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Tony Phillips' Take covers Racism and
mathematics, Frobenius on my mind,
and Topics in computational biology.
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In this month's Feature Column, "Old
Babylonian Multiplication and
Reciprocal Tables," Tony Phillips
offers pictures and analysis of some
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Recently added albums: 2012
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2012 USA Science and Engineering
In the News
Friedrich Hirzebruch, 1927-2012
Friedrich Hirzebruch, the leading German
mathematician of the second half of the
twentieth century, died May 27 at the age of
84. His early work in the 1950s on the
signature theorem and on the
high-dimensional Riemann-Roch problem
made important use of the abstract tools introduced into
topology and complex analysis by the French school and was
one of the first triumphs of the conceptual mathematics that
would flourish in subsequent decades. (Image: Max Planck
Institute for Mathematics.) ...
AMS Presents Menger Awards at Intel ISEF 2012
The AMS presented the Karl Menger
Memorial Awards at the 2012 Intel
International Science and Engineering Fair
(Intel ISEF), held May 13-18 in Pittsburgh,
PA. The First Place Award of US$1,000 was
given to Fabian Henneke, Xianghui
Zhong, and Danial Sanusi, Kippenberg-Gymnasium,
Bremen, Germany, for (Almost) Unit-Distance Points in the
Polychromatic Plane: Colorings of the n-Dimensional Space.
(Photo: First Place Menger Award winners Danial Sanusi (left)
and Fabian Henneke. Not present, Xianghui Zhong. Intel
ISEF.) ...
Szemerdi Receives Abel Prize from His Majesty King
Endre Szemerdi receives the
2012 Abel Prize from His Majesty
King Harald at the ceremony in
Oslo, Norway on May 22. (Photo:
Erlend Aas/Scanpix.) ...
AMS Exhibits at Capitol Hill Event
The AMS sponsored an exhibit on the
Institute for Computational and
Experimental Research in Mathematics
(ICERM) at the 18th Annual Coalition
for National Science Funding (CNSF) Exhibit & Reception on
Capitol Hill on May 15. More information ...
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Bulletin of the AMS
Uniqueness properties of solutions to Schr\"
{o}dinger equations
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Mathematical Circles Library
The Mathematical Circles Library is a
co-publication of the MSRI and the AMS.
Books in this series are designed to inspire
young mathematicians by inciting new
challenges and problem-solving techniques
and fostering a deeper understanding of the
Moscow Mathematical Olympiads, 2000-2005 edited by
Roman Fedorov et al.
Introduction to Functional Equations: Theory and problem-
solving strategies for mathematical competitions and beyond
by Costas Efthimiou
A Moscow Math Circle: Week-by-week Problem Sets by
Sergey Dorichenko
Notices of the AMS - May2012I ssue
Remembering Herbert Federer
What is an approximate group?
The New Publishing Scene and the
Tenure Case
Mathematical Reviews
American Mathematical Society
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Festival in Washington, DC. Next up:
The ARML competition at Penn State.
Forum , bringing together the
winners of the Abel Prize, Fields
Medal, and Turing Award with a
select group of highly talented young researchers, will be held
September 23-27, 2013 in Heidelberg, Germany. ...Read
2013 Joint Mathematics Meetings
JMM 2013 will be held in San Diego,
CA, January 9-12. Mark your
calendars and see up-to-date JMM
2013 information.
6th European Congress of Mathematics
6ECM will be held in Krakw,
Poland, July 2-7, 2012.
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Spectral permanence for the Moore-
Penrose inverse
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On the wave operator for the generalized
Boussinesq equation
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