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Good Intentions Dont Bring Success

The Newsletter of the - |ssue Number l85 - March 20l4

From Bos Brain:
CONTENTS: 1 |rom Bo's Broln - 2 Action Attracts Abundance by Bo Sanchez - 5 The Price of Education Nowadays by Pao Antonio - 7 Up Close and Personal with R&B King
JayR by Sha Nacino - 9 The Main Purpose of Financial Seminars by Lyndon Malanog - 11 Comlng Lvnts - 12 Mollbox- 13 1rulyRlchClub loddr o Abundonc - 14 Last Word
!"#$%&' )*'++%&$ ,-* ,. /,-0 1,-)' ,&' ",0&%&$
and you saw ve black caLs lylng on Lhe road llke klngs
and queens relaxlng on Lhelr royal beds. Suddenly,
one of Lhe caLs declded Lo run away. Cuesuon: Pow
many caLs were le lylng on Lhe sLreeL?
lf you say 4," you're wrong. 1he answer ls 3."
8ecause l sald, Cne of Lhe caLs !"#$!"! *, 0-&
l dldn'L say, Cne of Lhe caLs ran away."
1here's a humongous gulf beLween loteouoo #&2
uo you know of someone who sald, l'm golng
Lo lose 10 pounds," buL aer one year, galned 10
pounds? (Are you close wlLh Lhls person? uo you see
Lhls person every day? ln Lhe mlrror?)
uo you know of someone who announced (wlLh
greaL enLhuslasm), l wlll exerclse!" buL all Lhe exerclse
he has done so far has been Lo carry a grudge, push hls
luck, and [ump Lo concluslons?
l have a frlend who ls an lncurable comedlan.
Cne day, he Lold me, 8o, l saw Lhls exerclse machlne
on 1v. 1hey clalmed l would lose 13 pounds ln Lhree
monLhs. So l boughL lL. 8uL lL dldn'L work. Aer Lhree
monLhs, l dldn'L lose a slngle pound."
l asked hlm, Pow oen dld you use lL?"
Pe had Lhls shocked look on hls face and asked,
uh, was l supposed Lo use lL?"
uo you know LhaL accordlng Lo surveys, 97
percenL of exerclse machlnes don'L geL used aer
Lhree monLhs? Lvery ume you see your abandoned
exerclse machlne ln your house, collecung dusL and
rusL, you're remlndlng yourself every day LhaL you're
a very undlsclpllned person. And LhaL good lnLenuons
don'L brlng success.
CemeLerles are lled wlLh good people whose
good lnLenuons dled wlLh Lhem. ureams noL done.
8elauonshlps noL deepened. 8ooks noL wrluen. Songs
noL sung. 8uslnesses noL sLarLed. MlnlsLrles noL
l repeaL: Cood lnLenuons don'L brlng success.
So whaL wlll?
eople ask me, 8o, why are you so successful?"
When Lhere's no ume Lo glve a long answer, l Lell
Lhem Lhree words: Acuoo outocts obooJooce. (1haL's
my maln essay ln Loday's lssue.)
Mlss Abundance has a blg crush on Mr. Acuon.
Abundance llkes belng wlLh Acuon so much, she'll
go wherever he goes. lf you wanL more abundance
ln your llfe, you have Lo acL more. Lvery successful
person l know has a powerful blas for acuon. Cne of
Lhe reasons why people aren'L successful ls because
Lhey don'L Lake acuon oen enough.
Wlll you make 2014 your year of acuon?

May your dreams come Lrue,

8o Sanchez
.S. !" $"% &'() )" *+',( -$ .+/,+). 0( 1"& 2 &,0)+
my powerfu| sa|es|euers? And thereby boost your
sa|es by S00 percent? lL's easy lf you know my
formula. lor deLalls, go Lo
Action Attracts Abundance
5 5teps to 8e on 4cnon Person
3$ 3" 4'(/1+5
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

