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About incepta:
Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh established in
the year 1999. The company has a very big manufacturing facility located at Savar, ! "ilometer
a#ay from the center of the capital city $ha"a. The company produces various types of dosage
forms #hich include tablets, capsules, oral li%uids, ampoules, dry po#der vials, po#der for
suspension, nasal sprays, eye drops, creams, ointments, lotions, gels, prefilled syringes, li%uid
filled hard gelatin capsules, lyophili&ed in'ections, human vaccine etc. Since its inception,
Incepta has been launching ne# and innovative products in order to fulfill unmet demand of the
medical community. The focus has been to bring more ne# technologically advanced molecules
to this country.
The company speciali&es in value added high technology dosage forms li"e sustained release
tablets, %uic" mouth dissolving tablets, effervescent tablets, barrier coated delayed release
tablets, prefilled syringe products, Insulin and Insulin analogue and biological products, among
others . It has established a modern research and development laboratory for the development of
ne#, advanced dosage forms for various drugs and devices li"e poorly soluble drugs, dry po#der
inhalers, coated pellets, modified release products, taste mas"ed preparation etc.
Incepta has a very competent sales team, #hich promotes the specialties throughout the country.
The company virtually covers every single corner of the rural as #ell as urban area of
Bangladesh. It has its o#n large distribution net#or" having 1( depots all over the country. The
company has a clear vision to become a leading research based dosage form manufacturing
company #ith global presence #ithin a short period of time. )ith this vie# in mind the company
started to e*pand its business in overseas mar"ets. +urrently Incepta e*ports to ,- different
countries around the #orld. )ith hundreds of brands registered in different countries, and many
more in the pipeline, Incepta is gradually e*panding its global footprint across all the continents.
+ompany.s state/of/the/0rt 12$ lab employs sophisticated and advanced technology to bring
ne#er products through research hitherto un"no#n in this country. Such activities #ill not only
benefit the company but also the total pharmaceutical sector of the country. In the post 3--! era,
the company also intends to embar" into the production of 0ctive Pharmaceutical Ingredient
40PI5. Plans are under#ay to get into reverse engineering and analogue research in order to
produce ne# 0PI.
Incepta 6accines Limited, a sister concern of Incepta Pharmaceuticals, has already established a
State/of/the/0rt 7uman 6accine production facility. Incepta 6accines is planning to launched
human vaccines in the Bangladesh mar"et in September 3-11. Incepta emerges as the first
Bangladeshi company to ac%uire the technology to produce 7uman 6accine. The larger
production capacity #ill allo# the company to supply its vaccines globally.
8n 1!th 9anuary 3-11, Incepta implemented globally acclaimed :1P soft#are system / S0P.
Incepta is the first Bangladeshi company to implement S0P to manage resources throughout the
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company operation. This #orld class resource management system #ill allo# the company to
become more efficient and effective in its day to day operation.
The company is continuously e*panding its activities beyond the geographical boundary of
Bangladesh. The company is open to collaborate #ith interested and relevant parties in various
countries Incepta #ill continue to strive to provide high %uality medicine at affordable prices to
the people here in Bangladesh and other parts of the globe.
Incepta began its operation #ith a handful of highly s"illed and dedicated professionals guided
by an able leadership. Proper strategic planning, technical e*cellence, s#ift and timely decisions
helped us achieve our ob'ectives leading to much faster gro#th. Incepta #as able to anticipate
the need of the mar"et and provide the right product at the right time. 7igh focus on 12$
investment from the very beginning made possible the introduction of %uality products ahead of
its competitors in most cases.
Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is no# the 3nd largest company of the country and recogni&ed as
the fastest gro#ing of the top five manufacturing company in the country. :stablished in the year
1999, the company has come a long #ay. +urrently the ;irabo plant consists of several buildings
#ith state of the art technology. $edicated cephalosporin manufacturing building, a speciali&ed
manufacturing building for the production of lyophili&ed products, insulin and amino acids and
ne#ly built li%uid and semisolid manufacturing building and large #arehouse is also in
0nother multipurpose building for housing the 1esearch 2 $evelopment operation along #ith
the canteen facility is also there. +urrently all the products are coming from the plant at ;irabo.
