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Education and Employment for Young People in Europe

Nowadays, there are various types of organizations and actions based on European level which
offer education, employment and numerous other facilities for young people in Europe. Some of
these well-nown educational and employment programs are! Erasmus, "eonardo da #inci,
Youth on the $ove, etc. %hey all have the same scope - to help European youth in obtaining
prestigious educational sills and &ualifications and at the same time it concerns the
employability which is awaiting them. Namely, they try to help the youth by establishing
respectful European identity which would be reflected from ma'esty, peaceful co-e(istence and
notable development in Europe. )owever, although this is a great opportunity for young people
to succeed, there are some difficulties they do not want to confront.
%hese *difficulties+ are clearly seen in ,roatia where young students rather prefer to stay home
than to go abroad and seize the mentioned benefits. -t is a really contradictory fact if we 'ust
thin the most obvious disadvantage of it. Namely, ,roatian people are in difficult financial
positions, many people have difficulties in finding 'obs, earning money and proving it for their
children. .ue to this depriving situation, many talented young brains cannot afford to study.
/ortunately, now there is a solution to this problem. People are encouraged to tae advantage of
E0 to study or train in another country on account of policy initiatives on education and
employment for young people in Europe. %heir scholarships are high enough not only to cover
all finances, but also to fiscally profit. -t means that we do not even have to wor during our
studies which also outbids time to devote ourselves to our courses.
1hat is more, every student is offered to wor during his2her studying abroad. 3ll the named
programs offer enough students4 'obs 5which is not the case in ,roatia where you usually find 'ob
due to nepotism, cronyism or you do not find any, not to mention the fact that they are so poorly
paid6 which are well-paid so students can really start to live for themselves and be financially
independent of their parents. /urthermore, all this worth-taing educational programs offer those
inds of 'obs which have to do with their future and professional career. Such circumstances are
scarcely evident in the ,roatian educational system. %his goes also in favor of the so-called
*Europe 2020-the E04s growth strategy for the coming decade. -ts aim is a changing world
where the E0 should and will become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy+
. %hese
programs can solve the following defeating statistics ! *3round 8.8 million young people are
unemployed in the E0, which means that 7 in 8 people under 98 who are willing to wor cannot
find a 'ob.+: *%he unemployment rate among young people is over 9;< = double the rate for all
age groups combined and nearly > times the rate for the over-98s.+: *?.8 million people aged 78
to 9@ are currently neither in a 'ob nor in education or training+. %hus, there are *specific actions
designed for young people = such as the preparatory action 4Your first E0AES 'ob4 for labor
maret mobility within the E0, and increased support for young entrepreneurs via the European
progress microfinance facility+.
$oreover, we should consider the fact that there are many prestigious universities and colleges
in Europe, especially in the 0nited Bingdom, Cermany and -taly, whereas ,roatian faculties are
not considered to be on the top of this list. Several indicators, such as teaching &uality,
systematic investigation into e(isting or new nowledge, research influence, innovation,
international reputation, technological e&uipment, etc., present a college or a university. %he
higher percentage of these indicants show their better raning. %his percent is much higher in
many other countries than it is in ,roatia. .ue to the educational mobility, students are able to
continue a higher ac&uisition of nowledge in a prestigious college or university in Europe. %his
mobility is especially beneficial for those who study political and human sciences, diplomacy,
economy and tourism as they need to get a wider specter of their professions in order to be an
e(pert in them.
-n addition, finishing studies abroad in one of the member state of E0 guarantees you a steady
'ob. Namely, *the European ,ommission is proposing a Youth Dpportunities initiative in
partnership with all E0 countries. %he ultimate purpose of the -nitiative is to give a first wor
e(perience to young people who have a diploma, but cannot find wor. %he E0 can provide both
funding and policy support to help the national authorities provide 'obs and opportunities for
young people in need. 3 partnership between the ,ommission, national authorities, social
partners and civil society with a better targeted European funding can help get young people into
'obs. 3t least 8;;; young people will benefit from the EYour /irst E0AES FobE initiative, to help
*Youth on the $ove+, http!22ec.europa.eu2youthonthemove2inde(Gen.htm , >
of $ay, 9;79.
*Youth on the $ove+, http!22ec.europa.eu2social2main.'spHcat-dIJ8;Klang-dIen, >
of $ay, 9;79.
them find a 'ob in another E0 country. %herefore, E0 countries will set up schemes to ensure
that young people are either in wor, education or training within four months of leaving school.
1hat is more, the ,ommission will establish a framewor for high-&uality traineeships to
improve information on what opportunities are available throughout the E0, how to get them and
what they offer to trainees+.
Dn the other hand, ,roatia is in a position where neither the highest
educated people are not sure whether they will get a 'ob in their profession.
)owever, despite of all these advantages these modern European educational and professional
programs offer, ,roatian people do not usually utilize them. -t seems lie ,roatian people are
still very afraid of trying something new: they prefer the security 5although their future security
most probably lays in one of these European programs6 and hope to get any ind of 'ob after
graduating as there were no further ambitions and aspiration for self-realization. 3lso, they thin
their diplomas would not be accepted when they, due to patriotism, return in ,roatia, although
these degrees are generally more valued.
3ll in all, there are more advantages than disadvantages in taing a scholarship and study on a
prestigious university of E0 member state. Europeans should *fulfill the strategy that aims to
mae the European 0nion the most dynamic and competitive nowledge-based economy in the
world capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better 'obs and greater social
cohesion+. )owever, no matter where you are, the most important thing is to understand, as
Len'amin /ranlin said, that *an investment in nowledge pays the best interest+
and thus, as far
as nowledge is concerned, we should never stop investing in ourselves.
Fosipa BovaMeviN
0niversity of Ai'ea
/aculty of )umanities and Social Sciences
*,itizens4 summary Youth Dpportunities -nitiative+,
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of $ay, 9;79.
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