lrlend, do you someumes feel low bau?
1hlnk of your llfe as a cellpbooe.
And Lhlnk of Cod as Lhe powet socket.
Are Lhese Lhe only Lwo Lhlngs you need Lo power
nope. 1here's a Lhlrd Lhlng LhaL you need Lo do Lo
power up your phone. ?ou need a charger.
So whaL's your charger? 1haL's whaL you'll
dlscover Loday.
So whaL's Lhe charger" LhaL wlll connecL your llfe
Lo Cod's power? 1he answer ls very slmple. lL's acuon.
lf you don'L acL, Cod's power won'L ow lnLo your
Say Lhls ouL loud, l'm an acuon person."
Pere are 3 very pracucal sLeps Lo become an
acuon person.
Step 1: Make a Mess
Why don'L we acL enough? 8ecause of fear.
We're afrald Lo fall. We're afrald Lo make a mess.
So leL me urge you: Moke o mess!
Lvery day, make Lhls your baulecry: Moke o mess,
moke o mltocle. 1he reason why we don'L have more
mlracles ln our llves ls because we don'L make enough
Mlchael !ordan appears Lwlce ln Lhe Colooess
8ook of wotlJ kecotJs. llrsL, he appears ln Lhe 1op
10 llsL of baskeLball players LhaL has scored Lhe
mosL polnLs. Second, he appears ln Lhe 1op 10 llsL of
baskeLball players wlLh Lhe mosL mlssed shoLs.
1he reason why Mlchael !ordan scored Lhe mosL
polnLs ls because he Look more shoLs Lhan 99 percenL
of Lhe players ouL Lhere.
8abe 8uLh was one of Lhe greaLesL baseball
players ln Lhe world. Pe's famous for Lhe mosL home
runs-714. ?eL he also holds anoLher record-he also
has Lhe mosL sLrlkeouLs-1330.
ln oLher words, make a mess. lnvlLe more
re[ecuons. lall more oen. uo Lhlngs LhaL frlghLen you.
8e comforLable wlLh belng uncomforLable. 1he more
rlsks you Lake, Lhe more allve you feel-and Lhe more
powerful you wlll be. 8ecause all of a sudden, you're
noL afrald of fallure anymore.
?ou glve power Lo whaL you fear. uo whaL you
fear and you're Laklng back your power.
Examples of a Few Great Failures
ln lred AsLalre's rsL audluon for a movle, Lhe
Lesung dlrecLor of MCM read, Can'L acL. Can'L slng.
SllghLly bald. Can dance a llule." ?ears laLer, lred
AsLalre was voLed by Lhe Amerlcan lllm lnsuLuLe Lhe
Cteotest Mole 5tot of All 1lme.
!ulle Andrews ln her rsL audluon ln MCM was
re[ecLed because accordlng Lo Lhelr evaluauon, She
wasn'L phoLogenlc enough."
WalL ulsney applled ln a newspaper and Lhe
edlLor re[ecLed hlm because he lacked lmaglnauon."
And when he became an enLrepreneur, he became
bankrupL many umes before he bullL ulsneyland.
Penry lord became broke ve umes before he
bullL lord MoLors and redened Lhe car lndusLry of Lhe
1homas Ldlson was evaluaLed by hls Leachers as
Loo sLupld Lo learn anyLhlng." And he was red from
hls rsL Lwo [obs for belng non-producuve." ?eL laLer
ln hls llfe, he lnvenLed Lhe llghLbulb and a whopplng
1093 oLher lnvenuons.
ln oLher words.
Step 2: Be a Fool
8e a clown!
Aslde from a fear of maklng a mess, anoLher fear
LhaL holds many people back from acuon ls becomlng
a fool. ln oLher words, people feot beloq looqbeJ ot.
Crluclzed. 8e[ecLed.
SLeven luruck sald lf you're afrald of belng
mlsundersLood, Cod can'L use you.
l belleve all successful people are haLed by a small
group of people. Why? 8ecause successful people
#0' Jlstoptots. And people haLe dlsrupLors. 8ecause
people reslsL change. 1hey llke Lhlngs Lhe way lL
was done before, even lf how lL was done
before lsn'L worklng anymore.
1he leasL (Lhe prayer meeung
of Lhe LlghL of !esus lamlly) %) #
Some rellglous leaders
don'L llke Lhe leasL. Some prlesLs
love us buL some prlesLs don'L
llke us. 1hey crluclze us for pulllng
people away from churches. 1hey
crluclze us for pumng Lhe Mass
ln malls, convenuon cenLers, and
movle houses.
8uL why do we do LhaL? We have a
mlsslon: LlghLy-ve percenL of CaLhollcs are
no longer golng Lo church every Sunday. We wanL Lo
brlng back LhaL 83 percenL.
When people sLarLed crluclzlng Lhe leasL, LhaL's
when l knew-we're golng Lo be blg.
So go ahead. 8e a fool. 8e a clown. 1haL's Lhe only
way Lo become a greaL success.
nexL sLep.
Step 3: Eat Your Frog
Pave you eaLen a llve frog?
1he frog represenLs Lhe mosL dlmculL Lask of Lhe
lL was Mark 1waln who sald, ot o llve ftoq ftst
tbloq lo tbe motoloq ooJ ootbloq wotse wlll boppeo to
yoo tbe test of tbe Joy.
LeL me explaln.
lmaglne lf Lhls was your 1o-uo-LlsL.
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

Clean Lhe frldge
Pelp !unlor ln maLh
8uy frulLs ln Lhe grocery
Call up 20 poLenual cllenLs
LaL a frog
Cuesuon: WhaL should you do rsL?
erhaps you're wonderlng why ln Lhe world wlll
someone wrlLe LaL a frog" ln hls 1o-uo LlsL. Answer:
l don'L know. !usL use your lmaglnauon. erhaps hls
blology Leacher asked hlm Lo eaL a llve frog as a class
experlmenL. Cr a docLor Lold her LhaL eaung a llve frog
would glve her whlLe skln, a Lall nose, and a lovely face.
(8uL Lhe slde eecL ls LhaL her Longue wlll grow Lo ve
feeL long and become sucky.)
So leL me go back Lo Lhe quesuon: WhaL
should you do rsL?
Laung Lhe frog ls so desplcable, so
repulslve, so guL-wrenchlng, MCS1
people wlll avold lL and puL lL lasL.
1hey'll rsL do everyLhlng else ln
Lhe llsL and delay eaung Lhe frog
as much as Lhey can.
1bots wby most people
oteot cbomploos.
Champlons, however, eaL
Lhe frog rsL.
8rlan 1racy, ln hls book &'( ()"
ltoq, says LhaL champlons do Lhe mosL
dlmculL Lask rsL. Why?
1wo reasons.
llrsL, lf you eaL your frog-your mosL dlmculL
Lask-you galn power. unsuccessful people WAl1 for
energy before Lhey do Lhelr dlmculL Lasks. 8uL Lhe
opposlLe happens. lf you delay eaung Lhe frog, Lhe
consLanL LhoughL of lL wlll u8Aln your energy.
Second, lf you do your mosL dlmculL Lask rsL Lhlng
ln Lhe mornlng, Lhe resL of Lhe day wlll be playume.
8ecause everyLhlng else wlll be easy.
5o wbots yoot ftoq?
Maklng Lhose dlmculL phone calls?
Wrlung Lhe arucle?
Creaung your one-year plan?
Some of you mlghL ask, 8uL 8o, whaL lf l have
Lwo very dlmculL Lasks Lo do? Whlch should l do rsL?"
Mark 1waln sald, lf lts yoot job to eot two ftoqs,
eot tbe blqqest ooe ftst.
Pere's an asslgnmenL: lor Lhe nexL 30 days, every
mornlng, creaLe your 1o-uo LlsL and eaL your frog rsL.
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