The company no# produces almost all types of dosage forms covering nearly all therapeutic
Incepta no# has one of the largest and competent sales force and large distribution net#or" of its
o#n, operated from 1( different locations throughout the country. 0 most dynamic s"illed and
dedicated mar"eting team comprising of pharmacists and doctors are at the core of the mar"eting
operation. These highly s"illed professionals play a crucial role in providing the necessary
strategic guideline for the promotion of its product.
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Marketing & Sales:
0 complete and integrated <ar"eting, Sales and $istribution net#or" is re%uired to ma"e the
information on products and services available to the customer.
To achieve our purpose and mission, #e affirm our values of integrity, respect for people,
innovation, performance and leadership. 0round ,--- individuals from diverse disciplines
including pharmacy, microbiology, <B0, 0ccounting, :ngineering and <edicine are #or"ing
nation#ide under the umbrella of Incepta. 0ll the s"illed and professional personnel are set at
their very appropriate responsible positions. 8ur sales team comprising highly professional
science graduate and post/graduate people are involved in the timely and smooth promotion of
our products for the benefits of our doctors, people as #ell as the #hole nation.
Number of Firms:
Incepta has its o#n large distribution net#or" having 1( depots all over the country. They ma"e
the products available in every single drug store of the country. The depots are located in $ha"a,
+hittagong, 1a'shahi, =hulna, Sylhet, Barisal, +omilla, >oa"hali, <ymensingh, <agura, Bogra,
>arayangon', 1angpur, $ina'pur, Tangail, 9essor, <ouloviba&ar and +o*.s Ba&ar.
Growth of incepta:
Our Growth In Comparison With Local Pharma Market (IMS !ata"
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Government support:
The government should more emphasis on this sector because its one of the largest sector e*cept
1<? #hich has huge contribution in our ?$P. But its real fact government doesn@t provide
many facilities for this sector li"e 1<?. But in budget year 3-13 government ta"e some
movement to get good e*port income from this sector. It@s a good result for all pharmaceutical
industry. But this is my personal suggestions not any specific solution #hich are given belo#
?overnment provides gas, #ater, electricity regularly to all pharmaceutical industry.
>e#ly invented technology must import from foreign country 2 implement them in those
:asy availability of ra# material for industry.
Providing finance facility for crisis moment in industry.
+hange e*port policy.
7elp them to find out ne# mar"et for e*port.
Invest in this sector for research 2 development of current condition.
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Literature 1evie#
ob satisfaction !efinition:
The e*tent to #hich a person.s hopes, desires, and e*pectations about the employment he is
engaged in are fulfilled.
A9ob satisfaction is defined as Athe e*tent to #hich people li"e 4satisfaction5 or disli"e
4dissatisfaction5 their 'obsA 4Spector, 199B, p. 35. This definition suggests 'ob satisfaction is a
general or global affective reaction that individuals hold about their 'ob. )hile researchers and
practitioners most often measure global 'ob satisfaction, there is also interest in measuring
different AfacetsA or AdimensionsA of satisfaction. :*amination of these facet conditions is often
useful for a more careful e*amination of employee satisfaction #ith critical 'ob factors.
Traditional 'ob satisfaction facets includeC co/#or"ers, pay, 'ob conditions, supervision, nature of
the #or" and benefits.A 4)illiams5.
+ontentment 4or lac" of it5 arising out of interplay of employees positive and negative feelings
to#ard his or her #or".
9ob satisfaction is one sort of happiness #hich may be e*press or unseen that create good
#or"ing condition 2 more profitable from any other organi&ation.
The satisfaction of an employee to their organi&ation is called employee satisfaction.
So if #e analysis follo#ing definition #e get some characteristic that are given belo#C
It may be seen or secreted.
It may associate #ith hopes 2 e*pectation.
The success of a company depends on employee satisfaction.
It has many aspects li"e pay, bonus, leave, #or"ing condition, benefit etc.
