely "You want me Kuran, so take me."
Kaname needed no more invitation than that. Zero had barely removed his hand from his shaft before
Kaname was gripping the base and lowering himself over the crown. Zero wasn't sure what had gotten
Kaname like this, but he knew there would never be another chance like it in the world. As the
pureblood dropped his hips, impaling himself to the root in one quick motion, Zero forgot to worry
about Kaname's condition, focusing purely on the tight, wet heat surrrounding him.
It had to be some srazy vampire fever. That was the only reason Kaname could think that he'd gone
completely insane. Every nerve-ending in his body cracked and sizzled like lighting. His cock leaked
precum from the slit as he rose and fell over Zero's length. The burn he'd first felt was now nonexistent,
leaving only a pleasure that raged through him like wildfire, making him burn with passion. His muscles
clenched, sucking Zero into his body, refusing to let go until he'd wrung every ounce of pleasure from
them both. Those lavender eyes were locked on him, darkened by desire, but with a softness around the
edges that Kaname had never seen before.
"I c-can't-" Kaname moved his hips faster, but it wasn't enough. He couldn't get the right angle no
matter how hard he tried. "Please," he begged, practically whimpering in frustration. Zero grabbed him
by the hips, lifting him off his slippery erection. Before Kaname could protest, he was flipped over,
pressed firmly into the mattress while his butt was jerked into the air. A blunt pressure pushed against
his entrance as Zero placed kisses on his shoulders and the nape of his neck.
"Is this what you wanted?" The hunter slammed into the pureblood hard enough to rattle his bones.
"YES!" Kaname screamed, fisting the sheets with his hands. Every hard thrust stretched him wider, and
the new angle allowed Zero to nail his prostate every time. Kaname's eyes actually crrossed at the
ecstasy that enveloped his body. Everything else in the world ceased to exist and he hoped this wouldn't
"Say my name Kaname," Zero demanded "Say it loud enough so everyone knows your mine." The
demand was enough to send the pureblood over the edge but he couldn't let go just yet. His knuckles
turned white as he gripped the sheets tighteer. Kaname could feel it deep inside him when Zero began
an all-out assault on his body.
Just when Kaname didn't think it could get any better, he hit his climax right there."ZERO!" he screamed
loud enough that the echo reverberated in his ears. That sent Zero over the edge and with a few more
thrusts he came as well. The two collapsed onto the bed panting heavily. Kaname slowly currled up in
Zero's arms and smiled up at him "Thank you."
Zero shook his head "Kaname, you're a beloved pureblood and I'm a common vampire. I couldn't see
you suffer. My vampire side loves you too much."
Kaname placed a gentle kiss on Zero's lips before closing his eyes. "And I love your vampire side too," he
snuggled closer as his body cooled and he fell asleep in the arms of his hunter and savior.
Kaname was too lost in fighting the beast within himself. Whatever Aido did to Kiryuu, it stirred up the
worst inside him, to the point that a battle now broke out in his mind. He wanted so much to just carry
the ex-human into his room, strip him of his clothes, and do unspeakable things to that temptress body.
Another voice suddenly protested, saying that he should be more controlled of himself and find a way to
turn Zero back. The other voice said to hell with it and that he should just take advantage of the
situation here and now. The 'good' voice reminded him that he was a pureblood and a dorm president;
he shouldn't break the rules by harming a Day Class student. Kaname tell both of them to just shut the
hell up.
Meanwhile, Zero was staring at him impatiently. The hunter suddenly sensed a dark aura emitting from
Kaname, an aura of lust and desire. And to Zero's horror, his body started to react to it. By some twisted
logic, his body found the dark gaze Kaname was giving him extremely sexy. The prefect's eyes trailed
down Kaname's opened collar, over the pale skin and partially exposed collarbones before travelling
downward the pureblood's lean and sinuously tempting body. By the time his eyes stopped at the
straining erection in his pants, Zero's body was nearly exploding in heat and he felt a certain wetness
between his legs.
The hunter jerked as if he had just been electrified and tried to feel disgust at himself upon this
"UmDo you happen to see Aido anywhere? That prick is responsible for this"
Unfortunately for him, Kaname had caught the scent of his arousal, and Zero felt like he had just tried to
distinguish the fire with a bucket of fuel.
"Oh, how unfortunate, Aido has been out all this afternoon. I'm afraid he can't fix his damage right now.
You will just have to wait" Kaname's voice was abnormally collected.
"Can't you just use your pureblood power to summon him or something?" Zero discreetly tried to rub
his legs together in a desperate attempt to ease his arousal, but the pureblood's silky voice only made it
"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do so" Kaname was starting to lose all reasons as the heat inside him
threatened to explode.
"What, why? He was clearly breaking the rules" The sexual tension between them was so hard to ignore
that Zero had to resist the urge to whimper. What the hell
"Because for once, he actually did something right."
And Kaname snapped.
In a flash, Zero found himself pinned to the wall, his back flat against the hard surface. Before he had the
chance to recover, the pureblood was already all over him, face buried against his neck. Kaname softly
rubbed his nose against the smooth skin while his hands were busy restraining those delicate wrists. The
hunter's alluring essence flooded his sense, embracing him at such a close distance. He placed a soft kiss
on the unique tattoo.
"What do you think you are doing? Release me right now or I will-ngghn!-killyou" The ex-human
forced back a whimper as a wet tongue started to lick his tattoo. D-Damn it, if Kuran wasn't pinning his
handsthe Bloody Rose seemed so close yet so far right now. Maybe he could use his legsJust when
the thought crossed Zero's head, Kaname forced a knee between his legs, spreading them apart and
holding them in place. Goddamn you Kuran! The hunter could only squirm desperately, trying to escape
from his vulnerable position; however, he didn't know that also means he was grinding against the
pureblood's body. Kaname smirked as he whispered hotly in the silver haired prefect's ear:
" I didn't know you were such a passionate person, Zero." His breath tickled the hunter's ear softly,
making Zero wanted to turn his head away.
"I didn't know you were such a pervert, K-KURAN!" Zero yelped as Kaname practically ripped open his
uniform suit coat, snapping up buttons and sending them everywhere on the ground. The brunet
purposefully did that just to see his reaction_ and he sure enjoyed the fierceness in the hunter's
amethyst eyes.
"Sorry, did you say something?" Kaname continued smoothly as if nothing happened.
"What the fuck are you doing? Let me go!" the pureblood completely ignored him. He moved so that
only one hand was still holding Zero's wrists, while the other slowly slid down, running pass the hunter's
burning cheek and neck teasingly, then stopped at the red ribbon. Kaname tugged at the thing, as if
threatening to untie it. "Don't you dare!" the ex-human glared at him threateningly, promising a slow
and painful death if the pureblood tried to cross the line.
"You have no right to threaten me my dear. This is self-inflicted. You just begged for it yourself, coming
here looking all girly and carrying that maddening scent. Right now I can still smell your arousal; and
look, you don't even wear a bra, Zero-chan" the pureblood added the suffix sarcastically. Zero's
masculine pride was seriously being damaged, he could tell. And he would love to damage it even more.
"Fuck you, Kuran! Do you do this to every girl you meet?" Zero was fuming right now. What give the
bloodsucker the right to say such things? As if Zero was offering himself on a plate!
"So you admitted that you are a girl?"
"Yes!...I mean, God NO!" His body might be of a girl right now, but he would always be Zero Kiryuu_a
MALE vampire hunter. Getting himself pinned against a wall like this was not girly. Nor was his effort to
keep himself from moaning under the pureblood's both tempting and torturous touch. His traitorous
body was filled with heat, and Kaname's sexy gaze made it worse.
"I swear KuranI will personally send you to hel-"
"Don't utter a word if you don't mean it." Kaname untied the ribbon violently with a sharp pull.
Zero was speechless.
He didn't protest when the pureblood unbuttoned his shirt slowly, buttons giving in one by one. There
was something in Kaname's eyes and voice when he stopped his threat earlier. That aura of dominance;
it made Zero's entire body shiver. Not in fear. In excitement, as it started a tingling sensation down
there. His instinct yearned for it_ to be controlled, to be dominated. And by no one else other than the
Zero jerked when a finger came in contact with his wetness. To the hunter's embarrassment, his panties
was soaking wet; he shut his eyes closed, not wanting to look at Kaname at the moment. The brunet
ignored this and continued his task, all the while suppressing the urge to take Zero right then and there.
His pants became uncomfortably restraining at how wet and ready Zero was. Calm down, Kaname. We
have plenty of time, so why not taking it slow. He wanted this to be unforgettable to the hunter, so that
he will forever yearn for Kaname's touch only. Nobody else. Zero. Is. Mine, the pureblood growled out
inside his head.
He started to move his fingers against the wetness, stroking it lightly. Zero immediately bit his lower lips;
eyes still closed shut. The touch was not meant to create much friction, but it sent electric through his
body, making him beg for more. The hunter's face was beat red because of shame and arousal. Kaname
let out a small smile after seeing the reaction. So you wanted it after all, Kiryuu. You just had a thing for
denying yourself what you needed. His strokes became faster, and he pressed his fingers into the wet
material a bit more. Kaname's thumb purposefully wandered over a certain spot that he knew would
make Zero tremble in pleasure.
"Ahh! HahhKaname" The hunter finally let out a moan that he was unable to keep in_ pleasure
coursed through his body as the pureblood continually teased his clit.
"Are we on first name basis already?" Kaname teased, but Zero was too lost to think of a retort. The
fingers against his panties were maddening. This was a completely new sensation to the silver haired ex-
human, as he had never been pleased as a woman. It was different to feeling pleasure as a man.
Somehow, being pinned and pressed against Kaname's body like this, with the pureblood's fingers
moving over his sensitive area through a thin cloth_ Zero felt very intimated. The hunter wondered what
was wrong with him distractedly as his legs were unconsciously wrapped around the brunet's waist.
Kaname smiled amusedly at the sudden loss and confusion in Zero's hazy eyes when he removed his
fingers from the prefect. Zero's mind barely registered the pureblood's words: "We should carry this out
somewhere moreprivate" before he was picked up and found himself cradled in the Kaname's strong
arms; his now smaller body fitted into them perfectly. It was then that the hunter realized they had
been doingthings outside the open hall this whole time. Part of him was afraid of being seen_ what if
someone remained in the dorm accidentally passed by? They would see the school's prefect molested
by their dorm leader and enjoying it. However, another dark corner in his mind burst with excitement at
the thought of someone else saw him being pleasured by Kaname. It fueled the sweltering fire inside
him. Damn it, Zero, I never knew you were this sick.
They were now in Kaname's room. The ex-human was thrown onto the king bed and in a blink, the
pureblood's body was above his.
However, Kaname just looked at him and did nothing. This unnerved Zero; he would rather Kaname was
all over him right now, so that penetrating, stripping gaze would left his face. He felt really vulnerable
and exposed having the pureblood staring at him like this.
Kaname took time to drown himself in Zero's new, unique features. He would never have known that
Kiryuu could make such a beautiful girl, had it not been for Aido's little quirk of carrying out destructive
experiments. The pureblood took a strand of the hunter's soft silvery hair, and brought it to his lips.
"You are beautiful, Zero."
Zero didn't know how to respond to that. Say 'thank you'? Hell no. How about protesting that he was
not a girl? That was pretty useless last time if he remembered it right. So, instead, the hunter was
unable to do anything but blush.
"I love how you tend to blush all the way down to your neck. It's cuteand alluring" Kaname leaned
down closer to Zero's ear, whispering the last word. He could see blood pumping inside the prefect's
veins, as they became more visible due to the blush. Oh how he wanted to taste it.
"Damn it Kuran, stop playing and get on with it." Zero knew there was no way he was getting out of this.
Upon carrying him to his room, the bloodsucker had taken the Bloody Rose from his ripped coat and
discarded it on the ground. Now, if he wanted to get it, he would have to move quite a distance_ which
would be futile since the pureblood could stop him in no time. The ex-human could only stay there and
let Kaname do whatever he wanted. Then he could kill him later.
"I'm afraid that is not the right thing to say, Zero" Kaname spoke softly against the hunter's ear in a dark
voice "I wanted you to remember this forever, remember what I did to your body, remember every
sensation I made you feel. And when I say sensation, I mean it."
Darkness suddenly flooded Zero's vision. He felt a piece of cloth being pressed against his eyes. Kaname
had taken the red ribbon from earlier and started to blindfold its owner. With his sense of vision being
cut off, Zero's other senses came to life; his body was now much more sensitive to his surroundings. And
being a vampire with keen senses didn't help much.
Whatever objections he had suddenly died in his throat when long fingers opened his unbuttoned shirt.
Zero couldn't help but shivered when his bare torso was exposed to cool air.
Kaname admired the hunter's naked upper body. Slowly, he trailed a hand along the teen's side,
savoring the feeling of soft skin and feminine curves before stopping at the hunter's flat stomach. Zero
nearly arched his back feeling that hand moving sensuously against his sensitive body; his fingers
clenched into the mattress when the pureblood firmly cupped his breasts.
Zero was by no means a flat chest_ Kaname thought as he ran his thumbs over the hardening nipples.
The hunter promptly arched his back off the bed at the foreign sensation. The pureblood's torturously
slow ministrations both annoyed him and sent tingles of pleasure to a certain place between his legs.
Why couldn't the bastard just hurry up? Zero suddenly remembered the Kaname's promising tone
earlier, and that made him unexpectedly shiver in anticipation. Kaname sensed the silver haired teen's
impatience from the way he kept arching into his touch, and decided to take things faster.
"Hahh!Ngnn" Zero let out a surprised moan when he felt a wet tongue over his left nipples, while the
pureblood's hand started to caress the other one harder. His body couldn't stop jerking, legs rubbing
together desperately to ease the gathering heat between his legs. The hunter couldn't see anything, so
Kaname's actions were always unexpected; the thrill of not knowing what the brunet would do just fed
his inner fire and heightened his senses. Zero groaned when his all times rival stopped playing and took
his nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard along with some small, teasing bites.
"Ahstop teasing me!" Kaname smiled at the begging tone. He intended for Zero to beg for more
himself, before taking the next step. His free hand tugged at the helm of the hunter's skirt, and pulled it
off abruptly, including the soaked panties. Zero gasped as his body was now fully naked and completely
free for the pureblood to do what he pleased with it. However, his mind was too hazy and filled with
pleasure to think of resisting.
All thoughts disappeared in the hunter's head when he felt hot breaths touching his most private area.
"Nggh!" His stomach twisted in knots as the pureblood moved his tongue sinuously along his folds,
tasting the wetness of it. Kaname's mind was blinded with the strong feminine scent; the very scent that
made him goes crazy with heat earlier, now increased tenfold. All rational thoughts flew out his head,
and all Kaname could think and do was to drown himself in the scent which was musky, and just
purelyZero. Said person was arching his back, hands tangled in silky brown locks of hair as the
pureblood ate him up hungrily; his toes curled up at the waves of pleasure bombarding his body. Zero
could feel a clench in his stomach, and the familiar feeling of intense pleasure approaching closer and
"K-KanameI'm goingtoAHH!" The pureblood promptly sucked his clit hard, pushing Zero over the
edge. The hunter finally lost it as he rode out his mind-blowing orgasm with a scream. Kaname didn't
stop, continued to pleasure him; Zero was dazzling as he climaxed _ his whole body went rigid, eyes
probably shut tight under the blindfold and toes curled up cutely, his mouth opened in a scream. The
pureblood's pants became painfully tight at the sight; he needed to get rid of it NOW. Finally, the teen
fell down on the bed heavily, cheeks flushed, his whole body aching and covered in a thin sheet of
Kaname was already removing his pants. He let out a small groan when his hardness was finally freed.
ZeroHe needed to be inside the hunterNOW. However, before the pureblood had the chance to carry
that out, he found himself shivered as a small, delicate hand touched the tip of his manhood. Zero had
heard the sound of a zipper being unzipped, so he reached out his hand experimentally. His suspicion
was confirmed when his fingers came in contact with a hard, throbbing length. Smiling mischievously,
the ex-human started to stroke it slowly, denying the pureblood what he desperately needed. Revenge
is a bitch, Kuran; Zero thought triumphantly. Unfortunately for him, that small moment of victory didn't
last for long. Kaname didn't allow himself to be controlled. Zero wasn't allowed to tease him like that. So
he snapped. The pureblood yanked the teasing hand away from him, grabbing Zero's other hand, then
pinned them together above the gasping hunter's head.
"Tell me, dear Zero, who is the master here?" Kaname growled into his ear. Zero couldn't help but
tremble under the possessive voice. The bloodsucker was freaking driving him crazy.
"Y-you" he squeaked as the hardness started to press against his soaking entrance. Oh, this was so
embarrassing, and the prefect was very glad that he was blindfolded.
"Again." Kaname hissed as the pool of heat slowly swallowed him.
"You are my master!" Zero screamed when the pureblood lost his patient and plunged deep into him,
filling him completely. The hunter arched his back in the pain. He felt something inside him ripped, and
it HURT. A lot. If this was what girls had to go through during their first time
Kaname saw Zero's blindfold became wet, and he carefully removed it. Tears were flowing down the
silver haired ex-human's face freely, his lilac eyes shone with the overwhelming sensation. The
pureblood softly kissed his cheek, while wiping the tears away with his hand. Zero was trying his best to
relax and adjust to the feeling, but stopped and was surprised at the intimate action. His blush increased
tenfold; the hunter was being torn between leaning into the touch and acting strong by telling the
pureblood to carry on. The fingers on his cheek felt so soothing. However, as the pain subsided and his
pride and need returned, Zero chose the latter.
"Move" It was just a soft whisper, but he was sure the pureblood heard it.
Kaname slowly pulled out until only a bit of him remained inside the prefect, before thrusting in hard.
Zero groaned at the sensation. It was pleasurable in a way he had never thought of. The pureblood
repeated the action, and this time, Zero couldn't keep in the loud moan he was trying to restrain. This
was overwhelming.
"AhK-KanameFaster!" he almost screamed when the pureblood wasted no time in complying. In the
heat of the moment, Kaname placed the hunter's slender legs on his shoulders, and pounded into him
with a force that made Zero see stars. With this position, the pureblood made sure he hit the teen's G-
spot every time; Zero savored the feeling of being stretched and pleasured, his mind a melting mess,
words and sounds escaping his moist lips in broken strings. He began to recognize that heat in his
stomach, building up with each thrust and caress from Kaname.
The pureblood felt the body beneath him jerking, and the maddening heat around him starting to
clench. Zero's mouth opened in a silent scream as he rode out his orgasm, sweaty body arching and
clinging desperately onto Kaname. Kaname couldn't hold back. He came after the last violent thrust,
drowning himself in Zero, his smell, his heat
After all sensation went away, leaving their body spent and pleased, Kaname collapsed onto a passing
out Zero.
Aido came down the stairs in a foul mood. He was so dead. So, SO dead. He remembered getting lost in
the maze like ventilation system, unbelievably passing out due to exhaustion and desperation. The next
thing he knew, he was in his bed the next morning, with Kain telling him how he was rescued by
Kaname-sama. Which means the pureblood had known about his experiment. Which means he was
going to be killed the next time he saw the dorm leader. So Aido did the only thing he could: go
apologize. He was standing in front of Kaname-sama's room, when
"Aido-senpai!" suddenly, Zero Kiryuu rushed towards him. Zero Kiryuu, short haired, flat-chested,
usual scowl on his face_nothing out of the ordinary. And that was not normal. He should still be looking
all girly under the effect of the noble's potion, that was unless the hunter's rampaging estrogens had
found something they needNo wa- the furious, jaw-breaking fist that came in contact with Aido's face
very much proved that Zero Kiryuu had returned to a male. The aristocrat found himself completely
sprawled on the ground, still in a daze. Another punch met his face.
"Now we're even. Goodbye, senpai." Zero straightened his clothes and walked away, as if they had just
exchanged casual greetings.
"What happened here?" the door creaked open and a formally dressed pureblood stepped out. Kaname
had already heard everything with an amused smile in his room. He came out just to tempt the hunter
even more.
Upon seeing that collected face, memories of dark, passionate garnet eyes started to flood Zero's mind.
He blushed furiously and threw a burning glare towards the bloodsucker before muttering a "Nothing,
Kuran-senpai" and stomped away. Kaname let out a smile. Yeah, definitely worth it.
Aido slowly stood up and came face to face with the pureblood. Damn, think, Aido, think!
"UmhKa-Kaname-sama" was all he could force out.
"Well, Aido, about that little experiment of yours"
Aido forced himself not to flinch as an elegant hand rose up_he deserved the slap. However, the noble
jerked when that hand was softly placed on his shoulder. He cracked open his eyes and shivered at a
certain fire burning in the pureblood's eyes.
"Make me more."
The lecture was about to start as the Night class students rushed into the room leisurely taking their
seats. Kuran Kaname was the last to enter. Time really seemed to be against him today flying faster with
every second while he tried so hard to delay the inevitable. He was sure that today's class had nothing
interesting in store for him, and that mere thought made him wish to be somewhere else. The usual
monotonous voice of the teacher, unimportant problems...being the end of the term he was so sick with
all of this. But being the pureblood, the leader of vampires, he had to keep his emotions in control or his
subordinates would surely make a fuss about his state. And that was the last thing in the world he
He took his seat in the very last row hoping the teacher would get the clue and leave him alone for the
time being. With a soft sigh he looked through the window. It's not like he was really interested in the
view but practically not having anything else to do. It was this state of emptiness...His self-pitying was
soon interrupted by the sound of thunder and later on by the small drops of rain. The weather was
contributing to his mood not making it any easier.
'It is a whole bloody week already! Why is it taking so long?' Of course he knew that the missions the
hunters were getting sure wasn't the easy ones but still the week...and Zero said it wouldn't take much
time...Now he didn't even know where his lover was. He could be hurt or even...No. Not his Zero. Not
this yummy piece of a sexy hunter. His hunter.