Step 4: Do Your Thing
unsuccessful people don'L do Lhelr Lhlng. lnsLead,
*1'/ 2, *1%) *1%&$ #&2 *1#* *1%&$ #&2 *1%) *1%&$ #&2 *1#*
Lhlng and Lhls Lhlng and LhaL Lhlng.
8uL successful people uC 1PLl8 CnL 1PlnC.
Pere's Lhe LruLh: 1be ooly woy to qteotoess ls to
be footosuc lo ooe tbloq.
WhaL's your one Lhlng?
My menLor ln Lhe sLock markeL, Ldward Lee,
sLarLed ln Lhe sLock markeL when he was 18 years old-
and 40 years laLer, he's sull dolng lL.
Many of Lhe leasL 8ullders ln Lhe LlghL of !esus
sLarLed preachlng when Lhey were 13, and 13, and 18
years old... And Lhey never sLopped.
l sLarLed preachlng when l was 13 years old. 1wenLy
years laLer, l'm sull aL lL. (Sorry for my halluclnauon.)
1hlrLy-four years laLer, l'm sull dolng lL. l wroLe my rsL
book when l was 20-and 30+ books laLer, l'm sull aL lL.
WhaL are you creaLed for ln Lhls world?
Some young people sull don'L know whaL Lhelr
one Lhlng ls-and LhaL's perfecLly normal. uon'L be
boLhered by LhaL. 8uL l'm boLhered when older people
come up Lo me and Lell me, 8o, l sull don'L know my
one Lhlng."
?ou know why? 8ecause you haven'L made
enough messes.
1o dlscover your one Lhlng, l urge you: Lxplore.
LxperlmenL. Make many messes. Make many mlsLakes.
Co Lo Lhe edge. ulrLy your hands and muddy your feeL.

Whats Common Among All Great Achievers?
1ell me. WhaL's common beLween AlberL LlnsLeln
and Wolfgang Amadeus MozarL and Leonardo da vlncl
and 8lll CaLes and Warren 8ueL? WhaL's common
among Lhe mosL successful experLs ln Lhe world?
Answer: 1hey all sLarLed as omoteots.
Cnce upon a ume, AlberL LlnsLeln dldn'L know
anyLhlng abouL Lhe Lheory of relauvlLy. Cnce upon a
ume, MozarL dldn'L know how Lo compose muslc.
Cnce upon a ume, Leonardo da vlncl dldn'L know how
Lo palnL. Cnce upon a ume, 8lll CaLes dldn'L know how
Lo operaLe a compuLer. Cnce upon a ume, Warren
8ueL dldn'L know how Lo lnvesL ln Lhe sLock markeL.
!usL llke you and me, Lhey all sLarLed as amaLeurs. 8uL
whaL happened was Lhey chose Lo focus Lhelr llfe on
one Lhlng-unul Lhey
became experLs.
Many people are
famlllar wlLh Malcolm
Cladwell who sald lL
Lakes 10,000 hours Lo
make you an experL.
8uL 8obln
Sharma belleves
*1#* *, +'0.,0" #*
Lhe genlus level-Lo
operaLe llke SLeven Splelberg and Warren 8ueL and
SLeve !obs, you need Lo do your one Lhlng for 30,000
Lo 40,000 hours.
roblem: A loL of people [ump from one area
Lo anoLher-and Lhey'll never be experLs, much less
perform aL Lhe genlus level.
My menLor ln Lhe sLock markeL, Ldward Lee, ls a
genlus ln Lhe sLock markeL. Why? Pe's noL been dolng
Lhe sLock markeL for 10,000 hours, he's been dolng lL
for 80,000 hours.
Step 5: Make a Mess Again
1he road Lo becomlng obsoleLe ls Lo do Loday
whaL you dld yesLerday. lf you do LhaL, your career wlll
dle. ?our buslness wlll dle. ?our mlnlsLry wlll dle.
?ou need Lo keep growlng. keep learnlng. keep
expandlng. keep developlng.
never sLop maklng messes.
never sLop maklng mlsLakes.
never sLop falllng.
never sLop maklng a fool ouL of yourself.
And never ever glve up!