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ob satisfaction factor:
There are many factors #hich can motivate an employee. <any business schools, researchers 2
individually research about this. It@s essential for every organi&ation because if #or"er don@t feel
satisfaction about their #or" 2 #or"ing place it can be create serious problem in future. so no#
days many corporation thin" about 'ob satisfaction. But it@s my sense that it@s impossible to
mention all the factor of 'ob satisfaction in this assignment because of page limitation no# here
I declare some factorC
Interesting #or"
9ob security
Dull appreciation of #or" done
?ood #ages
Promotion and gro#th in the organi&ation
Personal or company loyalty to employees
Deelings of being in on things
Tactful discipline
?ood #or"ing conditions
Sympathetic help #ith personal problems
"he top # key factors for $ob satisfaction
1elationship #ith supervisor
1elationship #ith co/#or"ers
7umorE having fun at the #or"place
This all factor responsible for employee satisfaction in our country 2 many prospect in foreign
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Measurement of $ob satisfaction:
It is another tough tas" because many people satisfied many #ays. Some people satisfied getting
promotion some fol" li"e regular bonus a number of group #ant more holidays several believe
good #or"ing condition is main satisfaction.
So, I thin" there are no specific areas or techni%ue for measure 'ob satisfaction. It@s a
psychological or mind happiness.
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<otivation for :mployees
Motivating %mployees
:mployee motivation can be as individual as the people #ho #or" for organi&ation. I@ve
gathered the best and most interesting techni%ues to help motivate employees.
%mphasi&e big'picture i!eas( People #ant to thin" they@re ma"ing a difference.
Stay above boar!( :thical management "eeps employees feeling engaged.
%!ucate yourself( Be sure you "no# #hat you@re tal"ing about.
)raise publicly( 1eprimand privately.
*onvey interest( ?et to "no# your employees as people.
+on,t forget the magic wor!s( Say Fthan" youG at least 1- times a #ee".
-e a coach. not a manager( 7elp team members gro#.
+on,t sweat the small stuff( Docus on #hat employees contribute, not on ho# they do it.
0nother point its favour, :mployees #ants to be recogni&ed as individuals, sho#n appreciation,
and be given opportunities to gro#. This re%uires bosses to manage one/on/one rather than
treating every employee ali"e. 7ere are some lo#/cost ideas for motivating your staff that can
have a big return on investment.
:ncourage comments from e*ternal and internal customers. Post praise.
1emind staff ho# their #or" matters to customers and encourage some level of customer
interaction for everyone.
+all an employee into your office 'ust to say than" you #ithout discussing any other
)rite a than" you card or e/mail.
Send a card to the employee.s spouseEfamily than"ing them for their support.
+reate an employee ne#sletter to share updates and recognition.
Post a bulletin board for employees to share ne#s, hobbies, and recognition.
+elebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and special achievements.
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1eserve the best par"ing spot for an employee/of/the/month. Let staff decide ho# the
spot is earned.
0dd a note to an employee.s paychec" highlighting something great heEshe did that #ee".
9oin in and help an employee #ho is under pressure. 0s" #hat can be done and help
complete the tas" side/by/side.
+reate a change of pace by giving employees a chance to #or" on e*citing pro'ects or
learn ne# s"ills.
Learn about their hobbies, children 2 family.
:mployees are the core capital of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. They continuously
nurture and motivate their human assets. 0 career #ith Incepta means an opportunity for
ample learning 2 gro#th. The +ompany provides diverse opportunities, professional
management, and competitive salaries along #ith special re#ards. 0t Incepta
Pharmaceuticals, employees #ill get to meet some of the finest brains in the
pharmaceuticals industry.
Incepta maintains a dynamic and professional #or"ing environment. :mployees can
e*pect to get enough e*posure, challenging assignments, and opportunities that #ill
sharpen talents to embrace ne# capabilities. Talent and performance are the pillars of
career progression at Incepta. :mployees feel honored and proud to be a gro#ing partner
of the company.
They motivate their s"illed #or"er in many #ays li"eC
:*cellent salary and benefits pac"age
Dood services 4snac"s, lunch, evening snac"s5
Shuttle bus services
Provident Dund
?roup insurance
Destival bonuses
Leave Dare 0ssistance 4LD05
<edical facilities scheme
?ymnasium facilities #ith indoor games e%uipment
In house and overseas training facilities
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Because still no# in our country employees believe that bonus 2 gratuity fund is the life
blood of employee motivation. So incepta provide all those gear #hich they #ant so this the
#ay they motivate their employee.