The thoughts of their previous encounters made the corners of his mouth curl into a tender smile and
his eyes closed the moment the warmth of memories of them together filled his body with pleasurable
heaviness. His head moved to lie on his hands on its own accord. It wasn't his intention to fall asleep but
he just wasn't able to keep with the exhaustion of his body and mind in particular.
Kaname wasn't sure how much time passed since the moment the weariness took hold of him. His
senses were blurred as he was trying hard not to fall into the deep slumber, staying somewhere on the
verge between sleep and reality. It was the moment he felt a feather like brush against his leg when he
took a hold of himself. 'What was that? Am I still dreaming?' As if an answer to his question he felt a
more persistent touch, this time on his upper thigh. His vampire self was telling him to open his eyes but
feeling no danger in the aura around him, he just relaxed into the touch, enjoying the whatever
sweetest dream he was blessed with.
It was more than a week already since the last time he and Zero had their way with each other. He was
so missing the hunter and his lust filled kisses. The way his body pressed against his in the throes of
passion. 'He will so pay me for such a long absen..nnnng, yes...' That impatient hand just moved so close
to where Kaname wanted it the most. Just a little bit closer...
- Kaname...Kaname...
The sound of his name whispered in such a tender manner brought him back into reality. Still feeling
dizzy from a restless sleep, his eyes finally fluttered open only to be met by the pair of beautiful lavender
eyes staring back at him.
'It can't be, can it?'
- Zero?
- Shh...The lesson is still not over, you know.
'What? Lesson? Oh shit..' The realization struck him and he almost gasped taking notice of his current
position. He was still sitting in the classroom full of vampires with his lover now cautiously crawling
between his legs. And what a view it was! Disheveled hair, no jacket but the prefect's band still in place.
Cheeks flushed with pink, lips slightly parted...
Kaname felt his cock harden at the painfully erotic sight before him. His pants becoming uncomfortably
tight with every second. He spread his legs wider, giving more freedom to his swollen member and slid
to the edge of the school bench, desk shielding them so nicely from the unwanted eyes.
- Zero, but how did you..?
- Hush! You can bang me with questions later on. Now I have more urgent matters to attend to.
With that he sunk his teeth into Kaname's inner thigh, gaining a hiss from him, feeling his lover's arousal
- See? How can I call myself a prefect if I can't even cope with a single duty of keeping my lover satisfied,
Kaname arched at brow at that being surprised at the playful tone of a usually grumpy hunter. 'So Zero
wants to play. Nice..'
- Oh don't disappoint me then. Or I will have to punish you for not meeting with the pureblood prince's
expectations, - a wide grin spread upon his face, challenge written all over his posture.
- Tch, you wish. You'll be the one crying my name by the end of the lecture. But I suggest you keep your
voice down just in case the pleasure will be unbearable. We both don't want the bloodsuckers witness
the scene, ne?
- Don't be so self-confident hunter.
The next moment Kaname took a pencil and opened his notebook with a poker face, pretending to be
taking notes.
'So Kaname wants a challenge. That bastard. He'll pay.'
Instantly, Zero's hand grabbed vampire's clothed erection, fingers moved leisurely to the zipper slowly
undoing it. He made sure the tips of his fingers brushed along the bulge in Kaname's pants in the
The pureblood drew a deep breath. The mere thought of his lover sucking him off during the class made
him shiver. It was just like a dream come true, so kinky but he loved every second of it. His thoughts
were interrupted when he felt a hand tugging at the hem of his boxers, freeing his rock hard cock from
the tight prison of his school slacks. He hissed when he felt the chilly air came in touch with the hot
He heard Zero purr in appreciation at the sight. Yes, he was well endowed down there and he knew it.
Siverhead grabbed his cock and licked along the underside vein from the base to the very head. Then
traveled south again licking and nipping the hot skin, every time returning to the sensitive head, circling
it with his slick tongue.
It took Kaname half of his self-control not to thrust deeper into his lover's mouth. Gods, he just so
wanted to be buried inside this hot cavern. As if hearing his thoughts Zero finally took his cock into his
mouth and started bobbing the head up and down, his right hand squeezing the balls and his left one
moving down to stroke his own leaking erection. His cheeks were burning hot, pulse throbbing in his
Kaname's right hand snatched under the desk and touched Zero's cheek tenderly. Then moved to play
with the silver locks. Enjoying this display of affection, the hunter let his lover's slick hard-on slip from
his mouth. Hearing a disappointed growl he blew on the head and was rewarded with a soft moan.
- Gods, stop teasing, - Kaname hissed through the gritted teeth.
- Not until I hear you beg.
- Purebloods don't beg.
- Tch, come on, love, tell me. Do you want your rock hard cock deep into this sweet hot willing mouth of
mine? - Zero tongued his slit, tasting the precome.
- Ne, Kaname? I want you to slam deep there, hitting the back of my throat with every thrust, while I'm
pleasuring myself in front of you. Or would you rather drill another eager hole of mine?
- Aahhhh, fuck.
'If Zero will continue to talk dirty like that, I'm not going to last long. Shit. But I'm not going to beg either.
If Zero wants his cock up his mouth who is he to deny him the pleasure?'
With that he grabbed the silverhead by the hair and when his lover gasped in surprise he used this
opportunity to slam to the hilt into his mouth, hitting the back of his throat with the engorged head.
- Oh fuck...Gods...ahh.. - his eyes rolled into his head from the intense pleasure. He continued thrusting
until he felt Zero gag at the force and withdrew. It was a huge mistake to look down at the hunter as he
almost came from sight that greeted him. There was a trail of saliva between the tip of his hardness and
Zero's lips that were slightly parted. He was breathing heavily, teary eyes were dark with pleasure as he
was stroking his own arousal.
Damn. He was so close, drown in the sinful pleasure his lover was pouring at him. He wanted some
pressure on his cock so badly, but when he moved his hand to stroke himself, Zero slapped his palm
- Hands off I said. Play by my rules or do not play.
- Kaname-kun..KANAME-KUN!
Pureblood almost jumped as he heard someone shouting his name. 'Shit, the teacher.'
- Kaname-kun, I asked you a question.
'The fuck?' As if his embarrassment couldn't get any worse, Zero started to assault his already painful
erection with new force.
- I'm sorry, sensei, I'm afraid I missed your question. 'Gods, Zero, show some mercy'.
But the hunter on the contrary had no intention to stop, continuing with his dirty monologue. Gods, I
so want this huge cock of yours up my twitching ass. Wanna feel you slam deep inside hitting my
prostate with every thrust..
Oh fuck
- Have you said something, Kaname-kun? Anyway, I was wondering if you can pass these documents to
the director Cross for me?
Kaname grabbed the edge of the desk. His knuckles going white from the amount of self-concentration.
The only thing he wanted in the world now was to come all over his lover's face
He gathered the last shreds of self-control and managed to utter 'Sure'. Gladly the teacher seemed to be
satisfied with that and went on with the lecture.
Suddenly Zero deep-throated him, and the next second Kaname was spurting his seed into his lover's
mouth moaning his name. Some of his sperm dripped down Zero's chin erotically. The hunter didn't miss
the opportunity to lick the lips clean, leaning forward to do the same with Kaname's now softening cock.
- I won, love, sorry, - Zero winked at him.
- Tch. We'll see who will be the one crying in pleasure after the second round. I'm a pureblood for a
reason, dear.
The lesson was over soon. And the only thing Kaname managed to write in his notebook was "I love
Zero-kun so much"

The room was slightly dark filled with books in dust covered shelves. My eyes were hazy blurred as it
stared completely blank and half-lidded. My feet about to give up from standing as i get fucked hard
against one of the shelves in this library. Pleasure racked althroughout my body all too much that i'm
garbling incoherent words with my loud whimpering noises across the room. I learned not to keep my
moaning down since nobody ever comes in on this abandoned area at this time of day.
"Hmm...look at that...your little greedy hole is eating my cock and fingers so beautifully, so tightly." he
spread my ass open with his thumbs, and pushed them together with his cock while he looked down at
our connectedness.
No matter how much tired i am, i tried to keep myself up in a lewd position, my right hand gripped
tightly on the third column shelf, other hand spread open my ass cheeks as wide as i can and hips up to
accomodate the appendages pushing in and out of my sore pucker.
"Aah more... mmmore... It feels so go-good... Hyaa harder..."
"What a very bad boy, you've been tempting me all day. I still can't believe that an innocent, straight A
student like you is a naughty... hungry... cockwhore. haaa... you need to be punished thoroughly!" he
pulled out all his cock, pushed my left leg up to his side supported by his elbows, and folded me in half,
then slammed back in.
"nghnn...aah..ah.. sensei! Soo de-deeep!Please punish me...fuck me!... I've been a very bad boy..."
I shuddered at the new position. I brought my other hand to grip the shelves tightly. I turned my head
below and saw my bouncing, tiedup, leaking cock and to his very red ,stiff rod going in and out, skin
slapping skin.
My teacher always has a dirty mouth. I'm always turned on by his dirty talk. I love it when I'm called
lewd names. It makes me hornier. The first time i had sex with him was six months ago. I've been lusting
over him since the start of school, and he was too. We found ourselves inside this same library before,
same place here he pushed me up the shelves and rubbed his hard cock into me, saying lewd things he
wanted to do to me. Submissive as I am, I let him fuck me that whole afternoon and presently, here we
still continued this dirty little deed every single day. This was the third round for the late afternoon
explicit activity with my twenty six year old Math teacher.
"Like that?" he alternately rotated his hips and speared his cockhead to place pressure on my prostrate
"yess...sensei...nyaaa! feels so good! Th-there! Oh god! Oh god r-right there! Don't stop...!"
I wantonly thrusted back to get that amazing feeling and In turn, I felt him do me harshly, faster and
deeper sending me pressed in spread wide, sore and drooling over my chest. I whined and moaned like
a little whore that I am, begged him not to stop spearing at my abused prostate. The shelves were we
stood kept rocking at the impact.
"Hyaaa! Aaah! Sensei...i wanna cum! I'm so clo-clo-ose..!"
My cock and hole twitch so painfully good, i'm about to cum again for the third time yet my cock tied up
by his necktie. I don't want another dry orgasm. It hurts so bad.
"Beg, my dear." he spanked my asscheeks twice and kept ramming in increasing speed.
"Please, Please...Kakashi-sensei...!Please let me cum...let me cumm! I can't t-take it anymore...Please!" i
sobbed and mewled and arched. I heard him chuckle from behind, then sudden my cock was untied
from the soaked necktie.
"Alright..." He grabbed it and pumped it in time with his now shallow thrust.
"CUM NOW." all coherentness gone as spasms racked my body sending globs of boycum shoot from my
penis coating the books and all over floor.
A sudden temporary blackout happened to me, I slid down the floor,panting hard. his huge cock slipped
out leaving me empty,gaping open and some cum earlier dripped my thighs.
My head was jerked up to his direction, slightly dizzy, the teacher telling me something but I couldn't
figure him out due to lose of sensory thats until i felt his red cock close enough to my cheek and sprayed
cum all over me, groaning loud. I was shocked at the sudden cum facial.
"Holy...ugh! Open your mouth!"
I opened my mouth just in time to taste the last four shots of its bitter-sweet thick semen on my tongue.
I took his cock in my mouth fully, happily sucking it. I pulled it out swirling my tongue all to way to the
tip lazily.
"Yes that's right, suck it like a lollipop. Swallow everything sensei has to offer." he massaged my hair as i
continued to get everything out of it until it felt limp.
"hmm...your lollipop has delicious filling sensei." i licked my lips and fingers in delight while looking at
him dazed and satisfied.
"You sure do love it." he smirked, "Yeah, I really love it sensei." I smiled lustfully at the teacher, still
pumping. "No more?" he chuckled.
Later that day, I walked to the train station on my way home. It was crowded since its the time of the
day people get out of school and work. I went in the train and stayed on my usual spot at the corner
facing one of the windows. Bodies squeezed against bodies as each begin to fill up the entire train.
Minutes after the train moved, I felt someone else's breath against my neck and hips grinding into my
back intentionally.
"Keep quite." his husky voice sent shivered down my groin and the accent was amazing i could cum right
there and then. A foreigner, I guessed.i closed my eyes, pretended I didn't notice so he could come on
closer unto me like any pervert before.
His hands were big and began to place them on my hips, roaming his fingers inside my shirt, up and
down my flat stomach going up to my sensitive nipples, brushing and pinching them both until they
become hard nubs. I felt him smirk against my neck then licked my ear as he pushed himself harder
against me earning him a small moan. I can feel his huge cock pressing at my back rubbing it down to my
ass and back up.
His right hand began to unbutton my front zipper of my pants, sliding his huge calloused hand around
my semi-hard dick and holding it right.
"You're not fighting are you pretty little thing? Does this mean you like what i'm doing to ya?" I nodded
absentmindedly as he started to stroke me slowly. My precum began pool on my tip. He had just
touched me seconds ago, it felt so good the wetness slid down my shaft making it easier for him to slide
his hands.
"Horny little schoolboy aren't you. Haha. You smell so good too you turn me on. You make me want to
fuck your tiny cumhole."
He continued to rub me until tha one hand pinching my nipples slid its way to my loose pants, pulling it
half way down my asscheeks to squeezed each. The good thing about my gakuran top was that it looked
big on me able to hide my ass from the obvious fact that this guy was about to fingerfuck me around
dozens of people. I widened my stance and pushed my ass further up for his access.
I've been getting a few train perverts since last year and it's never new to me now. By this time i felt like
i slowly begin to have a little of that exhibitionist fetish in me.
"Are you turned on by doing this in a public train? the anticipation of getting caught fucking excites you
huh?" I pressed my forehead unto the window for support, now with open eyes and saw the young
man's reflection behind my shoulders with an amused expression on his handsome face.
"Mmmhmm... Bo-both..I don't c-care. Please, just do it.."
" exhibitionist. Hm. Let's see how tight you are here." he smirked as he plunged in his middle
finger so suddenly and easily. I gasped at the intrusion, I was still sore from fucking earlier but later paid
no heed, I instinctively pushed up my ass to him willingly.
"Woah... The fuck... you're soaked." he said surprised as pulled his fingers out to check the substance.
He chuckled sending shivers up and down my spine again.
"Is this what i think this is? You're dripping with sombody else's cum." He probed his middle finger in
again adding his index until both knuckles gone, procedeed to jab inside fast.
His other hand pumped me repeatedly, pushed me up to the corner more, towering over my small form.
I bit my lips to contain myself from moaning. He pushed in another finger at increasing speed and curled
at that little spot that drives me crazy. oh god my body went to auto overdrive. I bucked my self unto his
huge body on tippy toes.
"Yeah baby, that's right...fuck yourself on my fingers...ooh...feels good yeah?...Mmm give us a good
show..." he licked my neck up to my ears, squeezed my cockhead and rubbed the tip lazily. I rocked back
and forth to him for a minute until I realized what he meant, I gasped when i turn my head around to
see an old man standing beside me. He had his pants soaked with a bulged on and he's shamelessly
palming it. Two other men wore a business suits and casually stood there too, with a smirking
expression lustful eyes glued to my body. I felt that it's not only them who knew, probably the people
surrounding me knew what we've been up to. It makes me feel embarassed yet hot and excited for the
"I see youre enjoying the attention as much as them watching you." his seductive whispers and touches
caused a warm feeling across my body. I bit my lip when my cock twitched wildly.
"It got you even hornier..." I braced myself on the window, his fingers was intentionally prodding it away
from the spot so i took initiative and went to drive them in and out faster.
"Nnnooo...dont..." Seconds later, I came dripping to the floor, moaning loudly. luckily, my moan was
overlapped by the sound of the stopping train. My cum dripped to his hands and down my thighs. An
arm caught my waist prevented me from the fall.
Slowly people started to file out one by one. The guy tucked me back to my pants.
"That was hot. Thanks." he said. I turned around to grab his shirt hem before he could go. First thing i
saw and all i can focus on was his dark blue lustfilled eyes. My mouth went agap, i have never seen eyes
that amazing before. And he's a handsome, tall, tan and blonde man. My eyes went down to his bulging
area and its sure is big and aching. I bit my lips, I moved closer to him, smiling innocently.
"Let me help you with that."
We ended up going to a public restroom in the train station where usually not much people use at this
time. I hurriedly kneeled infront of him and pulled down his zipper which enveloped his huge hard 8 inch
cock. Its bigger than all other cocks I tried, with a red cut cockhead poking straight up, neat tuft of
blonde pubes at his base, and his balls were almost as big as tennis balls but that's understandable since
he's 6'3 and a foreigner. It will take me much effort to have sex with him concerning I'm a small asian
boy only 5'1 in height.
I stroked his raging cock gently to my small palms, my thumb and four fingers couln't even touch
eachother. He was thick. A lot thicker than my vibrating dildo. I licked my lips for preparation to suck his
big head. The excitement started to build inside me just the thought of having it shove inside my hole
reaching places that haven't been reached before, stretching me wide.
I slowly brought my tongue to his slittip licking it like a kitty. I heard the man hiss, I continued to move
down his shaft slowly, thinking it was a sweet, dripping giant popsicle.
"...You're so huge...mmm..."
"Better to fuck your tight ass with this baby." I giggled sending another vibrations to his cockhead.
"I can't wait." i run my tongue up from base to head and sucked on the tip again.
"what a sexy dirty little mouth..." he grabbed the back of my head trying to get me to suck him more
fully. I pooled my saliva inside my mouth before eating half of his pulsing cock. I played with his balls too
kneading them slowly, I felt them hard as well. His precum leaked more through his hole, which brought
my thoughts of how much cumjuice he could give me. My small pink cock already stiff and dripping. I'm
also drooling.
"Let me." he grabbed my head, I let my hands fell down to my thighs to reach for my abandoned cock. I
started to pump it at the same time he fucks my mouth slowly. Half of his cock was already down my
throat. I looked at him as he goes further. I relaxed for his girth and he pushed some more until my nose
could almost touch his fair pubic hair. He pulled his cock out and back again.
"Yeah...take it deep, nice and slow. Suck it and look at me. I'm going to come in a minute." looking at
him, i was drooling over, saliva and cum mixed together. He pulled out halfway and let me suck his cock
head again. In seconds, the shaft vein pulsed and I know whats next to come, he grabbed my head
tighter to close over his shaft.
"Uugh!" he cummed loads and thick loads of his seed that my tiny mouth can't even swallow the rest,
the sixth and seventh shot spilled messily out my lips. My mouths so full but I licked and gulped down ,
His cock was still as hard as I got them. He clutched it and pumped it alternately.
I cummed as well just seeing his cock go hard instantly.
He pulled me up afterwards, took off my clothes just to leave my socks and glasses on because he
thought its kinky to fuck a sweet innocent and cute boy like me. This is mostly everybody else's
forbidden fantasy.
He bent me over facing the washer and mirror. He asked me to lift up my left leg to the washer top to
give him a better view of my asshole. There some copious cum dripped out of me due earlier's extra
curricular activity with an upperclassman and a teacher who had loads to give to leave me sticky soaked.
"The guy did a great job filling you up. You probably like getting fucked eh."
"Hn. Actually there's... two of them...I thought I have pulled it all out." I mumbled still holding my foot
up on the washer
" had it twice but you're still tight as I remember in the train. Have you tried a cock this big up
your tiny fuckhole?"
I looked back at his cock and disapproved. I never had a cock that big. He gave me one of those sexy
smirks and moved behind me.
"Well then, little schoolboy, This gonna be it we'll both gonna enjoy." he probed two of his fingers again
to my pucker lips, pushing in, scissoring.
"I bet I'm bigger than those guys who fucked you. Its gonna sting when i begin to pound you with this big
thing." I felt his hand left my hole thats until something hot and sticky pressed at the rim.
"feel how huge this is baby." he rubbed the tip of his cock against my quivering hole. His precum
smeared against the other's sperm coating my ass and the feathery touch on my spine make me want to
lose it again.
"aahnnn... I want it... " he held my hips to the cold washer tiles.
"now... Please... Fuck me..."
"Not yet, i wanna tease you more... it's amusing to watch such a pretty little thing like you begging." he
run his tongue over my spine to my neck and sucked it. His chin laid on my shoulder, looking at me to
the mirror.
"I'll definitely enjoy fucking you senseless. Hear you scream and beg me to pound you deep and hard as
you take my cock to the hilt, feel it twist your insides that nobody has ever done before. And when i'll
cum, i'll shoot loads of my hot seed in your flat belly and leave you gaping wide and fullof cum. You want
that baby?" he said lustily into my ear.
"Ye-yes! I want it... what are you wa-waiting for...give it to me...stop teasing...nghhh..i'll cum again..."i
looked to the mirror with begging eyes, breathing heavily, pushing my hips toward his badly want to
fuck myself because I can't wait any longer.
"Then cum. Again and again. I'd love to see it."
My eyes went wide as he started to push four of his fingers inside instantly using the sperms as
lubrication. i bucked against his harsh hands, sobbing with close eyes. Seconds gone, a tingling sensation
shocked my whole body when a rough, long tongue wiggled its way inside my wet hole.
"Hyyaaa!" he spread my ass wider as he plunged in his tongue.
The older guy was rimming me, slurping the cum all out hungrily. It made me all sensitive that a tiny
shiver happened and I spurted the sticky buttcum out of my hole. It came out thick blobs dripping to the
tiled floor.
"What a dirty little boy, to have that load of cum inside of you... Mmm..." he sounded amused watching
me. He spread my ass cheeks with his four fingers again and licking it more. His tongue was long and
made lewd slurping noises.
"Oh god...please...i want it now... I'm begging you... Fuck me nnnow.." i sobbed closing my eyes tightly
and fists turned white on the tiles.
"Pleaaase...Ah!" instantly, He grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them wider, sooner i felt the head
pop in and he didnt move. i felt it in, hot, hard and huge beginning to rip me apart.
"oh god! Nyaaaa-uh!" Just about the head of his cock, he was able to reach my prostate. He pushed in
some more slowly and it created a mindblowing friction to my canal which made me cum again.