May your dreams come Lrue,

8o Sanchez
6747 !" $"% &'() )" *+',( -$ .+/,+). 0( 1"& 2 &,0)+
my powerfu| sa|es |euers? And thereby boost
your sa|es by S00 percent? lL's easy lf you know my
formula. lor deLalls, go Lo
The Price of Education Nowadays
ao Anton|o
l have a confesslon Lo make.
uurlng my younger years (when l sull had an
ample amounL of halr on my head whlch was... more
Lhan a decade ago), l was parL of sLudenLs rallylng ln
Lhe sLreeLs. WlLh placards and clenched sLs, l would
[oln walks Lo ousL elLher an exlsung ldea or a relgnlng
governmenL. Cne Loplc LhaL was very close Lo my hearL
was Lhe rlslng college Luluon fee. ln one of my colleglaLe
arucles, l declared: Lducauon ls no longer a rlghL. lL
has become a prlvllege."
1hls monLh, a number of hlgh school sLudenLs wlll
be graduaung. A number of Lhem wlll be able Lo auend
college. MosL, however, wlll noL. 1he common reason ls
Lhe lack of funds Lo supporL lL.
ln one of my Skype Lalk wlLh my frlends from
Slngapore, Lhe Loplc on ralslng Luluon fee was Louched.
!onaLhan was a graduaLe of MAuA lnsuLuLe of
Lechnology whlle hls wlfe, Crlsuna, was from Lhe
lomootosoo oq looqsoJ oq Moyollo (LM). 1en years
ago, hls Luluon fee was hp 10,000 per semesLer. Pe
goL Lhe shock of hls llfe when he saw on Lhelr school's webslLe LhaL lL has lncreased aL an average of 10 percenL
per annum.
lf 10 percenL ls Lhe number," Lhen 10 years from now a four-year course can cosL beLween 300,000 Lo
600,000. WlLh LhaL belng sald, when my eldesL reaches hls 18
blrLhday, whlch ls 11 years from now, we wlll
spend hp 2.3 mllllon for hls 3-year course. 8efore reacung vlolenLly, leL me help you creaLe posslblllues Lo reach
Lhe needed fund.
87 6,")+/) $"%, '..+). ("&7
Cne of my frlends boughL a good lnsurance pollcy for hlm and hls wlfe a week aer Lhelr weddlng.
Pe belleves LhaL ln order Lo accumulaLe more asseLs, he has Lo proLecL Lhelr number one asseL:
Lhemselves. ln reallLy, pollcles (wheLher whole llfe, Lerm lnsurance or varlable unlL-llnked producLs
(vuL)) are relauvely more cosL emclenL when we purchase lL whlle we are younger.
lor senumenLal reasons, lL ls also hls way of lemng hls wlfe know LhaL lL ls lmporLanL for hlm LhaL
one of Lhem wlll llve convenlenLly ln case Lhe oLher leaves sooner.
97 6%) $"%, -"(+$ "( :,+') 0(;+.)-+() ;+10/*+.7
LeL's be honesL. Whenever a chlld ls born Lo a famlly, Lhe rsL Lhlng LhaL we do ls open a bank accounL.
1here ls noLhlng wrong wlLh lL. Powever, we wlll lose lLs value evenLually. Conslder Lhls: Lhe runnlng
lnLeresL of savlngs accounLs ls less Lhan 1 percenL per annum (slnce 23 percenL goes Lo Lax). ln addluon,
lnauon raLe ls runnlng aL an average of 3 percenL per year. So please look for paper asseLs LhaL wlll
glve you a hlgher reLurn raLe.
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

?ou can save Lhrough Lhe sLock markeL dlrecLly. 8y
regularly buylng and ownlng greaL companles, elLher
Lhrough peso cosL averaglng or sLandard averaglng meLhod,
your money wlll grow slgnlcanLly. Aer a decade, your
cash wlll become a slgnlcanL amounL.
AnoLher opuon would be Lhrough unlL lnvesLmenL
1rusL lund or ul1l from banks. ?ou wlll puL your money
Lhrough Lhe banks Lo geL unlLs Lhen Lhe fund managers wlll
manage lL for you.
LasLly, Lhere are a number of lnsurance companles
LhaL oer vuL producLs. Slmllar Lo ul1l, Lhe fund
managers lnvesL lL Lo dlerenL opuons dependlng on your
rlsk appeuLe. 1o recelve your earnlngs, you can elLher
surrender Lhe pollcy or geL Lhe dlvldends.
3. See your chlldren's core compeLencles.
l belleve LhaL everyone ls born gled. Llke my faLher-ln-law. Pe ls noL scholarly compared Lo my wlfe
who graduaLed from a known unlverslLy along Lhe kaupunan area. Powever, Lhrough hls deslre Lo
allevlaLe hls famlly from poverLy, comblned wlLh a knack for Lrade and Lechnlcal experuse, he sLarLed
creaung hls buslness by learnlng Lhe lns and ouLs of auLo elecLrlcal repalr. nowadays, hls shop ls one of
Lhe mosL vlslLed ln Lhe Cuezon ClLy area. lL all sLarLed from knowlng hls core gl.
As parenLs, please spend ume wlLh your chlldren (and when l mean spend, l really mean long
hours) Lo know whaL ls Lhelr core gl. 1hls wlll help Lhem dlscern whaL course Lo Lake when Lhey are aL
Lhe crossroad of Lhelr llves.
AL Lhe end of Lhe day, we as parenLs would wanL Lhe besL for our young ones. Powever, as we go Lhrough
llfe, lL ls Lhe lnLanglbles LhaL make Lhem reach greaLer helghLs. ln Lhe book, 1be Mllllooolte MloJ by 1homas
SLanley, whaL Lhe mllllonalres goL from Lhe educauonal sysLem ls self-dlsclpllne and Lhelr dependablllLy. AL
home, however, Lhey were menLored by Lhelr parenLs ln leadershlp and gemng along wlLh people. 1he nexL
mulumllllonalres Lherefore do noL [usL have Lhe scholasuc capaclLy buL more so, Lhe capablllLy Lo be of servlce
Lo oLhers.
Colng back Lo my quesuon, ls educauon a prlvllege or rlghL?," here and now, lL has become a prlvllege. Wlll
we, Lhen, allow lL Lo become a prlvllege? 1he answer lles on your hands.
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