In our country three common fact regular used basis for #or"er motivation #hich is bonus,
promotion, salary. Incepta also emphasis on both three but they have some e*tra fact li"e
Performance bonus, holiday pac"age, recognition, leadership role, time off, casual dress day,
outside seminar, high involvement, regular counseling, etc.
0ll factors are not common some factor they uses #hich is difficult to consider in a third
#orld country li"e Bangladesh. So I thin" icepta is differ from any other drug company in
our country.
+urrent situation in Bangladesh
In our country there are many large 2 small pharmaceuticals industry. Some outsi&ed companies
are incepta, Be*imco, 0+I, 1adiant, orion, s%uare, S"Hf, opsonin etc. statistics sho# that in our
country doing a 'ob in pharmaceutical is very much attractive 2 respective. Before this line I
mention some name of pharmaceutical #hich have so much reputation e*cept those there are
many diminutive industry in our country.
If #e thin" its eye/catching to perform anyone #ho done his 'ob in any Pharmaceuticals so that
its easy tas" to assume that people get satisfaction in this sector.
Its not need to analysis any statistics that people of our country contain gold fish memory. In this
site employee get enough motivating #hich strongly encourage them is a focus for
pharmaceutical 'ob.
?ood salary, #or"ing condition, 'ob security, holiday program attract our countries ma*imum
employees. Itmost member of staff loo"ing for these all factor as #ell as all industry in this
sector ma"e available these things. So #hy not people motivate for #or" 2 have interest in this
0t the end, its my vie# that in our country pharmaceutical subdivision believe in employee
satisfaction. So the rising success of this area is remar"able.
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Providing suggestions is easy tas" for me. But implementation of this advice is not comfortable
'ob for organi&ation o#ner. Because it@s including many thing li"e #or"ing condition, #ages,
entertainment, holiday, recognition etc 2 many more. So it@s my personal thin"ing only I read
many articles 2 current Bangladesh position inspired me to give some idea this offer may be
accepted or not accepted to all sort of people. These areC
?overnment can provide insurance 2 compensation for all government as #ell as non
government employees.
8rgani&ation creates some ne# division #ithin in their #ay li"e performance bonus,
entertainment, recognition, regular promotion, e*tra benefit etc.
<a"e strong relationship #ith all employees li"e a family under one roof.
+hildren education, strong provident fund, permanent 'ob, good behavior is #or" li"e
nuclear bomb in our Bangladeshi organi&ation so this factor can be use.
1egular communication from top management to all level can ma"e a difference.
<aslo# motivation theory can be use but its difficult to believe that our organi&ation
utili&e this sort of theory for employee motivation.
1egular salary 2 bonus increase the #or"ing capacity of an organi&ation.
Thin" every employee asset of organi&ation.
In our country #e don@t need to thin" so higher 8pinion because of social condition 2 economic
circumstance. It@s my personal opinion that if this factor practice regularly in an organi&ation it
should go ahead blatantly.
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In the end #e can say that in our country 'ob satisfaction is lopsided fact. This factor is not
regularly practice in our country. Because ma'ority of employees don@t "no# about #hat is 'ob
satisfaction 2 its factor as #ell as o#ner of an organi&ation aren@t interested to motivate
employees. So that conflict, dissatisfaction etc are common Deature in our country. But day by
day the scenario are changed many highly educated come for#ard to solve many industrial
problem in our country they analysis that the main difficulty is all about lin"ed #ith employees
satisfaction they inform the industry o#ner that if they have #or"force dissatisfaction create long
term problem in an organi&ation. So the president of a company no# thin"s for 'ob satisfaction
of e*isting organi&ation. 8ne statistics sho#s that still no# our B3.B9J people #ho directly
associated #ith an organi&ation are unhappiness for their 'ob. But many company already ta"en
movement for sustain current #or"er for their good future. If this process continually running I
thin" #e can easily overcome from this ma'or crisis.
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