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Air University

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Optimal Path Planning in Robotics 3-0-3

Topic Theory
Introduction to Path Planning of Mobile Robots, holonomic and non-holonomic systems,
Alteras BeInMotion
Categories of Algorithms (on-line and off-line)
Offline: Classical methods: Graphical methods, Cell-decomposition methods, via points,
shortest distance. Evolutionary Methods: GA, PSO, ACO, SA Online: Artificial Potential Field,
Random Particle Optimization (RPO) methods, Genetic Algorithms
Optimization (of functions depending on independent variables) and Optimal solutions
(depending on functions of functions)
4 Dubins Car and geometric optimal paths
5 Random Particle Optimization (RPO): Theory
6 On-line RPO planning: sensors
7 RPO algorithm development
8 RPO parametric analysis
9 Genetic Algorithms
10 Genetic Optimization of functions
11 Random variables, Probability distribution functions (PDF, CDF) Sampling methods
12 Genetic Algorithms for Optimal Path of Mobile Robots
13 Path planning of Humanoids
14 Optimal formulation
15 Optimal formulation Simple Applications
16 Solution of the General Discrete-Time Optimization problem
17 Discrete-Time Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR)
18 Optimal Control of Continuous-Time Systems
19 Continuous-Time LQR
20 The Mobile Robot Tracking Problem Formulation
21 Defining a Reference Trajectory
22 Numerical Solution of the Tracking Equations
23 Optimal Control and Optimal Trajectory of a Mobile Robot
24 Revision

Quiz/Assignments: 20, Mid-Term: 35, Final Examination: 45
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Air University

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