loolo Ioel (loo, fot sbott) 8. Aotoolo ls o 5eolot lloooclol AJvlset fot A\A lblllpploes. ne coo be cootocteJ ot pooooto*
Up Close and Personal
with R&B King JayR
3$ 41' <'/0("
lL was a 1uesday nlghL when my frlends and l drove all Lhe way from Crugas area Lo a bar ln Cuezon ClLy Lo
supporL our common frlend, a member of a band, because Lhelr band was performlng LhaL nlghL.
A few mlnuLes aer Lhe rsL band performed, a famlllar guy ln slmple
[eans and shlrL arrlved. l recognlzed hlm from where l was seaLed.
+Ch, LhaL's !ay8, Lhe 8&8 rlnce (now Lhe 8&8 klng) who popularlzed
*1' ),&$ 8oklt lo 8o!" l exclalmed.
My frlend leaned Lowards me and sald, ?es, Sha. !ay8 ls a regular
guesL of Lhls bar, noL as a performer buL as a supporLer of lndle bands."
1owards Lhe end of Lhe nlghL, Lhe lasL band who performed called
hlm up on sLage Lo slng wlLh Lhem and he gladly accepLed Lhe lnvlLauon.
Aer Lhe show, l approached !ay8 and asked for a phoLo. l Lhen asked
hlm lf l could lnLervlew hlm for Lhls newsleuer. Pe sald Sure" and gave me hls personal emall address.
l really llke !ay8's volce because lL's genLle, powerful and sooLhlng Lo Lhe ears. l also wondered. 1here are a loL
of LalenLed lnoy slngers buL only a few of Lhem acLually produce Lhelr own albums and only a few of Lhem have
made lL Lo nauonal 1v. Maybe LalenL ls noL enough?
LeL's learn from !ay8 as he shares hls secreLs Lo hls success.
SnA: Pl !ay8. 1hank you very much for welcomlng Lhls lnLervlew. Can you share wlLh us your [ourney as a
slnger and as Lhe 8&8 rlnce?
Iayk: l sLarLed ouL because of a fasclnauon l have wlLh muslc. l was rsL drawn Lo Lhe slnglng and vocals. l
would pracuce how my favorlLe slngers would slng and Lry and copy Lhelr sLyle. lrom Lhere l sLarLed paylng more
auenuon Lo how songs were belng made muslcally. l was lucky enough Lo have frlends LhaL had slmllar lnLeresLs as
l dld and showed me whaL Lools l need Lo sLarL muslc producLlon.
1hen l focused more on lyrlcs, melodles, song wrlung and recordlng. ln ume l was able Lo nlsh a compleLe
album LhaL we named Cameface wlLh my rsL hlLs ueslqo fot love #&2 8oklt lo 8o. 8ecause of Lhls album l was
able Lo land a record deal wlLh unlversal 8ecords hlllpplnes and a neLwork deal wlLh CMA 7. When 8oklt lo 8o
was released, l was able Lo peneLraLe Lhe hlllpplne muslc lndusLry and was labeled Lhe rlnce of 8&8. now known
as Lhe klng of 8&8.
SnA: ersonally, l love your slnglng volce! CenLle, powerful, and pleasanL Lo Lhe ears. ?ou're a very LalenLed
muslclan. ln your oplnlon, whaL seLs you aparL from Lhe oLher LalenLed 8&8 slngers or slngers ln general?
IAk: 1hank you for Lhe compllmenL.
l Lhlnk whaL seLs me aparL ls LhaL l'm ouL Lhere helplng oLher arusLs wlLh my lndle label nomewotkz. l'm
bulldlng, promoung and glvlng new arusLs a plauorm Lo showcase Lhelr LalenL. l have my own sLudlo where l
produce and wrlLe my own songs buL noL all of course. l have my own back-up band for llve performances and a
rehearsal sLudlo where we pracuce. 1hese are Lhe Lhlngs LhaL l Lhlnk seL me aparL. l'm glvlng away all my secreLs
buL lL's all good because l'm all abouL sharlng for beuer growLh.
SnA: 1hank you for sharlng your secreLs. WhaL were Lhe challenges you encounLered as a slnger or performlng
arusL and how dld you overcome Lhem?
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

IAk: l Lhlnk Lhe hardesL challenge ls how l always have Lo do beuer
every ume. l dread Lhe day l sLop growlng as a muslclan, performer and slnger.
SnA: l have frlends who slng really well and who love Lo slng. WhaL advlce
can you glve Lhose who wanL Lo pursue slnglng as a professlon?
IAk: lL's noL abouL Lhe fame and forLune. locus your energy on oLher
Lhlngs. laln and slmple.
SnA: So l guess lL's abouL belng passlonaLe abouL whaL you do, and fame and forLune wlll follow. LeL's Lalk
abouL markeung and 8 (publlc relauons). Pow do you markeL your songs or your albums?
IAk: l gure l [usL keep maklng Lhe klnd of muslc LhaL l love and hope a loL of oLher people have Lhe same
LasLe as l do. 1haL's whaL l've been dolng ever slnce and so far l've been dolng preuy ok. Why x someLhlng LhaL's
noL broken?
SnA: ?ou have mllllons of fans all over Lhe world. Pow do you keep your relauonshlp wlLh Lhem allve? Pow do
you make your fans' love for you burnlng?
IAk: l love my fans. WlLhouL Lhem l wouldn'L be where l am Loday. l always make ume for my fans no mauer
whaL. Lven when l'm havlng a bad day. 1haL's how much l appreclaLe Lhem. l can only hope LhaL Lhey see my
slncerlLy and l galn Lhelr lnLeresL Lo become a !ay8 fan. And when Lhey 1weeL, lnsLagram or l8 me LhaL Lhey saw
me aL a show, l Lry Lo reply as much as l can.
SnA: Can you Lell us brley abouL Pomeworkz SLudlos and whaL lnsplred you Lo puL lL up?
IAk: l belleve 8&8 and Plp Pop can be so much blgger ln Lhe hlllpplnes. l puL up Pomeworkz Lo Lry and
make even a small dlerence ln Lhe growLh of hlllpplne Plp Pop and 8&8. 8y dolng Lhls, l vlsuallze a posluve upll
ln our culLure and muslc.
SnA: WhaL advlce can you glve our slngers and performlng arusLs Loday?
IAk: llrsL ls Lo ldenufy whaL genre you are under. Cnce you've gured ouL whaL your sLyle as an arusL
ls, collaboraLe wlLh anyone you can. no mauer whaL genre. Cf course Lhey have Lo be a beuer Lhan average
arusL/muslclan. lL's always beuer Lo learn dlerenL sLyles so LhaL you can deLermlne how Lo beuer mold your
own. CrlglnallLy ls key.
SnA: 1hank you so much, !ay8!
1here are Lhree key Lakeaways l goL from my lnLervlew wlLh !ay8:
1. Love whaL you do and fame and forLune wlll follow.
2. llnd someone you can model, learn from hlm, and copy whaL he does.
3. Pelp oLhers become successful as well.
l reallzed LhaL Lhe success prlnclples !ay8 shared are noL only appllcable Lo slnglng buL Lo any professlon or
buslness for LhaL mauer.
?ou may follow !ay8 aL Lhrough 1wluer and lnsLagram aL [rnb[ayr or Lhrough hups://[ayr1
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

