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Newsletter May 2013 edition, volume 6
Welcome to the Dan Heisman Learning Center!
-ll mem*ers of the !H"C share a common interest and we all ha)e the stron( desire to
im$ro)e our chess $layin(, We are truly a (rou$ .' the mem*ers %/0 the mem*ers, No
matter if you are a master or com$letely new to the (ame1 we welcome you, Please do ta2e
a loo2 around the forums to see where other mem*ers can hel$ you im$ro)e or you can
hel$ others as well,
We at the !H"C encoura(e acti)e $artici$ation1 (ood s$ortsmanshi$ and a*o)e all1 fun in
learnin( this wonderful (ame, Whether your $reference is for li)e chess1 lon(er
corres$ondence 34online56 (ames1 some )ote chess or wor2in( your way throu(h the
instructional articles written *y some of stron(er mem*ers1 there is somethin( for
e)eryone at !H"C,
Why Play in the DHLC Slow Chess
We 2now that slow chess is the num*er one way to im$ro)e your $lay, Why $lay in the
!H"C Slow Chess "ea(ue instead of 7ust $ostin( your $referred times somewhere for
others to ho$efully see or 7oinin( other lea(ues or 8clu*s8& More ideas is usually *etter
than fewer and each of these has their $lace1 *ut see *elow why the !H"C Slow Chess
"ea(ue is the ri(ht choice,
The Slow Chess "ea(ue at the !an Heisman "earnin( Center is the ori(inal or(anized slow
chess com$etition on Chess,com,
The Slow Chess "ea(ue is real tournament chess com$etition, -)aila*ility $ostin( to fish
for o$$onents and 8clu*s8 with 8standard times8 can ha)e their $lace1 *ut are not real
tournament chess com$etition,
The Slow Chess "ea(ue awards tournament wins *y forfeit when a $layer is stood u$1 and
$layers who forfeit are $enalized, This is similar to how a cloc2 is started and then a win is
awarded when a $layer doesn9t show u$ in real #SC% /T. tournament $lay, #nor(anized
$lay or time *ased tournaments or 8clu*s8 usually ha)e no forfeit rules and 8clu*s8 may
e)en co)er u$ the no:show rate with late $airin( chan(es, ;f you $ost your a)aila*ility and
7ust (et no ta2ers for < wee2s runnin(1 too *ad, ;f you (et a *ite on the =th wee21 *ut then
no*ody shows u$ to $lay1 too *ad, -nd with e)ery wee2 that (oes *y1 your $ostin( (ets
harder and harder for any*ody to notice, When you si(n u$ for the >? noon (ame at a
8clu*8 and then (et stood u$ for your (ame1 too *ad, That $airin( counts for nothin( and
you ta2e a chance on (ettin( re:$aired with any late si(nu$ $layer a)aila*le no matter what
their ratin( or $re)ious results with no ad)ance warnin(,
The Slow Chess "ea(ue uses swiss and other tournament style standard $airin( rules
which result in the fewest $ossi*le num*er of *yes which are usually then assi(ned to the
lowest rated $layers in the lowest score (rou$ 7ust as is done in real /T. tournaments,
8Clu*s8 that essentially run as many as @< mini:tournaments maAimize the num*er of odd
$layer totals and therefore maAimize the num*er of *yes that must *e issued, This is
certainly not desira*le, -nd you won9t find out until $airin( time1 sometimes ?B hours or
less from (ame time,
Timezones and arran(in( to $lay are the 2eys to slow chess online, The Slow Chess "ea(ue
usually uses a sin(le timezone for all ne(otiations and a(reed times, ;t9s sim$le1 it wor2s1
and any*ody who can $lay chess should *e a*le to tell time and con)ert time zones, Tryin(
to or(anize $lay around < or more timezones is not efficient and is confusin(, -nd with
8clu*s81 you must $ic2 from a $redetermined list of timesC for(et choosin( the time that9s
really *est for you, Tryin( to let all $layers offer times in their own timezones with
a)aila*ility $ostin( is sim$ly a reci$e for confusion, Dither way1 (ettin( miAed u$ ri(ht
from the start *etween "ondon time and GMT and mista2in( the difference *etween
standard time and dayli(ht sa)in(s time in the #,S, can9t $ossi*ly yield *etter results,
The Slow Chess "ea(ue $airs $layers *ased on swiss and other standard tournament rules,
Players of similar ratin(s or with similar tournament results are $aired1 de$endin( on the
$articular tournament format, Pairin(s that are *ased first on your $referred $layin( time
sim$ly ma2e no sense for real chess at all,
The Slow Chess "ea(ue assi(ns colors for the $layers for each $airin( 3eAce$t for sin(le
round e)ents6 as is commonly done for real /T. tournament $lay usin( the rules of the
#SC%, !ue colors are used to ma2e $lay fair, ;f you9)e had @ .lac2s in a row in a
tournament1 rollin( the dice for random colors in your Bth (ame is neither fair nor the way
real tournament chess is or(anized,
Not e)eryone will find e)ery feature in e)ery slow chess tournament in the lea(ue suita*le
for them1 *ut we offer the *est features1 the most features1 and we are inno)atin( with new
ways to $lay slow chess all the time,
How to join a Swiss Style
/ne of the more $o$ular formats is the 4Swiss5 style tournaments that are continuously
*ein( added, Partici$ation is )oluntary1 of course1 *ut mem*ers are encoura(ed to 7oin for
a terrific learnin( eA$erience and a lot of fun, -ll of that said1 there ;S a commitment for
those who wish to 7oin these tournaments, To a)oid confusion1 here is what you can eA$ect
if youd li2e to 7oin a swiss e)ent,
>, Eee$ an eye on the notes in the !H"C $ro$er, Sir;)anHoe will often $ost when a Swiss
is $lanned and will announce it in the notes, When there is an e)ent that is o$en for
si(nu$s1 a forum to$ic will *e $osted, Sim$ly clic2 on the 4forums5 and youll *e a*le to
find it,
?, "ea)e a comment in the forum statin( that youd li2e to si(n u$,
@, ;f you are acce$ted 3i,e, you ha)e not *een eliminated from $re)ious tournaments due to
(ame forfeits61 you will *e in)ited to a $ri)ate (rou$ for the $ur$ose of the tournament,
B, .e sure to (o to the Player Chec2 ;n forum to officially chec2 in for the tournament, ;t is
here that you are )erifyin( that you understand the rules and a(ree to a*ide *y them for
the $ur$oses of the tournament, This is )ery im$ortant!