"How'd you feel me baby? I see,You cummed again."
" h-huge! Uh..huge and thi-iiick... So good yet you'll gonna tear aaa..."
"haha. You're so hot and tight as well."
We continued on the slow rhythm until I adjusted to the girth and went in fully. He pulled out all the
way and slammed back in. He begun moving in ascending speed brushing past my abused prostate until
the rocking increased more into frantic wild movements.
He slapped my ass a few times, and i enjoyed the feeling. It caused a tingling sensation throughout my
body. He moved me to a new position without him pulling out. He pushed up both my feet on top of the
washer facing the huge mirror, with thighs spread wide supported by his arms and my back against his
chest. I can see all of myself in the mirror, sweaty, mouth hanging open, lust filled eyes behind my hazy
glasses about to slip off my nose, my aching cock bobbing harshly. I watched myself; I watched him and
his huge cock disappearing into my gaping greedy hole. It's a mouthwatering sight. I began to play with
myself touching my nipples, my belly and my very sensitive cock.
"See yourself? You're so fucking damn sexy stuffed so full by me... Tell me how much you love my big fat
cock fucking you ,pretty baby. Tell me how much of a cockhungry bitch you are..." he stared at me to the
mirror, his blue eyes shining with pure lust.
"Yess...aah..haannn...i'm so stuffed with your huge my aaah... I love it..oh god! fuck me in
more ways you can..."
"little boy, you'll gonna get it so hard and deep i assure you." the wild thrusts were unbearable creating
loud slapping noises of skin contact. my toes curled, my breath come in short loud pants and I climaxed
for the nth time sending my pearly white cum shoot straight to the washer.
Not yet fully recovered, He changed me into a new position, pushed me to lie on the floor on my back
and knees pressed on my chest. He fucked me again. I kept shouting 'more', 'fuck me', 'harder', 'deeper'
not minding whoever will hear us from this public comfort room. I've become so sensitive to his cock
that about every five to ten minutes he speared my spot accurately, I would cum and he kept coaxing
Oh god. He's a beast. I'm so spent and sore and stuffed. I even blackouted twice on the process. The
moment I opened my eyes, in semi-conscious state, i was riding his cock to the hilt while he's lying down
on floor pushing me up and down, wildly thrusting hips made me bounce on his lap hard like a ragdoll.
"can you feel it in here...?" he glided his large hands along my abdomen massaging the bulge his cock
made when he didnt try to move. I sat still feeling all of it.
"yes..yes..your m-mmy belly... soo deep is twisting... inside out." He slides his hands up and
down my sides. He finally rested it on my neglected cock, he stroked it slowly.
"And what do you like to happen now?" he grunted
"...mmm...i'd like it to get...filled up... Have me...FULL-of-YOUR-CUMmmm." Though a bit tired, I put all
my remaining strenght to bounce myself on him. He hadn't cummed yet. I need his cum. I leaned down
closer to his chest, put my hands on his shoulders for support, folded my legs up for leverage and
thrusted down heavily per emphasis of the word. I rolled my hips back and forth, squeezing his shaft in
the process.
"Move. Please move." He groaned underneath, i felt the pulsing vein again and its twitching. he thrusted
up a couple of times again, wildly. Next of the words i tried to say come out as garbles especially with
that one hard, deep thrust upwards.
"nyaaanngh!" i tightened up,my back arched and my eyes rolled to the back of my head as another
intense orgasm happened. My cum exploded like fireworks flying across our stomachs and chests. My
face fell on his chest as he kept that deep, hard thrusts of his cock that soon knotted inside my belly to
shoot spurts of hot thick cumjuices.
"your cummm...mmm..." i whimpered on his chest, panting hard and still shaking on top of him. Its like
his hot cock electrifies me with each release. He held me tight shooting longer than i expected. It kept
twitching and drilling in. It kept on coming and coming like a water hose full impact.
There's just two things happen to me after sex with intense orgasm, either i faint or i convulse
tremendously for minutes.
The station comfort room filled with harsh pants and smelled so much like musky sweat and semen. We
relaxed in that position unmoving, my spasms lighted down and his limp cock still lodged inside.
With good amount of rest, I sat up from his lap groggily supported by my hands on his chest. Even
though his was already limp, it still felt big. I found my belly bigger for about an inch or so. The hot
bucket cum stuck inside for sure. We both looked at eachother's drenched selves for a minute. He
looked so sexy especially with that smirk on his face. He licked his bottom lip and lifted his hips for a
slow, narrow thrusts to my sore hole.
" Sorry i can't take it anymore..." i spoke with a tired hoarse voice.
"... I'm so drained."
"Then, pull out now baby or I might fuck you again if it stays in longer."
I slowly pull his cock out of me. I tightened my thoroughly fucked asshole to prevent semen from leaking
messily but it still leaked anyway to his shaft and down to my thighs.
"Oh fuuuuck... You're a beast, You filled me up so good." his laugh filled the room.
We walked out the restroom groomed back and satisfied. He invited me to have a short dinner chat at a
cafe afterwards, and I found out his name was Naruto, 20, he's in college two blocks away from my
school. We decided to see eachother again so I gave him my email when we parted. I didn't realized it
was past 10pm and my brother called for the sixth time if i was back home now. I called my brother so
he won't get worried, I lied that it was about having an overtime due to a schoolwork.
. Thursday morning came, the day started with our PhysEd class, everybody walked down the path to
the locker room to change into our attires. Four boys watched as I peeled off my school uniform. I knew
what they wanted, it's always been like this before class starts. each one gets a quickie, they got me
stuffed one at a time until the bell signals, whether they cum or not we have to get to class on time.
PhysEd was followed by breaktime, we always get to resume our little orgy at the back of the
gymnasium. It started three months ago when two of them caught me playing with a buttplug in the
Right at moment, back of gymnasium, breaktime, I'm on my hands and knees, fucked deep by a
classmate whose a swimmer athlete with brown shaggy hair, tattoed face. I always admired athletes
because of their stamina and lean, not to muscled built. Three cocks surrounded me in a triangle, the
two of the boys I remember was from the student council, the redhaired and longhaired brunnette, both
stoic and well respected in school. Lastly, the older guy, he is seventeen with pineapple tied-up hair and
has a girlfriend but still decides to fuck me at occasions. I sucked hard on those three cocks alternately,
or two at a time, deepthroating, stroking them together if I can as I thrust back to the powerful hips
fucking me.
"Shit! Oh fuck fuck...yeah! Why are you always so tight even if we do you over everyday?" the shaggy
haired boy hissed quietly as he thrust in more fiercely, digging his blunt nails unto my hips.
"keep it down, will you Kiba.." brunnet said
"Aah... But this feels too fuckin' good!" he whined
"Troublesome... Do it quick and quietly. I'll have my turn next." the older guy mumbled
"Yeah, Yeah...mind your own businesses pals." he scoffed
"Tch." the redhaired boy usually never say anything
I moaned through my stuffed mouth, saliva and precum droolled over my chin as I popped the cocks out
and continued.
"...Our cocks are delicious aren't they?"
" tasht sho good."
"haha what a slut you are..."
Four of them have different cocks, it makes sex more exciting and pleasurable. Kiba has the thickest cock
among the group, as thick as four of his fingers. Shikamaru has the longest, 6 and a half, with a slight
curve upwards and huge mushroom shaped head with each push puts pressure on my prostate. Neji is
average, not too thick or long but his cockhead has a bulbous tip that can even cum as huge as
Shikamaru while Gaara's uncircumsized cock is fun to suck at, with smooth, round head and a slit that is
very sensitive, he goes both ways too.
They kept pumping and pumping until the redhead slid under me, causing a 69 position. He sucked my
cock in his mouth as well as plunged his fingers into my hole in time with the doggy thrusts.
"Yes! Fuck me... Fuck me! oooh...nggnhnn..." my wobbly left hand grabbed the redhaired's cock and
pumped it in rhythm. My hair was grabbed by pairs of hands, immediately stuffing my mouth once again
by those two gorgeous cocks infront of me. The impact of being penetrated to all holes were intense,
Too frantic that i couldn't stay up any longer. My eyes rolling up to meet my eyelids. My moans muffled
by sweaty, delicious cockmeats. I was having a sensory overload, it caused me to cum again prematurely
before these three and unconciously squeezing the shafts of these boys altogether.
"Squeeze it like that." the brunette slapped my butt
"FUCK yeah."
"Shit I'm gonna cum" Kiba accelerated his thrust animalistically
"Aah! Just do it...nnmmph!"
"Ugh! Y-Yeaaa.." Kiba sent his hot cum deep to my hole in one final deep push that I gagged on the cock
I was sucking on. The other boys alternately shot their sperms down my throat and Gaara's flew
splashing to my chest bathing me with thin sheet of his pearly sticky juices.
"...look at that drenched loose hole bro." he slowly took out his cock and spread it wide to show it to
Shikamaru who instantly positioned his cock. I was shaking from cumming and they didn't gave me time
to breathe when another cock was jammed in inside me.
"My turn." he pushed in his long cock easily. To my surprise, he hasn't cum which i was expecting Kiba to
last longer. He wasted no time,he started plunging in and out with a rhythm and urged me to sit on his
lap in one slapping motion that sent me filled by him to the hilt.
"Uggh! Ah! Aha! Deeep..."
The brunnet kneeled beside me, kissing me with his skillful tongue, sliding it down to my neck and
nipples. The redhead rolled over to crouch, still sucking and stroking my cock. The athlete positioned on
the opposite side of Neji. His cock dripped wet so I grabbed a hold of it and put it inside me mouth
tasting the same cum that embedded in me moments ago.
"...suck my cock...bitch." he moaned
Neji bit one of my nipples, I mewled causing vibrations on the athlete's cock.
"I wanna fuck him now. Are you done?" the brunnet looked over to Shikamaru who grunted.
"We've only have thirteen minutes left." He looked pissed at the older guy who continued thrusting in
I felt Shikamaru laid back bringing me with him, now I lay down with my back on his chest and my legs
spread open for the others.
"Double fucking?" Neji raised one eyebrow, amused
"Yep. Get on with it."
"huh? Nnnoo. Waiit..." I was shocked, I wriggled from the hold but the older guy is strong.
"Shut it. It's not like your not stretched thoroughly, Uchiha" Kiba laughed
"Just relax." Neji massaged my stomach and down to my thighs, he went above me to position his cock
at my entrance. Shikamaru pulled out just a bit asking me to spread my buttocks wider. I waited for the
second intrusion until pain ripped in my body.
"Haaa! Oh god!" my eyes widened It caught ne by surprise but it felt good. Neji spreaded my asscheeks
more and then thrusted alternately with Shikamaru.
"NGHH!...haa...haa...yes..fuck." I felt likethe double penetration was like Naruto's own cock. It's not as
long though the thickness was like him.
"hnnn...more." intake of breath for seconds and the slow pounding started until it increased.
"Ah! Ah! so good...oh god." I screamed away from Kiba's cock and he just let me. I somehow forgot that
we're at the back of the gymnasium, still in school.
"Uchiha loves getting gangbanged! He can pass up as one of those AV sluts!" Kiba yelled. Stroking his
hard cock furiously beside my shoulder, occasionally brushing his cocktip over my sensitive nipples.
"You should be a porn star."Gaara kissed me for a moment, his fingers also playing on my nipples.
Minutes later, clicking and flashing lights appeared. Kiba just took out his phone from elsewhere we
didn't know and directed the camera to us.
"Take out that damn camera." Gaara growled, irritatted at the lights. kiba just grinned at him. He clicked
a couple of shots, annoying the redhead even more.
"If that comes out, i'm gonna kill you."
"Feisty huh. Come here." he grabbed gaara's neck and kissed full on the lips with tongue acion going on.
He pulled him in between my head, bending him over my supine body and towards to Neji. His cock
dangles above my face so i licked it over the tip causing the redhead to moan at that same time Kiba
penetrated him without warning, causing him to jerk down on my throat.
The five of us joined together creating frantic movements. Those two cocks were unbelievable. It hurts
but it feels good. Shikamaru's hands keep pushing my hips down to meet both of their thrusts. Gaara
was suddenly pulled out by Kiba and they resumed their activity separate from us.
"I'm about to come..." Shikamaru muttered slamming in faster.
"Same he-here..."
"Keep it going... keep it going...haa.."i panted
"Oh shit here it comes." My sphincter got tighter when the three of us simultaneously cummed. Luckily,
Neji was able to pull out slightly, shooting on my anal ring while Shikamaru was deep inside filling my
insides. Their cocks popped out with a lewd sound, I tilted my head to the side to find Kiba and Gaara
still fucking and close to completion. I somehow felt sleepy all of a sudden but when about to close my
eyes, I was rolled to the side and was penetrated again by none other than the redhead. Deep, fast
thrusts from Kiba being connected to the Gaara as well pushed my face and upper body to the floor.
Next thing happened, Gaara cummed inside me and Kiba pulled out because the redhead doesn't want
it and just cummed all over my body.
We laid there until the first bell rang, we got up and went to the showers to clean up for next class.
Shikamaru, Neji and Gaara got out first going to separate classes and I was left with Kiba who moved in
my cubicle. Who was clearly and unsurprisingly still has a hard on. He pressed himself behind me,
holding me by the waist and nipped at my ear.
"One last round." he whispered
"Come on, this will be really quick." he didn't wait for my reply he just pressed me against the cold tiles
wall and pushed his cock inside with one stroke. Cold water hitting on us as we fucked another round
fast and shallow hitting on my bundle of nerves precisely. I was trembling on my toes, holding on to the
shower faucet to keep my balance.
"Aah...aah..." Our moans echoed throughout the shower room.
"Ha! The-there! Faster!" he carried me up and pounded as fast. i felt his vein pulsed and its soon
enough. Just when were close to climax, we heard some students laughing through the window atop
this shower room. it's the seniors.
"hnnn...Se-sempai... They're h-he-aaaa.."
"Ssshhh...almost there. Tighten up and Hold on..." i held tighter on the faucet for those last six rapid
thrusts as the seniors went inside the shower room one by one.
"Mmm...mnn...!" i convulsed against the cold wall when i climaxed, bit my lips to shut my self. Kiba
finally came again, rushing hot streams of his seed into my stuffed canal. He pulled out and the white
pearly liquids were sliding down my thighs in thick amount. He pushed in and repeated three times,
fascinated to watch it drip on his dick and to the floor.
Three people cummed inside me twice since this morning. This brunette, thrice.
"You're so lewd." he whispered "you have the buttplug?" I nodded. Looking to my handy kit on the rack
that contained everything from personal soap, shampoo, lotion etc.
"Ehe." He took the small fingerlike buttplug out of the kit and inserted the toy to the hilt discontinuing
the escape of cum.
"Eat it up tightly."
I went in class eight minutes late on clock and Kakashi sensei was there looking pissed.
"It's unusual that you're late today, Mr. Uchiha"
"I'm sorry Sensei, I don't have any excuse." i bowed
"Okay then. Stay afterclass you need to be punished." there was a micro miniscule smirk and glint in
sensei's eyes as he followed my walk to my table before he returned to writing on the chalkboard.
It is on a summer weekend I wake up in the middle of night to hear the doorbell ringing. My brother has
finally come home and judging by the noise outside, he is not alone. He brought his friends with him. I
walk to the door, too groggy to mind that I just wore a oversized blue shirt and pink mini boxers. Yes
pink. I love them. At the door I see my brother's smiling and I immediately latched at like a little boy. His
friends from college stand behind, smirking as well which I surely know of what it meant.
Kisame, the tall, muscled guy with spiky hair and shark-teeth. Deidara, the handsome long-haired blond
guy whose hair tied up in a high ponytail. Lastly, Sasori, the redhead who looks so much like Gaara-
sempai and who often talks too. My brother doesn't know that two of his friends specifically Kisame and
Deidara had sex with me before.
I smiled at my brother's friends acknowledging the known stares they give me. As they entered, I walked
with them to the living room. Kisame is beside me and I feel his hand held my hips, sliding it back and
forth, feeling it go down to squeeze my butt. I giggled when Deidara elbowed him on his side when
Itachi-niichan turned around. They should be very careful especially around my brother. I don't really
know what would happen if Niichan finds out.
"Aniki, I'm going back to sleep now. Please don't mess up the place while your drinking, I just cleaned it
earlier." I faced my brother, staring up at his tall figure.
"Ofcourse Sasuke. I'm sorry you have to wake up. Have a good night sleep then." He gives me a tight
hug. I love my brother. Sometimes I have this weird feelings of being infatuated with him. He is so
fucking handsome or maybe this is just brother-complex.
"It's alright aniki, I always miss you when you're not home on weekdays". Itachi-nii smiled and ruffled
my hair as I yawned.
On my way back to my room. I heard one of the guys asked about another guy coming in later but since
I'm too sleepy anyways, that didn't register.
Few hours later,
I am awakened by the feel of my bed moving. My eyes partially opens to see a body looming above me.
My vision is slightly fuzzy dark without my glasses and my night lamp isn't helping too to let me
recognize the person.
"whaa..who...who are you..?" my eyes widened at the vague stranger inside my room and more
importantly on my bed. He's definitely not Kisame or Deidara for I know. "What do..mmph.."
"Ssshh..." The person presses a finger to my lips. I paused for a second feeling him close to my face.
Alcohol lingering in his breath. He is leaning close enough that I could also smell the faint mint his
shampoo that is oddly familiar. The stranger's tongue begins to press against my collar bone, sucking it
gently as rough,huge hands tried to slowly pull up my shirt to expose my nipples. Two of those places
where I am so sensitive of.
"hnnn..." I stifled a moan. I am being molested by a stranger again. It's always inevitable. I have that
RAPE ME SIGN above my head.
I grab his short hair with my fingers. This is definitely not Kisame or Deidara, they don't have this kind of
hair but.. "Aaahn... Wait.."
I breathed in shock as his wet tongue surrounded one erected nipple after the other. "Sasori..."
"Oh god... Don't...nnn..." He chuckles softly yet continued to explore his tongue and hands on my body.
"Mhmm..nghn.." He slowly goes down to lick another sensitive part of my abdomen. Soon, I wasn't
aware anymore that my boxers were taken off and now with legs open wide. His tongue at the tip of my
weeping cock, teasing me with light licking of his tongue.
"Nn...Sasori... Please stop..." Sasori pumps my cock with his big fist. "Aaa..aniki is d-down sta-aairs..." he
continued on, sucking and pumping me fast that I think I would burst any second.
"I'm going to cum...oh god..oh god..!"
"Go ahead." he spoke, releasing the cock from his hot mouth. His voice half registering in my mind when
all of a sudden I cummed.
"Sasori...Sasori...hyaa.." I cummed on high like every other orgasms. I lay still and
unmoving on the bed, wide open to the stranger in front of me, which I doubt now isn't really Sasori.
"Who.. really..aa..are you...?" I said panting.
He chuckles again, moving to the edge of the bed. I couldn't see anything but I know he is taking off his
pants. I hear the unfastening of the zipper. The lighting in the room sucks as well as my very bad vision.
Just at that moment I am blindly looking for my glasses on the table drawer, he pulls my toes towards
the edge.
"Eek...!" he startled me when he positioned me again wide apart against his abdomen, a very erect cock
nudging my thighs "Oh god..." My penis twitched at the contact to such huge, hot, hard cock. "Tell me
please..." I begged.
"I'll let you know by my cock...sweetheart..." his husky voice reverberated through my skin. Is it his real
voice or just the effect of alcohol? Fuck it's hypnotizing. There's a hint of familiarity but I can't tell right
now since my mind's in a haze.
"I think I don't need to stretch you any longer, this place is kinda loose already... slutty little boy you
are." He hovers above me again and suck on my bottom lips. "You are so fuckin' cute. I'm gonna fuck you
hard." He positions his engorged thing slowly thrusting inside me.
"Mmm... Mister...aaannn.. Fuck...fuck..."
"Yeah... baby, FUCK." he smirks, twisting back his tongue into my mouth, and moving his thick
appendage in and out of me deep and slow.
"Aaaahn...mmm...nngh..." The stranger pushes himself up and grabs both of my thighs together putting
it to his right shoulder. I whimpered while biting my lips to keep my loud moans to myself. My brother's
going to catch us. He is going to...
"Ah!... haa.. huge c-cock aahaa...nn..."
"Yes, baby? Got the answer already?"
"hnn..." This cock, it's ripping me apart...
" I?" he slid into my deepest. He did it twice slow yet hard, hitting my bundle of pleasure
nerves. "Come on, say it baby...WHO. AM. I?"
"..Oh god! Na.. Naru-t-to!" I cried loud, cumming all over myself again. "Hiyaa...mmph!" He held my cock
close to my belly as I arched my back and cum shoots over my check and neck.
There was silence for a moment. The thrusting stopped but he didn't pull out of my hole. The stranger
shifted on my bed, hovering above me once again bringing our chest together.
"You're so cute." he chuckled, breathing on my right ear and caressing my other cheek until my pants
. . .
"Why didn't you tell me it was you in the first place?" Shooting him a glare
"Because I love it when Sasuke becomes such a horny kitten around strangers attacks him." he smirked.
I blushed at that fact.
"You're a...a...pervert!"
"Yeah..yeah..says the other one." I punched him softly on the shoulders.
"If my brother finds out about this, you'll gonna get us killed!"
"I think not. They must have been dead drunk downstairs by now. Unless you've woken them up with
your moans..."
"Oh fuck..Was I that loud?"
"Yeah. sort of." he nods. My eyes widens at the realization pushing Naruto's body away.
"Get off. Get off."
"Hey. I'm still inside you and STILL hard."
"Get OFF now."
"You selfish brat. I made you cum twice and you won't even give me some release." He growled.
"Aniki will find out."
"I locked the door. Just be quiet." He rolled on bed changing our positions. Now it's me up on top of him.
"I know how much you miss this..." Naruto slowly rolled up his hips into me. In this position, his cock
goes in further. "Now, make me come quick before he gets us." he squeezes my buttcheeks together as
we I begin to rock with him. Eyes slowly closing, feeling it again and again pounding my insides.