5bo Nocloo ls oo ootbot ooJ oo lospltouoool speoket. 5be teceotly pobllsbeJ bet lotest book Money & Me: 9 SLeps Lo 1urn Around
?our llnances and Llve Lhe Llfe ?ou WanL. oo moy qtob yoot coples ot
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

The Main Purpose
of Financial Seminars
8y Lyndon Ma|anog
Leorn *, $0,3 31#* %) '&*0-)*'2 *, /,-.(Moubew 25.29)
1he maln purpose of foooclol semloots ls noL for you Lo sLarL lnvesung, buL lL ls deslgned Lo make people
undersLand Lhe general concepLs of savlng #&2 lnvesung so LhaL when applled you can have savlngs. 1hls ls
conLrary Lo whaL mosL people say - LhaL Lhey wlll only auend hnanc|a| semlnars" when Lhey have Lhe exLra
cash Lo sLarL lnvesung.
Aer seven years of lnvesung and reaplng Lhe greaL reLurns of our lnvesLmenL, l Lrled Lo ask agaln my
dlsLanL frlends and omcemaLes lf Lhey are now ready Lo auend our nanclal semlnars buL Lhelr answer ls sull Lhe
same. 1hey would auend nanclal semlnars when Lhey have Lhe exLra cash Lo sLarL lnvesung.
Seven years have passed and Lhe exLra cash LhaL Lhey are wlshlng for have remalned a wlsh. ?ears have
passed away, markeL have gone up and down and opporLunlues have come and gone buL Lhe same Lhlng remalns
a wlsh ln Lhe llfe of many llllplnos.
WhaL people fall Lo undersLand ls LhaL Lhey need Lo auend nanclal semlnars so LhaL Lhey would learn
how Lo ad[usL Lhelr llfesLyle and lncrease Lhelr lncome so LhaL Lhey wlll have savlngs for lnvesung. 1ake noLe LhaL
savlngs comes before lnvesung because Lhe maln purpose of lnvesung %) *, $0,3 /,-0 savlngs.
eople should undersLand LhaL Lhelr rsL ma[or lnvesLmenL ls Lo make ume Lo learn nanclal managemenL
ln a hollsuc way. 1hls ls Lhe rlghL Lhlng Lo do because Lhls ls your hard-earned money we are Lalklng abouL.
1oday, lnLeresL raLe ln Lhe bank ranges from (0.23 percenL Lo 1.70 percenL) per year whlch means LhaL your
",&'/ %) *".0(: ;'*%+ year afLer year by lnflaLlon alone.
now, ls your SAVINGS $0,3%&$ ",0' *1#& *1' lnauon raLe or Lhe rlslng prlces of commodlues? 8efer Lo
Lhe lnauon Lable below:
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+


MonthIy INFLATION 2012 2013
January 4.0 3.1
February 2.7 3.4
March 2.6 3.2
ApriI 3.0 2.6
May 3.0 2.6
June 2.9 2.7
JuIy 3.2 2.5
August 3.8 2.1
September 3.7 2.7
October 3.2 2.9
November 2.8 3.3
December 3.0 4.1
Average 3.2 3.0

AC1 now by auend|ng our sem|nars! It's your hrst ma[or |nvestment - LLAkNING7
4&2'0)*#&2 nanclal plannlng ln a hollsuc manner by auendlng our llnanclal Semlnars or 0'5-')*%&$
.,0 5peclol 5essloos (jost btloq foot ftleoJs wltb yoo so we coo Jo tbe leotoloq sessloo ovet o cop of co[ee) by
gemng ln Louch wlLh us.
Pave a greaL and blessed day.