<, 0emain )i(ilant re(ardin( acti)ity in the s$ecially desi(ned (rou$, Pairin(s are usually
announced on Sunday ni(hts and are in a se$arate forum $ost, 'ou can see who your
o$$onent is or if you ha)e *een assi(ned a 4*ye5 wee2, When $airin(s are announced1 if
you ha)e *een $aired1 '/# W;"" %;N! - %/0#M T/P;C W;TH '/#0 N-MD -N!
-N/THD0 P"-'D0S N-MD, 'ou may ha)e to scroll throu(h a few $a(es to find it,
!"#C$ COMME%!S for the forum so you will *e u$ to date, The forum with your name
is where you will handle (ame ne(otiations and set u$ a time to $lay in li)e chess, ;t is
D0' im$ortant that offers are made *y the ?@F<G Tuesday 3Dastern Time6, Try to
ne(otiate early so any $ro*lems can *e ironed out and a (ame can *e $layed! #se the time
zone con)erter if you need it, ;t is stron(ly su((ested that you 4friend5 your o$$onent in
order to communicate easier in 4li)e5 chess,
=, When your (ame time arri)es1 arri)e $rom$tly to li)e chess, Dither $layer can issue the
challen(e for a B<HB< (ame usin( the assi(ned colors, 0efer to code of conduct for (ame
I, When com$leted1 either $layer can $ost the result 3$refera*ly with the $(n1 *ut a lin2 to
the com$leted (ame is fine6 in the same forum where ne(otiations too2 $lace,
Communicate with each other as *oth are res$onsi*le for re$ortin( the results,
J, Ha)e fun!
Still a little confused& Well1 here9s a lin2 to a )ideo to hel$ you see eAactly how it9s doneF
Micro&Swiss !ournaments in the
-re you loo2in( for an eAtra (ame of Slow Chess durin( the wee2& -re you new to the !an
Heisman "earnin( Centre and want to try your hand at Slow Chess& This is the $erfect way
to try out Slow Chess at the !H"C without ha)in( to commit to a < round or lon(er
tournament, Just one round, Players new to the !H"C are $aired with a )eteran $layer
when $ossi*le, Si(n u$1 (et $aired with another $layer1 ne(otiate a time1 $lay your (ame,
/ur Micro:Swiss tournaments are (reat forF
>6 New*ies wantin( to learn the ro$es,
?6 eterans who want to hel$ others to 7oin the fun,
@6 Players who can only commit to one (ameHwee2 at a time,
B6 Players who 7ust li2e *ein( a*le to $lay anyHe)ery wee2 they want to without ha)in( to
si(n u$ for lon(er tournaments,
This series will run wee2ly 3eAce$t on certain holiday wee2s O which will *e notified6, Si(n:
u$s close Saturday, Pairin(s to *e u$ Sunday,
The $layin( wee2 for these Wee2 > si(nu$s commences Mon ?I
May, This is the same day
as Slow Swiss P= commences,
Ds$ecially for new $layersF chec2 out our rules here
The rules include information on ne(otiations and use the time zone con)erter here
to hel$ with schedulin( your (ames usin( Dastern Time1 #nited States, 3Dnter #nited
States1 New 'or2 in the con)erter to (et DT,6
Go to the lin2 *elow to si(n u$ and en7oy the fun! 'ou9ll then *e sent an in)ite to the (rou$,
Pianoman's Posts
PianomanB does it a(ain in this humorously illustrated $ost on the %rench !efense! %ull of
instructional material and with enou(h theory to ma2e it a )ia*le o$tion at any le)el of
$lay1 this $ost $ro)ides a (ood wea$on for arsenal of any serious $layer,
;n a ty$ical %rench !efence1 most will find it hard to stay awa2e without the assistance of >
3may*e ?6 cu$s of coffee, Sim$ly $ut1 the %rench is widely considered to *e an eAtremely
*orin(1 drawish line1 where your only winnin( chances are *ased around your o$$onent
fallin( aslee$ and fla((in(, So what if ; told you that you can throw all of your $ieces at
your o$$onent9s 2in( and you can start a non:theoretical1 sound 2in( attac2 )ery early in
the (ame& -lri(ht1 now ; 2now you are $ro*a*ly thin2in( alri(ht $ianomanB1 whoe)er you
are1 $lease $ut your $ot:$i$e down *efore $ostin(1 *ut shoc2in(ly1 you can achie)e a
Sicilian:li2e 2in( attac2 )ery early on,