" this.."
"I know you love it riding."
My hands held unto the headboard for support, gasping softly. "oh god..." how I miss his huge cock so
much. The bed was rocking hard that the creaking sound can obviously be heard downstairs. Naruto
suddenly lifts me up from the bed. He asks me to hold myself around his neck and finally puts my feet
down on the floor and turns me around facing the wall to consume fucking. Both hands grab my small
waist and starts going in and out in a faster rhythm that my body would frantically lift up.
"Feels good?"
" good..ngh! Please...faster..."I said whimpering on my shoulder while we both thrust
together in standing position. Naruto holds my cock in his right hand and pumps it in time of his hard
thrust and showers me with scattered hickies on my nape. I am trembling with so much need for this.
I've never felt so good like this in the past few weeks.
"Tighten up that tiny hole for my cock...squeeze it...make me cum..."
" that.. Fuck what a tight ass..."
"Please..please give me more..mmmore!"
"'re getting louder there..."
"mmm...ngh..! Aah!" I bit again my lips, whimpering silently, but sometimes I gasps in surprise when he
strucks my prostate directly making me wobble on my feet and my eyes rolled back to my skull as wave
of intense orgasm hit me again, screaming softly.
"ugh!" cum drips on his hands, some tainted my cream walls. I breathed in shaking. At that same time, I
feel Naruto's penis contract. There was that animalistic growl again. I knew it.
"Come on my face. Please ...come on my face." I begged. He pulled out his dick and pushed me down. I
thrust my head up and closes my eyes waiting for him to come. With just a few strokes of his giant cock,
thick spurts of semen sprayed all over my face.
"Pretty baby is such a slut." I smiled looking up from below as I licked him slowly. Sucking the few left
behind that oozed from his still unbelievable hard cock.
"Pedo-pervert" I retorted giggling.
"Haha. Right. Can go for another round?" he asked devilishly when he pulls me up to lick my cheek and
embraces me. His cock is poking again on my abdomen.
"As long as aniki won't find out." I kissed him hard standing on tiptoes. "We can do it over and over. So,
Naruto..." I walked to my study table bending over it seductively. "Fuck me like this and fill me up next."
The night goes on for the two of us but neither of us knew that someone behind that door is listening
since half of the time with hard on poking from his pants.
"So, how exactly do you know Kaname-sama again?"
The woman's regarding him with raised eyebrows that have obviously been plucked too thin, and
puckered lips - like she had been sucking on a lemon. The expression is as tight as her pinned hair - not a
single stray strand in sight - and as uncomfortable looking as her sparkling, figure-hugging evening gown.
Zero blinks. "Pardon?"
She laughs breathily, and takes a flighty sip from her glass of champagne. "I was simply asking about
your relationship with Kaname-sama? Are you friends?"
It's the question he's been receiving the entire night, and though it's incredibly annoying to hear the
tenth time around, he knows he can't blame the underlying frustration that occurs within him on just
the repetition itself. Secretly, of course, he knows what bothers him the most is that he's not really sure
what the answer was. Sure, in the past few months, their relationship (Kaname's and Zero's) had
undergone a tremendous alteration - transitioning from one of mutual hatred, to dislike, to toleration,
and then, well, simply put, fucking.
Yes, Zero Kiryuu, self-acclaimed vampire hunter, was, in fact, sleeping with Kaname Kuran, a high
ranking (possibly the highest ranking) pureblood vampire.
That being said, he severely doubts 'friend' would be an accurate way to describe his connection to the
pureblood. On the other hand, he doesn't think the actual description of their relationship is going to cut
it either. Still, he can't resist the teasing thought, and the smirk that crawls up to his lips in response.
We like to think of ourselves more as fuck-buddies, and then the woman would drop her glass, the
crystal shattering into millions of tiny and glittering shards on the ground - the hand that had been
holding it now covering her dropped jaw.
But this was Kaname's party, and even a person with so little knowledge of proper human etiquette, let
alone polite behavior in such a grand social setting like Zero can tell when too much would be too much.
He wouldn't want to damage Kaname's reputation with such information, anyway. Fucking a lower Level
D who also just so happened to be a vampire hunter was definitely not something the pureblood prince
would want getting out, especially when Zero's pretty sure the whole purpose of this event was to win
over the majority vote in the upcoming election for the head of council.
So, like the respectable fuck-buddy he was, Zero simply grimaced and lied indifferently through his
teeth, "We're classmates."
"Oh, how nice." The way she says it begs to differ. "High and low level vampires being taught together in
the same class. What an interesting school you have here..."
Forgoing the inevitably nasty response he would give had he answered, Zero - in hopes of finding a
suitable distraction - grabs quickly onto the sleeve of a server passing by, nearly yanking the poor man
backwards in his haste and not caring in the least. He demandingly motions towards one of the many
full champagne glasses atop the tray balanced in the waiter's palm. With a disgruntled frown, the man
plucks a single glass off by the stem and shoves it into Zero's opened and awaiting hand. He nods as a
rushed thank you, before tipping his head back and downing the entire bubbling drink in two gulps. He
reaches for another and does the same, and then again with a third and fourth.
When he goes for a fifth glass, ignoring the belligerent expressions of both the waitstaff and the
bystanding guests, his vision is slightly blurred, his head fuzzy with a sleepy heat, and his senses are so
warped that it takes him a moment to feel the cooling and bracing touch of long, slender piano fingers
on his wrist, gripping it only tightly enough to restrain without causing pain or discomfort. His eyes settle
on the hand in recognition - but through his haziness, he cannot exactly identify from what memory this
deja vu is coming - and then allows his eyes to slide up the muscled biceps hidden beneath a flowing
black satin dress shirt, to the strong, pronounced shoulders, to the ivory, unblemished neck, and then
finally, to the flawless masculine beauty that was Kaname's face.
Seriously, Zero wasn't one to hand out compliments, but this guy really was just fucking gorgeous -
what, with his perfect, pale skin, dark and angular features, and enveloping wine-colored irises.
And he fucking hated it.
"Perhaps it would be polite to save some for the other guests, Zero," Kaname calmly states, grinning
good-naturedly, and as soon as the pureblood says those words, it's as if someone just cracked a
window, permitting all the overwhelming and heady tension to leave the room, and for all the vampires
looking for a good show to turn away and go about their own business once again. When the woman
with the sparkling dress continues to stare, it apparently dawns on Kaname, whose eyes widen slightly
as he realizes that Zero had actually been attempting to converse with the lady. "I'm terribly sorry,"
Kaname smiles teasingly. "I do hope he hasn't been too much of a bother."
"Oh, goodness no! As a matter of fact, Zero-kun" - and Zero is absolutely fucking sure that the woman
had no utter idea who he was five seconds ago, and hardly thought it appropriate for her to be referring
to him in such a manner - "Was just telling me that you're classmates, and can I just say, Kaname-sama, I
have great respect for you and your appreciation of the minorities. I mean, learning side-by-side with an
ex-human? It shows a vast amount of maturity, and to do so with such dignity? It's truly an inspiration.
Oh, and I'm sure such a quality is working wonders for your campaign!" She winks.
Zero resists the urge to roll his eyes, and instead, turns away, arms folded in front of his chest, and
pouts. He wasn't a big fan of adult talk, especially because it always managed to creep back to this
worrying topic: as long as Zero was with Kaname - whether it be friendship, or purely physical, or
whatever the fuck they were calling it - people would see them as this. People would look at Kaname,
regal and majestic and wonderful, and they would look at Zero, torn and worn and unpleasant, and they
would see a charity case.
"Well, I'm very pleased to hear that," Kaname answers in his best warmly professional (but obviously
distracted by the wobbling ex-human at his side) tone, and Zero snorts - his current tipsy condition
destroying all former pleasantries he had been forcing. Kaname's eyes flicker over to him pointedly,
reprimanding him with a stern, warning glance. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe it's time for this one"
- he places his hand atop the Level D's shoulder - "to retire for the evening." He ends the sentence with
smoldering eyes and a musical chuckle.
"Oh - of course," the woman stutters, and frankly, Zero kind of feels bad for the vampire (except for the
fact that he doesn't...), because he, of all people, knew just how she felt. It was easy to get swept away
in the pureblood prince's charm and charisma. If a single grin was all it took for Kaname to get his way,
then imagine what hooded, bedroom eyes got him...
The correct answer would be Zero.
With one last departing smirk, Kaname slides his hand down to the small of Zero's back and guides the
stumbling and grumbling boy forward, away from the vampires gliding elegantly across the dance floor,
and the cheerful, boisterous laughs coming from the groups of elite vampires standing to the side, drinks
in hand. It's a luxurious picture, definitely something he could imagine being painted by some avant
garde, up-and-coming artist, and most certainly something fit for royalty's wall.
It's then that Zero realizes how much he just didn't belong in such a setting. If the scene were a painting,
he would be the miniscule detail that would make vicious, bloodthirsty art critics have a ball.
Zero frowns at the epiphany, stopping slightly, and has to be nudged by Kaname's ever so patient hand
and soft whisper, "Come on, Zero." But Zero - now angry for a reason he can't even begin to explain -
simply shrugs the kindness off with a huff, stomping haphazardly to the staircase, tripping slightly on the
first step, anf then deciding to hunch over for better balance.
Even through his groggy senses, he can still hear Kaname calling after him and his muffled footsteps as
he races up the stairs as well, but, being the stubborn person he was, Zero refuses to even begin to slow
to a halt until he's kicking open his door, and throwing himself onto his bed in a heap.
He buries his face into his pillow and inhales deeply, nose twitching at the delicious fragrance that was
still warm on the plush cushion from that morning prior to this ridiculous party - Kaname's scent. It's the
kind of smell he can sink into easily, allowing his forehead to relax and his eyes to drift closed, and he
can almost forget that he was mad to begin with -
"Zero." It's a voice that he distinctly recognizes as Kaname's murmur.
(Perhaps he'd spoken too soon.)
"Zero," he repeats, and it's closer now - so close, he suspects Kaname's about to -
And sure enough, the mattress shifts and then the sheets rustle as the pureblood takes a seat on the
very bottom of the bed.
"Zero, what's wrong?"
The Level D shakes his head, refusing to lift his face from the pillow.
Kaname sighs, and fingertips are suddenly dancing across Zero's back, stroking without any beat or
pattern. "Zero," the pureblood whispers uncharacteristically hesitantly. "What's gotten in to you? You
don't even like champagne," he muses.
"Go away," Zero mumbles into the cushion, knocking Kaname's hand away with a swipe of his own.
Another heaving sigh. "I won't be gone long, I promise, Zero. I just need to shake a few more hands - kiss
a few more babies," Kaname laughs quietly at this - it's obvious that it's forced, and had Zero been able
to see Kaname's face, he believes that such a pathetic sound would have to be paired with an even more
pathetic, weak grin. "And then I'll be done, and we'll talk, okay?"
"Yeah, sure. Whatever." Zero spits, flicking his wrist and shooing the pureblood away. Zero preferred to
suffer in silence, and somewhere very far away from others.
It's only when he unglues his eyelids and meets pure darkness does he realize he'd fallen asleep and that
it was very far into the night. Which meant -
He rolls over lazily, stretching his arms above his head, and then reaches out and pats the mattress
beside him that should be warm and inhabited by a body equally as warm.
But there's nothing. No one.
And there should be someone.
There should be him.
A few hours of sleep had gotten him pretty much out of his druken condition, but he still couldn't stop
near toppling over from an unexpected head rush when he tried to stand.
"Feeling better?"
With a startled jump, Zero pivots anxiously on his heel, and turns to face the source of the sound, losing
his footing in the process. Luckily, a pair of strong arms are there to encircle his waist and keep him from
crumbling to the ground like a decaying building. And really, it's the perfect comparison, because he
sure was feeling like a decaying building. His fucking head hurt like it had been cracked open.
Humpty-dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty-dumpty had a great fall. And all the king's horses, and all the
king's men -
...Being hungover really didn't suit him all that well.
"Sort of," Zero admits sheepishly, choosing to look at his feet instead of the owner of the supporting
arms around him.
But Kaname won't have that - he's grabbing the Level D's chin and guiding it upwards until there faces
are so close that Zero has no choice but to stare directly into his wine-colored orbs. "Obviously not," he
breathes, and Zero can feel the warm air being released in tickling puffs on his lips.
Lilac eyes hooded, Zero rasps, "I'm just peachy," and raises a tiny bit on his toes until their lips are a
mere centimeter apart and he can smell the intoxicating aroma of Kaname's breath with the slightest
hint of spice, no doubt from champagne.
Kaname allows their mouths to barely brush, sending an electric shock down both's spines, but then
quickly pulls away, still gripping Zero's chin firmly between his thumb and pointer finger. "I thought we
were going to talk."
"Eh," Zero responds flippantly, "Talking's overrated. Now come here." He stretches up for another kiss,
but Kaname pulls even farther back.
"Zero," Kaname states, eyebrows raised. "Surely you don't think I just forgot. You were angry for
absolutely no reason, and I would like to know why."
"I was drunk," Zero deadpans, and then, finally, seeing that he can't win in the traditional manner
(because nothing about their relationship was traditional), leans into Kaname's chest and trails hot,
open-mouthed kisses along the closest thing he can reach - which just so happens to be Kaname's jaw.
"You - " Kaname's breathing falters for a second before he exhales a shaky laugh, tipping his head to the
side, and permitting Zero further access to his neck, who happily takes it. "You know, if I didn't know any
better, I'd think you were avoiding the question."
"And I'd think you're a prude," Zero pokes, nipping gently at the skin just below Kaname's ear.
The brunette smirks. "Now, we both know that's not true."
"Really?" Zero chuckles into Kaname's hair. "Prove it."
Kaname emits a rumbling groan and grabs a handful of Zero's silvery strands, tugging the Level D a safe
distance away from his buzzing skin. "As unbelievably tempting as that offer is - "
"You're still hung up on what happened earlier," Zero interrupts, sparing Kaname the trouble of having
to voice what they both already suspected. Sighing, the Level D runs a hand through his hair in
It takes Kaname a second to even register what the ex-human had said - too distracted by Zero's
irresistably plump and glistening lips. "Yes."
Zero shakes his head in exasperation, and presses the heel of his palm against his forehead, trying to
soothe the aching migraine that refused to leave.
Head tilting to the side in bewilderment and curiosity, and shifting slightly closer, Kaname grimaces.
"What's wrong, Zero? What is it?"
"It appears," Kaname hums after a moment of deliberation, eyes twinkling, "That I'll have to take a
different approach, then."
And, just as he promised, he stretches his arm out and grabs the back of the Level D's head, yanking him
closer until their mouths are meeting. Teeth are clicking and lips are crushing, but Zero can hardly find it
in himself to care, eyes widening in surprise before allowing himself to sink into the overwhelming
warmth that was his bed partner, completely forgetting everything else, including why he was upset to
begin with - especially when Kaname's tongue slides out and languidly presses its way between Zero's
less-than-unwilling parted lips, flicking teasingly and light.
Their mouths move together, synchronized with familiarity, as if each vampire was able to predict their
partner's next move, and yet was still excited with the thrill of the unexpected.
Within an instant (as always, when it came to Kaname), Zero shifts uncomfortably when the dress pants
he'd forgotten to take off before passing out suddenly become a little too tight. Kaname takes
immediate notice to this, smirking into their kiss. He allows his empty hand - the one that wasn't
currently tugging on silver locks - to graze the very center of Zero's clothed chest, and then run down
ever so slowly until it's stroking Zero's muscled abdomen with feathery fingertips. Kaname finds himself
smiling even harder in amusement as Zero's stomach begins to tremble in tiny quivers, and the Level D is
moaning into Kaname's lips.
The pureblood leans back, and regards the ex-human with raised eyebrows. "Already?" he asks, grinning
"Shuddup," Zero grunts, cheeks warming to a soft pink, though he quickly swallows his pride in a second,
and grabs the collar of Kaname's shirt, forcing him closer once again and trailing his mouth along the
shell of the pureblood's ear, whispering, "And fuck me. Now."
Teeth flashing, Kaname laughs throatily, but makes to honor the hunter's request, warming his hand
under Zero's shirt and trailing his finger pads along the contours of defined muscle. "Well, I certainly
can't argue with that."
"Shocking," Zero snorts, gasping slightly at the sharp sensation of fingernails digging into his skin in
"Be careful now. I might change my mind," the pureblood warns simply, but with a twisted smile, and
ducks his head, searching out Zero's lips for another hard and pressing kiss before the Level D can even
think to retaliate a snark remark.
They hardly even register that they're falling back into Zero's mattress - caring only that their lips were
connected, their mouths searing, tongues cold as ice - a delicious contrast. Both also find themselves far
too entangled in Kaname's palm which is drifting lower and past Zero's hips, cupping the bulge in his
pants. Zero throws his head back with a groan, shifting into the hand, and nearly rips Kaname's shirt
collar when his fist clenches.
Another smirk - it's something Kaname does quite often when they're together like this. Zero was just
too damn adorable for his own good (though Kaname would never voice this idea because he doesn't
think the ex-human would take it as the compliment it was meant to be).
Still grinning madly, he guides Zero's head back with fingers threaded through his silver hair, and leans
forward and into Zero's neck, licking a trail from his collarbone to his quickening pulse - fluttering like a
hummingbird's wings. He nips and sucks at the ivory skin there, and works the zipper of Zero's pants,
only pulling away so he could tug the Level D's shirt above his head, throwing it as far away from the bed
as possible (after all, Zero wouldn't be needing it for quite a while), as Zero shimmied his pants down his
legs, along with his underwear, as well, and kicked them off with his feet.
The entire process was full of rushed fumbling that was entirely unattractive, Zero's sure, but he quickly
forgets his embarrassed worries the second Kaname dips his head down and spreads hot kisses along
Zero's now bare chest - an obvious sign that he didn't at all mind Zero's hurried actions - his wet tongue
tracing a circular pattern around the Level D's left nipple, catching it softly between his teeth and giving
a light tug. His hand moves back to the ex-human's unclothed erection, pumping it slowly, earning a
garbled moaning huff from Zero.
"Kaname," he groans, throwing his head back against the bed, gritting his teeth in attempt to restrain his
rather vocal reactions to the pureblood's annoying but most certainly wonderful ministrations. "Please."
He clenches his teeth even harder when he hears a tiny rumble of soft laughter - can feel it vibrating
against his nerve endings in his chest. Growling, Zero bucks into Kaname's warm hand anxiously.
"Please what?" Kaname repeats innocently, removing his lips from Zero's skin and looking up hungrily to
meet his lilac eyes, all the while, continuing the torturingly slow strokes of his hand on the Level D's
swollen member.
"Fuck me," Zero spits, way past the point of even beginning to worry about his dignity, emphasizing his
demand with a roll of his hips.
"Well, because you asked so nicely," Kaname quips, but stands up anyway, gaze unwavering and heady
as he lifts his shirt above his head in one single, fluid motion. He even manages to swipe off his pants
and underwear in less than three seconds tops, without an awkward wiggle, or shuffle, or anything. It
makes Zero feel incredibly inadequate considering his own attempt at removing his clothing.
He kneels onto the bed then, seperating Zero's legs apart with a firm touch, and settles between them
until he's hovering just above the Level D who is suddenly breathing heavily despite his current lack of
exertion. Staring directly into soft purple irises, Kaname brings two piano fingers to Zero's lips. "Suck,"
he whispers.
Zero regards him with a look of distaste - by the command, not by the actual act itself - but takes them
into his mouth regardless, swirling his tongue around the two digits and trying to not make it too
apparent when his eyelids drift closed in appreciation of the delicious taste of Kaname's skin. He emits a
reluctant grumble in the back of his throat and forces his eyes to flutter open when Kaname pulls the
fingers out, trailing them down Zero's chest - purposefully avoiding the vampire's weeping cock just to
hear another rumbling response - until they disappear from Zero's line of sight.
Until he can feel them there, caressing his balls, and then moving further down, pressing gingerly into
his entrance.
He grimaces slightly at the customary discomfort from the invasion. Having the ability to heal quickly did
have its downsides... especially when it came to this, where everytime felt like the first time. Which, in
some ways, was wonderful. After all, the first time Kaname and Zero had ever fucked, while awkward,
was definitely pleasurable. However, this also meant the pain was back at full force each and every time.
But it was worth it.
Kaname always found a way to make it worth it.
The fingers simply probe around at first, twisting in scissoring motions, trying to stretch his tight hole.
It's still not the most pleasant feeling in the entire world, and Kaname must sense it, because he gives
Zero an apologetic smile, and presses his lips against the ex-human's for a chaste kiss of encouragement.
And that was yet another strange aspect of their relationship. They were fuck-buddies - friends, if both
were in a generous mood. But during this - during sex - Kaname would be gentle and respectful.
It was fucking weird.
He hadn't always been like this. Quite the contrary, actually. When they'd first gotten into this
'relationship', right after Zero had transferred into the Moon dorm, it was all tearing and biting and
pulling. It was sharp thrusts, angry tugs, and vicious, muttered slurs. And then, when things were over,
and they'd both reached completion, whoever didn't own the bed they fucked in would be up in a flash,
throwing on clothes, and stomping out the door without so much as a goodbye, the other lying there
wordlessly, arms folded, and staring blankly at the ceiling.
But then, they had often found it difficult to sneak back to their respectable rooms, especially with the
ever so suspicious Aidou lurking around in the middle of the night (who was coincidently also a blabber-
mouth), so eventually, they came to an agreement - both would sleep in the same bed, but nothing
Of course, 'nothing more' soon became a few shared words due to their post-orgasm chipper attitudes,
and then, a few words, became, well, a lot of words. And suddenly they were talking outside of their
private rendevenouses. They were sitting next to each other during class.
Kaname was inviting him as a special guest to his 'strictly politics' campaign party.
Zero guessed the gentleness and caution came with the friendship, though this thought leaves him
feeling kind of disappointed.
At the fact that he considered a vampire a friend, of course. Nothing more.
