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Keyboard Shorcuts (Microsoft Windows)

1. CTRL+C (Copy)
. CTRL+! (Cut)
". CTRL+# ($aste)
%. CTRL+& ('ndo)
(. )*L*T* ()e+ete)
,. S-./T+)*L*T* ()e+ete the se+ected ite0 per0anent+y without p+acin1 the ite0 in the
Recyc+e 2in)
3. CTRL whi+e dra11in1 an ite0 (Copy the se+ected ite0)
4. CTRL+S-./T whi+e dra11in1 an ite0 (Create a shortcut to the se+ected ite0)
5. / 6ey (Rena0e the se+ected ite0)
17. CTRL+R.8-T 9RR:W (Mo;e the insertion point to the be1innin1 of the ne<t word)
11. CTRL+L*/T 9RR:W (Mo;e the insertion point to the be1innin1 of the pre;ious word)
1. CTRL+):W= 9RR:W (Mo;e the insertion point to the be1innin1 of the ne<t para1raph)
1". CTRL+'$ 9RR:W (Mo;e the insertion point to the be1innin1 of the pre;ious para1raph)
1%. CTRL+S-./T with any of the arrow 6eys (-i1h+i1ht a b+oc6 of te<t)
S-./T with any of the arrow 6eys (Se+ect 0ore than one ite0 in a window or on the des6top> or
se+ect te<t in a docu0ent)
1(. CTRL+9 (Se+ect a++)
1,. /" 6ey (Search for a fi+e or a fo+der)
13. 9LT+*=T*R (#iew the properties for the se+ected ite0)
14. 9LT+/% (C+ose the acti;e ite0> or ?uit the acti;e pro1ra0)
15. 9LT+*=T*R ()isp+ay the properties of the se+ected ob@ect)
7. 9LT+S$9C*29R (:pen the shortcut 0enu for the acti;e window)
1. CTRL+/% (C+ose the acti;e docu0ent in pro1ra0s that enab+e you to ha;e 0u+tip+e
docu0ents opensi0u+taneou s+y)
. 9LT+T92 (Switch between the open ite0s)
". 9LT+*SC (Cyc+e throu1h ite0s in the order that they had been opened)
%. /, 6ey (Cyc+e throu1h the screen e+e0ents in a window or on the des6top)
(. /% 6ey ()isp+ay the 9ddress bar +ist in My Co0puter or Windows *<p+orer)
,. S-./T+/17 ()isp+ay the shortcut 0enu for the se+ected ite0)
3. 9LT+S$9C*29R ()isp+ay the Syste0 0enu for the acti;e window)
4. CTRL+*SC ()isp+ay the Start 0enu)
5. 9LT+'nder+ined +etter in a 0enu na0e ()isp+ay the correspondin1 0enu) 'nder+ined +etter
in a co00and na0e on an open 0enu ($erfor0 the correspondin1 co00and)
"7. /17 6ey (9cti;ate the 0enu bar in the acti;e pro1ra0)
"1. R.8-T 9RR:W (:pen the ne<t 0enu to the ri1ht> or open a sub0enu)
". L*/T 9RR:W (:pen the ne<t 0enu to the +eft> or c+ose a sub0enu)
"". /( 6ey ('pdate the acti;e window)
"%. 29CKS$9C* (#iew the fo+der one+e;e+ up in My Co0puter or Windows *<p+orer)
"(. *SC (Cance+ the current tas6)
",. S-./T when you insert a C)AR:Minto the C)AR:M dri;e ($re;ent the C)AR:M fro0
auto0atica++y p+ayin1)
)ia+o1 2o< A Keyboard Shortcuts
1. CTRL+T92 (Mo;e forward throu1h the tabs)
. CTRL+S-./T+T92 (Mo;e bac6ward throu1h the tabs)
". T92 (Mo;e forward throu1h the options)
%. S-./T+T92 (Mo;e bac6ward throu1h the options)
(. 9LT+'nder+ined +etter ($erfor0 the correspondin1 co00and or se+ect the correspondin1
,. *=T*R ($erfor0 the co00and for the acti;e option or button)
3. S$9C*29R (Se+ect or c+ear the chec6 bo< if the acti;e option is a chec6 bo<)
4. 9rrow 6eys (Se+ect a button if the acti;e option is a 1roup of option buttons)
5. /1 6ey ()isp+ay -e+p)
17. /% 6ey ()isp+ay the ite0s in the acti;e +ist)
11. 29CKS$9C* (:pen a fo+der one +e;e+ up if a fo+der is se+ected in the Sa;e 9s or :pen
dia+o1 bo<)