The $oint of this $ost is to arm you with a wea$on that will allow you to $lay shar$
attac2in( chess a(ainst this line without ha)in( to sac material1 do GM:le)el $re$ or e)en
ma2e serious $ositional concessions, Here it is,
QD)ent 8&8R
QSite 8&8R
Q!ate 8&&&&,&&,&&8R
Q0ound 8&8R
QWhite 8-nalysis8R
Q.lac2 8-nalysis8R
Q0esult 8S8R
QPlycount 8?@8R
()e* e+ ,)-* -. /)e0-. e0-. *)1-/ %c+ 3 B,,,.d= <,Ne? Nf= =,N*c@ c= T Here white
wins @IU to ?<U of these (ames, V I,.(< /:/ 3 I,,,.(B J,f@ .e= G,Wd? /:/ >M,/:/:/ h=
>>,.fB T X o)er K V 6 J,Wd? N*dI G,/:/:/ *< >M,N(@ T -nd neAt hB:hB:h= will follow to
wea2en E:side sYuares, V 6 .)%e, T The $oint here is that in the middle(ame1 you will need
to ha)e maAimum fleAi*ility of your 2in(:side $awns to allow for a 2in( attac2, ;f Nf@1 you
will later ha)e to waste a mo)e mo)in( the f@ 2ni(ht from it9s $ost to allow the f:$awn it9s
mo*ility, White wants to $lay N*c@ .(< 3or .fB6 Wd? and /:/:/ and then (o 2in(side, V
.)))1-+ +)%2c/ %3+ 4)1g. 1e+ 5)3* 1e4 6)3. 1c5 T %orced to sa)e the d:$awn V
(7)8-, O&O (()O&O&O h+ (,)1h* T Com$uters (i)e this K, ;n my o$inion howe)er1
white will win at least JMU of (ames from this $osition at a human:human le)el, Here
white has accom$lished all of his (oals and *lac2 has *asically (otten $ushed off the *oard,
D)en if *lac2 $lays sli(htly differently with *lac21 G times out of ten this $lan will still
a$$ly, V
; will illustrate the $lan of this o$enin( with this li(htly annotated (ame a(ainst 0y*2a B,
QD)ent 8N/-HM;"DS:PCM1 .litz >Mm8R
QSite 8N/-HM;"DS:PCM8R
Q!ate 8?M>@,M<,>@8R
Q0ound 8>8R
QWhite 8itru)ius M,JB*8R
Q.lac2 80y*2a B A=B8R
Q0esult 8>:M8R
QPlycount 8><>8R
()e* e+ ,)-* -. /)e0-. e0-. *)1-/ %c+ .)%e, 1-+ +)%2c/ %3+ 4)1g. 1e+ 5)3*
1e4 6)3. 1c5 (7)8-, O&O (()O&O&O h+ (,)1h* %2* T Playin( for the ? .isho$s, V
(/)"-e( "e5 T Not $ositionally (ood, c= is *etter, V (*)%3* c+ (.)"0e4 T 0AeI!! -
*rilliant intuiti)e sacrifice, White is countin( on it9s ? acti)e *isho$s1 s$ace ed(e1 lead in
de)elo$ment1 initiati)e1 and *lac29s wea2ened 2in( $osition to (i)e him the win, V
(.)))80e4 (+)%h. $h4 (4)g* T 0elentlessly attac2in(, V (4)))%0-/9 (5)80-/ 8e/9
(6)80e/ "0e/ ,7)103+ g03+ ,()h/ "3/ T D)en with the Yueens off white has enou(h
lastin( com$ensation for the eAchan(e to win, The rest is a matter of flawless end(ame
techniYue, V ,,)%03+9 $g4 ,/)%h.9 $35 ,*)$-, 103. ,.)g03. "03. ,+)%g/ "3,9
,4)%ce, "e5 ,5)h* "e+ ,6)$e( "3/ /7)%3( $e4 /()%-, "3* /,)c/ $-+ //)"h/
"3. /*)%2/ 2+ /.)%2c( "e3+ /+)%-/ "3(9 /4)$-, "g+ /5)h. "g5 /6)"h, a+
*7)%e. c. *()$e/ $c4 *,)"3, "03, */)$03, c0-* **)c0-* 3+ *.)%g+ $24 *+)%e4
"g4 *4)%3. "c4 *5)%3* "h4 *6)%0-. "h5 .7)$e/ "35 .()$3* $c+ .,)%-e/ "h5
./)%g* "35 .*)%30h+ $-. ..)%g5 $0-* .+)%*03+ "34 .4)h+ $-/ .5)$3. "a4
.6)%-. "-4 +7)%-e4 "-* +()$g. "2* +,)h4 $c, +/)2/ $2( +*)%-. "2.
+.)%ge4 $0a, ++)2* a. +4)20a. "0a. +5)h5:8 "a/ +6)%c+ "g/9 47)$3* "2/
4()%-* "2( 4,)%c/9 $a/ 4/)%02(9 $a, 4*)8h4 $a( 4.)8c, 2. 4+)%2/;
What ma2es this (ame all the more shoc2in( is the fact that the white $ieces were ta2en *y
a chess en(ine! ;t is com$ara*le to 0y*2a B in stren(th1 and $lay in a )ery humanli2e style
*oth in Yuiet $ositional (ames1 and also in shar$er ones such as this one, ;t sacrifices
material in almost e)ery (ame1 and is1 3in my o$inion6 the most useful en(ine to a human
chess $layer, 'ou can download it for free throu(h this lin2
%eel free to (i)e me any feed*ac2Hsu((estions you mi(ht ha)e, -lso1 if you li2ed this article1
you can trac2 my *lo( so you will 2now when ; $ost,
Pu<<les o3 the Month
There has *een some chatter lately in )arious $laces in !H"C1 not least amon( the
newsletter team1 a*out *lunders, They are an occu$ational hazard1 we all ma2e them1 and
if you are li2e me1 you $ro*a*ly want to 2ic2 yourself when you $lay such a *ad mo)e!