An intense and long-lasting pressure against Zero's prostrate and a tight grip on his member, and the
Level D is yanked from his thoughts, eyes widening in surprise
"Holy - " Zero cries out helplessly before he can bring his hands up swiftly to cover his mouth.
But Kaname doesn't let up - gripping Zero's aching member and rubbing his sweet spot in painful
pleasure. Zero gasps, already giving up on remaining quiet, and brings his hands back to Kaname's back,
clawing at the naked skin, shoulders shaking.
Kaname chuckles. "Just making sure I have your full attention."
"Fuck. You."
The pureblood releases the ex-human's pulsing cock, still smiling despite the silver-haired hunter's
responding glare. He removes his fingers from Zero, earning a whimper of displeasure (that the Level D
immediately tries to hide by clearing his throat) and trails both hands along Zero's sensitive flesh to grab
firmly at either side of Zero's hips.
"If you insist," he grins as he lines his cock with the Level D's hole and before the vampire can even
adjust to what was about to happen, plunges forward, submerging himself in the soft, warm flesh that
was Zero. The ex-human cried out at the invasion, squeezing his eyes tightly closed, digging his
fingernails into the pureblood's sacred skin, drawing out tiny droplets of his even more sacred blood.
Okay, so maybe Kaname wasn't being as quite as gentle as Zero made it out to be.
Still, it was gentle for a vampire. Or, at least, he assumed that vampires preferred their sex rough. It was
a carnal act in itself, and vampires were animalistic creatures, so it would only make sense...
Zero gritted his teeth, allowing a hiss to escape, and hit the pureblood's shoulder, motioning for him to
continue, feeling the exquisite pain already starting to morph into the pleasure that he knew so well and
When his 'request' is at first denied, Zero thinks nothing of it. It's not uncommon for Kaname to wait a
few seconds longer than he has to, being the courteous 'gentleman' that he was. But after a minute had
passed and Kaname hadn't so much as shifted - that demanding itch creeping its way into all of Zero's
over-sensitive nerve endings - Zero, confused and slightly frustrated, opens his lilac eyes and gazes at
the vampire hovering above him, unmoving like pavement.
"Kaname," Zero croaks, voice hoarse with heady desire, "Move." When he doesn't, Zero tries to roll his
hips back into Kaname's stiff and still erection - a hot, heavy rod pinning him to the bed.
The pureblood smirks and tightens his grip on Zero's hips, forcing him as far into the mattress as he can,
until movement is no longer a possibility.
And fuck, Zero realizes. Because he now knew what Kaname's 'other approach' was, and even if he
hadn't, he did as soon as Kaname's cherry lips parted. "You know, Zero, I don't think you ever did tell me
what you were so upset about earlier."
Zero growls, earning another chortle of amusement from the pureblood.
"I wasn't upset!" he protests. "Now move already!"
"But you were," Kaname argues, chuckling, "You still are."
Zero makes to respond, but it's suddenly turning into an irritated moan, the feeling of discomfort having
completely faded and being replaced by need - a need that Kaname was currently refusing to appease
for the time being.
"I'm not," Zero exclaims, dropping his jaw and exhaling in puffs. He rips his hands from Kaname's back
and this time clenches them, fisting around the satin sheets of his bed (one of the many perks of being a
member of the Night class). For a brief second, he considers sliding his palm to his painfully erect
member, but Kaname must see the mischevious (or desperate, though Zero preferred the former) glint
in his eyes, because the pureblood drifts down until almost all of his weight is on Zero, and their naked
skin is pressing against one another's, leaving there absolutely no room for his hand.
This single motion isn't much, but it definitely seems like it because Zero feels it - the shift that causes
Kaname to slide an inch farther into him. Fuck, does he feel it. It sends a sparking jolt up his spine, and
settles as a twinge of want in the pit of his stomach. He unconsciously clenches slightly around Kaname,
and then of course, once he does that, he knows he's a goner - his walls immediately clenching again in
response to the wonderful feeling of being filled, and then again, and again. Zero throws his head to the
side, biting his lip, tasting iron as his teeth pierce his soft lips, thrasing back and forth, trying to hold back
the inevitable -
"I could tell you were fucking embarrassed, okay?" Zero gasps out, no longer able to contain the
desperation he'd been trying so hard to obscure. He needed Kaname right now. And if this was the
Kaname's lip twitch upwards in the corners, and he asks, incredulously, "What?"
Zero blushes furiously, glowering at the pureblood's innocently shocked expression, at that very
moment feeling unsure about everything - even his own name. "Embarrassed. You were embarrassed by
With a soft smile, Kaname concurs, "Zero, you were making quite a scene. I mean, seven glasses of
champagne? And at a dinner party?" It's obvious Kaname is teasing him, but Zero can't help but feel
guilty, because it sounded fairly bad. "Even now, after hours of sleep, you're still fairly inebriated."
"Inebriated?" Zero blinks.
Kaname grimaces, lips pursing. "Wasted."
Zero's slurring out a growling retort before he can even realize what's happening. "Well, maybe if I
wasn't so fucking worried about impressing your primpass friends!"
"'Primpass'?" Kaname chuckles, and Zero's spitting nails now, too distracted by his anger to even care if
Kaname's joking or serious or whatever.
"Yes, primpass! Goddammit - you just don't get it, do you? How fucking frightening it is" he
struggles to find the words through his intoxication. (Not the traditional kind Kaname thought he was
experiencing - no, his dazed state had mostly to do with the fact that he had someone else's cock
shoved up his ass.) He can't even begin to describe it - frightening. What exactly was so scary about this
whole situation, anyway? There's no plausible answer. No reasonable excuse. But, a fleeting peek
through his eyelashes, and he knows. He understands why he's so frightened - why he's so infuriated.
"How horrifying," he tries again, gazing straight into Kaname's wine-colored orbs. "It is to know that
you're embarrassed by me, your classmate," he mutters bitterly. "How fucking scary it is to actually be
scared about something like this. How scary it is to realize that you're worried about it. How scary it is to
realize what that means..."
The pureblood's irises flash, and he's leaning forward, lips inches away from Zero's. "And see," he
breathes, warming Zero's skin. "That's where you're wrong."
"No, I'm - "
Kaname's hips shift, and he's finally pulling out, a mere inch from being completely exposed to the cool,
nipping air, and then pushing back forward in one solid and quick thrust - a very welcome intrusion. Zero
allowed his eyelids to slam shut, releasing a relieved moan, and tensing up at the hopes of the action
being repeated.
When it doesn't, Zero automatically fears the worst again, gritting his teeth and preparing to protest,
until a pair of moist lips are brushing against his ear, nibbling softly at the lobe, twirking his metal
earring teasingly.
"You're wrong," Kaname repeats, voice muted and suddenly warm in a way Zero's never even heard
before, but knows that he wouldn't be able to stand never hearing it again. "I do understand. Oh god,
believe me, I do." He pauses. "I gave Yagari-san a birthday present."
"What?" Zero murmurs, surprised and momentarily distracted at the oddity of the transition from
statement to statement, and the oddity of the statement itself, for that matter.
Kaname laughs airily - almost nervously. "He doesn't like me, but he means a lot to you, so I tried to
make him. I thought a present might help."
"Did it?" Zero asks, blinking, not really even comprehending what Kaname was trying to convey to him -
he wouldn't until later.
He removes his lips from Zero's ear then, and trails kisses across his jaw until he's pressing them against
the Level D's soft, pliable lips. He pulls out again and presses much deeper, snaking his tongue to swipe
across Zero's bottom lip, and finding that indelible spot that caused Zero to arch into Kaname.
"Fuck, Kaname!" Zero cries, completely forgetting about Yagari and gifts and whatever the hell they
were talking about a few seconds ago, and spreads his legs even further, silently begging for more. He
bucks off the bed, almost unable to even stand the pleasure that was building up inside of him.
Kaname gladly accepts Zero's invitation, slamming in harder this time, grinning like a mad man when the
ex-human clasps a death grip on his biceps and moves in time with his thrusts, mouth open wide and
eyebrows raised in an expression of pure ecstasy. The pureblood's sweat dripped from his forehead and
tickled Zero's chest as he rammed in and out of the silver-haired male's body, marveling at how
completely different this time felt from the others, whether it was intentional or not (knowing Zero, it
was probably the latter). The way Zero was pressing as close to Kaname as he could possibly manage.
The way his mouth was parting and twitching, so lost in the feelings Kaname was erecting within him
that he could barely gargle out an intelligible sound. The way he held Kaname like a lifeline - like he was
afraid to let go.
All too soon, he feels his body tensing and he could tell that he was close. He reaches down, having to
regretfully pull back just slightly, to grasp Zero's cock and pump it vigorously in time with his thrusts. He
moves his other one to Zero's face to cup the side of his cheek - the action should make him feel self-
conscious, but he's to enraptured in the wonderful way the ex-human's hooded lilac eyes glistened with
almost-tears from the absolute feeling of euphoria Kaname knew he was giving him.
His chest swells with pride at that notion, and even more so when Zero's face is twisting, almost like he
was in pain, mouth opening wide, brow furrowing, and eyes clenching tightly closed, and he's coming all
over both of their stomachs, inhaling sharply, and screaming, "God, Kaname!"
That's all it takes for the pureblood to lose it, breathing out Zero's name like a mantra, filling him with
his seed. When they've both finished riding out the waves of pleasure, Kaname collapses on top of the
warm, sticky body beneath him, unable to move his suddenly heavy limbs, and buries his face in Zero's
moist neck, heaving so heavily that he can almost taste the salt of sweat in his inhales. He can feel his
heart still pounding against his chest, and he can feel Zero's pounding against his as well, and he lays
there in awe of the emotions the intimacy of their position was evoking in him.
"Kaname," Zero whispers, voice blaring in the silence that had overtaken the room.
The pureblood simply hums against the ex-human's skin, still too exhausted to conjure up enough
energy to lift his head.
"What I said earlier...well, what I - fuck - meant to say earlier is, I - shit!" he sounded oddly vulnerable
(despite his foul language, of course). Zero wasn't at all eloquent, but he certainly didn't trip over his
words all that often. "I - well, I mean... I - "
"Me too," Kaname murmurs, lips twitching upwards in the corners.
Both know what this means, and both know that eventually, they will have to say it, but for the time
being, it's enough - just enough.
"So, how exactly do you know Kaname-sama again?"
Zero moves to open his mouth, lips already reluctantly parting to form the word 'classmates', when an
arm creeps its way around his waist, the hand splaying out lazily across his hip, drawing tiny circles over
the thin material of his dress shirt.
Zero peeks up, head turning to the side, and gazes at the perfectly sculpted face of Kaname Kuran as he
smiled pleasantly at the old woman, whose hair was elegantly aged to a light gray and face was stiff and
puckered, speaking to Zero.
"Oh, him?" Kaname asks, a wicked grin forming on his lips. Zero can already see the horror rising on the
lady's features as she takes in their far too comfortable embrace, and he can't help but color pink. Surely
Kaname wouldn't - "We're lovers."
Zero blinks, eyes widening, mouth agape. He stares at Kaname, feeling so flustered and nervous and
embarrassed, but at the same time, he can't seem to stop beaming.
"Can someone get this woman a bag of ice? I think she might of hit her head when she fell."
It had been two weeks my boyfriend and I never spent a day together. He decided we should't see for a
while until after my examinations to lose all my distractions for the senior exams and get a credit for T
University. But, everntually it turned out that the distraction was because of our distance.
I felt sexually deprived. There were times instead of studying, I laid on bed and touched myself lewdly.
Sometimes my fingers weren't enough that I used a dildo to satisfy myself. Worse was when I had to
stuff myself with a huge cucumber because the frigging dildo couldn't compare with Naruto's 9 inch
I felt so naughty and dirty for going that low when I spoiled myself over the kitchen table.
It's his fault that I became this addicted. To remind you, we go at it like rabbits in his apartment when
we have all the free time.
I knew its hard for him too. Especially when I hear his voice on the phone, I felt the sexual tension if a
little verbal sex conversation opens up. I need do something before I loose my mind...
I visited his apartment tonight. I got his keys for we've been dating for ten months now, despite having
an age gap of five years.
I've decided to give him a surprise. He can never throw me out even if he wanted to.
From the door, I saw his shirt innocently laid on the floor. I grabbed it and smelled his musky scent. It
lingered to my nostrils and made me so damn horny I began to unbutton my school uniform, and I took
off my undershirt and pants. I only left my cute, lacey pink panty with a garterbelt on which I used the
whole day. My cock poked out of the top. This was one of his gifts on my 18th birthday last month and
he'll be surprised to find it on me tonight. I laid on my back, rubbed my cock slowly against my palm
while I smelled Naruto's shirt.
"Mmm..Naruto..." I moaned quietly. I did it until exhaustion starts to elevate after my second orgasm. I
fell asleep shorty after I humped on the couch's armrest in the living room.
Such a really tiring day today and nothing to release my tension upon. I miss my dear, sweet Sasuke and
our daily sexual activities. I wonder how he's coping right now...
Once I closed the door of my apartment, the first thing I saw lying on the couch was my sleeping little
boyfriend a pillow, hugging my old shirt and half naked. I shook his shoulder gently to wake him up but
he stirred and rolled flat supine. Soon I noticed he had cum on his stomach and wore that hot sexy pink
frilly panty I gave him.
"Fuck." He looked so goddamn sexy. My cock twitched in my tight pants. I couldn't control myself just
seeing him like this. We had an agreement but Sasuke's too stubborn to comply.
Sasuke suddenly moaned in his sleep, started to slowly hump up his slim hips to the air, pink perky
nipples aroused.
"Way to tease a grown man, Sasuke." I growled. He'll gonna have his punishment.
"Nghnn..." It feels so good. "aa..aah..." I stirred in my sleep, slowly opened my eyes when I saw Naruto
above me. His hands pumped my cock gently and a finger set aside the panty, to thrust into my hole.
"na...ruto...eeh.." I said breathily He jerked his head towards me.
"hey baby" and kissed me on the lips like we haven't kissed for a long time. Deep and passionate with
tongues inside our throats. He gave one deep push of his finger inside me, I mewled in our kiss and
broke away smirking after another minute. A thick saliva connected both of us, and a drool sliding down
the side of my chin.
"You fucking tease." Naruto growled softly.
"Didn't I tell you not to come here for two weeks." he pushed in deeper once again and pulled out
adding another finger inside.
"hiyaa.." I bucked towards the invading fingers and back up to the hand who rolled itself around leaking
"I..I can't help it...I feel so horny..."
"You are what?" Naruto feigned, one eyebrow up
"Say it again. You feel what?" he pressed into it further
"Ngh! I feel.. I horny!" I whimpered, blushed at Naruto's angry eyes. He stopped pumping me.
"Please don't stop...I need you Naruto, so please..." I said as a choked a sob
Few minutes later.
A sobbing Sasuke's always too cute but much better was a lewd little nymph Sasuke bucking up to my
pumping hand. Small, smooth, unblemished body trembling, arching for the feeling of another orgasm.
"This pink lacy panty suits you so much Sasuke." I placed myself in between his legs and my awesome
cock standing 45 degrees straight at him. His flat flushed body covered with sweat and cum.
I pushed his hands up, tied with my necktie. Then pulled out his cock slightly to clamp a ring around it.
"Much better." I chuckled at my work. My sweet,lewd boyfriend tied up with a cock ring, wearing a
woman ligerie.
"Naru! Nno! It's..tight..!"
"Heh. I am suppose to suprise you with this after your exams but I think I need to use it now. You've
been a very bad boy for breaking our agreement."
"Take it off..."
"I won't give you what you want baby. You'll have to beg me." Sasuke started to sob as pleasure builded
when I continued my ministrations.
"ngghnn..." I started to rub my wet cockhead against his cock a few times and down to his hole, back
and forth teasingly. He arched his back back and forth.
"i'll do anything...please..I'll do anything...just..not like this.." my selfcontrol has snapped and I reversed
our positions on couch. My beautiful boyfriend straddled on my thighs, arms loosely wrapped on each
side of my head and sobbing, which I love to see the most. I'm not a bad person that I enjoy making him
cry but a crying Sasuke during sex is so fucking arousing.
"Do as I say baby." I turned us both so I could lean over the couch.
"Rub yourself on me just like I did. Show me how bad you want it. No touching." I whispered. Sasuke
closed in, clutched on the couch's back and eagerly tried to rub himself down on my cock. Excited,
desperate whimpers are heard.
"haa..haa...aann..ngh.." I held his hips to guide and prevent him to push down on me.
"Now, look at me and say your a kinky little cock slut, baby."
He opened his watery eyes slowly, lips biten hard.
"Say it..." my one hand rolled around his ripe perked nipple. "Sasuke or else.."
"Ah!" I pinched the tip gently, moved to the other one to do the same. He trembled.
"Come on Sasuke." I licked off his tears from his flushed cheeks. Two fingers slid into his shut biten lips,
opening it wide. "Tell me what a cock-eating bitch you are while you suck. You want your release right?"
his small tongue started to roll around my fingers.
"Mhmmp...I'm...I'm a...fuu...kinky..mmm little...cock s-slu-" I grabbed his asscheeks and inserted my wet
fingers once again into his exposed hole directly, hitting his prostate at this angle over times "-aaah-ut!
Fuck! Oh god!"
Sasuke gripped tighter around my neck. he moaned loud and trashing about. It's about time he gets his
"Please! Take it off...Naru...Naru...hiyaa..cum..."
The ring was unhooked and his cock twitched wildly on my abdomen I felt his seme oozed out.
I patted his convulsing body that soon turned to unconscious. He made a mess on both of us. Even all
over the couch and the floor. "Here we go again." I sighed. "Let get us cleaned up."
Later that night, I woke up in the bathroom when I felt the rapid water sloshing in the tub, A warm chest
on my back and arms around my waist.
"Good thing your awake." His voice echoed throught the walls.
"How long have I been out?" I squinted my eyes
"About 10 minutes."
"Oh.. I'm Sorry." I blushed hard once again with my hea bowed down. I cummed and blackouted once
again without giving Naruto a release too.
I turned back to look at him in the eyes but saying nothing as I dipped my hand into the water to rub his
still aching cock.
"Naru...I want to suck you." I whispered.
Naruto sat on the edge of the tub with a very erect 9 inch cock in my hands. I rubbed the shaft on my
palms and kneade his hard balls, slowly I descended to lick the sides.
"I so..much." I said between licks while I looked at him
"I miss you too baby." After few more licks, I sucked his cockhead into my mouth, my tongue swirled all
over with saliva. I could taste the precum as it oozed out in bits. I love the musky scent and taste that is
so like Naruto.
I slowly progressed in inches until I can only fit five inches of him to my throat. Glad that I can now fit
him into my mouth without difficulty despite of his girth.
"hnn..shit, baby." he moaned as I started to bob with rhythm. My boyfriend held my long hair up that
cascaded my face and neck and also bucked slowly.
"Yes.. You're getting better." I pulled away, smiling with swollen red lips. I rubbed his cock all over my
cheeks. I even slightly kneeled up to rub my nipples on his cocktip before proceeded to lick it again. I've
done the same process several times unti I felt it twitch inside.
"Baby, stop." he ordered getting out of the tub. I looked at his signal to turn around, sit on the tub's
edge. I waited. His breathed on my neck, his fingers glided up my spine causing me to shudder an
become hard again.
"ahaa.." Naruto suddenly pushed me downwards and I held myself with my arms on the wall.
"Your hole is loose." he muttered.
"That's because you fingered me remember?"
"No. Before that. You played with yourself earlier." Naruto tickled my sides and I arched. He also bit my
"n-nno." I denied I did. That would just make me feel dirtier when he knew I bought a dildo.
"Look." he showed the orange dildo infront of my face. My body went rigid in shock.
I chuckled amusedly at Sasuke's shocked expression. Seriously, I can never imagine he'll go that low from
being sexually deprived.
"Where'd you-"
"I found it in your bag." I opened the vibrating dildo to minimum. It made that buzz sound as it rotated.
"I think this small toy wouldn't suffice you at all Sasuke." I wided his legs apart and pushed the dildo
down to Sasuke's leaking cock.
"Yaaah! Aah..! Ngh!" he screamed backwards almost toppled outside the tub good thing I was there.
"Where'd you use it today?" I asked amused.
I gasped in disbelief. The dildo dropped into the water in a flop. "Fuck no."
"I'm sorry Naru... I've been.. doing it since I can't do anything but think of you...It's so hard that I miss
you." my sweet, beautiful Sasuke sobbed. "It you're fucking fault why I have to crave so much... I badly
want you every single day Naru to love me...fuck me...pound me..." he paused. "I'm addicted already."
sobs filled the bathroom, his shoulder racked as he sniffs.
"Tch." I embraced him, "No, I'm sorry, Sasuke."
Now in the bedroom, I placed my naked boyfriend on bed and got on top of him. I peppered his
porcelain skin with kisses before we made out tongue to tongue for minutes thatook our breath away.
"Naru...I can't believe you still have that hard on for so long." He panted out
"I can only come inside you,baby."
"hnn..please...fuck me this.." Sasuke turned around im doggy position. His hips high in the air
and torso flat on a pillow. The pink swollen hole gaped open calling to eat up my cock. Without second
thoughts and selfcontrol, I pounded in with one thrust which resulted to a loud cry.
"Hyyaaaaaa...aaah!" Sasuke froze, mouth gaped open, eyes rolling back in pleasure.
"Naru...Oh!" I slowly pulled out and slammed back again. "Hu...ugh..huuge.." his small hands found mine
and gripped tightly unto it. I closed the distance between us.
"Talk dirty, baby. I want to hear you."
"...oh fuck!"
"Yes...say feel it..."
"mmm...mmore..Naru.." I continued thrusting, making his body lift up on bed with every thrust. He
followed my rhythm and the next thing i decided was to let him fuck himself on my cock desperately.
"ah...aah..why'd you stop..?" I turned around with tears and drool on my face.