Microsoft =atura+ Keyboard Shortcuts
1. Windows Lo1o ()isp+ay or hide the Start 0enu)
. Windows Lo1o+2R*9K ()isp+ay the Syste0 $roperties dia+o1 bo<)
". Windows Lo1o+) ()isp+ay the des6top)
%. Windows Lo1o+M (Mini0iBe a++ of the windows)
(. Windows Lo1o+S-./T+M (Restorethe 0ini0iBed windows)
,. Windows Lo1o+* (:pen My Co0puter)
3. Windows Lo1o+/ (Search for a fi+e or a fo+der)
4. CTRL+Windows Lo1o+/ (Search for co0puters)
5. Windows Lo1o+/1 ()isp+ay Windows -e+p)
17. Windows Lo1o+ L (Loc6 the 6eyboard)
11. Windows Lo1o+R (:pen the Run dia+o1 bo<)
1. Windows Lo1o+' (:pen 'ti+ity Mana1er)
1". 9ccessibi+ity Keyboard Shortcuts
1%. Ri1ht S-./T for ei1ht seconds (Switch /i+terKeys either on or off)
1(. Left 9LT++eft S-./T+$R.=T SCR**= (Switch -i1h Contrast either on or off)
1,. Left 9LT++eft S-./T+='M L:CK (Switch the MouseKeys either on or off)
13. S-./T fi;e ti0es (Switch the Stic6yKeys either on or off)
14. ='M L:CK for fi;e seconds (Switch the To11+eKeys either on or off)
15. Windows Lo1o +' (:pen 'ti+ity Mana1er)
7. Windows *<p+orer Keyboard Shortcuts
1. *=) ()isp+ay the botto0 of the acti;e window)
. -:M* ()isp+ay the top of the acti;e window)
". ='M L:CK+9steris6 si1n (C) ()isp+ay a++ of the subfo+ders that are under the se+ected
%. ='M L:CK+$+us si1n (+) ()isp+ay the contents of the se+ected fo+der)
MMC C:nso+e Windows Shortcut 6eys
1. S-./T+/17 ()isp+ay the 9ction shortcut 0enu for the se+ected ite0)
. /1 6ey (:pen the -e+p topic> if any> for the se+ected ite0)
". /( 6ey ('pdate the content of a++ conso+e windows)
%. CTRL+/17 (Ma<i0iBe the acti;e conso+e window)
(. CTRL+/( (Restore the acti;e conso+e window)
,. 9LT+*=T*R ()isp+ay the $roperties dia+o1 bo<> if any> for these+ected ite0)
3. / 6ey (Rena0e the se+ected ite0)
4. CTRL+/% (C+ose the acti;e conso+e window. When a conso+e has on+y one conso+e window>
this shortcut c+oses the conso+e)
Re0ote )es6top Connection =a;i1ation
1. CTRL+9LT+*=) (:pen the Microsoft Windows =T Security dia+o1 bo<)
. 9LT+$98* '$ (Switch between pro1ra0s fro0 +eft to ri1ht)
". 9LT+$98* ):W= (Switch between pro1ra0s fro0 ri1ht to +eft)
%. 9LT+.=S*RT (Cyc+e throu1h the pro1ra0s in 0ost recent+y used order)
(. 9LT+-:M* ()isp+ay the Start 0enu)
,. CTRL+9LT+2R*9K (Switch the c+ient co0puter between a window and a fu++ screen)
3. 9LT+)*L*T* ()isp+ay the Windows 0enu)
4. CTRL+9LT+Minus si1n (A) ($+ace a snapshot of the acti;e window in the c+ient on the
Ter0ina+ ser;er c+ipboard and pro;ide the sa0e functiona+ity as pressin1 $R.=T SCR**= on a
+oca+ co0puter.)
5. CTRL+9LT+$+us si1n (+) ($+ace asnapshot of the entire c+ient window area on the Ter0ina+
ser;er c+ipboardand pro;ide the sa0e functiona+ity aspressin1 9LT+$R.=T SCR**= on a +oca+
Microsoft .nternet *<p+orer Keyboard Shortcuts
1. CTRL+2 (:pen the :r1aniBe /a;orites dia+o1 bo<)
. CTRL+* (:pen the Search bar)
". CTRL+/ (Start the /ind uti+ity)
%. CTRL+- (:pen the -istory bar)
(. CTRL+. (:pen the /a;orites bar)
,. CTRL+L (:pen the :pen dia+o1 bo<)
3. CTRL+= (Start another instance of the browser with the sa0e Web address)
4. CTRL+: (:pen the :pen dia+o1 bo<>the sa0e as CTRL+L)
5. CTRL+$ (:pen the $rint dia+o1 bo<)
17. CTRL+R ('pdate the current Web )