Ds$ecially if1 as they tend to *e when ; $lay them1 they are a losin( mo)e,
; ho$e ; dont need to remind you *ut it is not 7ust we 4ordinary5 chess $layers that ma2e
such drastic mista2es, This month ; am here to show1 or at least remind1 you that e)en
(randmasters are human and that they indeed are ca$a*le of mista2es e)ery *it as *ad as
ours, "ets ha)e a loo2 at some (randmaster (affes, ; thin2 that the selections this month
are not too difficult which ma2e it all the more sur$risin( 7ust what the (randmasters 3and
masters6 missed,
;t seems that my eA$eriment with a $re:$uzzle dia(ram in the news $ost )ersion of this
newsletter confused some $eo$le1 so ; wont $ro)ide them here, 0ather1 you (et 7ust the
actual $uzzle $osition, 'ou are $ro)ided with the losin( mo)e in the $ream*le to the
$uzzles and then need to find the winnin( mo)e3s6 from there,
-s a warmu$1 our first eAam$le comes from the (ame Petrosian )s .ronstein 3>G<=6 and
was $layed in a Candidates tournament, White is a future world cham$ionshi$ and *lac2 is
one of the (reatest $layers ne)er to ha)e *ecome world cham$ion, ;t features a curious
case of chess *lindness that ; sus$ect many of us can identify with 3; 2now ; can6, -nd ;
can $retty much (uarantee that you will *e a*le to sol)e this one,
;n a $oor *ut not Yuite des$erate $osition1 *lac2 has 7ust $layed () = %3., White thou(ht
for a while1 and as if he thou(ht that *lac2 could threaten nothin( dan(erous1 $layed ,)
%g., What did white miss&
The neAt eAam$le came from a world cham$ionshi$ (ame in >GIJ1 Eortchnoi )s Ear$o),
.lac2 is threatenin( mate *y () ))) "c( and white can defend *y $layin( (@ or (B1 lea)in(
the $osition *alanced, Howe)er Eortchnoi $layed >) "a( and thus found a different way to
(et chec2mated Yuic2ly, How&
D)en world cham$ions are not immune, ;n our neAt (ame1 .er(er )s -le2hine1 Mar(ate
>G@I1 we see a curious case of a dou*le *lunder, ;n this $osition -le2hine $layed () )))
803*, White did (o on to win this (ame1 *ut what did *oth $layers miss here&
Perha$s it is 2ni(hts that cause the $ro*lems, The neAt $osition also features a 2ni(ht in
the thic2 of the action, %rom a (ame Johner )s Perlis1 what sim$le winnin( tactic did *lac2
miss here&
He $ro*a*ly did it less often than most1 *ut e)en %ischer was not immune, %rom a (ame
Na7dorf )s %ischer 3>G==61 *lac2s $osition is difficult at *est, Howe)er with his neAt mo)e
() ))) %-+1 %ischer found a way to lose immediately, What did he miss&
"et9s finish u$ with what has *een called the worst *lunder in a world cham$ionshi$ (ame,
We ha)e to all the way *ac2 to Chi(orin )s Steinitz1 >JG?, White has a (ood $osition and
can e)en win if he $lays () "024, ;nstead he $layed () 12* : what ha$$ened&
; ho$e you en7oyed these selections and that after seein( them1 you dont feel Yuite so *ad
a*out any *lunders you mi(ht ha)e made, -nyone can ma2e them1 e)en the *est $layers
ma2e some $retty s$ectacular mista2es1 al*eit somewhat less often than you and me,
What is e)en worse1 $erha$s the ultimate *lunder1 is to resi(n in a winnin( $osition1 *ut
that is a story for future $uzzle column! See you for our neAt ad)enture neAt month,
>ame o3 the Month
We ha)e a *it of a theme this month with the $uzzles and the (ame ; will $resent *elow,
That is missed o$$ortunity as you will ha)e seen from some of the $uzzles, ;n some of
them1 one of the $layers ma2es a mista2e (i)in( the o$$onent an o$$ortunity to steal the
(ame, ;n others1 one of the $layers $erha$s inad)ertently created the o$$ortunity and then
failed to ta2e it,
;n our (ame1 *lac2 $layed one *ad mo)e and $resented white with the $erfect o$$ortunity
to crown his (rowin( attac21 which white failed to ta2e and (a)e *lac2 the chance to correct
his mista2e on the $re)ious mo)e, Howe)er1 he failed to see the dan(er and white then
closed the door on any further chance of re$rie)e *y ta2in( his chance at the second
Now on with the (ame1 ; ho$e you en7oy it,
QD)ent 8Sicilian Na7dorf =,.(< : 0ound >8R
QSite 8Chess,com8R
Q!ate 8?M>@,MB,>G8R
Q0ound 8>8R
QWhite 8niss28R
Q.lac2 8$umareal?MMM8R
Q0esult 8>:M8R
QWhiteDlo 8>JG>8R
Q.lac2Dlo 8>IJJ8R
QPlycount 8B>8R
QD)entdate 8?M>@,&&,&&8R
QTimeControl 8>8R
()e* T ; didn9t recei)e any annotations to this (ame from the $layers so all notes will *e
mine, V ()))c. ,)%3/ -+ /)-* c0-* *)%0-* %3+ .)%c/ a+ T The Na7dorf ariation
which has *een a fa)ourite of many of the world9s (reat $layers : %ischer1 Eas$aro)1 -nand
to name 7ust a few, ;t usually leads to a shar$1 tactical (ame, V +)1g. T The .(< attac2 has
*een a )ery $o$ular choice for many years1 es$ecially amon( to$ $layers, ;t leads to
di)erse1 shar$ attac2in( $ositions with chances for *oth sides, V +)))e+ 4)3* T White $lays