"Move your hips." he squeezed and released them letting me do the job on my own. I moved back amd
forth slowly, feeling the hot meat sliding in my canal. I heard Naruto groan as well.
"hn. sit on me." He sat on bed bringing me with him. The position was like dogstyle but it's sitting
upright that I can feel it go deeper.
How i miss it like this. It feels so good i'm going to explode in a minute. I lifted my self up and thrust
down as hard and deep as I could.
"Ugh! Haa..haaa...! Naru! please move.. aaah..." I began to feel tired so I pleade Naruto to help me but
he just stared and did nothing. I did it over and over again, squeezing my sphincter around his cock too
then he moaned loud and held my hips.
"Shit baby..!"
"...i want to cummm..."
"Not yet baby." he lifted me up from his hips, i felt his whole cock left inside me and just the tip until he
slammed me down again doing it a couple of times to hit again my bruised prostate.
"aah! Aaaah...its too much! It feels so goood...there..right there! Fuck! I'm going to cummm...Naruu!"
I'm at the verge of blacking out from aftersex but i could still feel him fuking hard like there's no
The bed was creaking loudly. I was moaning incoherently.
"..ngh! Hyaa.!!"
"Louder baby... Let the neighbors here how you hungrily love to take my cock in your tiny hole." he
"Aaaa...Mmmhmmm...You fill me so much...more...moore..." he turned my limp body to the side and
brought my one leg up on his shoulder never stopping to thrust hard.
My eyes are slowly drooped as I let out wanton mewls to hurry up. I was very exhausted to cum once
again. It's can barely breathe anymore.
na-na-na..ruuu nghh..! Hurry...hurry! almost there..please cum..cummm... inside me..!"
"...fuck! you'll gonna get it...ugh!..squeeze it tighter baby! My cum's gonna fill you up nice and fat..haa.."
Naruto pumped my cock wildly, beads and beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. "hnng!"
Beastly grunts filled the room, we we both ejected our semen into eachother. For the nth time I came
spasming so hard that I could only mutter a silent scream. His hot seed shot into my colon, filled me
until it dripped once he pulled out with a pop.
I felt him slowly pulling out his cock, he just filled me to the brim. I blankly looked at the plain wall across
me, feeling nauseated once again.
Naruto rolled me back to flat and playfully licked my jawline. "Sasuke, we're having a baby." he
whispered. My eyes opened automatically
"What! what are you saying?!"
"With all my pent up sexual tension, my seed has made your abdomen this big." he said with a devilish
glint in his handsome features. Indeed, my abdomen had formed a small lump. Naruto gently rubbed it
and pressed it causing me to spill out more cum from my hole.
"Idiot." I mumbled, slowly dozing off. I wrapped my arms around my boyfriend and so was he until we
fall to sleep almost 3 am on the clock.
I stand against the bar as the tip of the cigarette in my mouth spark a red-orange flare when I inhale.
Nicotine tastes bitter in my tongue, and I love the way the bittersweet flavor of cigarette and wine mix
up together in my mouth. Yuuki always says it's harmful, but I don't care. There is no meaning in giving
up smoking and drinking anyway.
I've been through two bottles of Walker, three tequilas and six martinis by the time my phone lights
3:30 AM. The bar is still crowded as if it's only midnight. Rock music thunders in my ears, colorful lights
shine then off and then shine a light again. Takuma and his crew are still dancing like crazy out there; his
body rubs against Shiki's seductively as the dark-haired boy thrusts his ass eagerly to the blond's bulge
behind him. Aidou and Kain are no difference. Ha! There goes the saying "I'll definitely find you the best
boyfriend tonight" come from that filthy mouth of his. Takuma has forgotten my name since Shiki ran
into his open arms and sucked at each other's face insanely. It's not that I'm complaining. I've been not
giving a fuck on a serious relationship long ago. It simply doesn't make any sense to me; besides, isn't
going around and sleep with all the people you find good convenient? I just want a fuck tonight, nothing
I pop the olive into my mouth as a glare of silver catches my eyes.
Standing across the bar there is a good-looking boy, if not ridiculously beautiful and fuckable. He seems
lost and tired of the insane crowd out there, just like me. I turn around, and order "one more tequila
please" before bring the liquor to my mouth as I catch a glance from over the rim of my glass. I swallow
the liquid in one gulp; let the liquor slides down my throat. It's my always-win trick whenever I want to
get someone for a quick fuck. He's not an exception. A small smirk twists my lips as I get closer to the
boy. "One more tequila please, for this pretty gentleman", I say to the bartender. I turn to him, "first
time here?"
He smiles as he takes the glass on the bar, a flash of white, shining teeth, it makes me want to shove my
dick between those lips, "Yeah, you?"
"Not the regular, but near as much." The lights going over him and he shines like an angel in this filthy
place of those dirty devils. "I see you are not the type to go here."
He seems surprise, "Really? So what's the sort?"
"Don't know. But not ones like you." I tease with a wink and shift closer to him. I must hurry before my
fucking cologne that Yuuki bought in Milan worn out. It's been four hours already and the smell of sweat
from the dance before has ruin my body odor.
"I look younger than my age," he sips his drink, his eyes glitter in the dark. They're amethyst, and I have
to admit after so many times of taking countless boys and girls home, his color impresses me the most.
He looks fragile, but the tone and his way of talking are completely opposite; there are certain coolness
and self-composure in that attitude of his. "Is it? So how can you go in here? I think there's a guard
outside the entry." I ask.
He shrugs, not giving a reply. I touch his hand, "Hey don't be angry. I was just joking."
"Your joke's not funny at all."
I deeper my voice as my lips move to the side of his right ear. "So what can I do to make you happier
tonight?" My hand slips down to his round ass and gives him a slight squeeze. His body stiffens in my
grab, but he takes no action. Knowing it as a hint, my hand continues to slide inside his loose T-shirt,
feeling the soft skin beneath my palm. Take a quick glance, I notice a bulge in front of his pants. I smile
silently, so he's just like me, coming here only to find a man to fuck for the nights. This is gonna be an
easy catch.
He still keeps his mouth shut but I can see his ears redden, hard. He's cuter beyond my expectation.
Realization runs through me. This is his first time doing this. What we call it? Coming out? Whatever. But
the main point here is he's a virgin. A virgin. Gosh, my cock twitches at the thought.
I lean in and lick his ear, my breath caresses his delicious neck. The other hand of mine slides off the cold
surface of the bar heading to his crotch. I give it a strong squeeze, then fondle gently. He nearly hisses
out loud at the sensation, and I know the time has come.
"My house? Yes?" I ask seductively, hands never stop.
At his shyly nod, I immediately drag him out to the exit entrance. I can see Takuma's smirk and Aidou's
gasp from the dancing crowd in the corner of my eyes. Fuck you those bastards! I don't need their
fucking help to find a good catch today. Just wait and see.
I shove the boy into the nearest wall from the door as I kick the wooded frame close. My mouth is on
him, rough and hard, and he tastes like tequila and lemon and Christ, I've never tasted anything like this
in my whole damn life. His tongue plays the same beat as mine, and in a quick moment I find myself
drowning and melting in the kiss. The rational part of my brain tells me I have to take control in this; I've
been in all sorts of one night stand like this so many times before, and plus, he's a virgin. There's no way
I'm gonna lose in this battle for dominance.
He moans into the kiss, and I open my eyes to look at his beautiful face. His eyes squeeze shut, sweat
drips down the sides of his face as his hair tangles all over the place. His mouth slightly opens, panting
hard. My hand runs down his spine, slowly, intensively and his back arches against the wall, makes our
swollen cocks press into each other through the fabric, and I hiss at the sensation. His delicious neck
exposes right before my eyes, and I can't help but want to drag my tongue on and devour it nonstop. I
nibble the skin, and inhale all the smells of sweat, of rose cologne, of everything come from him that
reaches my nostrils. He's so intoxicating, nothing like all the whiskey, or gin, or tequila, or any damn
liquor that touched my mouth before. So damn addictive.
His fingers shiver as he slowly undone my buttons. I smile against his neck; my tongue slides upward to
his jaw and I bite his left ear gently, "How do you want it? Do you want me to suck you or my cock up
your ass? You just need to say a word and it's all yours tonight."
He opens his eyes, the amethyst orbs darken with lust, his mouth trembles, "FFuck me"
I give him another drowning kiss and wrap my arms around his body before whispering in his ears, "As
you wish, baby."
It was the best fuck of my life, I admit, though I'm still a bit disappointed in myself because I should've
been the one who gave him a virgin heavenly pleasure, not the way around.
I'm not saying his techniques were good. Actually, he's just below average. But the point is, the taste of
his lips, the smell of his skin, the color of his hair, and all the things that make my cock hard again are
unforgettable. I don't know why; I've fucked virgins before, not so many though, but no one moans like
him, no one scratches my back painfully till it draws blood like him, no one sucks me hard inside like
him, no one clings to me when I thrust into his body so lovingly, so preciously, so sincerely like him.
Nobody has.
I stare at the empty space besides me. It's cold, and I remember the warmth of the boy last night. I grab
the other pillow and bury my face in it. His smell still lingers, and I try to take as much scent as I can. It's
hard to believe, but I've already missed him, miss his warm body, miss his intoxicating lips.
I didn't even ask his name.
Damn, I swear in my head, you're a fucking idiot, Kaname Kuran. Is this karma that I've to pay because of
my own selfishness and carelessness? I think about all the women, and men also, that I've left after a
one-night-fuck like this, how many of them have gone through the same feelings that I have right now?
Shaking my head to get those thoughts out of my mind, I sit up. Getting depress all over a mystery boy
gains me nothing. After all, I'm just his first fuck and he's just another bed mate to me. But an
unforgettable one.
"How was your night?" Takuma winks as he sees me enter the office room. We work for an architecture
company, and I'm not flattering myself, but we are amongst the bests.
"As usual." I lied, not wanting to show Takuma my dreadful emotion after being left by a younger boy.
He 'd make fun of me anyway.
"Okay." Takuma drags his voice, it's kinda irritated. "Anyways, do you know that today's the day the
new president comes to our branch?"
What? I vaguely recall the things HR Department announce on Friday last week. Still no memory comes
back to my rotten brain. Guess the alcohol and all the sex affects me too much. "What time will he in?"
"Nearly half an hour," Aidou announces as he beams at me playfully. "By the way, your suit is as
exquisite as always."
"Thanks, Aidou." I reply and glance sideways. I can see Kain's fierce stare directed at me as if I'm his
enemy. I and Aidou did have a relationship before, but it was a long time ago, and his affection for me
was merely idolization. It still is today, but I can bet with all my fortune that Aidou is madly in love with
Kain now, it's just that he's too shy to admit, and Kain's just too jealous to notice it.
Oh, I'm not sad about it. Not even in the next day of the day I broke up with Aidou. I was only into Aidou
for sex, honestly. I know I was a jerk back then, and still am, but who can turn back time? I don't think I
can continue living that fucked up life style anymore, because of last night. Because of him.
Oh Jesus, I remember it again.
The call from Takuma takes me back to reality. The president has arrived, and we staffs, regardless
employees or managers, all have to go to the main meeting room to attend the introductory section.
I follow Takuma and head to the lifts, Aidou, Kain and other staffs go after me. Truth be told, I like the
old president, Mr. Cross very much; his humor and creativity always impressed me.
"Hey, I heard the new pres is Cross' son, older than us, though. Thirty two or something." Takuma
whispers when we're in the lift.
I frown. From what I've known of, Cross has no son. He's a gay after all, and I don't think his partner
husband now, they got married in England in June last year has a child either. And mind you, he only
turns 42 this year. "Really? Or just some nonsense gossip?"
"Dunno. Just wait and see," Takuma shrugs. We get out of the lift and enter the meeting room. There
are already half of our company's staffs arrived at the place. I look around, and realization stabs through
me; I can feel my inner viscera bleeding.
Standing there in the president's place, is him.
He smiles at us. Not the shyly and fragile smile on the night before, but the one of sheer professionalism
from an experienced man. He actually lied to me. Or pretend to be innocent to lure me in. Whatever,
either way is the same. My blood boils beneath my skin, adrenaline runs through my veins but I manage
to keep my posture. I take a quick look at his name tag, the name Zero Kiryuu. Nice name, but now I
have no mood to flatter it; I'm way too busy to plan what to do with him next since I knew his identity.
Company president? Not a fucking problem.
The meeting ends, and everybody goes back to their office room. I find some excuse to stay behind, and
Takuma gives me a knowingly look. I growl, fucking bastard.
When I catch the sight of pres going out of the room, I run to him as fast as I can. He startles when he
notice there's somebody behind him, but my quick hand reaches to cover his mouth as I drag him into
the nearest empty meeting room.
I shove him forward, his back bumps to the wooden table. I move closer to him, his face in front of mine
as I say, my voice hard. "You lie to me?"
He looks up at me, not anymore the innocent face of the night before but the expression of a devil. His
mouth twitches into a smirk, "didn't I say I look younger than my age?"
Furious invades my rationality at the answer. But being angry can't help change the fact that I have been
fooled ridiculously by a virgin. Wait, did I say virgin? Oh Jesus, what stereotype did I miss? This guy
cannot fucking be a virgin. He knows sex well enough to pretend like one, and has played the game so
damn good. I feel like a fool in front of the silver-haired man to the point I want to laugh at the me last
night. Damn, I can't let things be like this. My pride and composure have been crushed by his lies, and
this is the time to payback. I inhale, to take control over the wild anger inside my head, and answer with
a sly smile, "I figured."
I slide my fingers across his cheek, "I can't believe you're our new pres. Imagine the boy laying beneath
me last night, throwing wanton moan into my ears as my cock thrusts into his slutty hole senseless," I
blow to his ear, and he shivers. "But it's fortunate after all. Now I can fuck you in daylight." I whisper.
Not waiting to hear his answer, I turn his body around, stretch him out on the table as one hand of mind
take a firm grasp over his wrists. The other hand reaches for his zipper, the hot and hard sensations
fierce through my palm's skin through the fabric. I put on his exposed nape a butterfly kiss his skin so
white, so smooth, so vulnerable in front of my eyes and I grab his cock and stroke.
It's hot and hard in my hand. Warm liquid slowly flows out from the pinkish tip as I smear the semen
across the skin, making him hisses out loud because of overflowed raw pleasure. I move to his balls,
squeeze hard, and my other hand release the grip from before. He's weak against pleasure, I'm sure of
it. His hands cling onto the edge of the table as I reach down between his cheeks, fingers playfully swept
across the cracks of his hole. He moans and thrusts his ass against my fingers demand for invasion.
"Want more, huh?" I push into his entrance as his wish, and get a loud groan as paid back. He turns his
head to look up at me, his eyes darken with lust, just like the night before. I bend down and kiss him full
on the lips before I can stop myself. This kiss has nothing resembles our first kiss; it's gentle and longing
and fuck, I'm at a loss. I don't know what he wants from me. I've reached to the point of could not let go
of him now, and some part of myself knows that it's not for physical needs anymore. Aidou, Ruka, Yuuki,
Shiki, Seiren, and other men and women that I can't remember their names are never the same. Zero
Kiryuu, I mumble the name when I thrust into him. As if hearing me calling his name, pres turn around
and look at me, his face indescribable.
My pace's going faster as I pound into him in each strong thrust. Our breathes echo in the empty room,
he's panting hard, and the smell of him fills my nose and I know I'm over the edge. Somewhere near
ecstasy I hear him voices, "what's your name?" and I reply, "Kaname Kuran."
I come first, and not long after he follows, shouting my name.
I re-arrange my clothes, my eyes avoid his. I have to quickly get out of this fucking room. I don't want to
hear anymore lies from him or to let my weakness take over my rationality anymore. It's enough. All of
this is enough.
"Look at me." His voice demands from behind.
I don't answer.
"Look at me." He sounds again, and I catch a shiver in his voice. But I can't, I couldn't. I'm selfish, and I
don't want a man who doesn't love me back.
"Look at me, please." He asks as his hand touches my shoulder. My emotion wavers like mad at his soft,
longing voice. I turn around. We look into each other's eyes, and my hand can't help but reach to his
cheek, the barest touch.
"You're a bastard. You pretend to be inexperienced to lure me in your trap. You used that face, that hair,
that voice, that smell of yours to draw me in. And give me no way out in return." I say, my voice rough
and hard. "And today you showed me that freaking smirk as if you're telling me I'm just a brat, and
laughed in my face for my foolishness." My throat dry and I can't stop the trembling in my voice. "But I
can't no longer get out of this. Make fun of me as much as you can, but never show your face in front of
me ever again."
A strong arm pulls me back when I turn around to leave. Before I can know what's happening, a sweet
kiss has been placed in my lips, and the scent and taste from the night before come back through me.
"You're right, for the most part, though." I blink confusedly as he continues, his lips are on mine.
"Actually, you're my first."
Then he gives me another melted kiss. My heart beats so hard that I thought it's jumped out from my
throat at the confession. At that moment, I know I've trapped in his playfully net yet again, and never do
I want to get out.
I wrap my arms around him, making a tight embrace. Being fooled by a sexy older virgin is not so bad
after all.
Hot. No, that word couldn't begin to describe the heat in the room. Breathtakingly searing perhaps?
Zero's mind couldn't think of what to call it. The walls were on fire, everything was burning, and Zero
was in the middle of it all. A single Vampire crept up toward the silverette on the lavish bed; the only
thing not covered in searing flames. He stared, wide-eyed as the other moved up onto his body,
touching him everywhere. Who it was he couldn't tell from the smoke, choking his vision, and sense of
smell, making his eyes water.
The person moved their hands across his body, rubbing against his leather covered crotch, and
squeezing. Zero moaned, his cheeks turning pink, as he writhed on the bed, his hand and feet bound by
strips of brown leather to the bed posts, biting into his wrists, and ankles as he struggled, gritting his
His chest was exposed in the outfit he wore, thin straps wound along his pectoral muscles, and over his
back, all connected to the thin material gathered over his crotch, tight across the front, making the
silverette tear up from the squeezing the hand of his captor kept up, making him become painfully
aroused, and his member push against the fabric.
Zero could feel his captor creep up to his chest, blowing on a nipple, and licking it, involuntarily making
the other male arch against the touch, squeezing out a moan. The feeling was so intense then the mouth
bit down, making Zero squirm and wrestle in his binds to throw the person off, but his captor only clung
harder against his sides with their legs, gripping his crotch rougher still, Zero's erection finally pressing
painfully against the hand and fabric encasing it.
The fire was still burning everywhere, flames licking on everything but the bed and the surrounding
carpet, as if someone had laid a spell to protect it. Zero was sweating immensely against the soft sheets
and pillows on the bed, feeling them stick to his body, peeling away with every movement.
The person above bit his nipple hard, drawing blood, and licking it up with a smirk. Zero still couldn't see
the person's eyes under shaggy hair, and he could feel the body brush against his own as more smoke
entered his field of vision, blinding him again. The other was clearly naked on top, as Zero could feel the
chest of his captor on his own, so it was indeed a male that had him in the burning bedroom, torturing
him to the point of absolute pleasure, though Zero hated the situation.
"Zero" His name was breathless on red smeared lips that gazed hungrily at him. The Hunter blinked as
the smoke began to clear and the fire died down. It was him. Zero had no doubt that he was the
Vampire behind what Zero was in. Damn him, for putting Zero here, and taking advantage of him like
that! He was angry, and wanted to bite Kaname to the point of draining him, and then shoot him as
many times as possible from Bloody Rose.
'Damn it! Why is it him!' Zero growled at his captor, who sat facing him on the bed, still settled upon
Zero's lower body, pawing at his erection, and smirking delightfully, while licking blood from his lips.
"Kaname, you bastard! Why did you do this?" Grinding his teeth, Zero became enraged and thrashed his
head forward, trying to snap at the other Vampire, his eyes watering as the slender hand of the
Pureblood grasped his length. "Let me go!"
Clicking his tongue, the Vampire slid down to the erection, gliding his tongue across the leather encased
tip, making Zero shiver and growl angrily. "My dear ZeroI'm having fun. Kindly shut up, before I make
you." His voice was calm, but held a murderous tone to it, dark red eyes flashing behind the long thick
Those eyes, Zero had seen them many times before.but not like this. Kaname had never been this
calm, thisdark with him before. He was actually scared. Zero was afraid of Kaname, what was this
coming to? He was getting weak, Zero hated himself for feeling how he felt, but the fact was there,
Kaname scared him. Those eyesthey looked like fireZero didn't think he was seeing things; there was
a kind of fire in his eyes.
The brunette Vampire grinned, another thing the usual Kaname never did, what was going on? Kaname
peeled the fabric encasing Zero's erection clean off, tossing it to the floor, and began to stroke Zero. He
groaned from the touch, trying not to let Kaname know he was enjoying the attention. Then, slowly
crackling could be heard all around the room as miniature fires heated up on everything, spouting to
large engulfing flames, brightly burning the ashes of the furniture, and walls once more. Was Kaname
doing this? Akatsuki was the only one who could manipulate flames, wasn't he? Then again, Kaname
was a Pureblood, and they had many powers rivaling that of any mere Vampire.
His eyes sparked, gazing at Zero, from his spot between his legs, fingers rubbing the length they held,
digging nails into it and watching the blood flow down. As the flames licked at the walls, Zero watched
Kaname mouth his erection, his fangs sliding up and down, piercing the flash, sending Zero into a pained
scream. "Ka-kaname stop it!" Zero tried to plead, but it got him nowhere, as the brunette only clamped
his mouth harder, making him bleed more, his eyes, staring at Zero, bright red and burning, like fire.
Hate. That was what Zero felt in his heart for the other Vampire. He wanted this to stop, but clearly
there was no getting through to the other, so he decided to wait out the pain. Kaname kept at it till he
had exhausted Zero, and kept him asleep in the room, burnt to cinders and ashes, having a nice little
"Ahh" The hunter whimpered as Kaname kissed his neck. The kiss grew more heated as Kaname
slightly open his mouth, and let his tongue ran up and down the flushed skin. The pureblood found it
adorable that whenever Zero blushed, he blushed all the way down to his neck. As the ex-human's blood
became hotter, that amazing scent was also stronger, intensified Kaname's growing need. It had come
to the point that smell was not enough. He needed the taste. And so, they ended up like this, with
Kaname straddling the hunter on his bed, the door locked behind them.