lyoJoo Moloooq ls oo ottepteoeot ooJ tbe lloooclol coocb of 8o 5oocbez, loc. ne qlves lloooclol ulsclplloe ooJ ltocucol
weoltb Moooqemeot semloots to compooles ooJ qtoops os pott of bls ooble mlssloo ooJ oJvococy of eJocouoq people.
ne moy be cootocteJ tbtooqb, ot ot 0908-995-8290 / 0917-JJ8-7JJ7.
Dont Miss These Coming Events!
Gold Mastermind Quarterly Meeting
Motcb J0. Ate yoo o ColJ, 5opetColJ, ooJ ulomooJ membet? 1bls poottetly mostetmloJ ls JeslqoeJ fot
yoo. vety tbtee mootbs, yooll eojoy tbe compooloosblp of otbet 1tolyklcbclob membets ooJ leoto toqetbet
votloos woys oo bow to qtow yoot locome. lo eocb of tbese ColJ MostetmloJ meeuoqs, llouoom membets ooJ
otbet speclol qoests wlll toke tbe stoqe ooJ sbote lJeos oo bow yoo coo cteote moluple locome stteoms. 1bls ls
fot 1tolyklcbclob membets ooly. lleose qo to oow.
Quick Start Implementation Seminar
Aptll 5. 1bls ls fot oew membets of tbe 1tolyklcbclob, bot olJet membets coo jolo too! Iolo 1tolyklcbclobs
Ioey 1oyoboo ooJ bet coocletqe teom, os tbey teocb yoo bow to opeo o cOllloooclol occooot, bow to boy ooJ sell
stocks osloq tbe cOllloooclol webslte. lo tbls fotom, yoo coo osk oll yoot poesuoos. Co to www.1tolyklcbclob.
com/Oolck5tott oow.
Platinum WealthCircle Quarterly Mastermind Meeting
Aptll 12. 8o 5oocbez ooJ 1kc Meotots meet wltb llouoom Membets foot umes o yeot. lf yoote oo
eottepteoeot toooloq o bosloess, Ouv CO1 1O 8 nk! uoot Jeloy. 1o jolo tbls MostetmloJ Meeuoq,
opqtoJe oow to llouoom. Co to oow.
REINVENT: Holy Week Retreat 2014
Aptll 17 1O 19. ueepeo oot kelouoosblp wltb CoJ! Iolo Me ot klNvN1. noly week ketteot 2015. AoJ
tbls yeots powetfol messoqe ftom CoJ to yoo ls tbls. wbeo yoote Jowo to ootbloq, CoJ ls op to sometbloq.
8elleve me, lt wlll be tbe most oolpoe noly week ketteot yooll evet expetleoce. l ptomlse yoo-yoove oevet
seeo ooytbloq llke lt. 8tloq yoot fomlly ooJ ftleoJs. lot mote lofo, vlslt
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

LasL lssue, we posLed an ad for Supreme WealLh Alllance (SWA) submlued Lo us by a 18C member.
Powever, we recelved reporLs from oLher 18C members LhaL Lhls neLworklng buslness ls quesuonable.
Cne of our members sald he even Lraced lL Lo 8ellze (Lhe counLry where Lhls buslness ls supposed Lo be
reglsLered), buL found no such reglsLrauon. We're very happy LhaL our 18C communlLy helps one anoLher
ln Lhls way, sharlng ndlngs and lnslghLs so as Lo help each one make beuer declslons. lease be careful
and research before you make any declslon of [olnlng An? buslness. 1hank you so much. Cod bless
you! - !oy Sosoban-8oa, LdlLor, WealLhSLraLegles
-Pl 1ruly 8lch Club,
Auached herewlLh ls my recelpL of my paymenL for WealLh SummlL 2013.
AL grab ko na rln po ang opporLunlLy na lLo Lo be graLeful sa WealLh SummlL 2014. lL was really a 8LAS1!
lull of learnlngs and lnsplrauons Lalaga. ero Lhe besL parL sa akln ls LhaL l meeL people wlLh Lhe same mlndseL-
wlnnlng mlndseL-llke l do.Lo be an enLrepreneur. :u
Lumawak po ang clrcle of frlends and neLwork ko when lL comes Lo belng an enLrepreneur. l was lnsplred by
Lhe dlerenL lnsplrlng sLorles LhaL Lhey have. l meL someone who ls a former capLaln of a shlp Lhen declded Lo do
a buslness na lang so LhaL he could be wlLh hls famlly. l meL a naLure lover who ls ln a buslness of Laklng care of
Lhe LarLh, a naLure lover llke me. (And Lake noLe: he asked me Lo help hlm ln vldeo maklng/markeung for hlm as
he dlscovered LhaL LhaL ls really whaL l do. l meL someone who ls eager Lo do buslness buL doesn'L know how Lo
sLarL and l'm happy Lo gulde hlm Lhrough hls [ourney. lL was really a good feellng LhaL you helped someone. And
l meL a loL of oLher people. 1hank you so much and looklng forward Lo Lhe nexL WealLh SummlL.

6#*1 7'/')
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

Pl, 8ro. 8o!
Aslde from Lhe 1ruly 8lch Club, Lhe Success Speakers Club you founded ls of greaL help. l [usL had an omclal"
speaklng engagemenL and had Lhe opporLunlLy Lo apply Lhe learnlng l goL from Lhe club.
1he club ls of huge value Lo my lmprovemenL, Lhe lnpuL l geL from lL, l pracuce lL ln 1oasLmasLers, share wlLh
oLhers as well, and geL Lo use lL ln real llfe semngs.
1rue enough LhaL Lhe more a person knows, Lhe more he does noL know. l reallzed LhaL Lhere's more Lhan
my prevlous horlzon and cerLalnly, Lhere ls much more beyond my presenL horlzon.
1hank you so much for bulldlng Lhese learnlng clubs on Lop of all Lhe mlnlsLrles you do Lo nurLure 'us'.
More power!
Chrls uao-anls
TrulyRichClub Ladder of Abundance

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lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