the most direct attac2in( mo)e which has led to some amazin( sacrificial *rilliancies : for
*oth sides : o)er the years, V 4)))1e4 5)83/ 8c4 6)O&O&O T .oth $layers ha)e *een
followin( the mainline until this mo)e, V 6)))%c+ T .lac2 now lea)es the main line which is
G, ,,, N*dI, The mo)e $layed1 while not *ad1 is $erha$s a little less fleAi*le, V (7)%0c+
20c+ (()e. T /ne of the common $awn *rea2s in the Sicilian which in this (ame allows the
o$enin( of the d file and $ushes the 2ni(ht on f= away from the defence of the *lac2 2in(, V
(()))%-. (,)10e4 80e4 T Not >?, ,,, NAeI when >@, eAd< is rather nasty for *lac2, V
(/)%e* T -(ain lea)in( *lac2 with little choice, He would li2e to castle *ut needs to loo2
after the d= $awn first, V (/)))-0e. (*)30e. O&O (.)c* T Not allowin( the 2ni(ht to stay
on its central sYuare1 it is $ushed further away from the 2in(side1 and o$enin( the d file,
.lac2 has to 2ee$ reactin( to threats and is una*le to continue de)elo$ment, Meanwhile
white is loo2in( to attac2in( the *lac2 2in( directly, V (.)))%2+ (+)"-* T .est here seem
to *e either >=, .d@ or >=, W(@1 *oth *uildin( $ressure on the *lac2 2in(side, This mo)e
lets white9s ad)anta(e sli$ after >=, ,,, NdI with the idea of $layin( ,,, f= to ease the
$ressure, V (+)))"25 T .lac2 howe)er fails to see the dan(er and $lays ri(ht into white9s
hands, This does nothin( to stem the 2in(side $otential of the white $ieces, /ccu$yin( the
o$en * file1 $erha$s with a )iew to an attac2 a(ainst the white 2in(1 is much too slow, V
(4)1-/ T ery much second *est here *ut still retains an ad)anta(e, Much *etter was the
immediate >I, Nf= which will ri$ the *lac2 2in(side a$art, %or eAam$le1 if then >I, ,,, (Af=
after >J, eAf= *lac2 must (i)e u$ the Yueen to a)oid mate after >G, W(BX and ?M, W(I V
(4)))c. T .lac2 still fails to see the dan(er to his 2in(, Necessary was >I, ,,, NdI when *lac2
is still in the (ame, V (5)%3+9 T White seizes his o$$ortunity at the second chance, He now
has four acti)e $ieces in the attac2 on the *lac2 2in( which has no effecti)e defenders,
.lac2 has three almost useless $ieces on the Yueenside so it is should sur$rise no*ody that
the (ame is already almost o)er, The only mo)e here to sto$ a Yuic2 mate is >J, ,,, WAf= *ut
that is not really much *etter, V (5)))$h5 (6)"h* T The $oint of the roo2 lift on mo)e >=
is now re)ealed as the roo2 swee$s across to start the matin( $rocess, V (6)))h+ T >G, Z
WAf= delays the mate *y a cou$le of mo)es1 *ut mate can still *e forced in < mo)esF >G, ,,,
WAf= ?M, 0AhIX E(J ?>, eAf= 0dJ ??, Wh< and ?@0hJ V ,7)"0h+9 g0h+ ,()8e* T -nd
now ??, WhI mate is una)oida*le, This (ame illustrates 7ust how dan(erous the Na7dorf
can *e for *lac2 fails to a$$reciate the dan(ers and allows white a free hand on the
2in(side, V >:M
Short1 shar$ and deadlyC not so unusual for a Sicilian,
-s usual1 ; as2 you all to thin2 a*out your own (ames and what you can contri*ute to your
newsletter, ;f you ha)e $layed a (ood1 interestin( andHor instructi)e (ame1 send it in to us
at !H"Cnewsletter+(mail,com,
-s the name of our (rou$ says1 we are a "earnin( Centre : what *etter way to do this than
to annotate and share (ames of the mem*ers& 0atin(s dont matter1 we can learn from
(ames $layed *y anyone, !ont *e shy1 (et those (ames in! -nd when you do send us a
(ame1 $lease add some annotationsC ; thin2 it ma2es a (ame a lot more interestin( to see
what 3at least one of6 the $layers were thin2in( while the (ame was *ein( $layed, ;f we can
(et some notes from *oth $layers1 $erha$s from analysis after the (ame1 all the *etter, See
you neAt month,
!eam Matches an- ?ote Chess
$arnel and %ternal_"at&er
-s you all 2now *y now1 the main focus in the !H"C is Slow Chess1 and if you dont1 all ;
can say is that you ha)ent *een $ayin( attention! The Wuads and our )arious Swiss
tournaments are all $lay as slow chess e)ents so that e)eryone has enou(h time to thin2
and is unli2ely to suffer from terminal time $ressure,
These e)ents are all indi)idual e)ents1 althou(h a recent inno)ation has seen team $lay in
some of the swiss e)ents, There is another way of $layin( team chess : Team Matches
which are matches a(ainst other (rou$s, These e)ents com*ine team $lay1 with teams of
?M1 @M or <M or more $layers $er team1 with the more leisurely $ace of online chess which
is what chess,com calls corres$ondence chess,
D)ery now and then1 you will see a news item announcin( a new team match will hit your
in*oA, When they do1 $lease ta2e a little time to see what the challen(e is all a*out,
Clic2in( the lin2 in the news item will ta2e you to the team match $a(e which will (i)e you
all the im$ortant information a*out that match, Not 7ust the team we are $layin(1 *ut the