"K-Kuran, stop" Zero squirmed beneath the vampire, his hands and legs pinned onto the bed. He
hadn't bargained for this! His hazy mind was unable to remember the reason why he got himself into
this fucked up situation. It seemed like the Chairman sent him on business relating to the bloodsucker
again, and the moment he entered the room, Kuran immediately pounced on him. I swear Kuran, you
will be deadI will kill you with these hands
"AH!" His whole body tensed as fangs sunk into his neck, and Kaname smirked. He drew out each gulp,
drinking the ex-human's blood slowly, all the while ran his tongue sensuously around the puncture
wounds. AhZero's blood was dripping with that scent, it blinded his senses and mind, invading his
system, triggering the deepest, wildest instincts inside. He looked up to see the fierce fire burning in
those amethyst eyes. That was supposed to be the fire of anger, and yet, it slowly turned into a different
kind of fire as Kaname's hand trailed down, going under the hunter's shirt.
The heat was becoming too much, gathering in the pit of his stomach and under. I'll make you scream,
Zero, and make you obey my every word. You shall scream for me and only meHe pulled out and bit
Zero again, hard, savored the scream of pained pleasure ripped out from the hunter's throat as his
fingers dug into Kaname's back.
The pureblood's eyes snapped open and he shot out of the bed. It took him a while to calm down and
started thinking in contiguous thoughts. What was that just now? Kaname became even more startled
when he noticed an erection straining in his pants. For God's sake, since when did he start to have wet
dreams about the silver haired hunter? The dorm president grimaced at himself in disgust. He got out of
bed in a swift motion and was inside the bathroom at the blink of an eye. A cold shower. Now.
As freezing cold water running down his bare chest, the pureblood tried to calm his mind and a certain
organism down south. This was ridiculous. Kaname couldn't make out what had gotten into him lately.
As if licking Kiryuu's neck was not bad enough, he now had wet dreams about him. After the hunter's
very much needed punch, Kaname finally snapped out of the thick curtain of desire that blinded his
mind to a disturbing level. Never in his life did he expect Kiryuu to smell that good, that sensuous,
thatfeminine. Sure, Yuuki also smelled very feminine and had a pleasant flavor of her own sweetness,
but Kaname had never wanted to jump her right then and there. Not that he would allow himself to.
The pureblood had been so dazed of what had just happened that he didn't even think of interrogating
the most possible suspect there. Aido might have been responsible for this. Kaname hadn't missed his
little slip up before he made himself known. If this was one of his spontaneous experiments againIt
looked like that punishment last time hadn't worked out as well as he expected. Maybe cleaning the
entire dorm for a whole month without using any charm and magic was not hard enough for the noble.
He needed to find the blonde aristocrat right after his shower, and got some decent answers.
Yuuki Cross was lost in thoughts as she walked towards her fellow prefect's room. Zero slept in this
morning. Zero never slept in. He was always the earliest riser of the house, despite his liking for the
activity. The hunter was just that responsible; ever since they had decided that the Chairman should not
be allowed to prepare breakfast, that duty had been passed onto Zero_the best cook in their house.
However, this morning, Yuuki was taken aback as soon as her sleepy eyes laid on the empty kitchen. And
now, she found herself taking hurried strides towards his rooms, worry nagging her mind. What
happened to Zero? He would never ever be late.
She stopped in front of the silently closed door, and raised a knuckle to knock it softly.
"Zero?" She called when the door stayed closed. Was Zero still sleeping?
"Zero! Are you okay?"Her knock became louder and more anxious. With his vampire hearing, Zero
couldn't have missed that?
"Zero, I'm coming in!" Making up her mind, Yuuki reached for the door knob and twisted it open. Zero
hadn't locked his door.
She was greeted with a bunch of blanket on the bed, with Zero hidden and sleeping inside. Sighing, the
brown haired prefect yanked the blanket away in an attempt to wake him up. "Seriously Zero, I never
thought you would-ZERO? "
Yuuki sure hadn't expected this.
Both of them were now late for school, but none of them cared. How could school cross their mind
when THIS happened? Yuuki stared at the raging hunter with dumbfounded amazement. Zero
waspretty. Beautiful.
Long, soft looking silvery hair poured down his back like a river, and ended at the middle. Strands of hair
closely hugged his heart-shaped face, as if trying to draw attention to the uniqueness of it. Zero's usual
sharp, manly features were now replaced with softer lines, becoming more delicate looking although his
eyes still held their narrow gaze. His eyesThey had became bigger and rounder, however, no less
captivating as it combined with the amethyst color and created an attractive sense of mystery. His lips
were now fuller, and were as kissable as they could get. A soft flush adorned his cheeks, and all
together, Zero looked like a doll, but with the burning fire in his eyes, a very lively doll at that.
Zero was undeniably handsome as a guy, although not as handsome as Kaname-senpai. No one could be
as handsome as Kaname-senpai. But he made an even better girl, and now, Yuuki found her hands
itching to caress his hair, to see if it was as soft as it looked. Or his flushing cheeks. Or, best of all, his
Okay, you can stop now Yuuki_the girl mentally scolded herself.
Zero wanted to ask Yuuki why she was looking at him with an expression torn between hunger and
shame, but then decided against it. He had a more pressing matter at hand. Last night, after the shower,
he was out as soon as his head hit the pillow; and now, he woke up late only to find himself a girl. He
hadn't quite believed it at first, but after yanking at his long hair and a quick check in his pants and a
blood-curdling scream, it was confirmed. Also, he just had to sleep only in pajama pants, so the clear
sight of his bare chest didn't help much. At least Yuuki had pitied him and thrown him a shirt to protect
his dignity.
"I uhumh IthinkIneedashower" the hunter quickly broke the awkward silent between them with an
incomprehensible speech. He just needed to be alone. And he also didn't want Yuuki to see him like this.
"Okay" Yuuki answered in an understanding tone. Zero didn't sound like himself, literally. His voice was
now higher pitched, although not as high as hers. The gender-bended prefect seemed to realize this, and
without uttering a word, he slammed the door shut.
Zero resisted the urge to bang his head against the wall or punch the mirror. God, he really needed a
lesson or two in anger management. However, he doubted that therapists could teach people how to
calm down when they discovered that they were now the opposite sex after a single night. He stared at
his small hands. They looked weak, and that made him sick. How the hell did he turn into a girl? His body
felt weird all over, with the added weight on his chest and the missed weight in his pants. Zero really
didn't want to look at himself in the mirror, knowing that all he saw would be a stranger, yet instinct
would tell him that it was still Zero Kiryuu he was looking at.
However, Zero wasn't the kind of guy to just sit there and pity himself; he would stand up and find
solutions to his own problem. Yes, there had to be a reason why all of this happened. God just didn't
wake up one day and decided 'hey, why don't I turn Zero Kiryuu into a girl, and watch him suffer?' Not
that he really believed in God. Let's seeNothing weird happened yesterday. Nothing, except Kuran
trying to lick his neck like a dog in heat. That was completely uncharacteristic of him, seeing that he
always wore this mask of a calm, collected, almighty pureblood. Heh, maybe that was him displaying his
true nature. If he ever showed it to YuukiBut Kuran would never risk breaking his perfect faade.
Something must have happened before thatAido! _ Zero seethed in his mind. Seemed like the liquid
inside that vial he had been holding wasn't just some random water. The hunter shouldn't have let his
guard down; those vampires sometimes liked to play with charms and potion. Aido might as well poison
him, and this was just one of the effects. His hands itched for the Bloody Rose, feeling the need to test if
anything happened with his power. First, he needed to find that vampire; then pressed the Bloody Rose
to his head, demanding for some answer as well as a cure for thisbody.
Zero suddenly dreaded having a shower and washing himself.
"KukukuKaname-sama, you will never catch me" Aido snickered triumphantly as he crawled through
the ventilation system of the dorm. Being the genius that he was, the noble had predicted that Kaname
would eventually come to suspect him, and therefore, he had escaped before the pureblood was able to
make the first move. Aido had only been in the vent for ten seconds before his door was flung open,
revealing a frighteningly calm Kaname. Luckily, the blonde vampire had managed to hide his scent,
leaving no evidence that he had left the room through the vent_ which he was able to move in because
of his small frame. Kain would never fit into this. Upon seeing the empty room as well as the absence of
his scent, the pureblood remained emotionless and just silently closed the door, walking away. Aido was
wise enough to know that he shouldn't come down for a while, and keep pretending that he was away
at the moment.
His thought drifted to Zero. Aido estimated that the potion would have taken full effect by now. And if
he knew Kiryuu, the hunter would be in a fit and rushed here to find a way to kill him. However, just like
Kaname-sama, he wouldn't be able to find him either, and Aido would have the chance to freely witness
his success. Little did Kiryuu know, when the changes were finished, the estrogens would take a strong
effect on him. It was similar to when a vampire was first created; his first sensation was always a thirst
for blood. However, this thirst was not for blood, it was a thirst forexposure to testosterones. Which
means Kiryuu would try to jump any man in the area who had a decent number of the hormone. This
was going to be fun
Aido started to wonder why he was so evil lately.
Zero's hands clutched his skirt in a death grip as he ran through the school ground and headed for the
Moon Dorm. There was definitely something wrong with the Chairman's taste in uniform. Apparently,
he had shrunk a bit after his transformation_ Zero was now thinner and shorter than his original male
body. He wasn't able to fit into his own clothes, so Yuuki kindly offered him hers. However, despite
becoming shorter, he was still taller than her, and thus couldn't wear her pants. He had protested with
all his might when he saw that decided look in her eyes. In the end, Zero had bitterly accepted his
defeat, because all those years knowing her, he had realized that Yuuki Cross always got her way, and
this time was no exception. So now he was running as fast as he could, trying his best to keep the
painfully short skirt from getting blown up in the wind and revealing his panties to the world. The hunter
had been dead flushed when Yuuki lent him her undergarments, and he didn't even have the heart to
tease her about her flat chest when the girl couldn't find any bra of hers that fit the hunter. He decided
to do without it, because Aido would have to pay. Very soon.
Finally, he was in front of the dorm. Zero tightened his grip around the Bloody Rose in his hand. He
hated it that the gun felt heavier with this weak arm; were he to get into a fight with Kuran now, his
body would be at a big disadvantage. However, the ex-human was sure that Kaname wouldn't lay a
hand on a girl. He was just that gentlemanly, the bloodsucker.
Without hesitation, Zero stormed into the dorm.
It had been an hour since Kaname entered Aido's room, and until now, the noble was still nowhere in
sight. You figured out that I would suspect you, Aido? Kaname contemplated. Then all of this makes you
even more suspicious. In fact, Kaname had already known it was Aido's doing, but didn't know exactly
what he did. Well, if you still want to play this game of cat and mouse, then hide all you like. I will just
stay here, and eventually, you will have to come to me. One couldn't stay in a vent for all their life, after
"Kuran-senpai." an unfamiliar yet extremely familiar voice pulled Kaname from his thought.
He didn't know that when he turned around, he would see this.
Zero Kiryuu in a girl Day Class uniform, panting as if he had been running miles.
His face and elegant neck an adorable color of heat due to exhaustion.
His hair long and flowing behind his back, dyed by moonlight, complimenting his big, shining violet eyes.
His skirt was short, revealing a pair of slender, attractive legs.
His frame small and delicate, just begging to be hugged.
His lips full and pouty, begging to be kissed.
His feminine scent and look, begging for him to be thrown onto the bed and dominated.
Kaname was frozen in place, his gaze glued to the hunter's chest.
"You have breasts?" was all he managed to say after a long awkward silent.
Zero's eyes twitched. There it was again, the urge to injure the freaking bloodsucker. It was already
deadly embarrassing for Kaname, of all people (except Yuuki), to see him like this. But the hunter knew
that finding Aido would be easier through the pureblood, what with their ranking and all. "You pervert,
is that what you always lay your eyes on first?" he retorted. Zero waited for Kaname to defend himself
with that annoyingly smooth voice of his, but no reply ever came.
Kaname was too lost in fighting the beast within himself. Whatever Aido did to Kiryuu, it stirred up the
worst inside him, to the point that a battle now broke out in his mind. He wanted so much to just carry
the ex-human into his room, strip him of his clothes, and do unspeakable things to that temptress body.
Another voice suddenly protested, saying that he should be more controlled of himself and find a way to
turn Zero back. The other voice said to hell with it and that he should just take advantage of the
situation here and now. The 'good' voice reminded him that he was a pureblood and a dorm president;
he shouldn't break the rules by harming a Day Class student. Kaname tell both of them to just shut the
hell up.
Meanwhile, Zero was staring at him impatiently. The hunter suddenly sensed a dark aura emitting from
Kaname, an aura of lust and desire. And to Zero's horror, his body started to react to it. By some twisted
logic, his body found the dark gaze Kaname was giving him extremely sexy. The prefect's eyes trailed
down Kaname's opened collar, over the pale skin and partially exposed collarbones before travelling
downward the pureblood's lean and sinuously tempting body. By the time his eyes stopped at the
straining erection in his pants, Zero's body was nearly exploding in heat and he felt a certain wetness
between his legs.
The hunter jerked as if he had just been electrified and tried to feel disgust at himself upon this
"UmDo you happen to see Aido anywhere? That prick is responsible for this"
Unfortunately for him, Kaname had caught the scent of his arousal, and Zero felt like he had just tried to
distinguish the fire with a bucket of fuel.
"Oh, how unfortunate, Aido has been out all this afternoon. I'm afraid he can't fix his damage right now.
You will just have to wait" Kaname's voice was abnormally collected.
"Can't you just use your pureblood power to summon him or something?" Zero discreetly tried to rub
his legs together in a desperate attempt to ease his arousal, but the pureblood's silky voice only made it
"I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do so" Kaname was starting to lose all reasons as the heat inside him
threatened to explode.
"What, why? He was clearly breaking the rules" The sexual tension between them was so hard to ignore
that Zero had to resist the urge to whimper. What the hell
"Because for once, he actually did something right."
And Kaname snapped.
Aido could have cried in happiness if he was there at the moment, but unfortunately, he was currently
lost in the maze-like ventilation system only to be pulled out half-dead several hours later through a
hole Kain had ripped open in order to rescue him, under the command of a very satisfied Kaname.
Meanwhile, a worried Yuuki was pondering why Zero refused to ever come out of his room, even though
he had returned to a male. Must be some damaged masculine pride.
"Zero, Zero!" Yuuki screams as she barges into Zero room without as much as a knock.
Zero growls and drags himself up into a sitting position on his bed. He glowers at Yuuki and growls again.
"What?" he manages through grit teeth.
The girl laughs cheerfully even though the look on Zero face promises her death.
"Well, I just wanna inform you that I'm going to Hong Kong with the chairman tomorrow, you wanna
go?" Yuuki asks with a cute smile.
Zero gives her a look and says "no." and pull the the cover over his head and went back to sleep.
"Why not? We even bought you a ticket!" Yuuki whines and stomps toward the boy's bed.
"Not interested Yuuki, now fuck off. I'm sleepy." Zero mumbles under the blanket.
"Aww, please?" Yuuki insists.
Zero sits up again, this time more annoyed than ever. He glares at Yuuki with his deadliest glare.
"I said no!" Zero says again, emphasizing each and every word.
Yuuki steps back nervously and gulps.
"Sorry, I'll be going then." The brunette replies and bolts out of the room, a mischievous smile plasters
her lips.
Knock knock.
The knocks on his door catches his attention, and Kaname turns to the mahogany door.
"Come in." he says.
The person outside pushes the door open and steps into the room, a small smile adorns his lips.
"What is it Takuma?" Kaname asks.
"Well, I was thinking that maybe you would like to visit my house with us." The blonde says and sits on
the sofa that sits in the middle of the room.
Kaname gives his best friend a glance.
"What?" Takuma asks.
"No offenses but you do know how much I hate to visit your house, right?" Kaname replies with a
"Well, the guys will be there you know; so I thought you'd like to join in with the fun." Takuma says with
a smile.
"It sounds fun, but I have to decline. I really don't want to see your grandfather." Kaname replies.
"Well, suit yourself. We'll be departing tomorrow at dawn." Takuma says and lifts himself up from the
crimson couch.
"Excuse me Kaname, I'll be packing now." The blonde continues and then walks out.
As soon as the he reach the common room, his friend rushes toward him.
"How was it?" Aido asks excitedly.
"Is he staying or going?" Ruka asks.
Shiki and Rima glance at him questioningly, as if urging him to answer.
"Of course he'll stay!" Takuma answers, a grin found its way to his lips.
Ruka and Rima, who is usually very passive, squeal in delight. Aido jumps up and hugs Kain. And Shiki;
well, being himself he just 'hn'ed.
"Well then, all we have to do is slips this thing in their food and it's good to go." Aido says and withdraw
a bottle of pink and purple liquid out of his pocket.
Takuma lets out a smirk and grab the bottle.
"That can be done." He states and grabs his phone.
He's phoning Yuuki.
KaZe KaZe KaZe
Zero yawns sleepily as he waits on the couch, for Kaien and Yuuki to come down with their belonging.
He hugs his white pillow tighter and nuzzles his face into the fluffy stuff.
He just cannot believe that Yuuki had managed to drag him out of bed, at 4 am, and make him waits for
them in his PJ. Ugh. And now she's taking forever. The girl really is torturing him. Fuck, he wants to
As he waits a bit more, his eyelids seal shut and he drift off to la la land. His breathing become gentle
and even and a gentle smile plaster his lips.
"Zero!" Yuuki screeches as she decent down the staircase, carrying more suitcase than her small body
can handle.
Zero jumps off the couch, surprised and looks at Yuuki.
"What?" the teen asks annoyed that Yuuki wakes him up.
"Be a gentleman and help a lady out will you?" the brunette asks with a cute smile.
"no." the silver hair teen replies and turns away from his best friend slash adoptive sister.
"You jerk. I hate you." Yuuki says and runs down the stair.
"Whatever, I didn't even ask you to love me. Just love your damn pure bloodsucker prince." Zero replies
and resume his sleep.
"Talking about Kaname." Yuuki says and then continues "he'll be here this evening. For dinner. With
"What?" Zero asks his eyes as big as a saucer.
"Yuuki, what the fuck are you thinking of?" the silver hair young man asks, angry.
"Hey! Go and bitch at the chairman! Not me! It's his idea, not mine. You hear me?" Yuuki ask.
"Chairman!" Zero screams.
"Yes, my lovely son." Kaien waltz down the stair and asks Zero with his sing-song voice.
"What the hell are you thinking!" Zero asks.
"Now now Zero-rin. It's not such a big deal. It's just having dinner with Kaname-kun. We had most of
your dinner prepare, by our hired chef and darling Yuuki and you just have to heat them up, plus you
guys need to bond." Kaien replies and help Yuuki with their suitcase.
"Having dinner with Kuran-jerk alone is a big deal! I don't want to bond with him. I fucking hate him. And
I told you not to call me that!"
"Call you what Zero-rin?"
"Alright! Enough you two! Yagari sensei will be here to pick us up soon, so behave yourself dad. And
Zero, just eat with him; okay? He's alone in the moon dorm with no one to cook for him so we invited
him to eat with you because you two will definitely be lonely!" Yuuki says, breaking the men apart.
"Yes ma'am." Kaien replies.
"whatever." Zero says.
Peep Peep.
"Oh look, he's here already." Kaien says and jumps in joy like a five years old kid.
"Okay. We'll be going now." Yuuki says and leans in to kiss Zero cheek.
"Have a great time guys." Zero says.
"We will." Yuuki replies.
"Oh and, Zero, I made lemonade for you guys; drink it. Okay?" Yuuki asks with a fake innocent smile that
scream death if the silver hair teen doesn't do what he is told.
Zero gulps and nod in respond, mumbling an 'I will' under his breath.
Yuuki smile become wider and her eyes gleam with mischievous.
Kaname rise from his slumber as his alarm goes off. He yawns and get up from his bed.
He gives his digital clock a glance and hurried to his bathroom. It's already 4:30 pm and the time he has
to eat with Kiryuu is at 5 pm. Damn, he's going to be late if he doesn't hurry.
Speaking of eating with Kiryuu, Kaname is still a bit reluctant. He still remembers how it happened. Yuuki
had barge in yesterday morning, when they were about to goes to bed, demanding that Kaname have to
eat dinner with the silver hair beauty when she and the chairman visit Hong Kong. The brunet rejected
the request straight out, even if it's going to break his dear girl heart, he can't just picture himself eating
a decent meal with Kiryuu, alone. It just sounds awkward and somehow gay. Anyway, after the
rejection; Yuuki started to bawl like a baby and Aido joined in in begging him to eat with Zero. Of course
he rejected again, and Aido bawled as well; Kaname still can't believe that a matured and noble vampire
such as Aido would bawl childishly like that. When the others of his inner circle got annoyed from all the
crying, they just demanded that he accept Yuuki request. And accept he does. Then Yuuki and Aido
stopped their bawling and jumps up happily with the others, hugging one another intimately; which is a
bit strange.
Oh well, there's nothing he can do now. He had accepted his dear girl's request, and fulfilling it he will.
Zero hums lightly as he moves around the kitchen, adding a finish touch to food that their chief and
Yuuki left for him and that Kuran-jerk. He wasn't sure if the chief really helped cook it because they taste
really funny somehow; it would taste normal when you put it into your mouth but when you actually
chewing it, it leaves a strong after taste something sweet, soapy and alluring. Oh well, Zero shrugs his
shoulder mentally; at least it's edible.
