Petitioning King David High School Victory Park

This petition will be delivered to:
King David High School Victory Park
Mr Wolfe
Mr Budd
Rabbi Kacev
Rabbi Kacev
Chief Rabbi
The removal of the Deputy Head
Boy of King David High School from
all leadership positions and his
Honours revoked.

Petition by
Concerned Zionist
Johannesburg, South Africa
ATT : Gavin Budd
Cc : Rabbi Kacev
We, the undersigned members of the Jewish community, with complete understanding of the facts
contained in this letter, write to you in response to the latest incident regarding King David Victory
Park’s (“KDVP”)Deputy Head-Boy Joshua Broomberg (“Broomberg”).

We insist that both KDVP and the South African Jewish Board of Education (“SABJE”) take
immediate disciplinary action with regard to the incident that will be cited in the body of this letter.

Broomberg was seen on a public forum, namely Facebook, draped in a Palestinian scarf
(“Keffiyeh”) as well as a Palestinian Flag in the form of a badge, with the caption being “Team South
Africawearing Palestinian badges and Keffiyehs to show our opposition to the human rights
violations carried out against the people of Palestine.”

Broomberg currently holds the portfolio of Deputy-Head Boy at KDVP. For the sake of good record,
it must be stated that a Deputy Head-Boy forms part of the executive committee of the School’s
Representative Council (“SRC”).

All members of the school’s SRC is obliged to sign a mandatory contract (“The contract”) with the
school in which they are required to comply with certain school procedures as well as the ethos and
heritage of the school.
In summary, certain obligations of the contract that are pertinent to this matter are as follows :

The respective SRC member agrees to uphold all the core Jewish values of KDVP and all the
traditions that accompany it and to support the school in all its Zionistic and Judaic activities such as
school prayers and Chagim.

I understand that should I bring the school into disrepute by any actions or omissions of mine and not
withstanding the usual disciplinary procedures my student leadership appointment may be suspended
or revoked.
Further to this, and as revised in the year of 2014, according to the school’s disciplinary procedure,
any student that brings the school’s name into disrepute will no longer be regarded as eligible for the
Honours award (“Honours”) at KDVP.

Being part of the SRC is both a great privilege and responsibility as stated in the abovementioned
contract, which also requires their careful consideration before undertaking the responsibilities as
cited in the contract,

As illustrated by the reaction to the abovementioned online by community members, there is
absolutely no doubt that Broomberg has brought the school of which he holds office into disrepute.

We therefore as a joint entity, humbly request, firstly that in accordance with the contract,
Broomberg be removed from his position in office as Deputy Head-Boy and further be removed from
the SRC. We secondly, humbly request, that in accordance with KDVP’s revised disciplinary
procedure that Broomberg have his Honours revoked

All our rights both individually and as an entity, remain reserved.

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