time limit 3often @ days $er mo)e61 how many concurrent (ames you will $lay1 how many
*oards $er team and who has currently 7oined in each team, While you $lay indi)idually1
the $oints scored *y all $layers are accumulated to (et a team score to see which team wins
the match,
Want to (et a feel for what is already ha$$enin( in Team Matches& Go to the Team Match
$a(e htt$FHHwww,chess,comH(rou$sHmatchesHdan:heisman:learnin(:center to see what
matches are in $ro(ress and loo2 around, ;f you li2e your chess at a more leisurely $ace
and want to $lay not 7ust for yourself *ut for the honour of the !H"C1 then ;d ur(e you to
consider $layin( a Team Match1 or two ,,,
Currently we ha)e ?M Team Matches in $ro(ress1 with anywhere for ? to @M !H"C
mem*ers $artici$atin( $er match, %our more challen(es ha)e *een acce$ted *ut the
matches will not start until *oth teams ha)e filled their rosters, Since we recei)e new
challen(es the num*er of matches in $ro(ress is constantly chan(in(,
Most of these matches in)ol)e ? (ames $er $layer 3one White and one .lac261 @ days $er
mo)e1 and a standard startin( $osition1 *ut we are also $layin( some /$enin( Theme
matches includin( the WG! Tarrasch !efence1 the Grunfeld1 the .ot)inni2 Semi:Sla)1 and
the Sicilian Grand PriA -ttac2,
Here are our current Team Match Stats 3u$dated re(ularly and found in the lower ri(ht
hand corner of our Grou$ Pa(eF
Team Match Stats
Total PointsF >1BJJ
Matches WonF @@U
;n Pro(ressF ?M
-)(, 0atin(F >BJ<
Todays 0an2F PBIM of >M1MM? 3G<U6
.ut there is still more,
D)er find that you (et stuc2 durin( a (ame& Ha)e you had moments when you would li2e
to discuss your $osition and candidate mo)es with someone& How a*out ha)in( a stron(er
$layer loo2in( o)er your shoulder to *ounce ideas off1 chec2 for *lunders1 hel$ you with an
unfamiliar o$enin(1 to offer encoura(ement or to tease out the finer $oints of a (ame&
Well here at chess,com1 you can! ;t is called ote Chess,
%or those of you who ha)ent tried it1 ote Chess is chess $layed *y a team which can
colla*orate and discuss the (ame in $ro(ress *efore ma2in( a mo)e, Many (ames are
$layed at @ days $er mo)e so there is $lenty of time for e)eryone in the team to contri*ute,
-fter the discussion1 a )ote is ta2en and the most $o$ular mo)e is $layed,
;n a (ood team1 there will *e a team 4ca$tain5 who will (uide the discussion until it is time
to ma2e a mo)e, They will then let the team 2now it is time to )ote for the mo)e of their
choice, /nce the time limit eA$ires1 the mo)e with the most )otes is automatically $layed,
Then1 after the o$$osin( team $lays their mo)e1 it all starts a(ain,
This is a (reat way for $layers to learn more a*out the (ame1 and a*out your fellow team
mem*ers, D)ery team has $layers with a ran(e of $layin( stren(ths and the lower rated
$layers can *enefit from the contri*utions of their hi(her rated collea(ues, ;n a (ood team1
all $layers can feel free to contri*ute without any fear of feelin( that they mi(ht *e as2in( a
silly Yuestion, -nyone can (enerate (ood ideas and in a (ood team1 the contri*utions of all
are encoura(ed and res$ected, -(ain1 you $lay for the honour of the !H"C *ut you do it
e)en more directly as $art of a team,
Slow Swiss . @n-iAi-ual an- !eam
!he winning team was !he @nterContinentalsB a * Cerson
teamB with (/). Coints) Mem2ers areD
- cou$le of notesF they had their ca$tain9s account closed 7ust *efore the start of the round
and had to find a new Bth $layer at the last moment, -lso1 their num*er ? scorer *e(an the
tournament rated under >BMM! That9s $ro*a*ly not what most $layers would eA$ect and
shows that sometimes the lower rated $layers are the ones that really win or lose for the
whole team, That team only nud(ed out their nearest com$etitor *y >H? $oint,
#s announce-B mem2ers o3 that team will receiAe new
DHLC t&shirts)
To$ indi)idual scorer in the tournament was cosmicdust1 and Cy(nusL[:> and hoardJJ
shared ? and @ $lace,
PlcCodeName 3PlayersFTo$ B used6ScoreSol2CumCum/$S.A?
> ;nterC;nterC 3B6 >@,< BM,M B?,<>>B,M <I,<
? SiciliSicili 3=6 >@,M BJ,< B?,M><?,< BB,M
@ Ein(sEin(s 3=6 >>,< BI,M @?,<>@J,M B@,M
B %riend%riend 3=6 >>,< ?G,< ?<,M GI,< ?M,<
< CountCount 3=6 >>,M B@,< @=,M>?I,M @=,M
= .lac2E.lac2E 3=6 >M,M @M,M ?@,M G?,M ?=,M
I Cow*oyCow*oy 3=6 G,< @@,< ?G,M G@,M ?J,M
J -rt/fW-rt/fW 3=6 G,M @?,< ?J,M G=,M ?J,<
G BHorseBHorse 3B6 J,< @@,< ?B,< GJ,< @B,M

Slow Swiss ;. & Com2ine- @n-iAi-ual E !eam &&
OCenF!eam Cross !a2leB Page (

No, Name3Team6 St 0ate 0d > 0d ? 0d @ 0d B 0d < Score

>, cosmicdust 3@M6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P-E >BGG W<I W@J WB :[: WI <,M

?, Cy(nusL[:> 3?1;nterC6,,,,,,,,, P/" >G=G W<> W@@ W>G W>J !@ B,<