LeL me end Lhls lssue wlLh one of my mosL favorlLe old sLorles.
Cne day, Lhere were Lhree consLrucuon workers worklng on
Lop of a bulldlng.
AL 12 noon, Lhe bell rang-and Lhe Lhree guys saL down
Lo eaL Lhelr lunch.
1he rsL consLrucuon worker opened hls lunch
box and saw toyo (drled sh). Pe sald, Lvery day, l
'#* toyo. l'm so slck and ured of toyo. !. *,",00,3 !
sull see toyo ln my lunch box, l'll [ump from Lhls bulldlng
and dle."
1he second consLrucuon worker opened hls lunch
box and saw egg. Pe sald, Lvery day, l eaL egg. l'm so slck and
ured of egg. lf Lomorrow l sull see egg ln my lunch box, l'll [ump
from Lhls bulldlng and dle."
1he Lhlrd consLrucuon worker opened hls lunch box and
saw sardlnes. And he sald, Lvery day, l eaL sardlnes. l'm so slck
and ured of sardlnes. lf Lomorrow l sull see sardlnes ln my
lunch box, l'll [ump from Lhls bulldlng and dle."
1he nexL day, Lhe Lhree guys wenL Lo work agaln on
Lop of Lhe skyscraper.
When lL was lunchume, Lhey saL down agaln Lo eaL.
When Lhe rsL guy opened hls lunch box, he screamed, 1oyo! lL's toyo agaln!" Pe Lhen [umped o Lhe
bulldlng and dled.
When Lhe second guy opened hls lunch box, he screamed, Lgg! lL's egg agaln!" Pe Lhen [umped o Lhe
bulldlng and dled.
When Lhe Lhlrd guy opened hls lunch box, he screamed, Sardlnes! lL's sardlnes agaln!" Pe Lhen [umped o
Lhe bulldlng and dled.
And LhaL's Lhe end of Lhe sLory...
Thankfully, Theres a Crazy Epilogue
uurlng Lhe funeral of Lhe Lhree guys, Lhe Lhree wldows were comforung each oLher.
1he rsL wldow wepL and sald, l dldn'L know my husband dldn'L llke toyo anymore. l really LhoughL LhaL
was hls favorlLe. 1haL's why l was pumng toyo ln hls lunchbox every day."
1he second wldow crled, Same here! l dldn'L know my husband dldn'L llke egg anymore. So l also prepared
egg for hlm every day."
1he Lhlrd wldow was crylng buL sald, l can'L relaLe wlLh Lhe Lwo of you.:
Why?" Lhe oLher Lwo wldows asked.
She sald, 8ecause my husband prepares hls own lunch every mornlng."
You Are Where You Are Because
by 8o Sanchez
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

God Gave You the Power to Change Your Life
lsn'L LhaL comlcal?
Lvery mornlng, LhaL Lhlrd consLrucuon worker would cook sardlnes and puL lL ln hls lunchbox. 8uL durlng
lunchume, when he opens Lhe lunchbox, he geLs shocked and complalns, Sardlnes agaln?"
1haL's Lhe perfecL plcLure of many people.
1hey don'L undersLand LhaL we ptepote oot owo loocb.
SLop complalnlng why you're sLuck ln LhaL [ob, why you're sLuck wlLh LhaL salary, why you're sLuck ln LhaL
relauonshlp, why you're sLuck ln LhaL slLuauon. 8ecause we prepare our own lunch.
Pow? 8y our AC1lCnS.
8uL Lhls ls really good news.
lf you reallze LhaL you prepare your own lunch, and you don'L llke lL, tbeo ptepote sometbloq else!
May your dreams come Lrue,

8o Sanchez
lssue Num5er 18S Morch 201+

Order your copy today. Call (02) 725-9999 or visit
to order online.
If you have not been faithful in handling worldly wealth, how can you be trusted with
true wealth? (Luke 16:11)
Beie's an inteiesting fact. Biu you know that out of S7 paiables in the Bible, }esus spoke about money moie
than any othei topic.
We aie calleu to be goou stewaius of the many gifts anu iesouices uou entiusts to us.
!"#$ &'( )*+$ ,-.$/ !0'* &'(# ., &'( 1-.&'123 -#$ 4.,( 5-#-6(+/ 4'*5 '., 5-,&(+ 4.33 ,(& *7(+ '., '*2,('*3$/ &*
qive tbem tbeir portion of fooJ ot tbe proper time? BlesseJ is tbot servont wbom bis moster will jinJ so Joinq
4'(# '( 8*5(,9 :+23;/ < ,-; &* ;*2/ '( 4.33 ,(& '.5 *7(+ -33 '., =*,,(,,.*#,9>(Luke 42-44).
The Loiu wants to bless us. Fiist, we neeu to become goou stewaius.
Bow uo we uo this.
The latest book of bestselling authoi Bo Sanchez answeis this impoitant question. Be
ieveals a poweiful stiategy calleu :'( "?2#$-#8( @*+523-.
It teaches you 4 Simple Steps That Nake uoou People Rich. You
will leain how to: Nake Youi 1uu%, Nagnify Youi 1u%, Nultiply
Youi 2u%, anu Nanage Youi 7u%.
That's 1uu1u2u7u.
The Abunuance Foimula teaches you how to builu anu giow youi
wealth so that you can bless anu love moie people.
Foi only P, you get valuable wisuom on how you can manage
youi finances anu become piospeious.
Bon't uelay youi blessing. Invest in youi financial health anu be the
goou anu faithful stewaiu that uou wants you to become so that
you will be able to ieceive moie blessings anu help Bim bless moie
Begin youi jouiney to abunuance touay.
Do you want to know the secret to

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