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RE: Tenant Security Deposit and Dispute of Deposit Release (Property Damages Assessment
August !!" #$!!
Dear "
As you %no&" my lease at terminated officially on 'uly !!" #$!!(
) recently recei*ed your damages assessment in t+e mail" in &+ic+ you propose retaining ,-./($$
from my security deposit fees for t+e follo&ing alleged damages:
0arpet damages: ,1$($$
2aid fees: ,/$($$
2aintenance: ,./($$
Paint: ,34$($$
Total damages: $348.00
) assume t+at since you sent t+is damages assessment to me postmar%ed August !!" #$!!" t+at you
are treating t+e end of my lease date as t+e official termination of occupancy" &+ic+ is 'uly !!" #$!!(
()f you &anted to officially ac%no&ledge my early mo*e5out date &+ic+ too% place on 'uly !!" #$!!"
you &ould +a*e 6een legally 6ound to report t+is inspection notice to me &it+in - days( As you did not"
) am sending t+is dispute to you 6efore August !!" #$!!" &+ic+ is legally recogni7ed as 4 days after
my occupancy termination as descri6ed in 8eorgia 9andlord:Tenant code section ..515--(
Here is the complete summary of my dispute:
) +a*e t+oroug+ *ideo documentation of t+e premises &+ic+ &as filmed on my official mo*e5in day of
August !!" #$!!" to t+e residence at ( ) also +a*e t+oroug+ *ideo
documentation of my mo*e5out day on 'uly !!" #$!!" 6ot+ of &+ic+ are timestamped and fully
*erifia6le( )n addition" ) +a*e copies of 6ot+ t+e initial and final damages assessments t+at &ere
completed and signed 6y myself" t+e tenant" and you" t+e landlord" all of &+ic+ clearly s+o& no
significant damages occurred during my in+a6itance of t+e property and &+ic+ also s+o& t+at ) left t+e
premises in t+e same condition as &+en ) first mo*ed in( Furt+ermore" ) +a*e an audio p+one call &it+
;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (an official agent of your leasing company" &+ic+ &as recorded on 'uly !!" #$!!"
in &+ic+ +e clearly states t+at no significant damages to t+e premises &ere found after ) left" in
reference to +is pending completion of t+e Property Damages Assessment report( <+ile ) did not
re=uest a formal mo*e5out inspection &it+ all parties present &+en ) mo*ed out on 'uly !!" #$!!"
) am confident t+at any court of la& &ill fully support my claim t+at no significant damage &as done to
t+e premises to &arrant t+e &it++olding of any security deposit funds(
As stated in 8eorgia 9andlord:Tenant code section ..515-.:
No security deposit shall be retained to cover ordinary wear and tear which occurred as a result of
the use of the premises for the purposes for which the premises were intended, provided that there was
no negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse of the premises by the tenant or members of his
household or their invitees or guests.
Nothing in this Code section shall preclude the landlord from retaining the security deposit for
nonpayment of rent or of fees for late payment, for abandonment of the premises, for nonpayment of
utility charges, for repair work or cleaning contracted for by the tenant with third parties, for unpaid
pet fees, or for actual damages caused by the tenant's breach, provided the landlord attempts to
mitigate the actual damages.
)n reflection of t+e a6o*e =uoted sections of 8eorgia 9andlord:Tenant la&" and 6ased on t+e fact t+at
none of t+e =uoted e>ceptions &it+in 0ode section ..515-. apply to me as a tenant:
I find your Property Damages Assessment to not only e inaccurate and completely unfounded!
ut in fact purposefully criminal and spiteful of reasonale efforts to assess damages.
According to 8eorgia 9andlord:Tenant code section ..515-4" suc+ purposeful and criminal attempts to
&it++old all or part of a security deposit is punis+a6le 6y la&" &it+ t+e landlord paying not only t+ree
times t+e unla&fully &it++eld amount" 6ut also any amount a courtroom determines is reasona6le to
co*er all of t+e tenant?s associated attorney fees(
Furt+ermore" t+e 9ease Agreement t+at &as signed 6et&een us @ myself as tenant and you as landlord @
specifically states" in accurate accordance &it+ 8eorgia 9andlord:Tenant la&:
Tenant shall otherwise leave the premises in the same condition as when leased ecept for ordinary
wear and tear.
Aased on t+is 9ease Agreement" and 6ased on t+e fact t+at t+e premises already s+o&ed ordinary &ear
and tear on my official mo*e5in day of August !!" #$!!" ) +a*e fulfilled my duties and
responsi6ilities according to t+e 9ease Agreement and according to 8eorgia state la&( T+erefore" any
attempt to reser*e my security deposit fees for illegal uses @ &+et+er for any reno*ation &or% to t+e
property at ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; or for your o&n personal use" is completely
unaccepta6le to me and &ill surely 6e o*erruled in a court of la&(
According to 8eorgia 9andlord:Tenant code section ..515-." 6ecause my official lease termination
('uly !!" #$!! &as later t+an my early mo*e5out day of 'uly !!" #$!!" you +a*e e>actly one
mont+" t+at is until August !!" #$!!" to return my full security deposit of ,B$$($$(
)f you do not return my security deposit funds I" #$%% 6y t+e a6o*e date" ) am fully prepared to ta%e
&+ate*er steps are re=uired to ac+ie*e Custice in a court of la&( ) find your 6usiness practices s+ameful
and dis+onest" and ) &ill pursue t+is regardless of +o& muc+ time and effort it may ta%e(
) loo% for&ard to your =uic% resolution of t+is matter(