@, hoardJJ 3>B6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >=<> W@I W>B W@M W>= !? B,<

B, $mc(lothin 3=6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >I@> WBG :[: "> :[: W?? B,M
<, :waller: 3G1.lac2E6,,,,,,,,,,, DNG >I?@ ">? W<B :[: W@@ W?@ B,M
=, dacster>@ 3>>1-rt/fW6,,,,,,,,, PH; >==> W=G :[: !?J !?? W?= B,M
I, tonifa 3>?1BHorse6,,,,,,,,,,,, SP- >=<= WB= W?G W>< WJ "> B,M
J, -*hishe2? 3><1Sicili6,,,,,,,,, #S- >=@? WBI :[: WB> "I W?I B,M
G, ole$$edersen 3?>1Ein(s6,,,,,,, N/0 ><BI W<< ">< W@< W?G W?J B,M
>M, Prices:for2 3?@1.lac2E6,,,,,,, #S- ><B? :[: ">? W<< WBI W@M B,M
>>, DrisL!iscordia 3?J1%riend6,,,, ;NT ><MG W<= "@M WB= WB< W>J B,M
>?, d(rossG 3<B1Cow*oy6,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >@BJ W< W>M "?? :[: :[: B,M

>@, N0M\ 3J6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >I?J ">< W<@ !>B W<M W@> @,<
>B, romanic=== 3BB6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;0D >B?@ :[: "@ !>@ W<J :[: @,<
><, Math.andit 3<>1;nterC6,,,,,,,, C-N >@G@ W>@ WG "I :\: :[: @,<

>=, %aded:ader 3B1Count6,,,,,,,,, #S- >JMM W@= W?I :[: "@ :#: @,M
>I, Stormstout 3<1;nterC6,,,,,,,,, T#0 >I@< WII W?= :[: :%: :#: @,M
>J, nate?@ 3>@1Sicili6,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >=<? :[: W@B WB< "? ">> @,M
>G, SJ%G 3>I1Count6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >=>I WBJ W=B "? "?I WB< @,M
?M, Su)elLEarmar2ar 3>J6,,,,,,,,,, #S- >=>B !<@ W@G :[: !?J :%: @,M
?>, "y2antro 3>G1BHorse6,,,,,,,,,, MD[ ><G? "=< W== "BI WBJ WB= @,M
??, "a)ner 3?B1Sicili6,,,,,,,,,,,, ;S0 ><B> :[: !<? W>? != "B @,M
?@, se*) 3?G6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, T-; ><M? WJ@ W=I :%: :[: "< @,M
?B, J0TEI@ 3@>1%riend6,,,,,,,,,,,, N\ >BG@ :%: :[: :[: "@> WBI @,M
?<, 0osewood 3@<1Count6,,,,,,,,,,, T#0 >B=G WBM "B> W@J :%: WBG @,M
?=, zu(zwan(=I 3@=6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C-N >B=@ :[: ">I W<= :[: "= @,M
?I, calsal 3@I1Ein(s6,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >B=M W@> ">= :[: W>G "J @,M
?J, ernestosimM> 3BM6,,,,,,,,,,,,, PH; >BB> W<G :[: != !?M "G @,M
?G, Ca$aLa 3B?6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >B?I WJI "I :[: "G W<M @,M
@M, cornell>MM 3=M1Sicili6,,,,,,,, DNG >@?> :[: W>> "@ :[: ">M @,M
@>, scsiduc2 3J>6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C-N >>@> "?I :[: :[: W?B ">@ @,M

@?, %Jaco* 3?M6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DNG ><BI W<B "B< :[: :\: :%: ?,<
@@, eyfw 3@B6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;CD >B=G W<J "? W=I "< :\: ?,<
@B, Ja(dee$Sin(h 3B@1-rt/fW6,,,,,, M-" >B?I W<M ">J :%: W<B :\: ?,<
@<, to$manI< 3BI1;nterC6,,,,,,,,,, PH; >BM@ WB? :%: "G W<I !@G ?,<
@=, toliIII 3BG1%riend6,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >@GI ">= !<J "BM :[: :[: ?,<
@I, $remLanand 3=>1Sicili6,,,,,,,, ;NT >@?M "@ WJI :%: W<= :\: ?,<
@J, /2iemanJJJ 3I@1Cow*oy6,,,,,,,, #S- >?@J WI@ "> "?< :[: :\: ?,<
@G, cautions 3I=6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DNG >?>> :[: "?M :[: :%: !@< ?,<
BM, T-"minator 3J?1Ein(s6,,,,,,,,, #S- >>?M "?< :\: W@= "B? W<J ?,<

B>, (ameLofLchess 3>1Cow*oy6,,,,,, #S- ?M=I W=@ W?< "J :%: :#: ?,M
B?, confucius$ 3@6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;N! >J>< "@< :%: W== WBM :%: ?,M
B@, ha2im?MM< 3?<1%riend6,,,,,,,,, M/0 ><@< W== W=< :%: :%: :#: ?,M
BB, 0D\-?JJJ 3@@6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;0- >BI> :%: :[: WBJ :%: :#: ?,M
B<, ChessBHim 3<@6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >@<G :[: W@? ">J ">> ">G ?,M
B=, newfischerIJ 3<J1Count6,,,,,,, #S- >@@? "I WJ= ">> W<< "?> ?,M
BI, (eo(ra$hy*uff 3<G1Ein(s6,,,,,, #S- >@@M "J W<G W?> ">M "?B ?,M
BJ, DternalLPatzer 3=?1.lac2E6,,,, #S- >@>> ">G :[: "BB "?> W== ?,M
BG, !esertLNomadicL"u2e 3==6,,,,,, #S- >?GI "B :%: WJI W<> "?< ?,M
<M, -inaPu2e 3J=1%riend6,,,,,,,,,, "-T JG@ "@B :.: :[: ">@ "?G ?,M

<>, ze$$elin?@ 3B=6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, C-N >BMI "? "=J WJ= "BG :\: >,<
<?, ruris2 3<<6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -#S >@B? :[: !?? :%: :#: :#: >,<
<@, stric2landB?M 3=@1BHorse6,,,,, #S- >@>M !?M ">@ "<J "== WJI >,<
<B, Sharroc2s 3=<1Ein(s6,,,,,,,,,, ;N! >?GG "@? "< W<G "@B !<= >,<
<<, white(s 3=I6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >?GI "G :[: ">M "B= !<I >,<
<=, hreedwor2 3I<1-rt/fW6,,,,,,,,, #S- >??< ">> W=@ "?= "@I !<B >,<
<I, .arnstorm 3II6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >>JI "> :[: :%: "@< !<< >,<
<J, !J-*acus 3JM1Count6,,,,,,,,,,, DNG >>BI "@@ !@= W<@ ">B "BM >,<
<G, "im$S$ider 3J<1%riend6,,,,,,,, S;N GJG "?J "BI "<B WJI :\: >,<

=M, sra== 3I6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >I@M :[: :%: :#: :#: :#: >,M