After finishing with the food preparation, he pulls out some plates and silverwares and put it onto the
dining table. He puts the plate full of food onto the table a go look at table and moves to the fridge,
taking out Yuuki special-made lemonade. On the lemonade jug, there's a piece of paper stuck to it and it
reads 'don't do anything stupid or I'll kick you in the balls. ;]]]'
The silver hair teen gulps, somehow he's been really afraid of Yuuki lately. Why? Well, you see, a week
or two ago Yuuki was very very mad at Zero for teasing him about sleeping with her plush toys. The
brunette had warn him that she'll pull his pants down if he doesn't stop, and being stubborn as he is;
Zero wasn't afraid one bit and continue to tease the girls.
Out of pure anger, Yuuki jumps onto Zero, strips off his pant and rips them apart, how she managed to
destroy it Zero still has no idea.
The whole school was dead silence that evening. The fan girls and fan boys stop squealing. Aido stop
being his stupid self and stop flirting. Ruka mouth went agape and nearly had a nosebleed from the
display of Zero's creamy legs. As for Kaname, well, the brunet mentally drools over the sight of Zero
lower half.
And for our dear Zero. He was speechless. Speechless I tell you, speechless. His facial expression was
priceless as well.
When a single pitch black crow flew across the scene, squawking loudly, Zero seems to gain his
consciousness again. And all he managed to do was blinks and then kick Yuuki off of him and run off,
with only his boxer attached to his lower body.
Even now, the silverette still couldn't look at the students in the eyes.
So yeah. He learns from his past experience to listen when his sister threaten him.
Shuddering slightly, Zero pulls the jug lemonade out and set it onto the table and fetches two glasses.
Ding dong.
Zero turns to kitchen door and sigh. Right. He has to go and open the door for Kuran since Yuuki isn't
here to welcome the moron.
The silverette sighs and wipe his hand on the red apron before dashing out to the front door.
You will believe my lies
I'm not like other guys.
That sparkles in my eyes
is part of my disguise.
Kaname hums softly to himself as he waits outside the chairman house, a small smile adorn his supple
lips slightly. And then a bang is heard when the front door slam open for him. The brunet is greeted by a
very sexy Zero. A white shirt and a pair of black tight jeans, plus the red apron add to the sexiness.
Kaname is practically drooling.
"well? Are you coming in or not?" Zero asks and turns on his heels.
Kaname eyes scan Zero's body curves and take the features in. The white shirt is nearly transparent. It
shows Zero's back perfectly. The pureblood can see his spine, his shoulder blades and his nape perfectly.
And the jeans. Oh god. The jeans. They're just perfectly tight. The black article hugs Zero's lower body
tightly, showing off his round ass cheeks and slender thighs.
The brunet licks his lips unconsciously.
Zero turns around when he feels a pair of vermillion eyes on his back.
"Stop staring you prick." The teen says and enter the kitchen.
Kaname follow suite. The pureblood prince raise a fine brow at the sight of the table, it gives the
impression of a romantic dinner.
"You can stand there for the rest of the night or you can eat, it's up to you." Zero says as soon as he
swallows his food.
"I choose to eat, of course." Kaname says and sits in the chair in front of the silver hair beauty.
"whatever." Zero mutters under his breath and continues eating.
After the first bite, Kaname raise a fine brow and stare at Zero with confusion. The foods somehow taste
like aphrodisiac.
"What?" Zero asks.
Kaname replies by gesturing at the food.
"The food taste Unique."
"Yuuki's the one who cooked all of it, I only heat it up and add some salt. If you have any complaint, call
her and bitch at her."
"oh." Kaname says and takes a sip.
He raises another fine brow and stares at Zero again. Somehow, the lemonade also contains
"That's also made by Yuuki." Zero points out and continues.
Kaname chuckles lightly to himself. Does his dear girl plan on having him fucking Kiryuu senseless? Well,
she does have all of it planned with his inner circle.
The brunet chuckles again when he recalls how the nobles had gather with Yuuki at the corner of the
toilet during classes sometime to have it all planned, and to be discovered by him.
After putting the glass of lemonade back down, Kaname proceeds on wolfing down all the food. Who
cares if there's aphrodisiac in it or not? He surely doesn't mind.
The pureblood cough lightly into his own fist; feeling the love potion taking effect. He eyes Zero verily
and feels somewhat pitiful for him for what will be coming his way.
Dinner went by quickly in Kaname's point of view, and he note that the aphrodisiac is also seeping into
Zero's system. The silverette is acting strange and become highly sensitive. He blushes all the time after
dinner and complains about how hot it is when the AC is on. He lets out moans when Kaname comes in
contact with him, like brushing their feet together unknowingly or shoulders touching one another.
The vampire prince tease him more by helping him doing the dishes, taking that opportunity to touches
Zero's hand and chuckling at Zero's reactions. Like now, he's laughing like mad at Zero's bashfulness.
"Now now Zero, stop blushing and hand me that last glass." Kaname says as he suppresses his chuckling.
"I'm not blushing Kuran." Zero states, hoping for the heat that had gathers at his cheeks and crotch
disappear, and hand Kuran the last glass.
Kaname reaches out and take hold of Zero's palm instead of the glass. He smirks victoriously when Zero
lets out a gasp and the glass slips out of his hand and shattered on the floor.
"Oh, the glass broke." Kaname says.
"Whatever. You make my hand slips so you pick the pieces up." Zero says and continues on washing his
hand in the sink.
Kaname smirks and literally cuts his finger with the shard.
Zero eyes widen and his hands went slack and drop into the sink. That scent. The scent of blood.
Kaname's blood. It smells sweet, delicious and absolutely poisoning. That sweet sweet blood that
bewitched him, poison him. The elixir that he had tasted.
That delicious blood that is making his hard on more painful.
Zero's pair of pretty pretty lilac eyes turned blood red. Just like the color of the jerks blood. At the
thought of Kaname's blood, Zero tongue darts out to like his lips hungrily.
Kaname chuckles and reaches his bloody hand to Zero's face, smearing his pure vampire blood onto
does luscious lips. Kaname smile contently when that pink muscle darts out to like the blood from his
own lips and continues onto his licking his already healed finger.
Zero's hand reaches up to hold onto Kaname's hand and pushes it into his supple lips, his elongated
fangs scraping against the fingers drawing out Kaname's blood and his tongue licking and tasting the fine
fingers. The silver hair hunter can feel Kaname's mouth nibbling at his ears and neck. The ex-human
moans and tilts his head, unknowingly, to give Kaname more access.
The pureblood growls out when Zero tilts his head. His eyes become blood red and his fangs throb
painfully, begging to be buried into the fine milky column in front of them. Kaname resist the urge and
proceed on snaking his around Zero's hip, pulling him into his chest. The hunter struggles and tries to
complain but it was muffled when Kaname pushes his fingers further into that hot cavern. The older
male then use his free hand to tugs the white shirt off Zero's shoulder, revealing smooth milky skin. His
pink tongue darts out and lick the delicious skin hesitantly, and when a pleasure-filled moan was heard;
Kaname starts to get more rigorous. He nibs, he licks, he scraps his fang onto the skin and draws beads
of blood and then lick the delicious elixir only to precede the process again and again.
With Kaname working his magic on his shoulder, Zero eagerly sucks onto Kaname fingers. His playful
nibbling soon turns serious and with the scent of the purest vampire blood assaulting his nostril and
stripping him off his sanity, Zero bites down; harsh.
Kaname's grant his animalistic side its wish and growls with pleasure, his canines then pierce the soft
supple skin; drawing the unique hybrid blood hungrily.
The two vampires receive immense pleasure through the exchange, the one in drinking and the other in
Kaname hums as he feels his pant tighten at the sound of Zero sucking on his finger desperately, it
somehow sound very arousing. Without hesitation, the brunet's free hand moves down to Zero crotch,
touching it and chuckling when he feels the tent in Zero's tight jean. His slender fingers travel up, and rip
Zero's shirt away, before continuing onto feeling Zero abs.
Zero moans as he feels Kaname's feathery touch running up and down his belly and messaging it
sensually. His mouth went agape when he feels his nipple being pinched, a trail of saliva mix with blood
run down his chin. And he leans into Kaname chest.
The pureblood prince hums in delight when Zero moan with pleasure. Wanting to hear more of those
delicious sounds, he one of his hands to pinches one of the pink nubs and the other bloodied one to
tease the other.
Zero knees buckle at the hot sensation he's feeling and his pant tighten to a whole other level. The silver
hair teen lean further into Kaname chest and when Kaname pinches both nipples and suck at his neck
eagerly at the same time, his knees fail him and he slides down; a chunk of his flesh got tear away by
Kaname bite and Zero's hybrid blood splatter everywhere.
The older male licks his supple, bloody, lips at the sight of Zero slumps down; out of breath and red
painting half of his torso. Kaname bents down and kneel on the floor next to his prey before picking up
the lithe form and lying on to the counter next to the sink.
Zero squirms and shudders when those pair of red wine orbs scrutinizes his very being.
Kaname smirks contently and dives into that hot mouth yet again, and this time, his free hands start
unbuckling Zero's belt.
Zero was dead to the world with Kaname's mind blowing kiss, until the zipping sound voice out. The
silver hair hunter eyes snap open, revealing panicking lilac orbs. Zero starts pushing Kaname away when
the brunet start stroking his member through the boxer.
The alpha male reluctantly parts from Zero's addictive lips and stares at the beautiful creature that he'll
be ravishing in a few minutes.
"What do you think you're doing?" Zero asks, on hand pushing Kaname's chest away and the other
grabbing Kaname's hand at his erection.
"Stroking your dick." Kaname replies, matter-of-factly.
Zero blushes and continues "and why do you need to do that?"
"Oh, so you want me to fuck you raw without giving you any pleasure first?"
The platinum blonde blushes yet again, and this time, the shade of red reach his pale ears.
"Bastard." Zero murmurs and pushes Kaname away, ignoring his growing erection and jumps off the
"Where you think you're going?" Kaname asks.
"Away. From you."
The level A vampire raises a fine brow at the answer and chuckles. His hand palms Zero's erected
member, feeling the wetness of pre-cum on the fabric, a smile of satisfaction plaster his lips as Zero's
moan and clings onto his sleeves.
"Sure you're not going to masturbate while thinking about me Zero?" Kaname whispers into Zero's red
"Assh-ah~." Zero words got cut off when Kaname squeezes the clothe member.
His other hand snakes it way into Zero's boxer. Deeming the jeans annoying, the older male tears it
away and throws it into the corner near Zero's white shirt.
The ex-human gives him a heated glare.
Kaname replies to it with a mischievous smile and a lustful kiss.
Zero's mind becomes clouded with lust, blood and sex as response to Kaname heated kiss. His arms
shoot themselves up and snake around Kaname's neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. Kaname's
tongue feels incredible in his mouth and he keeps sucking and licking on the hot muscle as if it is a
delicious candy.
Zero groans into the kiss uncomfortably as his bare bottom came in contact with the cool marble
counter, how he came to be as naked as the day he was born, he doesn't know and he practically does
care. What's on his mind right now is to have more of this burning sensation, this increasing desire to
consume Kaname and let the brunet vampire consume him.
Kaname breaks the kiss apart and stare straight into Zero's eyes, khaki clashes with lilac and the two feel
an electric surge running down their spine. Giving into the temptation, Kaname grabs Zero's naked waist
and drag it forward before nudging his clothed harden length into Zero's bare hole.
The hunter gasps at the delicious friction and the pureblood smirk contently.
Zero whines uncharacteristically when Kaname withdrew the hard bulge from his butt and wiggle his
way to the older male clothed dick, in hope of creating the sensation the shoots through his body and fill
his desire.
Kaname chuckles and leans in next to his ear, the man asks softly "do you want it Zero?"
"Mmm." Zero replies with a moan and pull the alpha male closer by his shirt.
The hunter bucks his hip into Kaname crotch eagerly, searching for the heated sensation, only to be held
down by Kaname's hands.
"Wait." Kaname commands and Zero still instantly.
Kaname smiles and kisses Zero right eye gently, then move on to Zero's pert nose and finishes the kiss
with another mind blowing kiss to Zero's kiss-swollen lips. During the kiss, Kaname manages to summon
a bucket of ice from within the fridge. His slender fingers dig in and grab an ice cube and probe it at
Zero's virgin entrance.
The silver hair teen gasps when he feels the freezing ice entering him and their kiss was broken. He
winces uncomfortably as the tips of two of Kaname's fingers enter his puckering hole. Zero whines again
when Kaname stop his movement there. Taking matter into his own hand, Zero starts to impale himself
on Kaname's finger. He screams again and again as the ice cube his prostate again and again and loving
every moment of the forbidden act.
Zero opening tightens impossibly as he climaxes. And Kaname moans as he imagines what it feel like to
have the tightness surround his dick rather than his fingers.
Kaname's index finger swipes some of Zero's semen from his belly and gives it a taste. The sight makes
Zero hard again, instantly.
Kaname chuckles again and grab two more cubes and push it in one by one; savoring the changes of
expression that Zero gives him.
Zero is currently in a huge predicament. His body is all sweaty and hot from their foreplay and his
climax, and his wall is melting with the heat his body burns, and his prostrate is freezing from the ice
cubes; and the ex-human can practically feel water leaking from his hole. Zero releases a groan when he
feels another freezing cold ice pressing against his opening. He sits up abruptly and glares at the
Kaname chuckles yet again at the sight of Zero, an angry mess of blood, water and scent of sex.
Understanding that Zero inside is practically freezes all over, Kaname throws the ice cube in his hand to
the sink and press his clothed erected length into Zero's opening again.
"Nyah ah~!" Zero moans at the hot friction and presses back eagerly.
He starts grinding his naked butt into the crotch at an incredible speed. And when he hears Kaname
moans, the platinum blonde grind faster, if possible.
Kaname groans and hold Zero's hip down with one hand while the other unzips his own pant.
Zero breath hitches when his lilac hues meet with the sight of Kaname's member.
Kaname chuckles softly at Zero's reaction. It's normal really. Most of his partner has this kind of reaction
to his enormous dick, and it'll be a bitch for them to experience especially virgin one. And Kaname is
glad Zero's a virgin. He'll get to hear the silver hair beauty screams.
The pureblood probe the puckering pink hole and pushes in without any warning.
Zero screams at the sudden intrusion and tries to sit up. But Kaname grabbing his hip restrain him from
moving away.
Content that Zero can no longer moves, Kaname thrust in to the hilt.
"AHHHH!" Zero screams out as he feels his inside stretch to it max and the blood and water oozing out,
two streams of tears run down his fair cheeks.
The silver hair teen tries to sit up again, but it Kaname is just so HUGE it make his unable to do anything
besides laying there getting ready to be pound into.
Kaname pulls out slowly and Zero wince and moans at the same time, filling every part of Kaname's
penis imprinting on his wall. When only the mushroom tip is inside, Kaname thrusts back in to the hilt
and Zero head bangs at the wall.
"st-stop." Zero manages to say as Kaname continues to thrusts into him ruthlessly.
"Ahh, baaaah ka. Sto-stop." He continues and bang on to Kaname chest and trying to sits up.
Kaname glares at him and finally slow down his movement.
"N-not here. Hu-rt. B-bed." Zero groans.
Kaname raise a fine brow at the request.
"beg." The pureblood breathes near Zero's ear.
"n-never!" Zero refuses and Kaname thrusts back in.
"Ah. Ngh."
"Ah. P-Please."
"Good boy." Kaname coos and give Zero's hair a quick kiss before scooping the lithe form up, wrapping
the slender leg around his hip.
The brunet continues to thrusts into that unbearable heat as he walks up to Zero's bedroom. Zero grabs
Kaname's shoulders for dear life as Kaname thrusts seems to goes deeper than before because of the
impact from walking.
"P-ah-put me doahhh~!"
"'put me down'? You're the one clinging to me." Kaname replies as he kicks the door to Zero room open.
"Baahhh staah-rd."
"whatever." Kaname replies and dumps Zero onto the soft bed.
Zero groans at the embarrassing position. His back on the bed and his ass up with Kaname's dick stuffed
in it.
Kaname chuckles at Zero's adorable pout and hover over the teen.
"Everything is okay now, hmm?" he asks as he starts pushing and pulling out of that tight heat.
The brunet starts off slowly at first but it soon get rigorous and he starts to drives into Zero's opening
with incredible speed.
"Slo-ahh-sloweeerr. AH!" Zero screams as his free hand grabs Kaname arm weakly.
Kaname groans at the request but comply reluctantly. He understands Zero's need since the boy is still a
virgin. The alpha male waits as Zero try to adjust to a comfortable position. The pureblood prince sighs
and leans back.
"Don't mooooh!" Zero complains and sits up on Kaname hips, finding a comfortable pose on the brunet
"move." The silver hair teen says and grinds his hips.
Kaname chuckles and says "I can't. YOU have to."
Zero grunts, placing his hands on Kaname's firm chest.
With no choice left, Kaname reach behind to cup Zero's ass cheek and lifts the teen up.
Zero moans as he feels the stiff erection slide out of him and he practically screams his lungs out when
Kaname lets go of his hip and lets gravity take control.
The silver hair teen pants heavily as Kaname repeat the action and feels Kaname's shaft going further
into him this time.
Kaname moans as his hard rod of flesh penetrates deeper into Zero's hole.
Soon, Zero no longer need Kaname assistance and begins to ride Kaname in amazing speed; finding
release for himself and Kaname.
"Nyah~An~Ah ah. Ku-ra-an." Zero moans as he falls on to Kaname erection and came across Kaname's
Zero's wall clench around him tightly as the boy came across his belly. Kaname hands tighten around
Zero's laps as the wall clamps on him until it is painful. The pureblood gives a final trust and shot his
semen deep into the wonderful heat.
Tears starts to run down Zero's cheeks again and he grabs the part under his belly.
Kaname give Zero's other hand a light kiss and guide the boy out of him.
Zero moans as Kaname hands lift him up from his soften member. The hunter gives Kaname a funny look
when one of his hands joins in his hand at the area above his crotch.
Kaname presses down onto the body part and receive a surprised look from the teen.
"Wha-Nyaa ah."
Kaname chuckles again as he watch with fascination when blood, water and his semen leaks out of the
boy opening. Zero shivers vulnerably and Kaname enjoy every moment of it. His elegant finger traces a
line near the essence that just leaks out.
"Look Zero. It's my semen." Kaname comments.
"Sick bastard." Zero replies.
"But you seem to enjoy every moment of it." the pureblood replies and gather the boy into a hug.
KaZe KaZe KaZe
A week later (After the holiday)
"Hey, did you have the DVD of their nightly activity during the break?" Takuma asks.
"Of course. You want it?" Yuuki replies.
"Well, the guys been bugging about it."
"Oh, I'll bring it over tomorrow morning so go back to class for now."
The next morning
The gang gathers in Takuma and Shiki rooms to watch Kaname and Zero's activity.
And as a result. Well.
Ruka and Aido have a nosebleed. Rima is drooling. Shiki is molesting Takuma.
And well, Kain.
"Better than any porn I've watched." The fire-wielder says matter-of-factly.
Seiren collapse at Kain words.
Kiryuu Zero is writing something on the board while he is currently tutoring his smug lover/student.
"Sensei" a husky voice whispers near Zero's ear while a pair of strong arms embraced him from behind.
The scent of the intruder feels home and safety. It is the exact arms that Zero wants to hide from the
rest of the world.
"D-Don't" He stutters, he can't give in, he won't but when the pureblood is this near he can't help but
gave in.
"W-w-we are student and teacher. It's not r-right" But the arms around him tighten.
He can practically feel the warm breath at the right side of his neck. Licking him and teasing him. He
can't help but let out a useless whimper. His legs is starting to give way but luckily the muscled and
warm chest where there and the strong arms still around his waist.
He can practically feel the hard on of his lover.
"Sensei" The hands start to roam from his chest to his bum that's why he can't help but to yelp and gasp
at the sweet sensation. Then the hands start to unbutton his white shirt and when the shirt came free.
Those hands where teasing and twisting his nipples that sent pain and pleasure at the same time. He
can't help but gasp and moan and this time loader.
He can hear the dark chuckle from behind. "Are you wet Sensei?"
"Should I suck you or fuck you?" Zero whimpered some more when the voice deepen from lust and want
from him.
"Which is which sensei? Do you like your student kneel in front of you then suck you? Or do you want
your student to fuck you from behind or do you want from front?
Every ounce of sanity that Zero has seems to fade every second those fingers starts to unbuckle his belt
and that lips starts to suck and lick his sensitive neck.
He didn't know what happen but he miraculously found his voice.
"Hmmmm? What is it Sensei?"
"I-I SAID STOP" he wretched himself from the tight embraced and glare at his lover who look smug.
He didn't know how red his face is but one thing is for sure. He is damn horny but his damn pride didn't
let him beg to be fuck just like that. DAMN.
He breathes once or twice and starts to bottom up his shirt and buckle up his pants. Kaname raises an
eyebrow at him. Silently questioning him.
"Let's continue in bed"
"I don't like it here"
"We fucked here before what's the difference now? You're horny and I'm horny"
Zero glare at his lover some more and can't help but growled.
"I have enough with the act Kuran either let's go back in our room or you won't get any"
Kaname gaze at him calculatingly but smirks after that.
"You're close aren't you?
"Is my little Zero turns on more than necessary when I can him Sensei?"
Zero can't help but squirmed at the dark lustful eyes gazing at him.
"It's you who wants to do this not me. You bastard"
"But it's you my beautiful Zero-chan turns hot when I call you sensei"
Zero growled and march out of the room leaving his lover smirking.
3 hours later.
"I didn't know you want kink stuff like that Zero" After pounding his silver haired lover's entrance many
time that he can't count, they were both satisfied, spent and sore but mostly in the hunter's part.
"Shut up" Zero's voice muffled in the pillow.
"Oh but I did call you Sensei when we were doing it" A pillow thrown to his head was the reply but he
bluntly ignore it.
"Next time, should I call you Doctor?''
The only thing that he hears is the frustrating sound that the hunter let out and he can't help but laugh
at his little Zero. Oh yes. Next time and they are lots of it.