=>, $rash$ot 3@G1Cow*oy6,,,,,,,,,, ;N! >BB< WJ= :%: :%: :#: :#: >,M
=?, decelerateddra(on 3B>6,,,,,,,, #S- >B@J :[: :%: :#: :#: :#: >,M
=@, Samsch 3B<6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >B>B "B> "<= :[: :%: :%: >,M
=B, Nnairsoirree 3BJ6,,,,,,,,,,,,, PH; >BMM :[: ">G :%: :#: :#: >,M
=<, PJEeo(h 3=B1-rt/fW6,,,,,,,,,,, DNG >@MM W?> "B@ :%: :#: :#: >,M
==, .attleChess 3=G1Sicili6,,,,,,, GD0 >?IM "B@ "?> "B? W<@ "BJ >,M
=I, 7L7ohnson 3I?1Cow*oy6,,,,,,,,, #S- >?@G :[: "?@ "@@ :%: :#: >,M
=J, 0id(eHimself 3IG6,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >>=> :%: W<> :%: :#: :#: >,M

=G, ste)e>MJ 3<=6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DNG >@@I "= :\: :%: :#: :#: M,<

IM, s$anishLinno)ations 3>M6,,,,,, #S- >=IM :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
I>, tyrannymutation 3>=1Cow*oy6,,, #S- >=>J :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
I?, llG@>>>MLa(ain 3??6,,,,,,,,,,, ;D ><B@ :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
I@, m)t7c 3?=1.lac2E6,,,,,,,,,,,,, PH; ><?< "@J :%: :#: :#: :#: M,M
IB, mishrashu*ham 3?I6,,,,,,,,,,,, ;N! ><>= :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
I<, re)oof 3@?6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GD0 >BIB :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
I=, warrior=JG 3@J6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;N! >B<@ :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
II, Ghetsemane 3<M1Count6,,,,,,,,, N/0 >@G< ">I :%: :#: :#: :#: M,M
IJ, Chess;ndia?M>@ 3<?1.lac2E6,,,, ;N! >@I> :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
IG, Haesthlin 3<I1BHorse6,,,,,,,,, C-N >@@@ :%: :%: :#: :#: :#: M,M
JM, Shanty@? 3=J6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >?IB :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
J>, !BD-G"D 3IM6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >?=B :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
J?, S(t!oodles 3I>1.lac2E6,,,,,,,, DNG >?<J :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
J@, aryanL 3IB6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;N! >?@? "?@ :%: :%: :#: :#: M,M
JB, 2atncB>B 3IJ1-rt/fW6,,,,,,,,,, #S- >>=? :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
J<, 2Br*on 3J@6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ;T- >M=B :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
J=, slowLlearner? 3JB6,,,,,,,,,,,, #S- >M>J "=> "B= "<> :#: :#: M,M
JI, !rLCrisL-n(el 3JI1-rt/fW6,,,,, #S- J=G "?G "@I "BG "<G "<@ M,M
JJ, chesslernerBJ 3JJ1Ein(s6,,,,,, #S- IGM :%: :#: :#: :#: :#: M,M
Coming Soon!
Slow Chess & Me-ieAal $nights
Want to ha)e sword fi(hts on Saturdays& Want to sa)e a damsel in distress& Want to meet
0o*in Hood in $erson& Want to ma2e a fortune di((in( moats&
Well1 we9re not (oin( to ha)e any of that, .ut we are (oin( to ha)e some (reat new Slow
Chess com$etition themed around Medie)al Eni(hts, This com$etition will o$erate as a
sort of modified ladder tournament, 3/r ; li2e to thin2 of it as a (ame ; $layed as a 2idF
Ein( of the Hill,6 Cham$ions will rei(n in )arious 2inds of chess com$etition and a list of
Challen(ers will line u$ to 2noc2 the Cham$ions down, There9ll *e Storm the Castle and
Joustin( Tournament 3and we9re e)en wor2in( on a Melee e)ent6,
We ha)en9t o$ened the e)ents yet1 *ut would you li2e to wal2 on the Castle Green and see
the si(hts& Well1 (old en(ra)ed in)itations are awaitin( those who si(n u$ at the followin(
lin2F htt$FHHwww,chess,comH(rou$sHforum)iewHdhlc:slow:chess:::medie)al:2ni(hts
3/E1 ; made u$ the $art a*out (old en(ra)in(,6
Now don9t you wish you9d (otten a cool medie)al handle li2e Sir;)anhoe& Sorry1 that one9s
May Pu<<le Solutions
Pu<<le ()
,) ))) %0-+ Now that wasn9t too hard was it& ; would lo)e to 2now what was (oin( throu(h
Petrosian9s mind as he was contem$latin( *lac2s last mo)e1 >, Z %3., Just how does such
a $layer miss somethin( li2e this&
Pu<<le ,)
())) %3/9 /f course ,) $h( leads to mate after ,) ))) %3,1 so there is no real choice, ,)
g03/ "g+9 /) $h( %3,; Sadly1 the same result1 7ust one mo)e lon(er,
Pu<<le /)
,) %h.9 -(ain1 rather o*)ious isn9t it& -mazin(ly1 *oth $layers missed this mo)e, ;nstead
white $layed ,) %0e* 8merely8 winnin( a $iece and did (o on to win the (ame, D)en a
world cham$ion can9t 7ust throw away a $iece a(ainst a master and eA$ect a *etter result,
Pu<<le *)
() ))) "0e49 ,) 80e4 %3.9 -nd suddenly *lac2 has an easy win,
Pu<<le .)
,) %0-+ 80-+ /) %024 "024 *) 8c59 -nd the roo2 on *I is (one1 lea)in( *lac2 a roo2
down with a com$letely lost (ame,
Pu<<le +)
() = "0h,9 ,) $g( "-g,; /f course1 unli2e our world cham$ionshi$ challen(er1 you
saw that mate in two didn9t you&